Skin Care & Makeup to Look for in 2013

Airdate: 12/18/12

Get a sneak peek into the skin care and makeup of 2013. The Paula's Choice Research Team shares exclusive product launches as well as interesting new research in the world of skin care. You won't want to miss this!

Bryan Barron: Good evening everyone. Welcome to Be Beautifully Informed with the Paula's Choice Research Team. This is Bryan Barron, your host for the evening, on the line with our intrepid producer and all around awesome person Desiree Stordahl.
Desiree Stordahl: Oh, well how sweet of you. Thanks Bryan.
Bryan Barron: And we are talking about skin care and makeup to look for in 2013. This is not only our last show of the year, it is our last live broadcast -- I don't want to say ever because if there's one thing I've learned from writing books with Paula, every time we finish a book she always swears up and down that "This is the last one you guys. I promise I won't put you through this again."
00:00:48 And then we did the seventh edition. And then the eighth. And then after the eighth it was, "No, I really think this is going to be it. I just don't think I have another book in me." And then we did the ninth.
Desiree Stordahl: Never say never.
Bryan Barron: Never say never, but for the foreseeable future the radio show is going away. Our heartfelt apologies to those who have become, quite frankly, attached to the show and that's great. We've heard from a lot of you who listen to the archived shows. Great news -- all of those shows, and Desiree, did you get a count on how many we did?
Desiree Stordahl: This is our 146th show.
Bryan Barron: 146. Okay, so all of those shows are available on iTunes.
00:01:31 You can access that through in the Community section. There's a Community tab. Just click on that and you'll see Paula's Radio Show. That is going to remain on our site even though we're not doing anymore new shows. We've got 146 prior shows. There's got to be some information in those shows that you could use. Maybe you missed it the first time around. Maybe it's been so long that it couldn't hurt to hear it again.
Desiree Stordahl: And you know what? Bryan, it's interesting, because I was going back through the shows and I was looking through to see which were our most popular shows, and some of the most random topics were our best.
00:02:08 In fact, our number one show was the show with Jonathan Bailor and it was called Eat More and Exercise Less to Lose Weight.
Bryan Barron: Oh, I missed that show. I wasn't here for it.
Desiree Stordahl: Yeah!
Bryan Barron: I still haven't listened to it all the way through. See, now I have a reason to go to the archives.
Desiree Stordahl: Exactly. Even us who do the show have a reason to go to it. There are some other interesting ones. Our number two show was Look Younger without Surgery.
00:02:31 And that was with our special guest Dr. Brandith Irwin. Number four was Beauty Risks versus Rewards.
Bryan Barron: Wait, what was three?
Desiree Stordahl: Oh, sorry, that was three. Number four was Top Ten Skin Care Tips to Transform your Skin. And then after that, Five Skin Care Products you Absolutely Don't Need. So, interesting mix in there.
Bryan Barron: Yeah. I'm not surprised that -- what was the name of the show we did with Brandith Irwin?
Desiree Stordahl: Look Younger without Surgery.
Bryan Barron: Without Surgery. Yes.
00:3:01 Yes, we have had in the course of these two and a half years or so worth of episodes we've had some remarkable special guests who have not only given up their time but given freely of their information. And in a lot of cases with some of these experts it's information that quite frankly you have to pay for if you were talking to them one and on. Dr. Irwin, among them, Dr. Baumann, Dr. Debra Jaliman, Dr. Arthur Perry, all dermatologists.
00:03:29 Dr. Perry is a cosmetic surgeon. We've had some diet and fitness experts on the show. Hair stylists…
Desiree Stordahl: Deborah Enos. Deborah Enos was always a favorite special guest.
Bryan Barron: Yeah. I like her. I would always learn something from Deborah's shows. She's got a lot of good information in her little one-minute wellness tips.
Desiree Stordahl: You know, another one I really liked was Darcy Camden when she came on and did the professional styling secrets with us.
Bryan Barron: Yes!
Desiree Stordahl: So, if you have not listened to that episode you've got to hop on the archives, ladies. That's a good one because she tells you how to clean out your closet.
00:04:03 Just has overall flattering tips and really good info for moms of all people.
Bryan Barron: Yeah. You know, and over the last couple years we've been doing this, and I think it's actually going into its third year if we had kept it going, but one of the things that we struggled up was coming up with new topics for you guys, or a new way to talk about something that we've already covered before yet we knew that there were some unanswered questions.
00:04:33 So, Paula was always a part of that, even though Paula hasn't been on the air with us for the past few shows; she's actually not here this evening because she's traveling. She really wanted to be here for the last show but it didn't work out. We've really tried hard over the past couple years to present a wide range of topics. And you'll see, if you're new to the archives, if you're new to the show and you're listening for the first time and hearing this is the last one, do check out our archives.
00:05:02 We've got a ton of topics, everything from acne to wrinkles, and as the Beauty Bible cover says, "And everything in between."
Desiree Stordahl: And the thing is we're not leaving you guys high and dry because the whole purpose of us ending the show is so that we can expand and grow in other areas. And one of those ways is our Pinterest account that we're just starting up. We're still kind of under construction but you can check us out on there right now. We're going to be posting drugstore doubles, skin care quick tips, gorgeous makeup ideas, tutorials, our favorite products.
00:05:35 And it's just going to be a really fun and new way to interact with you guys, so make sure to follow us on Pinterest.
Bryan Barron: Oh, Desiree, talk about the impromptu chats we do on Facebook, too.
Desiree Stordahl: Oh, yes, we do live Q&A sessions sometimes. I'll hop on there, Paula will, Bryan's going to be getting on there. Nathan, our skin care guru and customer service aficionado is always on there. So, you can always communicate with us on Facebook and Twitter as well.
Bryan Barron: Yes.
00:06:05 And in terms of keeping you beautifully informed with our new website at, we also have a -- we're doing something new with our content. Those of you who have signed up for our Beauty Exclusives emails where we present new articles, the latest Dear Paula letters, we talk about the latest Paula's Choice products, that content essentially used to just go out in an email and if you looked at it, great, if you didn't, if you deleted it then it was never to be seen again.
00:06:32 Now, that content is actually living in the Community section of You can go to News & Commentary and you'll see our most recent Beauty Exclusives emailed articles as well as beauty polls and some other new stuff that we've been working on. So, that is a great new resource for you to check out, especially if you're like me and you just don't have time to go through all of your emails, but you might find yourself surfing on our website. Check it out.
00:07:00 All right, Des, anything else to add before we get to skin care to look for in 2013?
Desiree Stordahl: No. Just want to remind people to call in with their questions. We might be extra generous with our giveaways tonight since it's our last show. So, call in with a question at 347-426-3783. And you can also ask us a question on Facebook. I'll be looking at our Facebook page as well.
Bryan Barron: Oh, Desiree, I forgot. We didn't talk -- I'm sorry, we're kind of going to be a little all over the place tonight because it's our last show and I think both Desiree and I are burning the candle at both ends.
00:07:38 But, we had to really quickly talk about some of our favorite Paula moments and a couple of our more interesting callers over the course of these 140 plus shows.
Desiree Stordahl: Yes. One of my favorite Paula moments -- well, I have so many favorite Paula moments on the radio show, but I won't get into details of things she said, but let's just say Paula has gone where no woman will go and has been more candid.
00:08:03 If you look up the episode, it's called something about embarrassing beauty secrets, or how to treat your most embarrassing beauty mistakes, she gives away some really personal information that quite honestly most of the women suffer from one of these things that she talks about. And she's just really open and honest about it, and hilarious at the same time.
00:08:27 You have to have humor with these sorts of things. If you can't look at yourself and laugh a little what's the point? So, check those ones out, but oh, there have been some good ones. Bryan, what was your favorite moment?
Bryan Barron: You know, I can't -- there were a couple of callers that I just found so amusing. And we have had some amazing callers over the years. But the one that has always stuck out, and I think it was one of the earlier shows we were doing, it was right around Valentine's Day. And this guy calls in, and I think it was the one and only time he called, and I still to this day don't know if it was a serious call or not, but Paula was on the show, she was hosting, and he asked about what he could get for his girlfriend.
00:09:09 He wanted to get his girlfriend some skincare and makeup for Valentine's Day because she just wasn't pretty enough.
Desiree Stordahl: So horrible!
Bryan Barron: He asked this question just very straight sounding. No sense of snickering behind the scenes.
Desiree Stordahl: Yeah. I don't even think it was a prank. I think he was serious was the sad part.
Bryan Barron: And Paula -- Paula was taking the question -- and I think Desiree and I were just on the line holding our breaths like, "Oh, wow, how is she going to handle this?"
Desiree Stordahl: I think she told him that she should dump him or something like that. I can't remember, but…
Bryan Barron: Yeah, she handled it with a lot of finesse and grace, especially spur of the moment. I mean, we have our call screen up and we have some idea of what our callers have on their mind, but they can always come on the air and completely throw us for a loop.
Desiree Stordahl: This is true.
Bryan Barron: Other than that, I have to give a shout-out to Paula and her tenacity and dedication to the show, especially in the first year.
00:10:12 A lot of you who have been with us know that Paula did the show from all corners of the world, from some of the most remote locations, probably my favorite being when she literally got up at 3:30 in the morning Scotland time, she was vacationing in Scotland.
Desiree Stordahl: Oh yeah.
Bryan Barron: It was one of those countries on her bucket list that she wanted to visit. And she literally did the show at 3:30 in the morning from inside of a historic castle while drinking scotch.
Desiree Stordahl: And I was on location with her a couple of times when we did the show from Korea and from Thailand. And it would never fail that an internet connection or phone connection would go dead and we had all of these technical difficulties right before we were about to go on air. But somehow she always handled it like a champ and just powered through.
Bryan Barron: Yup. Some great moments. And a lot of it you will hear on the air on the records of our shows. It's there for posterity.
Desiree Stordahl: All right.
00:11:07 So, should we delve into skin care to look for in 2013?
Bryan Barron: Let's get to the topic. Yes. We're not going to be talking about specific products as much as we're going to be talking about trends. And Desiree and I compiled this information not only from speaking with some industry insiders, including some chemists that we know, but we also consulted some reliable online sources.
00:11:33 And kind of are giving you a snapshot of what to look for, what to expect, and also what you can ignore throughout next year. So, for skin care, and this is hardly surprising, but the biggest category of products is going to remain anti-aging. No matter what year it is, women and increasingly a lot of men, we want products to fight the effects of time, to fight the effects of sun damage. We're looking for products that lift and firm, that lighten and brighten.
00:12:01 So, that category is going to continue to expand, including in the Paula's Choice we have several products in store for 2013 as part of our Resist line. The most recent one as far as up-and-coming is our Resist Ultra Light Super Antioxidant Concentrate which is debuting in January, so very soon. This is the Resist serum for those suffer -- not suffering from, but struggling with oily skin and wrinkles. It is literally feather light but it's loaded with some proven antioxidants including some that we've never used in our serums before.
00:12:42 We like the cocktail approach to antioxidants. It's never a good idea to look for just one superstar ingredient and slap that on and hope it's going to do everything for you. Much the same way that if broccoli was the only vegetable you'd eat you would be missing out on a lot of nutritional benefits that you would be getting if you ate a variety of vegetables.
00:13:04 Okay. We're also going to start seeing some new formulas. Well, of course, we're going to see new formulas. But, there's going to be a stronger emphasis toward reducing inflammation. So, not too long ago in the Beauty Bible Paula wrote about inflammation and referred to it as inflammaging. Now, that wasn't a word that she came up with herself. She got it from another source. But, it very perfectly sums up the whole issue of inflammation because more and more research is revealing that both external -- as far as inflammation caused by sun damage, by cigarette smoke that you're exposed to in the environment --
00:13:43 and then internal, such as free radical damage inside the body, the cumulative effects of a poor diet, or not exercising, all of those things combined to create a slowly building cascade of inflammation that eventually results in the body falling into a state of disrepair, which of course includes multiple signs of aging, everything from just not feeling like you have the energy that you used to, to those aches and moans and groans we tend to get as we age and move around.
00:14:16 And, you know, we're just not quite as limber as we used to be. So, what does that mean as far as skin care? We're going to start seeing formulas that really emphasize their anti-inflammatory benefits and so you want to look for skin care products that are rich in ingredients, that are known as natural moisturizing factors or NMFs for short. So, those ingredients, examples would be fossil lipids, glycerin, ceramides, sodium PCA, lactic acid, urea, and numerous amino acids, particularly histamine and glutamine.
00:14:54 What these ingredients do is they work to shore up skin's barrier to help reinforce its surface so that it's strong, so that it's better able to withstand environmental damage. And, so that skin is in its optimal healthy state where it can go about the business of repairing itself rather than trying to, or rather than expending its energy defending itself from all of the things that are conspiring to break it down. Chiefly that would be unprotected sun exposure, exposure to daylight.
00:15:25 As soon as that daylight hits your skin your skin goes into defense mode to try to stop the damage from happening to the lower layers and when it's doing that and you're not protecting your barrier a lot of things can and will go wrong. Maybe not right away, but down the road you will see problems.
Desiree Stordahl: And actually one thing I wanted to mention, too, Bryan, was that I know with all these different ingredient names it can get confusing for consumers, and a really good resource is to check out our ingredient dictionary online which always will give you more information, let you know if that product is good or bad for skin, if it's an irritant or if it can actually do what a company may be claiming that it can do.
00:16:03 So, that would be under our Expert Advice, correct? Let me see…
Bryan Barron:> It is. Yes. Expert Advice Ingredient Dictionary. And anyone taking Desiree up on that tip and, Des, thanks for mentioning that -- if you visit our dictionary and you see, or you're not finding an ingredient that you're looking for, click on the feedback tab from any page in our site and send that information to us. Or, you can go to the Contact Us page and say, "Hey, could you guys include some information on this ingredient? Thanks so much." And we read all of those. I can't guarantee that we'll cover it, but we will definitely take it into consideration. So, that is definitely one way you can let us know that you're not finding what you're looking for.
00:16:45 So, moisturizers, so this was one area where when I was speaking with a certain chemist I kind of disagreed and got into some of the potential controversies at play here, but he was insistent that we'll see moisturizers that will contain ingredients that are designed to prolong the life of skin cells. A lot of these ingredients are stem cells or of the stem cell variety. Or they claim to contain sirtuins or be able to influence sirtuins in skin, and all of these science-sounding words are essentially ways that our skin cells divide, maintain themselves, and replicate. The danger with using products topically that can prolong the life of skin cells is that for the most part the body maintains cellular growth and replication at a nice range of homeostasis.
00:17:41 It's all carefully orchestrated and thought out. The wiring and what not can get mucked up along the way, but for the most part it happens without us having to think about it. If you are using products topically that really can prolong the life of skin cells, the risk is that skin cells will live longer than they ordinarily would and under certain circumstances that can be the germinating factor for cancer.
00:18:09 I'm not saying that products with these ingredients are going to give you cancer. But, there is a potential link there. And because cosmetics don't have to be tested for safety, nor do they have to be tested to prove their claims before coming to market, essentially consumers using these types of products end up being guinea pigs for something that may, down the road, prove to be unsafe.
00:18:33 So, I would urge you to be cautious with products that make claims like that, even though you will be seeing them, and I promise you the ads will be tempting. Speaking of moisturizers, the buzz word you're going to see the most regarding that category next year are "Protection" and "Repair." Each has to do with preserving and rebuilding skin's barrier, as I mentioned earlier. Once that barrier is damaged a whole bunch of stuff can go wrong, not the least of which is dryness and flaking.
00:19:00 For sun protection, we're going to see more products rated between SPF 30 and SPF 45, and fewer debuting with SPF ratings of 15 or below. This is mostly due to the fact that most of us now, we want higher protection; we're reading about the need for higher protection in fashion magazines, doctors are recommending it. But, those recommendations, what really spurned those on is the simple fact that when it comes to sun protection we're not applying as much as we should be. We're not applying these products liberally.
00:19:30 So, whereas an SPF 15 may be ideal protection or someone who's skin burns after 20 minutes of unprotected exposure, if you're not applying that SPF 15 liberally you may only be ending up with an SPF 7 or 8, in which case after a couple hours your skin is going to be in trouble. You double that SPF 30, you're getting longer protection, the higher SPF always means longer protection, not necessarily better protection, but that is the kind of behind the scenes reason why we are seeing SPF 30 kind of emerge as the new SPF 15.
00:20:07 Although, I'm sure we'll still see some SPF 15 products because the development span to bring an SPF product to market typically is two to three years. It takes that long to get a great formula, all the testing, everything else that goes into it. All right. Products that are going to reduce pore size, or claim to reduce pore size, and control oil are going to be big next year.
00:20:33 These two skin concerns are top for a lot of people. Desiree, wouldn't you say that behind wrinkles and sagging as anti-aging concerns that enlarged pores is right up there?
Desiree Stordahl: Oh, yeah, definitely. We get asked about that all the time.
Bryan Barron: Yeah. I figured as much. We will see -- there are some new oil-absorbing ingredients that are kind of cool and there are some advanced oil-absorbing polymers. We use some of those in the Paula's Choice Shine Stopper Instant Matte Finish. And there are other similar products on the market, although a lot of them have fragrance, and quite honestly they don't smell too good.
00:21:11 There is also another novel ingredient, this was developed by a French raw material supplier. And the trade name is 5-Alpha [Avocuta]. And it's an ingredient that is derived from avocado and it is said to regulate oil production. And it works, and this is according to the company; I couldn't find any substantiated research to back this up, but according to the company it works by reducing an enzyme that converts the male hormone testosterone to a more potent form which is known as DHT, or Dihydrotestosterone.
00:21:45 Incidentally, this same hormonal conversion is what's believed to be behind male pattern baldness because DHT causes the hair follicle on the scalp to miniaturize to the point where it gets so tiny it can't support a normal hair follicle anymore, so the hair falls out. The medication, oral medication Finasteride, brand name Propecia, is a hair loss drug that works to stop that conversion, so you're not getting the testosterone becoming a more potent form and that's what is believed to allow men to keep their hair longer or to slow down the hair loss.
00:22:20 So, the theory is that it's going to reduce these enzymes that convert the hormone and also DHT is also known to trigger excess oil production. Whether or not that is true for women, I'm not 100% sure. Yes, women do have testosterone in their bodies. A proportionately larger amount of estrogen is present which is what makes women women, whereas excess testosterone is what makes men men and causes all kinds of issues such as not closing the cupboard when you're done with it, not picking up after yourself, spending Saturday afternoon watching sports. All kinds of stuff.
00:22:58 Anyway, that is an ingredient that we're going to be keeping an eye on. I can't call out a particular product that has it yet. There was some talk on message boards that there is a product but no one was quite sure what it was, so I looked, but if we see that type of product we will be sure to cover it on Beautypedia. All right, I'm going to do a few more here because I do want to get to the calls and then Desiree is going to tell you about some makeup trends and what-not to look for next year.
00:23:26 But we're going to see more products, even more, claiming to stimulate or enhance lash growth and thickness. You know, as to whether any of these are going to work as well as Latisse, and for those who don't know what Latisse is, that is the prescription lash growth product from Allergan, the same company that does Botox. Allergan has a little drug called bimatoprost that was used for Glaucoma, eye drops. One of the side effects of people using these eye drops, they were coming back saying, "My lashes are gorgeous. What's in this stuff? They're longer, they're thicker, they're darker. I don't want to stop using these eye drops."
00:24:02 Didn't take them long to put two and two together and come up with a topical alternative to these drops for people who didn't have Glaucoma but wanted darker, longer, thicker lashes. All of these new products that you're going to be seeing, I can almost tell you ahead of time that they're not going to contain ingredients that really do anything to stimulate lash growth. Stimulating hair growth gets you into the drug realm rather than the cosmetic realm, so what you're going to see on these cosmetic lash growth products, and Olay has one that we know is launching next year.
00:24:34 It's a dual ended product with a serum on one end and -- what is Des, an eye cream on the other?
Desiree Stordahl: Yes. An eye cream on the other.
Bryan Barron: Yeah. It's part of their Regenerist line. Haven't seen the formula yet, but assuming that Olay puts niacinamide in there like they do for all of their Regenerist products, there's really no research showing niacinamide does much at all for lash growth. It's a good skin conditioning and cell-communicating ingredient, but even in terms of talking to other cells and helping them look and act younger, I don't think it's going to talk to lash producing cells and say, "Hey, grow more lashes and make them longer, and darker, and stronger."
00:25:12 We'll see. But what you'll notice on all those products is claims like "works to enhance the appearance of lashes." That sounds good. It kind of sounds like what you're looking for, but it's strictly cosmetic and you'll notice those exact same claims on a mascara, because that's exactly what mascara does when you put it on. It enhances the appearance of the lashes that you have.
Desiree Stordahl: Right.
Bryan Barron: So, watch out for products like that. We will review as many of them as we can on Beautypedia. A lot of them are just going to waste your money. They're not going to be harmful, but you're really not going to see much in the way of lash growth. Latisse is the real deal. Rapid Lash, eyelash renewal formula which is about $50, that is the real deal as well. Both Desiree and I can attest to that, that when you use that regularly it really does work.
Desiree Stordahl: Mm-hmm.
Bryan Barron: Okay.
00:26:04 Last, we're going to see a rise in the number of doctor salon or spa-themed anti-aging and hair removal tools and devices for use at home. This is all in line with how technology is increasingly. You know, people have smartphones, they have tablets, they're connected and everything is just a couple of taps or swipes away. A lot more consumes are saying, "You know, I don't want to go to a salon all the time I need to have this done," or, "I don't want to have to go to a spa when this crops up, or see my doctor," or, "my doctor's waiting list is three months long and I just want to get this dark spot or whatever it is taken care of now."
00:26:45 Whether or not any of these devices will work as well as the in-office procedures that doctors can perform, I'm skeptical. I do think that these devices are getting better. They're getting more sophisticated. The big concern with this entire class of the, especially the light-emitting devices, is litigation.
00:27:10 There is the danger of consumers using these improperly, of not reading the instructions, following them carefully, maybe using the device more often than they should. If it's something that says it helps stimulate collagen for firmer skin, or helps reduce wrinkles, and they recommend doing it one to three times a week, I can definitely see people -- if I didn't know any better I would -- think, "Well, hey, if one to three times a week is recommended then twice a day would be even better. Right? I mean, I'll get to my results even faster."
00:27:41 Not necessarily the case. And that can set you up for trouble. So, I think in the next year or two we will see a lot more of these devices. I think a lot of them are going to be bogus. A lot of them are going to waste your money. There will be a handful -- and example would be the Tria or those Baby Quasar devices where the light output, the energy that they're capable of producing when used as directed can produce good results.
00:28:09 Whether or not they're quite as good as what a doctor or what a dermatologist can do, or what a trained aesthetician can do, I don't think we're quite there yet. But for the convenience factor, if you wanted to try out some of these devices they may be worth looking into. We're going to take a closer look at them next year and perhaps do an article or two on them and kind of reveal to you which ones work and which don't.
00:28:35 And we did cover this topic in a past radio show. Desiree, I think it had at-home devices in the title?
Desiree Stordahl: Yeah. Something along those lines. I'm not sure.
Bryan Barron: And anti-aging…so, look through our archive. It's something like Anti-aging devices to use at home. Kind of like a true or false type show. And I remember talking about that. So, all right, let's talk about makeup. What's coming up next year?
00:29:01 What's the color story?
Desiree Stordahl: So, last year the big color was that tangerine color, that coral color, and you saw that reflected in makeup and fashion and pretty much everything. And this year the forecast is set for emerald green. So, definitely within makeup you're going to be seeing a lot of green, emerald green eye shadows and eyeliners and things of that nature. On our Pinterest page we actually created an emerald green board where we pinned top rated products from Beautypedia that come in that color.
00:29:33 It's an interesting way to check out what you could do reasonably. And, you know, with this color it's not going to be right for everybody but you can pull it off if you do it the right way. I think on our board there's a picture of Kim Kardashian who did emerald green eye shadow and she pulled it off beautifully. Of course, you could pretty much slop anything on her and it's going to look good because she's just downright gorgeous. But, it is doable, so you're going to be seeing a lot of emerald green in 2013.
00:30:00 Another big thing this coming year is going to be electric red lips, because that was a really big trend on the runways, which means we're going to be seeing that reflected in more and more lipstick choices.
Bryan Barron: Desiree, I didn't ask you this in our pre-show meeting, but what do they mean by electric red? Like super bright?
Desiree Stordahl: Yes. That super bright and that true cherry red popping through. We have a party makeup board on our Pinterest page. Just look up Paula's Choice on Pinterest and there are some beautiful examples of that on there. And then, of course, you can check out our reviews on
00:30:37 Just for reds in general, I asked around the office and got some of our staffer favorites. And, of course, M.A.C., their lipstick in Russian Red or Ruby Woo came up. That's always in magazine. It's usually a favorite with somebody somewhere. And then also NYX Cosmetics Soft Matte Lip Cream in Amsterdam or Monte Carlo. Those are more of the matte shades.
00:31:01 If you want to go creamy there is Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Cherries in the Snow. And then if you want to go the gloss route, try out L'Oreal Colour Riche Lip Gloss in Red Ravishing. And then also our very own Paula's Choice Perfect Shine Hydrating Lip Gloss in the shade Strawberry Soda which is really sheer so you can lay it over your other lipstick. But it will give you a really pretty nice wash of color.
00:31:26 And then beyond those color trends one other thing I was reading about, just today in fact in the Global Cosmetics Industry Magazine, was that we should be expecting more and more global influence when it comes to makeup. And part of the reason is, of course, that the internet is making our world a smaller and smaller place, and that way we can get more connected cross culturally and see what other countries are doing when it comes to beauty.
00:31:53 And India in particular just had a big upgrade in their internet system which is now being reflected in makeup because they're able to share more of their ideals and their inspiration. And so one of the things is that they're predicting we're going to see more intensely pigmented eye liners like you would in India. And Clarins actually just introduced a line of cosmetics inspired by the Hindu festival of colors.
00:32:22 And then here at Paula's Choice, in fact, our bubblegum shade of the new lip gloss was inspired by our South Korean market. So, it's just interesting to think about where the beauty inspiration and makeup inspiration comes from, but absolutely we should be seeing more and more of that happening in the year to come. So, there you have it. Exciting things to look for in 2013. And now let's go to some callers. We have Bridget from Chicago on the line. Bridget, what's your question?
Bridget: Hey, I was wondering, I have combination skin and I was wondering, I use Tazorac and which would be better for anti-aging in the long-term, to continue to use Retin-A or Tazorac?
Bryan Barron: Really, they're both good.
00:33:11 Tazorac is a retinoid that was developed more specifically to address acne and wrinkles. It's not the same molecule as Tretinoin. The active ingredient is Tazarotene. Off the top of my head I couldn't tell you exactly what makes Tazarotene different than Tretinoin, but I'm fairly certain it has to do with the mechanism of action. Or, it could simply be that it is not quite -- it is more effective than Tretinoin on acne. And it's anti-wrinkle benefits are kind of a wash in terms of comparing it to tretinoin is apples to apples, but maybe in terms of anti-acne Tretinoin may not have as much of an edge.
00:34:01 Because Tretinoin was the first retinoid, and then Tazarotene and Adapalene, which is the retinoid in Differin, those came along later. So, my theory has always been that those were kind of more designer retinoids whereas Tretinoin was kind of the grandfather retinoid, and then these newer designer retinoids were a little bit more fine tuned. Are you dealing with acne and signs of aging?
Bridget: Yeah. Well, I'm not older.
00:34:31 I mean, I'm in my 20s, but I would just like to prevent, and I get pretty heavy acne. So, I'm just trying to kill two birds with one stone with that, so.
Bryan Barron: I think that if your skin is handling the Tazorac well then I would stick with it.
Bridget: Okay.
Bryan Barron: Yeah. I wouldn't -- don't feel the need to "upgrade" to Tretinoin because that might be better for wrinkles. I think in terms of that it's really a wash and that if anything the Tazorac has an edge for wrinkles and acne.
Bridget: Nice. Okay, cool.
Bryan Barron: Are you using Paula's Choice?
Bridget: Yeah.
00:35:11 I'm using a lot of the serums, and the toner, and the BHA 2% the thicker one for acne.
Bryan Barron: The thicker one? Meaning the liquid or the gel?
Bridget: Whichever one is for acne. So, I think would that be the gel?
Bryan Barron: Oh, are you using one of the BHAs in the Clear line then?
Bridget: Yes.
Bryan Barron: Ah, okay, and then the Skin Balancing Cleanser?
Bridget: Yeah.
Bryan Barron: Okay, so you've got a pretty good routine going on.
00:35:44 Is there anything from Paula's Choice that you've been wanting to try or been curious about?
Bridget: I'm trying to decide which serum. I would like to try the serums and I have, so combination skin, so whichever would be good for that.
Bryan Barron: Oh, so you haven't tried any of the serums yet?
Bridget: No.
Bryan Barron: Okay. So, combination skin. Does your skin tend to get a bit drier in the winter months? Or you don't really notice a difference?
Bridget: I don't really notice much of a difference.
Bryan Barron: Okay, is the Tazorac making your skin flaky at all?
Bridget: It does.
00:36:21 But I've been using it for such a long time that I think it's used to it, so, it doesn't really affect it.
Bryan Barron: Okay, let's do this. Let's send you both our Skin Balancing Antioxidant Concentrate as well as our original Resist Antioxidant Serum. The Skin Balancing is our current lightest serum. It goes on very silky. It almost has a soufflé/gel-like texture, and then it very quickly dissipates into a powdery finish. So, it feels great over oily areas.
00:36:57 It is not the most hydrating serum, but for normal-to-oily skin that should be just fine. My slight concern is that that serum has retinol in it. And some people when they combine cosmetic retinol with a prescription retinoid, the potential for side effects increases. So, you can experiment with this one and if you start to see maybe some increased flaking or your skin feels drier, it could be because the retinoid in Tazorac and then the retinol in this serum aren't playing nicely together on your skin.
Bridget: Gotcha.
Bryan Barron: The other serum we're going to send you, the Resist Super Antioxidant Concentrate, that one is retinol-free.
00:37:38 It contains a high amount of vitamin C, tons of other antioxidants, peptide. That is -- I like using that one overall. I actually use two of our serums and I alternate. But then the Resist, the Super Antioxidant Concentrate Serum, that's my staple. So, that's the one I always use and then I'll rotate in one of the other ones.
00:38:00 So, you may find that doing that, along with Skin Balancing works great, but experiment with them both and see what you think. We're going to send to you free.
Bridget: Cool. Thanks so much.
Desiree Stordahl: Thank you, Bridget. Okay. Our next caller is Deborah in Minnesota. Hi, Deborah, are you there?
Deborah: Hi, yes.
Desiree Stordahl: What's your question?
Bryan Barron: Deborah, what's going on?
Deborah: Well, first I want to say the radio show has been a great connection to the company. It's been so nice to hear your voices.
Desiree Stordahl: Aw, thank you.
Deborah: I just have really loved it.
00:38:32 Really loved it.
Desiree Stordahl: We love our fans.
Deborah: So, my question, is Paula planning to launch any new makeup products for 2013? I know you just came out with a new foundation and lip gloss. Is there anything else in the works?
Desiree Stordahl: There is. And I can't give away all the details, but there are quite a few products in development right now. Some of those are makeup and I can tell you that one of them is a powder.
Deborah: Oh, I'm excited to hear that.
Desiree Stordahl: It's going to have a really nice texture to it. I've had the liberty to play around with it a couple times, but I haven't actually had my own sample to play with, but Paula will not give it up. She absolutely loves it.
00:39:17 So, I know it's going to be a popular product.
Bryan Barron: She was the same way with the Resist Foundation.
Desiree Stordahl: Yeah! She wouldn't give hers up.
Bryan Barron: Like one of the shades that was working really well for her ended up making it into the line. I believe it's Level 3? The Level 3 shade in the Resist Foundation. But we had to almost arm wrestle that out of her hand. We needed to send it back to the lab and say this is the shade we want for this spot in the line and then produce more of it. And we're like, "Paula, really, we'll give it back to you as soon we can!"
Deborah: Well, I'm glad to hear that.
Desiree Stordahl: Bryan, at the beginning of the show did you talk about any of our other skin care product launches?
Bryan Barron: I mentioned the Resist Ultra Light Super Antioxidant Concentrate.
00:40:06 And that one is coming out in January. And then the other one that I can tell you about now because it's official is that in March we are launching a very unique product for us. Well, all of our products are unique in one or another, but we haven't had this type of product before. And it's a scar reducing gel. It's part of our -- we're doing a bit of an offshoot launching a -- fully launching a collection of products, Paula's Choice Clinical.
00:40:35 And this will be the first. I don't have details to share about the others yet, but the scar gel is a really cool formula. It is made for -- really, it's made for all types of scars, once the wound is healed. It's not something you'd want to put on an open wound, but you can use it on -- it's not going to do much for the pitted scars, but you can use it on scars that are slightly raised, white scars, pink scars, keloid scars which would be the raised scars.
00:41:06 And with sun protection and ongoing use of this you should see some pretty remarkable improvements. So, that comes out in March.
Deborah: That's going to fly out the shelves.
Desiree Stordahl: Oh yeah. Deborah, is there anything from our line that you've been dying to try that we could send you?
Deborah: Well, I usually try everything as soon as it comes out.
Bryan Barron: Oh, you're one of those customers?!
Deborah: I am. I am.
00:41:32 But I'm curious about the new lip gloss. The BHA9, I think, is a complete miracle product, and I would love that.
Bryan Barron: You know, as a little side note, because I forgot about this and Paula mentioned it awhile back. BHA9, which is our 9% salicylic acid spot treatment for stubborn imperfections -- Desiree, do you remember this? This came about as a result of this radio show.
Desiree Stordahl: Yes it did.
Bryan Barron: We had a caller who asked about sebaceous hyperplasia.
00:42:05 She didn't know that that's what those bumps were called, but the way she described it was -- and Paula knew what it was called because Paula has dealt with that throughout most of her adult life. And as a matter of this conversation that got Paula's wheels turning and she thought, "You know, we need to formulate a product that will deal with stubborn oily skin, large pore breakout issues like sebaceous hyperplasia and those blackheads that just won't go away no matter what you do.
00:42:34 And through a lot of trial and error and some pretty cool formulary breakthroughs BHA9 was born. And it's making a lot of people very happy.
Desiree Stordahl: It is. It's our own little miracle product. Well, Deborah, I'll be in touch with you via email and we'll get you some products including the new lip gloss and a replenishment of the BHA9 as a thank you.
Deborah: Sounds fantastic. Thank you so much.
Desiree Stordahl: You're welcome. Okay, moving onto our next caller, we have Annie from Michigan.
Bryan Barron: Hey Annie.
Annie: Hello.
Bryan Barron: What part of Michigan?
Annie: Port Huron.
Bryan Barron: Oh, okay. I grew up in Lansing.
Annie: Oh, great, so you know all about Michigan weather. It's cold. It's hot. It's everything different. And I just want to say I'm really going to miss your show.
Bryan Barron: Yes, thank you. Thank you very much.
Annie: But the reason I was calling, I wondered if you could help me figure out, my husband's skin is so dry, like unbelievably dry, especially on his forehead and around his eyes.
00:43:36 And I don't know if he should see a dermatologist? I've been trying some different products from your line, and I just don't know if less is more. If you had any suggestions. It seems to be getting worse the colder it's getting.
Bryan Barron: Okay. So, it's getting worse in the colder weather, but this dryness has been happening for quite awhile?
Annie: Probably about a month we think, just out of the blue, and I haven't changed any like laundry soaps or anything.
Bryan Barron: Does he wash his face…?
Annie: Yeah, he does. He really likes the Green cleanser from you all, the natural one.
Bryan Barron: Oh, Earth Sourced. Yup. That's a really nice gel cleanser.
00:44:23 And then what is he using for a moisturizer?
Annie: Well, I've been giving him different samples that I've collected from you over the years, and actually what seems to be working really well is like Burt Bee's Baby -- I think it's like almond oil or it's like an orange oil. It's just some kind of an oil. And even olive oil. So, then I'm like, you know, I just don't know. And he's like, "You're giving me so many products to try," and I'm trying different samples of them, but I've never seen anything just that dry in that area.
Bryan Barron: Yeah, I know. And I totally understand that you're just trying to help him.
00:45:03 You have to take it easy and take it slow with a lot of guys because the whole concept of skin care is very foreign to a lot of them. They know the basics. They get that they should wash their face. And you'll never have a guy say, "Well, why do I need to shampoo?" They just get that that's necessary. But when it comes to dry skin, or breakouts, or other issues, that can kind of throw them into a tailspin, and oftentimes they'll come at the problem with guns blazing, so to speak, throw everything they can at it hoping that something will work, something will hit the target, and then they end up with more problems because they either used the wrong products or they overdid it.
00:45:40 So, knowing this is localized dryness, it's gotten worse in winter, have you checked out our articles on dry skin on our website.
Annie: Actually I was just looking at it now on the iPad, just kind of cruising on the website and looking around. A lot of great info.
Bryan Barron: Yeah. Take a look.
00:46:01 Under skin care advice, take a look at the dry skin pieces and at eczema. I'm going to suggest that your husband try a few things. One, when he washes with the Earth Sourced Cleanser, have him use a damp cotton washcloth and lightly massage that over the dry areas just to remove any superficial flaking.
00:46:28 After words, I'm going to have Desiree send you a bottle of our Resist Advanced Replenishing Toner.
Annie: Okay.
Bryan Barron: This toner -- does your husband save every day, or does he have a full beard?
Annie: He shaves every day.
Bryan Barron: Okay. So, this product he can use after he shaves throughout his entire beard area and neck because it's just incredibly soothing. It replenishes moisture. It helps prevent the redness and the splotchy look that a guy's face can have right after they shave, especially if it's with a blade and not an electric razor.
00:47:02 But, he can also use this over his dry areas, too, and then immediately follow with moisturizer. And from our line I'm thinking that the Moisture Boost Hydrating Treatment Cream would probably be the best one.
Annie: Well that sounds wonderful.
Bryan Barron: For him to try. So, we'll get you the toner and the moisturizer. And then Desiree let's send a tube of Beautiful Body Butter as well.
Desiree Stordahl: Okay.
Bryan Barron: Annie, the Beautiful Body Butter is called butter because it is thick and like butter in almost like a semi-solid.
00:47:40 He can try putting a little dab of that and it kind of comes out like toothpaste, so just a little bit massaged into the drier parts of his face at night. It's kind of heavy to wear during the day, but if he's okay with something like that on his face while he sleeps I have a feeling that's going to help a lot as well.
Annie: Well, thank you so much for your tips.
Bryan Barron: You're welcome. And it certainly has a nicer feel than something like Vaseline or Aquaphor which can just be really greasy.
00:48:09 One last tip, and you'll read this in our articles, especially during the winter months, in your bedroom in the evening run a humidifier.
Annie: We are. I've got that going.
Bryan Barron: Okay. Good, good. That will help. If his skin doesn't respond positively to these products that we're sending, and as long as he's avoiding irritating drying products like bar soaps, bar cleansers, products with a lot of alcohol.
00:48:34 If you're familiar with our work you know the drill in that regard. He may need to bring this up with his doctor. It's possible that the dryness could be caused by an underlying condition that may need some prescription topical care such as maybe a corticosteroid, something a little stronger than what you can get over the counter. So, just keep that in mind. Yeah, it's not something that he has to suffer with.
Annie: Well, thank you so much.
Bryan Barron: Okay. Well, enjoy winter in Michigan.
00:49:01 I do miss it from time to time.
Annie: Okay, thank you.
Desiree Stordahl: Thanks Annie.
Bryan Barron: Thanks Annie.
Desiree Stordahl: Okay, next caller is Miriam in Colorado. Miriam, what's your question? Hello, Miriam?
Miriam: I'm wondering about [chafed] skin on my body. So, I've got the whole exfoliation part down. I use most of the Resist line. I actually switched from an AHA to a BHA. I like it a lot better. But what about my body? Is manual exfoliation with a good moisturizer good?
00:49:33 Or, should I try to go with a chemical exfoliation and a body cream?
Bryan Barron: Desiree? Do you have an opinion?
Desiree Stordahl: Sure. I was just looking at our Facebook page, questions there, so I missed the last part.
Bryan Barron: Oh, I'm sorry. She was asking, I'll get the answer started. Miriam was asking about whether or not she should use a manual type exfoliant such as a scrub on her body, or if she should use an AHA or BHA exfoliant to follow with a body cream?
Desiree Stordahl: I would go the AHA/BHA exfoliant route.
00:50:08 We have two. We have our Weightless Body Treatment with 2% AHA.
Bryan Barron: Miriam, did you say you tried that one?
Miriam: I haven't tried any sort of chemical exfoliation on my body. I use it on my skin as part of Resist.
Bryan Barron: Yes.
Desiree Stordahl: And I heard you mention, I believe that you just switched to BHA recently and you prefer that. So, I would go that route.
00:50:34 Not only is it going to be better just the way it feels and goes on your skin, but also if you have any of those little red bumps that people tend to get that are called keratosis pilaris, this will unclog those areas. It will help give you more smooth skin and just kind of clear that part of your body up. Whereas a scrub you can't do that. You can't scrub away those little bumps and imperfections. So, I would try that.
00:51:00 So, we'll definitely send you one of those. Bryan, do you have any other suggestions?
Bryan Barron: You can experiment with an AHA body lotion as well. If you are looking for -- if you don't have the concern Desiree mentioned, the keratosis pilaris, and you're not concerned about breakouts from the neck down, then our Resist Skin Revealing Body Lotion which has 10% glycolic acid, which is an AHA, that's in a more moisturizing base, so with that body exfoliant it's kind of more of a two in one in that unless you're very dry you can apply that and go.
00:51:37 You don't need to apply a separate body moisturizer. The Weightless Body Treatment has a very silky, smooth finish that is not -- it doesn't have that moisture feeling to it. And that was done by design because for somebody who's dealing with red bumps or breakouts on their chest or back they want a body lotion that's going to treat but not announce its presence or feel slick or heavy.
00:52:09 So, you could use either one. In fact, Desiree, let's send her both.
Desiree Stordahl: Okay.
Bryan Barron: So that she can experiment. And, let's also send a tube of the Slip into Silk Body Lotion. It's our last show. We're being generous.
Desiree Stordahl: Give it all away!
Bryan Barron: Miriam, the Slip into Silk Body Lotion is our regular body lotion, and it's about as state of the art as we could make a lotion from the neck down and keep the price from going off the charts. So, down the road next year we do have an improved -- well, we're working on a body lotion with retinol. So, that cat's out of the bag.
Miriam: Wow.
Bryan Barron: That cat's out of the bag, but it's not quite there yet. But give the Slip into Silk Body Lotion a try. I think it's pretty amazing paired with either the Skin Revealing or the Weightless Body Treatment. You can mix them in your hand if you want.
00:53:06 Don't worry about it throwing off the pH of the exfoliant. If you're applying it to your skin right away it's not going to do that.
Miriam: Okay. Great. That's terrific.
Desiree Stordahl: All right. Thank you, Miriam. Okay, we have time for just one or two more calls, so let's go to Rena in Illinois.
Bryan Barron: Hello Rena.
Rena: Hi, how are you?
Bryan Barron: We're doing well. We're hanging in there. We're down to the last few minutes. What's on your mind.
Rena: Well, listen, I have been using Paula's Choice products for the past several years. I have struggled with acne all my life. The 2% salicylic acid really helps.
00:53:39 Using the light mattifying moisturizer during the day under makeup. The question that I have is I just turned the big 5-0, so, all of a sudden I'm starting to notice that my skin is more sensitive then it always has been. And I'm wondering if the 2% salicylic acid isn't maybe becoming too harsh, or I don't know if that was just a little something happened with my skin for a couple of days. But, it seemed like it was a little bit too tough on it.
00:54:10 The other question I had was about retinols and what type of serums I should be using. I stay out of the sun. I don't have wrinkles yet, but I am starting to see a little bit here and there. So, what can I do to really prevent that's not going to be too [harsh].
Bryan Barron: Congratulations for reaching 50 and being able to say that you don't have too many wrinkles. That's great.
Rena: I'm like a vampire. I stay out of the sun.
Bryan Barron: See, you are one more living proof example of what that behavior can net you when you hit the big 5-0 as you said. So, two things, in terms of the BHA exfoliant, it is possible and due to a wide variety of reasons. It could be a seasonal reason. It could be due to your cycle. If you're entering or almost through with menopause, that can absolutely change your skin.
00:55:08 It slowly causes the skin to become thinner, and as your skin becomes thinner it can and often does become more sensitive. That could be at play. What I would suggest doing is first reduce frequency of application, so if you're using it once daily, say at night, start using it once every other evening. If you're using it twice daily, step back to once a day.
00:55:31 We can send you a bottle of our 1% formulation. Let's send the lotion, because I think you'll like the feel of that. And then in terms of serum, we need to find out the skin type.
Desiree Stordahl: Rena, what's your skin type?
Rena: Combination.
Bryan Barron: Okay. Are you using a prescription retinoid product?
Rena: No, I'm not.
Bryan Barron: Okay.
00:56:03 If you are looking for, I think our best overall serum for your skin type and if signs of aging are a concern is the Resist Retinol Serum. Go ahead. Did we lose her?
Rena: …acne?
Bryan Barron: Is that bad for acne?
Rena: No, it's fine for skin that has a tendency toward acne?
Bryan Barron: It should be fine. I use this with our original Resist Super Antioxidant Concentrate Serum as do several other staffers here. And we would describe our skin as being combination with a tendency to break out.
00:56:44 And for me it hasn't caused problems. The trick is, you don't need a lot of this serum. Like a pump and a half for the entire face and neck is plenty.
Rena: Okay.
Bryan Barron: So, don't go crazy with it. Don't fall into the trap of thinking if a little retinol is good then more must be much better. And I think that you'll like this serum, especially if you plan to use it at night.
00:57:08 We'll also send you a tube of the Skin Balancing, which also has retinol, it just doesn't have retinol in the product name, and you can experiment with two very different textures and see which one you prefer.
Rena: Oh, wonderful. Now, is the Skin Balancing for daytime? Or night?
Bryan Barron: Either serum is for daytime or nighttime. Twice a day usage is great if you can work that into your routine, because both of these contain retinol.
00:57:34 Well, I don't need to tell you about sun protection; you're already doing that.
Rena: All right. That sounds wonderful. Thank you so much.
Bryan Barron: We'll get those in the mail to you. Thanks for listening. And you have a good evening.
Rena: Thank you. Bye-bye.
Desiree Stordahl: Thanks Rena. Okay, so I think that's all we have time for. Our very last show! Can you believe it, Bryan? It's kind of a little sad.
Bryan Barron: Yeah. It is. I know.
Desiree Stordahl: Are you crying over there?
Bryan Barron: No, no, no! I don't want to be too... -- I'm aware of some of the stuff that we have in store and we've got some exciting things in the works for you. We are definitely reaching out in some different ways.
00:58:17 We'll miss, honestly I'll miss doing the show. One of the earlier callers was talking about how this was a nice window into learning more about our company, Paula's Choice, and the people who work here, and hearing from more than just Paula. And it has been a really, really rewarding experience. Desiree, anything to add?
Desiree Stordahl: Just that we'll be able to continue that on with our social media.
00:58:45 We're always posting behind the scenes information and pictures and insights into what we use. And we always are going to want to stay connected with our customers and our fans and just people who are generally interested in skin care. So, do not fear, we will still be around. And, also, like we mentioned earlier, the shows are going to be archived on BlogTalkRadio, on iTunes. We'll have the transcripts available on our Community page at And just continue to visit us on Facebook, and Twitter, and Pinterest. And we're going to miss you guys.
Bryan Barron: Yes. Thank you to everyone who's listening, who has listened, who may be hearing us on an archived show at a later date. Thank you so much for spending this time with us.
00:59:29 It has really been a rewarding, enlightening experience. We've learned a lot. We hope that we've shared a lot of helpful information with you. And as Desiree mentioned, we will continue to do that. Visit us any time at You're welcome to leave us feedback. We are one of the few companies, a handful of companies, that listen to all feedback we get, for better or for worse. So, come see us at Thank you so much. Have a wonderful holiday season and the best to you and yours in 2013. Good night.
Desiree Stordahl: Good night.
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