The Best Beauty Finds Under $10

Airdate: 5/13/11

Which beauty products give you the biggest bang for your buck? Discover the best products for under $10!

Paula Begoun: Hello. I'm Paula Begoun, I'm the Cosmetics Cop, with my Paula's Choice team, Bryan Barron and Desiree Stordahl. And, hi Bryan, you there?
Bryan Barron: I'm here. Hello.
Paula Begoun: Hello. And I think Desiree is working getting on the show. Desiree and I are both in Korea, Busan, Korea. We were in Seoul and now we are in Busan.
00:00:35 Which is just a beautiful city; it's the second biggest city in Korea. We are on the China Sea Ocean and it is just lovely. We have been talking to Korean women and doing media interviews and introducing Korean women to my book which has been translated – well, a couple of my books have been translated into Korean. And I have, Paula's Choice Korea, as my products are distributed here.
00:01:04 And it's been wonderful. It's been wonderful.
Bryan Barron: You are kind of a rock star over there, aren't you?
Paula Begoun: I'm a rock star in Korea, go figure. I mean it is just, it's cool. I mean it is really cool. And the Korean women are just fascinating. You know, what I found, each culture that I travel to and country, and I was counting how many countries I've been in since I started my career and writing my books and my products, Paula's Choice, distributed in about 40-some countries around the world.
00:01:43 And I personally have traveled to 42 countries. Can you imagine? I mean that – that is lot of passport – I have had to have pages added and new passports. And you know, I've got to say, in all of my travels, what is unique –
00:02:02 And typically I would say all women, skin is skin, it doesn't matter, Asian, African, you know, Native American, Native Mexican, it doesn't really matter what your skin color is or what your race is because race and skin color isn't a skin type. You know the same way, regardless of your skin color, your heart doesn't differ because you are Asian. Your liver, you kidney – it's not like you go to the hospital and you are a particular skin color or race and you say, no, no, no, wait, don't operate on me until you get the handbook out on Asian livers.
00:02:46 It doesn't work that way. Skin is merely the largest organ of the human body and what you do to take care of a pimple and what you do to protect your skin from the sun, and sun damage affects all skin types. Obviously white skin more than black skin. But you have to protect the skin the same way.
00:03:10 So, it's interesting, I mean that is definitely something a lot of people believe and I can see why they believe it because visually you look different and that is part of the skin thing. But skin color, even skin color is not a skin type any more than race is.
00:03:27 But what is particularly unique about Korean women is Korean, a typical Korean woman, and I mean typical, not the exception to the rule, uses over 18 skincare products twice a day.
Bryan Barron: 18?
Paula Begoun: And I'm not exaggerating.
Bryan Barron: Wait, did you say 18?
Paula Begoun: 18 skincare products, and we are not counting lipstick, mascara or blush.
Bryan Barron: Is this just for the face?
Paula Begoun: Just for the face.
00:04:06 So what's –
Desiree Stordahl: And they have separate products for the neck and chest, too.
Paula Begoun: Oh right, I forgot about those. That doesn't include, yeah, right. So here is what they do. They use a cleanser, well they use an oil, some kind of oil product, to wipe off their makeup. They use a cleanser. They use a scrub. They use a bar soap. And they use an eye makeup remover.
00:04:31 Then, they follow up with a toner and a mister. From there they follow up with something called Essences. I'm not even quite sure what Essences are other than some kind of serum-y kind of thing. But three different ones. From there they use a lotion, and a cream, and we are not even to sunscreens yet, as well as an eye cream.
00:05:01 From there then they put on their sunscreen. And I know I am leaving out some steps somewhere. And then they repeat it twice a day. Twice a day. And when you go to the cosmetic counters in Korea, the cosmetic companies have more products on their counters than you see in any other country because they know Korean women will buy it.
00:05:31 You should see, Bryan, you should see all of the products on the Dior counter and the Lauder counter and the SK-II counter and Chanel. At least two dozen more products than you see anywhere else in the world. It blew me out of the water. And they buy it. Perhaps the most shocking thing I told the women I've talked to and the reporters is that in the morning it takes me about five minutes to do my skincare routine.
00:06:03 And I actually think I am stretching it. I think it goes a lot faster than that. I think that includes brushing my teeth and flossing. And they were shocked. It takes them 40 minutes. And everybody was nodding their head, oh yeah, yeah, yeah. Oh yeah. And they are using bad products. I mean they are using products with way too much fragrance, jar packaging. I mean this doesn't even include using any prescription items or over-the-counter items for acne.
00:06:35 They don't use exfoliants. We are one of the few lines in Korea that has a selection of exfoliants. I mean it is just…it's…Korean women are the most ripped-off women at the cosmetic counters that I have run into in my very long career. But we are saving, Desiree and I are here saving Korean women thousands of dollars and helping them take better care of their skin.
00:07:06 It's been a wonderful, wonderful experience. And the attention we have been getting and the wonderful feedback. It's been incredibly rewarding. And then Bryan sent an email he got from a listener and a reader of our work, she sent a Dear Paula letter, and we've got…you know Bryan we have gotten letters like this before.
00:07:35 But basically, and we here this every now and then, that a woman selling Dermalogica which is a skincare line, and she says, you know I have read your work and I have done my own research and she agrees with everything we've said. I don't know how you couldn't agree, the research is the research. But some people obviously think I have my head up my backside.
00:07:58 But nonetheless, she says she agrees and she is feeling very guilty that a number of the products she has to sell from Dermalogica aren't products she would recommend because they contain irritating ingredients. And she is feeling guilty.
Bryan Barron: So Paula, I'm sorry, what really struck me about that note, because I know we have gotten these comments before from well-intentioned aestheticians who feel torn between being ethical and having a paycheck.
00:08:33 And not that you can't be ethical and be an aesthetician, I'm not saying that, but what struck me about this letter is the part where she mentions that even when she tells these women what to use and kind of cherry picks what she knows is pretty good, the women still want the highly fragranced products, the products with irritants, and the products in jar packaging.
Paula Begoun: You know, and she is trapped because it is not like she can say "that's not the product from Dermalogica you should be using," because they think it is the fancy one because it makes all kind of anti-wrinkle or whatever claims, and she can't say, no, it is a bad product, don't use it.
00:09:12 She can just try to steer people away. But the claims are often way too enticing that they would actually give up the chance to really find the best anti-wrinkle products, so she is stuck. The letter is basically asking, she wants us to assuage her guilt. I don't know how to make her less guilty.
00:09:35 I feel bad. I know we have heard this from cosmetic sales people and aestheticians over the years; it's a rough one when you are selling a product line, especially some of the high end lines like Darphin and Sisley and Sophie's and Phytomer that you see in a lot of spas and a lot of other products are some of the worst ones out there. They are just badly formulated, way too many jars, way too much fragrance, and other irritating ingredients.
00:10:05 I mean it's just…or just badly formulated. Contain nothing of benefit, just wax and water and no state-of-the-art ingredients. So we have to respond to this dear lovely lady and somehow tell her I wish we could help but we can't. It's just the way – facts are facts. I feel bad.
00:10:32 But the other thing, actually the topic du jour, the topic for today, Bryan is the head of the Paula's Choice team for research and reviews, because this is my favorite topic. I have spent my life saving women money. And for super bargains – you can't always do super bargains. You can do under $30; that's actually relatively easy for great products.
00:11:01 And you can even do under $20, if you forgive me blowing my own horn, a lot of Paula's Choice products, most of Paula's Choice products are under $20. But now for the absolute bargain of the bargain, Bryan has put together actually a great list. It's more than we…it's the ten best skincare and ten best makeup products. Bryan, do you want to save our audience a whole bunch of money and let them know what is going on out there?
Bryan Barron: Sure. Sure. Yeah.
00:11:38 Oh my gosh, I totally sounded Midwestern there. Sure, sure, you betcha. And I mean that with great affection. I am a Midwestern boy; my accent does pop out from time to time.
  Alright, skincare. So everything that I am going to tell you about is priced under $10. Some of them are like right at the threshold, but there are a few categories to be upfront about in terms of not, we were unable to find a great buy for under $10.
00:12:10 There are categories like moisturizers, daytime moisturizes with sunscreens, retinol products where in order to get the type of ingredients that we know are the best for anti-aging, for helping your skin produce younger, healthier cells. Those ingredients, quite simply, cost more. So it really isn't surprising that we are not finding really well-formulated products such as retinol products for less than $10.
00:12:38 It's just not good business. That said.
Paula Begoun: Right. Because…so right. So, Bryan, I want to mention, and Desiree, another show we absolutely need to do is the products that are absolutely worth considering and maybe we put the price point at $30 or $35 or $40 for those anti-aging products that are really loaded with the state-of-the-art ingredients that…
00:13:09 Actually we are doing a show on that coming up. Never mind. I think we've got that covered. Okay, Bryan, go for it. Let's do the bargains of the bargain.
Bryan Barron: All right, skincare, here we go. Those with acne, you can't go wrong with Clean & Clear Persa-Gel 5. It costs about $6 for a 1 oz. tube. It is lightweight, fragrance-free and medicated with 5% Benzoyl Peroxide.
00:13:31 If you have acne and/or if you are looking to use salicylic acid or a BHA as an exfoliant which can benefit all skin types, including those who are concerned with signs of aging, Neutrogena's Oil-Free Acne Stress Control 3-in-1 Hydrating Acne Treatment is a favorite. Quite possibly the longest product name ever. $7.99 for 2 oz. You can find this in most drug stores. We check on this regularly to make sure Neutrogena hasn't discontinued it.
00:14:02 Sometimes they sneak in and do that and then we are left with no other BHA products to recommend other than those from Paula's Choice. But of course if you want to consider Paula's Choice, we have more BHA products than anyone else out there.
Paula Begoun: Oh yes, and in different…just to mention, this is a gel and what we do because we believe so strongly in salicylic acid, we have lotions and gels and liquids in different strengths and penetrations. But, yes, the Neutrogena one, yes, it is one of the only ones out there. Next, sorry.
Bryan Barron: For a cleanser, Olay Foaming Face Wash for Sensitive Skin. It is about $4.50 for a nice size pump bottle. It is great for all skin types.
00:14:46 It's fragrance-free which is what all skin types should be striving for, but especially sensitive skin. And it is going to remove your makeup without leaving your skin dry or tight.
  Banana Boat Sport Performance Lip Balm with SPF 50. We are getting closer to summer. If you are going to be out on the beach or on a boat, this is a really convenient way to keep sunscreen not only on your lips but also those areas that you might forget with a regular sunscreen like the tops of the ear, the bridge of your nose.
00:15:15 Even the tops of your feet. Getting a sunburn on the tops of your feet is quite possibly one of the most painful things you will ever go through. Don't let it happen to you.
  L'Oreal Paris Clean Artiste, their waterproof and long-wearing eye-makeup remover is one the better ones at the drugstore. It is about $7 for 4 oz.
00:15:35 Very gentle but it is still effective. It is even going to take off waterproof mascara and it is fragrance-free and does not have coloring agents.
  Next up, if you are a fan of the Trader Joe's grocery store, most of their stores you can find a small section of their skincare products which we have reviewed on Beautypedia, but a great bargain is the Enriched Moisturizing Facial Lotion with SPF 15.
00:16:01 It's $3.99 for 4 oz. It includes zinc oxide.
Paula Begoun: How can they afford to do that? That has to be a loss leader. I mean that is just astounding. That is astounding.
Bryan Barron: I think so, too. It's fragrance-free. It does contain some anti-oxidants. If you are cross-checking any of these recommendations on Beautypedia, this Trader Joe one did not get our highest rating, it got a happy face. But if it contains a greater amount of anti-oxidants and some other goodies we would have made it a Paula's Pick.
00:16:33 But still, $3.99 for 4 oz.; it's like their Two Buck Chuck wine if you shop there. Paula's Choice Oil Blotting Papers – they really do sell wine for $2 a bottle and it is actually not half bad.
Paula Begoun: They do. Two Buck Chuck.
Bryan Barron: Yup. Paula's Choice Oil Blotting Papers. There are a handful of companies that sell oil blotting papers; you can find these at the drugstore. We get so much great response from ours and they are priced competitively, $6.95 for 100 sheets. We sell refill packs for less than that and they are non-powdered which a lot of women prefer because they want to have greater control over how much powder they are putting back on after they blot.
00:17:16 Next up is Alpha Hydrox's Spotlight Targeted Skin Lightener. This has the gold standard skin lightening ingredient, 2% hydroquinone plus 10% of the AHA glycolic acid. So you are going to get that exfoliant boost to help the hydroquinone work even better.
00:17:35 It's fragrance-free. It is $9.99 for almost an ounce, so it just ekes in under our benchmark. We also like Alba Botanica's Very Emollient Sun-Block Mineral Protection, Fragrance-Free SPF 30. $10 for, or $9.95, for 4 oz. It is gentle. It is great for dry/sensitive skin, including those who are dealing with Rosacea. And it contains several anti-oxidants, too, which you really…any sunscreen you are considering should have those anti-oxidants in there –
00:18:07 Even if it is just a dusting – some is better than none. Anti-oxidants have been proven to help boost the efficacy of sunscreen actives. They also help boost your skin's own defenses. It is just an extra measure of protection that everyone should be using.
  Last up for skincare is a body care product. It is St. Ives, their Intensive Healing Body Cream that is fragrance-free. It is $6.99 for a 7.5 oz. tube. Wonderful for dry sensitive skin.
00:18:36 It really is fragrance-free. It contains anti-oxidant plant oils and a high amount of skin repairing glycerin. Paula, any comments before we do the makeup or?
Paula Begoun: No, you always put together the best lists, Bryan. That's great. And these are very, very good bargains to consider. Of course I do prefer Paula's Choice; I know I made them, I know what's in them.
00:19:04 But these are very, very good options and that is what women need are good options for their skin and their makeup no matter what their budget is and no matter where they want to shop. They have to get the best because that is what is important. Makeup! We've got to save money on makeup.
Bryan Barron: Well that is our mission: helping you find the best products for your skin. Makeups, here we go. Get those pens ready.
00:19:30 And actually just for our listeners who may want to call in or inquire tomorrow, I will make sure that this list gets down to our customer service team. And we maybe could post it an upcoming email. Makeup. Cover Girl CG Smoothers Aqua Smooth Compact Makeup with SPF 15. Sells for $9.99. You are getting an all-titanium dioxide sunscreen. It's got a great lightweight cream-to-powder texture. Light-to-medium coverage and comes in shades that are equally good for light and dark skin tones which isn't always the easiest to find.
00:20:04 Another foundation, this one without sunscreen is Maybelline's New York Dream Smooth Moose Foundation. This has a really unique kind of spongy moose-like texture. It feels like nothing on. It covers beautifully and comes in, again, another nice range of shades. This time more for fair-to-medium skin tones.
00:20:26 Another Maybelline product we had to mention, especially with the current trend of department store cosmetics lines selling those brush-on highlighter type products. Those are great but you are getting a two-for at a low price with this Maybelline one. It is their Instant Age Rewind Double Face Perfector. Paula, I think you have used this, right?
Paula Begoun: Yes, I have used this. I have been using…I was allergic to mine, the Paula's Choice concealer, for a long time and now all of a sudden I am not allergic to it anymore. I don't know what happened.
00:21:00 All of a sudden my skin can handle it. Go figure. But, yes, I definitely used it. We definitely gave it a high mark. It is definitely worth considering.
Bryan Barron: You get a liquid concealer with a matte finish on one end, and this concealer provides pretty good coverage. And then on the other end is a sheer highlighter that you can use on its own or you can put over the concealer to help brighten shadowed areas. They work beautifully together and the shade range is nice and neutral. Again, $7.50.
00:21:30 Next up we like New York Colors Smooth Skin Pressed Face Powder. It is $2.99. Quite possibly the best inexpensive pressed powder you will ever come across. The shade range isn't extensive, unfortunately; it's probably best for fair-to-medium skin tones. It is better for normal-to-dry skin then normal-to-oily skin. But, if you have combination skin and you are on a budget and you need a good pressed powder, it's one to take a look at.
00:21:57 NYX or N-Y-X Cosmetics, which is a brand that you will find in some drugstores and we see it quite a bit in Ulta Stores, their powder blush rivals any powder blush you will find at the department store. It costs around $5.99. Great colors. Smooth texture and even application. They offer several matte shades and even the shades they have that have shine, it is fairly subtle. You know there are a few really glittery ones that you can easily pass up unless glittery cheeks is what you are after, but this is just a great, great pressed powder blush.
00:22:31 At Target, Sonia Kashuk's Dramatically Defining Long-Wearing Gel Liner. It is $8.99. It is a wonderful, that kind of cream gel liner that goes on with the brush. Easy to apply. Once it sets it wears and wears and wears.
  Next up for eye shadows, Physician's Formula, either the Matte collection or Bright collection, Quad Eye Shadows. These are around $6.75 to $7.00 a piece.
00:23:01 Again, they are quad-set so you are getting four shades in one compact. They apply evenly and are mostly well-coordinated. The mattes, of course, are the standouts, especially if you have wrinkles around the eyes because shine tends to magnify those, unfortunately. But the Bright collection does shimmer well and it doesn't flake. So check them out, see what you think. Can't go wrong with those.
  We also like ELF Cosmetic's Mineral Lip Gloss. This costs $3.00. Forget the mineral claim; they are only stating that because it contains mineral oil which isn't a bad ingredient.
00:23:35 But this is a wonderful…yes, isn't that funny?
Paula Begoun: That's a spin on the term mineral.
Bryan Barron: Yup. This lip gloss is fragrance-free which a lot of women tell us they prefer. They don't want that strong fruity scent right under their nose. It is not goopy or sticky and it comes in a really nice selection of sheer, flattering colors that you can use alone or pair with any lipstick of your choice.
00:23:58 For lipstick, again, we are going back to NYC, also known as New York Color. Their Ultra Moist Lip Wear is $0.99. For under a buck you can get a great creamy lipstick that has a glossy finish. It is not for those with lines around the mouth, but really no cream lipstick is. But still, if that is not an issue for you, this is a bona fide beauty steal.
  Last up on the list is Almay's One Coat Nourishing Mascara Lengthening. This is one of their mascaras that has been around for awhile and for good reason.
00:24:29 Unlike the Maybelline one in the pink tube with the green cap that I just don't understand the appeal of, this actually does something. It works great to lengthen and thicken lashes. It wears without a hitch. And it is easy to remove. $6.50. You can't ask for much more for your mascara than that unless you are looking for waterproof and you can find our best waterproof picks on Beautypedia. That's it.
Paula Begoun: So NYC, that was brilliant Bryan. So NYC has a creamy glossy lipstick for $0.99?
Bryan Barron: Yup. The packaging is about as bare boned as it gets. This is not the type of lipstick you will want to whip out at Saks Fifth Avenue and touch up.
00:25:12 You know it doesn't have that elegant, hefty, gold weight to it with the etching and all of that. And those can be fine, but you are going to pay about $24 for a lipstick like that versus $0.99.
Paula Begoun: That's wild. That's crazy. So NYC is competing with ELF obviously. Because that is ELF's little angle is that their products are really cheap.
Bryan Barron: Right.
Paula Begoun: So I guess it is like Walmart.
00:25:40 You are just bulk selling like crazy. So, by the way, real quick and then Desiree we will take our first caller. So just real quick, I wanted to mention – oh, by the way, if you sign up, for those who aren't signed up for our Beauty Bulletins, go to and sign up for our beauty bulletins and we will in the next week get this out in one of our beauty bulletins. So you've got to sign up for the beauty bulletin and you will get all of our information that we send out.
00:26:14 And you can choose how often you want to hear from us. But I wanted to mention there is an article that we have been working on, well actually we work on articles all the time that we put up on And one of them is what you can expect from your skincare routine.
00:26:32 Take a look at that article about when you can tell a product is or isn't working and what to do about it and what options there are. I think that that…I mean we write a lot about, you know, the research on blackheads and acne and wrinkles and anti-oxidants and sun care and baby care. I mean there is a ton of wonderful articles, if I do say so myself. My team and I, we put a lot of time and energy into getting you the most current information.
00:27:02 In fact, we just revamped a lot of them. But this article on what to expect from your skincare routine is getting a wonderful response. We are very proud of it. And then there is another one that will be going up in a week or so on how and when do you apply products. How long do you wait between products? I think you will find that interesting, especially for those who are using a combination of anti-wrinkle products and anti-oxidants and anti-acne and exfoliants.
00:27:37 Exactly how to…or retinol…whatever products women are combining to take care of their skin, and men for that matter, how to apply them is fascinating. Because it is different than what you may think in terms of getting it done fast and how to do that. So that article will be up. So check out the "Learn" section on for more information. And Desiree, who are we talking to now?
Desiree Stordahl: We have [Orli] from New York on the line.
Paula Begoun: Arayle? Is that you? Arayle?
Orli: Hello.
Paula Begoun: Is that you?
Orli: Hello, yes. Hello?
Paula Begoun: Yes, I can hear you Arayle. I'm talking to you; this is Paula.
Orli: Good.
00:28:29 Hi, how are you?
Paula Begoun: I'm good, dear. How do you spend your name?
Orli: It's Orli. O-R-L-I.
Paula Begoun: Ah, Orli. Like close to the nail polish. What can I do for you, Orli?
Orli: So I recently started reading your books and I would say I am officially a convert. I used to love going to the department stores and getting the fancy packaging and felt like I couldn't do any better. And I know realize that I have been spending my money needlessly.
00:29:01 My question was, are there any products that should be bought at a drugstore or at a department store or can you get everything at the drugstores? Is there anything that's better, more expensive?
Paula Begoun: Of course I would say the drugstore and Paula's Choice and Avon has some options that are reasonably priced. So there are definitely places where you can get reasonably priced, well-formulated products.
00:29:29 The drugstore isn't the only place. But, yes, there are great products at the drugstore. But there are also bad products. You've got to really know what you are buying no matter where you shop. But in terms of splurging, I actually can't think of any product…I mean the fancier products, particularly for anti-wrinkle, anti-aging that are loaded with state-of-the-art ingredients like anti-oxidants and cell communicating ingredients and skin repairing ingredients.
00:30:02 When you look at the best of the best you can really do it for under $30. Maybe under $40 for some products. But it absolutely doesn't have to be…and that is only for those specialty products because they are more, those kind of products require more elegant state-of-the-art ingredients. But when it comes to acne products and cleansers and toners and the best of the best, you are really looking at under $20, $25.
00:30:32 And then for some of the best bargains we just went over. And definitely for makeup. I mean let me make it very, very clear that other than foundation, and only foundation because you have to try it on before you buy it, and that is tricky to do at the drugstore. But other than that, yes, save money. Yes, there is no reason to waste money and now that you know how, you are going to look gorgeous and pay rent.
Orli: I take your book with me whenever I go shopping.
00:31:05 And I check out every product before I buy it.
Paula Begoun: So Orli, what kind of skin type do you have?
Orli: I would say normal-to-combination, oily.
Paula Begoun: Okay. So, what we are going to do and this will even save you more money, we are going to send you some of my Paula's Choice Skin Balancing products for you to try and see how they work for you.
Orli: Oh, great. Yes, thank you so much.
Paula Begoun: Okay, you are welcome.
00:31:34 And so you will see what you think of Paula's Choice and of course you always have the reviews of the other products depending on what you end up liking.
Orli: Yes. Thank you.
Paula Begoun: All right. Take care, Orli.
Orli: Thank you.
Paula Begoun: Desiree, next call.
Desiree Stordahl: Our next caller is Langdon from Colorado.
Paula Begoun: Langdon?
Langdon: Hi, yes.
Paula Begoun: Spell your name, dear?
Langdon: L-A-N-G-D-O-N.
Paula Begoun: Oh it is, it's Langdon. What an interesting name.
00:32:07 What can I do for you, Langdon?
Langdon: Well, I was wondering…oh, I just first wanted to say thank you for the free Beautypedia during the past several months. That is such a wonderful thing. And I appreciate it. I consult it all the time.
Paula Begoun: Thank you. That's good. We plan on keeping it free from now on, so I am glad you are finding it useful. That's wonderful.
Langdon: Yes, particularly the new products.
00:32:38 Before I splurge or even just pick up something I always check there because of course I have your books, too. But new things come out all the time that aren't in the books. So, the Beautypedia…
Paula Begoun: And I know it is enticing, but I want you, Langdon, don't get seduced by the ads. Stay strong. Stay strong.
Langdon: I know. Oh, I am a huge fan of yours.
00:33:04 All of you are just great. I was wondering if there are more inexpensive, shall I say, than the department store options for makeup brushes. I know the MAC line is good and I mean there are a lot of wonderful ones at the department store and they are kind of an investment. And I just wondered if there is anything at the drugstore or Target that is really comparable?
Paula Begoun: Well we will send you a set of my Paula's Choice brushes.
00:33:37 And see what you think of those. So we will get you those. But for the rest of our listeners, you know one of the things about splurging, I don't think you need to splurge on brushes. But one of the things about splurging on brushes is that it is really, if you take care of them, it is really a one-time purchase.
00:34:00 You don't have to repurchase them. What a lot of women do is get overzealous about washing them and that damages the hair and eventually breaks down the brush. Or they get the part of the brush wet, the wood handle, or they get the metal part that holds the hairs together, they get that wet and that breaks down the glue that holds the hair together. And so they wreck their brushes. You don't have to over-clean your brushes.
00:34:28 You know once every one to two months, as long as you are not a makeup artist using them on a lot of people. So makeup brushes last. They just last. But in terms of saving money, Bryan, the Body Shop, do they still have their brushes?
Bryan Barron: Yes.
Langdon: Oh, the Body Shop.
Paula Begoun: So the Body Shop is definitely an option. Sonia Kashuk has, doesn't have a lot of brushes, but Bryan, is it Sonia Kashuk and Rimmel that has brushes, or do they not have those anymore?
Bryan Barron: Rimmel, I have not seen Rimmel's brushes in quite some time.
00:35:02 But the Sonia Kashuk line at Target, their brush collection used to be, or her brush collection used to be smaller. It has since expanded. She has quite a broad range now. There is probably about 15 to 20 to choose from.
Paula Begoun: Oh, how do you like that. So, definitely Sonia Kashuk is a…
Bryan Barron: She has two different styles now?
Paula Begoun: Oh, okay.
Bryan Barron: There's like the professional series…it depends on the type of handle you want; let's put it that way.
00:35:31 Whatever feels more comfortable in your hand, she's got two choices now.
Paula Begoun: So we will get you a set of Paula's Choice brushes with the case and, oh, Desiree let's make sure we send Langdon my new makeup bag. So I found this makeup bag that I use…you know, some people shop for clothes, I shop for luggage and makeup bags. That's my thing.
00:36:05 And so I found this makeup bag from years ago and finally decided to tweak it a little bit and we've got it made for Paula's Choice and it is available now on the website. So we are going to send you that makeup bag with the set of brushes and we will get you set up and you can save money, too. Okay?
Langdon: Well thank you so much.
Paula Begoun: Thank you, Langdon. Okay, take care, dear.
00:36:34 Desiree, next caller.
Desiree Stordahl: We have Heather from California.
Paula Begoun: Heather, how are you?
Heather: I'm good, how are you?
Paula Begoun: I'm great.
Heather: Good. My sisters love you so much and so anyway my skin is oily and it is kind of oily and normal. And so I am looking for something, a good cleanser that is inexpensive, but every cleanser that I see has fragrance in it. And it just feels like a film on my skin.
00:37:08 And so, is there anything that I can find that is inexpensive. Because your book, I take your book everywhere, look at ingredients, and everything has fragrance.
Paula Begoun: I know. I know. We are one of the few lines out there that…
Heather: I know. You are amazing.
Paula Begoun: Well, I don't know that I am so amazing. I just…
Heather: You are. You are. You're amazing.
Paula Begoun: I don't know why the other companies.
00:37:36 Well actually I do know why the other companies don't do that. Because women are attracted to fragrance. And a lot of women don't know that it is…
Heather: But, for acne lines, they have fragrance in them. I don't understand that.
Paula Begoun: I don't, well, don't ask me. I don't understand it either. But, in terms of a cleanser, in terms of a cleanser, tell me some of the cleansers you have been using?
Heather: I have used Neutrogena, I have used Peter Thomas Roth. I have used everything.
00:38:10 I have used a Murad one. It was like a, not for acne per se, but more of a balancing so my skin…because sometimes it breaks out. I mean I have large pores. I have tried everything, everything on the market. I have everything.
Paula Begoun: Okay, so here are some options. And before I talk about the cleanser, can you give me an idea of what other products you are using on your skin beside the cleanser, just so I can get a sense of what you are doing?
Heather: I use a sunscreen by –
00:38:42 It's an older sunscreen that I had from Coppertone. And it has a bronzing to it, but it is fragrance-free and it has supposedly anti-oxidants and stuff in it. But I think that is breaking me out, too. I don't know.
Paula Begoun: Yes, I think it is breaking you out as well. Heather, what else are you doing?
00:39:04 Are you using a toner? Are you using an anti-acne products?
Heather: I use a toner by Neutrogena, I mean not Neutrogena, Clear and something. But it has, it's fragrance-free but it has alcohol or something in it. And then that it's. I use the Clarisonic but nothing special.
Paula Begoun: Okay, I got it. So here is what I want you to do. So, obviously I am going to be sending you some Paula's Choice products and I will tell you what those are in just a minute.
00:39:31 But for other options, the cleanser that Bryan mentioned from Oil, I can't believe I was just going to say Oil of Olay, from Olay…they haven't been...Bryan, when did they stop calling themselves Oil of Olay? It feels like it has been years now.
Bryan Barron: It has. Probably eight or nine years ago?
Paula Begoun: Yeah, at least. So, the cleanser that Bryan mentioned, their fragrance-free sensitive skin foaming cleanser is indeed an excellent, reasonable price cleanser that I think will get you what you want.
Heather: And it takes makeup off?
Bryan Barron: Yup.
Paula Begoun: But depending on how much makeup you are using –
00:40:15 You can stay using the Clarisonic although Bryan and I have both reviewed the Clarisonic and the Olay Facial Brush, and I definitely would recommend the Olay Facial Brush over the Clarisonic.
00:40:30 But as long as you own the Clarisonic, when you have oily skin and you are wearing makeup, to make sure you get it all off, a soft facial brush is actually a great option. I don't think that the Clarisonic or the Olay brush is as gentle as I would like it to be. And as a matter of fact my product development team and I were searching to find and develop a soft brush that can help get off last traces of makeup.
00:41:01 So the Olay one is very good, their sensitive foaming cleanser. Also the cleanser from a small line of products called CeraVe at the drugstore. It is a very, very good cleanser. And of course I'm going to send you the range of my products for normal, oily, combination skin called Skin Balancing. You've got to stop using that toner with alcohol. Heather, it is just making your skin worse. It causes free radical damage, hurts the skin's healing process which makes red marks left over from acne look worse.
00:41:33 It's just a problem. And the Coppertone sunscreen for your skin type is going to make you breakout. What I am going to strongly recommend that you do is use a foundation and a pressed powder with sunscreen. What skin color are you, Heather?
Heather: I'm kind of like, I'm African-American so I have…I'm more, I guess, I don't know, not as olive but not as orange, so it is like in between, like a bronzy. Like medium.
Paula Begoun: Right. So Bryan, we don't have, Paula's Choice doesn't have sunscreens for darker skin tones.
00:42:06 Bryan, what product line out there has foundations with sunscreen for African-American women?
Bryan Barron: Clinique offers some. So does MAC. I would start there.
Paula Begoun: So, what I'm going to strongly suggest…
Bryan Barron: Oh, one more, one more. At the drugstore, L'Oreal True Match Super Blendable Makeup with SPF 17 has some darker shades.
00:42:32 That is the one that you have seen Beyoncé advertise in the magazines. And so they have a shade for about her skin tone. And then maybe a couple down from there.
Heather: Okay. I know it is a one-time question, but sunscreens break me out, too, so could it be the sunscreen itself?
Paula Begoun: Well, what it is is you are a using a lotion sunscreen, and by definition lotions and creams are meant to absorb into the skin whereas foundations are designed to stay on the surface.
00:43:04 So you have, it's not that it is 100%, it is just less of an issue with absorption and clogging pores. So that is why I don't want you to use a lotion. I mean you can use the Coppertone from the neck down, but for your face, for daytime, as long as you are wearing a foundation, where a foundation with sunscreen and a pressed powder with sunscreen over it and you will get that protection that you need.
00:43:29 Because for African-American skin, you get skin discolorations, you get a grayer skin tone from sun damage. And you get wrinkles eventually. So that will help a lot. So what I am going to do is I am going to send you the Paula's Choice Skin Balancing Cleanser. You can compare that to the other ones you might want to consider trying. I'm going to send you my Skin Balancing Toner. You would use it during the daytime. I'm going to send you one of my BHA liquid exfoliants.
00:43:56 I want you to give that a try. I think you will be very surprised the difference in terms of helping your acne. And of course there are other products you will be getting. But I think not using the Coppertone….oh, Desiree, let's make sure we send the Shine Stopper.
  You know, I've got to tell you, so it has been…sorry, I'm jumping subjects. Let me make sure I finish what I am saying to Heather. Never mind, I can't remember. So let me mention about my Shine Stopper.
00:44:26 We have been doing, Desiree has been doing this demonstration that is just wowing people, and it wowed me. I can't…somebody suggested that we take some olive oil and put it on the back of someone's hand. A layer of olive oil. And then put the Shine Stopper over it. And sure enough after you put the Shine Stopper on over the olive oil, within a minute the olive oil is gone. That back of the hand doesn't feel greasy.
00:44:59 It feels matte. I couldn't…it just was wowing. Desiree, how many people did you do that too in that line?
Desiree Stordahl: Oh gosh, I did practically the whole line. At least 70 people.
Paula Begoun: Oh my. So we are going to also send you one of my…yeah, it's really…I couldn't…
Heather: That's amazing.
Paula Begoun: It was even better than I thought. So we are going to send you one of my Shine Stoppers. There is another product out similar to my Shine Stopper but I think it is twice as expensive, Bryan, the OTC?
00:45:33 What is the –
Bryan Baron: OC-8
Paula Begoun: OC-8. How much? Is that like $30, $40? How much is that? Do you remember? It's pricey.
Bryan Barron: It's around $32.95. $39. $39.
Paula Begoun: Yeah, so, mine's cheaper. So I'm going to send you mine, but just so you know what other options are out there, there is one from OTC. And I think that when you stop doing these other things that are actually…I think you will be shocked how much better your skin will do Heather. Thanks for calling.
Heather: I'm so excited.
00:46:03 Thank you.
Paula Begoun: All right. Thank you. Desiree, next caller.
Desiree Stordahl: Pam from Washington.
Paula Begoun: Hi Pam from Washington.
Pam: Hi.
Paula Begoun: Hi. What can I do for you?
Pam: Well, I have been wondering about foundations. I'm fairly fair skinned and I'm 55 years old.
00:46:29 And I'm always wanting to wear foundation that is a little darker than my skin tone to give me a little bit of color on my face instead of so pale.
Paula Begoun: Don't do that. Don't do that.
Pam: Oh, don't do that?
Paula Begoun: Finish your question. But I will explain to you how to give your face more color without using an overall foundation color. There are a few tricks for that. But finish what you were going to say.
Pam: So, I have been trying to use more of a beige color than a real light color foundation.
00:47:07 Because it seems to give me a little bit more color. And I do put it around my chin and in my neck. Around there. And it seems to work better for me because the other way, if I match my skin tone I just look so pale.
Paula Begoun: Too pale. So what's your question for me before I jump in and tell you what I think?
Pam: Oh, okay, so my question is what do you think about that? What can I do?
Bryan Barron: Paula is not going to tell you what she thinks.
Paula Begoun: I'm absolutely going to tell you what I think.
00:47:43 So Pam, here is what the problem is with not matching your skin tone. One is that it just looks fake. It just looks fake. And putting makeup on your neck and chin area gets on your clothes. It's a mess.
Pam: Yes, it does.
Paula Begoun: I know! It's impractical.
00:48:05 And it still looks like…it still doesn't look true. Because you end up having to put on too much makeup to actually cover the color you have. So whatever you think is too pale, you end up looking too made up and you've got dirty clothes. So, what I am going to suggest to you is absolutely you have to match your skin tone. You have to.
00:48:29 But there is a trick to making your face look like it has more color. And what you do is you go to…well, it is probably best to go to a store like Ulta or Sephora where you can play with color. But, what you would do is you take a brush, and I'm going to send you one of our brushes, the…Bryan, what do we call our brush that has the wedge that you put the contour on with? What's that, what do we call that brush?
00:49:02 Is it contour brush? I think we call it contour brush.
Bryan Barron: Yeah, I think that is the one you are talking about. [Unintelligible].
Paula Begoun: So we are going to send you one of those. And the trick is you take a tannish blush color, or it can even be an eye shadow color. In fact the way I do it on my face is with a tannish, beigy blush color that I place at my temple area and under my cheek bone.
00:49:36 And a little bit, a little, little bit just at the back sides of my face along my hair line. And then that gives you kind of a tannish, and you've got to be gentle with it. Do not get carried away. And when you look at fashion magazines, what I am describing to you when you start looking at the women and how they are made up, you will see that that is exactly how their makeup is done in the picture where they have this tannish, soft tan, brown glow at the temple area and slightly along the hair line.
00:50:12 It is a very convincing way to add color, obviously you would still wear a blush, to add color and not look made up and not look like you have changed, that you are wearing heavy makeup to change your skin color. And, you won't have dirty clothes.
00:50:31 You're going to love me. It's really a great trick. Look at fashion magazines and you will absolutely see exactly what I'm talking about.
Pam: So you don't put it on the apples of your cheeks? You put it where again?
Paula Begoun: So this is separate from blush. You still wear blush. But you take this tannish color…so you wear a true color blush, whatever soft peach or soft pink or whatever soft color blush you should normally be wearing.
00:51:02 Then this tannish color, this soft, beigy/tan color goes at the temple area – temple, just right next to the eye, at the back corner of the eye area and up a little bit onto the forehead. Along very softly just at the hair line, along the hairline of the face. and then under the cheekbone. And it works wonderfully.
Pam: Oh, so you are kind of like lining your face.
Paula Begoun: Very gently.
00:51:35 Don't get carried away on me. But yes, very gently. You will be surprised what that does and how much more natural your skin will look. And, again, that laundry bill is going to be greatly reduced. So we are going to send you the contour brush that I want you to use to give that technique a try. And Pam, tell me your skin type so we can send you some Paula's Choice skincare products.
Pam: I am a combination.
00:52:05 I have oily skin next to my nose on there and then normal skin around my chin. Oh, and I have an oily forehead, too.
Paula Begoun: Okay, so we are going to send you, I think you will love me, we are going to send you some of our Skin Balancing. Boy, we've got a lot of normal-to-oily people this show. So we are going to send you some of my Skin Balancing products and see how they do for you. Thanks for calling, Pam.
Pam: That would be great.
00:52:32 Thank you very much!
Paula Begoun: All right, take care Pam. Desiree, next caller?
Desiree Stordahl: Before we take our next caller, I'm also going to send Pam the Healthy Finish Pressed Powder in Healthy Tan, because actually that's what I use to contour and it works great from Paula's Choice.
Paula Begoun: Oh, I can't believe I forgot that we have Healthy Tan.
Bryan Barron: That's an awesome one. And Paula, the name of that brush was our Crease Defining Brush.
Paula Begoun: No, no, no, the bigger one. The bigger one. We will send the right one. I can't believe none of us can remember our products.
Bryan Barron: No, we used to have a contour brush but we discontinued it.
Paula Begoun: Ah!
00:53:14 Oh, that's right. Oh darn. All right, so Bryan, let's do a little leg work and find what contour brushes are out there. Well actually, you know something?
Bryan Barron: MAC has a couple of good ones.
Paula Begoun: Right. But Pam can also...Desiree, let's send Pam our blush brush.
00:53:31 Because she can also, you can also just use a blush brush for that. And what was the other thing? Wait, we were just…oh, the Healthy Tan. It is perfect. It's perfect. Yeah, let's make sure we send that. Let's try to get one more caller in, Desiree.
Desiree Stordahl: All right. Let's go to Andrea from Washington.
Paula Begoun: Hi Andrea.
Andrea: Hi.
Paula Begoun: Hi, what can I do for you?
Andrea: Well, I recently started using Retin-A about two months ago.
00:54:02 And I just have really kind of dry, flakey, yet oily irritated skin. And I use it every third night. It is actually the brand name 0.4% micro. And I alternate each night with your 2% beta hydroxy acid liquid. And then the next night I use the smoothing treatment.
Paula Begoun: Oh wow, we are overdoing. We are overdoing.
00:54:31 Okay. So when did you start noticing the flaking? Tell me the order of how you have been, when you have started using what?
Andrea: Well, it was right off the bat. And you know I have been using the Retin-A, I probably started using it for a month and then I started putting the AHA in. And then a couple of weeks ago started putting the BHA in and it has kind of stayed about the same amount of flakey the whole time.
Paula Begoun: Yeah, I bet. I bet.
00:55:09 Andrea, we are overdoing. You've got to stop overdoing. You need to stop the…so you said, I take it you said your skin was normal-to-oily, is that what you said?
Andrea: Yes.
Paula Begoun: Your skin is normal-to-oily. Do you also have some acne?
Andrea: I did. I don't anymore.
Paula Begoun: So the routine has taken care of the acne?
00:55:33 Is that what you are saying?
Andrea: It has. I just traded one problem for the other.
Paula Begoun: No, no. We are going to get rid of the other problem, too. And what cleanser are you using, Andrea?
Andrea: I kind of rotate as well. Mostly I use the Olay Gentle Foaming Face Wash.
Paula Begoun: That's fine to use. And then what other products besides the exfoliants are you using?
Andrea: I use your Super Anti-oxidant concentrate.
00:56:02 And I mix that with a little bit of really plain Cetaphil lotion. So I put that under my sunscreen, just a teensy bit. And I use your, a little bit of your Barely There Sheer Matte Tint and I mix that with City Block Sheer by Clinique. Any regular foundation at this point just kind of makes the flakes look more evident.
Paula Begoun: Yeah, I bet. I bet. Okay, so I'm going to send you my Paula's Choice Resist Toner.
00:56:33 I want you to try that. You need a little bit more moisture in your skin; I think that will help. I want you to drop out using the AHA for awhile. And which of my exfoliants are using…which BHA product are you using?
Andrea: I am using the 2% liquid.
Paula Begoun: Okay, I'm going to send you the 2% regular strength from Clear. And see how that does for your skin.
00:57:01 It's a little bit more gentle. The 2% liquid has much more penetration. So I want you to play with that a little bit. You need to back out the AHA. Some people can't tolerate Retin-A. It's just the way it is. It is hard for some skins. Especially the Micro you are using. You might want to change to Renova which is a little bit more moisturizing. Not much, but a little bit more. And I think the toner is going to help you out a lot.
00:57:32 And I'm also going to send you…I'm not nuts about Cetaphil. Cetaphil is like using a typewriter. It is just a very dated formula. I want you to…I'm going to send you my Resist Barrier Repair Moisturizer as well as my Moisture Boost. Particularly the Moisture Boost for around the eye and see how you do. And I've got to run, Andrea. Good luck. I think this will help you a lot and it will stop the flaking. You are overdoing the exfoliation. Good luck, Andrea.
Andrea: Thank you so much. Thanks for taking my call tonight. Have a good day.
Paula Begoun: Take care dear. You too.
00:58:03 So, it went so fast. So I am Paula Begoun. I'm here in Korea talking to wonderful women. It's just been great. And now I am on to Taiwan where I am going to do more presentations and media interviews, introduce women all over the world to being beautiful and saving money.
00:58:24 So this is Paula Begoun, the Cosmetics Cop, with my Paula's Choice Team – Desiree Stordahl and Bryan Barron. Keeping you Beautifully Informed. And next week we are going to be talking about seven bad habits that are ruining your skin. And this isn't the typical ones like smoking and that stuff; we already know that stuff. This is the stuff you don't know.
  And then on the 26th we are going to talk about your top five body care problems solved so when you start showing skin more and more right now during the summer your body is going to look perfect. And then on the 2nd, on June 2nd, six new ways to do your makeup even better than you are doing it. You are going to be surprised at these recommendations is what you haven't heard before in other magazines and other stuff.
00:59:09 This is going to be surprising. We have a lot of great shows coming up. We are going to have Dr. Leslie Baumann back. We are going to be talking to Dr. Brandon Irwin and Dr. Perry about all kinds of treatments and stuff for looking younger.
  We just, lots….oh, too many. And I don't have enough time to tell you all the shows.
00:59:29 Desiree, we are all packed. We are ready to get over to…oh, we are going to Jeju Island first, and then we are going to Taiwan. Are you all packed?
Desiree Stordahl: I'm all packed, ready to go.
Bryan Barron: You two are troupers.
Paula Begoun: We are. We're jet-setting. So to all of the listeners out there, thank you for taking the time to spend another evening with us, or if you are listening archived. Come visit me at Until next week, take care.
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