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These days it seems every blockbuster has to have a sequel, and that's the case with Urban Decay's Naked2 Eyeshadow Palette. The original Naked palette was a runaway hit with a cult following, and rated a Beautypedia "BEST," but does its follow-up live up to the hype? The answer is yes—but Naked2 doesn't quite scale the same peaks as its predecessor.

Naked2 offers 12 shadows in varying shades of brown, with most in the neutral taupe range. Two of the colors, Foxy and Tease, come in a matte finish; the rest have varying degrees of shimmer, with the Chopper shade having strong glitter. All have a remarkably buttery texture that's a breeze to pick up on a brush and apply.

The color quality is strong, and wears well throughout the day without fading. All of the shades, regardless of texture, are attractive and can be combined for several different neutral eye looks.

The only drawback is that the softness of the shadows means they can fall onto your cheekbones while you're packing on the color. It's easily brushed off, but something you should keep in mind. In the case of Chopper, the micro glitter also falls onto your face, which means you'll have sparkles where you probably don't want them!

Other than that, this is a beautiful palette and a beauty bargain, too. The price breaks down to about $4 a shadow!

  • Buttery texture that's easy to apply.
  • Good color quality that wears well throughout the day.
  • All shades are attractive and can be used for a variety of neutral eye looks.
  • A beauty bargain!
  • The soft texture of the shadows means they can fall onto your cheeks during application.
  • Glitter from the shade "Chopper" tends to flake.
Brand Overview

Urban Decay At-A-Glance

Strengths: Workable options in almost every category; excellent cheek tint; bonanza for anyone who wants lots of shiny eyeshadows; good mattifier; bronzing powder; brow products; makeup brushes.

Weaknesses: Mostly average to poor mascaras; limited foundation shades and some disappointing lip glosses; the products designed to help makeup last longer don't help.

From its unconventional beginnings in 1996 with the debut tagline of "Does Pink Make You Puke?" Urban Decay has been at the forefront of the ongoing trend toward unconventional colors. Their approach to beauty is still rooted in steering clear of the norm, but for those creative, unconventional folks who want the opportunity to express themselves with well-formulated, edgy products, this is the line to look to.

Now representing itself by the decidedly tamer "Beauty with an Edge" slogan, the line still offers several shiny options (which excel by virtue of how well they cling to skin), but the items that really deserve your attention include some of their mascaras, bronzing powder, blush, and brow products. The brush collection is highly recommended and priced on the low end when compared to other department-store lines, and Urban Decay counters (as opposed to Sephora stores, where the line is typically sold) offer helpful literature about how to design a complete makeup look. The colors may be unconventional and more clownish than classy, but their placement advice is right-on.

Shortcomings of this edgy line include the lack of lipsticks and some glittery products that apply terribly. Those who appreciate products that make a statement (though it may not always be one that puts you in your most flattering light) should explore the best of what is offered here, as should those whose makeup concepts occasionally lean toward the adventurous side.

For more information about Urban Decay, call (800) 784-URBAN or visit www.urbandecay.com.

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I wish I'd read Paula's review before I bought Naked 2. The eyeshadow does fall off the brush onto your face as you're applying it. the colors are nice, but I will probably only use half of them. There's nothing in a light shimmer for highlighting the brow bone--just a pale silver that would work for evenings--but not for day. I liked the idea of one paint box for al occasions, but one won't do the trick. Better to stick to eyeshadow quads.

Reviewed by
Lyn T
Love it!

Love these eyeshadows! Easy to apply and great colors. Stays all day! The price seems steep until you break it down per shadow... So it's really a good value for a good product!

Reviewed by
Jean C.
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