How to Get Gorgeous (Without Breaking the Bank)!

Airdate: 10/11/2013

Paula's Choice Research team members Bryan and Nathan share our latest list of drugstore doubles to save you time and money! Hear about the best bargains at the drugstore, learn which products are worth the splurge and which ones you don't need to spend more than $10 on. We promise you'll come away with some great tips on shopping smarter!

Bryan Barron: Hey everyone. It's Bryan Barron here with my team member Nathan Rivas. Hi Nathan.
Nathan Rivas: Hello.
Bryan Barron: Nathan is a critical member of the Paula's Choice Research Team. He is also our Social Media and Community Manager, so if you are on the Paula's Choice Facebook page, you have likely conversed with Nathan or asked him a question. He has done customer service with Paula's Choice. He's just kind of a Jack-of-all…a Nathan-of-all-trades.
00:00:30 So, we are going to be talking today about how to get gorgeous without breaking the bank. Anytime we do these money saving shows people really respond positively to that, because who doesn't like saving money. But the particular emphasis of this show is going to be what we like to call drugstore doubles, or essentially we're going to go skincare, makeup, and hair care, and we're going to tell you about products that we rated highly that are on the pricy side, definitely, but still recommended.
00:01:00 But, if you don't want to spend as much money, we're going to tell you which product is its near equivalent. Or, in some cases, even better, for less money. Now, who doesn't want that?
Nathan Rivas: Absolutely. Absolutely.
Bryan Barron: This is definitely a show that you will want to have pen and paper handy for, but if you're thinking, "I don't want to write down what you guys are saying because I love listening to you during my workout," don't worry -- we will have a transcript of this show on in the Community/Radio section so you can look up everything we're going to tell you about in terms of drugstore doubles and saving money.
00:01:35 We do our best to keep you beautifully informed so that you can make the best decisions about everything from skincare, to makeup, hair care, Botox, cosmetic surgery. You name it, we will discuss it. We will tell you the truth. We will tell you if we don't know anything about it. We're not all knowing, all seeing. We're not the Great and Powerful Oz. But we do our best to get you that information and present it in a balanced way, looking at published research and not just the hype that often is what gets you involved with something in the first place.
Nathan Rivas: And there is no drugstore double for Botox, I'm sorry to say.
Bryan Barron: That is very true! There is no drugstore double for Botox.
00:02:15 There is no drugstore double for dermal fillers. There is no drugstore double for lasers. Essentially, there's no drugstore, or department store, or home shopping, or infomercial, or Whole Foods-sold product that can replace in any convincing way what a cosmetic dermatologist can do.
Nathan Rivas: And if someone is offering you a double, then you don't want to take it. You don't want to get something called Bogotox, you know, or something like that.
Bryan Barron: Exactly.
00:02:40 Yeah, some of those stories you hear about people who, well, I don't want to say the back door, but just that kind…
Nathan Rivas: Back alley cosmetic surgery.
Bryan Barron: Back alley. Just what these people are having injected and all the complications. And, oh my goodness. All right, let's start with the list, which I actually need to get up on my screen.
00:03:05 I'm going to start talking you through skincare first. You can read reviews of all of these products at in the Beautypedia review section. But, let's start with cleanser. So, cleanser is a skincare staple. One of the cleansers that we think is particularly great is from Peter Thomas Roth. It is the company's Gentle Foaming Cleanser. And it really is gentle. And it does foam for people who like that foaminess.
00:03:31 $32 though for 6.7oz. That's expensive.
Nathan Rivas: That's a little pricy.
Bryan Barron: That's expensive for something that you're just going to rinse down the drain. A near double to that that I think definitely bested in terms of price for the exact same size is from Paula's Choice. It's our Earth Sourced Perfectly Natural Cleansing Gel. And, Nathan, you use this cleanser, don't you?
Nathan Rivas: I do actually. It's my favorite cleanser. The Earth Sourced Foaming Gel, for those of you who have used our Hydralight Cleanser, it's a nice, basic, simple gel appearance, but it does have a nice -- the Earth Sourced Cleanser has a nice foam to it as well, so you kind of get this good mix of a simple gel, but also a good amount of foam.
00:04:12 It doesn't have a funny smell to it. It really doesn't have a lot of the things that leave a bad taste or something like that. It's just a good all-around cleanser.
Bryan Barron: Yeah. I kind of think of it as our Goldilocks cleanser. It's not too foamy. It's not too creamy. It's just right.
Nathan Rivas: Yeah, exactly.
Bryan Barron: It's kind of a nice happy medium cleanser, which is why it why it works so well for all skin types.
Nathan Rivas: Apparently Peter Thomas Roth thinks the same as well.
Bryan Barron: Did his come out after?
Nathan Rivas: His came out, I think, right just shortly thereafter ours. So…
Bryan Barron: Sometimes the timing of that is a little coincidental.
Nathan Rivas: Yeah.
Bryan Barron: I'm not pointing fingers.
Nathan Rivas: No, no, no.
00:04:47 Just saying.
Bryan Barron: So, let's see, hyper-pigmentation, dark spots, big topic. Dark spots from sun damage. Something that automatically makes us look older. A lot of people get them and a lot of people want to know how do I get them gone. You could use, particularly actually the products that we had in mind right now are for dark spots on the hand, but technically you could absolutely use these on the face. And they may not come across -- the first one is from Clinique. And it's their Even Better Dark Spot Correcting Hand Cream with SPF 15. $35 for 2.5oz, or you could use the Paula's Choice Resist Ultimate Anti-Aging Hand Cream with SPF 30.
00:05:31 $12.95 for 1.7oz. Now, with both of these you are getting mineral actives that help prevent dark spots. And a lot of people don't realize this, but simply by protecting your skin from further sun damage you are protecting it from what is not only what caused that dark spot to show up on your hand or on your face or wherever, but also what fuels its long and welcome stay on your skin. So, sunscreen daily, especially on the hands, is critical if you really want to get rid of those dark spots.
00:06:03 You could be using the best dark spot treatment, even a prescription, and if you're not good about the sunscreen -- and by good we mean neurotic practically.
Nathan Rivas: Every day. All the time. Exactly.
Bryan Barron: Every day. All it takes is one brief exposure, especially to bright sunlight, that can undo months and months of treating that dark spot and getting it to the point where you can barely see it.
Nathan Rivas: It's one thing that we get asked about, I think, a lot, especially on Facebook, is people who say that, "Do I really have to be that neurotic? Do I have to wear sunscreen every single day? What if I'm not going outside or if I'm just going to be working from home that day?"
00:06:38 But, I mean, you're still going to have your windows -- they'll still be open. You'll still get these indirect exposures of light, unless you just have these blackout curtains and don't have light exposure at all. Then, okay, you can skip sunscreen that day. But the other 99% of us out there will have some type of light exposure at some point throughout the day. And Bryan is not exaggerating; it really does take a very short exposure to UV rays to really undo months -- months -- of daily skincare diligence.
Bryan Barron: Yes.
00:07:08 It's sad. It really is sad, because for a lot of people sunscreen isn't a daily habit. And we always say just think of it as brushing your teeth. If you wouldn't go a day without brushing your teeth, don't go a day without putting sunscreen on any areas of exposed skin. So, keeping up with the hyper-pigmentation and dark spots, we just told you about two products with sunscreen. There are two products that we also like for treating dark spots.
00:07:33 And just kind of giving a nice all-over glow to the skin. The first one is Estée Lauders Idealist Even Skin Tone Illuminator. You've probably seen ads for this or seen it at the Estée Lauder counter. Costs around $90 for 1.7oz, so that's definitely on the expensive side. But it is a product we rate highly, it's just that you don't have to spend that much money. From Paula's Choice we offer the Resist Pure Radiance Skin Brightening Treatment which is $26.95 for an ounce.
00:08:03 I know it might sound a little weird that we keep mentioning Paula's Choice as the alternative in the skincare category, but in truth there aren't many products that come quite that close when you're on the topic of a double. For any of these products you can visit our Best Products section and Beautypedia reviews, see which ones we like from other brands. We're not trying to push Paula's Choice; it just so happened that for skincare that's how it worked out.
Nathan Rivas: I really did look!
00:08:31 I looked through some alternatives and I found that a lot of products, they either had been discontinued by a brand or they had changed the formula, so it just wasn't a double.
Bryan Barron: Yeah. Nathan is a very fair-minded person, I assure you. So, okay. For facial masks, we do like the one from Chantecaille, it's their Detox Clay Mask with Rosemary and Honey.
Nathan Rivas: Oh, we actually hate that one.
Bryan Barron: Oh, we hate that one?
Nathan Rivas: Yeah, that one is….
Bryan Barron: I was wondering, because it had the rosemary in the name.
00:09:00 And I said, "Well, maybe it's just a little bit."
Nathan Rivas: Rosemary and rosewater actually are the base. So, this is actually more of like a swap-and-save sort of drugstore double.
Bryan Barron: Oh, this is a swap-and-save, okay.
Nathan Rivas: Yeah. Definitely it's a step and upgrade from that very hyped Detox Mask.
Bryan Barron: Okay, which is $78 for 1.7oz.
Nathan Rivas: In a jar!
Bryan Barron: Yeah. Really quickly, this mask has the word "detox" in it. You can't detoxify skin. There are no toxins in skin that need to be pulled out. and despite the popular belief, the body eliminates toxins via the liver and the kidneys, not via the skin, and not via sweat.
Nathan Rivas: That's absolutely right.
00:09:43 There's nothing more to add. So, the detox claims with skincare -- and if a product actually could change skin in that way, or have an effect on your body in that way, it would be regulated as a drug. It wouldn't be just some skincare product you can go and pick up from anywhere.
Bryan Barron: Right. But detox isn't a word, or detoxifier, or purify, or purification -- those words have no regulatory meaning, which means that a cosmetics company can use them any way they want.
00:10:10 And, by the way, the same applies to terms like hypoallergenic, safe for sensitive skin, non-comedogenic, and so on. You want to see the research on what makes the product safe for sensitive skin. And at the very least it should be fragrance free. A mask that you can try instead that doesn't make silly detoxing claims is from Paula's Choice. And it's our Skin Balancing Oil Absorbing Mask, which is $15.95 for 4oz.
Nathan Rivas: That's right.
Bryan Barron: Is that right?
00:10:36 4oz. So, don't spend $78 on Chantecaille. Consider Paula's Choice or any of the other masks on our best facial mask list. For serums, you could buy -- this is a good one, the Hourglass Cosmetics No. 28 Primer Serum?
Nathan Rivas: Actually, this one in particular actually is one that is not so great. It does have some good elements to it. It has some nice reparative features, nice reparative ingredients, but then they also have some fragrance ingredients in there as well which aren't so great.
00:11:09 So, it's not an awful serum, but it's got a lot of elements going for it that we wouldn't typically recommend. Yet, you could find a much similar option from the Paula's Choice line that has still all of the reparative benefits and actually much, much greater range of antioxidants and other sort of…
Bryan Barron: Yeah. If I remember correctly about this Hourglass No. 28 Primer Serum is that it had a nice mix of plant oils and fatty acids in it, which that's what makes Skin Recovery Super Antioxidant Concentrate Serum, which is $26.95 for an ounce, that's what makes it such a close double for this.
00:11:47 Because a lot of the serums that we recommend, they're more all-skin type formulas, and they aren't necessarily as specialized for dry skin. And if you have dry skin, using a serum, whether it's called Primer Serum or just serum, essentially the formulas are more or less interchangeable. It's that typically with a serum you get more bang for your buck.
00:12:08 You don't need a primer if you're using a serum. But the Paula's Choice formula, that Skin Recovery formula, is specialized for dry skin. It's got some of those unique ingredients in there that you don't find in your all-skin types serum.
Nathan Rivas: Absolutely. Yeah, it's definitely one of our more popular options for those who get really dry, tight skin, especially in the winter time.
Bryan Barron: I love that one in the winter.
00:12:31 I switched to it this past winter and now I'm back using the regular Resist Antioxidant Serum. But, yes, that's all I would use at night over my exfoliant. It's perfect.
Nathan Rivas: I'm all about our Ultra Light Serum. I'm super oily -- oily skin guy. I can't even look sideways at the Skin Recovery Serum.
Bryan Barron: I was a little nervous about trying it, but it served me well. I did not break out or anything. For sunscreen, this was definitely more of a double, and a bit embarrassing for the company in that it's a shame that they're charging so much. Peter Thomas Roth, the Sheer Liquid SPF 50 Anti-Aging Sunscreen is $52 for 1.7oz.
Nathan Rivas: 1.7oz!
Bryan Barron: Now, in the Paula's Choice line we have a Body Care, which again, can also be used on the face.
00:13:20 The face is part of the body. Paula's Choice Extra Care Non-Greasy SFP 50 sunscreen, so again, same SPF value, same lightweight ingredients and silky texture and matte finish. $14.95 for 5oz.
Nathan Rivas: And when we say the same ingredients, the Peter Thomas Roth sunscreen that came out after ours, it's actually very, very similar in terms of what you're looking or in terms of the actives and the things that create that lightweight texture. The thing with the Paula's Choice, though, the Extra Care Non-Greasy is that it has actually a much wider variety of antioxidants. There's a lot more going for the Anti-Aging side of our sunscreen versus the Peter Thomas Roth version.
00:14:05 So, really, gosh, for $14.95 for 5oz versus $52 for 1.7 is kind of crazy.
Bryan Barron: And real quick, the danger of spending a lot of money on a sunscreen, whether it's for your face or for your body, is that the more you spend the less likely you're going to be to apply that sunscreen liberally. And regardless of how much any given sunscreen costs, liberal application is essential to get the amount of protection stated on the label.
Nathan Rivas: That's true.
00:14:32 Yeah, about a quarter, I would say about a quarter of a teaspoon is what's considered that face, and then the same for the next. And that works out to be I think a quarter-sized volume of cream or liquid in your palm. And if you're paying $52 for 1.7oz, that is probably going to get smaller, to about maybe like a pea or a dime.
Bryan Barron: Yeah, it is. At least for your face, if you're following with say a foundation and a pressed powder that also have sunscreen, you can get away with being a little bit stingy with the moisturizer with sunscreen.
00:15:04 But, if you're in doubt, if you think, "Have I applied enough?" Apply a little bit more, because chances are you haven't applied enough. Most of us don't. I'm just as guilty of it.
Nathan Rivas: I put on a lot of sunscreen, but I use our Ultra Light sunscreen, so I can put it on…
Bryan Barron: If I know I am going to be in the sun for a long period of time, I definitely make sure that I double and triple up on it, but for day-to-day, I'm not sure on a day-to-day basis I would meet the definition of liberal application. But, at least I'm not seeing a color change to my skin.
00:15:34 And maybe that has to do with the fact that we don't get a lot of sun here in the Northwest.
Nathan Rivas: That could be. That could be.
Bryan Barron: But, as Paula likes to say, it's not just sunlight, it's daylight.
Nathan Rivas: That's true. Yeah, the UVA and the UVB. The UF Aging and the UV Burning.
Bryan Barron: Very good. I love that pneumonic device. All right, Nathan, let's talk about some makeup doubles and swap-and-saves. I love that.
Nathan Rivas: Makeup is probably one of the easier places for us to find doubles because one -- there's two elements going for it.
00:16:03 One, that so many brands are owned by the same conglomerate company, like L'Oreal owns this huge chunk of the Cosmetic Industry. And Estée Lauder owns another huge chunk of the cosmetic industry. And so what you find is especially after a brand is acquired by a company like L'Oreal or Estée Lauder, about six months or so you start to see products that are released that really do resemble each other.
00:16:29 They might be marketed completely differently to two totally different demographics, but then they end up having almost identical ingredient lists. And that's what we definitely found true in a lot of the makeup items. I guess we'll go in order of application. So, we'll start first with the makeup primers. And makeup primers, for the most part, it's kind of a confusing mix of products because no one really knows what a primer is or what a primer is supposed to do. But ideally what a primer should do is to help your make last longer, or give you kind of more of a uniform smooth feel before you're going to be putting on your eye shadow or your foundation or what have you.
00:17:04 The NARS Smudge Proof Eye Shadow Base is one that we do rate very highly and it is certainly a big favorite. You see it a lot in beauty magazines. It's $24. It is definitely effective if you have oily lids. Well, a brand called NYX cosmetics I, I think, probably one of these brands that do get a lot of love from Paula's Choice because they have a lot of very good, innovative products that do take on, I think, a much -- I guess you'd say, high end appeal to them because they are virtually formulated like a lot of the popular high end products you'll see from brands like NARS.
00:17:42 So, the NYX Cosmetics HD Eye Shadow Base is virtually identical to the NARS Smudge Proof Eye Shadow Base. The only thing is the NYX Cosmetics version is $7. Virtually the same products, just the packaging is a different color. You know, NYX you can find at Ulta and some Targets and even some drugstores now, I think, carry NYX Cosmetics.
Bryan Barron: In the Seattle area there's a chain of drugstores called Bartell Drugs and I've seen the NYX line in a few of those locations.
Nathan Rivas: It's kind of a growing line, which is good.
00:18:16 I mean, I think it's a great line.
Bryan Barron: Oh, they are. We love NYX. On a national basis, I think, Ulta Stores would be the best bet, at least in the United States.
Nathan Rivas: That's true. And, of course, you can order NYX products online from Ulta or actually from their Web site. And I believe they have a pretty flexible return policy as well.
00:18:34 You'll have to check the Web site for that.
Bryan Barron: That's always nice.
Nathan Rivas: Yeah. So, the other makeup primer option we have is, so Benefit, the POREfessional, does definitely get a lot of hype, especially from beauty magazines. It tends to be kind of marketed as this Holy Grail product. I actually, I think I remember even writing the review for this. It does definitely do its job as a primer or for just mattifying the skin, actually.
00:19:00 It's $30 and it is also very fragranced. That's kind of the one caveat with that product is it does smell a bit like a flower exploded on your face.
Bryan Barron: Yeah. It's got some color to it.
Nathan Rivas: Yeah, it does. Well, the NYX Cosmetics Pore Filler is everything that the Benefit POREfessional is, except they left out the fragrance. So, there is no fragrance with the NYX Cosmetics Pore Filler. It's $13. $13 -- you get all of the same benefits, only actually improved. You actually don't get the fragrance.
00:19:30 So, if you're considering Benefit's POREfessional, don't even worry about it. Just go to NYX Cosmetics and get their Pore Filler. You'll get the exact same product, just no fragrance.
Bryan Barron: Perfect.
Nathan Rivas: Absolutely. So, for foundation, oh my gosh, there are so many foundations out there that are really quite similar to one another. I thought we'd go ahead and pick out some that I thought we were seeing more of recently in the media. The first one is the IT Cosmetics, their O2 Ultra Repair Liquid Oxygen Foundation.
00:20:02 We actually do rate that one well on the Web site because the whole oxygen side of it, it's not the same thing you get with some other products that use hydrogen peroxide or some other type of…
Bryan Barron: No, no, no. Not like that at all.
Nathan Rivas: Yeah, a free radical-inducing ingredient. But this particular IT Cosmetic foundation is actually rated well on our site. It's $43.50. It does have a nice finish to it for those who have kind of more combination to oily and are looking for a medium amount of coverage.
00:20:29 Well, the Resist Instant Smoothing Anti-Aging Foundation, it includes, of course, all of those same benefits in terms of coverage and finish. And the IT Cosmetics does have a few beneficial ingredients to it, that aside. Well, the Resist Instant Smoothing Anti-Aging Foundation has quite a few, quite a good mix of anti-aging antioxidants, a lot of other reparatives. So, it's definitely a good formula for those who are looking for something not only that has a nice, natural finish to it, that gives a good amount of coverage, but is also going to have some ant-aging benefits to it as well.
Bryan Barron: As a quick aside, we are working on, with that particular Resist foundation, we're working on adding a couple of darker shades.
Nathan Rivas: Ah, yes!
00:21:10 We actually did discuss that on Facebook, giving people a little sneak peek of it. That's going to come out in December, I think, Kate was saying. That's the hope.
Bryan Barron: That's what we're shooting for. It may bump into early 2014. But I know that the product development team is doing their best to get them here this year.
Nathan Rivas: Yes. Absolutely.
00:21:29 So, just that summary there is the IT Cosmetics O2 Ultra Repair Liquid Oxygen Foundation, $43.50, versus the Resist Instant Smoothing Anti-Aging Foundation which is $24.95. The other foundation we have is the Giorgio Armani Designer Lift Smoothing Firming Foundation, SPF 20, is a foundation that we do rate as a good option. Despite the name Designer Lift, of course you're not going to get any lifting out of a foundation other than the $65 that comes out of your wallet, you know, for this product.
Bryan Barron: Yeah!
Nathan Rivas: But it is a good foundation for those who have somewhat combination-to-dry skin. The other alternative to this, the double, is the e.l.f. Cosmetics Flawless Finish Foundation SPF 15. Even though you do lose a few SPF points to that, you gain quite a hefty profit with the $6 price tag for the e.l.f. Cosmetics version.
Bryan Barron: You can take the money you save and buy a powder with sunscreen, or go from a facial moisturizer with SPF 15 to 30.
Nathan Rivas: Yeah.
00:22:36 You could buy a combination of things for that.
Bryan Barron: That is a startling amount of money saved. And, again, the Armani line has a lot of great products. By the way, Giorgio Armani Cosmetics and fragrances, not the clothing, but the cosmetic and fragrance portion of that business is another L'Oreal brand. Surprise!
Nathan Rivas: Yes. Absolutely.
Bryan Barron: You'll find similarities between Armani's makeup, Lancôme's makeup, L'Oreal makeup, some Maybelline. I do think that Armani keeps a bit of cache in terms of having some unique formulas.
00:23:28 And probably a more neutral color palette for foundations and powders. Although L'Oreal's pretty good with True Match and Maybelline's with Fit Me. So, you know, they're all worth trying. It really just comes down to how much you're comfortable spending.
Nathan Rivas: Absolutely.
Bryan Barron: And you don't have to spend, $65 on a foundation is just a bit ridiculous.
Nathan Rivas: That's a lot of money.
Bryan Barron: It really is.
Nathan Rivas: Although we do hear from people on Facebook that once they find a foundation, it can be so difficult to find one that they tend to stick with it no matter the price tag.
Bryan Barron: Yes.
00:23:39 I agree with that 100% because finding the right foundation can be a chore and a frustration and you can waste a lot of money in the process. So, even though you know you're spending too much, if it's working in every other respect it's definitely worth the splurge. A little bit later on in the show we are going to talk about the beauty products and hair care products where spending a bit more may be warranted.
00:24:04 And other categories where you can save, where you can consistently say, "I'm not spending more than this much and I know I'm still going to get a good product."
Nathan Rivas: Absolutely. So, blush. The next item here is the Stila Convertible Color Compact, which if you're not familiar with the Stila Convertible Color, it's marketed as a combination of a cream blush and a lip color at the same time, which is virtually true, I guess of any -- of any cream blush. The difference here is that that the finish tends to be more creamy and less dry.
00:24:34 So, this is a great product for those who tend to have dry skin or who would appreciate more of a dewy finish. So, the Stila Convertible colors are excellent and it's a fragrance-free product. Now, the alternative though if you don't quite want to spend the $25 for the Stila version is the NYX Rouge, NYX Cosmetics Rouge Cream Blush. Here comes NYX again. We warned you that they would dominate. But this is an excellent product that has virtually the same finish, same last, which whenever you have a cream blush you don't really get a full day out of it, not like you would a power or a liquid stain.
00:25:08 But certainly it can give a good pop of color for those who like that kind of finish. But for $6, the NYX Rouge Cream Blush that even has more color options than the Stila Convertible Color at $26, it's kind of a no-brainer I think. Definitely if you have dry skin it's certainly worth checking out.
Bryan Barron: Buy more than one. And then for powder blush, M.A.C. Cosmetics, they've got great blushes. They're $21. They're easy to apply. Great color range. But, so does NYX! NYX Cosmetics Powder Blush is $5. And I would put that up against any powder blush from M.A.C.
00:25:41 You may find a different color selection, not quite the exact same color, but for $5, again, buy two.
Nathan Rivas: It's a steal. It's a steal. We actually have one more to mention for blush. The Makeup Forever HD Micro-Finish Blush has certainly gotten a lot of -- definitely a lot of press on it. It's $26. For virtually the same finish and same performance, e.l.f. Cosmetics Studio HD Blush is just $3.
Bryan Barron: Yeah. Oof! Yeah, e.l.f. and NYX are both really good lines to look for just in general. For their price point, we're often very surprised at how much they compete with the big guys.
Nathan Rivas: Absolutely. Absolutely. A lot of the products are certainly worth checking out. Some misses in the line, but that's true, I think, of any cosmetics brand.
00:26:28 It can be tricky to find something. So, eyeliners. Eyeliners, we did find quite a few options here for doubles. But we narrowed it down to some of the more popular options. So, the first one is by Lancôme, their Artliner Precision Point Eyeliner is $30. The L'Oreal Paris Lineur Intense Felt Tip Liquid Eyeliner is just $9. And it's really virtually the same performing product.
Bryan Barron: You won't tell the difference!
Nathan Rivas: Exactly. And you're worth it. Ha!
Bryan Barron: Ha! Absolutely! What about Estée Lauder's Double Wear?
Nathan Rivas: Estée Lauder's Double Wear Zero Smudge Liquid Eyeliner, $23, versus Physician's Formula Eye Booster Two-in-One Lash Boosting Eyeliner Plus Serum -- goodness, that's quite the name -- it's $11.
00:27:14 So, that's like a dollar a word for the name, for the title.
Bryan Barron: And just really quickly, the Physician's Formula product does not have anything in it that boosts eyelash growth. It's not the poor man's Latisse or anything like that.
Nathan Rivas: Exactly.
Bryan Barron: Ignore that claim.
Nathan Rivas: Good point. A good point. But it is a really nice eyeliner in terms of the performance.
Bryan Barron: It is.
00:27:29 As an eyeliner, we love it.
Nathan Rivas: Speaking of eyeliners we love, Mally Ultimate Performance Ink Liner. This is -- if you haven't seen this -- it's an ergo-dynamic little handheld felt tip eyeliner. So, it's supposed to fit in the palm of your hand and make applying that cat eye just a little bit smoother and a little less shaky. Well, the NYX, the Curve, NYX Cosmetics The Curve Felt Tip Eyeliner is virtually the same product. And when I say virtually the same product, I mean it's virtually the same product.
00:27:58 $15, the difference. So, $26 versus $15. That gets you quite a few cups of coffee, I think. Or at least two if you live in Seattle. Ha! Bobbi Brown Long Wear Gel Eyeliner. I know they're very popular, sort of a cult favorite, is $23. It comes in a nice range of neutrals. The Sonia Kashuk Dramatically Defining Long Wear Gel Eye Liner has all of those same neutrals and they also tend to feature some limited versions that come out by the season.
Bryan Barron: Yeah, seasonally colors.
Nathan Rivas: Might be a little trendier.
00:28:31 $9 for virtually the same product.
Bryan Barron: And you'll find Sonia Kashuk at Target for those of you who are like, "Who, huh, what?"
Nathan Rivas: Exactly. Sonia Kashuk at Target. Lip color. And, Bryan, I'm going to let you pronounce the name of this brand.
Bryan Barron: Oh, yes, I don't have the price in front of me, so you'll have to chime in with how much this chic-chic lipstick costs. It's Guerlain's Rouge G L'Extrait Crème de Rouge Matte Color.
Nathan Rivas: That's quite the pronunciation there, Bryan.
Bryan Barron: A little overdramatized, I know.
Nathan Rivas: Well, the price is also overdramatized.
00:29:04 It's $48.
Bryan Barron: Oh, look at that. I knew what I was walking into!
Nathan Rivas: Ha! Versus that, and that product has kind of a nice, soft, matte finish to it, which his somewhat apropos because the NYX Cosmetics named theirs the Soft Matte Lip Cream. It's $6. It does have kind of a nice not-exactly super matte, and not-exactly glossy. It's kind of somewhere in between. So, the Soft Matte Lip Cream by NYX Cosmetics, $6.
00:29:33 Very nice range of neutrals and brights and deep colors.
Bryan Barron: Shocking.
Nathan Rivas: I know, yes.
Bryan Barron: That one really is shocking.
Nathan Rivas: Yes. Well, the NARS Pure Matte Lipstick, and I think that one of the questions we often get for lipsticks is what lipsticks will have a genuinely matte finish to them and not travel outside the lines.
Bryan Barron: Right.
Nathan Rivas: Which is definitely true, I think, for those who have lines around their lips. So, the NARS Pure Matte Lipstick is $26, compared to the NYX Cosmetics Matte Lipstick at just $6.
00:30:06 And it is an equally performing product with a superior range of shades. And, again, NYX Cosmetics is available at primarily Ulta Stores, but also at Targets and some drugstores as well. Hair care…
Bryan Barron: Let's go through hair care fairly fast, because there isn't as much to say about hair care as there is about makeup and skincare.
Nathan Rivas: There's not.
Bryan Barron: Paula was saying on an earlier show that it's actually really hard to find a bad hair care product.
00:30:37 Chances are if you find one that you don't like, it's typically for one of two reasons. The product was mislabeled, for example, it said it was great for finer thin hair, and it was actually a heavier formula that would be better for medium to thick hair. Or, you believed the claims on the label. You believed that it was going to repair your hair, that it was going to reconstruct your hair, or that it was going to keep your hair color from fading.
00:31:03 Those claims cannot come true from hair care products, particularly in regards to color fading. Water and sunlight are the two chief culprits. You could be using the most drying, stripping shampoo out there, and it's the water and the daily exposure to UV light that is mostly responsible for the color fading. So, using a gentle shampoo helps. And we have some good ones on the list.
00:31:28 These are excellent doubles for those who don't want to spend too much. And there we go. I know, I just lost the scrolling there. I should keep all this in my head. Pureology Super Smooth Hair Conditioner -- Pureology, another L'Oreal brand. Yes, it's true. They were independent for awhile, but at Ulta, the Ulta Ultimate Pure Color Conditioner is a dead ringer for it. We promise your hair won't notice a difference. The same is true if you're using Pureology's Super Smooth Shampoo. How much does that cost, Nathan?
Nathan Rivas: The Super Smooth Shampoo is $27 for 8.5oz and then the Pureology Super Smooth Hair Conditioner is $30 for 8.5oz.
Bryan Barron: Oh my god!
Nathan Rivas: Ulta really did a good job with their Ultimate Pure Color Conditioner and Shampoo.
Bryan Barron: I don't have any confirmation of this, but it wouldn't shock me at all if they were actually using the same formula or the same lab.
Nathan Rivas: I would say yes because they are very, very similar.
00:32:38 I think there's a small difference in fragrance. The Ulta has, both the shampoo and conditioner have a small amount of mint in them, so you do kind of get that mint smell when you're using them. But it's not a traumatic amount of fragrance. And certainly for the amount of money you're saving and getting virtually the same product, it's worth it.
Bryan Barron: So what about this Kerastase Nutritive Serum Oleo Relax?
Nathan Rivas: Oh my gosh. So, Kerastase is also owned by L'Oreal…
Bryan Barron: Because I read that name and I have no idea what I'm getting. Ha!
Nathan Rivas: Ha! You're getting gypped is what you're getting.
Bryan Barron: That's why I was like Oreo? Oreo Relax, as in cookie? Relax with a cookie?
00:33:03 Oh, Oleo, oil? Okay.
Nathan Rivas: It's essentially just a blend of oils. A blend of plant oils. It's like an oil and silicone based serum is what it is.
Bryan Barron: Ah, okay, and that's kind of the rage now is it's not just a silicone serum but a hair oil.
Nathan Rivas: Exactly. If you can put something from the kitchen that you'll cook with…
Bryan Barron: Thank you, Moroccan Oil.
Nathan Rivas: Yes, Thank you, Moroccan Oil. But it is $32 for 4.2oz. Now, the double for that is the Organics brand Hydrating Macadamia Oil Dry Styling Oil.
00:33:31 Yes, oil is mentioned twice, so it's not my error. It's $8 for 3.3oz. And Organics brand, they're sold really kind of all over the place, drugstores, Targets.
Bryan Barron: Yeah. I've seen them all over town. Rite Aid. Fred Meyer.
Nathan Rivas: For the money you're saving you're getting really the same product. Just because Organics is less expensive, still the same quality.
Bryan Barron: And by the way, Kerastase -- another L'Oreal brand!
Nathan Rivas: Absolutely. You'll see a lot of Kerastase products reproduced throughout L'Oreal and also Garnier.
00:34:01 So, I would check those out first.
Bryan Barron: If you are going to the Gene Juarez salon in Washington State and you are buying Kerastase, which is a line they retail, please stop. You are spending way too much money. Seriously, the Gene Juarez's in our area at least are selling the Oribe line as well, which is a stylist line. And although his products are very expensive, too, I've looked at a lot of their formulas and they're fairly different.
Nathan Rivas: Oh they are?
Bryan Barron: Not necessarily better, but at least you're getting something different and more interesting for your money.
00:34:32 Whereas Kerastase, there are so may doubles in the L'Oreal line.
Nathan Rivas: And they're just basic. It's such a basic list of ingredients.
Bryan Barron: It really, really is. Maybe they have nicer packaging and more of a pleasant fragrance or whatever, but that's not anything that's going to -- the packaging and the scent isn't going to impact how your hair looks or feels.
Nathan Rivas: Exactly. Exactly. So, the next one is the Aveda Smooth Infusion Shampoo. And I've actually never used this brand. Have you used this Smooth Infusion?
Bryan Barron: I have. Yeah.
Nathan Rivas: It's a good shampoo, I think, for what hair type would you say?
Bryan Barron: The Smooth Infusion shampoo is a bit too heavy for my hair type, but I would say somebody who has -- my hair is more normal-to-fine.
00:35:14 So, someone who has normal-to-slightly thick or coarse hair, particularly that hair that has more of a wiry texture, and could use some smoothing. Take the Smooth Infusion part of that name seriously. It does contain some silicones and other conditioning agents that do smooth the hair shaft. And then maybe why I didn't like it, because it was more of a conditioning shampoo.
Nathan Rivas: Gotcha. And so for those when we say wiry, also, even if you have like chemically damaged hair, if you think of your hair like straw…
Bryan Barron: Exactly. Yes.
Nathan Rivas: …also the same. And that is $21 for 8.5oz. Well, the Neutrogena Triple Moisture Cream Lather Shampoo is an almost identical product if you're looking for something.
Bryan Barron: And how much is that?
Nathan Rivas: $7.
Bryan Barron: That is an awesome shampoo.
00:35:54 Again, it wouldn't be great for my hair type, because it's definitely a richer shampoo. But for a line like Neutrogena that isn't necessarily, you don't hear Neutrogena and think, "Oh, hair care." You think the little bar of soap or maybe hypoallergenic or acne products. No, Neutrogena has some sleeper hair care products. And the Triple Moisture line is one of them. And that shampoo, in particular, is a must try if you have dry, damaged hair.
Nathan Rivas: There is a small caveat, though.
Bryan Barron: Oh, what's that?
Nathan Rivas: You do lose 0.05oz with the Neutrogena version. So, sorry.
Bryan Barron: Oh, and this is kind of a wah-wah, but Neutrogena is a brand that tests on animals.
Nathan Rivas: That is true. That is true.
Bryan Barron: That does not affect how we rate a product.
00:36:37 We give you that information in another part of our site and let you decide, you know, where you want your beauty dollars to go. Of course, Paula's Choice does not test on animals. Never have. Never will. Don't pay anyone to do it on our behalf. But, sometimes people come after -- they don't come after us like with pitchforks or anything, but they'll write in and say, "How can you recommend this product by brand X because I know that brand X tests on animals, you say as much on your site."
00:37:03 Yes, they do. But, we decided a long time ago to keep that criteria out and let the consumer, let the reader make up their own mind on what brand they want to support versus what they don't.
Nathan Rivas: That's true. And because we do evaluate products based upon research and fact, you know, we do that so we can abstain from bias. And so even though we don't like animal testing in the cosmetic industry, for us to involve how we personally feel about that brand, because of that, to taint the review, we wouldn't be of any use to you. We'd be no different than any other discussion board where you go and hear someone's experience on a product.
Bryan Barron: Very good point.
Nathan Rivas: Yeah.
00:37:38 So, it's up to you to make that decision. And we just make sure that you have the facts to do that with.
Bryan Barron: So, last, no wait, we have two more.
Nathan Rivas: Oh, yes, we do.
Bryan Barron: Two more hair care doubles. Listen up, kids.
Nathan Rivas: Ha! The Kerastase Reflection Chroma Riche Mask is essentially just a very hydrating conditioning mask, a leave-on or rinse out.
Bryan Barron: They're good about making their products just sound expensive.
Nathan Rivas: It is, yes.
00:38:06 Exactly.
Bryan Barron: I don't know what Chroma Riche is, but I want it, you know?
Nathan Rivas: Reflection. It is $55, $54.
Bryan Barron: Oy.
Nathan Rivas: $54 for 6.8oz, which that is smaller than you'd think looking at the jar at the office today.
Bryan Barron: I think we should be doing this show with a cocktail.
Nathan Rivas: Exactly! Ha!
Bryan Barron: Just to make these prices easier to take.
Nathan Rivas: Well, the L'Oreal Paris Power Moisture Moisture Rush Mask, yes, Moisture is in the name twice. I did not make the error. That mask is virtually identical to the Kerastase version.
00:38:42 And remember, Bryan mentioned earlier that Kerastase is owned by L'Oreal and you see that reflected in a lot of L'Oreal products. But you get this one from L'Oreal for $7 for 8.5oz of product. So, definitely quite the steal there.
Bryan Barron: Yeah. Geez. With the money you're saving on these hair care products you can splurge on a salon blowout or straightening treatment.
Nathan Rivas: That's true. That's true. Last, we have one more, one more hair care. Yes.
00:39:11 Last one. And Josie Maran is, of course, very popular for using Argan oil in all of her products, so her Argan Oil Hair Serum, which is essentially just a mix of silicone and Argan oil, and there's a little Shea, I think in there, or olive, or something along those lines, some other food oils. But mainly what's doing the job is you have plant oils and you have silicone. Well, the Organics brand Renewing Moroccan Argan Oil Extra Penetrating Oil for Dry and Coarse Hair. And the last part is important because there are three versions of this.
00:39:40 So, the extra penetrating oil for dry and coarse hair is virtually identical, only it's primarily just Argan oil and silicone. So, you're actually kind of getting a little more bang, I guess, for your dollar there for the price difference. It's $8 for 3.3oz. So, looking for an Argan oil and silicone hair serum? Organics is the place to look.
Bryan Barron: Cool.
00:40:04 Let's talk about a couple of areas, products at the drugstore that you can find in most drugstores that I think are worth the splurge in that you can find similar products at the drugstore, maybe even a store brand that costs less. I am speaking from personal experience here, so take this advice or leave it. But the couple that I wanted to mention that I think are fairly common items that most people would want or need to have around the house are cotton pads and the brand that I have found that works consistently great is by Swisspers.
00:40:40 I typically see them in most drugstores. They do cost a bit more. You'll maybe pay like $5 or $6 for a two-pack of 100 pads versus $3 for the store brand. But what I love about Swisspers, because I use a toner every day, and I use a toner as my after shave, and put that on with a cotton pad. It doesn't get caught in the whiskers. And it doesn't leave those little fuzzies all over my face.
00:41:07 Some cotton just kind of disintegrates almost, as soon as you start rubbing it around, and these hold up really well. So, I love the Swisspers brand. I've tried the cheaper ones and there's no comparison. The other are area is Q-tips. Q-tips has become kind of a generic name, like give me a Kleenex for just describing a tissue, but Kleenex is actually a brand.
00:41:30 And so is Q-tip. And I've tried other cotton swabs, as they're generically called, and I don't know, I love Q-tips. They're so versatile. I use them for all kinds of -- even back in the days when I was doing a lot of wedding makeup, I would often use Q-tips as disposable blending tools, you know, blend out some eyeliner, or even to correct, if I apply a little bit too much lipstick and had to clean up around the lip line and the brush was getting kind of gunky, so I couldn't use the brush, I'd just grab a Q-tip and they never fail me.
Nathan Rivas: So, what specific, I'm curious.
00:42:03 What specific qualities about a Q-tip versus a generic Q-tip can you expect, Bryan?
Bryan Barron: The Q-tip brand tends to have a firmer head, but I think they use better cotton, because it tends to stay intact rather than unravel.
Nathan Rivas: Oh, okay.
Bryan Barron: And then the stick itself, I've noticed in some of the cheaper brands that the stick can be really flimsy.
00:42:28 So, you're using the Q-tip for whatever purpose, and you're holding it like in the middle of the stick, and then it starts to bend.
Nathan Rivas: I see, okay, yeah.
Bryan Barron: And you lose control of what you're doing. And particularly if you're using a Q-tip to clean in or around the ear canal, which you should never stick a Q-tip in the ear itself, but for very carefully cleaning the outer portion of the ear they can be fine. But I like the fact that the Q-tip brand doesn't have that bend to it, which increases when you're using it around the ear. It increase the odds of it getting inside the ear itself.
Nathan Rivas: That's a good hand-pointing gesture you did with that sound.
Bryan Barron: This isn't being videotaped, but I just pointed.
00:43:06 And, Nathan, anything come to mind for you when you're shopping at the drugstores? Or like is there a shaving gel that you know you don't need to spend that much? Is there a hair care product that you're like, "Eh, I could probably find this cheaper but I won't."
Nathan Rivas: Sadly, no. No. There's nothing. I don't really, because all my skincare products are all Paula's Choice. I'm kind of boring there. And the only hair care products I use are from Paul Mitchell.
Bryan Barron: What happened to the Lush products you used to use?
Nathan Rivas: Got discontinued. Discontinued.
Bryan Barron: Both of them?
Nathan Rivas: Yes. Yes.
00:43:38 Well, the thing with that, I used two Lush products. One was like a gel cream, and it was a very firm hold. That was the Big Tease. And the other one is the Dirty Hair Cream, and that one was more of a traditional kind of oil and emulsified based styling product. Well, the Big Tease is actually the one that did most of the work because I have -- my hair gets pretty unruly, so that really kept everything in place.
Bryan Barron: Oh, okay.
Nathan Rivas: So, without that, the dirty hair cream just wasn't -- it wasn't enough.
00:44:07 I did find the next best thing was from Paul Mitchell and it was the Tea Tree Firm Hold Hair Gel and their Tea Tree Wax. I just mix those two together and that's indispensible for me now. You know, that's really it. Paula's Choice, I think, is like 99% of my product at home. Ha! I don't really stray.
Bryan Barron: Okay. I mean, as far as skincare that's pretty much the same thing for me as well.
00:44:34 Let's go down and talk about some products where you might want to splurge, where the splurge is worth it, and some categories where it just makes more sense to spend less. For AHA and BHA exfoliants, kind of middle ground. If you're using one that has the add-on of like soothing agents, anti-redness ingredients, antioxidants, I do think it makes sense to spend a little bit more.
00:45:00 This is a category where there isn't a cornucopia of products. So, you want to make sure that you're using one of the better brands in that regard. Anti-acne products, benzoyl peroxide is not something that you necessarily need to splurge on, it's just hard to find a benzoyl peroxide product that is truly as gentle as possible because some benzoyl peroxide can be drying for some people, so you want that addition of no fragrance, which would actually be a subtraction.
00:45:30 And the addition of anti-irritants to help reduce the redness that always accompanies breakouts.
Nathan Rivas: You don't see a lot with anti-irritants. That's the thing. A lot of the benzoyl peroxides that we tend to see are just super simple formulas that do the job but can have some harsh irritant consequences.
Bryan Barron: Yeah. So, you can find some decent benzoyl peroxide products at the drugstore, but you might want to look to the department store or mail order lines for some of the better ones. But, you can make up your mind on that, maybe try both and see what you think.
00:46:00 I don't think it makes a lot of sense to splurge on body care products, particularly body wash. I think maybe $6 to $10 on a body wash, unless you're getting a very specialized formula or something that's for extra sensitive skin that's without fragrance. Facial cleansers, you don't really need to splurge on those. Stay within a realistic price point. You don't need eye creams, period. You can go to Expert Advice and take a look at our article that explains why you don't need eye creams.
00:46:31 Facial masks, you know, they are an optional skincare product and whether or not you want to splurge on one of those is completely up to you. You can find good ones that are expensive and good ones that are not so expensive. The makeup removers, I wouldn't splurge on those. There's no reason to buy a makeup remover from a department store line and spend say $26 for a 4oz. bottle. There are some great ones at the drugstore as well as from lines like Paula's Choice.
00:47:01 Moisturizers for nighttime. Daytime moisturizers with sunscreen. If you are talking in serums, if you're talking about state-of-the-art formulas that are loaded with those beneficial ingredients, that can make splurging -- I wouldn't go so far as to say that splurging is a necessity, but chances are that if you're staying within a slightly pricier group -- are you following me here, Nathan?
Nathan Rivas: Mm-hmm.
Bryan Barron: In other words, you could find some serums out there that are around $16, $17 maybe for half an ounce or so.
00:47:38 But then if you spend upwards of $25 to $40, kind of in that range, for 1oz, chances are that $25 to $40 range, if it's one that we rated highly it's going to be more beneficial for your skin.
Nathan Rivas: Yeah. I never see a serum from a drugstore. I mean, the exception of it is Olay, but even theirs are on the high end. Theirs are close to $30, right, for the serums from Olay?
Bryan Barron: Like suggested retail.
00:48:02 They'll often sell for less than that, but yeah, exactly, the ingredients that go into those state-of-the-art serums and moisturizers and moisturizer with sunscreen are expensive.
Nathan Rivas: Yes.
Bryan Barron: And sunscreens in particular, particularly those for the face face that are loaded with additional, as Nathan says, reparative ingredients and what not, those are not cheap to make.
Nathan Rivas: Yeah.
Bryan Barron: And so the ones that we rate highly that are a bit on the pricy side, balance out how much you're going to spend with whether or not you're going to apply it liberally, which as we mention is essential.
00:48:33 And don't overspend there. No reason to do that.
Nathan Rivas: And you can find, I mean, if price is a big concern for you, you can find some decent options in a lower price range for moisturizers. I mean, they won't be fantastic. They won't have everything that a best-rated product would. But there are some good rated -- some products that are rated as good in Beautypedia, Paula's Choice reviews, that you can find at the drugstore that are a little bit lower, but they just don't have all the bells and whistlers, or rather effective ingredients, I should say.
00:49:04 But, you know, they'll get you some good results.
Bryan Barron: And maybe use a moisturizer that's inexpensive and rated good from the drugstore and you pair that with one of our best rated serums or retinol products, serum with retinol. Retinol is also, it's another expensive ingredient if you're going to use it in an efficacious amount. At Paula's Choice we always make sure that we are using the amount that the research has shown as necessary for effectiveness.
00:49:31 Scrubs, you can skip scrubs all together unless you just can't give up using one, in which case I'd say just try using a wash cloth with your cleanser. If you say, "No, that won't do, I've done that," scrubs you don't need to spend a lot of money on. You can buy your scrub from the drugstore. Don't both with the Clinique Seven Day Scrub Cream and all that. It's just not worth the extra money. Shaving products you don't need to spend a lot of money on -- shaving gels, creams.
00:49:56 Again, maybe if you're looking for a very specialized product, but there are some really good inexpensive ones out there. Makeup, I would say the only, you know, foundation and concealer can be worth a splurge at the department store because of the option you have to test the colors right there in the store. That's typically something that is not an option in a drugstore. You kind of have to eyeball the color in the bottle, you know, behind its packaging, and take your best guess as to what shade you think is going to work.
00:50:30 So, it may make more sense to splurge on foundations. Lipsticks, mascaras, lip pencils, eye pencils, eyeliners, lip glosses, all of that stuff you can save money on. I would recommend splurging on brushes. Would you agree?
Nathan Rivas: Yeah, that's true. We do get a lot of people who say that a lot of their "Holy Grail" brushes tend to come from some high end lines. There are some products, some winners you can find at brands like Sonia Kashuk and e.l.f. have one or two really good brushes that you can certainly consider experimenting it.
00:51:02 But by far we've heard and seen a lot more success with, you know, with honestly some of the medium high to high end brushes out there.
Bryan Barron: And I've yet to find a drugstore brush line, Ulta has a couple like Eco Tools and Japonesque, they make some interesting brushes. I wouldn't recommend their brushes just as far as all of them are great.
00:51:32 Whereas I would for lines like M.A.C., Sonia Kashuk at Target. I guess you could equate Target beauty products with what's available at the drugstore, because there is a lot of overlap, but Sonia Kashuk is kind of a step above in terms of brush quality.
Nathan Rivas: And price point, too. The prices are a little higher, but..
Bryan Barron: Good point, yeah. CoverGirl and Maybelline, Revlon will do brushes every now and then. And they're okay in a pinch.
00:52:01 Or maybe as a second set for like a quick weekend trip. But I wouldn't rely on those brushes. They're just not made well enough to last for years and to really professionally apply makeup. So, eye shadows, you don't need to spend a lot. If you're going for a palette you may want to invest a bit more. Urban Decay has some great palettes. Bobbi Brown. Laura Mercier. I would only advice splurging though if you look at that palette and think, "Yes, I can realistically see myself using most if not all of these shades on a regular or semi-regular basis."
00:52:34 No point in splurging on a palette of 12 shades if you're only going to use three. And, you know, those are worn down to nothing in the pan and then you've still got nine…
Nathan Rivas: The green one? Ha!
Bryan Barron: Or nine other shades that you've never touched and you're like, "Well, now what do I do?"
Nathan Rivas: Absolutely.
Bryan Barron: And you don't want to use it anymore. You should have just bought a trio because there's plenty of those, too.
Nathan Rivas: And if you strike upon a palette where you just absolutely love it, and the shade range, and the finish, then you know, sure, go ahead and splurge on it. But, as Bryan said, you can easily find individual combinations of products from brands like NYX or from e.l.f. or from a lot of L'Oreal, a lot of other brands that have some nice matte and satin and shimmer shades. So, there's a good variety out there if you're not stuck on palettes.
Bryan Barron: Cool.
00:53:17 All right. Well, I think that wraps up this topic, our show on "Drugstore Doubles and Beauty on a Budget." You can visit us at or They'll take you to the same place and you can find our information, all of our latest product reviews, and we do maintain an updated list of drugstore doubles. Be sure to check out our Paula's Choice Facebook page. Like us on Facebook where we routinely feature drugstore doubles, swap-and-save.
Nathan Rivas: That's true.
Bryan Barron: What else should we be calling that?
Nathan Rivas: Well, there's the drugstore doubles and there's the swap-and-save, and then we have articles where we'll talk about a whole range, a whole class of ingredients or products like hair care products.
00:53:58 And we'll mention those in there as well. So, the bottom line…
Bryan Barron: And we do that on Twitter.
Nathan Rivas: We do on Twitter.
Bryan Barron: And we're going to be doing it on Pinterest.
Nathan Rivas: And on Google Plus. And we're all over the place.
Bryan Barron: So, regardless of the social media platform that you prefer, and we most of you love Facebook as we do, that is where you can follow us and check us out in multiple social media platforms. Instagram.
Nathan Rivas: That's true. Oh my gosh.
Bryan Barron: We're on Instagram. We're on Twitter Vine. It's just kind of exploding. But we are working hard to get our message out and to help save you money so that you can find the best products to take care of your skin and look beautiful. Thanks for listening and we will talk with you again soon.
Nathan Rivas: Bye!
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