Our Favorite Makeup Bargains!

Airdate: 9/29/2011

Paula and her Beautypedia team of reviewers reveal their favorite makeup best-buys!

Paula Begoun: Good evening, I’m Paula Begoun, the Cosmetics Cop. Well, it actually could be morning somewhere else. I’ve got to stop saying "Good Evening." I can’t help myself. But here we are on Thursday live around the world somewhere or at some time. I am in Seattle, Washington with my Paula’s Choice Research Team – well part of my Paula’s Choice Research Team: Bryan Barron and Desiree Stordahl. Hi Guys.
Desiree Stordahl: Hello.
Paula Begoun: Bryan, are you there?
Bryan Barron: Hi!
Paula Begoun: Hey Bryan.
00:00:42 So I have got to tell you, I am excited about tonight’s show. It is such girl talk – well, and guy talk because we have Bryan here – but it is such – I just love this part of what we do. Skincare I take, for me, having done this for a few decades now, is always such a serious topic: Skincare, health, wrinkles, Rosacea, acne, dry skin, oily skin, blackheads – all of the issues around skin and the good and the bad products is very serious to me.
00:01:22 And the research is very specific and the formularies and what can hurt skin and what can help skin. And I’m very passionate about that topic as many of you who listen and have read our work and visit PaulasChoice.com on a regular basis know that we feel very strongly about the work we do in terms of getting you the most current research about what is good and bad for skin. Makeup just isn’t that serious. I mean it is not that it is not important and we put a lot of energy and effort into how we do our makeup reviews but it is just not as serious. It is more fun.
00:02:05 It’s more experiential. But, it is also incredibly informative from our point of view. In other words, you can sit around with your girlfriends and you can go "Oh, I use this product and I thought it was really good," and "Oh, I use that product." But what the Paula’s Choice Research Team does for you, from talking to your girlfriends and other websites, is that we compare hundreds and hundreds of products one to the other so that we are not just saying, "Oh, we think this is great." But we have tested hundreds of lip glosses.
00:02:41 We have tested hundreds of mascaras, blushes, foundations, and have come up with a standard that is about excellence, not just about that product and how we feel about it, but how that product works and its performance and its value in comparison to lots of other products on the market in all price ranges.
00:03:04 So what we are going to go over today and this is just absolutely not only the products that we rated well on Beautypedia, but also the products that got our attention for giving you the most bang for the buck that on any level these products are not only a superior bargain but superior performance. We put them up against anything in any price range. So you have got to listen because we are going to save you money.
00:03:34 You are going to get your makeup on better than ever before because this is the Paula’s Choice Research Team’s favorite of the good ratings we have given, the best bang for your buck. So we are going to go over that. We are going go over that. We are going to go over Desiree’s favorites, Daynah’s favorites and Bryan’s favorites, and of course mine. I’m going to add mine to the mix. But first we have just a couple of things to go over. And Desire has already told me that I carried on – what a shock – I carried on a little too long last week before we actually got to talking about skincare and eating to have healthy skin.
00:04:15 And so I am going to try to pace myself here. Plus, I’m struggling with a bit of the flu so if I talk too much anyways I will lose my voice. Okay, so just a couple of announcements. Trying to stay short–winded here. I mentioned that I was in New York last week doing the Dr. Oz show and the taping. The show will air on October 5. So, that is the show where I didn’t wear any makeup for the first time in 30 years after doing thousands of TV interviews. The first time I was on hair without makeup.
00:04:47 I did have my little – what are the –
Bryan Baron: Lash extensions.
Paula Begoun: Lash extensions! That’s what it is. Because they weren’t false eyelashes. They were actually pasted on to my actual lashes. So I did have my lash extension, but other than that you guys will have to let me know on Facebook if you think I look okay without makeup on television. Oh my god. And then Paula’s Choice, we have launched my Ultimate Anti-Aging Hand Cream with SPF 30. It is a Facebook-exclusive pre-launch. When is it going to be available on PaulasChoice.com? Weill that be sometime in October?
Desiree Stordahl: Yes, early October.
Bryan Barron: October 5, I believe.
Paula Begoun: October 5. Dr. Oz and my Ultimate Anti-Aging Hand Cream.
00:05:48 So the reason I am calling it the Ultimate Anti-Aging Hand Cream because of all of the hand creams we have ever seen or reviewed, my formulation for this hand cream, aside from being a very good SPF 30, broad spectrum sun block is that it also contains ingredients, antioxidants, cell communicating ingredients, skin healing ingredients that you typically would only see in products – well, well formulated products – for the face.
00:06:22 It is rare for these kinds of ingredients to ever show up in body products and definitely not in hand creams, products that are designed to be used on the hands. So, Ultimate Anti-Aging Hand Cream with SPF 30, check it out; there are some interesting conversation on Facebook about it already, which is just wonderful. I love the conversations that happen on Facebook. So you can take a look and maybe consider it. We will be giving away an Ultimate Anti-Aging Hand Cream to everybody who we take your call today, which we will get to.
00:07:00 Just one small rant. Of the many, many magazines, professional magazines and fashion magazines and all kinds of journals and magazines we get, the one I get that I often, it’s one of those ones I just flip through and go, "Oh god, oh god, really? Oh god, did they say that again," is the Day Spa. We get a magazine that is actually called Day Spa. And it is all about getting facials and for people in the industry, not for the consumer.
00:07:34 Lots of products. Oh my god, so many products. Bad products. Some good products. But the rant, this one article in here was about getting a facial and the technician puts these electrodes, like getting your heart charged with the paddles, and what is that called, the paddles to restart your heart, to chart up your heart. What are those called?
Desiree Stordahl: Defibrillators?
Paula Begoun: Oh, defibrillators. Desiree, oh my goodness, that is because you took a CPR class.
Desiree Stordahl: I did just take a CPR class.
Paula Begoun: Oh, and you are going to save my life, god forbid if…well.
00:08:20 Okay, I’m so glad you did that. So, yes, like defibrillators where…and they really are. You have to put both of them on the face and it zaps the skin. And the claim they are making is that micro-current frequencies are the same signaling frequencies that take place in skin because the skin does have an electrical communication pathway. However, to say that the research about this is at best scant is an understatement. The other thing is the body in terms of electrical currents and zapping it, there are some studies about wound healing, but some of the studies say it is not any better than placebo.
00:09:06 You can do some electrical charging to create some bone growth. And also muscle contraction. But that is a very different thing than zapping the skin with micro-electro currents for getting rid of wrinkles or some other aspect of skin. First of all, when you electrically charge the skin, how do you know you are telling it to do something good? Because there is electrical current conversation within the skin, communication within the skin, that can tell it to do something not good.
00:09:43 In fact, one of the reasons an electrical charge causes muscles to contract is because it is getting zapped and same thing with bone growth. It is getting zapped. It is, if you will, a negative response causing something good. There is literally no research showing that micro-electro currents change a winkle in the face except maybe via irritation because you zap the skin and you get some swelling. But that doesn’t say you built any collagen or you build any elastin. In fact, you almost can’t build elastin. And on and on.
00:10:19 So, it’s just, I don’t know, there are things you can do. We have already done a show and we have an article up on PaulasChoice.com about what facials can and can’t do for skin, but in this situation I so would suggest not get your face zapped. There are better things a facialist can do for your beautiful face to take care of it, micro-currents isn’t one of them.
00:10:42 Desiree, why don’t you start our list of the best makeup bargains, best from Paula’s Choice Research Team.
Desiree Stordahl: All right. So the first one on my list is the E.L.F., that’s the Eyes Lips Face Company, Mineral Lip Gloss, and it is $3.00 which is a steal.
00:11:01 It has great colors. It feels great. It doesn’t include very irritating fragrance and flavor ingredients that a lot of the other glosses I review do, so that is a plus. And overall it is just a really good inexpensive gloss. You can forget about the mineral part of the name. There is nothing special or beneficial about that. But it is a great gloss.
Paula Begoun: $3.00? I’m sorry, I just don’t get…I see those kinds of prices…all right, that just floors me.
Desiree Stordahl: And you wonder how they can afford the packaging and the…I know, it’s so cheap.
00:11:35 But it’s great.
Paula Begoun: It’s great, all right. 3 bucks. E.L.F. Mineral Lip Gloss. Next one, Desiree.
Desiree Stordahl: This next one is my secret for any time I want to really glam up my look. And I use these for pretty much any special occasion. They are called Ardell Accent Lashes. And they are fake eye lashes. They are about $3.50. You can get them on Drugstore.com. You can get them from pretty much any drugstore. And the thing I love about these are instead of a full strip of lashes which is what you get with most other fake lashes, these are just only going to cover the outer half of your eyelid.
00:12:10 So they are a lot easier to put on. And even though that sounds funny to be adding lashes to only half of your eyelid, it actually looks pretty natural and you kind of get a sexy, va-va-voom cat eye look. So it is a great way to spice up your look for only $3.50. And I wear them at holiday parties, birthdays, weddings, it doesn’t even matter.
Bryan Barron: Graduations. Premiere nights.
Paula Begoun: Desiree, are you saying that you don’t place it all the way across your lash, just at the back of your – so what if you have short lashes in the front?
Desiree Stordahl: You know what, I kind of tend to feel like I do have short lashes and it doesn’t matter.
00:12:54 Somehow, and I do a good job, too, of using eye-liner so it also kind of helps the overall fullness of your lash line look. But I don’t know how it works but it just does. And any of my girlfriends that I have turned onto these, it works for them, too.
Paula Begoun: And when you put it on I take it you are still wearing mascara?
Desiree Stordahl: I actually will put on the mascara after I put on the lashes. So I will do my whole --
Paula Begoun: You are wearing a little bit of mascara?
Desiree Stordahl: Yes. Absolutely.
Paula Begoun: You know it is funny. I used to wear false eye lashes a lot and one of the things I never liked about false eye lashes. I mean I haven’t worn false eye lashes in years.
00:13:40 One of the things I didn’t like about it is the way it scratched when you put it on, that inside corner, to get it just curved perfectly so it doesn’t look like hard edge ending at the corner, the tear drop corner of your eye. So this would actually take care of that because you are not.
Desiree Stordahl: Right.
Paula Begoun: Okay, you are going to have to show me. You are going to bring them to the office and show me the next time you are there. Ardell Accent Lashes, $3.50. Next one.
Desiree Stordahl: My next favorite is Physician’s Formula Eye Booster 2-in-1 Lash Boosting Eye Liner and Serum which is a really long name for $10.95.
00:14:26 There is no research showing that any ingredient in this product is actually going to boost lash growth, but aside from that, it is an incredibly precise liquid eye liner and it has great staying power. I wear this almost every day. It doesn’t smudge or flake or smear and I love how I can do a really thin line or I can build up to a thicker line, especially on the outer edge if I want to. So it is a great eye liner for $10.95.
00:14:53 And then last but not least --
Paula Begoun: Is somebody knocking around, or is that just my headset making noise? Do you hear that?
Desiree Stordahl: I’m hearing a little bit of feedback, too.
Paula Begoun: Bryan?
Desiree Stordahl: Quit doing your laundry.
Paula Begoun: What are you doing? Are you beating up Satine again? What are you doing over there?
Bryan Barron: No, I am standing up in my office. I’m not touching anything except the phone.
Paula Begoun: I’m sorry. Okay, Desiree, finish what you were saying.
Desiree Stordahl: My last on the list and one of my favorites is our Paula’s Choice Healthy Finish Pressed Powder SPF 15 and Healthy Tan.
00:15:31 And I use this as my go-to bronzer. And the reason I love it so much is it has a natural looking tan hue. It doesn’t have like the overly shimmery effect to it which a ton of bronzers on the market have right now. It’s not overly dark. It’s not orangey. It’s just great. And I also use the neutral shade of that same powder over my foundation to set my makeup and it also adds sun protection throughout the day. So, just an overall great product.
Paula Begoun: So you use our Healthy Tan not all over your face but just in areas, is that what you are saying?
Desiree Stordahl: Right. Exactly. I use it how I would a bronzer.
Paula Begoun: Like the sides of your face, the cheekbones, that kind of thing?
Desiree Stordahl: Yes.
00:16:14 A little bit on the forehead. Kind of a contour.
Paula Begoun: You do a great job. So, Desiree, Daynah’s list, because Daynah is not on-air with us tonight. So can you give us Daynah’s best list.
Desiree Stordahl: Yes, and to everyone who might not know, Daynah is a fabulous member of our Paula’s Choice Research Team. She does Beautypedia reviews constantly. And her picks, the first one on the list is the NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream. And this is $5.99 and I have seen Daynah wear this on a number of occasions and it looks great on her.
00:16:50 It has a unique texture. She likes it for its long-wearing truly matte amazing value and beautiful shades. And her personal favorite is the shade "Amsterdam;" it is a blue-based red.
Paula Begoun: And where do you get NYX? Where is that sold?
Desiree Stordahl: That’s sold at Ulta. Is it sold anywhere else, Bryan, besides Ulta and online?
Bryan Barron: In the Seattle area we have a regional, or actually I think it is just unique to Washington State, but there is a chain of drugstores called Bartells.
00:17:18 So for our Seattle area listeners you can find the NYX line sold at most Bartell stores as well. But nationwide, Ulta.
Desiree Stordahl: And their website.
Bryan Barron: Right.
Desiree Stordahl: Her second pick is the Tarte Cosmetics Cheek Stain. And this is $30 and while that may sound pricey, we know, she said hers lasted for 18 months. And that was with daily use.
00:17:42 So, when you break that down that’s actually a good deal. And she likes it for their extensive gorgeous shades and she said the colors blend really well and really last on the skin.
Paula Begoun: The only trick with cheek stains is technique and it really helps to have flawless – your cheek area doesn’t have any dryness or open pores. And Daynah does happen to have magnificent skin.
Desiree Stordahl: She does.
Paula Begoun: But, boy if you can wear a cheek stain, I will tell you, when you get that technique down it can be one of the nicest…my skin type just does not work with cheek stains at all because the oiliness, it slips too much and fades.
00:18:31 And I have open poring that I just hate. But, boy, if you can learn how to work with a cheek stain, I will tell you, and you’ve got the right skin type, it’s a beautiful way to go and a product that lasts 18 months isn’t bad. Next one, Desiree.
Desiree Stordahl: Next is the Paula’s Choice Barely There Sheer Matte Tint with SPF 20. And the reason Daynah loves this, as do I, is it is a sheer foundation that works triple time: it hydrates skin; protects from sun damage; and it gives perfect amount of coverage.
00:19:01 So, Daynah has sensitive skin and she says that this formula, you simply can’t beat it for the price. It gives you a well-formulated complexion product and she relies on it every day to make her beautiful, which she does look beautiful when she wears this.
Paula Begoun: It’s funny, I actually didn’t know she used our Barely There Sheet Matte Tint all the time, and she does, I mean her skin is just…well, okay, I will have to look closer next time. She looks gorgeous. I mean she does. Incredibly beautiful. I like her recommendations.
00:19:34 Especially because one of them is mine. Bryan has his list. Bryan, your turn.
Bryan Barron: Yes, oh, where to start. Okay, I picked a few that I have not only used personally but I have used them on other people. My first pick is L’Oreal’s True Match Concealer. I was one of the disappointed people after Paula’s Choice No Slip Concealer was discontinued.
00:20:03 I understand why we had to let it go, but it was a favorite of mine and this L’Oreal True Match Concealer is a fairly good replacement for it. It is a liquid concealer. It comes in a great range of neutral shades. It costs around $8.95 or so at most drugstores. It worked equally well to lighten dark circles under the eyes. And then because of its liquid texture and doesn’t have any waxes or pore clogging ingredients in it, it also works to help conceal a blemish or if you have those red or pink marks on your face from where a blemish used to be and they take forever to heal, this can help conceal them as they are going away.
00:20:46 No comment, Paula?
Paula Begoun: Well, because I was going to go into a long…of course I have a comment! I was going to go into a long discussion on how to make red marks from acne heal faster, because we have…I think I have some of the best ways in the world for that, but that’s another show at a another time.
Bryan Barron: But if anyone has that concern, give our customer service center a call, chat with them online.
00:21:14 They will absolutely know which products from Paula’s Choice to recommend to help those red marks go away very quickly. And I can speak to the…
Paula Begoun: Personally, yes, me too. Because it was funny, see I would, I would wax poetic because I just had one of the worst blemishes. I don’t know..I went through some kind of acne phase over the past two weeks. After the Oz Show, thank goodness.
00:21:43 But really, I just had an outbreak of acne and they were terrible. I mean there were just a few that were so painful. And using our BHA and the niacinamide-based products that we have for Skin Balancing and a few of our Resist products, they go away. You would never know. Lingering red marks, you don’t have to have them. You don’t have to have them.
00:22:15 And I will stop talking about it. Next one, Bryan.
Bryan Barron: Another favorite at the drugstore is a longstanding product but it has been reformulated not too long ago and it is better than ever. It is Revlon’s Super Lustrous Lipstick. It costs about $7.99. The shade range is huge. I think there is over 70 shades so it is one of those lipsticks where honestly if you can’t find a color that you like, you probably shouldn’t be wearing lipstick. Maybe try a gloss instead or something softer.
00:22:45 I mean, seriously, they have everything from the Boca Pink to the Soft Nude to the Riveting Red. It is amazing. And it is wonderful creamy lipstick. It doesn’t have that slick finish so it will bleed into lines around the mouth as most creamy lipsticks will, but it isn’t one of those creamy lipsticks that as soon as you put it on it feels like it is just going to come off on everything.
Paula Begoun: Right. And you know something, I actually didn’t know it was reformulated.
00:23:15 It was brilliant before. What did they do different?
Bryan Barron: They changed the fragrance and made it much softer. It used to be more of a cloying floral sweet fragrance that was quite honestly becoming old fashioned. I think they had kind of gotten the reputation over the years as being an old lady lipstick.
00:23:39 And so they souped it up. They improved the texture with some silicones and they got the gorgeous Halle Berry to appear in ads for the lipstick and the rest is history. That will do it. My other product before we turn it over to caller questions. Oh, no, we are going to do Paula’s list. But also from the NYX line, so NYX or NYX Cosmetics, they are single powder eye shadows. They are $5.00 a piece.
00:24:13 You can go a little cheaper than that and look at Wet-N-Wild’s Color Icon Eye Shadow Singles. They are about $2.00 each. But the shade selection isn’t nearly as varied as what you will get from NYX. And I would put these powder eye shadows up against anything you can find at the department store, including MAC. And MAC is their closest competitor in terms of the number of shades and the finishes that NYX offers.
00:24:37 So, wonderful, wonderful powder eye shadow. Seemingly limitless number of brown shades. I know brown can sometimes sound boring, but brown and variations of brown are absolutely essential colors for shaping and shading the eye. If you want to add a pop of a crazy color every now and then or go high on the shine, go for it. But in terms of actually shadowing and shaping the eye, you have to have a brown element or a gray or a tan or taupe element in that mix.
00:25:06 And then lastly, the Paula’s Choice Browlistic Long Wearing Precision Brow Color. Kind of an innovative product. It is not a brow powder, it is not a pencil. It is essentially a liquid that is dispensed from a felt-tip pen style brush. And you literally paint it in between your brow hairs and it gives you the appearance of a fuller more uniform and more groomed brow. I have used this on a few of my female friends.
00:25:34 They have never seen a product like it before and they all loved the results. And a couple of them had never done anything with their brows because their thinking was, well pencils – they look too harsh or too strong. And powders – I just don’t know how to get those to stay put. This Browlistic product stays put. Once it is set it is not going anywhere until you are ready to take it off.
Paula Begoun: You know, I’ve got to say, I would love to say I invented this but I didn’t invent it. It was something that we found from a vendor. And I haven’t seen it anywhere else in –
Bryan Barron: I just did.
Paula Begoun: Oh you are kidding. Are they charging more than we are?
Bryan Barron: Yes.
00:26:16 The Browlistic from Paula’s Choice is $9.95. Urban Decay which is a line of funkier makeup, they actually have some really good products, and they are sold at Sephora stores. But they have a product called Urban Brow and they introduced a brow gel. And, anyway, it is a dead ringer for Browlistic and it is $20.00.
Paula Begoun: We win. Bryan, also mention the Avon Mark blush because that is an incredible deal and we don’t often give Avon enough comments. They do some great stuff.
Bryan Barron: Yes. It is from the Avon Mark line, and it is their Good Glowing Mosaic Blush.
00:27:03 The mosaic pattern is more just kind of for the cool visual appeal. The blush itself is laced with a small amount of shimmer so it is a really nice way to get softly glowing cheeks even for daytime that don’t look really sparkly or glittery. It is definitely an age appropriate product if you are in your late 30s or beyond and you think, "Oh I don’t know about shiny blush." It definitely gives the face a lift. It is $8.00.
Paula Begoun: My turn.
00:27:31 Paula’s, my product choices. We are going to start with the foundation I have been wearing for just years and years and years for television because I like a…my foundations are very lightweight and sheer. I like more coverage for television and it absolutely has to have sunscreen – titanium dioxide/zinc oxide based. In this case it is titanium dioxide and I use Revlon ColorStay Makeup with SoftFlex.
00:28:04 I do not use their one for oily skin, even though I have oily skin, because it is only an SFP 6 and nowhere near as nicely formulated as their one for dry skin, even though it says it is for dry skin. It absolutely holds back oil. It doesn’t change color. It stays put. It doesn’t roll or chip. It is a beautiful foundation.
00:28:26 I do use my Paula’s Choice Brow Hair Tint along with Browlistic pretty much every day but definitely the Brow Hair Tint. I hate to say, I can’t even believe I’m going to utter these words right now, especially now that I have the occasional gray hair in my eyebrow showing up. I can’t believe I just said that. I hate that! I hate that. It is awful, it is disgusting, and I don’t know what I would do without my Brow Hair Tint because you can’t, other than tweezing, and then I wouldn’t have much hair left, the Brow Hair Tint is like mascara and it just combs through the brow, adds a little bit of color, doesn’t make it stiff.
00:29:06 I love my Brow Hair Tint. When Paula’s Choice gave up having lip liner, when we stopped selling a lot of our makeup products, one of the things we gave up was lip liner. I loved our lip liners. I ordered them for…and I finally went through my last one a little bit ago and then started looking for new lip pencils. And the one I found that I think has the best color, the best application, and is incredibly chic is Wet-N-Wild’s Twist Up Lip Liner.
00:29:39 They are like $1.99, $2.29 depending on where you are shopping, and they are great. Again, put them up against anything you would buy at the department store. And then just today, we had already reviewed this product, but we had a big meeting with our team and one of our team – Theresa – was wearing some eye liner that she doesn’t, it’s just a standout look on her. I hadn’t seen her wear it before and I said what are you using, you look wonderful the way you are doing your eyes. It’s just beautiful dramatic look.
00:30:12 It looks like it is just etched perfectly along the lash line. And she said she was using Maybelline’s Eye Studio Master Drama Eye Liner. And it was a Daynah pick. In fact, it was Daynah [unintelligible], right Bryan? So Maybelline’s Eye Studio Master Drama Eye Liner, it is unique pencil because it isn’t a grease based pencil. It is more of a gel cream based pencil. It’s only 6 bucks.
00:30:45 If you are into eye liner, you want a different way to get your eye liner on dramatically and you don’t like a liquid liner. I’m not so nuts about liquid liners. I’ve never been able to control it. I tend to use gel cream liners a lot. This is a neat way to do it without having to have a brush and a little pot. So it is definitely something to check into. It is only 6 bucks. And that sums up the Paula’s Choice Research Team’s best of the best makeup bargains. Actually, forget the bargain part. These are just brilliant makeup products to consider.
00:31:19 And Desiree, let’s take our first caller.
Desiree Stordahl: We have Lisa from New York on the line.
Paula Begoun: Hi Lisa from New York. Lisa?
Desiree Stordahl: Lisa, are you there? We will go on to the next caller. We’ve got Donna from Georgia.
Paula Begoun: Hi Donna.
Donna: Paula, how are you?
Paula Begoun: I’m good. How are you? What can I do for you?
Donna: Well, I have a question that relates to Rosacea.
00:31:52 And my concern is that having Rosacea, I have to use a physical sunscreen and obviously I can’t use a washcloth at night; I have to be very gentle and use gentle products. I’m concerned that when I use my Metro Cream or Gel at night that it is not going to be able to penetrate my skin. I’m concerned that I haven’t cleansed properly. I’m just wondering how do I know when the physical sunscreen has really been removed since I can’t clean real well.
00:32:32 Does that make sense?
Paula Begoun: That is a brilliant question. I love this question. It’s not an easy one to answer so I am going to try to make this really succinct. So, Donna, tell me what skincare products you are using right now to clean your face. What is your nightly routine?
Donna: Well, I’m using the Skin Balancing Cleanser and the Metro Gel. And I don’t use any type of toner. I try to keep everything very basic.
Paula Begoun: So you….go on, I’m sorry.
Donna: Is it Cetaphil lotion? And I use your physical sunscreen, the mineral sunscreen.
Paula Begoun: Yes, yes. The SPF 15 Pure Mineral.
  Donna Right.
Paula Begoun: Okay, so how is your skin doing with all of that?
00:33:29 How are your flare-ups doing?
Donna: It’s doing very well. I don’t have the stinging and the burning like I used to. But, what concerns me is every night I worry, did I completely get it off, and it feels sticky after I wash it.
Paula Begoun: Well, yeah, so here is what I am going to do for you. It is a problem, there is no question that my Pure Mineral the way it is formulated is it is designed to stay on. You could swim probably the entire Atlantic Ocean and it would still be on when you are done.
00:34:12 I’m going to send you my new Resist sunscreen, SPF 25. It is also a Pure Mineral Block/Sunscreen, but it is not as waterproof and as tenacious as the Pure Mineral. So I think it would be easier on your skin so that you are indeed getting it all off. Because I do think that you are right, I mean there is no question about it – Pure Mineral is very difficult to get off, especially if you find that using a wash cloth is something you absolutely can’t do without getting a reaction.
00:34:55 So I’m going to suggest a different kind of Pure Mineral formula from my Resist line that is easier to get off. It’s also a higher SPF number so during the day that would even be better. Then the other thing I am going to suggest, the Cetaphil lotion is not a bad product, it’s just not a great product because it is a dated formulary. It is kind of like using a typewriter when you could be using a computer.
00:35:26 So I’m going to send you my Skin Recovery Moisturizer as well as my Moisture Boost Moisturizer. And I would like you to experiment with those and see how they do for you. And if they don’t work for you of course you can always just go back to the Cetaphil. But I think that will get you what you want in terms of making sure you get it all off without having to use a washcloth, just to change up that Pure Mineral sunscreen because it is tricky to get off the face.
00:36:01 Does that pretty much answer your question, Donna.
Donna: It does. It sure does. I thank you so very much.
Paula Begoun: All right. Good luck with the new products. Take care dear.
Donna: Thank you. Bye-bye.
Paula Begoun: Ooh, Desiree, let’s make sure…we were supposed to give away our Ultimate Anti-Aging Hand Cream SPF 30. I totally forgot.
Desiree Stordahl: I will make sure she gets it.
Paula Begoun: Okay. Did we get Lisa or is Lisa still away?
Desiree Stordahl: We can try Lisa again. Lisa, are you there?
Lisa: Yes, yes. I’m there.
Paula Begoun: Hi Lisa, what can I do for you?
Lisa: Oh, hi Paula. It is a pleasure to talk to you. I’m a big fan of yours.
Paula Begoun: Thank you.
Lisa: You are welcome. I have a question for you about makeup brushes. I mean bargain price brushes that are really good on your skin and good quality. And it is hard to find those at drugstores.
00:36:58 I have bought a powder brush and a blush brush, but the [smaller] brush is like the ones you make, like the special crease brush and all of those tiny little brushes I see on your website, those brushes are not there in drugstores or where I buy things like bargain price stores. Can you please help me?
Paula Begoun: Well of course I am very fond of my brushes so I would encourage you to get mine. But we were just talking about this before. In a similar price point, I don’t know that she has as many options as I have…
00:37:40 We were just saying Sonia Kashuk who is at…Bryan, is she at Target? Are her brushes at Target?
Bryan Barron: Yes, they exclusively at Target. You can get them at Target.com as well.
Paula Begoun: So, Lisa, are there Target stores where you live?
Lisa: Yes, there are some, though I have never tried that. But since you told me I will go and check. I usually buy my things at just Walgreens, CVS and Rite Aid.
Paula Begoun: Well of course I want you to buy them at PaulasChoice.com. So tell me what kind of brushes you are looking for and let me send you a few of mine. And then if you don’t like them you can always go and check out Sonia Kashuk’s at Target.
00:38:21 Lisa, tell me what brushes you were hoping to look for?
Lisa: Maybe the crease…I don’t know the names for all the brushes, you know for different parts you have different brushes. Like for --
Paula Begoun: The lids, the crease. Okay what we will do –
Lisa: I don’t use a lip brush. I just use out of tube and it works for me, so I don’t need a lip brush.
Paula Begoun: Takes me too long to use a lip brush. I sell a lip brush but I don’t have the patience to use it.
Lisa: Me neither.
Paula Begoun: So Lisa what I am going to do, I’m going to send you a selection of my eye liner brush, my crease brush, my eye shadow brush, the small one and the big one, and the angled brush.
00:39:07 So I’m going to send you four of my, four or five of my eye shaping brushes, eye shadow brushes, for you to play with and see if that gets you the look you want. And then, again, you can always double check if they are not working for you you can check out if you think Sonia Kashuk has the better selection for you. Okay?
Lisa: Yes, thank you so much Paula. Just one last thing. I want to express my strong dissatisfaction for you discontinuing your lip paint products. It was wonderful and I wish you had not.
Paula Begoun: Wait, what did I do? Lisa, what did I do?
Lisa: You had a lip paint.
Paula Begoun: Wait, Lisa, wait one second. Bryan, what did we do?
Lisa: Don’t take it so seriously, Paula. It is just that --
Paula Begoun: Lisa, are you kidding? I take all this stuff seriously.
Lisa: No, I don’t mean to be mean. I just meant that I love your lip paint and I was so unhappy when you stopped making makeup.
Paula Begoun: Desiree, put Lisa on hold.
00:40:29 I want to know what I did. Bryan, what is she talking about?
Bryan Barron: So a couple of years ago we discontinued, maybe it was longer than that – we discontinued Constant Color Lip Paint.
Paula Begoun: Oh, yeah, we did. You know what it is, so Lisa, I love you. I am not upset. By the way, Desiree, let’s make sure we get Lisa a Resist Ultimate Anti-Aging Hand Cream SPF 30 because we are giving that away today, along with the brushes. But, you know, it is interesting.
00:41:07 The subject today was talking about our favorite makeup bargains. So, Paula’s Choice used to also have, for those of you who don’t know, we had blushes and we had eye shadows. We had a range of makeup products, lipsticks. And I loved these products. I have got to tell you, it has been very frustrating for me to try to replace my eye shadows and try to replace my blushes and try to replace my lip liners.
00:41:34 Even though I review lots and lots of products the way I created my products was very, very specific and the colors and the way they went on, and the decision was that as a company that my true love and my true passion and where I wanted to put my energy was in my skincare products. And so Lisa, I appreciate you being disappointed and I always want to hear about what people are disappointed in to see if I can make it better.
00:42:05 And, Lisa, I love you. Desiree, let’s take the next caller.
Desiree Stordahl: We have Gwen from California on the line.
Paula Begoun: Hi Gwen, how are you?
Gwen: I’m good, Paula, how are you?
Paula Begoun: What can I do for you, dear?
Gwen: I just wanted to get your insight as to what direction I should be headed in terms of looking for a concealer, one, and a foundation, two. My issue with a concealer: I have this dark shadow thing going on below my eyes.
00:42:39 And it has been there for many, many years. And I just don’t like the way it looks. So I wanted to get your idea on what to use for that. And secondly I wanted to get your help in trying to track down a good foundation. And one of the requirements that I have, I don’t want it to be super heavy. I don’t want anything like a MAC foundation. I tried that before and it was just too heavy for every day wear.
00:43:06 And then on the other spectrum, are these sheer mineral foundations that don’t really have enough coverage? And so they are like my predicament. And there are so many options out there; I don’t even know where to start.
Paula Begoun: You’ve got a predicament going. And I understand, particularly when you have – Gwen, let’s start this way. What skin color are you? What range of skin color?
Gwen: I am African American. I have a yellow undertone. That I do know.
Paula Begoun: So name me a celebrity or model whose skin tone you resemble. Halle Berry, Iman.
Gwen: I’m a little lighter than Iman. Maybe more like Tyra Banks’ color a bit.
Paula Begoun: Tyra Banks or Janet Jackson, somebody like here?
Gwen: Kind of in that area.
00:44:01 I think Janet is a little lighter than me, but I’m not super dark like Iman and I’m not like Halle Berry either. I’m like a caramel color.
Bryan Barron: I have an option.
Paula Begoun: Do you want to share your option. We are going to give you options. But, Bryan, let me just say this one thing that is tricky for anyone who is trying to cover dark circles.
00:44:30 When the dark circles aren’t just shadowy darkness like a couple of shades darker than your own skin color but are literally a dark grayish, almost blackish color under the eye, particularly this is true for women of color, particularly Indian women, women from India. And some African American skin colors can get particularly darker circles around the eye.
00:44:56 And then when you put a lighter color under the eye you can just kind of get a light grayish tone. I mean it still looks dark and if anything it looks grayish and that is –
Gwen: Which is not the look you are going for.
Paula Begoun: No, not good. So, Bryan, before you make your recommendation, the one trick is…well, there are three tricks. You have got to wear a moisturizer. You absolutely have to use your foundation around your eye before you –
Bryan Barron: Exfoliate --
Paula Begoun: And then you put the concealer on to be able to get the level of coverage you need and to even out that skin color.
00:45:35 So the foundation goes on first to even out the skin color. And then the concealer goes on to lighten the dark color around the eye. And, Bryan, what recommendations were you going to give Gwen?
Bryan Barron: Yes. I will mention that in just a second, but Paula I think your application is absolutely right. One of the things that I have notices over the years when I was working at the counters is that women tend to do when they put on concealer first is because you have got no other coverage on your skin, you tend to overdo it with a concealer.
00:46:11 And there are a lot of concealers that are great, but when you are just putting it on bare skin there is that tendency to put on too much and even the best concealers can look bad if you pile too much on. So absolutely put the foundation on first. Also, in terms of skin care, if you have got any degree of sun damaged skin or built up dead skin cells, are you using an alpha hydroxy acid or beta hydroxy acid exfoliant? Because that can make a huge difference.
Gwen: No, I’m not. I have an exfoliation, something in my bathroom right now, but I really don’t use that. I have heard, yes and no on exfoliation. Is that something that you guys promote?
Paula Begoun: I think promote is an understatement. Gwen, there is no question this is a company, a cornerstone of my skincare regimes are all about exfoliation.
00:47:18 When you have built up dead skin cells, particularly around the eye, particularly for darker skin tones, you are going to get a rougher look and a darker look. That is number one. But number two, you have got to wear sunscreen. It doesn’t matter what skin color you are. If you don’t wear sunscreen around your eye and we have a caller who is asking is it necessary to put sunscreen on eyelids and the answer is yes.
00:47:44 Any place your skin sees the sun it will get damaged. And one of the ways, if it is not protected, that damage shows up is skin darkening, brown spots. Skin darkening is what happens. So you have to wear sunscreen. You have to exfoliate. I am going to send you one of Paula’s Choice exfoliants. I’m going to send you my 2%...well actually my 1% BHA lotion I think would be a great place to start. You would put that on only at night around your eye. Actually, you could use it all over your face because exfoliating is important all over the face. But that would help a lot.
00:48:20 And then you would put your moisturizer on over that if you have dry skin. And then during the day you just put your moisturizer on and I am going to send you my Paula’s Choice Moisture Boost Treatment which you would use over your eye area as well along with the 1% BHA lotion. So, Bryan, what concealer and foundation should she be using?
Bryan Barron: So concealers, I’m going to look up the name on Beautypedia. But just this week I looked at a new foundation from MAC and it has not been reviewed yet, it is not up on Beautypedia, so you are hearing it here first. It is their new Match Master SPF 15 Foundation. And it is a fluid liquid. It is very silky.
00:49:07 It’s got a beautiful, very natural skin-like finish but it is somewhat matte. But it isn’t the kind of matte that you expressed concern about. It shouldn’t feel drying. It does have built-in sunscreen. And what was particularly impressive was that they really did a nice job with their tan to ebony shades. So I am fairly certain that with your skin tone, the way you described it, you will be able to find a shade that works very well for you.
00:49:37 The MAC people at the cosmetic counters or in their stores are typically more than willing to provide you samples of a foundation. Even if they don’t have any ready-made they can mix some up for you in little plastic containers. Take it home, try it out for a few days. Test it in natural light. See what you think. But it is about $32.50. It is a little on the pricier side but it is really nice. It is absolutely worth looking at.
Gwen: So this is not typical MAC foundation, that super heavy for like TV and you know magazines?
Bryan Barron: No. I think you will be impressed with how it feels. It sits very nice.
00:50:18 It’s very silky and light and easy to blend.
Gwen: Wonderful. Now Paula, a quick question for you. Okay, the exfoliation that I have currently in my bathroom is Clean & Clear Deep Action Exfoliating Scrub. And then I have Cetaphil --
Paula Begoun: No, no, it’s not scrub. Scrubbing is bad for most skins. I am not nuts about scrubbing but it is particularly not good for black skin color.
Gwen: Okay, there goes that one, okay.
Paula Begoun: It just roughs up skin. It just roughs up skin and that can make darker skin tones look even ashier.
00:50:57 I strongly recommend…well, I think BHAs and AHAs are the best way to go. Scrubs just tear into skin. They do little micro tears into skin. It’s not the best way to clean your face. And you can’t use a scrub around your eye.
Gwen: That’s true, because it is already a sensitive area. I have noticed that before or after I did the scrub and then I put on the moisturizer after it would tingle a little bit, like a burning sensation.
Paula Begoun: I know! And, Gwen, it is a bad thing. That is your skin going ouch, stop it, you are hurting me, cut it out.
Gwen: Okay, it’s done. It’s done. Now you weren’t so big on Cetaphil. I have been using this for three years now because it is like dermatology recommended and it is pure and all of this, but is there something else I should be maybe thinking about?
Paula Begoun: I’m sending you some of my stuff.
00:51:53 But on Beautypedia we rate lots of products from lots of different lines. It’s not that Cetaphil is bad. It’s just that it is dated. It’s an old formula. The analogy I always use, as I have said before, it’s like using a typewriter when you could be using a computer. Your skin just – the research about what skin needs has been abundant in the past 10 years and Cetaphil is a 20 year old, maybe even a 30 year old product.
00:52:24 So, your skin just needs more. So I’m going to be sending you along with the exfoliant, if you do want a little bit of that mechanical scrub feel on your face, just use a clean washcloth with your cleanser. Whose cleanser are you using, Gwen?
Gwen: The Cetaphil.
Paula Begoun: Okay, Cetaphil Cleanser, if you want one from the drugstore, use CeraVe. I’m going to send you my Resist Cleanser from my Resist line and see how you like that. And we are going to send you the Resist Ultimate Anti-Aging Hand Cream because that is our new product that we are going to give you as our gift, all of this as our gifts.
00:53:06 And, Bryan, Gwen also needs a concealer. We have got her foundation, she needs a concealer.
Bryan Barron: Yes. So there are two that I think are good options in your situation. One is from Revlon and it has sunscreen built in. So you are doing two favors for your eye area. They are Age Defying Moisturizing Concealer with SPF 25.
Gwen: Age Defying --?
Bryan Barron: Age Defying Moisturizing Concealer. And it is from Revlon. It costs about 10 bucks at Walgreens or wherever you shop for Revlon. If you have Sephora store in your area –
Gwen: Yes, we do.
Bryan Barron: Okay. There is a brand that they sell in most of their locations called Makeup Forever. And they have a product called Full Cover Concealer which sounds like it is going to be heavy, it isn’t.
00:54:07 But it provides significant coverage and the reason I am recommending this one for you to take a look at is just in case you can’t find a good shade in the Revlon option. The Revlon has a couple of good options for darker skin tones, but with the Makeup Forever option there is, I think, 15 or 20 shards all together and they have several good tan to dark options. You don’t want to go too dark because the concealer should be about a shade to a shade and a half light than your natural skin tone.
00:54:38 Matching the skin tone kind of defeats the purpose of the concealer and at least in terms of it serving as a highlighter to accent the under eye area and also to balance any darkness under your eye with the rest of your skin tone. If you match your surrounding skin tone then that darkness under the eye really isn’t going to look the way you want it to.
00:54:59 It might look a little lighter, but there is still going to be a contrast.
Gwen: Okay, which we do not want. All right.
Paula Begoun: All right, Gwen. Good luck. Enjoy the products and thanks for calling.
Gwen: Thank you so much. I appreciate it.
Paula Begoun: All right, take care Gwen. Desiree, Sherry from California is asking an interesting follow-up question because we have been kind of concentrating on concealers a little bit here. Sherry, your question – are you there?
Sherry: Yeah, I’m here. Mine is, unfortunately I get the lines and wrinkles around my eye.
00:55:36 You know, I’m no spring chicken. So just the caking and it kind of builds in there and it on the concealer, so I really have the dark circles. I need to get rid of that but I just have trouble making it look smooth and keeping it, especially throughout the day.
Paula Begoun: So, two things. Well three things actually because we are just going to reiterate what we just said.
00:56:00 Because it is a very typical problem. Concealer, especially as you get older, and you have crepiness and lines and the dark circles get worse because of age. The area becomes more hollow. Sun damage causes more darkness. So it is harder and harder to use the concealer around the eye. But the skin prep stuff is you absolutely either have to – you have got to wear sunscreen every day around your eye. And what Bryan and I have both been suggesting is makeup with sunscreen is the absolute best way to go.
00:56:36 You can indeed use a moisturizing sunscreen as well, but for around the eyes, concealer or makeup with sunscreen, you get the best of both worlds. The other thing is you have got to use gentle skincare. You have got to use skincare that doesn’t irritate the eye area. You have to do some exfoliation around the eye. One of the things to mention to Gwen is you could do it every other night, as you start, and get the eye area used to be exfoliated, and you have got to put a moisturizer on before you put your makeup on.
00:57:09 So you put your makeup on first – you do all the best skincare, exfoliate, especially sunscreen, and then you put your foundation over your eye area first and then put your concealer on. Do not put pressed powder under your eye. And if you do, just a little itty bit or it can look cakey and thick. And then make sure when you blend, and Bryan is going to be just shocked when I say this, it sometimes helps for people to use a concealer brush when you have lines to make sure you get it on smooth enough and not layer it on too much.
00:57:47 And that application with a brush can prevent it from caking. So those are absolutely recommendations you need to consider. I’m going to send you Daynah’s pick for our best foundation from Paula’s Choice, our Barely There Sheer Matte Tint SPF 20 and our Pressed Powder with SPF 15. That will get your sunscreen going. I’m going to send you our 1% BHA lotion so you can exfoliate around your eye a little bit.
Sherry: There’s no problem using this around the eye area?
Paula Begoun: I wouldn’t send you anything that would be a problem. I promise I would never send anything. But you have to –
Sherry: I’ve never exfoliated up to my eye. That just seems so new to me.
Paula Begoun: Well the eye area has skin, too. You just have to use products that are gentle and don’t irritate and have the right amount in them. That’s what I am going to send you.
00:58:51 And I’ve got to run.
Sherry: Thank you, thank you.
Paula Begoun: Thank you. Bryan, we need to do a show – Bryan and Desiree – we need to do a show on exfoliation. I’m Paula Begoun, the Cosmetics Cop. Next week we are going to talk about acne fighting treatments. You are going to get clear results, I guarantee it. On the 13th we are going to do age-related cosmetic procedures with [Dr. Nathopie]. He is a Seattle-based plastic surgeon.
00:59:19 And on the 20th, beauty risks versus rewards. Is it worth it? What are you considering to do and should you do it? I’m Paula Begoun, the Cosmetics Cop, with my Paula’s Choice Research Team, Desiree Stordahl and Bryan Barron. Come visit us at PaulasChoice.com. Until next week, enjoy being beautifully informed with us whenever you can. Take Care.
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