Best Makeup Tips for a Fast, Easy, Inexpensive Routine

Airdate: 7/3/12

Find out simple ways to save time and money when it comes to your makeup routine. Learn professional makeup tips and tricks for picture proof makeup on your wedding day, special occasions, or even a hot date!

Best Makeup Tips for a Fast, Easy, Inexpensive Routine

Bryan Barron: Well good evening, everyone. Welcome to Beautifully Informed with Paula Begoun, the Cosmetics Cop, and her team. You might be wondering why you’re hearing a male voice getting the show started tonight. That male voice belongs to me. I am Bryan Barron and I work closely with Paula Begoun and her Cosmetics Cop Team, including our producer, Desiree Stordahl. Hello, Desiree.
Desiree Stordahl: Hello.
Bryan Barron: And as some of you who have been listening to the show likely know, this week’s edition on makeup tips and tricks is being hosted by me due to Paula’s European travel schedule.
00:00:45 She actually got stuck for several extra days in Italy due to the Icelandic volcano that erupted and stranded her along with thousands of other travelers both over here trying to get back to Europe, and in Europe trying to get back to the States, and to England, and Canada.
00:01:03 And, anyway, Paula is likely airborne right now and more than likely exhausted and not really knowing which way is up. So, for the next hour you have me and Desiree doing our best to keep you beautifully informed. I invite anyone listening who has questions about makeup or other cosmetic related topics to call in with your questions; we’d love to speak with you. The number to call in is 347-426-2783.
00:01:34 So get on that phone and let’s talk. Before that, of course, we do have our little agendas. And I wanted to let everyone know that today is Earth Day. You probably already know that already. But in regard to that I wanted to talk really quickly about cosmetic recycling. I’m a big recycler. Washington State/Seattle residents, we are definitely a green state. Recycling is very, very big in this area.
00:02:04 And personally I’m pleased that every two weeks when I take out that recycling bin or usually it’s my partner that does that heavy lifting, it is full. It is full of stuff that I know is going to be recycled and reused. And I have struggled in the past when dealing with cosmetics as far as what are you supposed to do with an empty powder compact, or an empty tube of foundation, or a tube of mascara? More often than not I think most of us just throw those in the trash and, you know, maybe in the moment we feel a twinge of guilt.
00:02:36 But now there are, the Estee Lauder companies, M.A.C. started this, M.A.C is a Lauder brand, and years and years ago they started their Back to M.A.C. program. Some of you may be aware of what that is. Basically when you accumulate, I believe it’s five or six M.A.C. used lipsticks, compacts, or what not, you can bring those back into the store, or at the M.A.C. counter in a department store and they let you choose a free lipstick of your choice.
00:03:06 So, there’s your incentive. M.A.C.’s got great lipsticks and, you know, you’re saving about $15 and you’re doing a good deed for the earth. Desiree handed me this information from the April issue of InStyle Magazine. And I came to find out Origins, which is another Estee Lauder brand, their stores are also accepting any empties from cosmetics from any brand.
00:03:33 It’s not just Origins products. So, if you’re struggling with what to do with your empty cosmetic products and you want to look into recycling them, take them to an Origins store. You can go to to find out information on if there’s a store in your area. And also Aveda which is another Estee brand is accepting caps from any type of plastic product. As a lot of you might know, plastic caps tend to be one of those tougher to recycle items because they’re typically made out of polypropylene which is a number five plastic.
00:04:10 You can take your caps into Aveda and they will send them back and melt them down. So, yay. All right, a couple other things that I thought were kind of interesting. One was something I came across in a magazine from We all know Beyoncé from Destiny’s Child, her solo success. Beautiful woman. She is a spokesperson for L’Oreal. And L’Oreal has recently started the Beyoncé Cosmetology Center which is in Brooklyn, New York, and it is a group that has partnered with the Phoenix House Career Academy that allows – is a non-profit provider of substance abuse and prevention services. And the Beyoncé Cosmetology Center is a place that these people can go when they are done with their substance abuse treatment where they spend time in a seven-month program learning cosmetology enough to qualify to pass the New York State Cosmetology Licensure Exam.
00:05:12 Very cool. This education is provided for free. And, of course, with Beyoncé being the spokesperson for L’Oreal the institute is going to be using all L’Oreal skincare, makeup, and hair care products. They are also offering free services to the local community in Brooklyn. So it is definitely something if you do live in New York City or plan to visit in the future, check it out, why not?
00:05:40 Okay, this is on the lighter side. Once again, Jessica Biel, god love her; you know, you can say anything you want about someone if you just preface it with that little statement there from the late, great Dixie Carter who passed away recently. Anyway, Jessica Biel is in another Revlon ad; she’s the spokesperson for the brand. And a few, well maybe a couple months ago Paula mentioned an ad that she did for Revlon’s eye shadows and how terrible the eye makeup looked on her.
00:06:14 And she is now advertising a face illuminator from Revlon’s Age Defying Spa Brand and, you know, this girl can’t get a break. Once again her eye makeup looks terrible. She almost looks like she’s been squinting too much or crying and her eye liner is all smudged and just definitely in need of some blending. And for some reason Revlon just can’t take a picture – a good picture – of this beautiful, beautiful woman.
00:06:42 I mean, the tabloids seem to be doing a great job of snapping her looking her best, but not Revlon who is paying her to pose.
Desiree Stordahl: That’s shocking, because Jessica Biel is just gorgeous. But I know which ads you’re talking about, and yeah, they actually make her look worse than she actually is.
Bryan Barron: Right. And then you look at the ad for Revlon with Halle Berry as the spokesperson, or the commercials, they ran some commercials on TV a little while ago, and she always looks impeccable.
00:07:11 I mean, I look at those pictures of Halle Berry and think, wow, I want to try this stuff. And that’s kind of a nice segue into our next section, which just a little brief topic because this has definitely become kind of big in the world of makeup, but the whole concept of high definition cosmetics. Makeup Forever which is a brand sold at Sephora, in fact, I think they’re owned by Sephora’s parent company, LVMH, they have their own line of HD Cosmetics.
00:07:42 Cargo which is a Canadian cosmetics line has a sub brand of Blu-ray cosmetics. Of course, Blu-ray is a form of high definition video, so they’re hoping that female consumers will make that association and think that this makeup will do for their skin what Blu-ray does for films. And, not necessarily the best association because as someone who’s seen quite a few films on Blu-ray, the extra definition can reveal a lot more. I get that the concept is that this HD makeup is meant to provide enhanced coverage for that extra scrutinized close-up, but really what it’s all about…now, Desiree, have you tried any of these products?
Desiree Stordahl: I haven’t tried them yet.
00:08:27 I have been curious though because in every line it seems like they’re coming out with something HD or technology driven. And I’ve always wondered is there really anything behind that?
Bryan Barron: You know, I think to some extent there is. I don’t necessarily think it deserves its own category. I really think what it is is it’s a marketing angle that is capitalizing on the fact that over the last few years the ingredient and pigment technology and the way that powders are milled, and they’re so refined now, and the particle sizes have become so much purer and smaller, that you can create cosmetic products that give you that really nice coverage and that smooth look even up close.
00:09:14 And they don’t look like makeup, at least not like makeup did say five years ago. So that’s really the sole advantage I’m seeing. What makes me think it’s more of a marketing maneuver, and it’s certainly one that’s getting a lot of attention, or why would companies like Makeup Forever keeps spinning out more HD products, is that here are several other makeup items that we’ve reviewed in the last year or so that don’t mention HD, or anything about Blu-ray or close-up, that type of thing, and they’re just as good. They look incredibly natural on the skin. They let your natural skin tones show through. They provide a sufficient amount of coverage. You’re not going to get full camouflage with this and still go out and have someone think, “Wow, she’s just got beautiful skin; there’s no makeup there at all.”
Desiree Stordahl: Right.
Bryan Barron: So, I think that’s what kind of gets to me a bit is that there are some brands that are getting a bit more attention for their HD products when really there are other companies like Estee Lauder, L’Oreal, Maybelline, and of course, even our little brand Paula’s Choice. We’ve been using that enhanced pigment technology in our making for quite some time. We’re just not advertising it as high definition makeup.
Bryan Barron: Kathy Lee Gifford. Cher dabbled in it for a while. Another one, oh gosh, now her name isn't coming to me...oh, Suzanne Somers has a new skincare line every 18 months or so.
00:10:37 All right. Now we’re onto the rant section, and keeping with the makeup theme, Desiree, I think I came up with some good ones. We were talking about this the other day and one of the first ones, so the whole topic here for this rant, and I promise it will be a brief rant, makeup tips from makeup artists that you really should ignore.
00:11:03 The first one that came to mind is spraying the face with water such as an Evian Mister or a toner once your makeup is done. I see this time and time again when I’m looking at makeup how-to or tips and tricks in fashion magazines, and the argument is that misting your face with makeup or a toner somehow sets the makeup. It doesn’t do that. After you’ve spent several minutes blending, putting on powder, using brushes for an artful application and blending again to make sure that there are no hard edges, the last thing you want to do is get your face wet.
00:11:44 Now, most makeups, especially the foundations with the silicone technology, worst case the water will probably just bead up a bit on the skin and then evaporate, but why take the chance? You’re not getting any benefit. By the way, this spraying water on your face also doesn’t work when you’re applying in an airplane unless you follow immediately with a thick moisturizer because you need something to hold that water into the surface of the skin, otherwise the airplane cabin as drying as it is, the humidity level is so low, that water is gone in seconds and your skin is likely right back where it started from.
00:12:22 Second makeup artist tip that really should be ignored is the advice about applying blush to the forehead, temples, and the chin. This, I get why this is recommended because the goal is, you know, give yourself a healthy color all over, but if you think about it, when you actually blush from exercise or you come in from the chilly weather and your cheeks are rosy, it’s just your cheeks that are rosy. You’re not necessarily flushed or rosy at the temples, or on the chin, or on your forehead. And if you are and you’re skin stays that way, that’s not necessarily good news. It could be a sign that you’re struggling with the skin disorder Rosacea, in which case applying any blush over that can certainly make matters look worse.
00:13:15 The only time you’d ever want to dust some extra color on the forehead and chin is maybe with any residual powder bronzer left on your brush. And as far as the forehead goes, we’re talking like maybe right along or just below the hair line. You know, the high points where the sun would naturally hit and you’d get some color. For most of us that’s not going to be the chin because if you’re upper lip protrudes even a little bit that’s basically serving as a little hat for your chin. And you’re not going to get the sun exposure there.
00:13:49 Next one is using eyeliner to line the inner rim of the eyelid. I see this advice fairly often and it’s usually done along the lines of creating a cat eye for nighttime makeup. It’s a look that can work, but it’s not a look that really – first of all, it’s not healthy for the eye. The inner rim of the eye lid is part of the mucus membrane. It is not covered with the same, the number of layers of skin that just below the lash line would be. There is a fairly good risk of getting bacteria into the ye, not to mention the eye liner itself.
00:14:32 I’ve actually tried this technique a couple of times, not on others but on myself, for example, doing eye makeup for Halloween or in my younger days when I’d go out for disco nights and stuff like that, and even when I was using pencils that I knew went the distance, within a few hours, especially if you’re active, if you’re dancing or something like that, it looks terrible! It smudges. It smears. You get black or brown gunk in the tear ducts from where the eyeliner has gotten into the eye and it’s trying to get out. Don’t do that.
00:15:08 At least, if you absolutely have do it just briefly, say for a photograph, and then take it off with a Q-tip dipped in makeup remover. It’s not a healthy thing to keep on your eye for several hours or routine use.
Desiree Stordahl: You know, that’s one I see a lot, because you’ll notice that in the corners of their eyes, the inner corners, you can see the goop that is collected. And it just doesn’t look good.
Bryan Barron: Yeah. It’s gross.
00:15:32 And nine time out of ten when I run into women who have attempted this, thinking it’s going to look cool, and you know, again, if it’s done correctly for awhile it can look cool. But, you start talking with them later in the evening and all you can stare at is that little ball of gunk they have at their tear ducts because they aligned too close to the eye itself and the eye is fighting back. The tears are doing what they should; they’re pushing out those “foreign invaders."
00:16:01 Next one – eye shadow should match your eye color. We’ve discussed this before, but it’s not good idea. It just isn’t. The purpose of eye shadow is to shape and shade the eye, to add some drama and some interest while emphasizing the shape of the eye, as well as playing off the color of the eye itself. So what happens if you have, say, blue eyes and you’re putting a blue shadow on the eyelid or in the crease, you’ve got a color very similar, if not identical to your eyeliner or eye color, depending on which shade of blue eye shadow you pick.
00:16:46 And when someone looks at you they don’t know where to focus; they’re actually not focusing on your so much as the shadow. It’s too similar. The solution, of course, is to use a contrasting color. For example, someone with light blue eyes could try a soft peach or a cantaloupe type shadow, and that is really going to make the eye color, the color of the iris pop.
00:17:14 Oh, let’s see, a couple more here. This is one that I’ve seen from Bobbi Brown. And it involves, she recommends that the best thing to use to conceal a blemish is a stick foundation. Now, of course, she sells a stick foundation and it’s actually a pretty good one, but it’s also really emollient and it’s just kind of – ugh. The problem with using a stick foundation or a concealer in stick form to conceal an acne blemish is, yes, you’ll get the coverage if it provides enough of it on its own, if it’s not too sheer. But the ingredients that keep that stick foundation in stick form are almost always wax or some type of a wax-like ingredient.
00:18:05 It is not the type of ingredient that you’d want to put over a blemish, not when you want it to go away. A far better solution is using a liquid or even a cream-to-powder concealer. A liquid is preferred. There are several of them out there that provide plenty of coverage for a blemish. The one I’ve seen over the years that has consistently impressed me in liquid form is Shu Uemura’s, I believe it’s called Mark Cealer. And, man, does that provide coverage.
00:18:38 And it doesn’t look thick or cakey. Makeup Forever makes a great liquid concealer. A little bit of backtracking here, but it’s part of their HD line. So, if you do have acne blemishes to cover, if you have redness or post-inflammatory hyper-pigmentation from where an acne lesion used to be, and your goal is to not invite that acne back but you still want to cover it up, of course, go for the liquid concealers and you will have a much better shot at not doing anything to make the acne worse.
00:19:14 Last one, this just made me chuckle. Creating smoky eyes with a creamy pencil mixed with an eye cream. This was actually a tip that I read, I believe it was a few issues back in Allure Magazine. And, you know, smoky eyes are cool. They’re sultry. It’s a look that many women want to pull off. It’s a look that many women try to pull off and they kind of experiment with it. There are all kinds of smoky eye kits that you can buy including one from Stila that’s actually really cool because it has a prerecorded step-by-step voiceover. So you open up the compact and you press this little button and it walks you through using each of the colors in the palette how to do the perfect smoky eye.
00:20:04 I wish the products themselves in this instance were better, but I did stand there in Sephora feeling a bit like an idiot listening to all of the instructions just to make sure that when I wrote the review for the product I did comment on that because it certainly was a novel feature. But this tip of creating smoky eyes with a creamy pencil, first of all, if the pencil is too creamy the smoky eye look ain’t gonna last that long. They suggested mixing it with an eye cream so that you basically take the pencil, draw it along the lash line, maybe up under the lid a little bit, because when you’re going for the smoky eye it’s not necessarily about precision.
00:20:44 It’s more of a purposely, I don’t want to say messy, but it’s an imperfect look. But to do that with a creamy pencil and then plop some eye cream on top of that and kind of mix it around, it’s just going to be a mess. It’s just going to be a huge mess. There are infinitely easier ways to create a smoky eye including using a cream-to-powder eye shadow, a liquid eye shadow. You could use one of those types of products in like a gunmetal gray or a smoky black as a base and then layer on various shades of dark gray to black powder eye shadow. The general rule is that for a smoky eye it stays the darkest and most intense right along the lash line and then as you go, as you progress up the eyelid and into the crease the color – the intensity – should become gradually softer.
00:21:39 And then, of course, you want to take that a bit under the lash line as well. Desiree? Anything to add to that?
Desiree Stordahl: No. But we do have some callers on the line and, Bryan, if you could just pull your mic away from your mouth just a little bit there. It’s kind of causing static.
Bryan Barron: Okay, is that better?
Desiree Stordahl: Much better. So our first caller is Toni from Toronto and she has a mascara question for us.
Toni: Hi there.
Bryan Barron: Hi Toni. How are you doing?
Toni: How are you?
Bryan Barron: I’m doing fine, thanks.
Toni: I’m calling because I can never – I don’t like to touch up my makeup throughout the day believe it or not. I mean, I just like to give myself a nice – I just put on foundation, blush, lipstick, eyeliner that’s right at the top of my eyelid so it really makes my eyes stand out, and mascara. So, I get to work at around 7:30/8:00, by 10:00 I touch my face, I don’t know what it is, or oily eyelids. It never lasts a good amount of time on my face.
00:22:48 I’ve tried everything. I’ve tried all sorts of different eyeliners. I’ve tried primer on my eyelid. It just doesn’t last. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. So by middle of the day till about two o’clock it looks like I have no mascara on and no eyeliner.
Bryan Barron: So it’s just the eye makeup that you’re concerned about?
Toni: Yes.
Bryan Barron: Okay, what are you applying around the eye area prior to makeup?
Toni: Foundation. Like so I put foundation all over my skin and including my eyelids.
Bryan Barron: Okay, which is good. Are you applying a moisturizer around your eyes?
00:23:26 Are you using an eye cream?
Toni: I’ve stayed away from that in the daytime. Because I just can’t afford the oiliness. And I do have dehydrated Rosacea type skin, so I don’t have oily skin really, but I still try to stay away from it.
Bryan Barron: Hmm. Okay. And you’re setting the foundation with powder?
Toni: No. Because of the dryness of my skin. I don’t like the way that looks.
Bryan Barron: Well, you might want to start doing that at least along the eyelid area unless the foundation that you’re using has a matte finish. What foundation are you using?
Toni: It is like matte-ish looking. It is a matte finish, yes. It’s a Paula Dorf.
Bryan Barron: Okay. So try, after that, try – purchase a pressed powder from the drug store such as L’Oreal’s True Match Powder or Maybelline, their Dream Matte, I believe that’s what it’s called, pressed powder. And use a foundation sponge. Lightly pick up a little bit of powder on the sponge and kind of press that into the eyelid area so that you have a nice, smooth base.
Toni: Okay, so that’s prior to putting it on. Can you repeat – so you said L’Oreal?
Bryan Barron: I was just throwing out a couple of pressed powders at the drugstore that we rated highly. One of them is L’Oreal’s True Match pressed powder. And the other was Maybelline – let’s see if I can actually get that name for you. I believe it is Dream Matte.
Toni: Okay, that’s fine.
Bryan Barron: Okay.
Toni: Okay.
Bryan Barron: Have you tried any of the gel eyeliners?
Toni: No. I’ve never tried the gel eyeliners.
Bryan Barron: Ah, all right. Well, do I have a product for you. We were really impressed a few years ago when Bobbi Brown came out with her Long Wear gel eyeliner. They come in little pots typically. They look like a thick cream. And you apply them with an eyeliner brush. Essentially they go on like a liquid liner but they don’t look as intense as a liquid liner. And you do have some wiggle room to blend it whereas a liquid liner you pretty much have to get it right the first time or you’re starting all over again.
Toni: That’s right.
Bryan Barron: So, what is so cool about these gel type eyeliners is that they utilize a silicone technology that gives them a really nice creamy silkiness when you’re putting it on.
00:26:25 But then it sets. And it is essentially locked into place. We have a coworker here that does our graphics and helps us look great and she has been using this type of eyeliner for years. And she was in the same situation as you are. No matter what eyeliner she tried she couldn’t get it to last, oily eyelids, everything faded. So, what I’m going to do is I’m going to send you our Paula’s Choice Constant Color Gel Eyeliner.
Toni: Oh, fabulous. Thank you.
Bryan Barron: Yeah, I definitely want you to try this.
Toni: Oh, great.
Bryan Barron: If for some reason you don’t like ours, you can email me, get in touch with me on the blog via and I can bring up some other options that you can try.
00:27:14 But for the most part they’re all really similar. We just took what we liked about the ones that we reviewed really highly and endeavored to make it even better.
Toni: Great. I’d love to give it a shot.
Bryan Barron: I’m also going to send you an eyeliner brush to put it on with.
Toni: That’s fabulous. I really appreciate that.
Bryan Barron: You are welcome. For your eyeliner color, do you typically go more towards a brown or a black?
Toni: I go more towards a black.
Bryan Barron: Okay. I will send you our Onyx color from the Constant Color Eyeliner available at
Toni: Great. Thank you.
Bryan Barron: All right. Thanks for calling.
Desiree Stordahl: Thanks Toni.
00:27:54 And just a quick mention since Toni is from Toronto. Paula will be doing a book signing and speaking engagement in Toronto May 6, so for all you Canadians listening it will be at Indigo Books Music and Café in the Yorkdale Shopping Centre. And then also in Vancouver next Thursday, April 29. She’s going to be at the Chapters at Broadway and Granville. So, if you want to RSVP and get more information on those events you can go to our blog, the, or also it’s on Facebook under our events section.
Bryan Barron: Oh, good job, Desiree.
Desiree Stordahl: Yeah.
00:28:29 And we actually have another Canadian on the line with another makeup question for you.
Bryan Barron: Before you put that call through, I just wanted to mention that for our Canadian listeners if you do live in or near Toronto or Vancouver and you have not had a chance to see one of Paula’s presentations in person, I highly recommend it. I’m sure you can tell from listening to her on this show, she’s a little dynamo. She’s so enthusiastic and passionate about this. And the chance to hear her presentation in person is definitely something that you don’t want to miss. It’s a lot of fun. You will come away from it feeling informed and empowered.
Desiree Stordahl: I can second that.
00:29:13 Okay, so up next we have Barbara from Ontario.
Bryan Barron: Hi Barbara.
Barbara: Hello.
Bryan Barron: What can I do for you tonight?
Barbara: The question I have is I have really dark circles under my eyes, like really, really dark kind of from allergies. And I’ve tried all kinds of foundations, concealers. I usually have to go with something really, really thick. And even then if I put it on and I powder it and I use a concealer brush and I dab it on and I don’t rub it, by mid-day the dark circles keep coming through. Is there anything that you could suggest?
Bryan Barron: You know, the general suggestion is dark circles are a pain and need to keep experimenting with various concealers until you find one that works.
00:30:04 But that’s the general advice, but I would like to help you narrow down and give you two or three that you could consider that you may have not tried already.
Barbara: Okay.
Bryan Barron: So in that regard, Barbara, I wanted to find out from you what concealers have you used in the past? I don’t need every single one, but which ones have you tried that you thought, oh I really thought that was going to be a contender but it didn’t quite go the distance. What have you liked?
Barbara: I’ve tried pretty well, you know, any of them that are in like the sponge type container that you just sponge them out. And I find that they’re usually kind of watery.
00:30:40 The one that I’m currently using now that seems to be not bad, doesn’t last very long, is the Clinique, I believe it’s City Base, a concealer. It’s kind of a thick – and you get a little brush with it. And I find that because that’s thick it really works.
Bryan Barron: Okay. You’re finding that that works but it’s still not lasting as long as you’d like?
Barbara: Right. Because like the other ones I’ve used, I’ve used Maybelline, I’ve used Cover Girl, I’ve used Estee Lauder, like the ones that come in the tube where they have a little felt thing on the end and you kind of dab it. And I just find the Clinique one is better, but I still find no matter how much I put on people are always going, you‘ve got dark circles under your eyes, and it’s like, thanks, you know? and I have one eye that’s worse than the other.
Bryan Barron: I’m sorry, say that again.
Barbara: I said I have one eye that’s worse than the other because I have sinus problems.
Bryan Barron: Okay. Okay.
Barbara: So, I don’t know what else to try.
00:31:36 And then of course I’ve used like pressed powder and I’ve put the concealer on underneath my foundation. I’ve tried putting foundation on first and putting the concealer on top. Either or, it doesn’t really make a difference.
Bryan Barron: Yeah, generally I recommend putting concealer on after foundation for two reasons. One, you almost always will end up using less concealer because you’re not trying to cover up so much at once.
00:32:05 You know, you’re basically helping the foundation along, where the foundation falls short in not quite getting you the coverage or the brightening effect you want under your eye, the concealer helps to pick up that slack. You put the concealer on first, you tend to overdo it, and then it’s really tricky to try to not blend the foundation into the concealer. So, I suspect what’s happening with the Clinique City Cover, I think that’s the name of the concealer you’re using, is…
Barbara: It’s like a little square one that’s got like a little brush with it.
Bryan Barron: Yup.
00:32:35 I know exactly what you’re talking about. Yup. I used to work for Clinique and sell that product actually. Cream-to-powder products tend to have a short-lived finish. They tend to have really smooth textures. They’re easy to apply and blend, but in terms of longevity they don’t really go the distance, especially if you’re putting it on over any sort of a moist surface which ironically is kind of needed because you don’t want the powdery finish these have to exaggerate any dryness or to easily slip into lines around the eyes.
Barbara: Oh, absolutely.
Bryan Barron: So, have you tried Select Cover Up from M.A.C.?
Barbara: No.
Bryan Barron: Okay, that would definitely be one to consider.
Barbara: Select Cover Up from M.A.C., okay.
Bryan Barron: Select Cover Up from M.A.C. It comes in a squeeze tube, and so it’s a liquid concealer but it provides pretty formidable coverage.
00:33:35 Another one to try, let’s see, where in Canada were you calling from? Was it Ontario?
Barbara: Ontario, yeah.
Bryan Barron: Do you have Sephora in your area?
Barbara: Yes we do, yup.
Bryan Barron: Okay. If your local Sephora sells the Makeup Forever brand, their full cover concealer which is a bit creamier is also one to consider. And it’s something that you can test in the store. I mean, the sales people there who really aren’t all that salesy which is great, they’ll make up a tiny little sample of it for you and the two or three colors that you think might be worth a go.
00:34:12 And that concealer provides really impressive coverage and a long lasting finish.
Barbara: That’s Makeup Forever Full Coverage and Select Cover Up by M.A.C. are the two you’d recommend?
Bryan Barron: Those are the two that I would say you should start with. There aren’t – I’m just kind of going through some other ones in my head. You may have read in fashion magazines about Cle De Peau’s concealer that comes in a stick, the twist up. That one’s also…? You’ve tried that?
Barbara: Yeah, that doesn’t work.
Bryan Barron: Ah, okay. That’s one that I’ve used in the past and found it to provide fairly good coverage, but I don’t typically recommend it because it’s so expensive.
00:34:57 And you can get just as good results from other concealers that cost a lot less. So, give those two a try. And on a future show give us a call back and let us know how they worked or if you need to go back to square one.
Barbara: Okay, but no, I’ve had a habit of putting on concealer first, then foundation. I mean, I’ve tried the reverse but I think I have to just get in the habit of putting foundation on first, then try one of these two concealers. And then I guess I sort of have to reapply it throughout the day as well if it fades, right?
Bryan Barron: You might. You absolutely might.
00:35:33 And typically what I find in that situation is that you only need to dab on a bit more at the darkest, like maybe right in the corner of the eye, almost right below the tear duct and next to the nose.
Barbara: Right.
Bryan Barron: The area as you go further along the curvature of the eye toward the temple, the concealer tends to stay in place better there. It makes sense through the day you’re getting some slight tearing, some oiliness around the eye area.
00:36:02 It’s going to start breaking down near the tear duct first.
Desiree Stordahl: Okay. Thank you so much, Barbara. And, Bryan, are you ready for the next question?
Bryan Barron: I am almost ready for the next question. I thought of something that I wanted to mention, because I promised our general manager that I would. I gave her this tip a while ago. She was stymied – I love that word – by the fact that whenever she put concealer around her eyes within a short amount of time it would creep into the wrinkles, not terribly, but enough that it bothered her.
00:36:40 And she said, hey, do you have any suggestions for me? And what I have found works brilliantly to help with that is we – I use the Paula’s Choice Concealer Brush. And after I dab on the concealer onto the eyes I lightly and very gently pull down the skin under the eyes where there are lines and I take the flat side of the concealer brush and lightly sweep through that area.
00:37:09 Hours later when you check your concealer it will not have slipped into the lines, at least not in a way that’s really, really noticeable. Our general manger has been thanking me ever since giving her that tip and, again, giving a little plug here for the Paula’s Choice Concealer Brush which I think is amazing. In fact, Desiree, we should send one of those to Barbara.
Desiree Stordahl: Okay. I’ll put that on the list. We’ll get her one of those.
Bryan Barron: She can try that. So, Barbara, you’re not on the line anymore but you’re getting a concealer brush.
Desiree Stordahl: All right. Next up we have Bridget from Chicago with a foundation question.
Bryan Barron: Hi Bridget.
Bridget: Hey. I used to be in love with Prescriptives Flawless Foundation because it was matte, and it was real thick, and it had a great SPF. And they no longer make it, so now I am at a loss.
Bryan Barron: Oh no!
Bridget: Yeah, I don’t know what to do.
Bryan Barron: That was a really good foundation.
00:38:07 And unique because if I’m not mistaken it had, what, SPF 25?
Bridget: Yeah.
Bryan Barron: And I think the only active ingredients were the mineral sunscreens which are great, especially for sensitive skin. So you want a replacement for that, huh?
Bridget: Yeah. Something comparable. And I haven’t been able to figure out, because I like it being thick. Because I do makeup myself and I like to have a nice face. So, I like to have a nice full face.
Bryan Barron: So when you say thick, are you meaning that you like a lot of coverage?
Bridget: Yes.
Bryan Barron: Okay. What’s your skin type?
Bridget: Normal to oily combination. I used to have acne but now since using Tazorac and Paula’s BHA I have no acne at all. None.
00:39:04 So my skin is perfectly clear.
Bryan Barron: Woo-hoo!
Bridget: Yeah, it just cured it. So, perfectly clear.
Bryan Barron: Well, a foundation that you might want to give an audition to, and this is a company that is typically great about handing out samples is Clarins.
Bridget: Clarins? Okay.
Bryan Barron: Clarins has a new one called Truly Matte Foundation SPF 15.
00:39:28 And it doesn’t have quite the same emolliency that the Prescriptives Flawless did. It has a lighter texture but it provides a beautiful matte finish. It gives you the sun protection you want. And most importantly, well, two things are most important. It provides formidable coverage. A little goes a long way with this stuff, although if that’s your only source of sun protection you don’t want to be stingy with it.
Bridget: Right, you want to put it all over.
Bryan Barron: Yes. Yeah. Anyone using foundation with sunscreen as their sole source of sun protection during the day, the same rule that you would follow for a facial moisturizer with sunscreen, that being liberal application definitely applies.
00:40:14 So if you’re someone who just sponges on a little bit, or does spot coverage, or just wants a really sheer look, please be putting a moisturizer with sunscreen on underneath that because that mini application of foundation is not giving you the SPF that’s on the label.
Bridget: Okay. And it’s good for pale skin tone?
Bryan Barron: Are you fair?
Bridget: I’m very pale.
Bryan Barron: You will be impressed with the fair shades for the truly matte foundation. In fact, out of all the foundations I’ve looked at recently, I can’t remember the last one that had such a nice range of shades for fair skin tones.
Bridget: Okay, great.
Bryan Barron: It’s a bit sad that Clarins doesn’t cater a bit more to the darker skin tones, but they definitely – if you’ve got fair to light skin and want to try Clarins foundation you are in luck.
Bridget: Okay, great. And can I ask one more question?
00:41:10 Does the antioxidant serum that Paula’s Choice offers, can I mix that with the Tazorac so it’s easier to blend all over my face at night?
Bryan Barron: Yeah. Yeah. I mean, you’re going to be slightly diluting the effect of the Tazorac. But that, maybe if you’re getting a kickback from the irritation from Tazorac that might help.
Bridget: Okay, cool.
Bryan Barron: Ideally I would say put the Tazorac on first and then apply the serum immediately afterwards. But if you’re having a hard time blending the Tazorac, maybe just take like a pea size dab of the antioxidant concentrate from Paula’s Choice and blend it on with that.
00:41:49 And then finish with a bit more of the serum.
Bridget: Okay, like after five minutes?
Bryan Barron: You can wait a couple of minutes. Generally you just want to wait until you feel like it’s set. All right, Bridget, thanks for calling.
Desiree Stordahl: Thanks, Bridget. Bryan, you ready for the next caller?
Bryan Barron: Sure.
Desiree Stordahl: We have Meredith from Houston on the line.
Bryan Barron: Hi Meredith.
Meredith: Hi.
Bryan Barron: I think you’re our first caller from the states.
Meredith: Oh really? I have a question about mascara.
00:42:25 I can’t get any mascara not to run on my face. Whatever I put on, like a couple hours later I look like a raccoon. And the only thing that I’ve gotten to work is the, you call it like the tube of mascara.
Bryan Barron: Yeah, I’m not surprised. That stuff really – it’s so strange how that works. That it stays on so well but you can splash your face with water and, boom, those little tubes are running right down your lashes like spider webs.
Meredith: Yeah, and I don’t like that type of mascara. I have trouble...
Bryan Barron: It does have its limitations.
Meredith: I have trouble getting it off at night which I feel like I’m pulling out my eyes.
Bryan Barron: Yup.
00:43:08 That’s one of the limitations.
Meredith: But is there anything else that would not run on my face?
Bryan Barron: Well, most likely, yes, there is. But what it sounds like we might need to get to the bottom of is what else you are doing or applying to that area that might be causing the mascara to break down.
00:43:33 A common culprit is using an eye pencil that is too creamy or greasy.
Meredith: Yeah, no.
Bryan Barron: Okay. Using an emollient or creamy concealer or an eye cream can also be a cause or a factor.
Meredith: Well, I mean use concealer.
Bryan Barron: Is it a creamy concealer? Does it come in a compact or a stick?
Meredith: No, it’s the kind, you know, you twist up.
Bryan Barron: So it’s a stick?
Meredith: Well, it’s not a stick. You twist it up and it comes out of a sponge. Do you know what I mean?
Bryan Barron: So there’s a sponge attached to the component?
Meredith: On the concealer?
Bryan Barron: Yeah.
Meredith: Yeah. But I put that on my finger and then put it on, so it’s like a liquid.
Bryan Barron: Hmm. And you’re in Houston, you’ve got the…
Meredith: It’s very humid.
Bryan Barron: Yeah, the humid climate to deal with. Have you experimented with any waterproof mascaras?
Meredith: Yeah. Every mascara I’ve tried is always the same thing, except for the tubes.
Bryan Barron: Except for the tubes. Okay. Have you tried, let me double check the name of it here, the Lash Power Mascara from Clinique?
Meredith: No, let me write that down. That one has staying power?
Bryan Barron: That might be worth looking into.
00:45:07 It’s a pretty good mascara. It’s definitely going to get you farther than the tube type mascaras do, even though it kind of uses the same technology but compared to like Blinc’s Kiss Me Mascara. You can get more oomph from it. but what I’m recalling about this particular mascara is the press release for it when it first came out and this was back in the days when, it hasn’t been out that long but we go through little periods where Clinique’s actually really nice to us.
Meredith: Okay.
Bryan Barron: And they’ll send us product and press releases ahead of time and I don’t know what happens, if they get someone new on staff and then they switch it around.
00:45:48 But in the press release they mention that they tested Lash Power Mascara in various cities in Thailand which are known for being some of the most humid cities in the world, and they asked these women, you know, these villagers as the story went to put this mascara on and test their claim of, I think, its 14-hour wear.
Meredith: Oh wow.
Bryan Barron: And they had great results. So check it out at your department store.
Meredith: And you would suggest I get waterproof, I guess?
Bryan Barron: No. The Lash Power is one of those mascaras that comes off with just water.
Meredith: Oh, okay.
Bryan Barron: But, compared to similar mascaras it is easier to remove and you can get more from the mascara whereas a lot of the tube mascaras you can kind of get a little bit of separation. You get separation [as well] but you can’t build that volume.
Meredith: Yeah, okay. So, when I get the Lash Power should I get it in waterproof or regular?
Bryan Barron: It just comes in the one version?
Meredith: Oh, okay. Well that’s easy.
00:47:06 I'll try then.
Bryan Barron: All right. And if you don’t like it make sure you save your receipt and return it.
Desiree Stordahl: All right. Next up we have Diane from Texas with a question on mineral makeup.
Bryan Barron: Oh, mineral makeup. Hi Diane.
Diane: Hi, I’m 64. I’ve always had the oiliest skin in the world. As I get older it’s not as oily, but it’s still oily. And actually it’s helped me from getting wrinkles except laugh lines because I smile a lot. But this is the thing that worries me.
00:47:38 On one of the Dr. Oz segments – mineral makeup, I wish I had it when I was younger. It makes my skin look flawless. And like toward the day when it starts getting oily I just put the refinishing powder and it’s nice. It’s just so nice and cover up – it’s just wonderful. But he mentioned that the fineness of the powder could cause lung damage. What if you just kind of close your nose when you’re putting it on or make sure you don’t dusk it up too much in front of you?
Bryan Barron: Yeah.
00:48:11 Diane, we got a lot of questions after that show aired because, coincidentally, Paula was a guest.
Diane: Yes, she was.
Bryan Barron: On that show. And there’s a story behind that. What I’m going to do is I’ll get your email address from Desiree and I’ll fill you in a little bit. I’m not at liberty – I’m not comfortable discussing it on the radio show.
00:48:37 We like Dr. Oz. He’s a great guy. He’s a heck of a lot of fun. The bottom line though is there really isn’t any research to support the notion that inhalation of particles of mineral makeup is going to be a problem.
Diane: Oh, good.
Bryan Barron: What we’ve been telling people that are concerned is rather than using the loose version of mineral makeup, most companies also offer a pressed version.
Diane: I tried the liquid one and my face gets more oily unlike it does with the powder.
Bryan Barron: Well, yeah, that’s most because the liquid version probably has oil-like ingredients or thickeners in it which are going to be compatible with your skin but you’re losing the absorbent quality that a pure powder would have.
Diane: Yeah, okay.
Bryan Barron: Have you tried any pressed mineral foundations?
Diane: No, I haven’t tried the pressed mineral. I never even – I didn’t realize there were pressed minerals.
Bryan Barron: Yeah.
00:49:43 Bare Escentuals has a couple. Most of theirs are loose. Neutrogena makes a great mineral sheer powder foundation that has SPF 20.
Diane: Wow, okay.
Bryan Barron: And that’s pressed. Another good brand to look at for pressed mineral makeup is called Pur Minerals.
Diane: P-U-R, okay.
Bryan Barron: Yeah. And that brand tends to be found most often at Ulta stores. Are you familiar with Ulta?
Diane: Yes. Yes. I shop at Ulta quite often. Pur?
Bryan Barron: Oh, well, next time you’re at your local one, yeah, P-U-R. Those are the two that I would suggest giving a go. And when you’re applying those mineral foundations in pressed form you’ve pretty much eliminated any risk of inhalation. Not to mention you’ve eliminated the mess that a loose mineral makeup can have.
Diane: Ah, okay. Yeah.
Bryan Barron: You’ve been wiping down your vanity a lot more, Diane, haven’t you?
Diane: Yeah. I really have!
Bryan Barron: It gets all over the place. You can’t…
Diane: I put it even in a crystal container with a top because it gets all over the place. I wanted to ask you another thing, something else. I had bought – I don’t use moisturizer because my skin is so oily, but I do use the Hydrating B5 Gel by SkinCeuticals.
Bryan Barron: Okay.
Diane: And I find that I just use one drop. And they say two to three drops. One drop is pretty much okay for me. Is that pretty good for your skin? Because I also use the CE, what is it, Ferulic.
Bryan Barron: You know, that is – the Hydrating B5 gel is a nice product.
00:51:41 The only drawback to it is it’s not much. So it’s basically just two or three ingredients. I think one of them is sodium hyaluronic which is a skin identical ingredient. It’s a great ingredient for skin. But I think you’d be better served by using a serum or lightweight moisturizer that’s going to provide a wider range of beneficial ingredients to your skin.
Diane: Do you have the name of one?
Bryan Barron: I do! I do actually. We actually just came across this product and it’s got a really nice formula. It’s from M.A.C.
Diane: Oh, I love M.A.C.
Bryan Barron: M.A.C. has a little sub-brand called Prep Plus Prime.
Diane: Prep Plus Prime, okay.
Bryan Barron: And there are several Prep Plus Prime products – I’m deliberately saying that slow so I don’t sound like an idiot. This one is called Skin Brightening Serum. It comes in a 1oz pump bottle. It’s great packaging. What’s really nice about this product, especially for a serum, and just anyone out there listening that’s subscriber to Beautypedia, I’m sorry, we haven’t reviewed this yet but a review is in the works, so don’t get mad at me for talking about it ahead of time.
00:53:03 It’s got a great amount of vitamin C. it has lightweight skin identical ingredients like your B5 serum. It has caffeine which is a good anti-inflammatory. It’s got vitamin E which is antioxidant. An impressive amount of green tea. It’s a really nice formula. The only drawback that we’ve seen so far is that it does contain a fragrant plant extract from the [tuberose].
00:53:32 Not ideal but it’s not a very intensive fragrance. And as long as you aren’t allergic to tuberose, give it a try. They have testers at the M.A.C. store. Maybe they can make a sample for you, or again, referring to the returning of products, M.A.C. is great about that.
Diane: So you do think that I should, even with oily skin, have a moisturizer? Because I notice the mineral makeup comes out a whole lot better when you have a moisturizer.
Bryan Barron: It’s more about enhancing application and I’m not stating that oily skin needs a moisturizer, because truly most people with oily skin, especially if you live in a humid climate, you don’t need a moisturizer.
Diane: I’m in Houston. I’m humid.
Bryan Barron: Yeah. So you don’t need a moisturizer in the sense of a lotion or a cream. But, what all skin types need including oily skin are ingredients that help repair the skin’s barrier, provide antioxidant protection, and cell communication which would be your ingredients like say retinols, niacinamide, [lethicin], that type of stuff.
00:54:45 So, the product that I mentioned for you, the M.A.C. Prep Plus Prime can give you a nice compliment of those ingredients without making your oily skin feel worse.
Diane: And if I’m using those I don’t have to look for a face cream or something for spots in the summer, right? Because this would -
Bryan Barron: You need sunscreen. So don’t forget that.
Diane: No, I know sunscreen, but for some reason even with the sunscreen I will sometimes get spots that I was hoping the Ceuticals, the SkinCeuticals would help.
Bryan Barron: The CE Ferulic product should definitely help because you’re giving your skin a potent dose of vitamin C, along with the antioxidant ferulic acid.
00:55:35 Just to give you a bit more of a range, Desiree, let’s send her a tube of our Resist Super Antioxidant Concentrate.
Desiree Stordahl: Okay.
Bryan Barron: And I want you to start using this product, this serum at night, because the CE Ferulic is great for use during the day, especially if you have the oily skin because it’s so light, but the vitamin C and the ferulic acid in that product, there is a pretty good amount of research showing that when skin is exposed to sunlight those ingredients really help beef up its natural protection against sun damage and they help boost the efficacy of a sunscreen.
Diane: Ah, okay.
Bryan Barron: All right.
Diane: Thank you so much.
Bryan Barron: You’re welcome. And I think we’re gonna have to start getting wrapped up here, right, Desiree?
Desiree Stordahl: Right. We just have a couple minutes left.
Bryan Barron: Okay.
00:56:35 So, really quickly for those who are interested, I’m not going to go into great detail, but this week’s best product is one from Physician’s Formula. It is their Healthy Wear SPF 50 Powder Foundation. Never seen a powder foundation with this much sun protection that looks quite nice on the skin. It sells for about $15 in drugstores and it’s a blend of mineral and synthetic actives in a health-based formula. Definitely worth checking out if you have light to medium skin tone.
00:57:07 The worst product would be Perricone MD’s Cleansing Treatment bar. This isn’t necessarily a bad product because it’s full of irritating ingredients, or that it’s a bar cleanser. What’s particularly offensive about it is that it costs $38 for a tiny bar of soap and Perricone claims that it pretty much addresses any skincare concern. It’s great for everyone.
00:58:00 So if you have Rosacea, if you have persistent redness you will definitely not want to miss this show. On May 6 we’re going to be talking about scary cosmetic ingredients and whether they are or are not hurting your skin, what the research says on that. And on May 13 we are going to bring the makeup scene back, but this time we’re going to be talking about the 10 biggest makeup mistakes that women make. So, thank you for listening this evening. I hope you’ve enjoyed this edition of Be Beautifully Informed with Paula Begoun who just got back from Europe, we have missed her terribly, and the Cosmetics Cop Team which would be me, Bryan Barron, and our lovely producer, Desiree Stordahl.
Desiree Stordahl: Thank you. Good night, everyone.
Bryan Barron: You’re welcome. Good night. Talk to you next week.
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