Is Your Makeup Aging You?

Airdate: 6/5/12

Learn tips and tricks for keeping your makeup style fresh and contemporary while looking younger!

Paula Begoun: You know, before we talk about makeup and aging, there are a couple of things. Bryan and Desiree, I didn't mention this to you earlier, but it is kind of cortisone cream as a way to deal with dry skin isn't the best because it is really about irritation, it is really about inflammation, it is really about Eczema.
00:00:32 But the products who deal with inflammation and irritation like Lanacort and Cortaid aren't the best in terms of having an elegant, wonderful feel. So, Cortaid came out, I believe it is Cortaid, it is called Cortisone 10 Hydro-Sensitive Anti-Itch Lotion for hands and body. And the formula, I mean, this is cool.
00:01:01 It is $10.99, I think it is about 4 ounces. It is very, very nicely done. It is emollient. It has a silicone base with some petrolatum and some nice anti-irritating ingredients. It works, it just really, really works. You just can't use it all the time. The idea with any cortisone cream is to use it intermittently.
00:01:31 I have had Eczema all of my life and my skin has paid for it because I didn't know about, nobody know about skin thinning when I was a kid struggling with Eczema and I did have terrible Eczema. I don't know if that intermittent use would have worked back in those days. But now I still have times where I get irritation and I do use a prescription cortisone cream, it is more potent than the over-the-counter types like the one I am mentioning here, this Cortisone 10 Hydro-sensitive product.
00:02:03 But the idea is to use it until the irritation calms down and then stop using it and only using it when you get flare-ups and that intermittent use doesn't thin skin. It is the regular, continual daily use that can cause problems for skin. So just over the irritation until it clams down, intermittent use. And then I would take a look, I don't know, this is a very good option and it is inexpensive. It is absolutely worth a shot.
00:02:31 And then the other thing - oh yes.
Bryan Barron: Did I do good?
Bryan Barron: Sorry to interrupt. I'm on Cortisone's site and I am seeing that they have two versions of this. There is Hydro-sensitive soothing with the oatmeal and Hydro-sensitive healing with aloe. And the aloe, the healing version is the one that says "no fragrance added." So I just wanted, for our listeners, which one of these two are you referring to?
Paula Begoun Well, I would always like to refer to - the one I am looking at is the one that says it is with aloe. It actually doesn't contain much aloe.
Bryan Barron: Okay, so that is the healing one with the green stripy on it.
00:03:09 And that is the one that is fragrance-free?
Paula Begoun: Yes, it is a nice little. Yes, fragrance-free. Obviously, god, for eczema and irritation, fragrance is just - I mean whose idea of good skin care is that, but of course the cosmetics industry does things like that all the time. Thankfully this Cortisone 10, the aloe version did not.
00:03:32 Let's see, oh I know what we have been talking about. So this was a discussion a reader, a listener emailed us and asked us about the Olay Professional Pro-X Advanced Cleansing System. Now this Pro-X little brushy cleanser, scrubby thingy for your face is actually not that scrubby because it is kind of rubbery bristle so it is not like a bristly thing that you scrub into your face.
00:04:00 Olay Professional Pro-X, that is their red products. I'm not recommending any of their red products. They are just over-priced versions of their Definity at the drugstore. It might look better; it does have very sexy packaging but that doesn't mean it is better. In fact the formulas are astoundingly similar to Definity, nothing improvement on Definity from the Pro-X line. In fact, oh, good plug, is free through the end of February.
00:04:31 So you can go and check out the Definity products, the Pro-X products, but this new one which we actually should get up on the website now that we are talking about it, this Pro-X brush is designed to directly compete with the Clarisonic brush. Now, I am not nuts about the idea of brushing skin and the heads - you don't clean the heads and makeup - I'm not a fan of these kind of systems.
00:05:03 However, a lot of people love them, that extra cleansing step to get makeup off. It is worth a consideration. And if you are going to do it, even if you own the Clarisonic, it is still worth it to check out and consider buying the Olay Professional Pro-X instead. The Clarisonic itself is $200. The Pro-X is $30 and it can be used in the shower. Bryan, that's what you said, right? It can get wet?
PBryan Barron: That is true.
00:05:36 Olay positions it as being water-proof so you can take it in the shower. I'm fairly certain Clarisonic has that same feature. So clearly the big selling point with Olay, and although they are not calling out Clarisonic in their ads for this product, they are mentioning the leading $200 skin cleansing brush - as if there is a dozen of those. Anyway -
Paula Begoun: Yeah, there is only one and it is Clarisonic.
Bryan Barron: Yeah, so I don't know.
00:06:05 Their ad wasn't - I don't think their ad is going to fool anyone. The implication is clear. The biggest advantage if you want to try a product like this is the price. It makes much more sense to invest $30 to see if you like a system like this with your cleanser, and Olay is pushing their own cleanser with it which is, interestingly, the cleanser they push with this system has scrub particles in it. So I'm a little - it's actually not a bad cleansing scrub to use on its own, but used with this battery powered brush device, especially if you are a little bit too zealous with it, that is putting your skin at risk.
00:06:43 You would be better off using it with a gentle cleanser that doesn't contain those scrubby beads.
Paula Begoun: Yes, right. And actually the Olay, getting away from the expensive Pro-X stuff, Olay's sensitive foaming cleanser is a good option. Of course I think Paula's Choice has great options. But if you want to stick around with Olay than their sensitive skin foaming cleanser would be far better with this brush thing they have got going on with Pro-X.
00:07:12 But the other thing about Pro-X that make this Pro-X Advanced Cleansing brush thingy is that not only is it $30 but the head replacement, because you do have to change that head, it is going to get grotto, but the replacement head for the Olay version is $10.
00:07:31 The replacement version for Clarisonic is $40 dollars. So it is cheaper in the long run to just get the Olay version and if you own the Clarisonic version, because the amount of money you are going to spend to replace the head, I mean, there is no comparison between $40 and $10 over, I don't know how long you can make this one last. You really should disinfect it each time, but that is another story. So check out if you want the Olay Professional Pro-X brush.
00:08:03 I think it is worth it. I think the other products they sell absolutely are not especially, not over their Definity products. And the Clarisonic, I don't know, I would give that up. $40 replacement heads? I mean that is just one expensive way to get your face cleaned. But what we are going to talk about tonight as I am watching my face thinking, god, I should really do a little walk down the beach here and say, "Do you think my makeup makes me look older?" I have been experimenting like crazy.
00:08:33 I know I am obsessing, I'm obsessing. But let me give you my best steps. Please, if you just follow half of this, I promise you will look younger, you will like the way you look. People around will go, oh, you can walk down the beach and ask people, "Do I look younger," and they will say yes. So here they are. These are the top tips. These are Bryan, Desiree and I coming up with the best we have to help you look younger.
00:09:06 Now at last show, because we talked about makeup and covering up on the last show, one of the things that we talked about with our lovely guest whose, it's Katherine, right? Katherine Heintzman?
Desiree Stordahl: Kimberly Heintzman.
Paula Begoun: Kimberly. I knew it was with a "K." So Kimberly, makeup artist extraordinaire, we talked about concealing under the eye. She has a trick about layering. I think she is layering it on people who don't have wrinkles under their eye because layering concealer just makes crepey skin under the eye look [crepier].
00:09:43 I just couldn't reproduce what she was talking about over my wrinkly, crepey eyes that are in such need of an eye-tuck. Oh, oh, wait, I have to change subjects for a second. Sorry. So, guys, I was on the plane flying over to Hawaii, and there were none of the movies that I either had seen them or wasn't interested, and I actually watched "Sex and the City 2."
Bryan Barron: Oh, I'm so sorry.
Paula Begoun: Oh, it was painful.
00:10:16 Actually the best line in the movie when, which character is the one with the dark hair? What's her name?
Bryan Barron: Charlotte.
Desiree Stordahl: Charlotte.
Paula Begoun: Charlotte. So Charlotte, worrying about her husband having an affair with the nanny, says to Miranda in being honest, she says, "When I first, when the idea came up that he might be having an affair with the nanny, all I could think of was I don't want to lose the nanny."
00:10:45 I thought that -
Bryan Barron: Okay, that was cute.
Paula Begoun: But that was the only - it was the worst plot, the worst movie. It makes "Ishtar" look like an Academy Award nomination. I mean it was, oh my god.
00:11:01 But the thing that really freaked me out is all of them except Miranda had the worst plastic surgery or the worst dermatologic procedures I had ever seen in a - now I shouldn't say ever seen, because you see it all the time. Hollywood is famous for bad facelifts. But I thought, who is the one that is the sexy one? What's her name?
Bryan Barron: Kim Cattrall, the Samantha character.
Desiree Stordahl: Samantha.
Paula Begoun: Samantha. Samantha. Her facelift, she was unrecognizable.
00:11:37 The only one that's worse, and this has nothing to do with the four "Sex and the City" girls, the only one that was worse was the ad I saw for Suzanne Somers, the ad Suzanne Somers that are new, Forever Young?
Desiree Stordahl: Sexy Forever.
Paula Begoun: Oh my god. She looks like Frankenstein.
00:11:59 I mean, I don't know, I'm not criticizing her system, I don't know anything about her system. You know, I said to my boyfriend Harsha that I was ready, I need to get a facelift. And he said, "If you get a facelift I'm leaving you." And I went, "What?!" What a thing to say. And he said, "I have never seen a facelift that wasn't scary." And then I'm watching the "Sex and the City 2" and then Forever Sexy Young thing from Suzanne Somers, I thought, "Oh my god, I'm never getting a facelift; if I look like that shoot me."
00:12:31 And you know one of the things I noticed that the "Sex and the City" girls all had was they did fillers at the lines between their eyebrows and they over Botoxed it. So one of the things that happens when you over Botox an area like between the eyebrows is you get a flattened look, a spread-out flattened look when it is overfilled with dermal-filler, and then over Botoxed.
00:13:01 IIt is just, okay, I'm done. Let's talk about - I'm sorry. I was having a - I told my boyfriend, "Okay, if I look like that you can leave me." So, all right, so don't let your makeup age you. Don't let Botox age you, either. So, if you have oily skin, this is very important. If you have oily skin, you have wrinkles, you are over 50, you can't do what women with dry skin do.
00:13:33 There are plenty of products, particularly from Paula's Choice, that are great for oily skin and wrinkles. Now that is unusual for my line because I made my products and I have oily skin and wrinkles. Any of my toners are loaded with the ingredients that come in, emollient creams and lotions. Those emollient creams and lotions, even when they are well-formulated are not for somebody with oily skin. It will just make your makeup slide right off.
00:14:03 When you do use a moisturizer under your eye you just use a little bit or it will make the concealer slip right in there. Back to the concealer issue, I just wanted to make sure that I mentioned that putting concealer under the eye over a very slippery emollient moisturizer will make it slip and go into the lines. But the one thing you can do and I have been doing this and we are going to talk about it more in just a minute is applying the concealer and then taking a sheer but luminous, not sparkly, a sheer but luminous powder to just a little, little bit to set and light, you can't go dark, you have to go as light as the concealer, which should only be one or two shades lighter than your foundation.
00:14:50 If you go too light you are going to look like you have big raccoon eyes, reverse raccoon eyes. If you go too dark you are going to look like you have raccoon eyes. Both aren't going to look good. And then just gently dust it to pick up the stuff, the concealer that has gone into the lines and that, great, that can really work. I have been using the Flawless Concealer from Estee Lauder. My concealers work really, really well. And Maybelline New York Instant Age Rewind has two different sides, a lighter sheerer one and a heavier one. If you want to try the layering technique you are going to want to try this product because you can put on the heavier concealer first. Not a lot of it, just a little bit and then they have this very sheer, liquidy thing.
00:15:39 Actually it is very similar to that fancy Yves St. Laurent one. Bryan, what is that one called that is in the gold container from Yves Saint Laurent? What is that one called?
Bryan Barron: It is "Touché Éclat."
Paula Begoun: Oh, surely you don't mean tushy. Okay, Touché, like touch. Okay.
Bryan Barron: That was my typical attempt at butchering French which is why I took Spanish in high school. Ole!
Paula Begoun: Touché or touche.
00:16:10 What was the rest of its name?
Bryan Barron: Honestly when I have been at the Yves Saint Laurent counter I most often hear it pronounced by the sales people as "Touché Éclat."
Paula Begoun: Okay, Touché Éclat.
Bryan Barron: Could be totally wrong, I don't know.
Paula Begoun: Well, what's really wrong is it is about $50 or plus and Maybelline New York Instant Age Rewind, I put it up against the Touché Éclat any day for $7.50.
00:16:38 It is absolutely worth it.
Bryan Barron: Yeah. Paula, do you want me to mention some of the powders with shine that we came up with?
Paula Begoun: Oh, sure. I was going to get to that but go for it, might as well mention them now.
Bryan Barron: Okay, yeah, before we move onto the next tip. So for using a non-dry area, or really for all over your face, some of our favorites are Estee Lauder Nutritious Vita-Mineral Loose Powder Makeup.
00:17:01 That has SPF 15 and it is a gentle mineral sunscreen so it is ideal to use around the eye to touchup your sunscreen, not as a standalone. At the drug store you can look at L'Oreal Translucide Naturally Luminous Powder, costs around $12. And then if you frequent Ulta or Sephora, we like Le RoC Translucent Touchup Powder. That is a pricier one, not too terrible, it is $32 and it is a press powder, so for those who prefer working with a press powder, they are certainly less messy than loose, that would be the one to go with.
Paula Begoun: And then, for lashes because lashes falling out unfortunately one of the things about growing up, I hate this growing up process, is your lashes get thin, start losing eye lashes. And I have this one area under my eye where I just can't grow lashes unless I use one of the lash growing products.
00:18:00 And I am talking about the lash growing products that work. Not the L'Oreal one. The ones that are out there - I mean there are so many that popped up on the market that contain absolutely nothing that can grow lashes. The three that we have reviewed that contain the ingredient, a similar ingredient to the one that is in the prescription only Latisse. Latisse works, it is pricy but it works. Got to get a prescription for it.
00:18:27 The two that are over the counter is Peter Thomas Roth Lashes To-Die For Platinum, it is $125. And also Rapid Lash Eyelash Renewal System, $49.95. They work, they run risks - you have to look up the risks though. Go to and see how we have reviewed them. Because the same risks, they are not any safer to use than Latisse but they absolutely work. So, actually when I use it, when I remember to use it under my eye, the lash and the area that is naked that I can't get lashes to grow back in naturally, because you can't get lashes to grow back naturally, actually start growing back.
00:19:09 It is really kind of incredible. The idea of wearing mascara, you can wear less mascara because just your lashes are so freaking long. The best mascaras I am going to recommend. I have been kind of attached to my new mascara which is, I hate it when I can't remember my product names. Illegal Lashes? What do we call that?
Desiree Stordahl: Illicit Lash, Maximum Impact Mascara.
Paula Begoun: Illicit!
00:19:38 Oh god, it's embarrassing. I know we are going to get letters about the fact that I can't remember my product names. But there are thousands of products I have to deal with. Okay, Maybelline New York, the Colossal Mascara. Clinique High Impact Mascara. And Bryan, you are just nuts about the MAC two-sided or two dip, two different wipers on the MAC mascara? Which one is that?
Bryan Barron: Yes, the MAC Haute and Naughty Lash.
Paula Begoun: Haute and Naughty Lash.
Bryan Barron: I think that there are better single mascaras out there if you really want all-out length for all-out drama, but what I love about the MAC is that because of the way it is packaged you get two very different mascara looks in one container. So you can do, depending on which side of the brush you use you can get a natural look for day-to-day that really lengthens lashes or you can get some thickness for weekends or those times when you are actually using makeup more for dressing up.
Paula Begoun: So lots of great mascaras out there.
00:20:41 And, again, is free so you can go take a look. Eyeliner has to be done carefully. When you use pencil, pencils that are greasy have to be set with powder. All kinds of eyeliners are an option. We recommend L'Oreal Hip Studio Secrets, MAC Fluid Line. Rimmel - Rimmel gets overlooked a lot.
00:21:02 So does Sonia Kashuk. Really inexpensive, great products. Rimmel has Exaggerated Full Color Eye Definer. It is a pencil. So the MAC Fluid Line is a gel eyeliner meaning it is kind of creamy, goes on and dries. All of this stuff has to be used carefully. You don't want to use - when you think of mascara, think of it as an enhancement for the lashes. So it should be the same color as your lashes when you wear mascara because that gives the eye - think of it, it's kind of like wearing false eyelashes.
00:21:33 Aside from the false eyelashes looking longer, the strip gives that eye length and the eye shape really that extra definition. That is what eyeliner does. You can wing it up in the back, that is a technique. You just have to be really careful so you don't look like you are flying out in space. What I do is just very subtly wing it up at the back. And I mean we are talking millimeters. And then how I draw it on is I go very thin at the front of the eye and then thicker towards the back.
00:22:07 That is a great secret. The other thing is, don't overdraw brows. Plastic, wet, damp looking, greasy brows doesn't do it. And I got to tell you, I think that our Paula's Choice Brow-lipstick and our Paula's Choice Brow and Hair tint are just some of the best out there.
00:22:29 I know I am bragging and we are going to make other recommendations, but we will give them away a lot when we talk to women tonight which we have to get to. Anastasia of Beverly Hills Brow Powder Duo - absolutely consider checking that out. And Maybelline New York Define a Brow. Avoid sparkly eye shadows. Okay, I know, I've said it a million times, but they make wrinkles look worse. Revlon Matte Powder eye shadows, Physicians Formula Matte Collection and then, of course, Stila and Bobbi Brown and Laura Mercier and MAC all have their ones you can play with at the department store.
00:23:04 Don't wear heavy foundation. Covering up the face - I will see the foundation. So you want to go sheer. A little luminous if you want. Glowing is an option. But not heavy. Bobbi Brown Oil-free Even Finish Compact Foundation, Cover Girl True Blend - really good price on the Cover Girl True Blend, and, it's a good foundation - and Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation. It is pricy but it is worth a test run.
Bryan Barron: Paula, let me just interrupt real quick on that. Cover Girl foundation, we are recommending the Whipped version. There is a regular True Blend that comes in a bottle with a pump. The Whipped version is the one that gives that nice, soft luminous finish and it comes in a jar.
Paula Begoun: Oh, that's good. Is that good? Jar? Oh, because it's not a - oh, never mind. Ignore me.
Bryan Barron: It's not a skin care product. Just wash your hands before you dip your finger in and you should be okay.
00:24:00 Or use a brush.
Paula Begoun: I was just going to say a brush or a sponge is -
Bryan Barron: Sure.
Paula Begoun: I'm a sponge person, but there are makeup brushes that actually would work really well with that one. Don't forget lip liner. Lip liner as we get older, this one I just hate. Unless you are going to get dermal fillers to fill out your lips, the lips will get lined and they will turn in. It is just what happens to an aging face. So, don't forget lip liner.
00:24:30 But just like liner and mascara, the eye liner enhances the lashes so the colors should match you lashes with mascara on, lip liner should match the color of your lips. You don't want to extend beyond your lips, but you want to go over that outer edge to enhance it. That will help the lips look - again, it's not bigger, but just more defined. Sephora Waterproof Retractable Lip Liner - that is brilliant.
00:25:01 Clinique Quick Liner for Lips and L'Oreal Infallible Never Fail lip liner - I don't know about "never fail" because you have to put it on - that is about you failing, not the lip liner. Wear more blush than you think. I know that sounds weird - soft and everything. But what I see a lot of older women do is get scared about blush because it is easy to overdo it, but going in the other direction of looking to pale looks ghostly, looks dull. You want a vibrant glowing look.
00:25:31 Neutrogena Healthy Glow Blush and Bronzer - it is a great, great product. Boots Number 7. Stay away from the Boots anti-wrinkle products, they are not good. But the Boots Number 7 Cheek Tint is a great product. And Revlon Cream Blush as an option, especially if you have a sheer foundation on, you can put the cream blush over it. Okay, two more and then we are going to take calls. Don't wear color eye shadows. Don't do it. No blues. No purples. No Green or obvious colors of any kind.
00:26:01 It just looks strange. As a rule, not strange, it looks like you are trying to be 12 years old again. Don't do that. That always makes you look older. And never, ever copy what a 20-year old model or actress is wearing. I love when I say to a friend or someone asks me about makeup and I say don't wear all these colors. "Well, they are showing all of these colors." I go, yeah, I know, in fashion magazines, I know. But they are on 25-year old women. They are not on the runway models, they are not on the celebrities, they are not on anybody over 35.
00:26:38 So don't do that. It ages you almost automatically. And if you don't know how to do an eye shadow design, don't do it. I think it was a few shows ago a woman called and asked, she wanted to start wearing makeup again and didn't know how to do eye shadow colors, and I said just go slow. I mean I don't wear eye shadow. In fact I only wear eye shadow when I am doing television or interviews.
00:27:06 I just wear mascara. I do my brows. I put foundation, concealer, a little bit of powder on with sunscreen on and lipstick and blush and that's it. And she goes, "That's all you do?" I go, yeah, and it can look gorgeous. Because when you don't know what you are doing and you apply it, then that is going to look bad. Simple is just fine. Overdoing and not knowing what you are doing, that's not good.
00:27:32 Okay, that's all of our tips. We are going to get that into a beauty exclusive. And listening to us, so you look gorgeous. We love gorgeous, that's a good word. And younger. I'm working on it. Desiree, let's take our - what were you going to say Bryan?
Bryan Barron: Oh, Desiree wanted to mention something about a new magazine for our listeners who wanted some great examples. This was great timing.
Desiree Stordahl: Yeah, it was. There is this magazine, it is called "New Beauty."
00:28:00 You can pick it up at the stands. They do a quarterly issue. This is their Winter/Spring 2011. But, Paula, almost every single tip that you gave is in this magazine and they actually show before and afters. For instance there is a woman wearing way too much lip liner or she has over-plucked eyebrows or just several of the other tips that you gave out, they do a before and after picture and tell you what to do right. And it is a really good way to see how it actually looks.
00:28:29 Many of the women in this magazine actually look 10 years younger, at least. And it is really just about their makeup. It's pretty incredible. So that is "New Beauty," the Winter/Spring 2011 issue.
Bryan Barron: The one with Reese Witherspoon on the cover.
Paula Begoun: How old is Reese Witherspoon these days.
Bryan Barron: She is a few years younger than me. I think she is 33 or 34.
Paula Begoun: Boy, she has been acting a long time. But I have to tell you, in terms of fashion magazines I have never seen a fashion magazine do a story, you have to save that article for me.
Desiree Stordahl: I will.
Desiree Stordahl: They should have quoted me.
Desiree Stordahl: I'm almost thought they did.
Paula Begoun: Let's take our first call.
Desiree Stordahl: Our first caller is Jessica from Arizona.
Paula Begoun: Hi Jessica.
Jessica: Hi Paula. Hi. How are you?
Paula Begoun: Good, what's going on?
00:29:20 What can I do for you?
Jessica: I do have a question regarding my skin. Well my skin is kind of combination. It's kind of dry to oily, depending on the weather. And it does look dull, kind of no-glow, and I do have some fine lines, especially over the eyes and the forehead. And maybe a few blemishes at times, but that is really seldom. And when I use some foundation makeup it tends to emphasize the lines more and they don't last.
Paula Begoun: I know.
Jessica: So I'm just wondering what to do. I've just kind of tried everything but they don't really work.
Paula Begoun: Wait, so Jessica, are you talking makeup?
00:30:01 I'm not clear. Tell me what your question is specifically about your combination skin. Go on.
Jessica: Well, I don't know whether it is my skin I have to do something first before I do the makeup or what is the best way?
Paula Begoun: So is your question about - what's happening is when you apply makeup you feel your lines are popping, is that the idea?
Jessica: Yes, it tends to emphasize more of them. It's like my [unintelligible] would say, "Hey, it tends to sit there instead of covering it."
Paula Begoun: I know. I know. I know.
00:30:37 That's what - now some of it is that the recommendations for sheerer foundations, the sheerer the foundation the less likely that is to happen. When you wear regular coverage foundations, I don't care whether they call it "luminous," I don't care whether they call it "glowing." I don't care whether they say the pigments "refract light." Whatever mumbo jumbo they say to you, you put on foundation with medium coverage, it is going to pop wrinkles. I can't do anything about that. That's just fact.
00:31:10 So the sheer foundations that Bryan and I went over with the tips we just gave you. And you can go on and look up the sheerer foundations we recommend, particularly those with sunscreen so you stop getting more lines - well, it won't stop them completely but to not make it worse, more of a problem than it is.
00:31:32 And then tell me what skin care products - and setting it with a light sheer powder that we were talking about. Those two things will make a huge difference in how your foundation goes on. And again, I strongly recommend a sponge but a makeup brush, it's not so easy using your finger. If you have a technique down with your fingers, that's great, but for the most part I think it is easier to experiment with a makeup brush or a sponge.
00:31:59 And then what skin care products are you using Jessica?
Jessica: I use the Elizabeth Arden, actually. But I don't know. I just actually looked at Beautypedia, and it didn't get much good reviews. So I was like, uh-oh, I think I am using the wrong product instead of making it better it is not doing anything.
Paula Begoun: And you are also wasting money. You know, it is one thing to use good products that cost a lot. It is a whole other thing to use bad products that cost a lot. So we are going to send you some of Paula's Choice Skin Balancing, our skin balancing skin care routine for you to experiment with.
00:32:39 It is going to have a serum in there that goes on matte if you use just a teeny little bit of it before you put on foundation. I think it will go - but just a little bit. I mean you have to use that serum really, really little bit. A little goes a long way. And then I am also going to send you our 1% BHA gel and our 2% BHA liquid from our Clear line, the regular strength for you to experiment with to exfoliate your skin.
00:33:08 I think it will help a lot. I think you might be surprised that your skin isn't as dry or combination as you think once you start using products that tone down, get you the right ingredients to your face, I think you will call me up and say, "Thank you." But you can always call me up and I will get you other products. Thanks for calling, Jessica. Take care.
Jessica: Thank you so much. Okay.
Paula Begoun: Bye bye. Desiree, next caller?
Desiree Stordahl: We have Sharon from New Jersey.
Paula Begoun: Hi Sharon.
00:33:40 What can I do for you?
Sharon: My question is a makeup question for a person with, me, a person with very fair skin whose hair has turned white all around the face and without, of course, a little maybe ramping up of the lipstick or something, I look sort of like a white piece of paper from top to bottom, from hair to chin.
00:34:09 And so -
Paula Begoun: I'm sorry. I don't mean to laugh. I know exactly what you are talking about. So go on, Sharon.
Sharon: Any tips you might have? I do use an eye shadow and that helps - but maybe now I should back off of that a little bit, I'm listening to you saying for every day it is not necessarily required to put on a [good face].
Paula Begoun: I think the things that are going to help you the most for what you are describing is you have to wear a foundation that matches your skin tone.
00:34:44 You can't make your foundation darker than your skin tone. So what you can do is you can use a very soft, light contour kind of color. We are going to send you our Healthy Finish SPF 15 Press Powder. It is a tannish color, without shine. You would just put it on the sides of your forehead, under the cheek bone, just lightly, lightly along the jaw. And I mean lightly. And I mean - and then you take, we are going to send you some Paula's Choice makeup sponges so you can blend it down if you apply too much.
00:35:27 I'm also going to send you an assortment of our different foundations. All of our foundations have sunscreen so you get your sun protection from the neck up from the pressed powder and the foundation so you can experiment with our lightest shades of those sheerer foundations with sunscreen and see what you think. And then, you have to use a natural colored lip liner. A natural color lipstick. You don't want to go too dark. Don't do that orange Boca thing on your, Florida, you want to use a neutral, natural pinkish/mauve, not dark, not purply, on the pinker side.
00:36:06 That will give you a fresh, soft look. Lip liner that matches your lip color. And mascara and liner and blush. And keep that blush in the pink, pale color. And we are going to send you - we have our Paula's Choice Brush Set, our professional brush set. It is one of the better ones out there; definitely one of the more reasonably priced ones.
00:36:32 It has a nice powder brush for you to use and a blush brush because the way to get makeup on is not with the little obnoxious brushes that come with makeup that you buy, but you need some good professional brushes. So we are going to get all of that out to you, and I think that is going to get you what you want. And Sharon, tell me what skin care products you are using.
Sharon: Well I'm using your 8%, what is it, the -
Paula Begoun: Alpha Hydroxy Acid.
Sharon: In the morning and the evening after cleansing and I have been using the Olay Regenerist moisturizer with the sunscreen, 15 sunscreen in the winter and the number 50 sunscreen in the summer.
00:37:25 And at night I have been using Olay which you don't think much of and I'm going to try your, what is it, the Recovery thing for night. But may I ask one more question about -
Paula Begoun: I'm going to send you more gifts, so wait a second. So what I'm going to send you is our Moisture Boost cleanser and our Moisture Boost moisturizer. And I'm also going to send you the anti-oxidant serum from our Resist line.
00:38:03 I think that will make your skin very happy. And then one more quick question and then I have to go. Sharon ask the next question.
Sharon: You mentioned the lip liner, I mean the eye liner. And whenever I have tried to do it, since I have white eye lashes, always have had, I have to mascara the top of the lash as well as the bottom of the lash and then with a Q-tip just take off any mistakes in order to get, so that you can't see the white roots.
00:38:38 And with an eye liner it doesn't make a nice -
Paula Begoun: So here is what I want you to do. I want you to go to the MAC counter and I want you to try their gel cream eye liner, buy it and return it if it doesn't work. And in my professional brush set that I am sending you, there is a tiny little eye liner brush.
00:39:00 And then I want you to have the MAC makeup people show you how to stipple the eye liner to go between your lashes. And the consistency of this gel cream eye liner is such that you can do exactly what you are saying without a terrible mess. And once you get the technique down it is easier than you think. You wouldn't use black against the color eye lashes you have. You would use a soft brown and then you would use a soft brown mascara.
00:39:32 We are going to send you our brown mascara but I want you to experiment with that stipple technique with the tiny little eye liner brush I am sending you and then go to the MAC counter and have them show you how to do it. I know they know how to do that stippling technique. Thanks for calling Sharon.
Sharon: Thank you so much.
Paula Begoun: You're welcome, Sharon. You have a lot of stuff to experiment with when you get our package to you. Desiree, our next caller?
Desiree Stordahl: Our next caller is Vicki from California.
Paula Begoun: Hi Vicki.
Vicki: Hi Paula.
00:40:03 God, this is such a pleasure to speak with you.
Paula Begoun: Thank you. What can I do for you?
Vicki: Huh?
Paula Begoun: Oh, I love hearing about customers, tell me, tell me.
Vicki: I have been a customer of yours for a long time. I actually met a gal, I was having problems with my face, breakouts and stuff, and somebody recommended that I talk to this gal at my work. And so I went, why would I talk to her? And she goes, "Just talk to her."
00:40:30 And when I was talking to her she actually pulled down her top and her whole chest was just broke out. And just horrible blemishes. And she had the most beautiful skin on her face. And she said, "My whole entire body is like this, and it always has been ever since I was a child." And she said, "But because of Paula's Choice, my face, nobody even knows." And she has the most beautiful skin that I have ever seen.
Paula Begoun: Oh god, I think you are going to make me cry. Oh my god. Oh gee!
Vicki: I started using your stuff and I just absolutely love it.
00:41:08 But just recently, and you know what, and I just know that I haven't got the right thing, but I'm aging and I went to a wedding and I looked at my face and I just was horrified because the same problem was happening where the makeup was just sinking into my skin and accenting all of the incredible wrinkles. And I'm confused, I don't understand about brighteners and this luminescent stuff.
00:41:33 And I know that I cannot wear any sparkly stuff on my eyes anymore because it just looks horrid. And I also, too, want to thank you, too, for using the foundation on your eyelids really works really well.
Paula Begoun: It does really work. It does really work.
Vicki: So I'm just really grateful for your show, but I'm just having problems lately where my skin is just a little drier, even though I have oily skin. But lately it has been looking really dry and I'm not really sure if I am doing the right thing.
Paula Begoun: Okay, so tell me what skin care products of mine you are using or even if they are not mine, what is your whole routine?
Vicki: Well actually I do - I just recently ordered your Resist, but I only got the little two-set, the one where the two came together.
Paula Begoun: Right, that is the 10% AHA for the evening, starting once a week and building up as your skin and seeing how it does. And I know that we are hearing from some women that they love it and they can actually use it far more frequently.
00:42:42 I don't know that I think the 5% is so much for your skin type. But I don't think it hurts to try it. What are you using to wash your face with?
Vicki: I am using the, oh, I'm so sorry. I'm using your, is it the one-step I'm thinking.
Paula Begoun: All right, and then are you using one of my toners?
Vicki: You know what, I just started using it, the Skin Balancing Toner, I just started.
00:43:12 But you know, I'm also too for some reason I have breakouts on the side of my face, and for some reason the scarring is staying. And I am using your 1% but I have very delicate skin so I am kind of - like every other night kind of thing.
Paula Begoun: Okay, so the 10% might be too much for you. I would only try it once a week then if you are as sensitive as you are saying.
00:43:38 I also thing the Skin Balancing might be too much for you. Niacinamide is great, it is a brilliant ingredient, but you will have to experiment with it and see if you like it. Here is what I'm going to send you to. I want you to try the new Resist cleanser. It is a really well, as I compliment myself, it is a really well done formula.
00:44:03 I mean it is not too greasy, it's not too dry. It is right dead center, can go over the eyes. We are getting great feedback on it. It panel tested really well. And then I am also going to send you the Resist toner to experiment with. It is gentler - I don't know if gentler is the right word - but the Niacinamide can be a bit much for some sensitive skin types. So you are going to have to experiment to see which one works best for you.
00:44:29 I am going to send you my anti-oxidant concentrate. I will send you one from the Resist line and one from the Skin Balancing line, again so you can experiment to see which works for you. But then the other thing that I want you to do, when you say you have some dry skin, where do you have that dry skin?
Vicki: Probably around my chin area is the majority of the place that I have dry skin. I don't know why.
00:45:01 Like my forehead and my nose are kind of oily but my chin gets real bad dry patches.
Paula Begoun: Okay, well if you can use the Skin Balancing toner, the Niacinamide could help with that a lot. The BHA helps with that a lot. But the other thing that I want you to do, I'm going to send you my moisture - I do think using the toner around your chin area, especially experimenting between the Resist toner and the Skin Balancing to see which one gets you the best results, I think that will be enough moisturizing ingredients without adding cream or lotion. But I'm also going to send you my Moisture Boost treatment moisturizer to experiment with just over the dry areas and you can put it under your eye, same thing with the anti-oxidant concentrate from Resist. You can put that under your eye and I think that will get you a whole bunch of new stuff to play with.
00:45:59 Do some of those suggestions for makeup we were talking about, sheer foundation with sunscreen. We are going to send you some of the Paula's Choice foundations to play with. You will get a bunch of samples. Once you decide which product you like and which color works for you, then we will send you a free one. And that should be plenty to get you started.
Vicki: Well thank you so much. I really appreciate it.
Paula Begoun: Thank you, Vicki, and you will let us know how you are doing with all of this stuff.
Vicki: Yes, I will. I would be more than happy to. Thank you.
Paula Begoun: All right, talk to you again. Thanks, Vicki. Desiree, next caller?
Desiree Stordahl: We have Michelle from Washington.
Paula Begoun: Michelle, how are you doing?
Michelle: I'm fine, how are you?
Paula Begoun: Good.
00:46:41 What can I do for you?
Michelle: I have a question. Well, as I am getting older the puffiness under my eyes is getting worse and I don't know if you covered it earlier because I missed the first few minutes, but it is not so much that I have dark circles but the puffiness makes it look as if I have this dark ring under my eye. And I don't know if I'm - yeah, I know.
Paula Begoun: I know. I know.
00:47:04 You know something, I haven't had that problem. I'm 57 and I haven't had that problem until just recently. And I know what is causing it and I know there ain't no cosmetics I can create or anybody else can create to deal with it. Puffy eyes are a bitch. I know. And I promise you, even after I have said this to you, you will go buy somebody's who is telling you they will get rid of puffy eyes.
00:47:33 Nobody has lost one millimeter of puffiness because of these products. Because what is causing the puffy eye isn't really about skin. It's about fad pads. It is about muscle laxity. It is about, I mean it is about skin shifting. It isn't about moisturizing. It isn't even about collagen. So, all of the things that moisturizers can do that make skin better, I mean, definitely you can make the under eye area look smoother, you can make it look healthier, but the whole thing about puffy eyes as you age - I mean there are tricks about, it could be - I mean, I have to give you the whole gambit.
00:48:16 It could be about allergies and some puffy eyes are about allergies and then you can try, ask your physician about an antihistamine or try an over-the-counter Claritin and see if that helps. Sleep with your head elevated. If you are going to drink alcohol, don't drink it just before bedtime. And, sorry, don't over drink. Reduce your sodium intake. Some puffy eyes can be about Edema. So all of those things you can experiment with, but I'm telling you, most likely from what you are describing, it ain't about allergies. And it ain't about Edema. But all of those things that I just mentioned, reducing salt, if you have a drink have it early in the evening, not before you go to bed.
00:49:04 Definitely reducing salt. Sleeping with your head slightly elevated - I mean that is just good for your body overall. And allergies. Sometimes you are allergic, you don't even know you are allergic, and trying an antihistamine. But other than that, you have to call - it is a plastic surgery, dermatologic procedure. I know, I'm sorry.
Michelle: I'm not going to go there. But is there anything we can do with makeup to soften the look. I mean I obviously don't want the big white circles under the eyes because that doesn't do any good.
Paula Begoun: Right, because, yeah, see this is hard.
00:49:43 So, and I am going through this whole thing. I'm going through this myself because it has just started showing up. The problem is when you put a concealer under the eye, because it is a lump kind of thing, it is light sticking out and then it is light underneath it and around it but it is shadowed.
00:50:03 So here is my suggestion and it is a poor one and I apologize. Sometimes the cosmetics industry, well a lot of times it just has limitations. Go to the MAC counter, those makeup artists are really nicely trained and there are some good products. I'm going to send you some of my concealers. I'm going to send you some of my foundations. The sheerer you use around the eye, and don't forget sunscreen, I think will help.
00:50:29 I'm also going to send you my Healthy Finish Pressed Powder. I'll send you a few of the colors so you can see which one works best for you. But go experiment with some products. The Clinique counter is another place because Clinique products tend to be sheerer and lighter more often than not. And go experiment and see what that looks like when they put it on you or you put it on. And see if you can get a technique down that works and then call me and tell me and I will go try it, too! And then we will have a show that is just about Michelle's technique for puffy eyes. Thank you for calling.
Michelle: Oh, that would be great.
00:51:08 And I am a long-time customer. I should tell you that as well and I do love your products.
Paula Begoun: Thank you, Michelle.
Michelle: Thank you.
Paula Begoun: I'm going to try to get one more call in. Desiree, what do you think? One fast, fast call.
Desiree Stordahl: All right. It is going to be a fast one. Let's go to Barbara in Texas.
Paula Begoun: Hey Barbara. Really fast. Really fast.
Barbara: Hi. Okay, my situation is a little bit like Sharon's, ghostly, no color.
00:51:35 And I have tried looking for different kinds of products and they always, the colors don't seem to turn out right on me. I can't do -
Paula Begoun: So Barbara, how old are you?
Barbara: 66.
Paula Begoun: So Barbara, we weren't born with makeup brushes and lipstick in our hand.
00:51:59 We didn't come out of the womb knowing how to do makeup, at any age. So here is what I want you to do. I think that, I mean I know the Clinique counter looks like they are all teenagers, but Clinique actually, and it is a good plug for Clinique. They should love me. They don't, but they should. Clinique has very sheer light makeup and concealers and lip colors for you, and have them do your makeup. And then, don't buy anything, check your makeup out in the daylight. And then next time go to the Stila counter or the MAC counter.
00:52:31 Go to Sephora and have the Sephora ladies play with makeup. And then take a look at how you like the way it looks. You have to get some techniques down and somebody needs to show you. That is the best thing the cosmetic counters and Sephora can do for you. What I am going to send you is some of my concealers, some of my pressed powders, some foundation samples for you to play with, some makeup sponges and our new professional brush kit. You are going to love these brushes. You have to learn how to use the brushes; that is going to get your makeup on the best.
00:53:02 And do take a look at the Revlon Matte brushes at the drugstore. They go on nicely. And also, Bryan, well, I have to go. There is so much more I could tell you but that will get you a good beginning. And I have to go. So not yet, don't hang up yet, because I want to tell everybody what is coming up for the next shows. So actually I lost my list - oh no, I have it right here. I had lost my list of the next shows. I actually am really looking forward to the show on the 27th.
00:53:35 We are going to talk about eating younger. How to change your diet to make wrinkles look less, to make your skin glow. You know, between my makeup and how I am eating, because I am doing Mai Tai's here, I have to stop doing the Mai Tai's in Hawaii, but we are going to be talking to author and wellness coach Deborah Enos. She is a doll. She is brilliant. She knows about staying younger and how you eat.
00:54:05 On the 3rd we are going to talk about the five skin care products you absolutely don't need. You are just going to be shocked. I'm going to save you money. You are going to look more beautiful. Can you say more beautiful as opposed to - yes, because there is no such thing as "Beautifuler." So you are going to look more beautiful, attractive, you are going to love me. Well the team, you will probably love Bryan because these are his suggestions.
00:54:30 And on the 10th, it's about how to create your own spa day at home. We are going to teach you how to do it. I'm also going to tell you what not to do when you go to a spa. I was at the spa the other day and this woman is sitting in the steam room. First of all, we will talk about it on the 10th, but she was sitting with a facial mask on in the steam room. I'm thinking, that is just all-time bad for the skin. We will talk about all of that on the 10th.
00:55:00 So on the 27th, eating younger. On February 3rd, the five skin care products you absolutely don't need. And we will replace them with some really great products you do need. And how to create your own spa at home on the 10th. So, this is Paula Begoun, the Cosmetics Cop, and her Paula's Choice team, keeping you Beautifully Informed on blog talk radio. Check us out. Come visit me at And I look forward to next week. Take care.
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