8 Overnight Fixes for Your Beauty Disasters

Airdate: 01/03/2012

Bryan Barron: Well hello everyone. Happy New Year! It is Tuesday January 3, 2012. And you are listening to "Be Beautifully Informed with the Paula's Choice Research Team." I'm Bryan Barron, your host for tonight's show. And with us as always is co-host and producer Desiree Stordahl. Hi Desiree.

Desiree Stordahl: Hello. Hi Bryan. Happy New Year!
Bryan Barron: Happy New Year!
00:00:33 Well Desiree you were in the office yesterday. This is my first day back since the 30th or the 29th. I took a nice long weekend there; that was fun.
Desiree Stordahl: I feel like a lot of people are getting back into the flow of work and back into their normal routine. It was good to have the holidays but it is kind of nice to get back to everything - regular life.
Bryan Barron: It is. I was telling Daynah this morning, and for those of you who don't know Daynah is a member of the Paula's Choice Research Team as well. She helps out with reviews and research and writing content and she does a lot behind the scenes to keep you beautifully informed.
00:01:12 And we are bringing front and center starting next week. She is going to be taking over the producer role of sorts from Desiree. So, Daynah are you there? Can you say hi?
Desiree Stordahl: We are sharing a headset so I'm going to pass it off to her really quick.
Bryan Barron: We are so advanced here.
Daynah Burnett: Hi there. This is Daynah.
Bryan Barron: Hey Daynah.
Daynah Burnett: Hi.
Bryan Barron: So Daynah is with Desiree kind of learning the ropes and starting next week you are going to be helping us out in a big way and contributing your input to this radio show.
Daynah Burnett: That's correct. I'm really excited.
Bryan Barron: And we are glad to have you on board.
Daynah Burnett: I'm going to give you back to Desiree.
Bryan Barron: Okay.
00:01:54 So tonight, January 3, we are going to be talking about 8 overnight fixes for your worst beauty disasters. These are beauty issues that male or female, all of us have experienced at least one of these at some point in our lives and there is a lot of misinformation out there online, in fashion magazines, what you may have heard from friends or coworkers about what works and what doesn't. So, we are going to do our best to set the record straight on that.
00:02:26 Before we get to the topic of the night, I do invite you, we will take calls later on in the show so please give us a call at 347-426-3783. Ask us anything that is on your mind that is beauty-related and we will do our best to answer that question for you. And as always we will be giving away free Paula's Choice products at Okay, first show of the new year, we wanted to talk really quick about New Year's resolutions. Most people make them.
00:03:00 I read an article that said about 80% of us don't keep those resolutions which I definitely believe.
Desiree Stordahl: Guilty.
Bryan Barron: Yeah. So, Desiree, what is your beauty-related New Year's Resolution for 2012?
Desiree Stordahl: My resolution is pretty simple. But I have been rocking the same black, jet black eye liner and jet black mascara for I don't even know how many years. And I feel like with all that I know about makeup and with being out and testing and seeing all of these really cool products, there are so many great options out there and I want to try something new.
00:03:33 So my New Year's Resolution is going to be to play it up with the makeup a little bit more this year and actually instead of always going for that jet black, I have blonde hair and fair skin, I'm thinking I want to do more of a brown/black-brown mascara and maybe a bronze eye. More of a brown eye liner. Just to kind of soften it up a bit.
Bryan Barron: I love how you think you have fair skin because if that is true than I am a ghost.
Desiree Stordahl: It's fair to me. It's fair to me.
Bryan Barron: You know it is only fair to you because you are not tan all the time anymore.
Desiree Stordahl: I know. I'm still not quite used to it.
00:04:07 So what is your New Year's Resolution, Bryan?
Bryan Barron: I was going to say, given where we live, I mean everyone has a natural paler at this time of year. Cold, cold, cold and rain. My New Year's Resolution, on a recommendation from Daynah I sighed up for a produce delivery service online called Full Circle.
00:04:30 And they are a Washington-based company and they deliver a preset amount of locally grown or locally sourced and organic produce right to your door. I want to make sure that I am eating more fruits and vegetables and I reasoned that if they show up on my doorstep nicely boxed every week I will feel too guilty if I don't at least try to eat them and cook something interesting with them. So that, I hope, will work.
00:04:58 And Daynah had great things to say about Full Circle. And it is reasonably priced and she mentioned it is hugely convenient to have those fresh ingredients delivered right to your door. You literally just bring the box in the house, open it up, and they are there fresh and ready to eat.
Desiree Stordahl: Sounds like a good one.
Bryan Barron: They should be paying me for saying that.
Desiree Stordahl: So do you want to get into our overnight fixes for your worst beauty disasters?
Bryan Barron: Yes. Let's do that. I will get the ball rolling. This one is near and dear to my heart.
00:05:34 Thankfully it doesn't happen as much as it used to. But our emergency beauty issue/beauty disaster number one is a huge zit. These always seem to pop up the night before a big event, whether it is maybe a first date or a job interview or high school reunion, or something where you want to look your best. Everything else could be going fine and, boom, you get what I call a [Mothra], that big mound.
00:06:03 And you can usually feel those coming on. So here is what we do. You soak it as in saturate it with a beta hydroxy acid exfoliant. The one that I use is personally is our 2% beta hydroxy acid liquid. I can't use that version of our BHA all the time because it causes some issues for me. It is a best-selling product. A lot of our customers absolutely love it.
00:06:32 But it is a beautiful spot treatment for someone like me who can't tolerate 2% salicylic acid. So, I do that. I usually put it directly on the spot with a cotton swab. And then after it has sat there for a couple of minutes I will put on a layer of a benzoyl peroxide anti-acne product. I use the acne fighting treatment, extra strength, from Paula's Choice which has 5% benzoyl peroxide. You can find plenty of other good ones that we recommend on
00:07:02 Just click on the best anti-acne products link. Now the next step I do, this is my own trial and error. And what I have found in the past because benzoyl peroxide, as good as it is for killing the bacteria that causes acne, it has a tendency to bleach fabrics. And ruining more than one pillow case I decided that when the next big zit came along and I had that beauty disaster I was going to do the same thing with the BHA and the benzoyl peroxide but then cover it with a bandage.
00:07:36 Now this isn't a practical tip if you are dealing with multiple zits all over your face. In that case it is best to let the benzoyl peroxide product dry completely before your face comes into contact with linens or towels. But if you are just dealing with one big bad zit, take a regular bandage and gently place it over the area. Make sure it is sealed pretty well and I have found that that works perfectly to prevent the benzoyl peroxide from bleaching pillow cases.
00:08:05 In the morning you just peel the Band-Aid off and I promise the zit is going to be a lot smaller.
Desiree Stordahl: Excellent.
Bryan Barron: Desiree, you are going to talk about?
Desiree Stordahl: Brittle nails, hang nails, and ragged cuticles. So this is actually something I deal with, especially during the winter time, and a go-to excellent product for this is our Paula's Choice Cuticle and Nail Treatment.
00:08:33 And you can also use a really emollient lotion, anything that is going to soften up that nail, soften up the areas that are the dry, crusty hang nail areas. And a good way, I know it is gross, it is man hand's is what I call them. And to get rid of the hang nails, what I do is get a good pair of cuticle clippers and just nip them. Don't cut too far into it, but just get the part that is hanging off. And that will really help you from picking at them and making the problem worse.
00:09:00 And this isn't necessarily an overnight fix, but as a preventative measure you can also paint your nails, and that will just make you less likely to pick around that skin which is often times what causes those ragged looking cuticles and hang nails. And I think both of those treatments combined will give you much better looking nails.
Bryan Barron: I love our cuticle and nail treatment. I actually keep it - I have a coffee table with a drawer at home upstairs in the movie room, and when we sit down to watch a movie if I am noticing that my skin around my nails is looking rough and dry, which they look that way right now, I will brush that on and kind of massage it when I know I am going to be sitting still for a couple of hours. And it is great.
Desiree Stordahl: Perfect.
Bryan Barron: The next one, especially at this time of year, Desiree, were you going to talk about this one or was I going to take it?
Desiree Stordahl: Go ahead. Take it away.
Bryan Barron: I'm a little off target here. But okay.
00:10:02 Dry flaky skin. A huge issue in the winter months if you are living in a climate that naturally gets colder, the air gets drier, it can be a year-round problem if you live in a dry arid environment such as in the United States, Nevada or Arizona. So, here is what you can do to help things look better by morning. Before you go to bed, slather the dry, itchy, flaky areas with a well-formulated alpha hydroxy acid or beta hydroxy acid exfoliant.
00:10:37 It can be a formula designed for the body, like the Skin Revealing Body Lotion from Paula's Choice. It can be one that you would normally put on your face if the dry flaky skin from the neck down isn't an ongoing issue. Maybe it is just something that crops up every once in and awhile. If that is the case, use the same exfoliant that would apply on your face, just apply it to your arms or legs or wherever the problem area is.
00:11:01 After that, you want to slather on a rich moisturizer, and not just something like Curél or Lubriderm or Jergens that you can pick up at the store. It is not that there aren't good moisturizers at the store, but body lotions tend to be a bit more basic and old school when it comes to those state-of-the-art ingredients that really help prepare skin's surface, give it the antioxidants it needs to reduce inflammation and help build collagen, the anti-irritants to calm an itchy response.
00:11:34 And the cell-communicating ingredients so that those damaged unhealthy cells start getting the message to produce healthier cells. So, Paula's Choice Slip into Silk Body Lotion or Paula's Choice Beautiful Body Butter are great examples. Olay has some wonderful body lotions. You can find on our list of best body lotions on Beautypedia. Any of those would be great.
00:11:59 And if you are dealing with dry, itchy, flaky skin, don't be stingy with the moisturizer. It is okay to put on a little extra, or even a lot extra, especially if it is a night before you are going to bed. If the moisturizer you have chosen isn't working quite well enough along with the exfoliant, after you put the moisturizer on you can add a little bit of non-fragrant plant oil to help seal everything in. Olive oil is a great option. Even Canola Oil works - anything that you have in your pantry that isn't fragranced you can buy.
00:12:31 Non-fragrant plant oils in health food stores as well if you wanted to go for something like a Jojoba or evening primrose, or almond or safflower or sunflower. They are all good. Just make sure that you are not getting the essential oils which are a little more than fragrance. Those are not going to help. The other option for a good overnight fix is to get a humidifier and run it in your bedroom at night. That will put necessary water into the dry air that will help your products work even better, and will also help you sleep better because if the air in your home is dry because of the heat and the cold air outside it is going to help soothe your nasal passages as well, so you won't wake up with a dry mouth and sore throat.
00:13:14 Desiree, back to you.
Desiree Stordahl: All right. Next up on the list is chapped lips. And this one, again, is pretty easy to take care of. So before you go to bed exfoliate your lips. If you have got those dry, crusty, flaky lips going on, it is not pretty, you can either take a washcloth and gently do it that way or we actually offer a product called the lip exfoliant with micro beads and you just put it on there.
00:13:38 It takes like 15 seconds, if that. Rub it in. It has got a little bit of those really soft micro beads, so nothing that is going to be abrasive and actually give you tears in your lips. It actually feels really good. And it immediately gets rid of the crusty flakiness that you have got going on. And then after you do that, back it up with our lip and body balm treatment.
00:13:59 It's great. It is a thick, thick ChapStick, so not one of those like the medicated ChapSticks that you see in the store which first of all suck because they have irritants in them and a lot of times they are loaded with fragrance which is horrible for your lips. But this is just a good, thick emollient balm to put in on your lips and if you do it at night and leave it on overnight you are going to wake up with smooth kissable lips by morning. And your boyfriend/husband/girlfriend/whoever will thank you.
Bryan Barron: Our lip and body treatment balm - I absolutely love that product. I use it several times a day and I remember awhile back we asked the Paula's Choice Team what one product of ours they wouldn't be caught without -what is their "desert island" product? And well over half of us said Lip and Body Treatment Balm.
Desiree Stordahl: It is a good one. I will use it around my cuticles as well. I use it anywhere I have really super dry skin.
00:14:56 Sometimes I use it to tame my brow hairs that are getting a little bit wild. So it is a very multi-use product.
Bryan Barron: Yes, I do that, too. That is what I do with the excess after I put it on my lips. I will rub it between my fingers to thin it out a bit and then I just smooth it through my brows because I get these crazy brow hairs that I don't trim as often as I should.
Desiree Stordahl: From brow hairs to "backne," that is our next beauty disaster that we are going to help you solve.
Bryan Barron: What a segue!
Desiree Stordahl: I know, what a beautiful segue. For backne, BHA just like it is good for a zit on your face is perfect for your back area. We know it is hard to get products on your back, so a good tip is to get a spray bottle. We offer some on our website but you can interchange the top caps for a spray type applicator. So you can put on your BHA that you are using right now and just spritz it on your back.
00:15:53 Another good thing to remember is if you are using conditioner in your hair, sometimes that residual conditioner can drip down onto your back and leave a little bit of a residue. So you want to make sure that that is completely rinsed out of your hair and off your back as well. Another thing is if you are working out and you come home and you sit in your sweaty clothes for an hour, that is not a good thing. That is going to lead to more breakouts. As soon as you get home it is best, of course to take a shower, but if you don't have the time to take a shower right that minute, at least get out of your sweaty sports bra and your sweaty gym clothes.
00:16:27 And then last but not least, avoid creamy moisturizing body washes. Find one that is clear, something that doesn't have a residue type of leave-in feel afterwards. There are good ones from Ivory, Lever 2000 or our Paula's Choice All Over Hair and Body Shampoo is another great option.
Bryan Barron: Yes. And one more thought on the beauty disaster of chapped lips. If you don't have a lip scrub handy or you don't want to wait to order the lip exfoliant from Paula's Choice, if you happen to have one around the house you can use a soft baby toothbrush.
00:17:02 In contrast to a toothbrush for adults, baby toothbrushes have much softer, flexible bristles. So, if you dampen it and you use it gently, it can be a good stand-in for a lip scrub to use before putting on a lip balm to help seal in the moisture. Our next beauty disaster, and this is something that affects men a lot if they don't know what they are doing with shaving, and of course women as well, is razor burn.
00:17:28 It is ugly, it is unsightly, and if you know what you are doing it can be avoided. One of the first things that you can do to help bring relief is to avoid scented shaving gels and creams. Those are surprisingly difficult to find. Even some of the ones that I have seen for men that say right on the front fragrance-free, if you check the ingredient list on the back, and remember the ingredient list on the back of any cosmetic product is the only part that has to tell you the truth.
00:17:59 All the claims you read on the front don't have to be proven, they don't have to be backed up by anything. The companies can pretty much say whatever they want, but that ingredient list cannot lie. Look for fragrance-free shaving gels or creams; at the drugstore you can find one, at least they used to have one. It went away for a while and I think it is coming back, from Aveeno. Every Day Jack, I think, is the brand at Target if you want one. Both that and the Aveeno are propellant based.
00:18:30 They are pressurized. Or if you want something that is more concentrated and in a nice gel form, you can give Paula's Choice Close Comfort Shave Gel a try. That is a favorite of our male and female customers. Now here is the trick - after shaving, and of course - oh, another step to avoiding razor burn is to make sure that you change your razor blade fairly often. Don't let it get all gunky and gross and dull because what happens when you have a dull razor blade is it is going to cause you to keep going over the area that you are shaving again, and again, and again to reach those hairs.
00:19:04 And you will never quite get them all off because once the blade is dull there is no bringing it back. But what you are doing is scratching and scraping at your skin which is going to cause redness and irritation that lead to razor bumps. So, after you have shaved you want to make sure that you apply a soothing toner type aftershave product which pretty much eliminates anything you will see in the store that says aftershave.
00:19:28 Almost without exception they are loaded with alcohol or they have a ton of artificial coloring agents, fragrances, or cooling ingredients that may feel refreshing after you have just tortured your skin with a dull razor, but that tingle, that cooling sensation you are feeling is just your skin telling you it is being irritated. So things quickly go from bad to worse. Avoid splashing anything like that on your face. And that includes Tend Skin. That is a very popular product for ingrown hairs. It is a lot of alcohol.
00:20:00 We actually created an alcohol-free variation on that product that is packed with soothing ingredients called Skin Relief Treatment. Later this year the name of that product is changing to Redness Relief Treatment. Still great for razor burn but it is also a wonderful option for reducing redness and inflammation on skin, anywhere on the body. Another good option is to use, in lieu of Skin Relief Treatment, if you like a liquid type aftershave product, and they are great when you find a good one, is to use a well-formulated toner. And you can find some great toner options on
Desiree Stordahl: Razor burn free in 2012 - that is the new motto. Next up we have solutions for when self-tanner goes wrong. So if you get it on too dark or it is streaky, you are starting to look like Snooki, that is a bad sign. The first and best thing you can do is apply a BHA immediately. That is going to help the cells turn over more quickly, going to help you naturally exfoliate. Well, naturally as natural as that is.
00:21:05 And so it is going to get rid of those mistakes that you may have made. So if you have a streaky area I would say put the BHA on it. You can also do a gentle manual exfoliation with a washcloth. So you don't need an abrasive scrub or anything like that, but just kind of rub that area down with a wash cloth and get it to look a little bit more even.
00:21:25 You can also reapply the self-tanner over an area that is streaky but do it with a lotion or some sort of moisturizer mixed in with it for a more subtle effect and it will give you a more even unified look for your self-tanner. And that is really about it. Other than that you just have to let it take its course and it will wear off in a few days anyways, but definitely using the BHA and a little bit of manual exfoliation will go a long way to help you get over it.
Bryan Barron: Yes. Because what a self-tanner is doing, how it colors the skin is the chemical in almost any self-tanner you will find is called dihydroxyacetone, shortened to DHA.
00:22:04 And the manner in which that ingredient works is it interacts with the dead skin cells that make up the upper most layer of our skin that form its first line of defense against the outside world. So, you are really only tinting or coloring those superficial layers. That is why guys that put self-tanner on their face or neck and then shave the next morning will almost always look streaky because the act of shaving is enough to remove self-tanner to give you that blotchy look.
00:22:36 It is one of the reasons that self-tanner and I just aren't good friends, at least on the face. But Desiree has lots of experience with self-tanners. In fact, probably more than anyone else I know. And your self-tans always look good.
Desiree Stordahl: Thank you.
Bryan Barron: All right, the last beauty disaster, and this is something you don't always know about until you wake up. So if it has happened to you and you are worried about it happening again, here is what you can do to help prevent tired, puffy looking eyes in the morning.
00:23:11 The number one tip, it sounds simple, but a lot of people either aren't aware of it or just don't do it, is to sleep with your head slightly elevated. For most people, unless you have a very firm pillow, the kind that are typically recommended say for side sleepers, you are going to need another pillow. So whether you use a bolster pillow, a special pillow that goes around your neck, they are like a donut shaped pillow that will help elevate your head a little bit, something Tempur-Pedic like -
00:23:42 Use something to elevate your head so that that fluid that accumulates under the eye area where the skin is very thin doesn't have a chance to pool in that area and then you are waking up with puffy eyes and it takes a few hours of being upwardly mobile so that gravity kicks in and that fluid retention eventually goes away.
00:24:04 The other thing to keep in mind, this may not be an overnight fix, but allergies could be a culprit. So you want to talk to your doctor about taking antihistamines. There are several over the counter options. I'm a big fan of Claritin. I like the Claritin Ready tabs or Claritin 24. But, again, if you are not familiar or haven't taken this type of medication in the past, always talk to a pharmacist or your doctor to make sure that any allergy medicine that you are considering won't interfere with any other medications you are taking or doesn't have any dietary contraindications.
00:24:38 A lot of people swear by Benadryl and Benadryl is absolutely an option. The one side effect that Benadryl has is it causes pretty intense drowsiness for most people. So, it is an option to take that at night and it can definitely help, but if you are new to Benadryl for allergies, and you want to see if it will help with your puffy eyes, take it say on a Friday night if you don't have to get up early and work on Saturday.
00:25:06 Because that drowsy side effect may carry over into the next morning and you don't want to have to trudge through your Monday or your Tuesday feeling like you really need four more hours of sleep or that you just can't wake up. Long-term for tired puffy looking eyes, this is a good habit to get into every night, is to make sure that you are getting all of your make-up off, including mascara.
00:25:30 Even if you have to take a little cotton swab that you dip into a makeup remover and run that along the underside of your lashes. It is hard with a facial cleanser, or even a washcloth can be too rough on the lashes, to get that last bit of mascara off that is right at the root. But that is precisely where old mascara can accumulate because it keeps getting missed every night. And it eventually ends up migrating into the eye.
00:25:56 So even though your lashes look like they don't have any mascara left on them, those little traces add up and build up and slowly make their way into your eye, causing irritation and puffiness. That's another good thing to consider if you are consistently waking up with bloodshot eyes is that it may have something to do with you not getting all of your makeup off. The extra minute or two it takes to do that before you retire for the evening, it can make a big difference. Believe me, I love just washing my face and falling into bed, too, and sometimes I don't wash my face before going to bed. But it is so worth it.
00:26:32 You will see better skin in the morning, I promise. So that is it. Those are our tricks -
Desiree Stordahl: Actually Bryan I have one more tip on the tired puffy looking eyes.
Bryan Barron: Go for it.
Desiree Stordahl: Actually Daynah was the one who let me onto this and it is an excellent little trick to use. So if you wake up with your puffy eyes, you can disguise them with a smoky eye look. You can - the darkness, the more eye shadow that you put on is going to cover up those puffy areas and detract from them.
00:27:00 So, if you are in a pinch, it is a good way to go.
Bryan Barron: Definitely worth trying. Desiree, do we have an article on about how to do a smoky eye?
Desiree Stordahl: I don't know if we have one on smoky eyes specifically, but there are the makeup videos on our page where Paula demonstrates eye shadow and eye liner. So that is also a good thing to take a look at.
Bryan Barron: Hey, since she is right next to you and we are talking about the smoky eye, does Daynah have a particular palette or trio of eye shadows that she likes to use for a smoky eye?
Daynah Burnett: I can't think of anything off the top of my head.
00:27:40 But any dark shadow will really help to conceal the puffiness around the lid. If anyone is like me, after watching a real sad movie, I get a lot of the puffiness right at my lash line. And I find that a smoky eye helps to really conceal that at least until it goes down later in the day.
Bryan Barron: Does it work just as well for the lower lash line?
Daynah Burnett: It does. And I find the smokiness kind of evens it out and you can blend it out as far as you need to and so far I haven't had anyone ask me what is wrong, so I think it is working.
Bryan Barron: Oh good. And based on color theory, it should work, because one of the first things you learn in either art class 101 or when you are learning about makeup is that dark colors recede and light colors highlight and bring these forward. So, excellent - see, this is why we are having Daynah join us on the show.
00:28:33 She has these good ideas that nobody else thinks of. And we got to the point where we were just like, you know, you need to start sharing this with our listeners and stop having us pass on this information for you. We need you on the show.
Desiree Stordahl: All right, Bryan, so are you ready to go to our callers?
Bryan Barron: Yes, do we have some questions?
Desiree Stordahl: We do. And this first woman, I have a sneaking suspicion it might be her birthday. We have Diana in New York.
Diana: Hi Desiree. Hi Bryan.
Desiree Stordahl: Hello!
00:29:05 Were we right about your birthday?
Diana: Yeah.
Desiree Stordahl: I thought so. I saw you posting on Facebook.
Diana: Yep. And then the other really big thing is my boyfriend got me a $100 gift certificate for Paula's Choice.
Desiree Stordahl: Awesome.
Diana: So I'm like woo-hoo!
Bryan Barron: What a sweet boyfriend!
Diana: I know! He knows how much I love her products and I am always talking about them. I was at a bachelorette party a couple of months ago and we all stayed overnight.
00:29:33 And the next morning we were talking girl talk and they were all asking me about Paula's products and it was really fun because I am like the one person that knows a lot about ingredients so everybody picks my brains. But anyway, so it has been a great day. It has been a really great day.
Desiree Stordahl: Good. Well I can guarantee we will send you home with some more products from us, too. So it is going to be an extra special birthday.
Bryan Barron: Happy Birthday. Yes. Don't spend that gift certificate just yet.
Diana: Thank you so much. The question I have, and it is a tricky question -
00:30:04 I'm sure you can shed some light on it, is the eye area. And I know you were talking about puffy eyes that have to do with allergies and such, but just in general the eye area, I like to keep it well hydrated, especially now that the weather has gotten severely cold as of today here in New York. I need hydration so that it stays nice and dewy so that when you smile and the creases, it doesn't leave the lines.
00:30:33 But the problem is it is almost like hair, like after a couple days of using the same shampoo and conditioner you have to switch to something else because your hair is just not performing the same. It is almost the same with eye moisturization. I'm not going to say eye creams because I use Paula's products. But some days it is great and then after a couple of days it is too much and I start getting a little bit puffy below and above. So I scale back and I use something that is a little bit lighter. And then [back again] it is great. But then it is not quite enough.
00:31:08 And it starts getting a little taut and a little almost crepey. And I can't find the right balance for the most part. Obviously you choose your products based on the needs for that day - the weather and such. But I just can't get the eye area quite right. So, I thought maybe it is my technique. Maybe I need to pat it or maybe, I don't know, maybe even use a foundation brush, something.
Bryan Barron: So what you are saying Diana is that you find that using a moisturizer around the eye, whether it is a facial moisturizer or an eye cream, after a couple of days it starts to make your upper and lower eye area puffy?
Diana: Yes. After a while it just starts looking puffy so that upper lid starts getting heavy.
00:31:59 And the funny this is I do the smoky eye [unintelligible]; I use darker colors because it is just like, "Ah!" because there is almost like no crease - the crease is in the wrong place. It has come down lower.
Bryan Barron: What products are you applying around your eyes that tend to cause the puffiness?
Diana: Well, what just recently happened in the last week was the Skin Recovery Moisturizer. The weather started getting colder and I love that moisturizer because it is super moisturizing but it is not greasy.
00:32:29 And then after a couple of days my eyes just started to look not so great. So I stopped using it --
Bryan Barron: So I have two quick tips that you can try. One would be to not moisturize that area with something heavier at night. I'm wondering if what might be happening is that you are maybe applying a little bit too much too close to the eye itself, and that excess product is migrating into the eye.
00:33:00 You have to remember that during the period when we are sleeping our body temperature raises and lowers a bit. And that extra body heat during those periods can cause anything that you put close to the eye to migrate into the eye itself. Now that doesn't mean that you have to go out and find a special product labeled eye cream; the exact same thing can happen with something labeled eye cream. It isn't about different formulas. It is about the migration and it makes sense because you are experiencing this after two, three days of usage -
00:33:30 It starts accumulating and building up and then you stop and you switch to something lighter and it is not doing that.
Diana: Right, but then what happens is after, like today for instance it is so cold and windy out, and I needed a little bit more. So what I did was, and I know that this is a more hydrating product, but for some reason that Skin Recovery Mask works - it is a lighter texture than the Skin Recovery Moisturizer.
Bryan Barron: It is.
Diana: Right? I dabbed that around my eye area today but I won't be using it tonight because I was expecting the same thing that if I use it at night that because you are in that vertical or horizontal position it is just sort of like sitting there and pooling and causing the puffiness.
00:34:17 I just can't get that right balance. So that is what I kind of suspected and I have been playing around with the different serums. In fact today I was so silly, I actually mixed all three - the Skin Balancing, the Skin Recovery, and the Resist Super Antioxidant. I mixed all three of them and used a dab around my eyes because I thought, well, the Skin Recovery is really hydrating, the Super Antioxidant has all of the super antioxidants in it, but the Skin Balancing has a little bit of mattifying so maybe that will counteract some of the -
00:34:55 I know that sounds silly, but it is sort like, you know, you have got to experiment.
Bryan Barron: That is - it is a bit of overkill. But, you are nothing if not creative in trying to get around this issue, Diana. Wow.
Diana: [Unintelligible] I'm not the only person that has that problem where they are aging, their skin is getting a little bit thin, and they need to really address anti-aging around the eye. But, it makes some puffier if you keep doing the same thing, I guess, morning and night for so many days. So I just thought maybe you guys could shed some light on that.
Bryan Barron: Yes.
00:35:34 Try avoiding that at night and/or when you - use a small amount, just a thin layer, and dab it around the orbital bone, that bony ridge below the eye, and then blend out. Blend out towards your cheek with short, quick strokes. Again, as you sleep your body heat will cause the excess that is around the orbital bone to get a bit closer to the eye itself.
00:36:02 Give that a try and then Desiree let's send Diana the Moisture Boost Hydrating Treatment Cream.
Desiree Stordahl: Okay.
Bryan Barron: So she can experience a different texture. And then Diana, because we need to get to some other callers, we have your email address, so we will be in touch with you regarding - I'm going to have Desiree find out what a few of your Paula's Choice favorites are and we will get those sent to you for free.
Diana: Oh, thank you so much.
Bryan Barron: And then at a later date, once the birthday candles have gone out, and you are in need of some new products, you can just come to and use that gift certificate to stock up.
Diana: Great. Thanks.
00:36:44 Oh, and I just want to give you another little tip. I know you say to stay away from like the lash line. During the day I actually like to use the Resist Super Antioxidant Concentrate, literally right up to my lash line and across my lashes, because I find that it actually improves the condition of my lashes during the day.
00:37:04 So not while I am sleeping, and not when I go to bed at night, but actually during the day I put the Resist --
Bryan Barron: As long as it is not interfering with your mascara. I would have to imagine that the silicone on the lashes like that could interfere with the mascara, but if you are not having that problem then great.
Diana: Yeah, I am not - I don't use like a lot of it. [Unintelligible] try to get extreme long lashes. But, no, it doesn't seem to. It is just something that I thought was great. I don't know if it makes them grow better, but I don't know, it just seems to condition the lashes really nice.
00:37:39 I just want to say my lashes are really nice. But it was your product.
Desiree Stordahl: All right.
Bryan Barron: Thank you for the tip, Diana.
Desiree Stordahl: Yes. And happy birthday.
Diana: Thank you and thank you for taking my call and happy new year to you both and please be sure to tell Paula I said happy new year as well.
Bryan Barron: We will.
Desiree Stordahl: All right, Bryan, onto our next caller. We have Melissa in Michigan.
Bryan Barron: Oh, Melissa, hello.
Melissa: Hello. Thank you so much for taking my call.
Bryan Barron: Where are you calling from in Michigan?
00:38:08 (989) area code, where is that?
Melissa: It is Owosso. It is a small town in between like Lansing and Flint.
Bryan Barron: I grew up in Lansing. I know Owosso well. Back when I still lived there I think that area still had the (517) area code.
Melissa: Lansing does. Owosso is (989).
Bryan Barron: Okay.
Melissa: But I'm looking, actually the last couple of days, I'm running low on my skincare line that I have been using.
00:38:39 And so I am trying to figure out what to purchase next. And I tend to kind of jump around from line to line. And usually they are more overpriced than they probably should be. And none of them have really made me that happy. So, yesterday I stumbled on the Beautypedia and Cosmetics Cop websites, and it is kind of overwhelming actually to see all of the information that is there because what I am finding is products that I have been spending good money on probably weren't the best thing for me .
00:39:10 And then there is a lot of really good products it looks like that are pretty inexpensive which is part of my plan. I want to spend my money on some other things this year. So I think I can, if there is good stuff out there that doesn't cost that much I should be able to find something. However, since there are so many lower cost options, I am not sure how to then pick what I should be using.
00:39:36 Is it okay to mix and match product lines? Because I see some of Paula's picks. It is not like they are all in the same product line.
Bryan Barron: To answer that first question, then we will get back to your second question, it is absolutely okay to mix and match product lines. What counts is the formula and whether or not it is good for your particular skin type and concern. There are lines out there that will work very hard to try to convince you that if you do not use their complete system, every product and in exact order and what not -
00:40:15 Now another story, because order of application definitely has its place, but you don't have to use products from all one brand. And in fact, in most cases doing so can set your skin up for trouble because it is the rare line where a particular routine, say for anti-aging or for acne or for dry skin, where every product in that routine is going to be good for you. It can be a mixed bag. And who wants to spend money on some products that are good and some that are not so good just because of the mistaken belief that you have to stick within one brand.
Melissa: And that is pretty much what I have always done/
00:40:52 Like if I was, I don't know if we can say brands over the phone or not, but I would stick with one brand and then finish it up. Like I tried Aveda, I have tried Clinique, I have tried Beauty Control, I have tried Philosophy, and then the Bare Minerals lines. And I tried all of those different ones and probably some others along the way and I kind of hopped from one to another when I run out to try something else. And it seems like I have always just bought everything in the line, like they sold it, and that was it.
Bryan Barron: Back when I used to work at the cosmetic counters, most of which was in Michigan, I would see that quite a bit. And I would have to tell women -
00:41:32 Like when I worked for some of the Lauder-owned lines I would say, "No, no, you don't; just because I think this Lauder cleanser is good for you, it doesn't mean that you have to follow up with this toner. Here is why I think this toner" and sometimes it was from another brand, "would be better for you. " And I would get this quizzical look almost like, are you sure?
Melissa: Well no one ever teaches us that. Like even shampoo and conditioner lines. I think I have to use the same shampoo with the same conditioner.
Bryan Barron: That is what they want you to think!
Melissa: I know.
Bryan Barron: And especially for hair care.
00:42:06 You would be shocked at how similar their products are. If I were to put the conditioner for thick hair into a bottle that said "for fine thin hair," and you used that conditioner and you had fine, thin hair, you would probably think it was great. But if you use that same conditioner in a bottle that said "for thick, curly, coarse hair" psychologically you convince yourself that it wasn't right for you.
00:42:30 Does that make sense?
Melissa: Yeah, it does. Yes. I was a psychology major.
Bryan Barron: All right. Desiree, did you have something to add?
Desiree Stordahl: Well I was going to say, so let's hook Melissa up with some good Paula's Choice products.
Bryan Barron: Absolutely. Yes.
Melissa: Thank you.
Bryan Barron: So Melissa we will get you started on some Paula's Choice products. And then you can fill in the gaps as needed on Beautypedia from our recommendations. Or you may find, I don't want to bring this in a roundabout way and say, "Well now you just have to use all Paula's Choice," but you may very well find that the Paula's Choice routine works better for you than anything else you have tried.
Melissa: Right.
00:43:07 Well it has just been exciting to see that, wow, I can actually save some money and still get something that is probably going to work better than what I have been using. So that alone is exciting, whether it is Paula's Choice or some of the other brands that she lists there. It was just, like I said, overwhelming. I have actually been staring at the websites and like copying and pasting stuff into a Word document to take to the store with me.
00:43:29 Because it is like how am I going to choose what to get?
Bryan Barron: Melissa, we have a really cool feature on Beautypedia. If you become a member which simply requires an email address and a password, that's it, it is a free site, as you are finding products on Beautypedia that you want to try, you can click the Plus icon or the button that says "Add to My Faves," and then when you are signed into the site you can access your "My Faves" list and then you will see as you explore the site more that once you have accumulated products on that list you can print it.
Melissa: Okay. And I did start to do that after I cut and paste. Then I saw that feature and I started doing it. But I hadn't gotten so far as to why am I doing this because I don't know if I should be using all of these anyways. Which came to why I am calling you -
00:44:19 Can I mix and match or what? What am I going to do with this list if I don't know if I have to stay with one line? [Multiple Speakers].
Desiree Stordahl: We have an article on our website called "Mixing and matching skincare products." And that is a great one for anybody out there who is wondering about this question to read and you can share it with your friends. I will send you the link, but if for anybody else out there listening, just type in mixing and matching on our website and that article will come up.
Melissa: Perfect. Thank you so much.
Bryan Barron: So, Melissa, tell me what skin type do you think you have?
Melissa: I believe I am probably combination. I definitely have like an oilier forehead, nose and chin, and that is where I get breakouts occasionally.
00:45:04 Some time during the month I will get breakouts here and there. And then my cheeks definitely they feel more like normal, no over dryness or over-oiliness at all. And I'm 30 - how old am I now - 38, I'm turning 38 in February. So I am kind of not sure when I should be transitioning to any kind of anti-aging lines or what I should be doing as far as that as I am getting older.
Bryan Barron: So that is another real quick thing to mention.
00:45:36 Two things - age isn't a skin type. There isn't a magic number of candles on your cake, where say you are going from 40 to 41 and just because you are one year older you need to start using products that say anti-aging or anti-wrinkle. And there are a lot of those products out there. What you want to look for, regardless of the name at any age are products that are loaded with the kind of ingredients skin needs to repair itself, protect itself from sun damage, exfoliate, and reduce inflammation.
00:46:07 And there is absolutely no reason to wait to use those types of ingredients. We hear from a lot of women who say, well, I am only in my 20s and it is almost like they think that the "anti-aging" products are just too powerful for them. And, again, there is a lot of psychology at play here, but the truth is if you are using well-formulated products, whether they say anti-aging or not, and a lot of companies including Paula's Choice will do that to some extent to help make it easier for people to differentiate.
00:46:38 But, whether it says "anti-aging" or not, if it is a good formula, if it contains the kind of ingredients that skin needs, you will be doing fine and you will be giving your skin anti-aging benefits. So, here is what we are going to send you from Paula's Choice. Desiree, let's send Melissa a copy of the original Beauty Bible.
00:47:01 That is one of Paula's books and it is an excellent foray into the world of skincare and makeup. It will answer a lot of common questions and you can kind of use it as a reference that should go along.
Melissa: Yay! Thank you.
Bryan Barron: Definitely check that out. I am going to send you the Skin Balancing Cleanser which is for normal-to-oily/combination skin.
00:47:27 And let's also send you Skin Balancing Toner which you can apply after cleansing. And then for the exfoliant step, let's have you start with the Skin Perfecting 1% BHA lotion.
Melissa: Now I do have a question about that. That is one area that has always bothered me. Like right on my nose, it kind of reminds me - nobody else notices it really probably but me, and I have even had people say that, but it has little dots all over it, from where I have larger pores.
00:48:04 And for me it drives me crazy because I am like just get that stuff out of there that gets stuck in your nose --
Bryan Barron: It's blackheads.
Melissa: Yes, but nobody else notices it but me, probably, but it drives me crazy because I'm like why can't I get that out when I have used all of these other products - why won't it come out?
Bryan Barron: I think that the combination of the Skin Balancing Toner and the Skin Perfecting 1% BHA lotion will help a lot. And we sell BHA products at 2%. I want to start you at the 1%. Let's see how you do with that.
00:48:39 You may not need to step up to the 2% but you will know from experience if that is the case. And then for your daytime moisturizer we are going to send you samples. I'm going to send you two different products. Let's do the Skin Balancing Daily Mattifying Lotion with SPF 15. We will send you two or three sample packets of that so you can experiment.
00:49:01 And then also our Moisture Boost Daily Restoring Complex with SPF 20. I think both would be suitable for your skin type and preferences and I think between the two of them it is going to come down to personal preference for you. So it is not about one being better than the other in terms of its formula. It is about whichever one works best for your skin.
Melissa: Okay.
Bryan Barron: And then for night, I want you to use the Resist Anti-Aging Clear Skin Hydrator.
00:49:32 It is going to help improve your skin texture. It is going to help stimulate collagen production for smoother, former skin. It is going to help fade any red marks that you may get from breakouts. And, of course, it is going to hydrate as well. So we will get all of those on the way to you along with the copy of the Beauty Bible. And I encourage you to contact the Paula's Choice customer service team if you have any questions about how to use the products --
00:49:59 we have ton of information on, so you can check that out as well.
Melissa: Yes. Thank you so much. This is much more than I expected. I just wanted you to answer the question! So thank you for your generosity and I will definitely spend more time on there. [Unintelligible].
Bryan Barron: You are a home town girl. I've got to take care of my Michiganders.
Melissa: Thanks so much.
Bryan Barron: All right, good night.
Desiree Stordahl: All right, our next caller is Linda in Washington.
Bryan Barron: Hi Linda.
Linda: HI, Happy New Year.
Bryan Barron: Happy New Year. And you are asking - go ahead?
Linda: Well, after listening to the other callers, I sort of changed my question.
00:50:44 And first I wanted to say that the products for Rosacea have been so helpful and I am thrilled that I haven't had any breakouts at all since I started using it.
Desiree Stordahl: Oh yay!
Linda: And I was on medication before.
00:51:01 So I just wanted to -
Desiree Stordahl: That's wonderful to hear, Linda. Thank you.
Linda: Then my first question is can I use any other products like the Resist products that won't make the Rosacea flare up?
Bryan Barron: Well, are you thinking that there is a hole in your routine right now? There is something else that you think you should add?
Linda: No, I just want to take more years off my face.
Bryan Barron: Ah, okay. Desiree, did you have something to add?
Desiree Stordahl: No, but actually I can testify to the fact that truly all of our products are anti-aging. And even though the Resist line is more touted as the anti-aging line, and it might be a little bit more supercharged with certain products having more antioxidants and a few more bells and whistles on certain things, our Skin Recovery line is great for anti-aging. So is our Skin Balancing, our Moisture Boost, our Hydra Light.
00:51:59 So that is the funny thing is not everyone realizes that really the whole Paula's Choice line is anti-aging.
Linda: And I love the Skin Recovery Moisturizer. I just wish it came in a bigger bottle. So, then for my hands and my legs, which are very dry, I'm in my early 60s and so I am getting like alligator skin on my hands and my legs - pardon me if I am grossing you out.
Desiree Stordahl: Oh no.
Bryan Barron: No, actually, people say that. But I can immediately identify with what that is and what it looks like.
Linda: Okay.
00:52:44 So what is the best thing for alligator skin?
Bryan Barron: It is a combination of, as we were talking about earlier for the dry, flaky skin, you need to use a good exfoliating body lotion. Avoid body scrubs. Avoid luffas or those synthetic mesh type sponges. When skin starts looking that way and it gets dry and for lack of a better word, scaly, what a lot of people do is they basically try to scrub the life out of their skin. And they use more care when they scrub their floors than they do when they scrub their skin.
00:53:23 That type of skin texture is often causes by an impaired barrier combined with dry air, where skin loses the ability to hold onto the substances that keep it smooth and healthy. So when you are using aggressive means to improve that, and of course it is done with the best intentions, but it often ends up making matters worse and then you are reaching for that extra rich moisturizer to make the skin feel better, but you are really not doing anything about the scaling. So that is where a well-formulated exfoliating body lotion comes into play.
00:53:58 I'm going to send you a tube of the Paula's Choice Skin Revealing Body Lotion. It has got 10% glycolic acid. If you haven't used this type of product before I am pretty certain you are going to see a fairly swift difference. And stick with it.
Linda: Okay.
Bryan Barron: You want to apply it after cleansing. Make sure that you are not using a bar soap or bar cleanser to wash with. You want to use a nice moisturizing body wash. I'm fond of those from Dove or from Olay, such as their Ultra-Moisture Body Wash.
00:54:30 It's a great one to use at this time of year. Follow up with the Skin Revealing Body Lotion. And once that is set, Desiree, let's also send her a tube of the Beautiful Body Butter.
Desiree Stordahl: Okay.
Bryan Barron: And, Linda, that is a very thick, rich buttery cream that once you have applied the AHA body lotion, smooth on a thin layer of that. It is going to come out somewhat thick, almost like a toothpaste, so here is what you do to thin it out. Squeeze some into, about a dime-sized amount, into the palm of your hand, and then rub both hands together to kind of generate some heat and thin out the body butter.
00:55:12 And then take your right hand and smooth it on your left arm and leg, and your left hand smooths it on your right arm and leg. And you should be good to go.
Linda: Oh, great. Thank you.
Bryan Barron: And we will get those out to you and let us know how you are doing.
Linda: Thank you. I also have just introduced my two 30-year old sons to the line of products, especially the acne which they are thrilled with.
Desiree Stordahl: Oh good.
Bryan Barron: Awesome.
Desiree Stordahl: Perfect.
Linda: So thank you again so much.
Bryan Barron: You are welcome, Linda. Thanks for calling.
Linda: It's the first time I have been on a call, so thank you. Bye-bye.
Desiree Stordahl: You're welcome. Bye-bye.
Bryan Barron: Good night, Linda. She was so sweet.
Desiree Stordahl: She was so sweet.
Bryan Barron: Oh my gosh. I love customers like that. Honestly, it is a nice - I love hearing from people that are having success with our products or from the products that we recommend from other brands.
00:56:05 Because honestly, Desiree and I know, Daynah would agree, it is not easy keeping you beautifully informed. There is a heck of a lot that goes on. There is a heck of a lot out there. And it is often a tedious task keeping up with all the products from other brands and reviewing things and making sure that we help you find the best products for your skin, whether they are from Paula's Choice or from another brand.
00:56:29 So, we are going to wrap up. It is almost time for us to say goodbye. But before we do I wanted to let you know about the next three shows that we have going on for January. And, again, thank you for joining us on a Tuesday night. Tuesday at 6pm Pacific Time is our new home. You can also go to, to our community page where you will find archived shows that you can listen to at any time.
00:56:58 You can download them from iTunes and you can also about a week or so after every show you can find a written transcript of the show so you can go back and review what was discussed, particularly if we recommend products and maybe you weren't in a place where you could write those recommendations down. So on January 10, next week, next Tuesday, we are going to tell you about the anti-aging ingredients you must need to know about. These are the ones that absolutely should be in your products.
00:57:25 We are going to name names, we are going to get specific. We are going to set the record straight. On January 17 we are going to be talking about anti-aging devices that you can use at home. Are they fabulous or are they just a fad and should you save your money? That is going to be a fun show, very informative. On January 24 we are having a Facebook and Twitter question and answer extravaganza. Sometime before then, if you are not already a friend of ours on Facebook, log in and search for Paula's Choice. Send us a friend request. We will add you to the growing group.
00:58:02 Our Facebook page is incredibly. There is a lively group of people there. The discussion, the Q&A, our customer service team is on there, will answer your questions for you, will help to steer you in the right direction. We have got a great community going on our Facebook page so I definitely encourage you to visit and check it out. Again, my name is Bryan Barron. You have been listening to "Be Beautifully Informed with the Paula's Choice Research Team," with Desiree Stordahl and our newest team addition, Daynah Burnett. Thank you all for listening and enjoy the rest of your evening. We will talk with you next week. Good night.
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