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+ Rating Product Brand Category Price Size
Best Perfect Canvas Loose Powder Vincent Longo Loose Powder  $44.00
Best Pressed Powder Vincent Longo Pressed Powder  $28.00
Best Water Canvas Creme-to-Powder Foundation Vincent Longo Cream-to-Powder Foundation  $57.00
Best Bi-Brow Powder Pomade Vincent Longo Brow Powder/Wax  $22.00
Best Day Play Duo Compact Powder Blush Vincent Longo Powder Blush  $36.00
Best Lip & Cheek Gel Stain Vincent Longo Liquid/Gel Blush  $22.50
Good Cassata Powder Body Blush Vincent Longo Body Shine  $35.00
Good Vibrant Eye Waterproof Mascara Vincent Longo Waterproof Mascara  $24.00
Average Lip Vinyl Vincent Longo Lip Gloss  $24.00
Average Wet/Dry Diamante Eyeshadow Quad Vincent Longo Powder Eyeshadow  $42.50
Good Thinstick Lipstick Vincent Longo Cream Lipstick  $27.00
Poor Vibrant Eye Waterproof Liner Vincent Longo Waterproof Eyeliner  $18.50
Poor Concealer/Illumina Pencil Vincent Longo Stick Concealer  $32.50
Average Gelli Gloss Vincent Longo Lip Gloss  $15.00
Poor Creme Concealer Vincent Longo Cream Concealer  $28.00
Good Eye Shimmer Souffle Vincent Longo Cream/Cream-to-Powder Eyeshadow  $24.00
Average Water Canvas Base Primer Vincent Longo Foundation Primer  $44.00 0.88 fl. oz.
Good Diamond Lip Gloss Vincent Longo Lip Gloss  $22.00
Good The Curl Waterproof Mascara Vincent Longo Waterproof Mascara  $23.00
Average Double Swish Makeup Remover Vincent Longo Eye Makeup Removers  $23.00
Average Liquid Canvas Dew Finish SPF 15 Vincent Longo Liquid Foundation w/ Sunscreen  $49.00
Good Vincent Longo Brushes Vincent Longo Brushes/Applicators/Curlers  $8.00
Good Velvet Riche Lipstick Vincent Longo Cream Lipstick  $23.00
Average Wet Diamond Eyeshadow Vincent Longo Powder Eyeshadow  $24.00
Average Hydro Stick Vincent Longo Cream/Cream-to-Powder Blush or Bronzer  $25.00
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