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Review Overview

Touche Eclat Radiant Touch is far and away the most popular YSL makeup item and one that is routinely featured in fashion magazine “best of beauty” lists. It’s the original brush-on highlighter, cleverly packaged in a pen-style component with a built-in (and well-built) synthetic brush. Although not much for concealing (the coverage isn’t too substantial), it functions well as a highlighter or to add a subtle radiance to shadowy areas, particularly under the eyes. It is light enough to layer over a regular concealer (which you’ll need if dark circles are apparent).

The shade range has been expanded to match a broader spectrum of complexions and now offers more flattering shades for light to deep skin tones. Shade #3 is slightly peach but likely too sheer to matter, while #4 has an orange cast that limits its appeal. Shades #5 and #6 have slightly orange undertones, but the other options for tan to dark skin are attractive.

Brand Overview

Yves Saint Laurent At-A-Glance

Strengths: Every sunscreen includes avobenzone for sufficient UVA protection; some moisturizers with elegant textures; good makeup removers and toners; Radiant Touch is a favorite for good reason; intriguing blushes; two fantastic mascaras; very good liquid highlighter; innovative gloss/stain lip products.

Weaknesses: Expensive; no AHA or BHA products; no products to manage acne or combat skin discolorations; mostly mundane moisturizers and serums; pervasive use of jar packaging; antiwrinkle claims that epitomize ridiculous, yet cost hundreds of dollars; mostly average foundations; eyeshadow quads; mostly average lipstick and gloss options.

We have never reviewed an expensive cosmetics line with the intent of criticizing it based on the price tags alone. Our standard for reviewing all cosmetics remains the same whether the prices are rock bottom or stratospheric. What cannot be denied is that there are many consumers who just refuse to give up the notion that, in terms of cosmetics, expensive means better. If you're one of those consumers you may have been curious about our take on Yves Saint Laurent's makeup, which by far outshines their skin care.

In the past, as we surveyed the other French-themed lines at the department store (including Lancome, Chanel, Dior, and Guerlain), YSL almost always came in last, barely stepping up to the plate to compete in any category. Lately, we've been pleasantly surprised to find several impressive products, along with some needed improvements for many of their previously lackluster options (whose price-to-performance ratio was depressingly low). YSL still isn't the French line to set your sights on and fill your makeup bag with, but there are enough positives to make a trip to their counter worthwhile, assuming that your budget extends far enough to comfortably afford these items. (Even the best products from this line have less-expensive counterparts, but if you're label-conscious, you should know what to focus on.)

What's not so great is the lack of sufficient UVA protection in products with sunscreen, or SPF ratings that are too low given what we know about the need for a sufficient level of daily sun protection. Adding sunscreen to many of the foundations and lip products was a smart move, but doing so without getting the basics right doesn't get a passing grade. Most of the mascaras are surprisingly average also, yet on the other hand the foundation and powder shade selections have improved considerably. It's this off-kilter blend of outstanding and boring products coupled with steep prices all around that earn this line an "approach with caution" statement. However, careful shopping from YSL will undoubtedly net you some wonderful products you'll be pleased with, at least until the credit card bill comes due!

When it comes to skin care, Yves Saint Laurent relies heavily on its fashion heritage to convince consumers to give these products more than a passing glance. Based on the formulas and outlandish prices, we see no reason for anyone to admire, let alone purchase, most of the skin-care products this brand sells. The claims are nothing short of ridiculous, especially for any YSL product designed to minimize wrinkles or stop sagging. It's good that all of the sunscreens provide broad-spectrum protection, but the cost means you'll be replacing them quickly (if you're being diligent about liberal application, as you should be) and, of course, all of them contain wafting fragrance. The moisturizers are much less impressive, but carry some of the most too-good-to-be-true claims imaginable. None of what they're said to do in terms of wrinkles, skin regeneration, firming, and sculpting skin is the least bit reliable, though many of the moisturizers have luxurious textures.

What's missing is a focused approach to provide skin with what it really needs to thrive and remain healthy. Some of the basics are covered, but antioxidants are seemingly an afterthought, water-binding agents and skin-identical substances are mostly lacking, and once again fragrance takes precedence over advanced ingredients with substantiated research to support their use. If your skin-care routine must involve a designer brand, you'd be better off shopping Chanel and only considering YSL for the makeup products they have that, cost notwithstanding, are worthy of the attention they get in, where else, fashion magazines.

For more information about Yves Saint Laurent, call 800-399-0929 or visit www.ysl.com.

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Not for dry skin

I tried this at my local Sephora after I heard all the great reviews. For those with dry skin under the eyes this will accentuate and get into lines. L'oreal magic lumi concealer I found works better on my dry skin.

Reviewed by
Amazing product

This is an awesome highlighter. It is NOT a concealer and should not be used as such. I use it next to my nose, on my Cupid's bow, on my chin, cheekbones and above my brows. It really draws light to these areas and puts the focus on my eyes and cheekbones. I like the pen for application, but since my shade (#1) is almost the same color as my skintone, it is hard to see how much I'm applying. I would prefer a tube for this reason.

Reviewed by
Amanda C
love this product

Easy application. Blends in easily and provides alight smooth coverage without giving you the 'caked on' look that so many concealers do. I highly recommend this product.

Reviewed by
Allergic reaction

YSL Touche Eclat has given me the worst allergic reaction of all times when I put it under my eyes. Extremely sensitive undereye skin turned red, itchy, with a developed rash. I returned to the beauty store where I bought it and the sales-lady told me that she got a couple of other complaints similar to mine. I would recommend Guerlain Issima Highlighter instead of this.

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