Lash Extensions and Mascara: Lovely Lash Tips from the Pros

Airdate: 3/27/2012

Find out tips and tricks for making the most of eyelashes from lash specialist Kimberly Love! Find out everything you need to know about eyelash extensions, lash dips and perms, and more.

Bryan Barron: Hello everyone! Welcome to Be Beautifully Informed with the Paula's Choice Research Team. It is Tuesday night, March - gosh, it's March 27th already. Where has March gone? We are coming up on April. We have got some exciting shows planned for April. Tonight, however, we are privileged to have a special guest on the line to talk all about lash extensions.
00:00:29 And then the research team here is going to be talking about some of our favorite mascaras. So an entire show devoted to eyelashes. So, if you have any beauty questions, but specifically if you wanted to ask us about any mascara issues you have had, questions about the various lash growth products that are on the market, prescription products, what you have used that has worked and what hasn't, and we will help you figure out why that might be.
00:00:55 Give us a call at 347-426-3783. We will be getting to caller questions at about the halfway point of the show. Let me introduce my two team members, Desiree Stordahl. Hi Desiree.
Desiree Stordahl: Hello, hello.
Bryan Barron: Desiree has had a very long day and she is ever the trooper joining us for the show tonight. She had to get up very early in the morning to help Paula.
00:01:27 Paula made several television appearances today via what is called a satellite tour. And Desiree was there to help make sure everything went smoothly. And Desiree, from what I heard, it did go well. Yes?
Desiree Stordahl: It went great. It was interesting, because we pitched a few different topics to the different TV stations, and what really seemed to get picked up by most of them was "Spring Clean your Beauty Routine," so all about how you should throw mascara away after three months. I mean, really, if you haven't used up a mascara by three months, it is goopy, it is dried out, it is bad anyways.
00:02:02 But the tip that really shocked everyone was about why you don't need jar packaging, and actually why jar packaging is bad. You should hear the reporters when Paula tells them this. It is like you can tell they feel like they have been duped by the cosmetics industry because they have been buying these expensive jar packaging eye creams, or moisturizers, or whatever it may be. So, no matter how much you, and I, and Daynah, and our fans have heard that, there are still so many people who don't know about jar packaging and why it is not good because all of those great ingredients like antioxidants, and retinol, breakdown in the presence of air and light.
Bryan Barron: They do.
00:02:41 And you know, sometimes, especially working with all of the content that we produce, I think we would all agree that sometimes we feel like we sound like a broken record. We are repeating the same thing over, and over, and over again. And sometimes from the perspective of a writer, that can get a little bit monotonous.
00:03:02 But what our job is, is to make sure that that information gets out there and it gets out there in an informative, entertaining way that we always back up with published research. We are not coming to any of these conclusions just because we personally don't like jar packaging, or we don't like lavender oil, or whatever it is that we are telling you to avoid. And, of course, we always tell you what is good and what you should be using, what you can look to, what does work.
00:03:30 But not wanting to get too off-topic, Desiree, I am glad that it went well. And the reporters' reaction to the jar packaging issue, that is surprising. I can kind of picture them there just sort of being slack-jawed, and thinking to what they have on their counter at home.
Desiree Stordahl: Right.
Bryan Barron: All right. Moving on to a couple other things. We have a bit of news, and it is definitely sad news for the Paula's Choice team, but our coworker Daynah Burnett is moving on. She has been offered a new job that is more focused in an area that she wants to specialize in, and we wish her well.
Daynah Burnett: Hi guys.
00:04:15 I know, it's a bummer. I'm sorry. This was a hard decision. And I'm going to miss it all. It's going to be tough.
Desiree Stordahl: We are going to miss you, too.
Bryan Barron: Yes. We will miss you. It is sad. Daynah has been an integral part of the team for almost three years.
00:04:35 And she has worked on the 8th edition of "Don't Go to the Cosmetics Counter Without Me." She has worked - well, we are not done yet, but we are in the middle of working on the 9th edition of "Don't Go to the Cosmetics Counter Without Me." That will be out this fall. Daynah contributed to our blog. She has written articles. She has expanded her knowledge of cosmetic ingredients and all things related to skincare and makeup exponentially in the time she has been here.
00:05:03 And in many ways she functioned as my right hand person. And we have some big shoes to fill. So, this will be Daynah's final radio show with us. We will get back to being a two-person team starting next week, and maybe bringing in some special guest, rotating Paula's Choice staffers every now and then, but we will see how that goes.
Daynah Burnett: Well thanks for the kind words. And you guys are going to do great.
00:05:32 I will tune in and maybe I will call from time to time.
Bryan Barron: And I know that you will be successful in your new venture, so honestly I am happy for you. I don't want to lose you but I am happy for you. So, as you mentioned earlier, it is bitter sweet. Daynah and Desiree had their makeup done at a cosmetic counter and, Kimberly, we are going to get to you. We have some great questions for you about lash extensions, but because this is Daynah's last show, I had to have her share this one last experience that she had at the Dior counter this week.
Daynah Burnett: Oh, Lordy, the Dior counter.
00:06:10 So Desiree and I went. We booked ourselves some makeovers. And we were sitting side-by-side. And we were having our makeup done. And you know when you get a makeover they strip your face of everything you have on and they start with all of the skincare, moving on through - all the way down to the eyelashes. And they do everything.
00:06:32 And as they are doing that, they ask you questions like what is your overall style, and what kind of products do you use. And I'm always reluctant to say that I use Paula's Choice because I feel like it starts to clue them in that maybe I am part of the Paula's Choice Research Team. This is a small metro area. All of the cosmetic counters know we are in the area. And I just don't want to raise anymore flags than I need to.
Bryan Barron: Right. We have all done it.
Daynah Burnett: Yeah.
00:07:01 You know, I'm not always forthcoming about why I am there, and it is not because I have anything to hide, it's just not the reason that I am there. Anyway, so she is asking me what kind of products I use, and I say, "Oh, I use a Clinique cleanser, a Jason toner," and I just start listing all of these brands that I use. And she said, "Oh my, you really get around." It was like, yeah, you know, whatever works.
00:07:25 So fast forward ten, 15 minutes into the makeover, and she pulls out the very sleek, red bottle of the One Essential Serum. And she pumps a little bit out, and she starts to spread it on my face. And she goes, "This is the only product that I know of that you can use with other brands of skincare." And it took everything to bit my tongue, because that is not true. That is just not true. You can use any skincare product with a product from another brand.
00:08:00 It is a sales pitch. And it was based solely on me having told her that I use products from other brands. And I feel very empowered that I have that information, that I know that I am being sold, but it is potentially not her fault; she probably learned this in her training, but it definitely made me see through the sales pitch, and it was a disappointment.
00:08:25 Not that I expect a lot more than that from Dior; Dior is definitely one of those brands that they hit you with the hard sell, but we have an article on Cosmetics Cop that covers this extensively. It is a myth. You can absolutely mix and match your skincare products based on your skin type and your skin concern, not on the brand. End rant.
Bryan Barron: All right. And on that note, let's get to our special guest. Her name is Kimberly Love. Hello, Kimberly, are you there?
Daynah Burnett: Hello.
Kimberly Love: Hi Daynah.
Bryan Barron: Hello. Kimberly is a lash artist and expert.
00:09:06 And she is the owner of a lash and skin studio. Kimberly, tell us a little bit about Lashed with Love. I know you just opened it. You have been working on lashes for quite some time. So give us a little bit of your background, because what you do with lashes is extraordinary.
Kimberly Love: It is extraordinary. Basically what we have here at Lashed with Love is a lash and skin and wax boutique studio. So our main focus are eyelashes. We also do some waxing, facial skincare as well, but again, main focus is lashes.
00:09:46 And my background is that I was trained with Xtreme Lashes. There's quite a few out there now. Went through their training, went and got more training, and became certified through them as well. And we just opened up our own shop just within the last couple months.
Bryan Barron: Awesome.
00:10:07 And this is located in Bellevue, Washington. So for our local listeners. Also, I wanted to mention, that one of Kimberly's most famous clients is none other than Paula herself. Daynah actually got in touch with Kimberly and had lash extensions done.
00:10:29 And she was sporting them around the office, and Paula saw them and just said, "What have you done to your lashes? They are gorgeous. They just look so perfect. And what mascara are you using?" And then Daynah's reply was, "I'm not wearing mascara. I found this woman who is a lash pro and I had lash extensions done."
Desiree Stordahl: And, Kimberly, you should hear how Paula talks, and rants, and raves about her lashes. Actually, she was talking about them on the satellite tour today to a few of the reporters who noticed how long her lashes were. So, you do an excellent job.
Kimberly Love: That's great. Because when Paula first came in, she really wasn't sold on the idea. She did it for an occasion. It wasn't supposed to be an ongoing thing, she let me know. But she was addicted.
Daynah Burnett: Oh yeah.
Kimberly Love: She has been ever since.
Desiree Stordahl: She was actually just mentioning today when she goes to Korea she is going to have to figure out how to take care of her lashes because she is going to be gone for so long. And that actually brings me to a good question for you. How do you handle using and removing the lash extensions when you are wearing mascara, and eye shadow? What are the best tips for that?
Kimberly Love: The best tips for that is I would get a Spoolie, you know, kind of like a mascara wand.
00:11:45 And you want to make sure that you get a makeup remover that is oil-free. Very important. And most lash salons will carry a product that is made to go with their lashes. And you will just spray a little bit of that on your Spoolie, kind of work that into your lashes, and get soft that way. And then you can also on top of that use what I like to have my client's use - their lip gloss applicators.
00:12:12 And they dip that in the solution as well and then they can rub those very gently, because you don't want to get Q-tips. You don't want to get anything that is fibrous. You wouldn't want to use the Q-tips or the cotton rounds there...
Desiree Stordahl: Because little fuzzies would kind of rub off into the lashes, is that why?
Kimberly Love: That's why.
00:12:29 Correct.
Daynah Burnett: You know, I actually found that using mascara with the extensions, it was just kind of overkill. It really took something away from how natural they look. And I thought that adding mascara really kind of undermined the artistry and the beauty of the extensions.
Kimberly Love: Absolutely. I mean, that's the whole point of getting lash extensions is so that you don't have to wear mascara. You just wake up pretty. You just look done. Your eyes are opened.
00:12:58 However, you know, there are some gals that they want that more modest look during the day, but maybe they have an occasion in the evening, or I have a client who is a burlesque dancer. So, she goes for extra mascara in the evening on her lashes so that they really pop out on stage.
Desiree Stordahl: Same for Paula with her media appearances. She has to emphasize everything. So I know that is an issue for her. But that is a good tip about using the lip gloss applicator. I'm going to have to share that with her if she doesn't already know that.
Kimberly Love: I hope...I think she does.
Bryan Barron: Well it never hurts to remind her.
Kimberly Love: Right.
Desiree Stordahl: Bryan, did you have something you were going to say? A question?
Bryan Barron: I just wanted to see if you are ready for the first official question for Kimberly.
Kimberly Love: I'm ready.
Bryan Barron: Okay.
00:13:51 Kimberly is ready. Desiree, are you ready?
Desiree Stordahl: Sure. So Kimberly, do you have an ideal candidate for lash extensions? Like if somebody is aging and as they are aging their lashes are becoming more sparse, are they going to be able to do lash extensions?
Kimberly Love: Absolutely. As long as they have lashes to attach to, we are going to be able to attach them. Now, unfortunately as we get older, you know, we grow hair where we don't want to, and we lose hair where we really want to keep it.
Bryan Barron: Ain't that the truth. We are all just sort of like, yup, yup, that's true.
Kimberly Love: Yeah, as long as our lashes are there, we can attach.
00:14:30 Now, I do get some gals that have a little bit of unrealistic expectations when they come in. They bring me in a picture of Kim Kardashian...
Bryan Barron: Oh Lord.
Kimberly Love: And we can't always do that. And I don't know that that really be the right look for them. And after seeing it they might not like that. But, again, it's their choice. Now the problem with that is the health of the lashes is the most important thing at the end of the day. So if we were to attach something that was too long or too heavy for that lash, it is going to make that lash shed much quicker than it should be.
00:15:03 And it is kind of like waxing the legs. When you pull it out by its root it grows back slower and finer. And we don't want that. So, we really have to look at that person's lash and really accommodate their lash. So, if they did want to do something that was a little longer, a little thicker, what I would suggest to them is to talk to their doctor about using Latisse, or any other lash serum that they preferred.
00:15:31 Because you can use those with lash extensions, and it does work. So I would say most women are candidates as long as they have their lashes.
Bryan Barron: Okay. Kimberly, pretending that we are sitting down and having a consultation, can you give me a few of the chief pros and cons of getting lash extensions?
Kimberly Love: The pros and the cons. Yes, I can. Well, one of the biggest pros is just how you feel, immediately.
00:16:02 As soon as my gals get off the bed, they are just wowed. And Daynah can speak to that.
Daynah Burnett: It's true!
Kimberly Love: You just feel pretty.
Bryan Barron: And this is wowed with no other makeup on, correct?
Kimberly Love: With no other makeup on. I usually ask my clients to come in without any makeup. I have had clients forget to put their makeup on in the morning because they just don't feel like they need it. When they get to work they realize, "Oh shoot, I don't even have lipstick on."
00:16:33 Also, I mean...
Daynah Burnett: Sorry, I didn't mean to over talk you. I was going to say, Paula actually went through a phase when she first got her extensions in which she wore no makeup whatsoever for this very same reason. She just felt so beautiful with the lashes alone.
Kimberly Love: Right. I remember that.
Daynah Burnett: And she does.
Kimberly Love: So, yes, they just make the eyes bigger. It just adds so much. And when they are properly put on, you know, they actually kind of save the lashes.
00:17:03 You think about all the stress we put our lashes through with eyelash curlers, and putting on the mascara, you know, it kind of breaks down those lashes. So, doing it this way actually kind of saves the lash a little bit.
Bryan Barron: I think what happens in a lot of situations is that we are hurried, we are pressed for time, and so when it comes to putting on and removing mascara, we are simply not as gentle as we should be.
Kimberly Love: Exactly.
Bryan Barron: Or maybe we are having issues with mascara flaking or smearing, or we have the oily eyelids, so we think, "Well I'm just going to use a waterproof formula."
00:17:39 And no question, compared to a non-waterproof formula, those waterproof formulas, they are hard on lashes.
Kimberly Love: Yes, to lashes. Lash suicide.
Bryan Barron: Yeah. And so we review...well, I always hate trying waterproof mascaras. All of us - the only product that we actually routinely try, because there is just no other way to comment on it is mascaras.
00:18:04 And I hate doing the waterproof formulas because they are typically such a chore to get off.
Kimberly Love: Yeah. Exactly.
Bryan Barron: And I hate the way that they make the lashes feel. It is almost like they get crunchy, and your eyes get dry. So we are not big fans of waterproof mascaras for daily use, but of course we review them because they are out there, and there are occasions when they are appropriate.
Kimberly Love: They are not appropriate when wearing lash extensions, though.
00:18:33 That is the one thing that is very important. At all. You want to make sure that you are using a non-waterproof, or a waterproof mascara. Did I say that right? You want to make sure that you are not wearing a waterproof mascara. Very [unintelligible] lashes.
Bryan Barron: Okay, so with lash extensions on, if you are going to use mascara, and you probably won't need to, stick with a non-waterproof mascara, yes?
Kimberly Love: Yes.
Bryan Barron: Okay.
00:19:04 So what are a few drawbacks? Why shouldn't somebody have lash extensions done?
Kimberly Love: Well, there's really not too many reasons. I think the pros definitely outweigh the cons. Someone who is maybe an eye rubber, if they are a picker, people don't even realize they are doing this, but they are constantly touching their face. That might not be a good candidate. That could be a con because that is going to make their lashes kind of wear down a little quicker.
00:19:32 It's a commitment. It is not cheap, and it is well worth the price, however there is a price tag attached to it. And the upkeep is you come in about every three weeks to get your fills. So, some people find that to be a con. However, on the flip side of that is most of my clients, that is their downtime. That's their downtime. They come in, they lay down, they fall asleep.
00:20:03 The first time Paula came in, she laid down on the bed, and I told her, "I've been told her this is the best nap in Seattle." And she said, "No, people don't sleep through this." I said, yeah, most people do. She was out like a baby within ten, 15 minutes.
Bryan Barron: Oh my god.
Desiree Stordahl: So that kind of gives us an idea of what to expect during the procedure. Can you tell us a little bit about what you do exactly - like how do you attach the eyelashes?
00:20:31 Do you have to shut their eyes? What do you do?
Kimberly Love: I do. First what I do is I put down an eye pad down on their lower lashes, because when we close our eyes, our bottom lashes and our top lashed mesh together. So I want to make sure that those bottom lashes are down and never near where we are putting the glue, because we don't want to glue their eye closed. Not fun. No. So, then what I do is I prep the lashes. And I isolate each lash, so what I am doing is I am taking one single synthetic lash and attaching it to one natural lash with a medical grade glue.
00:21:07 And that is why it is so time-consuming, especially the first procedure. The full set takes about an hour and a half to two hours to do.
Desiree Stordahl: And how about the touchups or the refills?
Kimberly Love: The touchups are about every three weeks, and those are only about 45 minutes. And what we are doing at that time is our lashes naturally shed, just like the hair on our head, so I am going in and I am just filling in those new lashes that have come in, and maybe popping off some of the old synthetic lashes that may have grown out.
Desiree Stordahl: Got it. So it doesn't sound like too hard of a procedure for the person laying down and just resting their eyes. It kind of sounds relaxing, actually?
Kimberly Love: I know. I have clients, I swear, that come in just to get away from their kids.
Daynah Burnett: Guilty! Guilty!
Bryan Barron: Oh my gosh.
00:21:57 So, Kimberly, other than people who know about you and your business and your skill set, for our listeners who aren't in the Seattle Metropolitan area, what is the best way to go about finding the right person for this job? What credentials would I look for? How do people find you? Is it more word of mouth?
Kimberly Love: A lot of it is word of mouth, however, I'm so glad you asked this question because right now there aren't a lot of rules and regulations around eyelash extensions.
00:22:33 Yes, you have to be an aesthetician, however there are not a lot of other regulations around it. So, it is really important to make sure that whoever you are seeing, that they are certified. Now, Xtreme Lashes, you have to go through quite a bit of training with them. So you can go through Xtreme Lashes. There are other reputable lash companies out there. Check with them.
00:23:01 One of the main things is ask your provider, "Where were you trained? How long have you been doing it?" Don't be afraid to ask questions. They should be really proud of their training and would probably appreciate being asked. Look for their certification. That type of thing.
Bryan Barron: So if you are talking to a lash expert, or so-called lash expert, and you are asking them these questions and they are sort of being evasive, or they are maybe acting a bit defensive that you even brought this up, it probably sounds like someone that you shouldn't trust with your eyes closed.
Kimberly Love: Definitely. I mean right now I do see it changing. I do see that there are going to be a lot more rules and regulations.
00:23:40 Right now, Texas just implemented a law around it; you have to have so many hours of training. And I think that a lot of other states are going to be following suit here pretty soon.
Bryan Barron: Good. Okay.
Desiree Stordahl: Kimberly, I have a question, because I have naturally blonde lashes. So when you are attaching the extensions, would you be able to see any sort of line of separation, or where exactly are they being attached?
00:24:08 Are they at the base, are they at the top?
Kimberly Love: They are about a meter away from your lash line, and they never touch your skin. They are always directly on the lash. So, even with our blondies, we have readers on, and we have a night light in your face, so we are pretty good about being able to see the lash.
00:24:31 Now we do have some situations where we have people with very white hair, almost translucent, in which case we would recommend that they come in maybe a couple days ahead of time, and we just do a lash tint on them. Which is nice, too, because if you have such light lashes then your bottom lashes are tinted as well, because just like you don't want to wear mascara on your top lashes with the extensions, you don't have to wear it on your bottom either.
Bryan Barron: Kimberly, speaking of lash color, do you offer a range of shades of the lashes? Or do they all come in black?
Kimberly Love: Well, most of our clients do like black.
00:25:07 However, I do have one client, one gentleman, who we put blue and purple on him. And they look amazing.
Bryan Barron: Huh. Okay. I figured that black would be the default, but I was just like, what if somebody like a redhead or somebody with lighter hair but still darker lashes who maybe would ordinarily...
Kimberly Love: Like an auburn, right.
Bryan Barron: Either an auburn, or a soft brown.
Kimberly Love: Yes, there are. I mean, they come in all colors of the rainbow.
Bryan Barron: Cool.
Daynah Burnett: And I was wondering - are the lashes synthetic or are they natural hair?
00:25:40 What are they made out of?
Kimberly Love: They are made out of synthetic, like polyester material, and they are very lightweight. There are mink lashes out there, and I think that is more of a personal preference. I prefer not to put animals on people's eyes. There are just too many allergies, too many things that make me personally uncomfortable. So, I choose not to do that. But you can.
00:26:03 There are mink lashes out there.
Bryan Barron: Okay. Desiree, you were going to ask Kimberly about Latisse?
Desiree Stordahl: She actually already mentioned that you can use it along with the lash extensions. So, I think we are good to go on that.
Bryan Barron: Oh, perfect, okay.
00:26:19 So, Kimberly, other than we discussed that there is a time commitment, about an hour and a half to two hours for the first session, and then the fills last - what was it, maybe from 30 to 45 minutes?
Kimberly Love: Mm-hmm.
Bryan Barron: Okay. Is there anyone else who you would say, "I can't do lash extensions on you." I know Paula is the exception, because she will do it no matter what because she is hooked, but if somebody is traveling a lot and they simply can't keep up with the upkeep. I mean, do you ever just have to turn someone away?
Kimberly Love: I don't turn them away. What I do, which is something I have done with Paula as well, is I try to help them find someone in their area that is certified, wherever they are traveling to.
00:27:08 Really, the only people that I have to turn away is if someone had radiation and they need to be about six months of chemo - they need to be six months out of it. Their lashes are just too fragile. So that would be a person that I would turn away. But they can come back. And we have a very light lash that we would put on them.
00:27:33 And that is always a good day when I can do that. And another candidate - I get people that will come in, maybe they saw someone who wasn't trained to do lash extensions, and they can be quite damaging actually. And so what I have to do is usually just take the lashes off of them, and usually they want them put back on immediately. However, we can't do that. We need for those lashes to get healthy again and repair. So those are the occasions that I really had to turn someone away.
Daynah Burnett: Do you find a lot of botched lash extensions from an amateur, or maybe somebody who got the wrong thing? Does that happen often?
Kimberly Love: It happens all the time unfortunately. Again. It is because there aren't really a lot of regulations out there.
00:28:25 You can go to a beauty supply store and buy lash extensions with a DVD and do it if you are licensed aesthetician.
Daynah Burnett: Wow. That's scary.
Kimberly Love: It is. And it is. And that is why I see things are changing. I see it on the horizon.
Bryan Barron: Boy, it sounds like they absolutely need to.
Kimberly Love: Absolutely.
Bryan Barron: Kimberly, before we say goodbye to you, I just wanted to ask one last thing. What are the two or three most important things that somebody who has lash extensions needs to remember once they get home?
00:29:01 I mean, I know that mascara - we talked about that. Being careful when you remove it. But what are some other things, like two or three other things that we may not think of?
Kimberly Love: Well, probably the most important thing is that they do not get them wet for 24 hours. The glue has to cure. So, we do not want to get them wet for 24 hours. If they can go 48 hours, even better. So that includes hot yoga, tanning, steaming, anything sweating. Gals get the night off from working out because we really don't want to get them wet.
00:29:36 Also, anything oily. You don't want to get anything oily on the eyelid. I say, keep your eye cream, but keep it on the bottom, because the oils, again, will break down that glue.
Bryan Barron: Do you typically do lash extensions on the bottom lash, or the lower lash line as well?
Kimberly Love: I don't do that. And I have heard of it being done. That is not something that Xtreme Lashes trains in. I don't think it is something that they really recommend.
00:30:07 That can be a little tricky, a little dangerous, because your eyelids need to be open for that procedure.
Bryan Barron: Okay. So somebody who has blonde lashes, and a blonde lower lash line would still need to use a bit of mascara to kind of make it look balanced?
Kimberly Love: Actually, no, they don't. I have very blonde hair, and I don't. I feel like if I was to put mascara on the bottom, I almost look too done.
Bryan Barron: Okay.
Kimberly Love: So I don't. And I know most of my blonde clients don't as well. I think they do if they are going out, but for an everyday look, no.
00:30:40 The top lashes just do it. They do the job.
Daynah Burnett: You know, just as a little tip, and I don't know if I ever mentioned this to you, Kim, but when I would be too far between my fill, and things were getting a little sparse, I found that if I did put mascara on my bottom lashes it kind of made them pop again. It kind of brought them back to life until I could come and see you again.
00:31:06 So that was a little trick.
Kimberly Love: Yeah. And so it is not something you would have to do every day, but again there are going to be those times where maybe you will want to.
Bryan Barron: All right. Well, Kimberly, thank you so much for joining us tonight. We are going to move on to talking about some of our favorite mascaras, and then we will get to caller questions, but we have been chatting about lash extensions with Kimberly Love, who is the owner of Lashed with Love, a wax, lash, and skin studio located in Bellevue, Washington.
00:31:36 And, Kimberly, thank you so much. We really appreciate it. And I'm sure Paula will be seeing you soon.
Kimberly Love: She will. All right, bye.
Desiree Stordahl: Kimberly, before you go, do you have a website to tell fans about?
Kimberly Love: We do have a website. It is
Desiree Stordahl: Okay, great. Check it out, everybody.
Kimberly Love: All right. Thanks!
Bryan Barron: Thank you, Kimberly.
00:32:00 All right, ladies. Who wants to go first? We did promise in the preview for this show that we would talk about some of our favorite mascaras and we decided to pick two each. And, Daynah, do you want to get us started?
Daynah Burnett: I can get us started, but I didn't pick two. I picked one.
Bryan Barron: Okay.
Daynah Burnett: I really like this new LashBlast 24 Hour by CoverGirl. Now, I don't like the fact that they are telling you to wear your mascara for 24 hours. That is not a good idea.
00:32:29 But, if you have a long night, if you have a wedding, if you think, "I really need my mascara to go the distance," this is the mascara for you. It holds a curl beautifully. It does not budge. It is pretty much amazing. But it is not an everyday mascara because you don't want to put your lashes through this kind of a mascara every day. It is an occasion mascara. Now, that being said, when you do wear it, I would recommend using Paula's Choice Gentle Touch Eye Makeup Remover, which really does cut through even the most tenacious waterproof mascaras. I mean, it really, really does the job. So, between those two products, if I have got something to go do, and I need my mascara to last, that is what I use.
Bryan Barron: Awesome.
Desiree Stordahl: Actually, Daynah, you recommended this one to me when I was leaving for my trip to Puerto Rico.
00:33:17 So, I brought it with me. And, yes, it did hold up through...I was swimming in the ocean, being outside all day. It held up all day long, which is pretty amazing to be put through those kind of conditions and stay.
Daynah Burnett: And for nine bucks! I mean, it is really a great mascara.
Desiree Stordahl: Very budget friendly. So I also have a couple of budget friendly options.
00:33:40 One is from L'Oreal, and it is the Telescopic Explosion Mascara. And as we are going through and updating brands for "Don't Go to the Cosmetics Counter Without Me," the 9th edition, I came across the review for this mascara and thought it sounded interesting, so I went out and bought it. And sure enough, it is a great mascara if you want to add some drama.
00:34:03 It has got an unusual brush. The wand is more like a spherical, ball-shaped, spiky mascara wand.
Bryan Barron: It looks a torture device.
Daynah Burnett: It does.
Desiree Stordahl: It sounds kind of tortuous. But it delivers really good thickness, and I am just loving it, especially if I am going to go out for the night, or something like that. It's a great mascara. And I kind of like the shape of it. It helps me to reach those outer corner lashes that I sometimes have trouble with with the oversized mascara wands that are just in that flat horizontal shape. So I am liking that one a lot right now.
00:34:38 And also our Paula's Choice Illicit Lash Maximum Impact Mascara, which is like $11, $10.95 actually. And I love the intensity of this mascara. It deposits a really good amount of mascara at the base, but as you are stroking it through it kind of gives you more of a defined look as you go up through the lashes. So, it is has got the dark, dark, inky black color to it that gives you those really defined, dramatic lashes.
00:35:05 And I think a lot of ladies will love that. I don't know if I mentioned the price point on the Telescopic mascara. It is also right around the $10 mark. So both of these are really great mascaras that I would put up to test against any department store mascaras.
Bryan Barron: And, Desiree, because they are L'Oreal, and they have a gazillion mascaras like their sister brand Maybelline, there is more than one Telescopic mascara. So, for our listeners, be sure to check.
00:35:35 You can just go to and do a search for Telescopic and you will see the various options. You can check how we rated them and make sure that when you are going out to the store, if this is one that you want to try, that you are finding the right one. And, of course, when you are in the store, if you have a smartphone, iPhone, Android-equipped mobile phone, you can get the Beautypedia site on your mobile device and check out - you are right there in the store.
Desiree Stordahl: Good tip.
Bryan Barron: So I came up with a couple just to round this out, and then we are going to get to our first caller.
00:36:06 One of them is a bit on the pricier side. It is from Clinique. It is their Lash Doubling Mascara. And it is around $15, which isn't too terrible. I mean, at the department store you can spend upwards of $40 for a mascara. What I like about this one is it has a great sized brush. It is not too big, it's not too small. And the marriage of the brush and the formula, which is essential for any good mascara, with this mascara you get a great balance of everything.
00:36:35 So if you are someone who thinks, "Well, I want length, but I also want some thickness, but I don't want it to look necessarily overdone, but I still want my eyes to look made up. I want to emphasize my lashes." This mascara is basically the Jack of all trades. It doesn't do any one thing brilliantly. It just does everything that you should expect from a good mascara equally well.
00:37:02 The other one that I really like - it has been a long-time favorite, especially back in the days when I was doing more wedding makeup, because as a makeup artist, one of the trickiest things to do is apply mascara on another person. I don't care how talented you are, it is just really hard to get the same deposit, unless maybe you are using a separate brush, which can be incredibly time-consuming. But you just can't do as good of a job as the person themselves can do without fear that they are going to blink and get mascara all over the place.
00:37:34 One that I love for this purpose, because it has a super tiny brush, is Maybelline's Lash Discovery Mascara. It costs around $7 at the drugstore. They have a waterproof version as well that is equally impressive for those times when you want a waterproof formula. And the tiny brush may make you think, "Gosh, it is just going to take me forever to cover all my lashes." It doesn't.
00:37:58 It really packs a wallop and makes lashes thick at the base and long, and the tiny brush allows you to easily reach every lash. So if you have small eyes, if you have deep set eyes where your brow bone is actually really close to your lashes, and you are worried about getting mascara underneath the brow, this mascara's brush can be a godsend.
00:38:21 So if you haven't checked it out yet, definitely give it a look.
Desiree Stordahl: I think I am going to have to look at that one. So, when you say tiny, is it both short and thin, or what do you mean by tiny?
Bryan Barron: It is short and thin. I would say lengthwise it is about half of the length, and a quarter of the diameter of most mascara wands.
Desiree Stordahl: Okay.
Bryan Barron: So, for example, you can get very close to those lashes at the tear duct and get right to the base of the lashes and pull it straight through without feeling like you are going to poke yourself in the eye, because the closer you get to the tear duct, the more your instinct to blink kicks in. And it really allows you to be nimble.
00:39:06 And as I mentioned, I became quite fond of this when I had to put mascara on a lot of other people because I found that I could get through it much faster, and they really liked the results. So, I mean, there are a ton of different brush styles out there, and obviously that one isn't going to be to everyone's taste. It has worked for me. I like what it does.
00:39:26 The Clinique Lash Doubling one is great. The others that you too mentioned are all worth checking out. People have different preferences and different expectations for mascara which his precisely why there are so many permutations of brushes. There aren't so many permutations of formulas, because there are only so many ingredients that are, A, safe for use around the eye, and B, capable of producing the results you want from a mascara.
00:39:52 You can't just throw any old ingredient in there and expect it to adhere to the lashes and not become a gloppy, flakey, smeary mess.
Daynah Burnett: It's true.
Desiree Stordahl: Okay.
Bryan Barron: All right.
Daynah Burnett: Okay, so we have got some callers here. Everyone just wants to talk about mascara. They called to the right show. We have got Wendy from California. Wendy, you are live on the air.
Wendy: Oh, hi. Thank you so much for taking my call.
Bryan Barron: Hey Wendy. What can we help you with tonight?
Wendy: Yes, hi Bryan. Oh, I'm so excited to talk to all of you tonight. My concern is I cannot find a mascara that seems to lengthen. I have tried just about everything.
00:40:34 Drugstore. I have tried department store mascaras. But what I am going through is I am starting to find that as I am aging my lashes are getting more sparse, and they tend to be drying up a little bit more. But I am also having trouble with the mascara formulations not adhering and not doing what they say on the tube.
00:41:04 "Oh, we will extend the lashes," blah, blah, blah. I have wasted so much money. I think I will just have them dyed and leave them alone because I don't know what else to do. And I thought, I should call in; I didn't know - I thought your show was going to be on something else tonight. And then I thought, "Well gee, I have a great question for this," because this has been bothering me for so long, and I am like, "I would like to get to the bottom of it." [Unintelligible].
Bryan Barron: This is definitely apropos for the show.
00:41:36 Desiree, I have a couple of ideas for Wendy, but did you have anything that came to mind?
Desiree Stordahl: Well, one thing to keep in mind, and I am not coming down on you Wendy; I know exactly where you are coming from. But also, keep in mind, that we have to keep realistic expectations. So, what you see in mascara ads, they are all wearing false eyelashes. So, even though a mascara says it can lengthen, it is never going to deliver results as good as you see in those ads.
00:42:05 That being said, there are some great mascaras out there that can help lengthen. And when you went out and tried those different various mascaras, did you use Beautypedia to look up which ones we rated well and kind of filter by which ones say they lengthen? Did that help you at all?
Wendy: Yes. Well, I followed the guidelines from Beautypedia. I use Beautypedia a lot, not just for that. I mean, all kinds of other types of cosmetics. But, I did - I followed the guidelines through Beautypedia as well as, because I usually check with Paula first, before I go out and buy any new cosmetic. And I am so glad because she has saved me a lot of money over the years.
00:42:47 And, I just, I don't know. I am again just starting to think I have crazy lashes because, you know, I have yet to find anything. And I have even gone to Sephora where I have bought the kit that has like ten, I think it is ten or 12 mascaras in it. And maybe one I sort of like, but it's not like I would buy it again.
Desiree Stordahl: And would you consider going down the Latisse route where it is a lash growth product? Or is that not really an option for you?
Wendy: Actually I heard an ad - it's funny you mention that, but I actually got something - or wait a minute, I think I got it off of Beautypedia, but I had seen an ad first about Rapid Lash, and I thought, "I'm going to try that."
00:43:39 They sell it at CVS over here, so I am going to consider it.
Desiree Stordahl: I have actually used Rapid Lash and it worked great for me. So I am a big proponent for that. Some people can have side effects with it, just like you can get side effects with Latisse. So, watch out and monitor for that. There can be a little bit of irritation at the lash base there.
00:43:59 But my big tip for you, if you are going to go that route, is make sure you are consistent about it, and make sure you are getting absolutely all of your mascara off before you are putting it on. Because if you have some mascara left at the base of your lash, it's kind of going to block where that product should go and not let it do its work as good as it should. But, Bryan, do you have any tips for her on actual mascaras that you can think of that she can try?
Bryan Barron: Well, I can come up with a couple, yes. But what I think might be happening is that, Wendy, you mentioned that you are getting older - well, we are all getting older.
Wendy: I'm 58. I'm going to be 59 in May. There are some changes, definitely. And I know Paula talks about them. I am her age. And I am going through the same things Paula is going through.
Bryan Barron: But what stuck out to me earlier was that you mentioned that your lashes, they are falling out more easily.
Wendy: They seem to be.
00:45:00 And I know that they have their cycle, just like hair follicles on your head have a cycle, the growth cycle, the pattern. But I look at them and they just don't look like they are -
Bryan Barron: They are not as robust. Right.
Wendy: Yes, there you go. That is a great word. Because I used to have really - I wouldn't say thick, but I had longer, darker lashes. I never had a problem with other mascaras until the last couple of years I would say.
Bryan Barron: And are you either done with, or in the midst of menopause?
Wendy: I'm done with it.
00:45:40 I'm post.
Bryan Barron: Okay, so you are post. That can be another factor because with the decline in estrogen, that is right around the time that a lot of women start to experience what is known as female pattern baldness on the hair on your head.
Wendy: Yes, I know. That's true.
Bryan Barron: So, it isn't unusual to sort of see some of that simultaneous thinning of the hair on your head along with the lashes. Some women report that they start losing eyebrow hair.
00:46:08 And by the way, just as an aside for our listeners, products like Latisse and Rapid Lash that have those prostaglandin analogs to stimulate hair growth, they can absolutely be used on your brows as well. So, if you are having, if you are experiencing sparse brows, patchy brows...Wendy, let's leave you with this. I will give you a couple mascara recommendations. But it wouldn't be a bad idea to check in with your physician, and/or your ophthalmologist.
00:46:39 You can ask your ophthalmologist about this at your next eye exam. Because we all should start having eye exams. The older we get, the more often you should have them to make sure that your vision is being corrected the correct way as needed. But they can take a close-up look at your lashes and see what is going on, whether you may have the loss and the fragility might be due to some hormonal shifts, that that can be adjusted.
00:47:08 Or whether it may be due to some type of build-up or other skin issue that is somehow affecting the lash follicle. So those are both options that you can discuss with your eye doctor and with your physician or dermatologist. And then in terms of mascaras, one of the ones that I really like from Lancôme is their L'Extreme Instant Extensions Lengthening Mascara.
00:47:36 And then there is one from a brand that is almost ridiculous how inexpensive it is. It is from the NYC, or New York Color brand. And it is called Sky Rise Lengthening Mascara. It is around $2.
Daynah Burnett: Can I chime in and say that the new Maybelline Fiber Extensions Lengthening Mascara is terrible, and not to buy that one.
Bryan Barron: Yes. You absolutely might. Because I am seeing that advertised all over there. Isn't that the Illegal Lengths, Daynah?
Daynah Burnett: Yes. The Illegal Lengths. And the concept behind it, it has these fibers that are supposed to attach to the end of your lashes. The problem is that fibers don't know where they are supposed to attach, or which direction they are supposed to attach.
00:48:18 And so you get fibers all over the place, and it is a mess.
Bryan Barron: Oh, yeah, we have our review for that coming up, if it hasn't been posted already. I think it has been posted on Beautypedia. But let's make sure that we send Wendy a free bottle of the Paula's Choice Gentle Touch Makeup Remover so we can be sure that she is using a gentle, fragrance-free product to remove the mascara.
00:48:43 And let's... you know, let's send her a Great Big Lashes Mascara from Paula's Choice in Black.
Daynah Burnett: All right.
Bryan Barron: See what she thinks about that. Wendy, you can give that a try in addition to the other two that I recommended. And let us know how you are doing. You can check in with us via email.
Daynah Burnett: All right, so moving on, we are getting a little late in the hour. Let's see if we have time for at least one more call.
00:49:03 This is Penny from New Hampshire. Penny, you are live on the air.
Penny: Hello?
Bryan Barron: Hi Penny.
Penny: Hi, how are you, Bryan?
Bryan Barron: Good. What's going on?
Penny: Well, my question is about mascara, of course. And I am a redhead, and kind of on the fair end of the redhead scale. And so my lashes are beyond blonde to the point where I just won't leave the house without mascara.
00:49:36 So I am constantly looking for a mascara that covers all of my lashes without thickening them to the point where it just looks unnatural, because it looks so odd on me to have such dark and heavy lashes. I'm like the opposite of everybody else that go out and look for the dark and heavy lashes. I want the more natural look to cover my blonde eyelashes.
Bryan Barron: Have you experimented with a soft brown mascara?
Penny: I haven't done soft brown, mostly because they are hard to come by, but I definitely do brown or a black-brown when I can find it.
Bryan Barron: You know, the problem with the black-browns is that they tend to err on the side of being more black then brown. When you look at a black-brown mascara next to a black mascara, you can definitely see the difference.
00:50:34 You can see the brown notes, but they are almost like a coffee brown. So they are still fairly dark, and probably too dark for someone with lashes as light as yours, and then coupled with the expectations and your preferences. So, one of the brands, I am going to double check for you, I'm going to let Desiree chime in with any tips she might have, or if she has seen any lighter mascaras, but I know at one point the Dior brand -
00:51:03 We were kind of trashing on Dior a little bit at the beginning of the show, and for the most part they do have some bad skincare. You can check those reviews out on Beautypedia. Dior has beautiful fragrances, and a lot of their makeup is really nice. Their eye shadows are amazing. They have got some good foundations. And they do have a few really nice mascaras. They are pricy, but at one point they had a couple of really good true brown shades.
00:51:33 And then sometimes they will do a bronze shade, which sounds a bit odd, but it is actually really pretty and I think would be perfect for what you are looking for because it is kind of a golden brown. So it gives you that emphasis without the heavier look that a black-brown, and definitely that a black, or a "very black," as some mascaras are described, can do.
00:52:00 So let me take a quick look on there. And, Desiree...?
Desiree Stordahl: I have some suggestions in the meanwhile. I'm not sure on the color options for this mascara, but L'Oreal's Luminous Million Lashes Defining Volume Mascara is a really good one for if you just want that defined look like you were talking about earlier. And an interesting tip that I learned in our little Dior makeover that Daynah and I experienced at the counter a week or so ago was that the woman put the mascara on both the underside and topside of my lashes.
00:52:38 So I'm not talking about the upper and bottom lashes, but literally on the flip side. And normally I kind of shy away from that because I curl my lashes first, then I do my mascara. And if I do mascara over the top of those curled lashes, I feel like it is bringing them back down, kind of losing its curl. What she did is she took the brush and she really emphasized a swoop motion as she did it on the top.
00:53:05 So, instead of kind of just brushing it down, make sure if you are going to top the coat and I am thinking you might want to do that since you are really wanting to cover up those lashes and coat them fully, but not have to clump on a ton of mascara. I think that would be a good way to do that, and just give it that swoop motion to kind of help the curl of your lash.
Daynah Burnett: You know, I'm thinking another option. I'm thinking of, remember when we were at the makeup show in Chicago, and we were using those really tiny fan brushes -
Desiree Stordahl: Oh, that's right.
Daynah Burnett: To really coat the last in mascara.
00:53:40 And it takes some practice, and you are going to look for a synthetic brush. It's a very small fan brush, maybe a half an inch wide tops. And you will put the mascara on the brush, and then you will just kind of paint the lash. And it sounds hard, and it is a bit difficult, but if you get the hang of it you really can create a striking look, and really coat the lash from root to tip.
Bryan Barron: Yes.
00:54:05 And, Penny, I found the one I was thinking of from Dior. It is their Dior Show Mascara, which is probably among their more popular ones. It is a bit pricy. It is around $25. You can buy it at Sephora. Give it a try. So, Sephora has a great return policy if you are not happy with it. I have never had a problem taking stuff back to Sephora, even if I lose my receipt.
00:54:27 They have a color called Chestnut 698 which they describe as a "warm brown," and it is exactly the kind of color that I think would work great for you.
Penny: Great. Thank you so much. Yeah, I appreciate all the tips.
Bryan Barron: Give that a go. And then if you really love the results from the color, then you can spend some time researching similar colors from other brands. There is a makeup brand out there - we haven't reviewed it. It's called "Just for Redheads." You may want to check out what they offer as far as mascaras, but give this Dior one a go first and see what you think of that type of color, because like I say, we haven't reviewed Just for Redheads so I can't vouch for their mascaras in terms of performance, but I will bet they will have that type of color.
Penny: Perfect.
00:55:13 Thank you. I appreciate your insight on that matter.
Bryan Barron: You are welcome. Thanks for calling. And we are going to send you some of our Gentle Touch Makeup Remover, free of charge, and Daynah, gosh, we have about five minutes left. Does anyone have a really quick question?
Daynah Burnett: Well, we have a quick one, as long as we promise to be quick.
00:55:33 And I think it is actually a great question that a lot of people who use mascara have. Claudia, from Virginia, you are on the air. Hi Claudia.
Claudia: Hi. When I put it on, I don't know how to curl my eyelash, what to use to curl it so it will stick before using the mascara. And then the black mascara gets on my eyeglasses and underneath my eyes. So it's hard. It's kind of like I would like to use it, but I am afraid.
Bryan Barron: Okay, Claudia, I am going to give you some advice here that is going to be about a minute long.
00:56:12 So the first thing you want to do - mascara shouldn't be coming off on your eyelid area or underneath the eye. If it does, it is either a bad mascara formula, or it has to do - especially if this happens later in the day - likely has to do with the products that you are using around the eyes. If you are putting a heavier or more emollient or slippery moisturizer, whether it is an eye cream or something else, if you are putting it around the eye area.
00:56:42 That can definitely be a factor that is causing the issue. And as far as the eyelash curler goes, there are a few different styles that you can try. There is the classic metal. It looks like a pair of tweezers sort of at the handle that has the little clamp. There are heated eyelash curlers that you can buy at places like Sephora and beauty supply stores. And then there is a rod style eyelash curler.
00:57:10 Those are harder to come by, and probably for a good reason, because they are the trickiest to work with. Desiree, real quick, have you ever tried a heated eyelash curler?
Desiree Stordahl: I have not. I have steered away from those just because I get afraid of getting anything warm next to my eyes.
Bryan Barron: Okay. They typically don't get too hot. But if you find that a regular - Claudia, if you find that a regular eyelash curler isn't quite doing it for you, sometimes just like the hair on our head is resistant to styling, you need heat to get it to behave. And I know for a fact that Sephora sells a fairly easy-to-use heated eyelash curler.
00:57:46 They are battery powered. You don't have to plug it in. They just get hot enough to give the lashes that natural bend. So, give that a try, Claudia. Check out our recommendations for mascara on Beautypedia. You can go to our best products list. If you know you are not using products around the eye that are causing the mascara to break down, or if you don't have allergies, or your eyes aren't naturally teary, chances are it is just a bad mascara formula.
00:58:14 Some of them are just too creamy, and you need to experiment until you find one that works. And don't be afraid to take them back to the store. It isn't your fault. If you are doing everything right, it isn't your fault if a mascara is disappointing you. All right, everyone, that is our show for this week. Thank you so much for listening. But before you hang out, let's talk real quick about the shows we have coming up for April.
00:59:40 Next Tuesday, April 3, we are going to be talking with renowned New York-based dermatologist, Dr. Debra Jaliman. It is going to be an entire hour devoted to skincare Q&A with a dermatologist. She is a new special guest for our show. We are super excited to have her on. On April 10th, this is going to be a really fun show. We are going to be talking about the worst beauty tips - The Worst - that we have ever heard.
00:59:05 And then what you can do instead. So we are not just going to give you a list of bad tips and say, "Don't listen to any of this advice." We are going to be following that up with helpful information, everything from skincare to makeup tips, hair care tips. It is going to be a fun show. On April 17th, we are going back to our Twitter and Facebook fans. We are going to be soliciting your skincare and beauty questions. And we will be answering them on the air for the entire hour.
00:59:31 So, look for those posts on Facebook. Look for those Tweets. If you are not following us on Twitter, please do so. And you can join our Facebook page. It's Paula's Choice, if you log into Facebook. Like us on Facebook. Join the discussion there. And you are always welcome to come visit us at or Have a great evening everyone. Thanks for joining us.
Desiree Stordahl: Good night.
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