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There are limitations to every mascara formula, but you'd never know it from reading the marketing claims! Victoria Secret promises "larger-than-life" lashes from a "conditioning formula" with "polymer technology" and an "innovative lash peptide." All of that sounds great, but the fact is that no matter what technology a company claims to have developed, there are no ingredients in mascara formulas that actually can impact lash growth. So despite the claims this mascara formula isn't much different from most others.

To be fair, this is still a very good mascara for what it does do. The brush provides noticeable length and separation, which adds an element of sophistication to the lash line. What about the volumizing claims? That's where this mascara falls short. Although it does offer some thickness to the lashes, it doesn't achieve the claimed "bigger, fatter, lusciously plumped-up lashes." And layering more than three coats for extra volume isn't recommended because it leads to flaking.

The slightly oversize tapered brush takes some getting used to, but makes it surprisingly easy to sweep mascara through the entire lash line, including the small corner lashes (although you do need to be a bit more careful with the corner lashes).

  • Provides noticeable length and separation.
  • Despite the size of the brush, it allows for surprisingly nimble application.
  • Doesn't achieve the volumizing claims.
  • Tends to clump and flake if layered in more than three coats.

Victoria's Secret makeup clearly tries to play up the same sleek, coy sexuality the rest of the Victoria's Secret merchandise is known for. And what could be a better environment for offering makeup! Victoria's Secret stores are all about a woman feeling sexy and beautiful, head to toe. If you're donning a silky teddy or lacy corset, the complete look almost begs for full, glossed, pouty lips and softly blushed cheeks, and this cosmetics line supplies that, albeit with shine and glitter to spare.

In the fall of 2006, the former Victoria's Secret makeup line blossomed with a whole new look and more enticing branding. Dubbed Very Sexy Makeup (to complement the company's popular fragrance of the same name), the line benefited from a streamlined product selection, while the packaging was updated from polished silver to lacquered black with metallic fuchsia stripes. The image update is sleek and mostly impressive, and kudos are due for to the well-designed tester units, which allow customers to experiment with every shade and offer plenty of tissues, cotton balls, mirrors, and makeup remover. Although I could argue that it doesn't take loads of shimmer and glitter to create very sexy makeup, I'll keep my comments focused on the products themselves, a surprising number of which are quite good and moderately priced.

Items worth checking out include the Liquid eyeliner, Face Illuminator and the impressive Long Wear Lip Shine. The lack of foundation options and a disregard for sufficient UVA protection in every product sporting an SPF rating is disappointing. If you happen to be visiting Victoria's Secret for their annual bra sale you might want to check out some of their makeup items just for the fun of it.

For more information about Victoria's Secret Cosmetics, call (800) 411-5116 or visit www.victoriassecret.com/beauty.

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