Top 5 Body Care Problems Solved!

Airdate: 5/27/11

Find out how to get rid of red, bumpy skin, back acne, cracked heels and more, just in time for summer!

Paula Begoun: Hello. I'm Paula Begoun, the Cosmetics Cop, with my Paula's Choice team, Desiree Stordahl and Bryan Barron, keeping you Beautifully Informed. Live on Thursday evenings in Seattle at 6pm, and all over the world at a whole bunch of different times and, of course, archived. And Desiree and I are back safe and sound.
00:00:29 Very little jetlag, returning from Taiwan and we were first in Korea.
Desiree Stordahl: Thank God, yes.
Paula Begoun: Wasn't that great? I mean, really, because the last time when we came home from Thailand, I don't know what, did it take us a week?
Desiree Stordahl: It took me two weeks to get over the jetlag.
Paula Begoun: Maybe it was because we were on a non-stop. And Thailand you have to take one ten-hour flight and then a layover and then another. Actually, that's about a 24-hour travel experience going home from Thailand come to think of it.
Desiree Stordahl: Yeah, it takes it out of you.
Paula Begoun: That was a – yeah, that was rough.
00:01:05 We did not look pretty. No matter how you get off an airplane after 12 hours. And we were delayed. We were delayed in Taiwan due to a fuel leak situation.
Desiree Stordahl: Yes.
Paula Begoun: So, we did not look pretty getting off the plane. But Desiree definitely looked prettier. She is a little cute thing, bouncing off of the plane even though she is exhausted and tired. Although actually I was the one jumping up and down on the train going, "I'm home! I'm home! I'm home!"
Desiree Stordahl: And I witnessed something I have never seen before.
00:01:37 Paula painted her nails on the flight. That is a first.
Paula Begoun: You know it's actually, I've got to tell you, I feel a little – I didn't say this to you on the flight because I feel a little guilty about it. It's kind of how I feel about putting lipstick on when you are eating out, when everyone is at the table and you are checking your smile in the mirror. Which I just think is so not polite.
00:02:01 Really. But I do it. I don't like it, but I actually think it's rude. And I do it all the time. I hate that I do it, but sometimes it is just not worth the effort to get up and go to the bathroom. But it actually is rude. I can't believe I do it. And I do have it down to a science even when the plane bumps. But I'm just on planes so much; it's just a convenient time to polish my nails. But because of the way air is recycled, I actually do know the fumes, not everybody likes the way a nail salon smells.
00:02:32 And when you are in a confined cabin I do feel guilty about it. And I was afraid if I told you that you would make me stop.
Desiree Stordahl: But your nails did look good.
Paula Begoun: Yes, they did look good.
Desiree Stordahl: They looked beautiful.
Paula Begoun: They did look good. It's true; that's one of my guilty things. But I actually have many guilty things like that but I am not going to go through all of those. But what we are going to talk about today, tonight, is your top 5 body care problems, and we are going to solve them.
00:03:04 Actually this show – we are going to talk about the solvable body problems, what you really can take care of. We are not going to sit and putz around with things like stretch marks and things like cellulite that you really can't – just lordy – you can't do anything about.
00:03:32 They come out with products and gimmicks and we will go over some of those, but we are going to talk about the ones you really can do something about. And a couple of interesting situations that are a little above the five we listed that we would like you to know about that I think can make a huge difference in how skin is going to come out under all the clothes we have been bundled up under for those of us in colder environments as we begin to undress for the spring and summer.
00:04:05 We have been on a hunt. We made a mission here at Paula's Choice to review all these new face brushes that are coming out on the market, kind of to compete with the very pricy, very expensive Clarisonic. I mean Clarisonic makes all kind of claims about how the brush head oscillates, meaning how it vibrates back and forth and because it vibrates back and forth and some kind of –
00:04:35 I don't know. It's so technical, I can't even fake trying to share back what they want you to believe about it. But it's basically just a vibrating brush. That's what the Clarisonic is. It's a vibrating brush. How it vibrates doesn't change anything about the effect it has as a brush getting off your makeup. It's basically a manual scrub kind of brush head on a machine.
00:05:02 And then there are all kinds of companies coming out with their own to compete. Bryan, was Olay one of the first ones to come out with the competitive version, or was Neutrosonic the next one?
Bryan Barron: There was – Olay was the first to bring it to mass market at a price point that really raised a lot of eyebrows because by and large the facial brushes that were clearly knock-offs of Clarisonic were still priced in the double to upper triple digit range.
00:05:37 And then Olay comes out with their miniaturized, somewhat more primitive version of the Clarisonic and it is $30 at your local drugstore. And then, of course, their ads were slyly alluding to the fact that this brush went head to head with a $200 competitor – wink, wink.
Paula Begoun: Well, actually, it's interesting. I generally don't like, in fact almost without exception, I don't review skincare products based on my own personal or anybody in the company's personal experience for the most part.
00:06:14 And there's many reasons for that. One is because it doesn't relate to the millions of women we try to reach. And it also doesn't explain what the research says about the ingredients. I might not like something, but that doesn't mean it's bad for me. And I may like something that is bad for me.
00:06:32 For example, the research is I don't have to smoke a cigarette to know it is bad for me, the research is pretty clear about it. So I don't have to test a skincare product. I don't have to take an antibiotic to know that the antibiotic will kill the bacteria inside of me if I have an infection. On and on. I don't have to have a heart attack to know that eating healthy and eating antioxidants and a healthy diet and losing weight and exercising is going to help prevent heart disease.
00:07:06 So skincare is the same. I don't have to use it to know what a well-formulated product will do. And, again, because my skin type, even if I love a product, and I do, I use many of my products and I love them, but the ones I love from Paula's Choice might not be the ones for your skin. I have normal-to-oily, blemish-prone skin with sun damage and you might not have that kind of skin type.
00:07:29 So different products work for different people. So that's why as a rule for Paula's Choice and the Cosmetics Cop team we don't evaluate products based on our individual experience with a product. We are making an exception in how we are going about reviewing these facial brushes. What I recommended all along because some amount of manual exfoliation really does help skin.
00:07:58 I never like recommending facial scrubs. The particles in facial scrubs can be very abrasive; the honey and almond pit stuff from the old days and some of the more abrasive, pumicy kind of particle scrubs can be very hard on skin, tear into skin. Actually, impairing the skin's healing response, repairing response.
  Some have softer beads that are actually fairly nice, but it is just like, why? It's an extra product, it's an extra step.
00:08:30 The ingredients that suspend the little scrub particles, who needs those on the skin. Often you have to stick your fingers in the jar, they come in jars. So I generally over the years haven't been very enthusiastic to say the least about scrubs. So what I recommend and what I personally have used for years and years is a soft washcloth. You can clean it all the time, you can take a new one. I have like seen of them and rotate them. When I do the laundry I use All-Free or Fab-Free to make sure that the washcloth doesn't have fragrance or harsh detergents that can get left behind and cause irritation.
00:09:06 But then all of these brushes came out and I have been curious about them and I tried the Clarisonic personally. And again, this doesn't have anything to do with research. This is just about whether or not it is an alternative to make sure you get all of your makeup off your face because getting all of your makeup off your face is a very good thing. It's a very healthy thing for your face. Prevents breakouts. Reduces irritation/inflammation.
00:09:33 Makes skin look healthier and glowing. And exfoliation is a really great way to make sure all of your makeup is off. Most cleansers, if not all cleansers, even bar soap, never assures you get all of your makeup off. So the Clarisonic comes along. It's a very good brush. But it is rough on the skin. I personally didn't like it. I don't think it makes it bad. But for the money, whatever miracles they tell you about it, it is just an oscillating brush.
00:10:00 I found it too rough. I wouldn't use it over a soft washcloth. I started using the Olay brush. The Olay brush is just too flimsy. I mean it just fell apart. Bryan and Desiree, I didn't mention this to you. I think the Clarisonic head would hold up under sandblasting on a wall. But the Olay brush head just is like dented – and I don't put a lot of pressure on because I am so concerned about irritation. So that's just, whoa, and it's a little brush and I've got a big face.
00:10:39 It just wasn't very practical. I tried the Neutrosonic. And the Neutrosonic – I don't know. I'm going to give it a couple of more – I still think it is too rough. I don't like treating the skin rough. The research about irritation on skin is pretty clear. And I am pretty good about being soft with it and not overdoing it. But I can see how somebody could pick up a Clarisonic or Neutrosonic or even the Olay one and just go at their face and over-buff it like the old days.
00:11:11 What was it, Bryan, you mentioned the Buff Puff from when we were kids, well even when I was a kid, that just ripped at skin. So, we have been looking at these, so this is a very long discussion to say that I am not so nuts about any of them. I'm hoping it's a bit of a fad like many fads in the industry that will actually – I don't know, maybe we will find a really – we are on the hunt.
00:11:38 So here's the short part of it. This is a call out to all of our listeners and we will Facebook and tweet about this. If you are using a face brush other than the Neutrosonic or the Clarisonic or the Olay or the Neutrogena version which is actually one we are not going to even begin to recommend because it is too abrasive. It has like a sandpaper blaster head.
00:12:03 And you change it every time, right Bryan, it comes with some detergent ingredient that is rough on skin as well?
Bryan Barron: Yes, exactly. You put a different cleansing pad on every time and you have to get it wet to activate the cleanser which is impregnated inside the pad. And I think they sell the pads in packs of seven so you are going to the drugstore every week or you are going to buy a month's worth at a time and it is just a hassle. Definitely not a green option.
Paula Begoun: It's not a green option!
00:12:37 So if you are using one that isn't any of those and you can give us feedback, we are on the hunt. We want to find one that compares in some way or outdoes using a soft washcloth which I actually think does a better job and used with your gentle water soluble cleanser works beautifully.
00:13:03 But let's see what we find because I am on the hunt. You will help us with it. So let's talk about the body – oh, sorry, one other thing. So, one of the questions we got, Rita from Canada, did she email. Is this an email we got?
Desiree Stordahl: Yes. That's an email we got.
Paula Begoun: Oh, so Paula's Choice Customer Service email.
00:13:25 And Rita, just lovely letter, has a condition called Seborrheic keratosis which is a very specific skin disorder that is brown, raised, scaly. The description that Bryan mentioned is that it looks like small cluster barnacles or individual barnacles/bumps. They can be brown, they can be pale, but they are mostly scaly, brown, slightly-raised. They can be very raised. And they ain't pretty.
00:14:03 They are not related to sun damage. They are not like other forms of marks on the skin called Actinic keratosis which are pre-cancerous, early stages of the possibility of cancer, skin cancer happening. But they are a problem and they are a pain and this lovely lady was asking, not sure what to do, what about wart remover. Do not use wart remover. But you absolutely have to go into a physician's office to have them take a look at it.
00:14:33 You've got to get a body mapping. You have to make sure that you really are looking at Seborrheic keratosis and not Actinic keratosis or some other pre-cancerous condition. So you need a body check.
  And then what the dermatologist can do is laser them off is an option, not very typical. Usually liquid nitrogen, Bryan, and what was the other thing?
Bryan Barron: It's technically called electric curettage but the lay person description and what I hear dermatologists say, they just refer to it as an electric needle.
Paula Begoun: Right. And that is just another way of burning it off.
00:15:13 They also can use liquid nitrogen. And just coincidentally I was doing a radio show today and I was asked about the same disorder, it's kind of funny. And this woman said she had these Seborrheic keratosis all over her body and was wondering what she can do because there were so many.
00:15:40 Was there any skincare products she can use because it would be too expensive to laser or liquid nitrogen or whatever. And there actually isn't. You can maybe improve the texture a little bit with a salicylic acid product. It doesn't hurt to try that, a beta hydroxy acid, well formulated beta hydroxy acid product.
00:16:01 But in terms of really dealing with it, when it is that extensive I would just go in and treat one side, wherever it is on your arm, do the parts of your body that show the most, your chest, wherever they are. Get that section done. Wait a few weeks, get the next section done. I think that is the best option.
  Let's go to what are the body problems you can solve.
00:16:30 So the one that is most typical for women is hair removal. I don't care what it is, whether it is on your face or on your legs or under your arms. Hair removal is a big deal and it is definitely a big deal this time of year. By far, I mean it isn't necessary to go over waxing and shaving and we all know that kind of stuff. The depilatories, they all have pros and cons. There's nothing about one that is better than the other.
00:17:00 That's all about personal preference. But by far if you are going to invest in something, laser hair removal, you just can't beat it. Now you need someone who really knows what they are doing, but for the most part, particularly on the lip area, under the arm, it can be incredibly successful and relatively fast.
00:17:25 I don't actually get why it works so well under the arm as opposed to the bikini area. The bikini area hurts like – oh my god, I can't think of anything more painful. But it doesn't work as well. The hair growth there is very stubborn. It takes more treatments. But the under arm and the lip, really, or any facial hair for that matter for a woman is actually relatively easy. You have to consider laser hair removal. And in the long run, once you have invested in it, you really only need to go back in occasionally for touchups.
00:18:05 It works beautifully. Back acne, chest acne, neck acne, around the ear acne. I hate it. Drives me crazy. It is the most stubborn acne. It just doesn't compare to almost anything on the face. They are hard. They don't go away. Perfume and conditioner can make it worst. Bryan, what were you saying about whenever you use –
00:18:33 Like you have done your own little personal test on this?
Bryan Barron: Yes, when I spray cologne on I tend to do it before I put my shirt on, so I spray it, it kind of falls on my chest and on my back area, and I started to get red acne-like bumps, mostly in the center part of my chest. And although they look like acne and they are very unsightly, what set it apart is that these bumps itched tremendously, almost like mosquito bit itchiness.
00:19:05 And it didn't take long for me to figure out that it was some sort of a dermatitis or a reaction to the fragrance. As soon as I stopped putting fragrance on my bare skin, the bumps went away. I didn't even have to do any treatment to them although I think a couple of times I put some salicylic acid on them and then I forget and I do it again and within a couple of days I get those acne-like bumps again. And so it is a constant struggle to not do that because it really, it's a problem.
00:19:36 It doesn't seem to matter what fragrance I use.
Paula Begoun: Right, and I find it the same thing. So women are supposed to put fragrance in between their breasts and the décolletage area, and no matter – you are leaving the house, ooh, I forgot my fragrance. You go spray and sure enough, right there I get some. Or you do, well I'm just getting a little bit behind my hair, my skin won't notice it, and sure enough, yes.
00:20:05 Fragrance is just, whether it is in perfume or eau de cologne or a skincare product, but mostly when it is just that direct and penetrating in either the perfume oil form or eau de cologne alcohol form, it just takes a tool. Conditioner, the same thing. the ingredients that make hair feel healthy and silky and normal aren't the best if you tend to have acne on those parts of your body that when you rinse that conditioner goes all over the place.
00:20:35 What I recommend is once you shampoo your hair, put on the conditioner, rinse the conditioner well out of your hair and then wash your body so any remaining conditioner gets off and make sure you get behind your ears and along your neck line because when I forget to do that, and of course I always forget to do that because I am in a hurry, I want to keep the conditioner on longer so my hair feels softer.
00:21:02 And sure enough, I get the breakouts just at the back of my hairline, on the side of my neck, just exactly where my hair touches my skin, sure enough that is where I get the breakouts. You treat acne on your chest and your back, wherever you get it, the same way you treat it on the face: benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid.
00:21:26 You know, I was mentioning to Bryan and Desiree, was I with you Desiree, I think it was you, about in doing some research on the internet I came upon one website that was talking about they stopped using everything and started using mineral oil or Vaseline and their acne went away. And in reading that I thought without knowing – first of all Vaseline can't heal acne. It also doesn't cause acne. It makes skin feel greasy but it doesn't clog pores as many people think it does.
00:22:05 But what I think happened with these people talking about this little chain about people using mineral oil for the acne on their body, if they were using harsh products with alcohol and fragrance and bar soaps that can clog pores, and just were using bad products for those parts of their body, I can see where they would, once they stopped using all of that stuff and started using something soothing and healing –
00:22:36 That their breakouts might have been a result of an irritant response and then once they soothe the skin their breakouts calm down. Again, I'm not on that string of posts so I am not 100% sure, but I am always a little skeptical when somebody says, oh this works, this really works. And I know that doesn't have any anti-acne healing property.
00:23:00 Although it can be gentle on skin, what were they using before. So, back acne, hair removal – laser; back acne – benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid. No bar soaps. Be careful with conditioner and perfume.
  Little bumps. Little round, hard reddish, raised bumps. They often refer to it sometimes as "chicken skin," where you get these rough bumps on your arms, legs and sometimes your back side.
00:23:33 There is an ad for, is it called [KP Doctor], Bryan? Is that the name of it?
Bryan Barron: Are you thinking of KP Duty from the Derma Doctor line?
Paula Begoun: Thank you. Boy there is a good mix up. Yes, so the doctor who created this KP Duty product is –
Bryan Barron: That was the ad I put on your desk. Did you see that ad?
Paula Begoun: It's a dermatologist dressed like a kicky old time army officer –
00:24:06 What is she dressed in?
Bryan Barron: It was just a really bizarre ad because typically from a dermatologist product line you see them and they are in their doctor's coat or they have their prescription pad. And the ads are designed to look very clinical and serious. And this was the opposite.
Paula Begoun: She was like looking…and first of all, aside from looking cutesy, sexy without showing any of the disorder –
00:24:38 I mean what did that have to do with having chicken skin, with having what is called Keratosis pilaris? That was so bizarre. But as it turns out, despite the fact that from my viewpoint an embarrassing ad for anyone but even more so for a doctor and a relatively serious product, it's actually a well-formulated 2% BHA product that we rated well.
00:25:08 It's definitely an option. Paula's Choice, of course, has how many 2% BHA products. Is ours less expensive?
Bryan Barron: Oh yes. Hers is $36 for 4oz. And if you use the Paula's Choice Weightless Body Treatment with 2% BHA which is a personal favorite of mine, for exactly this purpose, I get KP on my arms and sometimes on my thighs.
00:25:39 And the Weightless Body Treatment literally keeps it away. What is that, $22.95 for a 7oz tube?
Paula Begoun: Ooh, I am feeling very cocky now. But there's no question, any 2% well-formulated BHA product. No scrubs. You can't scrub them away.
00:25:58 No bar soaps.
Bryan Barron: Some people have luck with glycolic acid, an AHA as well. It really depends.
Paula Begoun: Oh, that's true.
Bryan Barron: I went through a period where the Paula's Choice 8% AHA gel was working much better on my arms then the salicylic acid product. But the 8% AHA gel did nothing for the bumps on my legs. I had to keep using salicylic acid there. So –
Paula Begoun: No kidding?
Bryan Barron: Yeah, so –
Paula Begoun: Yeah, but you know you are strange about a lot of things like that. I'm teasing. I'm so teasing. I'm so teasing.
00:26:38 But that is interesting. Right, it is one of those things that you need to experiment with different – there's gels, there are lotions and definitely AHAs and BHAs.
Bryan Barron: Or put another way, if you have KP and you try a well-formulated product with salicylic acid and give it a couple of weeks and if the bumps aren't improving don't get discouraged. Switch to an alpha hydroxy acid product. And you just might see the results you're looking for.
Paula Begoun: So on to dry, cracked heels.
00:27:07 Hands down one of the best ways to deal with it other than using a 2% BHA moisturizer on your heels, and then a moisturizer over it, I mean this time of year I'm a little bit more neurotic about remembering it. But I hate dry, cracked heels. I just hate it. I hate it.
00:27:28 So I am a little more neurotic than the average person; I'm pretty good about putting on my 2% lotion on my heels and on my nylons or my Peds or something before I put my shoes on every morning. Makes a huge difference and it is the best is when I remember, I keep a foot file in my shower, next to my bathtub, with a callus remover that you can buy online called, what is that called, Miracle Callus Remover? Was that called Bryan?
00:27:58 Bryan, be my memory. What's that called?
Bryan Barron: Is that the one from, it's Callus Eliminator.
Paula Begoun: Callus eliminator. Brilliant combination. Just put a little bit on the foot file, massage your foot just for seconds. During the summer, every day, every other day, and then put the 2% BHA on with a little moisturizer. Gorgeous. You will have – nothing worse – actually there are things that are worse, but a pet peeve is grody feet in sandals.
Bryan Barron: You know I'm not a big foot person –
00:28:32 but I always notice during the summer when women are out in the sandals, especially like if you're at a restaurant, you look over at the next table and there is an attractive, well-dressed woman who is sitting there with her legs crossed and her heels look like you could grate hard cheese on them.
Paula Begoun: It's true!
Bryan Barron: And I'm thinking to myself, oh, how could you miss that? You are obviously taking good care of yourself, your makeup is beautifully applied, your hair is styled, you are wearing a fashionable dress, and you ignore your heels. And those are cute sandals.
Paula Begoun: Actually, I tell Desiree all the time is when my nail polish on my hands start chipping she has to –
00:29:10 her job as my producer and assistant is to hand me a bottle of nail polish remover to remove it because it looks so tacky to have chipped nail polish, ergo why I polish my nails on the plane sometimes. It is really icky on the toes, same thing, grody nails on the toes.
00:29:32 Grody heels. If your nail polish starts chipping on your toes, get some nail polish remover.
  Eczema on the body, actually any place on the body, the face is just a pain. And what people do when they have this disorder is because most know, or a lot of people know that when you use cortisone creams on a regular basis, whether it's over-the-counter or it's from a dermatologist, that it can thin the skin. And as somebody who grew up with extremely severe eczema, most of my young life and into my 20s and 30s, I have some eczema that comes and goes.
00:30:12 Mostly, I don't have it around very much, I always have cortisone cream around, but because I had chronic eczema as a kid and there weren't such elegant well-formulated cortisone creams back then, I was a chronic user of cortisone creams. Actually the ones I used, I still had terrible eczema because it is so advanced now in terms of the quality of cortisone creams they have.
00:30:35 And I do for the areas of my body that I chronically used cortisone creams on is thinner. There is definitely a texture difference, particularly for my hands where I had it the worst, they are more wrinkled, they look older than they should and it is a classic appearance of chronic use of cortisone. But when you have eczema, with the new eczema, the cortisone creams they have for eczema, you don't have to be so afraid of cortisone creams because you don't have to use them that often to get an effect.
00:31:04 So for example now with the level of eczema that I have and with the kind of cortisone cream that I'm using, I get a breakout on my hand, I use it for two days in a row, it goes away, maybe it comes back in month and then I use it again. I sometimes get breakouts of eczema flare-ups on my eyes; put a little cortisone cream on, it goes away. I don't have to use it again for however long.
00:31:26 So it is this intermittent use doesn't destroy skin. It is the chronic daily use over time. If you are not doing that, if that is not the level of eczema that you have, you are going to be fine. Having that itchy scaly skin, you don't have to be uncomfortable. You don't have to be afraid of cortisone creams as long as you're using them intermittently. Over-the-counter creams are not as effective for advanced forms of eczema. Those do take a dermatologist. But you can absolutely start by trying the over-the-counter versions.
00:32:00 Just real quick and then we will get to our first caller, Desiree, very difficult to take care of, just so – no matter what the products tell you, very hard to solve, scars of almost any kind. You tend to heal based on your own genetics. But antioxidant serums and sunscreen unexposed parts absolutely help. Not irritating or getting the wound wet, how it heals as important.
00:32:27 And stretch marks from having a baby or being heavy and getting thin, just I don't know; lasers maybe, maybe retinol, Retin-A. But you will be disappointed. For some women they just go away on their own, for others it is just a lifelong struggle. There are not any good answers, definitely not at the cosmetic counters.
  Ingrown hairs. Laser hair removal, it is a winner if you have a tendency for that. I can't tell you it is worth the investment and an anti-redness product. Stretch marks, as I said, ooh, that is a rough one.
00:33:05 Cellulite, I've got to just tell you really quick – whatever you read about buffers, creams, lotions that get rid of cellulite, they have been selling these for decades. And guess what ladies: 85% of us still have cellulite. They don't work! Desiree, our first caller?
Desiree Stordahl: Our first caller is Yvonne from New Jersey.
Paula Begoun: Hi Yvonne.
Yvonne: Hi, Paula, how are you?
Paula Begoun: I'm good, how are you?
Yvonne: Good, thanks for taking my call.
Paula Begoun: Sure, what can I do for you?
Yvonne: Yes I am an African American woman –
00:33:40 and during the winter my elbows get very rough and they can get pretty dark and so my question is should I be using some kind of scrub on my elbows?
Paula Begoun: No, no, no. I hate that. I'm sorry go on.
Yvonne: Okay and then the second part of the question is, should I be using some sort of treatment lotion to exfoliate that area.
00:34:05 Should it be something like a retinoid or salicylic acid? Which would be better?
Paula Begoun: Okay I love this question because I actually hate the built-up scaly dark gray skin on my elbows, but I am not as neurotic about paying attention to that area as I am my heels, but the scrub on the elbows doesn't work.
00:35:32 The reason using the foot file on the heels with the callus remover is so effective is because the foot has so much from the pressure of walking, has so much built-up dead skin cells that it takes a lot to get all of that stuff off. So the combination of using a foot file with the callus remover we recommended, as well as 2% salicylic acid, a lotion, or a liquid, and then putting a moisturizer over it like a Shea butter, a body butter.
00:35:04 That works brilliantly. But for the elbows, scrubbing is too rough. It actually can make matters worse. It can also tear skin. So when you rest your elbow on a desk it hurts. It actually is uncomfortable. So by far using a salicylic acid exfoliant will make a huge, huge difference.
00:35:27 I'm going to send you, Yvonne, I'm going to send you Paula's Choice Beautiful Body Butter as your moisturizer for your heels and elbows and then under that you would put, I'm going to send you our Weightless Body Treatment with 2% salicylic acid, beta hydroxy acid and you will have gorgeous heels. You will gorgeous elbows. For the heels you do have to go get a foot file at the drugstore. Bryan, do you see the Callus Eliminator? I don't see it at drugstores very often.
00:36:00 I do on occasion but it's mostly online huh?
Bryan Barron: Yeah, Desiree, were you going to say something?
Desiree Stordahl: No.
Bryan Barron: Okay, sorry. I've heard from some of our readers that they will occasionally find that product at Sally Beauty Supply stores which are spread throughout the United States. And I think in Canada, too, I could be wrong. But generally you need to just do a Google search for Callus Eliminator and see if reputable stores like sell it.
00:36:31 And just order it online. And a little bottle of it lasts quite a while.
Paula Begoun: Oh and it's cheap. It's like six bucks for a 4oz container. I think it's 4oz. And you just need so little of it. So for your heels, the foot file, and the Callus Eliminator. And then for your elbows, don't scrub them, that will make it worse and cause irritation. Use the Weightless Body Treatment, 2% salicylic acid and then some of the body butter, Paula's Choice Body Butter I'm going to send you.
00:37:05 And if you are shopping at the drugstore, particularly in African-American neighborhoods, drugstores carry pure Shea butter and pure cocoa butter which is one of the ingredients – it's a good ingredients for the heels and the elbows for dry skin. And inexpensive so you can consider that as well. Does that help you Yvonne?
Yvonne: Yes, it does.
00:37:29 I just have one question. The Weightless Body Treatment, is that a cleanser or is that a lotion that I'm putting on.
Paula Begoun: It's a lotion.
Yvonne: Okay so I'm putting that on before I put on a moisturizer?
Paula Begoun: Right, cleansers just aren't very effective, whatever the claims are, about dealing with rough heels. Most of them are scrubs or rough elbows. And you just can't scrub enough without causing irritation and damage on the elbows and for the heels to really get it smooth, scrubbing can actually leave it looking smoother but can still leave it rough which is why the combination of salicylic acid and the body bother can be beautiful.
00:38:08 Yvonne, have a wonderful summer.
Yvonne: Thank you.
Paula Begoun: Take care dear. Desiree, next caller.
Desiree Stordahl: We have Nina from New York.
Paula Begoun: Hi Nina.
Nina: Hi, how are you?
Paula Begoun: Good, how are you?
Nina: Good. I'm a huge fan. I've been following you guys for quite some time
Paula Begoun: Good! Now I'm a fan of yours.
Nina: Yay!
00:38:29 So my question is in regards to the body and makeup. I've always had to wear foundation, I wear a medium coverage foundation on my face because I get a lot dark marks from acne. I have medium tan skin. And then I have always put makeup on my neck. And then recently I was watching one of your tutorials on applying foundation and you had said never apply makeup on your neck. Obviously my foundation matches my skin exactly, it's just I put makeup on my neck because I have some dark marks, from acne.
00:39:06 So I wanted to know, am I doing myself a disservice by putting the makeup on my neck?
Paula Begoun: No. The issue with putting makeup on the neck, as long as it matches identically and you're getting the coverage that you want for the dark marks, we will talk about the dark marks you are getting and how to deal with them, but using it as a cover-up is just fine.
00:39:31 My reason for recommending not putting foundation of the neck is because most people put foundation on the neck because they are trying to match their neck to the wrong color foundation on their face. And that is just – and then it gets on clothes which means you have more expensive laundry bills. And it's a mess. It's just a mess.
Nina: Well I actually tested to make sure because I have done both ever since I saw the tutorial. I have done a lot of days without makeup on the neck and luckily in photos it is an exact match.
00:40:02 So the jaw line issue is not an issue or anything like that. It's just the same concern comes up where I'm like I do see those little dark marks whereas if I put it on the neck I don't.
Paula Begoun: So Nina, tell me, yes you are not doing any problem by wearing a foundation on your neck, especially if the foundation contains sunscreen which would just be spectacular, everybody – in fact one of the things I forgot to mention, speaking of the body, we tend to neglect ourselves from the neck down, being fanatic more about from the neck up.
00:40:36 And skin from the neck down shows up, too. Walk around, you see it.
  But, Nina, tell me what you are doing in terms of skin care. Let's see if we can't help you have less brown marks. Let's go over some–
Nina: Sure. My regimen is I use the Clean & Clear sensitive skin foaming cleanser that you suggest. And then I use your Healthy Hydrating toner.
00:41:03 After that I use the Regenerating serum and I actually then–
Paula Begoun: Whose regenerating serum?
Nina: Oh I'm sorry, Olay Regenerating Regenerist serum. But I recently got a sample of your concentrated serum, I think it is for mattifying.
Paula Begoun: Oh, right, from the Skin Balancing line.
Nina: Yes, yes. And then I put on SPF in the morning.
00:41:33 It's the Olay SPF 20. And then in the evenings I just put on the regenerating serum and no lotion on top of it. And then I use the NARS Sheer Glow foundation to cover up.
Paula Begoun: Okay, so Nina your brown marks, so are you still breaking out, you still have acne?
Nina: I still have acne, not like I used to.
00:41:57 I think the cleanser really helps. And then I switched foundations and that really made a difference. I used the night elixir that you had suggested by Olay and I found that my skin reacted a little bit to it, so I started doing it like every other day. But it is kind of eased up and now my skin responds well to it. I'm sorry, I totally forgot to mention that. And I use the night elixir instead of just the serum.
Paula Begoun: So, Bryan, is the night elixir, Olay's one with the BHA?
Bryan Barron: It has AHA, Paula.
Paula Begoun: So Nina, what I would like you to do–so here's the problem.
00:42:41 Let's see how do I explain this? So I think that if you just had normal-to-slightly dry, normal-to-oily skin, what you have figured out for yourself isn't bad except for the fact that you are not using a sunscreen. So that is terrible for daytime.
Nina: Oh, I am using, I'm using the Olay sunscreen in the morning.
Paula Begoun: Ah-ha. We're getting to it. Good, good, then I feel better now.
Nina: Yes I think it is the DNA one that you actually give a smiley face and check to.
Paula Begoun: Okay well I am going to send you mine, but it's fine to use the Olay one when I give it a smiley and a check, that's good.
00:43:19 But of course I have a preference for mine. But here's what you are missing, as long as you've got sunscreen I'm even happier now. But the problem is that when you have darker skin tones, Mediterranean in your case, African-American, some Asian skin tones, some Native American or native South American skin tones –
00:43:46 when you do get a blemish almost of any kind it goes dark. And it is, even though it's brown it is still an inflammatory response to the blemish. For Caucasian, lighter skins they get very noticeable red, red looks like inflammation, that's clear.
00:44:06 But even though it's brown, it's still an inflammatory response. That means you need to turn some skin cells over. You need to exfoliate gently. And anti-inflame: do something that reduces that inflammation or you really don't stand a chance. I mean sunscreen helps and the products you are using, my toner. You are definitely doing things that help keep skin healthy.
00:44:34 But you need to add that exfoliant in. I'm telling you, it will make a huge, huge difference. AHA is a good option, but because AHA doesn't have anti-inflammatory properties I think you will do much better with the BHA. So I'm going to send you our 2% from our Clear line, our extra strength 2% toner exfoliant and the regular strength, and you can experiment to see which one works best for you.
Nina: I should replace my toner with that?
Paula Begoun: At night.
00:45:13 Or use it after the toner before you put on my serum or the Olay serum. And drop out the elixir. That's the one with AHA. And see how you do with my 2% BHA. The two different ones, even though they both contain 2% BHA, they have a different penetrating base.
00:45:35 So the extra strength one has 2% BHA but it penetrates deeper. It is a more potent formula if you will and then the regular strength still has 2% BHA but it is less penetrating. So relatively gentler on the skin but still exfoliates. So I would like you to give those a try and I'm glad you are a fan because I think you're doing all the right things. So, excuse me, my voice.
00:46:03 I'm also going to send you our 2% Weightless Body Treatment along with our body butter and our Slip into Silk body lotions so you can start taking care of that whole cute body of yours.
Nina: Thank you. And just so I'm clear, the BHA toner is what is going to help take these marks away?
Paula Begoun: I think, yes, pretty much. And when you do get a blemish, make it so they don't occur. Yeah, I think it can make a huge, huge difference.
Nina: And I can use on my neck, too?
Paula Begoun: Oh, anywhere.
00:46:37 Oh yes. Anywhere, absolutely. It's gentle. I think you will see a noticeable difference, especially if you got a decent response from the AHA but it just wasn't enough, or it was too irritating. I think you will find that the salicylic acid works better for you.
Nina: It's a lot of build-up, because I am Indian skin actually. So, it just builds up, just a bunch of marks over the course of time.
Paula Begoun: That's right, the darker the skin tone, the worse the dark marks can be.
00:47:08 But it's the same treatment, so give that a try. Thank you, Nina.
Nina: Sounds good.
Paula Begoun: All right, take care dear. Next caller, Desiree.
Desiree Stordahl: We have Louise from Kansas on the line.
Paula Begoun: Louise, hi Louise.
Louise: Hi. How are you?
Paula Begoun: I am good, what can I do for you dear?
Louise: Well, I was listening to your last caller and some of the same issues I have.
00:47:29 I am Hispanic descent, Mexican descent and I am in menopause, and now having to start to deal with again what feels like acne again. Getting some of those marks is an issue, and I get them on my neck. And I was using the Philosophy stuff with the Clarisonic scrub or whatever and it doesn't seem to be working. I have really sensitive skin, I tend to break out from too dry or whatever in some areas. I don't want to have to go through every line to try and find whatever.
Paula Begoun: Well Lord knows I don't want to – Louise, I don't want you to go through every line.
00:48:13 I promise you that is not my – so let me help you out. So first of all, I'm not surprised to hear that the Clarisonic didn't help. It's not an anti-acne anything. It's just a good cleanser, again I think a soft washcloth with a good cleanser can work. Whose other skin care products are you using besides the Philosophy?
Louise: I had tried some Clinique stuff and tried some Philosophy stuff.
00:48:40 And it seems like I've recently lost like 120 pounds and I seem to have more problems now with my skin than before.
Paula Begoun: Wait a second. Wait a second. And everybody out there, a big "Woo hoo!"
Desiree Stordahl: My jaw just dropped.
Paula Begoun: Woo hoo! Louise, I am so jealous; you are wonderful.
Louise: I have a long way to go, but thank you.
Paula Begoun: You are going to live a long time, you keep doing it.
00:49:09 Whatever amount you got left, you just added some significant years to your life. And to your movement and health in the world. Woo hoo! Paula's Choice team is thrilled for you, just thrilled for you. But I think it is not the weight loss that you have more problems with, it's really just–
Louise: I have more skin problems now, yes.
Paula Begoun: Right, but it's more because of the menopause.
00:49:33 It's coinciding with your weight loss. It's menopause. Menopause is horrendous. Not for everybody, but I mean it has a host of skin problems. So here's what I want you to do. For what's going on with you, you know Clinique has some good products. Philosophy, not such good products.
00:49:57 But for what you are struggling with, here's what you need to. A gentle cleanser. I'm going to send you my Paula's Choice Skin Balancing cleanser as well as my Moisture Boost cleanser, my one-step cleanser. I'd like you to experiment and see which one of those feels the best for your skin. I am going to send you my Skin Balancing toner. I'm good to send you my regular strength 2% BHA from my Clear line.
00:50:31 It's really wonderful for those dark discolorations, even though they're dark, as I said before, they are an inflammatory response. You have to reduce the inflammation. I'm concerned that the Clarisonic depending on how hard you using it can be too irritating. But if you use a soft enough and a gentle cleanser it might not be too bad. But I think you can try a soft washcloth, I mean a really soft washcloth and give that a try.
00:51:00 But you can be really gentle with the Clarisonic, it's not a bad option. You have to keep the head clean so you are not transferring makeup back onto the skin. And then I'm going to send you some of the other products from my Skin Balancing line to deal with some of that dryness around certain parts of your face. My antioxidant concentrate. There'll be a step-by-step in there. But I think once you get that BHA down, using that regularly, a gentle cleanser, and you're not jumping around products, and you are getting, the toner I'm going to send you is actually going to be pretty much a significant moisturizer for you all over your face twice a day.
00:51:45 And then only over dry areas you're going to use the antioxidant concentrate or the moisturizer from the Skin Balancing line, the gel that we're going to send you. So I want you to experiment with some of the stuff and I think you will find your skin is going to make you a lot happier.
00:52:02 The weight loss, I'm sure, is making you happier. And the menopause stuff, in terms of how your skin is reacting, will get straightened out I think with some of the things we're going to be sending you. Does that makes sense Louise?
Louise: That makes absolute sense. What do you recommend for the sunscreen for a Hispanic type of skin?
Paula Begoun: Hispanics skin, white skin, black skin, Asian skin, sunscreen doesn't change because of skin color.
00:52:38 What it really changes for is skin type. Oily skin types need something different than dry skin types. So are you using foundation on a regular basis Louise?
Louise: No, I try not to wear makeup all the time. I wear it very rarely, but when I do I use NARS –
Paula Begoun: So here's what it is. One of the things in the group of products that I'm going to send you from my Skin Balancing line is that there is a sunscreen that comes with it that you can try. But for normal-to-oily or blemish prone skin I tend to like, if you wear foundation, I tend to like recommending a foundation and a pressed powder with sunscreen.
00:53:28 But if you're not wearing it all the time, see how you like the Skin Balancing sunscreen from Paula's Choice I'm going to send you and give that a try. But the skin color doesn't determine sunscreen use. Sunscreens are equally created it's about the SPF for all skin types. Louise, thank you for calling. Let us know how all the products we send you are going to work.
Louise: I will. Thank you very much.
Paula Begoun: All right take care dear. Bye-bye. Desiree, let's get in one more quick call.
Desiree Stordahl: All right, we've got Valencia from Ohio.
Paula Begoun: Valencia?
Valencia: Yes. Hello, how are you?
Paula Begoun: I'm good Valencia, how are you?
Valencia: Very good, thank you.
00:54:08 It's been a difficult year. I've been in treatment for breast cancer and I had chemo and my nails have not recovered. So it's been a year since I had the chemo and I'd love to find something to put on it to keep them from breaking. Can I use a moisturizer from your line or do I need to use a special nail type of moisturizer?
Paula Begoun: Well first of all I'm glad you are still around. I'm glad the chemo is over.
00:54:39 I'm sorry that you had to struggle with breast cancer. I want you to know that Paula's Choice is very active every year in the walk to find a cure. The Susan B. Komen walk that goes on all over the country, actually in different countries around the world as well.
00:54:59 My sister is a survivor of breast cancer. I'm going to give you my energy and my blessing that you survive as long as she did, well she is still surviving.
Valencia: Thank you very much.
Paula Begoun: And that you have much luck. But in terms of the nails, unfortunately I don't have great information for you because moisturizer has nothing to do with how nails grow any more than it does with how hair grows. And nails and hair actually have a lot in common.
00:55:28 It's not because your skin is dry, it's because the chemo damaged the nail bed. So, unfortunately, but it's interesting. I'm somebody who never recommends fake nails, I hate fake nails, I know I upset a lot of people when I talk about fake nails, because I think they just look fake. They look fake. Some of them are so long I don't know how women even function in life with them.
Valencia: I know.
Paula Begoun: But in terms of your condition and wanting to have nails that don't split and break, in this situation I actually think that fake nails might be something for you to consider doing.
00:56:07 But there isn't anything from the cosmetics industry or even medically that can alter the growth. Let me ask you, Valencia, with skin type are you dealing with now since you had the breast cancer?
Valencia: I am a mix, oily with some dry spots.
Paula Begoun: And whose products are you using right now?
Valencia: I do use your line, the Balancing.
Paula Begoun: And how is that working for you?
Valencia: Yeah, I really like it.
Paula Begoun: We will send you another set and we will send you some of our body care products so you feel silky and smooth all over.
00:56:48 I think you'll love the Weightless Body Treatment, the Slip into Silk, and the body butter. It will keep your body, I promise, sexy and glowing all summer. Stay healthy dear, okay?
Valencia: Thank you very much, I appreciate it.
Paula Begoun: All right, good luck Valencia.
Valencia: Bye-bye.
Paula Begoun: Bye-bye. That was good. I'm in a mood tonight. I'm in mood tonight.
00:57:09 I don't know, this was an incredible group of women who called. I'm just thrilled. What wonderful questions and feedback and we're all going to give, when we do our walk, it is next Sunday when Paula's Choice team, actually the whole company participates in the Walk to Find a Cure.
00:57:35 Valencia you will be on our minds. So next week, on the second, six new ways to do your makeup better. And I promise, listen, you got to listen in, because they will be ways to do your makeup you haven't heard before. Not in the fashion magazines. Not anywhere. Not on the Internet. They are going to surprise you and I promise they are going to make a difference.
00:57:57 On the ninth we are going to talk about real solutions for dark circles and puffy eyes. Real, real, real. Not the use this cream and the thousands of other creams making promises. Because we like, at the Paula's Choice team like the real solutions, not the ones that just throw products at you, month after month, year after year, that don't take care of anything. And on the 16th, we have special guest Deborah Enos, anti-aging super skin, super foods for your skin and your body.
00:58:31 You know I had committed, and I can't believe you guys have let me fall off the wagon. I was supposed to talk about every week how I was doing what Deborah Enos recommended. Let me just mention from the last time we had Deborah Enos on I have cut my use of Splenda down to almost nothing. I know, can you believe that? I don't use Splenda or equal in my coffee. I just use my non-fat, unsweetened soy milk. I'm very proud of myself. I am using the Greek yogurt.
00:59:04 I'm doing my whole-grain bread or oatmeal in the morning, and the whole-grain bread with egg white. I was a little bad in Asia, with Desiree, but not too bad. That last night we did desserts. I can't believe we did desserts, can you believe we did that? That's just embarrassing.
Desiree Stordahl: It was breaking down our collagen as we ate.
Paula Begoun: Can you believe it?! We know better and we were weak women. But we will all be strong. We will all be beautifully informed and do our best every day to save money, be beautiful. Until next week, everybody take care. We'll talk to you then. Good night.
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