Makeover Your Image with Special Guest Christopher Hopkins

Airdate: 8/20/13

Paula and Bryan chat with "The Makeover Guy," Christopher Hopkins, author of Staging Your Comeback. Discover tips on how to transform your look and break out of a fashion rut. Learn your body type and hear fashion tips on which type of clothing is the most flattering. A must-hear show for anyone wondering what to wear!

Paula Begoun: Hi. This is Paula Begoun and Bryan Barron, keeping you beautifully informed. We're the Paula's Choice Research Team. Well, we're a part of the Paula's Choice Research Team.
Bryan Barron: It's a big team.
Paula Begoun: It's a big team! Bryan and I are coauthor of many books, but our best book, our most popular book, our most daunting book – the one with a thousand to 1,500 pages – is now in its ninth edition is "Don't Go to the Cosmetics Counter Without Me."
00:00:31 Bryan and I have been working – our anniversary is tomorrow. We've been working together for 13 years. 13 years.
Bryan Barron: Yeah. Made it this long.
Paula Begoun: Do you know how many editions of the book you've…?
Bryan Barron: I started with the fifth edition. So, we've done five, six, seven, eight, and nine together.
Paula Begoun: Oh my gosh. And we did a hair book.
Bryan Barron: We did one version of "Don't Go Shopping for Hair Care Products Without Me" and two of the "Beauty Bible." Plus all the newsletters in between.
Paula Begoun: Oh my gosh.
Bryan Barron: Beautypedia.
Paula Begoun: The content now on Cosmetics Cop and
00:01:06 And Bryan and I, actually I stared – was Paula's Choice, was my product line – so I'm Paula of Paula's Choice, a skincare and makeup line and onsite at So, I started that, that's 17 years ago. So, I had already started that.
Bryan Barron: Yes.
Paula Begoun: But once you came on, when did you – you started formulating with me because of all the research you did.
Bryan Barron: Yeah.
00:01:33 It was, we were in between books, and the line – the Paula's Choice line – was growing and you needed help.
Paula Begoun: I so needed help. There wasn't a team!
Bryan Barron: There wasn't anybody. We had no – I mean, our product development team now, which I'm not a direct part of, but our product development team now is amazing. They are incredibly proficient and organized.
Paula Begoun: Right.
Bryan Barron: They've taken that whole operation far beyond what you and I could have done given how much the line has grown over the past ten years.
Paula Begoun: Right.
Bryan Barron: But, yeah, it was you and I.
00:02:02 And we traipsed around New Jersey and California, and going to labs and mixing things, and talking to people.
Paula Begoun: Oh my gosh. And doing all that research. Well, we still do research. That's why we're the Paula's Choice, well, part of the Paula's Choice Research Team. And we were doing a BlogTalkRadio show for two years, three years, how long did we do that for?
Bryan Barron: Gosh, I think it was a little over, I think we almost hit three years, was it? Two years.
Paula Begoun: By the way, as you can tell, Bryan is the brains behind the organization.
00:02:33 I would say I'm the beauty except the truth is that if you go on the website and look at Bryan, Bryan is gorgeous. So, actually he is beauty and the brains, and maybe I don't even fall much in either category. But, Bryan remembers…
Bryan Barron: You do.
Paula Begoun: …everything. He's our chronicler. He's our – you have a question, Bryan does better than just about anybody. Oh my gosh, what don't you do? So, we're doing this again. We're back doing our talk radio to keep you beautifully informed.
Bryan Barron: Because you asked for it.
Paula Begoun: Yeah.
00:03:06 Well, by popular demand.
Bryan Barron: It was popular demand. We did the supposedly last broadcast December of 2012. And those who've been listening for awhile may recall that show, or you can go to and listen to it archived. But I did say, "Never say never." I had a feeling that we might bring the radio show back. And we decided to do so.
00:03:30 So, here we are. And, yeah, let's get it going.
Paula Begoun: And here we are. Well, actually the reason you know we, the Paula's Choice Research Team, should never say never is because I think it was the seventh edition of the book I said, "This is the last book. I am never…" Was it the seventh or the sixth?
Bryan Barron: Well, the sixth one was a bear. That was the biggest one we ever did. And basically killed ourselves doing it. And then so when we came to the seventh one we decided two things. It's got to be smaller; we're going to focus on the brands that we know that women are asking us about the most, the ones that are in the fashion magazines the most.
00:04:07 And then you said, "I'm getting too old for this. This is our last book."
Paula Begoun: Don't trust me. Don't trust me!
Bryan Barron: And we did two more after that.
Paula Begoun: So, the exciting thing now that we're doing this again, we're not live, this is taped to live, but we're not live. So, we have a lot more flexibility which makes everyone in the team's life easier.
00:04:34 But the first show, our first show back, I am like beyond excited because when you see Christopher Hopkins' website... – Well, first of all, once we get him on, the first question I have for him is I don't believe his makeovers. But his website, Christopher Hopkins' website is the Christopher is known as the Makeover Guy.
Bryan Barron: Yes.
00:05:01 And the theme of this show in that line is all about making over your image, regardless of your age, or particularly if you are between the ages of 40 and 60, this is going to be the show where we discuss clothing options, hairstyle. It's a head-to-toe makeover and we have found one of the most esteemed people in the country to talk us through this.
Paula Begoun: It's unbelievable. I don't know that I've ever seen, given fashion magazines and their before and afters, I mean, just even if you don't buy his book, Christopher is author of – actually, we have to talk to him. It's too long a title, but we're known for our long titles, so what the heck!
Bryan Barron: Yeah, that's the pot calling the kettle black.
Paula Begoun: Yeah really.
00:05:46 "Staging your Comeback: A Complete Beauty Revival for Women over 45." Although, you know, when I look at these pictures, this is applicable to, I mean, this is just for just about anybody. I mean, we've all gone through phases like this or don't know, or not phases. This is just how we've chosen to look and didn't know that there were other options.
00:06:11 So, you have to go to his makeover site. Christopher, are you there? We have so many questions for you. Christopher Hopkins, the Makeover Guy.
Christopher Hopkins: I am here, yes. I am here and I have so many answers.
Paula Begoun: Then we are happy! We are thrilled to talk.
00:06:33 So, I got to start by saying what is – are these real? I mean, are these Photoshopped? I'm on your, and I'm looking at your makeovers. And I was particularly struck by a woman named Rici, I don't quite know how to pronounce her name.
Christopher Hopkins: Oh, yeah, Rici. Mm-hmm.
Paula Begoun: Rici. And her before and after, I mean, I don't want to call you a liar, but are you lying?
00:07:04 I mean, what?! Look at that. Bryan, are you seeing?
Bryan Barron: Oh, that is remarkable.
Paula Begoun: I mean…
Bryan Barron: It does not look like the same person. Even in the after picture, given the appearance, she just looks happy.
Paula Begoun: Oh, right, she looks miserable. Oh, we shouldn't say miserable. Poor Rici. Rici, don't be listening.
Christopher Hopkins: She put on the frown a little bit for the before.
Paula Begoun: So, you're not lying, right? That really is her?
Christopher Hopkins: No, it's really her. What makes a good makeover, and she was perfect for it, as were all the women who I chose for the book, she had nothing – she has great bones but no features.
00:07:39 Her eyebrows were shapeless. She had no eyes. Her lips were downturn. And no color to her skin. So, really all you have to do in that situation is repaint on, you know, redo the brows so that they become the face. Without the good bones it isn't as easy. She just had really good bones and, you know. So, she still actually took it to heart and is doing most of it.
Paula Begoun: Now, I should mention that you have these makeovers in your book with step-by-step of how you went through creating this look for her and these other women. Right?
00:08:16 That's part of what you have in your book?
Christopher Hopkins: The whole point is, of course, you can do makeovers, but you need to give people a step-by-step process so that they can duplicate what you have. That's why there's videos. I have thousands of videos out there and you'll see they're not Photoshopped.
00:08:33 These are real women who fly in and have the makeovers. So, the book is mostly to tell you how to get out of the rut and off your butt, especially in spring. So that step one, this is what I do for my closets. Step two, this is how I book my appointments and my comeback date is... – Like I do the same thing every three months. I probably wrote the book for myself. My comeback date will be the last week in June. And so I've got to backtrack and I need to have a reason. And that's the only way I can get in shape for something.
Paula Begoun: So, just to be clear, because aside from your book, "Staging your Comeback," you also – so the audio book and the videos, the CDs you have – or DVDs – what are these?
00:09:20 Do they literally walk me through? Tell me what I would, if I buy that, what would I see in getting that?
Christopher Hopkins: There's the book. The DVDs, it's an audio book, so basically it's me reading the book and having my own interpretation of it so people can listen in the car and it's motivational and inspirational. And the Beauty Revival Guide, which is attached to the book, is my own process. It's sort of more the educational tool, like a workbook, so that you can do it without having to write it all down yourself. You can also do it without the workbook. You can download the interior of that book off my website, too. So, it's a lot less expensive to do that, it's just not as pretty or organized.
Paula Begoun: I'm sorry to go back to Rici, I mean, she's 63 years old. I mean, there's many women on your site, and we'll go through a few of them, but so tell me – you also redressed her.
00:10:16 I mean, you completely redressed her. And cut her hair. So, can you just walk me through what you did for Rici from top to bottom, because you did – you took away her hiking shoes. Tell me what you did top to bottom.
Christopher Hopkins: Every makeover is the same process. The first thing you have to understand is the person's personal style. So, I ask a lot of questions, or you can take the personal style quiz on my website. But, you need to know who you are so you can express that in how you look. She told me she was kind of innovative, different, unique – these were her words – and she looked nothing like that before.
00:11:00 So that, the first thing is to know who you are. The second thing is to take your actual physical body measurements and know how to balance them. And the third is the hair and makeup which fits your personal style and your ability to duplicate and all of that. So, that's how we start out. Then, we go through the process. First is the haircut. Well, she had a little perm and it was gray and nothing – and little wire-rim glasses. I don't know what can make you look older than that.
00:11:26 And so we got rid of that and she grew it out a little bit. We colored the hair a soft brown and added highlights, so it looked natural. And we put the funky in how we dressed her with a red leather jacket rather than a crotchet knit short vest, what she had for her before.
Paula Begoun: Right, which cut her at a strange angle making her look like she had no top, like she was…
Christopher Hopkins: She's pear-shaped naturally, she has narrow shoulders and full hips and really no bust line, and a short waist. And she was accentuating the short waist with the short vest. We gave her a little bit longer jacket, but bright on top rather than the bottom.
00:12:00 And just little things like that. The v-neck helped elongate her neck as opposed to the little round color. Round adds pounds!
Paula Begoun: So, now, before I ask you about some of the other, well actually, just one more thing about Rici. Poor Rici, will you tell her that I think she's gorgeous.
Christopher Hopkins: She's used to it. They're all used to it. That's why they bought into the makeover. They know they'd be talked about.
Paula Begoun: They knew they would be talked about. So, one of the things was, in all due respect to Rici, the way she dressed in the before was very dowdy. I mean, for lack of a better word it was grandmothery. And then you took her and gave her, I mean, I wouldn't call it extreme, but it is definitely more up-to-date, younger-looking.
00:12:56 And she didn't mind that?
Christopher Hopkins: Now, she was very quiet at first. She was a tough one to get through to. And she'd never done any of this. She'd never had her brows done in her life. You know, I suppose she was kind of a funky, natural gal who all of a sudden is 63 and didn't know what to do.
Bryan Barron: That describes a lot of women in Seattle.
Christopher Hopkins: Yes, I mean, it was fine when you were 22. But what do I do with this old lady face? I used to think natural was cool, but natural as you get older can look, well…
Paula Begoun: Old! It looks old because…
Bryan Barron: When people say they want to age gracefully and that they should just accept what nature has given them.
00:13:32 And, yeah, that's true to a point, but nature has given you.
Christopher Hopkins: Hairy armpits or a mustache, you know? There's a little grooming involved.
Paula Begoun: It does give you a mustache!
Bryan Barron: Well, nature may have wanted you to have one eyebrow, but societal norms say you look better with two.
Paula Begoun: Right. And we should say, because as the Paula's Choice Research Team always says, "You don't have to do anything. But if you're looking in the mirror and you want to be different, we're giving you the options of how to make that happen."
00:14:04 How not to have to just do it the way you've always done it. And actually your work is – I think you do the most remarkable makeovers I've ever seen.
Christopher Hopkins: Oh, thank you.
Paula Begoun: So, on your website you have your image profiling quiz. You have it under advice on
00:14:29 And you have questions, you list a whole bunch of questions. So, what if a woman, for example, your idea of makeup is understated and balance, a little or none, soft and pretty, glamorous and dramatic, whatever strikes you at the moment – which is scary – alluring, glossy, and enticing. So, what if they're coming in for a makeover from you and they say understated or natural, little or none, as you have on the list.
00:15:05 And you know there is no way on God's green earth that you're going to be able to work with your magic with little or no makeup. So, how do these questions help you to help a woman create the makeovers we're seeing on your website?
Christopher Hopkins: My interpretation of little or none means they want to look like they're wearing little or none, however as I tell them it might take a bit of makeup to look like you're not wearing any to look good.
00:15:39 Once they understand that it's simple, they are afraid of looking like those old Merle Norman ads, or that they're going to be sold blue eye shadow. And you can use foundation bronzing powder, a soft lip gloss, mascara, and have your brows done, and that can be dramatic. If I put it on camera I'll say here's your natural look. We need to amp it up for the video because otherwise it won't look dramatic.
00:16:00 But they will have the tools to do it. I just had a woman the other day, I have to tell you, she brought in her mother. And her mother was getting a makeover. And she was, I would say, a butch lesbian. And she was. And she was a woman who never wore makeup and really was against it. And I saw her right away and I said, come here, and I probably spent five minutes, and I put a little bronzer on, no lips, but just a touch of mascara, did her brows, and we combed her hair. It changed her life. Because she thought putting on makeup would make her look like a drag queen is what she said.
00:16:31 And we just did a little bit. She felt so pretty. She came back and she said, "I just feel like me. Like me." And that's what happens when you get older is that you don't feel like you. You disappear. And it doesn't take a lot.
Paula Begoun: She we worry that being a butch a lesbian is politically incorrect. Did she refer to herself? I'm sorry, what did you say Christopher? Sorry, say again.
Christopher Hopkins: We all know who we are. She was not offended.
Paula Begoun: Okay. I'll let it go. I'll let it go. Lord knows I have spent my time being politically incorrect.
Christopher Hopkins: We're not on national TV are we?
Paula Begoun: No, no, no. Well, maybe? No, no, we're not.
00:17:07 So, let's go back to these amazing makeovers that you have on the, because you are the The other one that threw me over the top was…
Bryan Barron: Oh, I think I know who you're going to say.
Paula Begoun: Tina? Who were you thinking?
Bryan Barron: Oh, Tina in the jeans? With the ripped jeans?
Paula Begoun: Tina in the red top. No, she's got a red top on and black pants. And gray…
Bryan Barron: Oh, biker granny?
Paula Begoun: Biker granny? No.
Christopher Hopkins: It's either the one with the one with the dark lips or the one with the miniskirt.
Paula Begoun: No, no, no. I'm on your page. And it's the third one, it's next to Rici.
Bryan Barron: Oh, Tina. Okay.
Christopher Hopkins: Oh, Tina, the really pretty natural. Yes.
Paula Begoun: Look at her! Look at her!
Bryan Barron: And you turned her into Marilyn Monroe.
Paula Begoun: Oh my god! But such a natural. I mean, she actually looks more overdone in the, because of the strong red color of her sweater set, and I don't think she has the right bra on.
Christopher Hopkins: No!
Paula Begoun: And her hair is…actually her cut is not bad.
00:18:17 But in comparison to this feathery, beautiful, I mean, I think that…does that blow you out of the water?
Bryan Barron: It does. Her after image is more of a very attractive subtle gradation of tone from her hair color down to her shoes. Whereas her before image, it's contrast, contrast, contrast.
Christopher Hopkins: She had lost herself. She had children at a later age. She was in her mid-40s and just had toddlers. And she had always been thin and all of a sudden everything kind of happened at once. She really didn't know what to do with it. And fortunately this inspired her and she lost quite a bit of weight. I think there's somewhere there's something when I was on The Today Show and you'll see her come out and she's just – all four of them – are just stunning, because she really went back to herself.
00:19:08 And she already knew what to do. She had just lost it.
Paula Begoun: Unbelievable. So, the hair style, so I don't live in…you're in Minneapolis, right, Christopher Hopkins, the
Christopher Hopkins: Yes.
Bryan Barron: At the reVamp! Salon.
Paula Begoun: At the reVamp! Salon. Great name. Great name.
00:19:27 So, I don't have you in my city. Do you make connections? Do you have a network of hairstylists that…?
Christopher Hopkins: Wouldn't that be wonderful? It's the number one question I get, but I always refer people to the Association of Image Consultants International,, and they can help to direct you to someone in your area. I will put it on my Facebook page sometimes and say, "Who knows anyone in Seattle?" and people will chime in.
Paula Begoun: Wait. So, what is the name of that website?
Christopher Hopkins: It's called
Paula Begoun:
Bryan Barron: She's going to the website now.
Paula Begoun: Yeah, I'm sorry.
00:20:05 Now I'm, so right, I need to…
Bryan Barron: You can't just toss her a bone like that and expect us to move on.
Christopher Hopkins: Oh, okay. You've got a computer right there, okay!
Paula Begoun: "Association of Image Consultants International. Find an image consultant. Image training." Look at that. Look at that. I've been in the beauty business for 32 years and I have never heard of this. No kidding.
Bryan Barron: Me neither. I knew that there were image consultants out there, but I didn't know that they had gotten their act together and put it all on one site.
Christopher Hopkins: I know.
Paula Begoun: Look at that.
00:20:40 Wow, okay.
Bryan Barron: So, Christopher, are you on this site, too?
Christopher Hopkins: I am not an AICI member, no.
Paula Begoun: You mean people in Minneapolis can't find you unless they're listening to, I mean, that…
Bryan Barron: Well, clearly people are finding him without us.
Paula Begoun: Oh, you think? Okay. So, I have such an ego. Was that like an egomaniacal thing? Yeah, really, I'm sorry.
Christopher Hopkins: The over-40 get me.
Paula Begoun: I even scare myself sometimes. So, we're talking to Christopher Hopkins, the Makeover Guy, author of – let me make sure I get the name right – "Staging your Comeback: A Complete Beauty Revival for Women over 45."
00:21:17 You got to take a look at his makeovers section. So, what was the one, Bryan, was it Gail, age 50, that struck you? The one with the dark black lipstick?
Bryan Barron: That was one. But I also…
Paula Begoun: She's something. I mean, that just…
Bryan Barron: I also thought that what he did with Cheryl.
Paula Begoun: Which one is that?
Bryan Barron: She's the one I not so nicely refer to as "biker granny."
Christopher Hopkins: Oh, biker grandma.
Paula Begoun: Oh, with the black skirt and the pink top.
Bryan Barron: And the fishnets. I mean, clearly a woman, age 61, who is not dressing age appropriate. That outfit barely looks good on someone who is age appropriate.
Paula Begoun: I don't know who, yeah, well…
Bryan Barron: You look at her after and she looks amazing.
Paula Begoun: She looks amazing.
Christopher Hopkins: She's still going to bars and she really actually owned those clothes and she wore those things. And maybe I told her to amp it up a little bit, but she still owned a leather miniskirt and the tank she had just gotten for Christmas from a niece.
00:22:16 And her husband is like 25 years younger and she kept trying to…she wanted to feel sexy. And yet she was so self-conscious that when she put down her buzz words she said, "Well, I want to look like a class act." And I said, "Well, you don't, honey. This is what we got to do." And it changed her life as far as confidence. She can still dress in slim jeans and a heel. And we cut her hair shorter. And she loves it.
Paula Begoun: Actually, you know something? By the way, did you say her husband is 25 years younger than her?
Christopher Hopkins: Yeah, he's my age. I think he was 44 at the time and she was 61, so whatever that comes to.
Paula Begoun: Wow. She rocks.
00:22:58 But she went, from the way I see this, and people who should go to your website, too. Actually, you know, identify your style and take a look, because in some ways these pictures relate to an incredible range of women…
Bryan Barron: Yes.
Paula Begoun: …of different races and different skin color and different ages that you can kind of say, "Well, that's sort of me now," and take a look at what Christopher did for the before and after. Because she went from looking like a much older woman, she actually, her age there says 61. She actually, I thought, she was more like 67 or 68. And the picture, the after, I think makes her look like a woman in her late 40s, early 50s.
Bryan Barron: I agree. And you can see it on her face, too. I mean, obviously the makeup is doing its thing, but you can't hide when that joy and happiness is coming from your soul.
00:23:52 I mean, you can't disguise that with makeup and it's not just a matter of lighting trickier or Photoshop that can create that kind of contentment.
Paula Begoun: Well, when you feel beautiful, you know, it's not that being beautiful is definitely a self-definition, but given options that you can take a look at yourself and see yourself differently, then you can see if that other definition of beautiful, how that radiates from you and does that feel better.
00:24:22 If you only know one way, I mean, that's fine and that could be your self-definition of beautiful, but without knowing options you're stuck. You're in a corner with no options. And my perspective of life is it's all about options. And Christopher Hopkins, the Makeover Guy, that seems to be what you do best. So, what is your top three recommendations for women when looking in the mirror and thinking of options for themselves, without being self-critical or being negative about themselves, how can they look in the mirror, feel beautiful the way they are, and think of themselves and see themselves potentially in a different light without feeling bad about themselves?
Christopher Hopkins: Well, first of all, if you're going to give me three, I would say the most important things on your face are you brows, your eyes, and your lips.
00:25:22 And when those are faded away they need to be put back on somehow. And it doesn't mean drawn on. It just means, more on brows, it makes the biggest difference how they're groomed, that's number one. The point is no matter what we do we want to look at your eyes, so we don't look at other places. So, any sort of, even if you have to get your lashes or tinted, or you don't wear makeup but a permanent liner so that we look at your eyes and soft lips; bright lips tend to be aging, so that will draw attention away from the eyes.
Paula Begoun: Okay. And then you also do clothing though. So, what about from the neck down, because some of the most dramatics aspects of this, separate from the hair and the face, is the clothing. I mean, that's just – and it's all modest clothing.
00:26:07 It's all very…
Bryan Barron: It is. That leads me into a question, though, that I've been wanting to ask Christopher in that what are, especially for women age 45 to 60, which seems to be your specialty area, what are the fashion mistakes that you see women in that age group making the most?
Christopher Hopkins: I'd have to say too tight or too loose. Basically, you either have no shape or you have too much reveal in a pair of – anything that stretches over anything is going to show.
00:26:39 So, I think the most important thing, like Plato said, it's balance, proportion, symmetry. If you can create the illusion of balance, it doesn't matter what weight you are, that this ideal proportion so that the focus is on your face – even if it's having three different outfits only that are tailored well, you're going to look so much better than mixed-matched, loose, no color, nothing that does nothing for you.
00:27:03 And a good bra.
Bryan Barron: And a good bra, yes.
Paula Begoun: You know, that's a fascinating thing you're saying, Christopher. As somebody who has struggled with weight, I'm kind of my own version of Oprah Winfrey. I've bloated up as big as her and gone back and forth more times than I can count. And one of the things that I am adamant about is that my rolls and pooches and pouches and flowing skin is nobody's business but my own.
Christopher Hopkins: Absolutely.
Paula Begoun: I don't get when I see women, overweight women…
Christopher Hopkins: Me either.
Paula Begoun: Who wear things so tight, I mean, literally they might as well be naked. I mean, they're just…
Bryan Barron: It leaves nothing to the imagination and they really should.
Paula Begoun: And I never…we should do…
Bryan Barron: And men do it, too. Let's not…
Paula Begoun: Oh, actually, that's true.
Bryan Barron: Let's do some gender equality here, because there are plenty of men out there that wear clothing that's too revealing.
Paula Begoun: What is that with the pouch – like they don't know that they're stomach is hanging over their belt?
Bryan Barron: Or they just don't care?
00:28:13 What is perplexing to me is that do they just not care? Does it just not matter to them? Or, are they really that confident and really that okay with the way that they look and their rational is, "Well, I don't mind. I think I look good. I think I look fine. Screw what everybody else thinks."
Christopher Hopkins: I think it's a combination of things. One, it's a society in general where we have, you know, do what feels good and what pleases you, which is understandable, except that I like to explain that there's a certain amount of dignity that we all want to maintain.
00:28:45 And a certain amount of pride in ourselves that we want to maintain. And when you're in public it's just nice – it doesn't mean you have to spend money. You just need to express your best self – self-respect. So, I don't know why people do that. I think sometimes they forget and give up. You've tried so hard and you just don't even care anymore and you can't afford it. But that is a huge excuse because I grew up with no money, my parents had no money, we always looked good. We looked good for church and it's just what you did.
00:29:13 And it doesn't have to do with size or shape. You just wear clothes that skim and don't cling, and cover things that you don't want – why do you want people to know that you have cellulite? I mean, if you want people to know, tell them. But, I assume you don't. And so I assume a pair of white leggings with nothing under it is not the best concept.
Paula Begoun: We actually all know it's not about money, because they did buy that tank top, and they did buy that spandex, and you could have easily bought looser…
Christopher Hopkins: You can get something cheap at TJ Maxx that fits.
Paula Begoun: Exactly.
00:29:45 So, we just have a couple of more minutes with you, Christopher Hopkins, the Makeover Guy, at Author of "Staging your Comeback: A Complete Beauty Revival for Women over 45." Although, you got to lose that title, Christopher, because your work is not just about women over 45.These pictures apply almost to any age. Having traveled the world, this applies to – I mean, oh my gosh.
Christopher Hopkins: I just say "Staging your Comeback" now, but we had to have a market.
Paula Begoun: This is teenagers. I mean, oh my gosh. So, now I lost my train of thought because I just rewrote the title of his book. Oh, I know what I was going to say.
Christopher Hopkins: Did we forget our Adderall this morning?
Paula Begoun: So, leave us with what, separate from what would you do with me, but that's a whole other story, you say that you can do your work…
Bryan Barron: Remotely.
Paula Begoun: Remotely.
00:30:50 Can you explain? So, where is that on your website? Under Services.
Christopher Hopkins: It says Online Consultation. And the online consultation, basically you send me all your headshots, five plus full body shots, and we go through step by step. And I explain and show pictures what I would do. And you take those to someone who is a professional and have it done. And that's how that works. It's kind of like having a consultation with me and we can discuss it online.
00:31:28 And it should serve a process. But let's say you do it. I would say let's set a goal date. What is happening this summer? Maybe it's just an evening out. Plan that date. A week from that we're going to have your hair and makeup done, or whatever. Two weeks before that you're going to do this. And you get it all set up. You get the makeover that's staging your comeback.
Paula Begoun: How do you like that? All right, so, we have been talking to Christopher Hopkins, the Makeover Guy, at Author of "Staging your Comeback: The Complete Beauty Revival for Women over 45."
00:32:02 If nothing else, you absolutely have to go to his website and click on the Makeover link.
Bryan Barron: Take that time that you might go to Pinterest or Facebook and check out
Paula Begoun: And go to that Makeover tab on his top nav bar.
Christopher Hopkins: Or YouTube. YouTube has great videos. Just Google Makeover Guy on YouTube. Keep you inspired.
Paula Begoun: What does he have on YouTube?
Bryan Barron: He does have a series of videos. And, Christopher, you do your own series of videos, just general, your take on life in general. I've watched a few of them and you're quite funny.
Christopher Hopkins: Oh, thank you. It's a matter of picking up a camera and talking to it and editing it is not very easy, but it was necessary.
Paula Begoun: So, I'm sorry, I haven't looked at the YouTube videos.
00:32:48 Do they go step by step?
Christopher Hopkins: No. Women fly in from all over the country, and we take a before video of them saying why they're there. We videotape the process. And then an after video…
Paula Begoun: Oh, so you do videotape the process.
Christopher Hopkins: …and put it all together in five minutes basically, or three minutes.
Paula Begoun: Okay. so, I don't have time to do that right now.
00:33:04 But guess what I'm doing as soon as we're done answering Facebook questions? I'm going to go to YouTube and look up Christopher, thank you so much for taking the time to talk to Bryan and I.
Christopher Hopkins: Thank you.
Paula Begoun: Bryan and me. Bryan and me! Wait, I want to make sure I get my editing, my grammar right. Christopher, thank you. We hope to talk to you again.
Christopher Hopkins: Okay.
Bryan Barron: Thanks Christopher.
Paula Begoun: Take care.
Christopher Hopkins: Bye-bye.
Bryan Barron: Bye-bye.
Paula Begoun: Bye-bye. So, how much time do we have for questions? Do you have some Facebook questions for us?
Bryan Barron: I do.
00:33:36 Well, these questions came from our Dear Paula inbox at So, let me start off. I will read them to you. And then we can work on an answer together.
Paula Begoun: Okay. Let's get to the questions.
Bryan Barron: All right. "Dear Paula. I hope you can help me with this. I'm absolutely in love with your discontinued item, Weightless Finish Sunscreen Spray SPF-30 for Face and Body. I learned that it is still a current item in Europe but cannot be shipped to the USA. Can you tell me if there is a product out there that I can purchase that is similar, as close to yours as possible, and not a lotion but a liquid?"
Paula Begoun: Is there?
00:34:13 That's a you question. I don't know. Although we do have that new one coming out for the Clear line. That's an astounding, but I mean, it's not available now.
Bryan Barron: It's not available now.
Paula Begoun: When is that coming out?
Bryan Barron: I think that's not until next year.
Paula Begoun: Next year? Okay, then I shouldn't talk about it.
Bryan Barron: There's still a lot that has to be done.
00:34:32 But, yeah, it's pretty darn cool.
Paula Begoun: Isn't that astounding? It's just astounding. And it doesn't have synthetic agents, so it's non-irritating. And it's literally a liquid. But, I'm sorry, she's talking about our spray, silicone-based sunscreen that we discontinued.
Bryan Barron: Yeah. I loved that sunscreen, too. This is from Kathleen. And, Kathleen, there is a sunscreen brand called Kinesys. They're still around.
00:35:02 They're not widely distributed. You'll probably have to order it online. And I believe you can order it from their own site, They have an SPF 30 sunscreen spray. I believe it's their sensitive line, which means it's fragrance-free. Doesn't quite have the same bells and whistles that ours did in terms of the really potent antioxidants, but, it does have some and it will give you the broad spectrum protection that ours did.
00:35:27 And if you like that feel, that really silky silkiness, with a little bit of a sheen that doesn't feel greasy, then it's absolutely worth checking out.
Paula Begoun: So, Clinique doesn't have one like that? Neutrogena?
Bryan Barron: Not that's alcohol-free.
Paula Begoun: Oh!
Bryan Barron: That's the catch.
Paula Begoun: Oh, right! Right, right, right. So, right. So, Kathleen, and for everybody else listening, so one of the problems often with skincare products when we review them is we are very clear, well not that we are, the research is very clear that alcohol, like SD alcohol that is used in skincare products, particularly liquids, is bad for skin.
00:36:10 Causes free radical damage. Causes cell death. Irritates the skin. Inflammation. It's just bad. There is no positive to alcohol in skincare products.
Bryan Barron: And there's rarely a reason to use it in lieu of other ingredients that don't present that risk.
Paula Begoun: Right.
Bryan Barron: I think the reason a lot of manufacturers do use it is because it's inexpensive. It's relatively easy to formulate with.
00:36:37 And depending on the product, if you're looking for something that is going to dry quickly, or evaporate fast, and you're using 60% to 70% alcohol, that's exactly what you're going to get.
Paula Begoun: That's exactly what it's going to do. It's a problem. Maybe for the neck down, but never – well, yeah, the neck down ages too. Never mind. Not for the neck down either. But, definitely not for the face.
Bryan Barron: Although, just as an add-on to that, though, if you are in a situation where you know you need to reapply your sunscreen, maybe you're at the beach and you didn't bring it with you, and all that's available to you is an alcohol-based sunscreen spray, no question that putting that flash of alcohol on your skin is better than not reapplying a sunscreen and just winging it.
Paula Begoun: Oh my gosh.
00:37:24 Oh my gosh. Well, you know, obviously, I mean, anybody who knows us, but for anybody listening who doesn't know us, there is – not wearing sunscreen, I can't think – it's like smoking. It's just allowing the sun to hammer at your skin – is aging; is cancer-causing; it's damaging. Just there's – whatever you hear about it producing Vitamin D, we know it produces Vitamin D, it's just there's other ways to get Vitamin D than from the damaging effects of the sun.
00:38:01 Just like smoking a cigarette, people used to say, "Well, it relaxes you." Well, guess what? There are other ways to get relaxed than sucking down smoke that's destroying your lungs. Bryan, next question.
Bryan Barron: This is a good one. There isn't necessarily – well, I'm curious as to how you'll answer this, because I know you've been asked this before.
Paula Begoun: Okay.
Bryan Barron: "Is there one skincare line aside from yours, which I use, that stands above all others in terms of quality?" This is from Julie.
Paula Begoun: Probably Dr. Denese comes – is that how you pronounce her name?
Bryan Barron: Oh, Dr. Denese.
Paula Begoun: Denese.
00:38:42 Probably Dr. Denese. I mean, she's got some missteps. She's got some jars. But not many.
Bryan Barron: Yeah, she does have some AHA pads with alcohol. It's not a perfect line. But, you know, depending on what you want.
Paula Begoun: Boy, she's got some really nice serums and moisturizers when they're not in jars. So, that comes to mind. I think that the Lauder company for certain formulations, particularly Estee Lauder, that line has some particularly stunning products.
00:39:20 I'd stay away from the cleansers. There's just never a reason to spend that much money on that small a container for a cleanser. There's nothing special about those cleansers. It's hard to make a special cleanser. You can just make an irritating cleanser or a good cleanser. Those are kind of the two options for a particular skin type. But I think Lauder, a lot of innovation around the way moisturizers go on, the silky smooth feeling.
00:39:50 Antioxidants – Lauder Corporation was one of the first companies on the block to do really fancy, beautiful formulas with antioxidants. I think they're overpriced for what you get.
Bryan Barron: Yeah.
Paula Begoun: But I think that Lauder is pretty good.
Bryan Barron: The other thing that I think the Lauder lines do well in terms of antioxidants is that it's rare for them to promote one. You don't go to the Lauder counter and say, "I'd like a Vitamin C product," and then they pull out something that says Lauder Vitamin C Serum.
Paula Begoun: Oh, one specialty ingredient. Right. They get the cocktail approach.
Bryan Barron: Absolutely.
00:40:28 Whatever special ingredient they call out is almost always in there in a meaningful amount, but it's surrounded by a lot of other good ingredients that they don't call out. Those are just kind of there showing support. It's exactly how we formulate Paula's Choice products.
Paula Begoun: Right. So, actually just to explain that a little bit more. So, one of the things that a lot of cosmetic companies do that is bad for skin, or at the very least misleading…
Bryan Barron: And it constantly gets consumers' attention.
Paula Begoun: Is this miracle ingredient from the Amazon, from some country somewhere that isn't your backyard, you know, melons from France, or some oil from some country.
Bryan Barron: Argon oil.
Paula Begoun: Or some form of Vitamin C.
00:41:15 And skin is, first of all, there aren't miracle ingredients. There definitely are not miracle plant extracts that are above all else. And skin is complicated. Skin is the largest organ of the body. It is a complex array of substances that deplete as you get older, or mostly because of sun damage. You want to put those ingredients back into the skin to make it healthy. There isn't one. The skin is complicated.
00:41:43 And you would be cheating your skin if you only paid attention to some melon somewhere in France. And, so, right – one of the things that Lauder does is they have a very complex, beautiful list – the products they do that are well done of antioxidants and anti-inflammatories and skin repairing ingredients. And they use some cell communicating ingredients. They're not quite as big – I wonder why that is? They don't use many, you know, they don't use retinol very often or niacinamide very often.
Bryan Barron: They don't. I don't understand.
Paula Begoun: That's kind of interesting.
Bryan Barron: Years ago Lauder had a retinol product called Diminish.
Paula Begoun: Oh yeah.
Bryan Barron: And then they launched it with a lot of fanfare. It was on the market for a couple of years, and then they took it away. And then they brought it back. And then it was only around for maybe another nine months or so and then it went away again.
00:42:34 And I don't know if they just had a high return rate on it. It was fragranced.
Paula Begoun: Oh, with retinol that would be a problem.
Bryan Barron: That can be a problem. And the reason, retinol is a very well known anti-aging ingredient. It's one of the most researched. I wouldn't go so far as to say it's the best, but it's definitely among the best. Not everyone can tolerate it, but if your skin can tolerate it and you have signs of aging it definitely is something that should be in your arsenal.
Paula Begoun: Along with other great ingredients.
Bryan Barron: Yes.
Paula Begoun: But it is one of the better known what we call cell communicating ingredients that literally tells skin cells to make better skin cells.
Bryan Barron: And that research that we uncovered recently about retinol being beneficial for Rosacea.
00:43:19 That was a big shift for us.
Paula Begoun: That was surprising. Right.
Bryan Barron: Because for years we had been saying if you have Rosacea, don't use retinol. Rosacea is a skin disorder, lingering redness, flushing, very sensitive skin. Often pustular-like breakouts, spider veins on the face.
Paula Begoun: Nasty.
Bryan Barron: Yeah.
Paula Begoun: Nasty.
Bryan Barron: Not pretty.
Paula Begoun: And I suspect, and what the research, it's really more research from dermatologists who have recommended, the general term is retinoids, who have recommended retinol-like ingredients, which retinol is the entire Vitamin A molecule and saw improvement.
00:44:01 And that surprises us. I mean, I can't use retinol. I don't have Rosacea and I can't use retinol.
Bryan Barron: I have to be very careful about how much I use and how often.
Paula Begoun: Because it's irritating. But for a lot of women, or men, who can use it, it seems to improve a lot of skin problems – sun damage, Rosacea, which just threw us. So, yeah, you know, what the Paula's Choice Research does is we research. We never say…oh, do we have time? Deva, how much time do we have? Can you give…because I'm not paying attention.
Bryan Barron: We've got about 15 minutes.
Paula Begoun: Because we're just talking.
Bryan Barron: We're good.
Paula Begoun: Oh, we're good?
Bryan Barron: Yeah.
Paula Begoun: So, we need a timer. We need to get a timer because we can just talk. And now, watch, I lost my train of thought. I know this happens all the – that woman who emailed you and you got into an argument, from Beauty Control is where she worked.
Bryan Barron: Yes.
Paula Begoun: So, what was that?
00:44:56 Can you tell that story? That was a great – that is so classic for us.
Bryan Barron: Ugh, yeah. She emailed us through Beautypedia and she was questioning a review of Beauty Control Moisturizer. The product was called a night cream and somehow she got that we were inferring that it shouldn't be used during the day. And she wrote in and was telling us that and almost in a sense of, "Well, duh, of course you wouldn't use it during the day. It says right on the product that it's a night cream. And NIGHT was all in capital letter in her email."
00:45:31 And I went back to the review and I thought, gosh, you know, I mean, first of all whenever we get an email like that we always think, you know, we're human, we're infallible, mistakes can happen.
Paula Begoun: No, fallible, fallible. Not infallible!
Bryan Barron: We are infallible! We are the supreme beings! See, I'm fallible at saying infallible.
Paula Begoun: There you go.
Bryan Barron: So, I looked at the review because I thought, you know, for all intents and purposes she may be 100% right.
00:46:00 It wouldn't be the first time. We go back in, we look at it, we correct it, we write her back and say, "Thank you so much for bringing this to our attention. It's been changed. You're a great junior Cosmetics Cop." Whatever. So, I looked at the review and I thought how in the world – it read fine to me. And so I thought how in the world did she interpret it that way. And what we really made a point of was that this moisturizer was packaged in a jar, and it contained a few irritating ingredients.
00:46:28 Beauty Control had a lot of other great ingredients in their product, and they used a lot of good ingredients throughout the line. On balance, we say nice things about Beauty Control. So, I wrote her back and said the real issue was the fact that this moisturizer is packaged in a jar. And she wrote back and said, "Well, I don't think that's a problem." And I wrote back and said, "I don't know what else I can tell you other than the fact that all we can do is report on what the research shows to be true." And there is research that shows jar packaging for light and air sensitive ingredients, which include many of the ingredients and all plant extracts.
00:47:08 But a lot of the ingredients in this moisturizer were light and air sensitive. So, then she wrote back again. I was going to leave it at that, kind of an "it is what it is." If you like jars, great, but we're not going to change our tune just because you like jars. So, she wrote back again and said, "Well, clearly we're not going to agree on this." And I thought, well, yeah, you're right. I'm not backing done.
Paula Begoun: Well, if the research changes we'll back down!
Bryan Barron: We will back down.
Paula Begoun: But the research has been consistent for decades.
Bryan Barron: Yes. And some companies use what's called an airless jar where the mouth of the jar is covered up with a disc that you have to depress to get the product to come out. Those are fine. This wasn't the case with the Beauty Control product. It was in a standard jar.
00:47:59 But she finished by saying, "Well, I've been a Beauty Control consultant for 23 years and I know the manager, the executive vice president, and I know that he would never sell anything that didn't work and that wasn't amazing."
Paula Begoun: So, you know, we get comments like that. So, we love the discourse. We love talking and we love being challenged. Without being challenged we might miss new research. Without being challenged we don't get the opportunity to really make sure that we've done our work.
Bryan Barron: Yeah.
Paula Begoun: So, being challenged is never the issue for the Paula's Choice Research Team.
00:48:39 It hasn't been over the years. Exactly we do, when somebody says, "Look at this research, or this isn't true, or I've heard that," then before we respond we look it up. First, we look at what research we have. We look then to see if there is new research. And then we quote the research. On our website, more so than any other cosmetics company – whether you like my products or not, of course I think they're brilliant, the Paula's Choice skincare line and makeup – I think my products are brilliant.
00:49:13 But, whether you like my products or not, if you go to the product information page we are one of the only cosmetic companies in the world that include all the research we've used to make decisions about how to best formulate that product.
Bryan Barron: Right.
Paula Begoun: So, we're not saying, "I think this is right." We're not saying, "I believe it." It isn't about belief or non-belief.
Bryan Barron: Right, as in "natural is good, synthetic is bad." That's a belief system. There's good and bad natural and synthetic ingredients. So, it's an emotional response.
Paula Begoun: As opposed to fact. Because over the years, I mean, I started my line 17 years ago. I wrote my first book in 1984, without Bryan, which I still don't know quite how I wrote – god, how many books did I write before you came along? I was crazy.
00:50:09 That the research has changed with every book. It's one of the reasons we do updates. It's one of the reasons we update our website.
Bryan Barron: You know, a classic example of that is as recently as, well, not so recent anymore, but the third edition of "Don't Go to the Cosmetics Counter Without Me," which I think was published in '96 or '97, in that book you were admonishing anything with salicylic acid.
Paula Begoun: Ah, I was.
Bryan Barron: That is was a horrible ingredient for skin.
Paula Begoun:/ I was.
Bryan Barron: And that if you have acne it's the last thing you should be using.
Paula Begoun: Can you believe that? Well, because there was no research.
Bryan Barron: Right.
00:50:38 That's changed. Obviously Paula's Choice sells several products with salicylic acid. Some may argue that it's the cornerstone of our line.
Paula Begoun: Yes. Well, because we have 11 – what do we have, 11?
Bryan Barron: Seven or eight.
Paula Begoun: No, no, no, more. I think it's more than that. Oh, with the two new ones coming out. Sorry. Whatever. We have a lot of them. But, I interrupted, I'm sorry Bryan. Go on.
Bryan Barron: To me that's the classic example that I know I've used in the past with women, because our long time readers and fans, and we have a lot of them, we still get women who say, "Well, I'm still using hydrogen peroxide as a toner because that's what Paula told me to do."
Paula Begoun: Oh my god.
00:51:17 Oh, I did back in 1987.
Bryan Barron: Exactly. And sometimes there's this disconnect where in any other area, you know, you wouldn't go back to a car lot when you need to buy a new car and look for something that was from 1976.
Paula Begoun: Right.
Bryan Barron: And say, "That's what I want."
Paula Begoun: Or, one of the things we always say, "You wouldn't use a typewriter. You wouldn't use a rotary telephone. You wouldn't use orange juice cans."
Bryan Barron: Exactly.
Paula Begoun: In other words, you want what is the current research for what is best for skin.
00:51:48 And so we change. And I was thinking that one of the major changes that we made at Paula's Choice was the UVA protection issue in sunscreen.
Bryan Barron: Yeah.
Paula Begoun: The sunscreen was always about sunburn and then in the ‘90s it became very clear that sun damage was not just about sunburn from UVB rays, but the sun's UVA rays – those are the nasty, actually cancer-causing. They're actually more damaging. You don't feel them. They don't cause sunburn. They come through windows. They're just insidiously bad. And sunscreens didn't protect from them. They didn't start changing those formulary considerations in terms of what ingredients protect from UVA until 1998, '97.
Bryan Barron: Yeah, it was the late ‘90s.
Paula Begoun: And I threw out all of the sunscreens we had and reformulated.
00:52:47 Same thing with antioxidants. Didn't know much about antioxidants when I first launched my product line, and now…
Bryan Barron: Back then it was more theoretical. And the emphasis was much more on consuming them as part of a diet. There was very little research on what happens when you put an antioxidant on skin.
Paula Begoun: And now the research is just abundant.
Bryan Barron: Yes.
Paula Begoun: You put antioxidants on the skin. Clear evidence.
00:53:10 I mean, many different types of ingredients, but in particular antioxidants, clear difference in terms of the health of the skin, making skin look younger. Improving acne.
Bryan Barron: Yes. Particularly in the presence of UV light.
Paula Begoun: It's shocking.
Bryan Barron: There are studies that even without the benefit of a sunscreen….
Paula Begoun: Which you never do, but the research shows…
Bryan Barron: Simply putting antioxidants, just as an example, I'm not saying it's the best, but Vitamin C on the skin affords some amount of protection.
Paula Begoun: Right. Right. It's amazing. It's amazing. Do we have time for another question?
Bryan Barron: Yeah.
00:53:41 Let's see if we can get in one more. "Dear Paula. Help. I am going through menopause and my skin has become dry. I also have a few broken blood vessels on my face. I'm looking for a full coverage foundation that's long-lasting. Nothing covers very well or stays on for very long."
Paula Begoun: Did she say she has oily skin?
Bryan Barron: She's going through menopause and her skin has become dry.
Paula Begoun: Become dry, and they're still sliding off. Go on.
Bryan Barron: I'm thinking maybe because of the hot flashes?
Paula Begoun: Oh, if she's sweating?
Bryan Barron: Yeah.
Paula Begoun: What does she say, I'm sorry.
Bryan Barron: She says she's, "Using a BB cream underneath her foundation and also a loose powder over it," and she's not getting the results that she wants. And she wanted to know if you had any suggestions.
Paula Begoun: Well, you know, one of the things that's hard about questions like this when we can't talk to the person directly is what BB cream is she using.
00:54:32 And if she's using a BB cream from the United States, most BB creams are just tinted moisturizers.
Bryan Barron: Right.
Paula Begoun: And they are specifically designed to not provide coverage. They provide – some of them, a lot of them – provide sun protection, but they are designed specifically not to give you coverage. There's just no way it's going to do…so it's not so much that it's not lasting. It's that it's absorbing. So, when you put it on because it's mostly moisturizer. It absorbs. The color is actually a minimal part of it. And powder, particularly on dry skin – again, we don't know what kind of powder she's using.
00:55:11 But if she's not using a powder with coverage then…
Bryan Barron: Well, it's loose powder, which just by definition, loose is always going to look more sheer than pressed.
Paula Begoun: Right. Well, not if it's some of those heavier loose…
Bryan Barron: Like the mineral makeup?
Paula Begoun: Yeah. The original mineral makeups. Those can go on heavy.
Bryan Barron: That's true.
Paula Begoun: But even then it depends.
00:55:27 Again, that's why you have to go to Beautypedia and look up our reviews, because it really depends on what the formula is, because we test – I mean, we test everything. Everything goes through our system. So, what she needs to do if it's an American BB cream as opposed to the Korean or Asian BB creams which are thicker and heavier and afford more coverage.
Bryan Barron: Dr. Jart. That's a good example.
Paula Begoun: That's a good example. But there are so many. There are so many.
Bryan Barron: There are. The Missha brand, which we haven't reviewed, but I've seen some of them from our Korean distributor – Missha.
Paula Begoun: Right.
Bryan Barron: But even if she wants to get away from doing the BB cream foundation and powder, she could look to a fuller coverage foundation as well.
Paula Begoun: She needs to or she won't get anything that she's looking for.
00:56:19 And because she needs to really test it before she buys it. And there is rarely anything at the cosmetic counter that you can't replace at the drugstore or from an inexpensive line at Ulta or Sephora. But, having said that, you need to try the foundation before she buys it. And I would strongly suggest she start at the M.A.C. counter. I think in terms of really…
Bryan Barron: Yeah.
Paula Begoun: What M.A.C.'s really strong point is is makeup artists that want to make you sit down and put stuff on you and then test it.
00:56:53 And then you can walk outside and spend the day in it and see how it works.
Bryan Barron: Yeah. And same thing at either Bobbi Brown would be another example.
Paula Begoun: Bobbi Brown. She has pretty good coverage?
Bryan Barron: Yes.
Paula Begoun: She has pretty good coverage foundations, don't you think?
Bryan Barron: Yup, yup, she does. Whether you go for the foundation stick and layer it, or whether you go for one of her moisturizing foundations. And Laura Mercier is another line whose foundations provide nice coverage. At the very least you could get, and this letter is from Wendy – Wendy, you could get a benchmark for what a good foundation can do.
00:57:27 And then you can look to some of our reviews on Beautypedia and compare and contrast with some inexpensive options at the drugstore.
Paula Begoun: But for her skin type, strongly recommend you stay away from lines like Clarins and Origins where they just love sticking irritating ingredients in their products.
Bryan Barron: Yes. All the fragrant oils and the fragrant plants.
Paula Begoun: All of their products.
Bryan Barron: Pretty much.
Paula Begoun: Foundations. Really doesn't matter what they stick in. It's always irritating. Those extra plants, I don't know, they just can't get away from the irritation and the fragrance. So, you want to be careful, especially with your reddened skin, not making it worse.
00:58:02 So, are we about done?
Bryan Barron: Let's do one more quick question.
Paula Begoun: Oh, cool. I can't believe how much time we have. And I'm still talking! Okay, go.
Bryan Barron: "Thank you so much for pointing your readers in the direction of Neutrogena's Acne Stress Control BHA which has done wonders for my skin and has helped with old acne scars and overall smoothness." This is from Anna. Anna, don't forget that Paula's Choice has some incredible BHA products as well. Ours tend to have more anti-irritants and antioxidants in them than what Neutrogena does.
00:58:30 But, onto your question. Anna works out midday after work. She wants to know if she should wash her makeup off before working out after or both – that's a little confusing. She says she usually doesn't sweat so much that she needs to shower. And she keeps reading contradictory advice. "Would love to hear Paula's final word on this.
Paula Begoun: I actually have strong opinions about this. I am a pragmatist, primarily. There is no hard fast rule about working out and washing your makeup off. If you have the skill, and I do, personally – I never wash my face twice if I don't have to. That's way too irritating to wash your face, put on moisturizer, put on…you know, what you have to go through to get your makeup off.
00:59:25 And then to do it again to wash the salt off from the sweating. Even if you don't sweat much you're still sweating. It's just a pain. Who wants to bother? I mean, it already takes how much time to work out? And then you have to clean your face and clean it again. So, I'm a pragmatist. And, plus, I usually am going out afterwards if I'm working out in the evening. If I'm working out in the morning then I just wait till after I work out to put my makeup on. But if I'm working out when I have makeup on, I leave it on. I touch it up and then I wash it off at night.
00:59:57 The only time you wouldn't want to do that is if you notice that leaving your makeup on when you're working out makes you break out. However, what it isn't doing, and I've seen these ridiculous stupid articles, it is not aging your skin, it is not hurting your skin. It is not trapping evil things under your makeup. As long as it's not irritating your skin, and you have the skill to touch it up, there is absolutely no reason to just wash afterwards as opposed to before.
01:00:31 My skin does fine. I don't break out from that. And I save time. And, you know, life is saving time as well as taking great care of your skin. And I think you can do both. There's nothing damaging to the skin about working out with makeup on.
Bryan Barron: And on that note, I think that perfectly wraps up this first edition of the return of our radio show, "Be Beautifully Informed with Paula Begoun and the Paula's Choice Research Team."
Paula Begoun: We have a lot of other great shows coming up that you can find on our website at So, come visit us. And stay beautiful, stay beautifully informed.
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