Dual Purpose Cosmetics - Products That Do More!

Airdate: 4/14/11

Find out what are the best multi-tasking products to reduce your beauty budget but still get great results!

Bryan Barron: Hello everyone. Welcome to "Be Beautifully Informed" with Paula Begoun and the Cosmetics Cop Team. It is April 14, Thursday night. We are here at 6pm Pacific Time, 9pm Eastern, and all other times throughout the world depending on if you want to listen to us live in the middle of the night, which Paula has opted to not do this evening.
00:00:27 If you have been listening to the show, on last week's show Paula mentioned that she was in France and she actually stayed up really late to do the show, it was 3am when you dialed in. And it is her last night in France. So, we decided to give her the night off. So, you are here with me, Bryan Barron. I have worked with Paula for a little over 11 years doing the research, the writing, the books, Beautypedia, you name it. And also online tonight is our producer, Desiree Stordahl. Good evening Desiree.
Desiree Stordahl: Hello, hello. You know I was going to say, I miss having Paula on the show, but I have to admit I am kind of excited to talk about the products that I have been out reviewing and researching. So, as much as it is sad that she is not here, it is a great chance for you and I to share with our listeners about all of the products that we have been out and about seeing in the field.
Bryan Barron: Yes, yes. We are going to be talking about "Dual Purpose Cosmetics – Products that Do More!" Double duty products that you can use either to skip steps and more accurately to combine steps so that you can get yourself ready and get out the door and go on with your day faster.
00:01:41 Really quick, in case you were tuning in and thinking that you were going to be hearing us talking with celebrity makeup artist M'chel Bauxal, we had to reschedule her appearance on the show. She was called away to a job last minute that she couldn't say no to. She is going to be working on a TV show, actually she is doing that this evening, but we are going to be having her back on the show on May 5th.
00:02:06 So, if you wanted to hear M'chel's celebrity makeup tip secrets from the set, that type of stuff, May 5th is the date that you want to tune in.
Desiree Stordahl: Maybe we will get some celebrity gossip out of her.
Bryan Barron: You know, I always try to angle in for a little bit of that and sometimes…typically when you get the really juicy stuff it is off the record.
00:02:28 I mean, when I was doing product development with Paula years ago, I loved going to the big shows. Like we would go to a show every year in New York where basically there are ingredient suppliers there, packaging vendors, really anything that a cosmetics company needs in the realm of product development and we would always meet with vendors and what not. And there were always some dinners involved and you would have a bottle of wine or a couple of cocktails and then people would start dishing.
00:02:59 And it was just amazing some of the stories that we heard about what goes on behind the scenes, how marketing decisions get made. It really is a crazy industry and more often than not Paula and I would walk away from such evenings and think, "Wow, we really are different; we really are doing things differently." So, we got gossip and we also got a bit of an ego boost because we have been able to avoid a lot of the things that other companies tend to fall into, either out of necessity or sheer desperation.
Desiree Stordahl: Right.
Bryan Barron: So, before we jump into the topic, I know a lot of you have been curious about the new cleansing brush system from Olay and their Pro-X line. And we actually bought a couple of them and Desiree and I have used them for a few, couple of days, morning and evening, and so we wanted to share our impressions.
00:03:58 You might recall seeing ads for this cleansing brush pretty much in every magazine it seems. And Olay is comparing it to the $200 cleansing brush and they are not naming names but if you are in the know, they are comparing --
Desiree Stordahl: Hmm, I wonder.
Bryan Barron: Yeah, there aren't too many $200 cleansing brushes being sold out there, so yes, they are comparing it to the Clarisonic. We have had some feedback from our readers, from our customers who have bought and used both systems, they have looked at pros and cons. So, we thought, you know, we are going to test this ourselves and we have not written a formal review yet.
00:04:36 You won't find this reviewed on Beautypedia, but wanted to give you our initial impressions of it. So, Desiree, why don't you get that started.
Desiree Stordahl: So, I had really high hopes for this cleansing brush. I hadn't used the Clarisonic in the past, so I don't have anything to compare it to in that realm. The problem for me was that it actually was a little bit rough on my skin,
00:04:59 Now this could be partially due to my own user error. Maybe I held it a little too closely to my skin, but I actually woke up with a little bit of flaky skin this morning which absolutely never happens for me. I have very, very oily skin; they only time I would ever have dry, flaky skin would be like on the coldest, driest winter day. And so I think it was a little bit rough on my skin, and Bryan, you and I were talking about this how for women wearing eye makeup, how do you get the eye makeup to come off?
00:05:32 Because you can't take this brush and put it over your eye area. For one, it would be painful. Even though it is soft bristles, it just wouldn't be comfortable.
Bryan Barron: Yeah, it is really soft. What the issue would be with using it around the eye is that the way that the brush head spins, it would be very easy as you are maneuvering it over the eye area, it would be very easy to push your eye liner, your mascara into the tear duct where it basically has a pretty easy entrance into the eye itself.
00:06:01 So, you could inadvertently be pushing mascara into your eye. You may not notice it if it gets in the lower lid area, and you go to bed, and you are thinking, "Yay, I got all of my eye makeup off." And you wake up the next morning and your eyes are red and scratchy and maybe a little bit puffy underneath and you are thinking, okay, what's going on? Did I have too much salt? Should I have not had that extra glass of wine before bed, whatever.
Desiree Stordahl: Well, not only that but it is really messy, too, to have all of your mascara and your eye shadow being sprawled around on this brush and then essentially you are going to be swirling that around on the rest of your face.
00:06:35 So, it is just a bit complicated for that area to use.
Bryan Barron: Yeah, I didn't like it. I tried it, I put on a bunch of different makeup, like a full face makeup and then went to remove it and I kept having to rinse the brush because I could see that makeup was accumulating in the brush and I didn't want to take, go from the cheek to the forehead and essentially be moving makeup around my face that I really just want to get off.
00:07:01 So, in my estimation for removing makeup, a regular cleanser and an eye makeup remover if that is needed is not only easier and less messy, but it is also a time saver. Now I did like using the Pro-X cleansing brush as part of my morning routine. I basically just put the device in my shower and got my face wet, put some cleanser on, turned the brush on.
00:07:32 I find it is easier if you massage the cleanser over your face first and then go over the face with the brush as opposed to putting the cleanser on the brush head which is not what Olay suggests doing. But I could see some consumers just thinking, "Oh, I'm just going to pump a little bit of cleanser on the brush, turn it on, and away we go." I liked that experience better. You don't have to worry about rinsing the brush repeatedly because you are not removing makeup.
00:07:58 But I did feel that it almost cleaned my skin too well. And I was left almost with that, kind of bordering on that squeaky clean feeling which I know isn't a good thing – that signals you have gone a bit too far, maybe some barrier, some skin surface disruption has taken place. But, I have used the Clarisonic. The Clarisonic brush head is larger and a little bit more intricate than what Olay produced. But Olay's is definitely serviceable, it's soft.
00:08:33 I definitely think with anything like this there is a learning curve and I am going to use it a few more times and see if my opinion changes. But right now I am kind of on the fence.
Desiree Stordahl: Yeah, I would say I am on the fence as well. So, we will have to give listeners an update next week when we have had more of a chance to use it.
Bryan Barron: Yup. We will keep using it and listeners out there, if you want to send us an email, you can either send it to or you can send it to
00:09:04 Let us know what you think, especially if you have used the Clarisonic and you have ran out and decided to try the Olay Pro-X instead. Alright, let's get to the topic. Let's get to the main event. Dual Purpose Products. We have found some excellent one's for you. If you wanted to jot some stuff down, take a moment to grab a pad and pen. You know you can always listen to rebroadcasts of this show.
00:09:32 You can go to our site and listen to tonight's show the next day at your convenience. You can find our shows in iTunes; you can listen to them from your iPod. We have been getting a lot of feedback from listeners who say, "Oh, I put your show on my iPod and I listen to you when I work out." I'm like, that's genius.
Alright, first product, this may not come as a surprise to many of you. A lot of you may actually be doing this already, but we are big fans of tinted moisturizers with sunscreen. Because essentially you are taking care of three steps in one product.
00:10:04 You are getting a foundation moisturizer and sun protection in one. Now, most tinted moisturizers aren't going to give you the coverage that a typical liquid foundation would, however, if you pair a tinted moisturizer with sunscreen with a good liquid or creamy concealer and you just use a concealer over the trouble spots like under the eyes, maybe around the nose if you have a little redness there, discoloration on the cheek.
00:10:33 Let the concealer set and then apply the tinted moisturizer or you can experiment and put concealer on afterwards. The tricky part with that is you want to make sure if your concealer doesn't have sunscreen that you are not rubbing the concealer on the skin and rubbing the tinted moisturizer's sun protection away. So, experiment and see. We came up with three really good ones that we liked. Of course we are all fans of our Paula's Choice Barely There Sheer Matte Tint.
00:11:04 It has SPF 20 with titanium dioxide and zinc oxide which are the two best sunscreen actives for sensitive skin or those with Rosacea. They are also the best ones to use around the eye area because they are the least likely to cause any sort of eye area irritation. Laura Mercier's Illuminating Tinted Moisturizer, also with SPF 20.
00:11:30 Oh, the Paula's Choice Barely There Sheer Matte Tint retails for $14.95. The Laura Mercier Illuminating Tinted Moisturizer with the SPF 20 is $42, so definitely on the pricier side. But it does add the nice bonus of an illuminizing effect. This is a really, really nice product and you can test it out for yourself at Nordstrom or Sephora. The shades are great. It is on the sheer side. But especially if your overall skin complaint is dullness or a lack of radiance.
00:12:04 Your skin doesn't look as translucent as it once did, this is a great step-in product that really helps enliven the complexion. And we also like at the drugstore Neutrogena's Healthy Skin Enhancer with SPF 20. I believe this has a mineral and a synthetic sunscreen ingredient. It also has some antioxidants and retinol so you are getting kind of a four-in-on product with that one because you are getting that anti-aging boost from the retinol.
00:12:35 Desiree, next one.
Desiree Stordahl: Our next product is a lipstick with SPF. And this is something that I think a lot of women forget about, forget about putting sunscreen on their lips. And so using the lipstick that you would daily anyways with SPF is a perfect way to get that extra added protection and also if it is a creamier lipstick you are going to get some sort of moisturizing benefit from it, too.
00:13:00 So, we found a few that are our top favorites. There is Chanel's Aqualumiere Sheer Color Lip Shine SPF 15 and that goes for $27. Then from the drugstore we have the Neutrogena Moisture Shine lipstick with SPF 20 and that is for $8.99. And from Paula's Choice we have the Sheer Cream lipstick with SPF 15 and that retails for $10.95.
Bryan Barron: And the Sheer Cream lipstick comes in a colorless shade called "Invisible."
00:13:30 So, I like that one during the summer time. Our moisturizing lip screen doesn't have any color in it. It uses a titanium dioxide. That one I'm a little iffy about, if I am being honest, and I always try to be honest. And the Neutrogena lipstick at the drugstore, that is the one to go for if you want more of a classic lipstick in terms of a fuller coverage and their shade range is quite impressive.
Desiree Stordahl: Actually, you know Bryan with our Moisturizing Lip screen, I have found a really good use for it, because it does leave a little bit of a white cast on your lips. But anytime that I have a lipstick that was a little bit darker than I wanted it to be and I got it home and I was like, "Oh man," if I take a little bit of that moisturizing lip screen and put it over or under, it doesn't matter, it lightens up the color of the lipstick and it kind of gives it more of a creamy texture. So, it is actually kind of a good tool for that sort of thing.
Bryan Barron: That's a good idea.
Desiree Stordahl: Yeah, it's perfect.
Bryan Barron: You just gave another use for moisturizing lip screen. And that is a good segue into the next one on our list which is using lip balm to not only tame fly away hairs but also to tame eyebrows, moisturize cuticles. They are great for extra dry feet or hands. So, two things that I have been doing during the winter months here with our lip and body treatment balm, which is a Paula's Choice lip balm –
00:15:02 Is I always put some of that on my lips every morning and then I top it with a little bit of the Invisible Sheer Cream lipstick so I get the sun protection. But then you know how we put the lip balm on and you always have a little extra on your finger and you are like, "Well, what do I do with this?" I will take what is left and I will just slick it through both of my eyebrows because as I have gotten older my eyebrows have sort of become the bane of my existence.
00:15:29 And it is just one of those cruel twists of fate where you start losing hair where you want to keep it and the hair just keeps growing where you would rather it didn't.
Desiree Stordahl: Oh no!
Bryan Barron: And so my eyebrows, if I let them go they can totally get out of control. And they just get unusually long and it is just kind of gross. But slicking some of that balm through the brows really helps to keep them in place and it actually adds a bit of a sheen that I think looks natural and healthy.
Desiree Stordahl: I actually do that, too, with my eyebrows every morning.
Bryan Barron: And any sort of a thick balm-like product is brilliant to use around the cuticles when your hands are very dry which at this time of the year, even here in Seattle, it is still cold, it is still rainy. We are lucky if we pass 50 degrees. Everyone is still a little bit on the dry side.
00:16:26 So, in addition to the Paula's Choice Lip and Body Treatment balm, that is $10.95, a couple of others that we really like are the Body Shop's Cocoa Butter Lip Care stick. That is $8. And then MAC's Lip Conditioner which is $14.50. That one comes in a tube. Of course the Body Shop's is a stick, it is sort of a ChapStick style container. And MAC's has more of a glossy finish. So, it will actually take care of all of what we just said for additional tips for lip balm, but it also makes a good clear, glossy lip balm as well.
00:17:05 Desiree, you want to talk about the next one?
Desiree Stordahl: Yeah, another good product for taming fly away hairs in addition to the lip balm that you were just talking about is a clear brow gel. So, if you happen to already have one of those in your beauty kit it is perfect. You just want to be careful about how much you use; you don't want to goop it on there and make your hair look greasy by any stretch of the means.
00:17:28 But that brush from the brow gel will actually help you just kind of comb through and catch the little fly away hairs that are kind of being static-y and sticking up. So, it is a good way to get that done. In a pinch you could also groom brows and polish brows with an old toothbrush sprayed with whatever hair spray you have at home. And these are really inexpensive. Pretty much any drugstore brand of clear brow gel is going to work. But there is one from Prestige, it is called Cosmetics Brow Perfection revitalizing clear brow gel and it is $6.95.
00:18:04 Paula's Choice also has a clear brow and hair tint. And so, you have lots of options. And it is a really inexpensive way to tame hair.
Bryan Barron: Oh, absolutely. And you know, this is isn't a beauty product, but for those of us that, especially again in the colder months, have an issue with static fly aways, rubbing a drier sheet like bounce, and they do make a fragrance-free one, over your hair takes away the static. Have you ever tried that, Desiree?
Desiree Stordahl: No, I need to. Because I have that problem all the time.
Bryan Barron: It works. I don't know, when your hair is set or if it s one of those situations where you go to take off a sweater and then all of a sudden it is like your hair is picking up radio signals, rub a drier sheet lightly over the strands and I don't know if it is just that it coats them or what, but I have tried that before.
00:19:08 I was one of those, "No, it's doesn't do that! Really?" And I was surprised.
Desiree Stordahl: Yeah, I thought it was an Old Wife's tale, but okay, I'm going to try it now.
Bryan Barron: You know, speaking of drier sheets, I have also read that if you dust wood blinds with drier sheets or actually just kind of rub a drier sheet over the wood blinds it is supposed to keep the dust from collecting on the blinds. So, I haven't tried that yet; that might be my next little experiment because I have wood blinds throughout the house and man those things are dust magnets.
Desiree Stordahl: I bet our listeners didn't know they were going to get household dual purpose products, too.
Bryan Barron: There you go, we had a little Martha Stewart segue there. Next dual purpose product, getting back on track here is a tinted brow gel – not only can you use it to groom and define your brows but it also works brilliantly to temporality disguise gray roots.
00:19:59 Paula is never without the Paula's Choice Brow/Hair Tint in Sable. She uses it to disguise gray roots almost as much as she uses it in her brows. Some others that we like and the Brow/Hair tint that I just mentioned is $9.95, the tinted hair gel by Anastasia, it is a smaller, boutique-y cosmetics line that specializes in brow products. You can check out all of those reviews on Beautypedia. That is $21. Great product. We also really like Bobbi Brown's Natural Brow Shaper which sells for $19.
Desiree Stordahl: So, another good tip we have is to use a silicon serum on your hair. So, this would be if you just ran out of your hairstyling product that you typically use and you want something that is going to add some silkiness and some shininess to your hair. Maybe again even tame down some flyaway's, silicon serums do an excellent job of this. In fact most of your hair styling products probably have silicon in them anyways.
00:21:00 So, you may not want to do this with your most expensive silicon product. You probably, in the typical sense, want to use your regular hair styling product just from an economical standpoint, but this is a good way to do it if you have just happened to run out of that product. And another good idea for your silicon serum is instead of buying a separate foundation primer, use your silicon serum as your primer because usually actually the silicon serums have more of the beneficial ingredients, all the bells and whistles that the foundation primers tend to leave out.
Bryan Barron: Yeah, it's sort of…i have looked at ingredient lists for a lot of the foundation primers out there, and unless they are lotion-like, because they are just silicones it is sort of like ordering a sandwich and getting just the bread, because you have to think of those beneficial ingredients as the meat of the sandwich and the condiments and the cheese.
00:22:04 And you can eat a sandwich and get reasonably…or you can eat just bread and get reasonably full, but wouldn't you rather have the whole sandwich? And that is what you are getting when you use a silicone-based serum as your primer instead of going out and buying a separate primer. So, unless you are using a primer for the purpose of mattifying skin because there are some out there that are more absorbent. But your average every day foundation primer is essential a silicone serum without all of the extras that all skin types need.
Desiree Stordahl: Right. And actually as a person who has oily skin, I have always kind of been scared of silicones until recently and I started using our Skin Balancing Super Antioxidant Concentrate serum and it actually does have a little bit of a mattifying finish to it. And it doesn't break me out; I can wear it under my makeup. It just kind of gives me more of a smooth, even glow to my skin. So, I found that works really well.
Bryan Barron: Right. And then what about eye shadow primers?
Desiree Stordahl: For eye shadow primers, so eye shadow primers can be really expensive. I have seen them up to $35. Probably there are more expensive ones than that. But a really good way to not even have to spend money on this product is just to use a foundation plus a pressed powder, or even a loose powder would probably work. And so it is one less item that you are going to have to store in your makeup bag. And if you visit we have tons of recommendations for great foundations and great pressed powders.
Bryan Barron: Yeah, and for the foundation it is best if it has a matte or a semi-matte finish. There aren't a lot of foundations out there that have a creamy and certainly not a greasy finish, but after that foundation sets if you are still feeling some slip there, or if you are seeing a sheen, those aren't the best types of foundations to use on the eyelid area if your goal is to make your shadows last longer because that creaminess will hinder eye shadow application and may lead to eye shadow creasing.
00:24:07 So, make sure that whatever foundation you are considering for that purpose, you could also use a concealer that has a matte finish. Desiree, let's keep going with the makeup.
Desiree Stordahl: Okay, sure.
Bryan Barron: What's next on the list?
Desiree Stordahl: There is a foundation and plus pressed powder for a great way to protect your skin from the sun.
00:24:28 So, this pressed powder would need to contain broad spectrum sun protection as well as the foundation. And this is a great way for people with oily skin to not have to double up on more products. So, instead of using the separate sunscreen in the morning, you can actually just use your foundation and your pressed powder as long as they both have broad spectrum sun protection. And this is a great way to skip an extra step. And for those of us with oily skin you don't even have to worry about the greasiness that you are afraid of that you might get from a sunscreen.
Bryan Barron: Yes, and you can visit, again, you can visit Beautypedia for a list of best foundations and also best pressed powders with sunscreen. In the Paula's Choice line we have a product called Browlistic Long-Wearing Precision Brow Color. And you kind of have to think of it as a fine-tipped marker for brows and the brush tip allows you to get in between the individual brow hairs to sketch a very realistic looking fuller brow. The Bare Escentuals line has a similar product. The name escapes me right now.
00:25:34 I know it costs about double what the Paula's Choice product goes for. One of our customer service representatives has this suggestion for us: She actually uses our Browlistic Long-Wearing Precision Brow Color as eye liner. I can see why this would work – it is a long-wearing product. It doesn't have quite the same intensity as a pencil or liquid eye liner, but if you want a softer look, it's definitely worth a go.
Desiree Stordahl: Right, I've actually heard of some of our customers who do this as well. So, it must be working for someone. I should actually try this out.
Bryan Barron: Yeah, you know I think I might play around with it, too, just to see what the effect is. Because Isabelle is pretty up on eye makeup and she is one of the few customer service representatives that probably wears more mascara than we do.
00:26:29 But keeping up with the makeup before we wrap up with our tips here, another great one that Paula has been saying for years is to use eye shadow as eye liner. Almost any powder eye shadow can be used wet or dry. Even if the company doesn't say "can be used wet," just give it a try anyway. Because powder eye shadows are more or less the same formulation; there are only a certain number of ingredients that you can use to make a powder eye shadow that stays together.
00:26:57 All you need to do is dampen your brush. I do mean dampen. Don't run it under the faucet and have it dripping. And then just lightly brush it over the powder eye shadow cake. If you are going to continue to use the eye shadow for dry application as well it helps to just use a certain quadrant of the eye shadow for wet. Because if you do it repeatedly, the eye shadow develops almost like a little bit of a callus and it can be broken down a bit with water. But if you try to rub a dry eye shadow brush over the area that you have used the eye shadow wet, it doesn't pick up as easily.
00:27:36 So, that is a tip right there if you want to try eye shadow as eye liner. It works brilliantly. It lasts a long time. It definitely outlasts almost any eye pencil out there, especially the creamier ones.
Desiree Stordahl: Good tip. So, another dual purpose product is a toner as an after-shave. And of course we are talking about a well-formulated product here.
00:27:59 Something that is soothing with anti-inflammatories and it might as well have the other bells and whistles like antioxidants and skin identical ingredients and cell communicating ingredients. So, you have to really watch out when you are shopping for toners in the drugstore or in the department store because a lot of them are just loaded with irritating ingredients. But a few that you can trust are Calmitude Hydrating Solution by Bioelements. That is a $28 product.
00:28:27 And then Na-PCA Moisture Mist by Nu Skin for $10.93 and any of our Paula's Choice toners are loaded with all of the great ingredients. We have antioxidants and the skin identicals and the cell communicating ingredients and the anti-inflammatories. So, this is a perfect product for an after-shave, just to give it that soothing ability and to calm down redness.
And Bryan, this is something that you personally do, right?
Bryan Barron: Yeah, I do. It kind of was a light bulb moment for me one morning after shaving. I was having all kinds of problems with getting redness and red bumps, especially on my neck area, after I shaved, even though I was using a pretty thick shave gel and using a nice razor.
00:29:13 Still a big fan of the Schick Hydro 3. Just absolutely love that thing. Yeah, I used to just put some moisturizer on after shaving and that helped. But then I started using our Skin Recovery Toner through my entire beard area after shaving and the difference was remarkable.
00:29:36 I also like our Skin Relief Treatment.
Desiree Stordahl: Oh, yeah, that's another good one.
Bryan Barron: Yeah. So, Desiree, let's really quickly go through, we also came up with a shortlist of products that don't work as dual purpose.
Desiree Stordahl: Right, so the first one on the list is lip and cheek stain duos. And the main reason that this doesn't work is the applicators for these two products need to be drastically different.
00:30:01 Something for the lips needs to be more of a narrow tip, kind of a pen style, maybe it is a felt tipped type marker style. So, it has a smaller circumference and it is just going to spread on differently. If you had to apply a cheek stain with that small of a tip, you are going to get way too precise of a line that you are going to have to try to rub in really fast. And overall it just doesn't work.
00:30:27 In fact I actually just had experience with this when I was out testing products for our reviews and that exactly happened. I ended up with basically a weird, streaky line of color on my check, even though the product worked great as a lip stain, it just didn't work as well as a cheek stain.
Bryan Barron: And in that same vein, we are also not big fans of those makeup products that are marketed as being all-in-one options for lips, cheeks and eyes. It sounds great – one product for three areas. Sign me up.
00:30:58 But the issue is that we have never seen that done in a way where the single color works just as well for the cheeks as it does for the lips and the eyes. Because the kind colors that you want to use to accent your cheeks and lips are typically quite a bit different than what looks good around the eye area. For example rosy and medium pink and red tones can look fine on the lips and the rose and the pink tones can look great as blush, but you put those around your eye and you risk looking like your eye area is very irritated or you have been up all night crying.
00:31:36 So, what those products tend to do is they use the more muted softer colors which are fine for the eye area but they really don't do much for the cheeks and they can kind of make the lips look almost dead. So, those three-in-one products, they are a great idea, but. We wanted to really quickly, too, before we get to calls, go through some tips so that your morning routine can go faster. So, here we go.
00:32:01 In the shower, shampoo first, rinse, and then apply conditioner. Do all of the other shower essentials after you apply the conditioner so that the conditioner is on your hair for as long as possible. We also are big fans of washing the face in the shower. So, as soon as you have been out and towel off you can continue right on with your skin care routine.
Number two. Pick out the outfit you are going to wear the night before, everything from the undergarments to your shoes and accessories. With everything laid out it is going to be a huge time saver in the morning because you won't be scrambling around wondering what to put with what.
00:32:38 That can save you a good ten minutes right there. For a simple eye design, if time is of the essence, just apply a base shadow color in a neutral tone like tan, beige or shell pink, and then use a powder bronzer for your crease color and then of course the bronzer would also be used on your cheeks in place of blush.
00:32:58 Finish with a little bit of eye liner and a couple coats of mascara and you have got a nice, natural looking eye makeup application in probably under two minutes. The other tidbit to do your hair before your makeup, that way the sunscreen which is the last thing you should be putting on before makeup has enough time to absorb and set before you are moving on. If you are getting your sun protection from your makeup, this tip is still worthwhile because the moisturizer or the primer type product, if it is a primer or if it is serum, it needs a few minutes to set before you apply makeup.
00:33:31 When I do makeup on other people I always find that if I wait a few minutes after I prep them, that the makeup goes on much smoother and then ends up lasting longer, too. So, there you have it. Double duty products you can check out. Some tips to help get you faster in the morning. And we are going to take calls tonight. And before we get to our first caller I wanted to announce that we have a sunscreen for the Resist collection now.
Desiree Stordahl: Woo-hoo!
Bryan Barron: It is our Resist Cellular, I'm going to get the name wrong, Cellular Daily Defense SPF 25 moisturizer. That is for normal, dry or sensitive skin. Titanium dioxide is the sole active ingredient. It is only available via a link on Facebook right now. It isn't officially launching until May. But we did do a special pre-launch for our Facebook fans.
00:34:30 So, if you would like access to this product you need to go to Facebook, find the Paula's Choice page and "like" us and you will see a link to buy that product. But, all of the callers we take tonight, we are going to be giving one of these away for free, of course. So, let's get to some calls.
Desiree Stordahl: Alright, our first caller is Clara from California.
Bryan Barron: Hi Clara.
Clara: Hey guys.
Bryan Barron: What's shaking?
Clara: Well, I just wanted to let you guys know that I am brand new to Paula's Choice and I have to be honest, I think I went a little crazy when I went on your Web site. Yeah.
00:35:09 I did like a complete beauty product overhaul and I just like threw away everything that I owned and I just replaced it with every Paula's Choice product ever made. And I think I made a bit of a mistake because I am assuming that because my skin is acting a little funny, it's maybe I just got the wrong combination of stuff. So, I am trying to find out from you guys, you know…
00:35:37 If you had a one product that you could recommend. I have really funky skin, it is like combo skin. But if there is one thing you could recommend for combo skin, what would it be?
Bryan Barron: Oh, one single product?
Clara: Yeah, just because I'm trying to find out, okay, if I am going to focus on one thing, I need to know what for sure I should be using.
Bryan Barron: So, by combination skin, and you mentioned that it was kind of a funky combination skin, so you do have oily areas?
Clara: Yeah, like for example I had purchased because I am really into the tinted moisturizers. I used to use like the mineral makeup. And I noticed my skin started getting really bad…like a lot of blackheads and just really bad. So, I bought the Paula's Choice, I think it was "All Bases Covered?" I think that that is what it is called.
00:36:31 I bought that and it works great; the color is awesome. But then by the end, or not the end of the day, but by like mid-day I am like [melting], like my whole face just feels like I need to grab a big blotting paper and just put it all over my face. Because I just feel like, I don't know, my skin is so oily. And I am washing my face at night and in the morning and stuff, but I don't know if I am either drying it out too much, or I don't know. I must be doing something and it is really causing it to just get super ultra oilier than what it used to be.
Bryan Barron: Well, it could be, well first of all that foundation you mentioned, the All Bases Covered, is best for normal to dry skin.
Clara: Yeah, I know that.
Bryan Barron: So, that might be an item to send back. I know you went a little overboard, but I also want you to know that we do, Paula's Choice has a great return policy. We offer a 60-day "satisfaction guarantee." Of course that means even if the item is used because how are you going to know something didn't work for you or you didn't like it if you didn't use it.
00:37:35 I don't understand why some companies have that where you can only return it if it hasn't been used.
Clara: I know, isn't that kind of weird because…
Bryan Barron: So, I can only return it if I had buyer's remorse within thirty minutes of leaving your store or if I just happened to change my mind? It's like if you are going to go through the trouble of buying it and trying it, or if you are going to go through the trouble of buying it and seeking it out, of course you are going to try it, at least once.
Clara: Right, I mean that is the point. But I just want to know that…yeah, go ahead.
Bryan Barron: I was going to say, just getting back to coming up with a solution here, I am wondering if maybe you're applying too many products at once?
Clara: I think so. Like I said, I went crazy. I literally, I'm a huge junkie when it comes to face stuff and I found Paula's Choice, the Cosmetics Cop, not that long ago.
00:38:28 And ever since I am obsessed. I mean like I have it on my phone constantly and I am looking up products. But then one day the light turned on, oh my gosh, why would I go look at other products, I'm just going to buy a whole bunch of Paula's Choice stuff. Everything should be perfect. And that is what I did. And like I said, I just got too many things. And I'm 27 years old right now so I am starting to get worried about the whole, the lines and everything else that comes with the age. And I am just trying to be really cautious.
00:38:59 So, I went and bought, like oh my god, like the Skin Lightening Gel because I have some acne scars, because I did have bad acne when I was a teenager. So, I bought that. And then I got the BHA toner and then I got like two different cleansers. And then I just…I think I made the mistake of just doing too many things at once. And now my skin is kind of like, hey, are you going to make up your mind or what? So, that is where I am at right now.
Bryan Barron: Yeah, when combination skin is an issue, and a lot of us have combination skin simply because physiologically there are more oil glands in the central part of the face than there are in the cheek area and along the jaw line.
00:39:39 So, even women who have dry skin all over the face still tend to get a bit of shine on their noses because that is where the most oil glands are. This is…what I would like to do Clara is we have your email address. So, I will be in touch with you via email. I would like to go over the product routine in more detail with you and unfortunately it would take more time than we have this evening.
Clara: I know. That's why there's like ten questions, I'm like maybe one thing.
Bryan Barron: Well, I was going to say, based on what you have told me so far, I think that the one product from Paula's Choice that you absolutely should have in your routine is the Skin Balancing Daily Mattifying Lotion with SPF 15.
Clara: Okay, I have that one.
Bryan Barron: Okay, you want to make sure you are getting your sun protection.
00:40:30 That is the daytime moisturizer with sunscreen for people who hate sunscreen, who think that they all feel too heavy and greasy and thick and they are shiny by mid-day. I definitely want to make sure that you are using that, but I will be in touch with you probably early next week and we will go over your product arsenal in more detail.
Clara: Yeah, that would be great, because I definitely want to stick through this. I mean, everything you guys offer is just so amazing that I want to give everything a try. But at the same time, you know, everything starts adding up and you start looking at your cabinet and it is like, oh my god, there is no more room for anything.
00:41:08 But at the same time [unintelligible], I don't have it down, so I really need help with "this is what you got to do," and that way my skin can relax. Because right now it is so embarrassing at work. I feel really gross a lot of the time. So, hopefully I can figure this out with your help. That would be really, really great.
Bryan Barron: Alright, I will be in touch Clara. Thank you so much.
Desiree Stordahl: Alright, our next caller is Rose from Ohio.
Bryan Barron: Hello Rose.
Rose: Hi. A buckeye, not a Californian.
Bryan Barron: We do have our shows where we get lots of Californians calling or everyone is from Texas.
Rose: Last week it was like California, California.
Bryan Barron: Well, there's what, 24 million people there. The odds are stacked in their favor.
Rose: Yeah, really. I had just started also being a Paula's new user, and I want to thank you for getting it out so quick. I think I got my products in four days and of course decided to use it because I have been trying to lighten my skin after years of bad sun burn and tanning beds. I have all of a sudden got these brown spots on my face. And I tried other products and I have noticed that Paula's has a little bit different active ingredients in it, so this I am trying.
00:42:32 And I'm pretty sure this will work. But my main question really is, I'm going to be 62 in August and the lines above my lip have started to get wider. But I also have quite large, what looks like large pores above my mouth and I can't put makeup on it or anything…it draws attention to it. And I also listened to your, the derma-microabrasion and I thought, okay, that's what I thought about doing.
00:43:02 And then I thought, no, okay, I'm not going to be doing that. And I just don't know what to do with it. And I got the fine lines coming around the face and the sagging jowls. I still look pretty darn good though. I just don't know what to do. My mouth bothers me more than anything. The lips and the…yeah.
Bryan Barron: The skin in that area is definitely prone to wrinkling. If you think about it our mouths are constantly in motion when we are talking, when we are eating.
00:43:36 The skin around the mouth gets a pretty good workout on a daily basis. As we age and we start to lose bone mass in our face, that can also cause the skin in that area to be more…it can start drooping and be a bit more obvious. There aren't really any cosmetic products that are going to help your concern beyond a temporary fix.
00:44:03 You can use some of those, for lack of a better word, the spackle like filler products. Those are like…they almost look like caulk, like the same thing you would use around your bathtub. But they soften on contact with skin and they can temporarily fill in those lines. So, you will get a few hours of improvement.
00:44:31 But ultimately this is one of those situations where you would want to see a cosmetic dermatologist and talk about the various filler options available.
Rose: Right, right. Okay, I have been thinking about doing that. But the finer lines at the side of my face, they are just now starting, but I didn't know what you would recommend for that. I have thought about going ahead and seeing a dermatologist about the upper lip because that bothers me. But the sides are starting to get really [unintelligible]. I don't have what you would call marionette lines, yet.
00:45:08 It's wrinkles. Little tiny wrinkles. And what product do you think would be best for that?
Bryan Barron: Well, sun protection number one.
Rose: Okay, I've got that and…go ahead.
Bryan Barron: Good. The reason…the sun protection isn't going to make those wrinkles go away. But what it will do is protect the skin from further sun damage that will definitely make those lines more apparent.
00:45:38 There is some research out there that obviously you keep your skin protected from further damage and to some extent it starts to repair past damage. Although that is really good news and it is very encouraging, once a wrinkle has formed in the skin, a crease or a line that doesn't go away when you are expressionless, there is only so much that sunscreen and skincare can go.
00:46:05 So, a good skincare routine and sun protection is important because you don't want…if you didn't do anything, then it is definitely going to get worse. So, you want to take steps to prevent any further damage. But this is another one of those cases, Rose, where it is just the combination of good skincare and the cosmetic corrective procedures that a good dermatologist can do that would be very helpful.
Rose: Okay, and I think so, too. I have sent for some of your product samples of the, let's see, the Weightless Body Treatment. And one of the sunscreens. I forget what that was called.
Bryan Barron: Well, we are going to be sending you…we are going to be sending you our new Resist SPF 25 sunscreen. So, you can give that a try on your face and neck and see what you think.
00:47:02 You will be getting it before most other people because it is not officially available yet.
Rose: That's wonderful.
Bryan Barron: Yeah. And I am also going to send you our Resist Weekly Resurfacing Treatment. That is a 10% alpha hydroxy acid toner-like product that you can use up to four or five times a week. And you can use it over your entire face and that will help the skin around your lips and other areas that are starting to wrinkle look better.
00:47:32 It is going to exfoliate. Sometimes just using a well-formulated exfoliant, and this is a more intensive one so it is good for more sun damaged skin, but the improvement that you will get in your skin texture can make a pretty significant difference in how that area looks. Again, it is not going to make the lines disappear completely. Products like this aren't going to do something like lift the skin.
00:47:59 But, without question, with what you are describing, sun protection and a well-formulated exfoliant are going to be your two best friends next to what a cosmetic dermatologist can do.
Rose: Okay, that is wonderful. I appreciate all of your help.
Bryan Barron: Thank you so much for calling. And let us know how you like the product.
Rose: I sure will. Thank you. Bye-bye.
Desiree Stordahl: Alright, our next caller is Jay-Lynn from Oklahoma.
Bryan Barron: Hello Jay-Lynn.
Jay-Lynn: Hi guys.
Bryan Barron: What's on your mind tonight?
Jay-Lynn: How are you this evening? I'm good. I have a couple of questions. SPF 20 – is that really high enough?
Bryan Barron: For a day in the sun? Or?
Jay-Lynn: Well, I guess that is where I get kind of…like if you are running in and form one place to another, then I am thinking that SPF 20 is probably good.
00:49:01 But if you are going to throw on a hat, go out to the beach, wherever…I just turned 60, I have beautiful skin, and I am not really sure why.
I don't have good skincare which I would love for you to email me about a protocol using Paula's products because I'm thinking if I haven't used anything great by 60 now is probably a really good time to start.
Bryan Barron: Now would be a great time to start. It sounds like you have a combination of luck and genetics on your side. If you have gotten to 60 and you are looking at yourself in the mirror thinking, you know, I've got pretty good skin.
Jay-Lynn: I am still pretty smokin', I'm telling you.
Bryan Barron: You're still what? Oh, you are still pretty smokin'! I thought you said you were still smoking, I was like, oh, Jay-Lynn.
Jay-Lynn: No, no, no, no. No, no.
00:50:01 I have a little tiny bit of [unintelligible] that is very light. I have Rosacea. And I have very dry skin because of the products that I use for Rosacea.
Bryan Barron: What are you using for Rosacea?
Jay-Lynn: I use either, I kind of swap from time to time, switch it up, so either a Retin-A, a tretinoin product…
00:50:34 Or metronidazole. Or Finacea. And just one of those three every night. I kind of pick one and kind of go through that. So, I do have to be really careful. I was listening to you talk about the brushes and just cringing at the thought of putting a Clarisonic or Olay or…
Bryan Barron: Actually you bring up a good point. I should have mentioned that for somebody who is struggling with Rosacea or just has skin that is just very, very sensitive, none of the facial cleansing brushes or products like Neutrogena's Wave Sonic would be a good idea. I mean chances are even a damp washcloth would be too much friction on that skin type. Don't you what?
Jay-Lynn: I think that was a little bit irresponsible of those people…I mean I went to their site and looked at their advertising and I didn't see any big…
00:51:35 because in my mind I was thinking they are going to have some big thing that says if you have this skin, this skin condition or this is not…because my dermatologist thought, wow, really bad idea.
Bryan Barron: There's different reasons why they wouldn't put that on there.
00:51:57 I don't want to speculate too much but in Olay's defense it is possible that they have some testing on record with women who have sensitive skin, whether it is self-reported or literally sensitive skin. Because a lot of women think that they have sensitive skin and it is actually they are using products that are irritating their skin. So, their skin wouldn't be so sensitive if they weren't using irritating products. But Olay may have done some testing on this with women with sensitive skin and Rosacea and found that the majority of them tolerated it just fine.
00:52:31 I still don't think it is a good idea. I can't imagine that Paula would endorse that. But, yeah. Let's focus on getting you some products to keep your smokin' face in top shape.
Jay-Lynn: And now do you do moisturizer…because I don't use any sort of chemical sunscreen because I never have. I've always preferred zinc oxide from mother years and taking care of an infant with Desitin.
00:53:04 I have always been a fan of zinc oxide. And titanium dioxide. But, [moisturizer] then zinc oxide, or zinc oxide then moisturizer?
Bryan Barron: Well, with a product like the Resist Daily Cellular Defense SPF 25, that's it. You don't have to use a moisturizer, too.
Jay-Lynn: That would be, yeah, I didn't even think about that. That would be awesome.
Bryan Barron: I understand it absolutely can get confusing because there are moisturizers that have sunscreen and then there are products that are sold as sunscreens. But they are kind of packaged like moisturizers but on the label it says sunscreen. So, yeah, I get it. I get it. Paula's Choice, we have sunscreens that can be used on the body and the face. And then we have a range of facial moisturizers that just happen to provide sun protection, too.
00:54:04 So, the new Resist product falls into that range. So, Jay-Lynn, is your skin more normal-to-dry or normal-to-oily?
Jay-Lynn: Dry. It's definitely dry.
Bryan Barron: Okay. I'm going to send you the Resist Optimal Results Hydrating Cleanser. We do have a toner in the Resist line that is currently out of stock.
00:54:30 So, what I'm going to do is send you our Skin Recovery Toner as well. You are going to get the Resist SPF 25 sunscreen product. That, again, is going to be your daytime moisturizer. So, unless you are just super, super dry, you don't need to put a moisturizer on followed by this sunscreen.
Jay-Lynn: And then I can take that moisturizer clear under the eye.
Bryan Barron: It is excellent for use around the eye. And then for nighttime, for your exfoliant we will send you the Resist Daily Smoothing Treatment with 5% alpha hydroxy acid. You can use that morning and/or evening.
00:55:06 I want you to experiment with that. It might be a bit tricky with the Rosacea but it has some wonderful anti-irritants in it. I will have Desiree send you one of our beta hydroxy acid products as well. Let's do the 1% lotion. Salicylic acid which is what BHA is a natural anti-inflammatory so you may find that that really helps with your Rosacea.
00:55:30 All of these products, you can get in touch with me via email and we can work out a more specific routine after you have had some time to play with them. And then for your nighttime moisturizer we will include our Skin Recovery Moisturizer. And you will see how you will deal with those, and like I said, get in touch with me and let me know if you have any questions. You can contact our customer service. That information will come with your order and hopefully you will be all set. You will be looking even more fabulous as you go through the 60s.
Jay-Lynn: I am looking forward to it. I don't feel my age. I don't think I act my age. And so I don't really want to wear it on my face. So.
Bryan Barron: Well, it doesn't sound like…it sounds like you have just an amazingly positive, healthy attitude and that is awesome. So.
Jay-Lynn: Well, I appreciate everything so much and I appreciate your help.
Bryan Barron: Alright Jay-Lynn. Thanks for calling tonight. You enjoy those products and, again, keep in touch. Let us know how you are doing.
Jay-Lynn: I will do that. Thank you sir.
Bryan Barron: Desiree, I think we have time for one more quick call before we wrap up.
Desiree Stordahl: Oh, we just have two minutes left so I think we will be pushing it because we have some loaded questions on the line.
Bryan Barron: Oh, no, oh no. Alright. I am sorry callers. We did go on and on a bit. You can always send your questions in via email, the Dear Paula link on We get a lot of emails in that box.
00:57:05 I can't guarantee that you will get a response, but they do, that email box is gone through on a fairly regular basis. Again, it piles up quickly and I wish we had the time and the staffing to reply to everyone via email and take all of the calls that come in. Let's talk about what is coming up next week. The April 21st show, so next Thursday, you do not want to miss.
00:57:34 Paula and renowned dermatologist, Dr. Leslie Baumann, author of the "Skin Type Solutions" book are going to be on air together. This show is not only going to be informative, it is going to be a hoot. You have two very, very passionate women who are passionate about skincare and helping you find the best products. You do not want to miss that show.
00:57:56 On April 28 we are going to be talking about anti-aging secrets for your hair. Yes, your hair ages, too, and we have some surprising tips that can help you have younger-looking hair and definitely healthier hair at any age. On May 5 as I mentioned at the top of this show, we are going to have celebrity makeup artist M'chel Bauxal on. She is going to be revealing some of her best on-set tips. She is going to give us some product recommendations. I'm really looking forward to talking to her.
00:58:27 I was a bit bummed out that she wasn't going to be on tonight, but we had this show waiting in the wings and I hope you found it informative. Please join us next week and every Thursday at 6pm Pacific Time, 9pm Eastern Time for "Be Beautifully Informed" with Paula Begoun and the Cosmetics Cop Team. I'm Bryan Barron here with Desiree Stordahl. Paula will be on next week, on with Dr. Leslie Baumann. You have to hear that show. Thanks everyone and good night.
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