Best Makeup Tips for New Year's Eve!

Airdate: 12/29/2011

These aren't your ordinary, everyday makeup tips! Discover how to glamorize your look and steal the spotlight for any special occasion, plus learn budget-friendly makeup tricks. We'll also reveal which makeup products top our best and worst list of 2011!

Bryan Barron: Hello everyone. Thanks for tuning in. It is Thursday, December 29th at 6pm Pacific Time, 9pm Eastern Time, and you are listening to "Be Beautifully Informed with the Paula's Choice Research Team." Paula is not going to be with us tonight. She will be back for our first show of January with a special announcement. But I have an announcement to make right now about our upcoming shows.
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00:01:05 We are talking about best makeup tips for New Year's Eve and really for any special occasion. We have picked out some great products for you. I'm here with Desiree Stordahl -
Desiree Stordahl: Hello!
Bryan Barron: Our intrepid producer. Hi Desiree.
Desiree Stordahl: Hello, hello. Happy New Year's Eve early to everyone.
Bryan Barron: Happy New Year's Eve early. I know, I'm off tomorrow, I have to make - my friend is having a 40th birthday party tomorrow night. His birthday is actually December 28th. And I feel his pain. It's tough having a birthday during holiday week at the end of the year. I'm December 25th, a Christmas baby.
00:01:48 I have others in my family that were born on Christmas. I have a cousin that was born Christmas Eve.
Desiree Stordahl: You get a little bit gypped.
Bryan Barron: You kind of do but you know ultimately it is really true the older you get, it is not necessarily about the gifts, it is about the people that you spend time with. And count your blessings - it really does matter. But it is funny that whenever I get carded anywhere and I show them my driver's license, they look at the birthday and they say, "Oh, Christmas baby..." and then there is a pause and then they say, "well that kind of sucks doesn't it?"
00:02:24 It's almost like they feel sorry for you, but what are you going to do. So, we are -
Desiree Stordahl: We will redeem all of those Christmas babies with our best makeup tips for New Year's. How about that?
Bryan Barron: Yes. Yes. And I momentarily lost my train of thought as for where I was going with that story, but I am going to be at home tomorrow making three dozen red velvet cupcakes.
Desiree Stordahl: Oh my gosh, that is quite the task.
Bryan Barron: I know! It should be interesting. I don't do cakes that often and cupcakes rarely, but I promised my friend's wife who is a very good friend of mine that I would come through for her and I think it is going to be fun.
00:03:05 It's a surprise party so if I think of it next week I will let you know if he really was surprised.
Desiree Stordahl: Okay.
Bryan Barron: We are going to get through the topic, we are going to tell you about a bunch of products. I do invite you to call in with your questions. The number is 347-426-3783. And Desiree you were telling me earlier that you are all smiled out.
Desiree Stordahl: Oh my gosh, yes.
00:03:34 So Bryan, Daynah, Paula and myself had a photo shoot today; we were taking some new photos. But actually I know there have been a few of our radio listeners who have been curious about what you and I look like, Bryan. They know what Paula looks like. So they will get to find out when we post these pictures. That is part of the reason we did this photo shoot. But, yes, people don't understand how exhausting it is. It is not just moving the smile muscles in your face.
00:04:01 It is being "on" for the cameras that long and trying to hold the perfect pose and getting your hands in the right place. It is really a lot of work.
Bryan Barron: Yes. And lord knows that none of us are models but after today I am understanding a bit more about why models who go on these all day photo shoots can command such a fee. It is not just sitting and looking pretty.
Desiree Stordahl: No, it definitely isn't. My thighs were quivering and cramping because of the positions that we were posing in.
Bryan Barron: Oh, well that is just -
00:04:36 It feels really unnatural when you are in those poses because we did quite a few group shots and we are all balanced on this chair that reclines and swivels. So it was very much like trying to maintain a certain pose on a boat. And then you stand up after about 20 minutes of that and you literally feel a bit woozy. Your arms and legs aren't quite working the way that they normally do.
00:05:03 But in the end when we were looking at some of the previews on the computer, it is amazing how four uncomfortable poses can come together and create a nice looking portrait. I was really happy.
Desiree Stordahl: It was surprising.
Bryan Barron: I was really happy with it. And our photographer, let's give a little shout out to Darryl - he is great. He not only photographs Paula and now others on the Paula's Choice Research Team, he also photographs all of our products for the catalog and just really makes them look spectacular.
Desiree Stordahl: Absolutely.
Bryan Barron: So good day. And we are here with you tonight for our last radio show of 2011.
00:05:42 Our last Thursday show. Starting on January 3rd we will be talking to you live on Tuesday nights. And, Desiree, let's get right into the topic. We are going to be talking about best makeup products for New Year's Eve, for any time of year where you want that extra touch of flawless glamour.
00:06:00 And the way this is going to work is Desiree is going to mention a couple of products, she is going to tell you about some best options and some worst options, so you need to know what to avoid. And then I am going to chime in real quick with a few makeup tips that I hope you find come in handy.
Desiree Stordahl: So let's start out with foundation. That is a really good base makeup product that everybody needs. And for a beautiful healthy glow, a foundation that we love is the Illuminating Liquid Foundation from Stila.
00:06:29 It is pricey at $38 but the reason that we love this one is it gives light-to-medium coverage but it has a satiny, smooth, shimmer finish. And it is not a shimmer finish that looks overt. It is a very subtle shimmer to it. But it gives you a beautiful glow. It gives your skin a little bit more radiance than it has naturally. And all of the shades are very neutral, very flattering. It is an all-around good pick.
00:06:57 Normally I would mainly suggest this for dry skin, just because of the shimmer factor - on oily skin that is going to look a bit too shiny for those who are already having their own oily shine peek through, but for oily skin our Paula's Choice Best Face Forward Foundation with SPF 15 is a perfect option. That is what I personally use. It is a matte foundation. You can get light-to-medium coverage. It is only $15, actually $14.95, so a few cents less.
00:07:28 And it doesn't mask your natural skin tone. It kind of lets it shine through. So it is a great option. The worst - what you need to stay away from - is the Physician's Formula Beauty Spiral Skin Brightening Liquid Foundation.
Bryan Barron: This is one, real quick Desiree, this is one that is definitely eye-catching in the drugstore because it really does, it comes in a plastic bottle. It does have a swirled design so it is visually appealing. But, ugh, what is wrong with this foundation!
Desiree Stordahl: It's not a good pick. And when I say worst, obviously there is more than one than one "worst" out there, but this is just one that we happen to hone in on that we don't' want consumers to get hooked on because as Bryan said it might look extra appealing in the drugstore on the shelves.
00:08:12 But it is way too chalky to have any sort of a brightening effect. So forget about that one. $10 - it's not even worth the ten bucks. So, Bryan, do you have any foundation tips for our listeners?
Bryan Barron: Yes, I do. Especially if you normally wear foundation or even if you don't and you are thinking of trying it for a special occasion, liquid foundations tend to be the easiest to work with and they are available in formulas that are better for normal-to-dry skin and then more for normal-to-oily skin.
00:08:42 Those for normal-to-dry skin tend to leave a bit of a satin finish where they may feel a bit moist. And that can be great for normal-to-dry skin. And then the liquid foundations that have a matte finish, that isn't chalky like that physician's formula one we just mentioned, are great for normal-to-oily skin. In the winter months, especially if where you live in the world is colder and drier at this time of year, your normal liquid or especially your powder foundation may not look as good as it normally does.
00:09:13 So, one of my favorite tips for getting ready for a special night out, when foundation is in the cards, is to use either your cleanser with a washcloth or a very gentle facial scrub from those we recommend on Beautypedia. Scrubs generally speaking are not preferred to AHA or BHA exfoliants, but when your skin is looking dull and flaky and is just a terrible skin condition to put makeup over - it just never looks good -
00:09:43 Use a scrub or a washcloth to help polish your skin before you put the foundation on. After the scrub, of course, you are going to pat your skin dry. You are going to put on your normal moisturizer and/or serum combination. Give those a couple of minutes to absorb and then follow with your makeup. I promise you it will go on smoother, it will last longer, and it will look better.
00:10:03 You won't be scrambling for the mirror all night worrying that, "Oh this dry patch is showing, or my skin looks flaky here, or it looks dull under the eyes." It really will make a difference and it is a good, quick fix.
Desiree Stordahl: So, another product that really helps give people that healthy glow that we want to give them is blush. And one of Paula's personal favorites is the ColorStay Mineral Blush from Revlon. It is $13.99. And actually today on the photo shoot I had this blush in my makeup kit;
00:10:43 and Paula stole it out of mine to keep it for herself. She already usually wears it, but she happened to run out. So this is that much of a favorite of hers. And it has got beautiful, nice sheer glow. You kind of have to build it up so it goes on pretty light at the beginning. But that is nice for some people. Some people want just a really sheer touch of that radiance. And that is what his blush offers. But it definitely can build up to a stronger color which is what I tend to do.
00:11:02 Especially for photos like we were doing today. The "stay away" product, the 2011 worst, was Josie Maran's Argan Cream Blush. And this is one I have personally tested. It is a greasy creamy texture and it can actually accentuate your pores, can lead to breakouts. It causes you to do so much blending that the foundation that you have underneath it is actually getting rubbed off and then you kind of have an uneven look to your skin.
00:11:30 And overall it is just a waste of your money. At $22 there is no reason to buy this. It is a "yuck, get it off" product.
Bryan Barron: Yes. Cream blushes that are really creamy like this one and that have those emollient or oil ingredients, and this has the Argan oil in it which isn't a miracle. It is a nice non-fragrant plant oil. It is a good antioxidant but it is not a miracle. When you apply that over foundation, the ingredients in the blush, Desiree, you are absolutely right - they completely undo the foundation.
00:12:03 And in many ways in the ingredients in a traditional cream blush mimic what you will find in a cold cream. And what do you do with cold cream? You use it to remove your makeup. That is exactly what is happening when you massage that traditional emollient cream blush over your foundation. Now you can wear it alone; you can dab it on over your regular moisturizer if you don't need foundation for just a pop of color.
00:12:27 But if you prefer creamier blushes, look for those that are more cream to powder. Those tend to come in stick form. Clinique has a good one. I think they still make it.
Desiree Stordahl: And Two Faced just came out with one that I thought was phenomenal. It is called Full Bloom Lip and Cheek Color. And it doesn't do the accentuating of the pores. It lays nicely on the skin. You don't have to do so much blending that you are rubbing off your foundation. It is just a really nice cream blush. And me having oily skin, I am not able to do cream blushes very often.
00:13:03 But that one worked out perfectly.
Bryan Barron: And Two Faced has a lot of clever makeup products. They are a bit pricey, but that line has come a long way. It used to be what I would consider an Urban Decay wannabe, and they have kind of found their own niche now which is nice. So my blush tip is very simple. Wear it! A lot of women don't and it can make a huge difference in your complexion.
00:13:30 If you have had a hard time finding the right shade of blush, it really is out there. Go to the department store, go to a counter like Laura Mercier, M.A.C., Bobbi Brown, even Estée Lauder or Lancôme and - or this is another good tip - find a cosmetic sales associate whose skin tone is similar to yours. And who is also wearing blush. And then go up and ask her what shade are you using? I have had a really hard time finding a good shade of blush.
00:14:00 Our skin tones are similar, please show me what you have on so I can see how it looks on me. There is a blush shade out there for you. Use it. I mean really oftentimes when Paula does minimal makeup she will put on mascara, a little bit of lipstick and blush, and that is it. And she looks put together.
Desiree Stordahl: Right.
Bryan Barron: It really does make that much of a difference.
Desiree Stordahl: It really does. And a color that actually I hadn't really tried until this year is a peachy coraly type of blush, and I am loving it. It looks really good.
00:14:36 I have medium, light-to-medium skin tone and I just love it.
Bryan Barron: I am a huge fan of blushes in that color family for women that have your skin tone, Desiree. I think that they just make an amazing difference.
Desiree Stordahl: And they are all over the place right now, so it shouldn't be too hard to find.
Bryan Barron: Yeah, it used to be for years it was kind of like rose and mauve shades were the norm, and then those warmer, sunnier, peachy colors.
00:15:03 And if you have a fair skin tone like I do you can go for a soft apricot or even a soft melon, think cantaloupe or even watermelon that goes on sheer. Those can be really pretty.
Desiree Stordahl: Right.
Bryan Barron: Highlighters and illuminators, Desiree. What do you have?
Desiree Stordahl: Highlighters and illuminators, and so for a recommendation we have Victoria's Secret's makeup PRO Radiant FX Face Illuminator. It is $15 and you would get it in Victoria's Secret stores or online.
00:15:31 It is a liquid highlighter. What we liked about it is the silky texture. It blends easily. It has got a pretty pearlescent finish - overall just a really good product. For the "worst" - this is one you don't want to buy - it is Origin's Halo Effect Instant Illuminator for the Face. It is $17. The problem with this illuminator is it can look pretty but it is loaded with irritating ingredients. And irritating ingredients - they contain essential oils, peppermint, orange, lemon, those sorts of ingredients - can lead to collagen breakdown.
00:16:04 It impairs the skin's ability to heal itself. It causes free radical damage. So it is absolutely something that you do not want to be putting on your skin. Another worst illuminator that actually Daynah our colleague who also reviews products just told me about yesterday - it is from L'Oreal. And it is called Magic Lumi. It is the light infusing primer.
00:16:27 And she handed it off to me. I haven't actually tried it on my face yet but I dabbed some on my hands. And her problem was it made her look so white. And Daynah is already a very fair-skinned, just beautiful, beautiful fair skin. But if this makes her look white, it is going to make anybody else that puts it on look like a ghost. It is way, way, way too opaque white to work. So that is a "no go" on the illuminator from L'Oreal - Magic Lumi.
Bryan Barron: Oh, too bad. They do have a lot of nice makeup. So some quick tips, if you opt to use a highlighter, especially for New Year's Eve or you are just doing party makeup.
00:17:10 Figure out ahead of time where you want to place the highlighter. It doesn't necessarily matter if you use a liquid or a powder or a highlighter in stick form, brush-on form. That is personal preference. You can experiment with that at the cosmetic counters or at the drugstore if they have testers. But decide ahead of time where you want to place the highlighter and then go sparingly with it.
00:17:34 When you are highlighting key areas it doesn't take a lot to get that effect. And the blending should really be very carefully controlled because you don't want to venture too far out of the area that you wish to highlight. Doing so, if you are not careful, of if you just kind of don't really have a plan ahead of time, what happens is you end up using more shine than what you really need. And instead of your face looking lit from within in key areas, it just sort of looks shiny and maybe even a little bit greasy all over.
Desiree Stordahl: So, Bryan, an area that I just started applying highlighter, and I don't do it all the time, but I just kind of recently caught on to this was at the Cupid's Bow, and I heard that tip before and I never really realized what it was doing for you.
00:18:21 But I think it kind of draws a cute little attention to that area and it kind of helps define it. Have you noticed that before?
Bryan Barron: Yes. And it is one of - a lot of makeup artists do a similar trick with a lip gloss where they will either apply lipstick first or a tinted pigmented lip gloss and then in the center portion of the upper lip and just slightly passed the lip line, and you have to do this carefully because you don't want the lip color to go on to the skin around the lips, they use a sheer shimmer infused gloss and highlight that area.
Desiree Stordahl: That would work, too.
Bryan Barron: You could highlight that area with a traditional highlighter type product, too.
00:19:05 And a liquid or something in cream to powder form would look best. I think powder isn't the best when you want to highlight a smaller area because if you are dusting it on with a brush it is harder to control; you can use a smaller brush, of course, but I personally think that liquids or creams are easier to deal with for small areas.
Desiree Stordahl: Good to know.
00:19:27 So moving onto eyeliners, for a recommendation we have a couple. There is the Master Drama Cream Pencil by Maybelline. It is only $7 which is great. It is an eyeliner that stays put, it is not going to bleed, it is not going to smudge, it is not going to smear. You can do a thin, rich line. It goes on super smooth. It sets quickly. The only other real drawback is that it can be difficult to remove, but on a night like New Year's you want it to stay in place, so that is totally fine. Maybe just for an everyday wear it might be a bit much to get it off.
00:20:01 But if you have a good makeup remover it is not going to be too bad of an issue. A liquid liner recommendation is from Hourglass Cosmetics, and it is their Script Precision Liquid Liner. It is $32. And what we love this for -
Bryan Barron: That is a splurge.
Desiree Stordahl: Yeah, it is a splurge, it is a lot more than Maybelline's $7.
Bryan Barron: But it is good.
Desiree Stordahl: It is good. It works well for a thin, winged eyeliner look which might be what you are doing for New Year's Eve. It gives you just a lot of control. It has a really soft, think felt tip. So it is going to be able to give you that really thin line. Gives you solid color. It is smudge-free.
00:20:40 It sets quickly. It has all-day-long staying power, so again, great for New Year's when you are going to be taking pictures all night. It is just not the best for those who are wanting a thicker line. They would have to build quite up a bit with how thin this brush is. So, not those that want a really thick line of liner, but for those who want a really thin line this is perfect.
00:21:02 For the "worst" we have Liquid Liner by NARS. And it is $27.50 and it is really - it is just kind of an overrated liquid liner. You take a lot of applications to build up intensity, otherwise it goes on too sheer which is kind of a pain, especially when you are paying $27.50, you would expect it to go on flawlessly and it just doesn't. So, stay away from that one.
00:21:30 How about eyeliner tips? Do you have any for us?
Bryan Barron: My best eyeliner tip and it is going to sound a bit general, but I encourage women to experiment with different types of eyeliners. A lot of us get stuck with the pencil and then we have issues with the pencil, whether it is the need sharpen it, the fact that it smears, it doesn't last the day. There are other types of liners that are out there that can really go the distance. They may seem intimidating at first.
00:22:00 I am talking about the gel liners that go on almost like a cream and then set to a long-wearing finish. Or even the liquid liners that Desiree just mentioned, they can be tricky to apply it first. So my best tip is to practice. Those types of eyeliners can make a huge impact in your eye makeup, especially if you are going for evening glamour. I absolutely love that classic look where the upper lash line has a thicker black line that extends past the eye's outer edge just a little bit and then goes upward slightly - slightly—we are not talking like 1980's wings. And then you balance that with mascara lashes, a really soft eye shadow color.
00:22:43 Maybe just a single nude color from lid to brow bone. And then you balance that with a little bit of blush and classic red lips.
Desiree Stordahl: Beautiful.
Bryan Barron: With a little black dress, I mean it is honestly that quintessential almost like "Breakfast at Tiffany's" Audrey Hepburn style timeless makeup look.
00:23:05 Very, very pretty.
Desiree Stordahl: Very pretty. Speaking of very pretty, next up is eye shadows, and this one I absolutely love from Chanel. So it is a splurge; it is $36. It is their Illusion d'Ombre Long Wear Luminous Eye Shadow. And this is a very cool cream-to-powder eye shadow that has lots of sparkly shimmer, perfect for New Year's Eve.
00:23:28 It has a unique spongy texture so it blends on smoothly. It can be applied sheer or it can be layered for a more dramatic look. And even after hours of wear there is no creasing or fading. The other cool thing is that we found nearly an identical product just yesterday, it's brand new. It is L'Oreal's Infallible 24 Hour Eye Shadow. It is packaged similarly. It is only $9.95. It is not quite of a moussy, spongy texture as the Chanel version, but it is applied the same. It goes on sheer.
00:24:06 You can build it up to a more dark, intense color. It is fade-resistant, crease-resistant; we are loving it so far.
Bryan Barron: And just so our listeners know, that L'Oreal product that Desiree mentioned and then the other one she mentioned earlier, those have not been officially reviewed yet. You will not find those on Beautypedia if you are curious and thinking about checking them out later. We will have those up on the site next month.
Desiree Stordahl: Right.
00:24:34 For the "worst" eye shadow, we hate to say it, but it is Cover Girl's Smoky Shadow Blast. And this is an $8.49 product.
Bryan Barron: That's a great price.
Desiree Stordahl: Yeah, it is. It is supposed to create a smoky eye effect but unfortunately the formula just doesn't live up to this product's potential. The colors go on way too sheer; they go on really frosty looking. They are heavy, heavy on the shimmer.
00:25:00 There is little color pay-off. And so the smoky effect is kind of lost in all of that. And the colors crease and then fade far too quickly. So stay away from it even though you might see some beautiful Drew Barrymore ads. It doesn't really look that great in real life.
Bryan Barron: Yeah, heavily advertised product.
Desiree Stordahl: So how about for eye shadow? Any New Year's Eve makeup best tips?
Bryan Barron: Well first you need to make sure you have good eye shadow brushes. And for an example of those types of brushes you can check out what Paula's Choice offers in the brush collection at
00:25:39 And we review tons of other eye shadow brushes on Beautypedia. But you need to find the brushes that you are most comfortable using. For New Year's Eve or for a special occasion, now is the time to experiment with some shine. Maybe even go for a bit of glitter. I would recommend using, if you want to go the glitter route, if you want that much shine, try to find it in pressed form as an eye shadow and not loose glitter.
00:26:05 Loose glitter, it definitely can make an impact, but it lasts about five minutes. It comes off, it flakes, it can get into your eye quite easily. And as someone who has personally experienced that, it hurts.
Desiree Stordahl: Another thing I like for eye shadow for special occasions, especially like a New Year's type party is doing the shimmer on the inner corner of the eye. And that really just kind of gives you a little twinkle in the corner of your eye that brightens everything up.
Bryan Barron: Yes. And because New Year's Eve parties are almost always at night -
00:26:41 It's dark out, you are hopefully surrounded by flattering lighting, go a little bit bolder which your eye shadow colors. You don't necessarily have to go for the full out smoky eye but do a stronger crease color and blend that crease color, blend the excesses on your brush along your lower lash line. Do this with the right brush, like a flat eye shadow brush or a slightly domed or tapered eye shadow brush.
00:27:08 It can be a nice unifying effect, especially if you don't want to put liner along your lower lash line.
Desiree Stordahl: Exactly. That is a really good point you bring up, because a lot of times parties such as this do tend to have more of a lower dimly lit lighting. And so it is great to kind of a little bit over emphasize what you would normally do and it is New Year's Eve so it is okay to do that.
00:27:31 And you are not going to be going out into bright natural sunlight anyways. So, over-emphasizing -
Bryan Barron: Well depending on how long the party lasts!
Desiree Stordahl: That's true. That is true. But by that point you are looking a little -
Bryan Barron: Well everyone is looking a little rough at that point. Right.
Desiree Stordahl: Exactly.
00:27:47 Exactly.
Bryan Barron: All right, let's get through a couple mascaras.
Desiree Stordahl: Yes. Moving onto mascaras. The first one is a splurge and then we will give you a bargain mascara. The first one is the Diorshow 360 Mascara. What is really cool about this one is it has a switch and it really actually revolves around the bristles. So we are not talking about the vibrating mascaras. This is one that actually spins. And it sounds gimmicky, but I have tried this and it absolutely delivers incredibly long, thick lashes. It helps the curl because the revolving motion is actually kind of lifting your lashes at the base. It is hard to explain but it absolutely works for me.
00:28:30 So at $36 it is quite a splurge but if you want another great mascara that can offer really impressive thickness it is our Paula's Choice Great Thick Lashes Mascara. And it is only $9.95. You can order it off of our website. It is a great mascara to go to and it will be a fraction of the cost of the Diorshow 360. For the "worst" it is the Buxom Amplified Lash Mascara by Bare Escentuals. It is $22.
00:29:00 We don't need to go into the details about how bad this is. Basically it is just clumpy, it [gets out of place], it smudges - there are just too many cons to even make this worth it. And at $22 it is absolutely not worth your money. Any mascara tips?
Bryan Barron: Well, yes and no. I found from my days of working as a makeup artist and at the cosmetic counters that women - they kind of know what they are doing when it comes to mascara. They are always open to buying something new -
00:29:33 even when they find one that they like, they will experiment and try something new and see if they like it better. And then a lot of the times, and this is from what I have heard over the years, they end up going back to the one that they have used that has worked well. Maybe it costs less. But for special occasion makeup, I am generally not a fan of doing mascara on the lower lashes because it can tend to make the lashes look too spidery.
00:30:02 But, defining the lower lashes can be important when you are doing a full or more of a glamorous makeup design. One of the mascaras that I like for doing that is Lash Blast Length from Cover Girl. And one of the reasons I like it is because it goes on really easily without any clumps. It doesn't deposit a lot of mascara, which is actually a good thing for your bottom lashes because they are smaller, they are typically finer and shorter than your upper lashes.
00:30:31 They can take as much mascara. So what you can do with a mascara like that is hold the brush, what would it be, perpendicular? I'm talking about holding the brush -
Desiree Stordahl: Yeah.
Bryan Barron: Okay, perpendicular to the lower lash line. And just gently sweep it back and forth through those lower lashes and stop before you think you need to. Because it is easy to overdo it and you can always add a bit more. It is a lot easier than subtracting -
Desiree Stordahl: Absolutely.
Bryan Barron: When it comes to mascara. So keep that in mind.
00:31:04 And then for special occasion makeup, this is almost a given but I will say it anyway, apply more mascara than you normally do. Do a few extra coats. It isn't necessary with most modern mascaras to let the mascara dry between coats. In fact, oftentimes doing that can hinder that third or fourth coat that you are going for.
00:31:28 Just keep sweeping it on. And if you are seeing a few clumps along the way, have a lash brush or a Spoolie Wand which another name for a mascara wand that doesn't have a partner mascara. You can find those types of brushes at Ulta or Sephora. And that can make a nice difference, especially if you wanted to soften or create more of a fringed look.
Desiree Stordahl: And if you didn't feel like your mascara was cutting it, you really want to give your lashes that much more of a va-va-va-voom, fake lashes on New Year's - I say go for it.
00:31:59 I have personal favorites, they are created by Ardell, they are called Accent Lashes. They are super inexpensive. Probably only going to cost you like $3.99 at the drugstore.
Bryan Barron: That is a great idea.
Desiree Stordahl: And they just go on the outer edges. They look pretty natural. You have to put them very close to the lash line. You might want to experiment. Actually it is not a might - you should experiment with these if you have never done fake lashes before, before you are trying to do them the night of New Year's Eve, right before you go to your party. But they can absolutely look beautiful.
Bryan Barron: Yes.
00:32:33 Or try it out that morning, maybe even after breakfast. Just head upstairs or to your vanity area and give it a go. Because there is nothing worse than trying a new makeup tip or product or technique when you have got 30 minutes to get ready before you absolutely have to be somewhere. And that is really not the time to try something new.
Desiree Stordahl: Exactly.
Bryan Barron: Too much pressure.
Desiree Stordahl: Especially with fake lashes because you are putting on the glue.
00:33:00 And if you do your eye makeup before, then that is totally going to screw up your eye makeup if you completely botch your first few tries and the glue is smudging all of your eye shadow. So, definitely a thing you want to try if you are not a pro at. Our last product on the list to talk about is Lip Color, and our recommendation is from Maybelline. It is their Super Stay 24 Two-Step Color. It is a long wearing lip color. It is only $8. We love it for New Year's Eve for the fact that it does last all night long and it is still great going on, too.
00:33:34 Another cool thing about it is there are several flattering shades. Actually there are over 20, so you are bound to find something that works for you. And there are some universally beautiful shades in there.
Bryan Barron: Yes, go ahead, Desiree, particularly their what?
Desiree Stordahl: Their Reliable Raspberry and Perpetual Plum.
Bryan Barron: Oh, okay. Those colors are - especially the Raspberry one. Love that one. I just wanted to mention with this particular Maybelline color, specific to New Year's Eve, it won't kiss off!
00:34:10 You can kiss your partner or your husband or whomever, kiss the whole room at midnight, and your lips will still look fantastic.
Desiree Stordahl: And if you want an even less expensive alternative, we have the Rimmel Stay Glossy Long Lasting Lip Gloss. It is only $4 which is amazing. There are nearly two dozen shades. There are shimmers, there are bold opaques, it has got a moisturizing feel to it. It doesn't last quite as long as the Maybelline one does, but it still gives a pretty reasonable amount of wear which is more than most lip glosses can offer. Usually they wear off within the first sip of coffee or kiss to someone.
00:34:49 This one help up pretty well in our testing. So we give it our thumbs up. For the "worst" it is Bobbi Brown's High Shimmer Lip Gloss. That is $23 which is quite pricey. It has got an extremely unpleasant grainy texture. All of the glitter particles actually you can feel them on your lips and it is just irritating. And the ultra-glittery finish - it just has an unsophisticated look.
00:35:13 I don't know how else to say it. And even for New Year's, it is just too glittery - it just doesn't look right. And, the worst part is it stings when you put it on and that is because they included peppermint in the formula. And we talked about irritation from ingredients on this show so much, that probably goes without saying. But just for those who don't know - again, that sort of irritation damages collagen production.
00:35:37 It can lead to more dryness on your lips. It pretty much does all of the things that you don't want it to do to your lips. So just stay away from that one.
Bryan Barron: Yes, I should follow up at the Bobbi Brown counter to see if they have gotten in some of their new lip glosses. They actually may have. Because I remember when we were in Chicago this past summer I was talking with the Bobbi Brown makeup artist at Nordstrom or something and she mentioned that some of the lip gloss formulas were changing. And hopefully this is one of them.
00:36:10 Last I knew this High Shimmer Lip Gloss was still out there so be careful.
Desiree Stordahl: Yes. Be careful. And so we will take Bryan's last lip color tips and then we will be ready to take your calls. So go ahead and call in and we will be giving away free Paula's Choice products.
Bryan Barron: Well, my first lip color tip ties in with the Super Stay Two-Step Lip Color. Another option would be Cover Girl's Outlast Smooth Wear. Any of those two-on-one lip paint top coats - M.A.C. Pro Longwear lip color is another good one. Those are just so ingenious for formal occasions, long nights out, when you don't want to have to keep touching up your lip color because it keeps coming off on cups and wearing off and it is getting on your teeth. And you don't need to worry about that when you are trying to have a good time.
00:36:57 You will need to reapply the top coat and then you should be all set. You can just tuck that right into your clutch bag or evening bag or have your boyfriend hold onto it for you if he is willing to do that, take one for the team. The other tip for New Year's Eve is to add - definitely go bolder with color. If you normally wear a soft nude or a subtle pink, go for something in that same family if that is what you are comfortable with, but kick it up a few notches.
00:37:28 Go for something a bit deeper or a bit brighter so instead of a soft, nude pink, maybe try a cranberry pink. Or go for even like a sheer fuchsia. It can really add a nice pop of color that just makes your makeup look more energized and festive and more occasion-appropriate. And then it never hurts to add a bit of shimmer which you can do with any number of lip glosses or particularly with the long wearing we were just discussing a moment ago, the M.A.C. Pro Longwear Lip Color.
00:38:03 One of the cool features about that is that they let you choose the finish of the top coat that comes with the color. And they have a glitter and a shimmer and a clear. So you can customize it that way which is kind of cool because you are adding - you are increasing that shimmer or that gloss effect every time you are putting on the top coat. And with those long wearing lip colors you will need to apply the top coat because if you don't they will start feeling uncomfortable, even though they last a really long time.
00:38:33 All right, let's -
Desiree Stordahl: Wonderful tips to get everyone through their New Year's eve makeup and parties and all that good stuff. And we are ready for our first caller. It is Judy in Arizona.
Bryan Barron: Judy in Arizona. Hi Judy, how are you?
Judy: Good.
Desiree Stordahl: How can we help you out?
Bryan Barron: What's on your mind tonight?
Judy: Well, I'm 65. And I have a hard time with blush. I don't know whether to use powder or cream. I have tried Lancôme's cream but it seems like it just sits there.
00:39:06 And I don't want to look like those ladies, older women with too much blush.
Bryan Barron: Okay. Have you experimented with powder blushes in the past? You probably have, right?
Judy: Yes, uh-huh.
Bryan Barron: And what didn't you like about powder blush?
Judy: It seems like when you are older it lays in the lines.
Bryan Barron: It can. What are you doing to prep your skin beforehand?
Judy: I've got Paula's whole Resist line.
Bryan Barron: That's great.
00:39:44 What's your favorite product from Resist. I was going to say we will send that to you.
Judy: I think the Smoothing Treatment. The Daily Smoothing Treatment.
Bryan Barron: That's one of my favorites, too.
Judy: And, of course, the serum. I love that.
Bryan Barron: Oh, you know what we need to send you since you are using our Resist Super Antioxidant Concentrate, that was the serum you just mentioned, launching next week is our new Resist Intensive Wrinkle Repair Retinol Serum.
00:40:18 So I will have Desiree send you a bottle of that along with a refresher on the Daily Smoothing Treatment. You can try the new retinol serum and let us know what you think. We are recommending for people who are using the original Resist serum that these two be used together. Now it doesn't necessarily mean you have to apply them at the same time.
00:40:40 You can apply the Resist serum that you have been using now in the morning and then do the retinol product at night. Or vice versa, as long as you are protecting your skin during the day with a sunscreen.
Desiree Stordahl: So, Judy, I have a question for you. Are you wearing foundation under your blush?
Judy: Oh yes. I use Paula's.
Desiree Stordahl: Okay. And so do you feel like the problem is, like you said, the blush is kind of settling into the fine lines and maybe some areas that might be slightly wrinkled?
Judy: Yes.
Desiree Stordahl: Okay.
00:41:14 So, Bryan, is there anything else she can do? She is using the Resist Retinol Serum beforehand, that is kind of a nice way to prime the skin before foundation. Is there anything else to help with the powder foundation settling into lines?
Bryan Barron: You mean the powder blush?
Desiree Stordahl: Sorry, yes, powder blush.
Bryan Barron: Well, I mean it sounds like she is doing everything right before moving onto the blush.
00:41:45 It can be tricky. One of the things that I like, I was going to suggest that Judy try a cream-to-powder blush because those that we recommend tend to have more of a gossamer, smooth texture and they tend to - they mesh really well with the skin without looking like they are sitting on top of it.
Judy: Oh, that sounds great.
Bryan Barron: So, one of the ones that I have used in the past and had good luck with is Dream Mousse Blush from Maybelline.
Judy: Okay.
Bryan Barron: You can get that at - now some of the shades in Dream Mousse Blush have little sparkles in them.
00:42:26 And when you come across this at the drugstore you will see it is packaged in a small glass pot. If you pick it up and look at the clear glass pot, you can make out which shades have sparkles and which don't.
Judy: Okay.
Bryan Barron: And then another one that I like at the department store is from Clarins. They have a product called Multi Blush. And it is really easy to blend. There is only one color to avoid because it is just really, really strong fuchsia and you will probably see it right away when you look at the testers and you won't even want to try it.
Judy: No.
00:43:04 I want a pink.
Bryan Barron: So when you put this type of blush on, Judy, take a small amount on clean fingertips, or you can use a sponge if you prefer a sponge, and basically when I put this type of blush on someone else I have them smile so that the fleshy part of the cheek is more visible. And then I will do three dots, kind of starting at the apple of the cheek and then another dot right behind that going up along the cheek bone.
00:43:35 And then another dot after that. And then once you have your three dots you take your index finger or your middle finger and you very gently in a circular motion kind of swirl those dots together until you get the desired effect. And then if you need to you can go back and add a bit more color using that same method or you will -
00:44:00 With any new cream-to-powder blush you are going to need to experiment with how much you should use to get the look that you want, whether it is soft and subtle or if you want something that is a bit more vibrant.
Judy: Oh that sounds wonderful. I didn't know how to apply it either.
Bryan Barron: And that definitely makes a difference. I wouldn't get hung up in trying to use a brush to apply cream blush. You may hear that every now and then at the department store. And that method can work but I think it is more time consuming. I think that in this case using clean fingertips and letting the warmth of your fingers help mesh the blush with the skin is the best method.
00:44:44 So give that a go and let us know what you think. Let us know what you think of the new retinol serum we will be sending you.
Judy: All right. That sounds wonderful.
Bryan Barron: Okay, Judy, thanks for calling.
Desiree Stordahl: Thanks Judy. Happy New Year.
00:44:58 Our next caller is Carolyn in Kansas.
Carolyn: Hello.
Bryan Barron: Hi Carolyn.
Desiree Stordahl: Hello Carolyn.
Carolyn: Hi, thank you for taking my call. I can't believe I got through. I wanted to ask you about basically the products that I am using and how I can put them on and what order I should put them on. Basically I wash my face with Dove Soap. I know, that is probably giving you horrors.
Bryan Barron: Well, no, not exactly. There are other cleansers to consider.
00:45:34 I wish Dove, years ago Dove had a nice line of water soluble facial cleansers along with some other good facial care products, and then they just did away with them and went back to their soaps, so, okay, yes.
Carolyn: You can give me a recommendation on that; that would be great. And then at night I use a Retin-A product that the dermatologist gave me. And put that on and then after I put that on then I put a moisturizer under my eyes and I go to bed. That is pretty easy.
00:46:07 Get up in the morning. Wash my face. In the winter it is kind of dry and flaky so I will use the BHA toner from you guys.
Bryan Barron: From the Clear line?
Carolyn: No, just says Paula's Choice. It doesn't say Clear line.
Bryan Barron: You are probably using the 2% BHA liquid.
Carolyn: Yes.
Bryan Barron: That's the one, it is in the white and gray bottle?
Carolyn: That's it, yes.
00:46:36 I use that and it kind of helps to take away some of the flakiness. And my face is real flaky year round. When I am in the shower at night it just sort of feels like a snake. I know that sounds strange, but it does. It actually like peels up and peels off. I mean when I wash my face.
Bryan Barron: That could be because of two things. So let's set aside the discussion about order of application real quick and we will get back to that.
00:47:08 But it could be the combination of the Dove bar cleanser and a side effect from the Retin-A product.
Carolyn: Hmm, okay.
Bryan Barron: Now are you using - actually is it Retin-A the brand name that you are using or is it like a retinol product? Do you know what he or she has you using?
Carolyn: It says, and I will mispronounce it, Tretinoin, I guess.
Bryan Barron: Okay, Tretinoin. That is the active ingredient in Retin-A, in Retin-A Micro, in Renova. And it is also available as a generic which depending on your insurance plan the generic can be a heck of a lot cheaper than the brand name stuff.
Carolyn: I'm sure it is the generic, yeah.
Bryan Barron: Okay. And you are using that once per day at night?
Carolyn: Right.
Bryan Barron: So, how long have you been using it?
Carolyn: About four years.
Bryan Barron: And this skin shedding, kind of coming off in sheets type stuff, was this a problem before you started using Tretinoin?
Carolyn: I think it was.
Bryan Barron: Okay.
00:48:18 Where do you live?
Carolyn: Kansas.
Bryan Barron: Kansas. Huh. I was thinking maybe it was just a drier climate that was doing that. But, boy, have you asked your dermatologist about this?
Carolyn: No. I probably should. I never brought it up; I just probably forgot. Didn't know it was that abnormal.
Bryan Barron: Yeah, and this is kind of a strange aside, but you can definitely make an appointment given that we are coming up on a new year for an annual skin exam.
00:48:54 And then you can mention this other issue to the dermatologist when you go to his or her office. But it is very important for all of us, especially if you have a family history of skin cancer or have had more than one sunburn as a child which, let's face it, that is pretty much everybody, have an annual skin exam.
00:49:13 Have a dermatologist look you skin over from head to toe, exam any suspicious marks or moles or bumps or lumps that you are concerned about. It is an excellent thing to do for your overall health. And doing it once a year is not doing it too much.
Carolyn: Right.
Bryan Barron: So that would be great for you to make an appointment and kind of kill two birds with one stone.
Carolyn: Okay. I will do that.
Bryan Barron: So, getting back to our routine, we know at night you are washing with the Dove soap, you are putting on the Tretinoin product, you are putting a moisturizer around your eyes, and that is it for night. During the day you are cleansing your face and I think that is where we left off.
Carolyn: Right.
00:49:52 And I use the BHA product.
Bryan Barron: That's right. You are using the BHA toner, okay. And then what?
Carolyn: Let that sit on my skin. And then the dermatologist gave me this stuff called Lustra-AF which is a fade cream. And I put that on my forehead and cheeks. And around my eyes I use the Paula's Choice serum, the moisturizing one. And then I let that soak in and then I put either Cera Ve in the winter, pat that around my eyes, or in the summer I will use the Paula's Choice, one of your moisturizers.
00:50:29 And I can't remember which one right now because it is winter. And I was using, before I started using this Lustra on my face, your serum, the Paula's Choice serum for oily skin. But since I started using this Lustra I haven't been using the serum. Can I use the serum with the Lustra or not?
Bryan Barron: You can.
Carolyn: I can? Okay.
Bryan Barron: Yes. And the Lustra-AF, I am just really quickly looking it up online.
00:51:01 It is the version that I thought it was. It has got a sunscreen in it.
Carolyn: It does?
Bryan Barron: Yes, well the one I am seeing online. Lustra-AF cream, SPF 20, Hydroquinone. It has 4% Hydroquinone which is skin lightening ingredient and 4% is prescription strength.
Carolyn: And it has Avobenzone there. Yes, it does. I didn't know that.
Bryan Barron: So one of the things I was going to ask you as part of your morning routine you are putting on some sort of sun protection?
Carolyn: Right. After I finish that, then I put on your all sun protection, I think it is the 25.
Bryan Barron: Okay, the Resist Cellular Defense? Does that sound familiar?
Carolyn: No. It is in the tube and it has the yellow, maybe it is 30.
Bryan Barron: Oh, is it our Extra Care Moisturizing SPF 30?
Carolyn: That's it.
Bryan Barron: Okay.
00:52:00 All right, well that is definitely a good one for broad spectrum protection.
Carolyn: And that is it.
Bryan Barron: So I don't think that there is anything with order of application that needs to be changed. I think what we need to get you started on is changing that cleanser. We will wean you off the Dove bar cleanser. Do you have normal-to-dry skin?
Carolyn: I guess I have mixed because I would think I have kind of oily skin.
Bryan Barron: Okay, so combination? Desiree, let's send her a Skin Balancing Cleanser. That is our facial cleanser from Paula's Choice for normal-to-oily or combination skin.
00:52:42 And it is actually a good transition cleanser for someone who is used to bar soap because it has kind of that feel and that foaminess that a lot of people like about soap. So what I am hoping is that you like this cleanser and won't find the transition so jarring that you are just reaching for the bar soap again.
Carolyn: Okay.
Bryan Barron: So we will send you a bottle of that.
00:53:03 I do want you to start using the Skin Balancing Toner as well, which would be step two. Try to do it morning and night. I think that may help normalize some healthy cell production. May help eliminate some of the flaking you are experiencing. And then you can use the serum along with the Lustra product. You would put the Lustra on first and just kind of ignore the fact that it has sunscreen. Normally sunscreen should be the last product you apply.
00:53:38 But here, the problem with this Lustra product with sunscreen - you don't need a lot of 4% hydroquinone to get results. It is not a case where more is better. Yet with sunscreen liberal application is very important. So it is kind of a nice bonus that Lustra-AF packs some additional sunscreen but I wouldn't rely on the sunscreen in that product alone.
Carolyn: I didn't even know it had it in there and I don't put it all over my face.
Bryan Barron: And that is great that you are using the Extra Care Moisturizing as well. So, let's have you make those couple of changes to the routine. And then you can email us and let us know how you are doing and if we need to make some other adjustments. You can send an email to
00:54:27 And let them know how you are doing and that we spoke on the radio show and they can forward that email to me for some additional suggestions to help you along there.
Carolyn: Okay, and that was custerv?
Desiree Stordahl: Actually, Carolyn, I will be emailing you to send you your products, so you can email me as well and we will make sure we get you in touch with Bryan.
Carolyn: Okay, thank you.
Bryan Barron: That works, too. Sorry about that. Well thank you for calling and have a happy New Year.
Carolyn: Thank you so much. I appreciate and same to you.
Bryan Barron: You are welcome.
Desiree Stordahl: All right, we have time for one more caller and it is Noni in Texas.
Noni: Hi!
Bryan Barron: Hello.
Noni: Hi, how are you?
Bryan Barron: I'm doing good.
00:55:08 How are you? Did you have a nice holiday?
Noni: Yeah, it's been great.
Bryan Barron: All right, it's not over yet. We have to rally for one more big one.
Noni: Okay, so I basically have been having a really bad time with really dry skin when I put on foundation. It peels off and looks reptilian and it is awful. And I have actually started using -
00:55:32 this is going to sound awful, but I have started using Extra Virgin Olive Oil as a night moisturizer to sort of help keep some of the moisture in my face. And so far I haven't had any breakout problems. But I was just wondering if it was going to start clogging my pores or something?
Bryan Barron: No, olive oil isn't known to do that. And olive oil is actually a very good moisturizing oil to use. It is anti-oxidant rich. It is not fragrant so you are not getting that irritation from the fragrance.
00:56:01 What I would suggest is pairing it with another moisturizer that is going to give you a greater - I mean olive oil in and of itself has some helpful constituents for dry skin. It has got anti-inflammatory and antioxidant substances. It has the fatty acids in the oil to help repair skin's surface. But it is not quite enough. So I wouldn't ever recommend someone with dry skin using just olive oil. But what you can do is try mixing it or applying it right after your regular moisturizer.
Noni: Okay.
Bryan Barron: That would be great.
00:56:37 And then I also, if the dryness and flaking is a continual problem, are you using an exfoliant, an AHA or BHA product in your routine?
Noni: No, not really.
Bryan Barron: Okay, let's get you started on one from Paula's Choice because I think that will make a big difference. It is applied after cleansing and toning. If you don't do the toning step then you just apply it after your cleanser.
00:57:01 Once a day, start out with either morning or evening, your choice. Personally I like putting it on at night because the fewer products I can have on my face in the morning the better. That is just personal preference though. Are you struggling with breakouts at all?
Noni: Yeah, I am in my T-zone area.
Bryan Barron: Okay, do you have a preference of lotion, gel, or liquid?
Noni: I prefer liquid.
Bryan Barron: Okay.
00:57:30 Desiree, let's send her a bottle of the Clear - I'm going to get you started Noni on our Clear Regular Strength Toner. It is a toner consistency but it is an exfoliant with 2% salicylic acid. So you can apply it after cleansing with a cotton ball or pad or even just massage it in with your fingers if you like. Cotton pads are much easier. And just as a quick aside, the Swisspers brand of cotton pads are the best ones I have found.
00:58:00 They are awesome.
Noni: Which brand?
Bryan Barron: Swisspers. You can get them in many drugstores or online at That is where I get mine. And as a guy who shaves and has beard stubble and all that, and I use our Clear Toner, the very one I am sending you, I love the Swisspers because they don't get caught up in the beard or other rough spots on the face. So, use that, pair it with the olive oil that you have been doing with the moisturizer. And Noni you should definitely be seeing a difference.
Noni: Okay, awesome. Thank you so much.
Bryan Barron: Sure. Happy New Year.
00:58:37 Thanks for calling.
Noni: You too. Bye.
Bryan Barron: All right, Desiree. This brings us to the close of the last radio show of 2011. We are ready to ring in 2012. And we will be doing that with you on Tuesday, January 3. New night - Tuesday nights - for "Be Beautifully Informed with the Paula's Choice Research Team."
00:58:59 On the 3rd we are going to have Paula back on the show. She is going to have a special announcement and we are going to be talking about eight overnight fixes for your beauty disasters. On January 10 we are going to be talking about exciting anti-aging ingredients. We are really going to hone it down for you so you can find out the ones that you really need to pay attention to when you are shopping for anti-aging products. And then on January 17 we are going to be doing a show that is, I guess you could say by "popular demand;" we are going to be talking about anti-aging devices that you can use at home to look younger.
00:59:35 Which ones work? Which ones are worth your money? And which ones are best left at the store? Once again, thank you for joining us. I am Bryan Barron, head of the Paula's Choice Research Tea, with our producer Desiree Stordahl, thanking you all for listening and wishing you a happy, safe, and healthy New Year. Come visit us at Good night.
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