What to Wear- Pro Stylist Tips for Any Occasion

Airdate: 11/6/12

Professional stylist Darcy Camden shares her tips for sprucing up your wardrobe and dressing for any occasion. Find out flattering ways to dress for your body shape and how to save money on quality clothes!

Desiree Stordahl: Hello and thank you for tuning in to Be Beautifully Informed with the Paula's Research Team. It's Desiree and Bryan here and we have to give a special big thank you to our special guest tonight, Darcy Camden, who is going to be sharing her fashion and styling tips all hour long. Call in with your questions for Darcy at 347-426-3783, or ask your questions on our Paula's Choice Facebook page.
00:00:29 If you're tuning into this live, this is going to be a fun departure from politics tonight. I know a lot of you are probably paying attention to the election, as you should be, that's good. And if you're listening to this archived, well, the presidency has most likely been decided by now, so you're either cheering or crying. But before we get into the topic at hand which is fashion tonight, we actually have a bit of our own breaking news from Paula's Choice.
00:00:56 We're launching a couple new products next month and I think our fans are going to go pretty nuts for these. Bryan, why don't you fill us in.
Bryan Barron: Yeah. Hello everyone. Happy Election Day. Desiree was referring to two products that we have launching at Paula's Choice next month. And both of them are our makeup. We haven't done any makeup for awhile. I think the last new makeup product we launched was the Illicit Lash Mascara. Those of you who are fans of Paula's Choice know that our line is primarily about skincare.
00:01:31 But we are slowly creeping back into color. We'll see what the next couple of years bring, but as you know if you've used the products, skincare is where our passion is. It's where we excel. That brings me to the first of two new products because it merges skincare with color. And that would be our Resist Instant Smoothing Anti-Aging Foundation. We have been working on this for awhile. It has a beautiful, smooth texture.
00:02:02 It is really more of an all skin types formula. I could see somebody with really oily skin not loving it, or wanting to use it with our Shine Stopper product. And I could see somebody on the other end with very dry skin finding that it's not moisturizing enough. But that's easily overcome by simply putting on a moisturizing sunscreen first. It has excellent spread-ability, but what we're most excited about are two things.
00:02:29 First of all, it provides medium coverage while looking incredibly skin-like. It gives your skin that wonderful three-dimensional, well maybe, yeah, that's fair enough, quality where it doesn't look flat or masky. You don't look like you're wearing makeup. And because it's part of Resist it is chock full of anti-aging ingredients. So, it's going to be helping your skin to build collagen, to help repair sun damage. Has those same ingredients, the same types of ingredients that we routinely put into Resist skincare, as well as Skin Balancing, and Skin Recovery, and Earth Sourced.
00:03:08 But by those I'm referring to antioxidants, cell communicating ingredients, and skin repairing ingredients. That launches in December. It's available in six shades. We will have samples of all the colors, so don't worry; you'll be able to try and see if any of our shades are an ideal match for you and we hope they will be. The next makeup product, we are giving lip gloss another go.
00:03:29 We have a product coming out also in December, Perfect Shine Hydrating Lip Gloss. Really – it's just super sheer but still packs a nice punch of color. It can be worn alone or over any lipstick. And what I love about it, and mind you, I'm not someone who wears lipstick or lip gloss regularly but I've tested enough of them to know that it doesn't feel sticky. But at the same time it's not so slick that as soon as you put it on you feel like that moist feeling is either, A, all around your mouth, or B, just totally dissipates and you wonder why you bothered.
00:04:03 So check out both of those at And, also, if you have not checked out our new shades for Barely There Sheer Matte Tint, that is a long-standing favorite. We have fine tuned all of the shades so if you tried it in the past and thought, "Eh, too dark, ew, too yellow," give us a call. Chat with our customer service team. Request samples. That now has a revised SPF rating, too. It was 20. Our new testing as part of the FDA's mandate on broad spectrum claims is SPF 30.
00:04:37 Yay. We didn't change the formula. All along you've been getting SPF 30, it's just that with this more fine tuned testing that we've had to do we were pleasantly surprised to find out that both that and our other foundations with sunscreen, All Bases Covered and Best Face Forward, those jumped from SPF 15 to SPF 25.
00:4:59 And, again, no formula changes there. The shades were tweaked, yes, but the formula that you've come to love is exactly the same. You're just getting better sun protection.
Desiree Stordahl: Which is awesome. We can't complain with getting more, not less. That is great news. And for the two new products that we're launching, you know, usually the products that are in development somehow make their way to me and I get to test them out a little bit, but these two, the Resist Foundation and the lip glosses, somehow eluded me. So, I'm like everybody else waiting on pins and needles to try these puppies out.
00:05:31 But from everybody else in the office who has used them, it sounds like they're going to be phenomenal products and I'm really excited for those launches coming up in December.
Bryan Barron: They are. And Desiree, you know who has not given up her Resist Foundation? Paula.
Desiree Stordahl: I know.
Bryan Barron: First of all, we had to create a shade just for Paula. And honestly I think it's going to be one of those shades that will work for a lot of women with light to medium skin tones. But, I've never – I've worked with Paula on two or three other foundations over the years.
00:06:01 I used to do more product development, but I've never seen her so excited over a foundation. She loves it!
Desiree Stordahl: She loves it.
Bryan Barron: Yeah. That's always a good sign.
Desiree Stordahl: It is! All right. Well, tonight we're doing a departure from skincare and makeup and talking fashion with special guest Darcy Camden. She's going to be sharing her tips for what to wear, what not to wear, how to sort out your closet, and everything in between.
00:06:34 For a little background info on Darcy, she turned her love of fashion into a successful career as a top wardrobe stylist and created She regularly appears on TV giving wardrobe makeup tips and works with a wide range of clients including some of Seattle's most famous faces. She's also styled me for a couple events and I have to tell you she did a phenomenal job.
00:07:01 She truly knows how to work with a woman's body and what things will flatter us. So, Darcy, are you there?
Darcy Camden: I am! Thank you.
Desiree Stordahl: Thank you for joining us on Election Night of all nights. We're going to keep people fashionably informed tonight.
Darcy Camden: Absolutely. Absolutely.
Bryan Barron: No party affiliations here. We want everyone to dress nicely and look good.
Darcy Camden: True. Very true.
Desiree Stordahl: So, if you have questions for Darcy you can call in at 347-426-3783, or ask us on our Paula's Choice Facebook page.
00:07:38 But before we get into the caller questions, Darcy I've got a good list for you. So, I'm going to start with one that I know is on a lot of women's minds. With the holidays coming up there's bound to be a few of us who put on some extra pounds, so we're going to need some tips for dressing in a way that makes us look a little bit slimmer, specifically maybe hiding the belly or maybe you just want to minimize thicker areas in general.
00:08:03 What would be some of your tips to slim down in clothes?
Darcy Camden: What an awesome question. And I actually did a morning show this morning on the exact same topic. So, I have four main tips to help you look slimmer. And this is something that anyone, any woman can do, no matter your size. I know that it can be kind of frustrating when you feel like you've got a little bit of that winter bloat and your clothes aren't necessarily fitting the way that you might like them to.
00:08:38 But there are some things you can do just wardrobe wise to minimize the look of that. And the most important thing is having the proper foundation wear. So, having a bar that fits. If you've gained or lost ten pounds or more then you need to be resized for a bra.
00:09:04 I've read, and I believe this is true just from working with so many woman, that 80% of women are wearing the wrong bra size. So, this is something that women have to go out and do every couple of years, or any time they have a major life change that kind of affects the way that their body is.
Desiree Stordahl: And where would you suggest they go?
Darcy Camden: I love Nordstrom. But overall I recommend going to a department store that carries a variety of different brands of bras. So, if you go to a place like say Victoria's Secret, they only carry their own line of bras, and so you're not getting as great of a selection. You're just shopping from their single product line.
00:09:57 And they have a lot of different cuts, but still, I think that a department store offers a wide range of different brands. And the one thing that I have my clients ask when they're getting a bra fitting is tell me what size I am, tell me the best brands, and tell me any brands that I should absolutely not be wearing. And a good bra fitter will be able to answer that easily for you. So, they'll tell you here's your size, here are the best brands for you, and here are possibly some cuts or types of bras that you should try to stay away from.
Bryan Barron: Darcy, this may be a bit – okay, I'll admit, this is coming from a place of ignorance, but I do have three sisters and I've picked up a lot of bras off of the floor over the years when we all lived together. For the women in our audience listening, and they may be questioning this, how do they know when their bra may not be the right size?
00:10:57 Are there, other than the tell-tale signs, which you know we can name, but any woman wearing a bra knows these, but is this something that they should just do every six months or so? Does it really fluctuate…?
Darcy Camden: I would say every couple of years. I mean, if you're generally staying around the same size, every couple of years of years you can go in. But, a tell-tale sign is any discomfort. So, if by the end of the day if your bra is kind of digging in, or if when you get home from work the first thing you want to do is take your bra off because it's so uncomfortable, then that is a big red flag that you're wearing the wrong bra.
00:11:40 Another tell-tale sign is if the band across your back is up high or down low on your back. It really should be parallel with the front band. So, if it's sitting high or low then it's not offering you the proper support, and it's probably the wrong size.
Bryan Barron: All right.
Darcy Camden: And also you should avoid wearing just, you know, while we're talking bras…
Bryan Barron: Bra Talk with the Paula's Choice Research Team!
Darcy Camden: This is like the bra show.
00:12:22 But you should really avoid wearing the same bra two days in a row. And so I recommend women should have four to six bras for the year. And you should rotate them, never wearing the same bra two days in a row. So, it's good to kind of let it breathe, let it kind of mold back to its form. If you wear it two, three, even four days in a row then your body heat really kind of warps the wiring and it won't last as long.
Desiree Stordahl: Oh, now that is something I hadn't heard before. That is an interesting new tip.
Darcy Camden: And also when you're washing your bras, a lot of bras get kind of misshapen in washing.
00:13:08 You should always wash them by hand. And you should never put them in the washing machine because that, again, will – that can warp the wiring and just generally loosen the elasticity.
Desiree Stordahl: Darcy, what are some of your other tips for dressing slimmer, how to minimize the belly let's say?
Darcy Camden: Awesome. Okay. So, you've got your foundation wear. You've got the right size bra. You've got some Spanx. And so because Spanx – I love Spanx. And I'm always surprised when I meet women who say, "You know I've never tried Spanx." And if you've never tried you absolutely should.
00:13:47 Spanx can help you look a size smaller. And actually whenever I'm working with a client we always do Spanx first because it actually manipulates body shape so much that we want to actually have the smoothness when we're going and trying on things like dresses. So, Spanx are great. And then, so that's what you do before you start getting dressed.
00:14:15 But with clothes, actually wearing a belt will always make you look slimmer. And that seems a little bit counter intuitive, like if you're feeling a little bit thicker or bloated you might not want to call attention to your waist by putting on a belt, but actually wearing a belt at your high waist, which is about four fingers under your bust line, so a lot of women wear if they have kind of frustrations with figuring out wearing a belt, they think they can't do it, it never looks good, usually the problem is that they're wearing it too low.
00:14:49 And so you want your belt to go right around the smallest part of your waist, the high part of your waist, and that will make your leg look longer. And that will actually camouflage over any sort of belly bloat. Also, wearing a blazer is a great way to look leaner. It's just very polished. The lines are very crisp. And so a lot of times if we're feeling a little sluggish we want to kind of cover up in a big cozy sweater, and I would encourage anyone to just reach for a blazer instead, because you always look leaner when you're wearing a clean fitted blazer.
00:15:30 And also, of course, a high heel. Wearing a two to three inch heel, like raising your height two to three inches, will always make you look 10 to 15 pounds slimmer.
Desiree Stordahl: I was going to ask on the blazers, because there are so many different variations out there right now, do you want like a mid-length blazer, a long blazer? There are some shorter blazers. What is the most flattering fit?
Darcy Camden: It definitely depends on how tall a woman is what kind of blazer she's going to go for, but generally you don't want to wear any blazer that is longer than your arm length. And so you want to stand very straight. I'm demonstrating this right now to myself – no one can see me.
00:16:17 But you want to stand up really, really straight and put your arms to the sides and make a fist. And generally you don't want to wear any blazer that is longer than wear your fist hits your thighs. So, you want to be that or above, otherwise you're disproportionate and you'll make yourself look shorter and whiter. I hope I explained that okay.
Desiree Stordahl: You did. Actually I'm picturing it in my head right now and thinking how I need to go shopping this weekend. And I'm definitely going to be practicing that move.
Darcy Camden: Above the fist. Above the fist!
Desiree Stordahl: And you actually came over to my house and helped me with my closet auditing, and I thought this was so informative and helpful.
00:17:02 I want you to share with our listeners your tips for what to keep and what to get rid of when going through your closet.
Darcy Camden: So, I don't really subscribe to the idea of if you haven't worn something in a year you should get rid of it. I think that that's overly simplistic and that doesn't really work for everyone. And so what I prefer to do with my clients is have them separate everything that they own into five categories.
00:17:29 So, everything that you own will fit into one of five categories. And then you kind of tackle your closet based on the categories. So, category number one is things that you like, that fit you well, and you wear often. And so those are things that are obviously going to stay in your closet. Ultimately your entire closet should be things that you like and fit you well and you wear often. But it's really good it identify those things right off the bat.
Bryan Barron: Hey Darcy, on point one, I noticed that you included not only clothing that you like and wear often but also that fits you well.
00:18:08 So, when you're working with clients that are showing you the clothing they wear most often, meaning that they really like it, how do you handle it when you have them try it on and you see, you know, that really doesn't fit you well. Maybe they're wearing it because…
Darcy Camden: It almost, honestly, it almost never happens that someone is wearing something that they think fits that really doesn't fit.
00:18:30 I find that most of my clients really truly know when something fits them and when it doesn't. And sometimes they like to have a professional or even a friend there to just back up their own premonition. Is this too tight? Or is this too big for me? But the way they're asking it, they already know the answer to that question. I completely – I love to do this process with clients, but I would say that I trust anyone completely to do this on their own.
00:19:04 Really trust yourself. I think you know, you really do know more than maybe you're giving yourself credit for if anyone is feeling like they're just not equipped to do this by themselves. I would definitely give it a shot. I think most women really do have a good sense of what fits them and what doesn't.
Bryan Barron: All right, so point one, clothing you like that you wear often that fits well. What's point number two?
Darcy Camden: That would be clothing that you dislike but wear often for lack of something better.
00:19:40 So, we all have a lot of these things in our closet that it's maybe a black sweater that we don't really like, it's getting a little bit old and stretched out, and a little bit pilly, but for some reason we end up wearing it a couple times a month, once a week…
Desiree Stordahl: So true. So true.
Darcy Camden: …and we dislike it. It's so true. So, you want to identify those things.
00:20:04 And those are the things that you look at them and you think, "I can't believe I'm wearing this. I need to replace this." But if you were to just get rid of it without considering it you'd actually be leaving a hole in your wardrobe. I mean, if you're wearing something fairly often, even if you dislike it, then you need to kind of think about why you're wearing that often, what role is it serving, and how can you maybe go out and try to get something better?
00:20:34 So, before you get rid of that old stretched-out black sweater that you're wearing often you want to make a list of things that you want to replace. You can make a note to yourself, oh, if I had a really great black sweater that I loved I know that I would wear it so often, and that would be maybe top of your list of things to buy in the future. So, then the next category would be things that you like and fit you well but you don't really wear.
00:21:04 So, we all have maybe a cool blouse that we picked up on sale. We like it. It fits us. But for some reason it never really gets worn. So, these are the things that you want to evaluate whether you like it enough that you want to invest into making this into an outfit that you can wear often. So, maybe we have a blouse that we picked up, we like it, it never gets worn because we don't have anything to match with it. And so really making that piece work for you would require buying some other things like a skirt, or a pair of pants, or a sweater, or something else to really take it from one piece to a whole outfit.
00:21:47 Or maybe it just requires a little bit more intention, like, oh, I forgot – especially those of us who have lots of clothes, and once we go through the process of organizing our closet and purging we can usually find some things that maybe we forgot we – maybe we forgot we loved them. And so it's kind of like going shopping in your own closet. It's like finding hidden treasures. And so these are things you've already invested in. You already own them. It's so much more economical to try to make these things that you already own work in an interesting outfit than to start from scratch.
00:22:24 And so when I'm working with a client I identify the things that they like that fit them well, but that they're not really wearing, and we try to really maximize those things. So, then the next category would be things that don't fit or don't flatter. And notice I didn't include whether you like it or not because you can really like the idea of something but the truth is if it doesn't fit you and it doesn't flatter you than you shouldn't have it.
Desiree Stordahl: Right.
Darcy Camden: And this is really difficult for some women, especially if you've possibly gained weight or lost weight but you're looking at some items in your closet that were from a year or two ago and you're thinking maybe you'll go back to the size that you were, so you're kind of keeping things around ; you've got a lot of things that don't.
00:23:16 There is nothing more frustrating than getting up in the morning and walking into a closet and staring at things that you cannot wear. So, you don't have to get rid of things that are not your current size; if you'd rather hold onto them that's totally fine. But what I do think you should do is fold those things down and get them out of your closet so that every morning you're only looking at items that fit you, that you like, and that are actually relevant to you.
00:23:49 So, maybe you have 30 pairs of jeans but you really only have three that fit you. You should pack away the other 27, save them for a rainy day or whenever you might need them, and in the morning you should just get up and look at the three that are viable to you. Because it's such a time and energy sucker to be looking at things that you cannot wear. So, you really should just be targeted to the things that are reasonable for you to be wearing in current time.
00:24:27 And then the last category would be things that you don't like, they might have a hole in them, they're worn out, they don't fit, all of the negatives. Those are the things that are easiest to get rid of, and those things can go to Goodwill or some other charitable organization. You want to get those things out of your house. And I'd recommend actually purging through your closet twice a year. A lot of us leave it, we don't consider purging our closets for years and years and things build up. And then you have like the scary drawer that you can't even open, or this whole section of your closet that is just this mountain that you can't even deal with.
00:25:06 And that happens over time, but if you tackle it once every couple of months and just get rid of things in smaller doses then it's a lot easier to maintain a functioning closet.
Desiree Stordahl: Let's say somebody has gone through this process and now they have a hole in their closet where some clothes used to be, and they need to go out and find good quality expensive-looking clothes but they don't have a ton of money to spend.
00:25:31 What are some of your behind the scenes tips for best places to shop for bargains or maybe there are specific days when you know new inventory comes out at places like Nordstrom Rack. What are some of those tips for our listeners?
Darcy Camden: Oh, I love that question because most of my clients are working on a budget. It's very rare that someone comes to me and says, "You know, I want the most expensive thing that you can find." Everyone wants to get the best value.
00:26:00 So, I approach this in a couple of different ways. One, I spend a lot of time on the phone, and this is something that anyone can do really. Most of the time when I'm calling, I call stores, and the stores don't know if I'm a stylist or they just think that I'm a customer. So, I call a lot on Mondays and Tuesdays and I call usually in the late morning, about an hour after the store has opened, just ask to speak to a manager or a floor manager and just say, "What is your sale schedule for the week? Do you have any sales happening? When would be a great day to come in and do you have anything new?"
00:26:44 And nine times out of ten, if not ten times out of ten they are happy to answer that question. And so they may so, "We've got a great sale happening on Wednesday, or we just got a bunch of new coats in," that kind of thing. Wednesdays and Thursdays are generally the best days to get sales. And so I highly recommend going shopping – in general I recommend shopping on weekdays versus weekends, just because it's way less stressful to go during the week.
00:27:20 But if you can go on a Wednesday or a Thursday you will probably end up saving just about 20% to 30% than if you go another day. That's a generalization. But, also…
Bryan Barron: That's pretty impressive. I'm just a couple days earlier. Wow.
Darcy Camden: Yeah. Yeah. And so also remnant stores like Nordstrom Rack or T.J. Maxx, they get shipments all the time. And so they are the hardest to kind of keep tabs on because they're getting new stuff all the time. And so, again, just having – picking up the phone and figuring out what is maybe new coming in, it's a good idea to have an idea of what you're looking for when you go to a remnant store.
00:28:10 A remnant store just means they are getting kind of overstock or things that didn't sell from other stores, or other retailers in their company. And they just kind of absorb all of that stuff. And it's not because it's bad. It sometimes can be, sometimes things don't sell though because they're sized in a weird way. So, people didn't buy it because they just were thinking, "I think I'm a size 6, so I pull a size 6, and size 6 doesn't work for me, and I didn't try another size."
00:28:46 So, I highly recommend always trying clothes on when you're shopping from a place like Nordstrom Rack or T.J. Maxx just because sometimes end up there because there's something a little bit funky. But, it's a good idea to go shopping in a place like Nordstrom Rack or T.J. Maxx with something in mind. So, I want luggage, or I want a leather jacket, or I'm looking for a purse. That makes your phone call really easy as well for when you call ahead and just say, "Hey, did you get any new purses in this week?"
00:29:26 And they can either say yes or no. The people who work at the stores are often, are most likely the people who are unpacking all the merchandise as it comes through. So, they have a really good idea from day to day what is in their store and what the hot items are.
Desiree Stordahl: Do you have a favorite place to shop for shoes at a good price?
Darcy Camden: I like DSW. I think DSW is great and has a lot of really on-trend stuff that you could find sometimes just across the mall, like a place like Macy's or Nordstrom might have the same show.
00:30:07 And DSW sometimes gets just slightly different colors, sometimes less popular colors than the major retailers, but it's oftentimes the exact same shoe marked down 40% to 50% of what it would be at a department store. So, I really love T.J. Maxx for that. Or, I'm sorry, DSW for that.
00:30:30 I don't love remnant stores like Ross or T.J. Maxx for shoes just because a lot of people try them on and I think it's just kind of gross. I almost never buy shoes there. But, I do think Nordstrom Rack does also a great job of having really on-trend shoes. Sometimes they're about a season behind, so like right now you can still find sandals at Nordstrom Rack. But, that can be a bonus, too.
00:31:03 I was digging around for a client who was going on a vacation and needed sandals and I was able to find some summer carryover still available at Nordstrom Rack, whereas in the Nordstrom store there are no sandals to be found anywhere.
Desiree Stordahl: What about looking for inexpensive jewelry that doesn't look cheap?
Darcy Camden: I actually love Goodwill for jewelry. I have a great relationship with Seattle Goodwill.
00:31:31 And I go in there all the time. And I call it my vintage jewelry, because anything that's over 20 years old we refer to as vintage. There are really cool, interesting pieces that can be found rummaging around at Goodwill. I also love, Forever 21 has great, great jewelry. A lot of my clients would never think of going into Forever 21 because they thing, "I'm not 21, or it's been forever since I was 21."
00:32:07 And they don't wear the clothes, and I don't blame them; Forever 21 has a lot of – it's stressful to go in there. There are a lot of clothes. And most of it isn't really worth purchasing. But their jewelry is very, very cool, and they have a great selection online as well which will save you the hassle of actually going into the store. And you can find really cool statement jewelry for, we're talking starting at $7 or $8 for a necklace.
00:32:36 Rarely is anything over $20 or $30 there. So, it's a great way to get something that's cool, something that's a little bit fashiony and not spend a lot of money.
Desiree Stordahl: And so now that we've talked about bargains and good steals and deals, if you had to narrow it down to three items that are worth splurging on for a woman, what would they be?
Darcy Camden: I think a leather jacket.
00:33:02 I find that – I work with a lot of women for several years. And I find that the leather jacket that I said, "You should definitely buy this, you won't regret it" two years is something that they're still wearing and loving. And so when you find an awesome leather jacket you should splurge on it. And a good leather jacket is going to run you probably starting around the $200/$300 mark. Anything less than that is probably not really worth your money.
00:33:37 The leather is going to be poor quality. It's probably going to crack and it's not really going to hold up. And so starting at around $200, $300 and up is what you're looking at for a leather jacket, but something that fits you like a glove, like a second skin, like a leather jacket should is something that you'll have forever. Leather jackets never go out of style.
Bryan Barron: What color would you recommend, Darcy, in terms of – sometimes during a season you'll see plums, or you'll see burgundies or reds, so should women stick with various shades of brown and black if they really want a timeless piece?
Darcy Camden: Honestly, I think when you find something that you love, that should speak to you more than what you think the trend is. If you love it then you'll end up wearing it a lot more than something that you think is maybe on style or the right thing to buy.
00:34:29 I do think you should stick to neutrals though. So, blacks, browns, and burgundy is considered a neutral when it comes to leather shoes and jackets. So, anything in kind of the wine color I think is really, really versatile because it can be worn with black, brown, navy. That's my favorite color. But black or brown is also a neutral that you could have and wear for years.
Desiree Stordahl: What would your other splurge-worthy items be?
Darcy Camden: I would say that spend whatever it takes to get a really great fitting pair of jeans.
00:35:07 And that doesn't necessarily have to be $200, $300. There are some jeans that are priced that way and I think they're worth it if they fit you really, really well. I am an advocate of having fewer items that you love as opposed to more items that you feel really lukewarm about. So, I'd rather have a client spend, you know, $150 to $200 on a really, really great pair of jeans that they're going to wear all the time and feel like a rock star in than own four or five pairs of $50 jeans that just don't really do it for them.
00:35:44 So, jeans I would say spend what it takes to get something that fits you. However, my personal favorite pair of jeans are kind of – I know I've been noticing that a lot of Hollywood people have been talking about this brand recently and it's been one of my favorite for years. But at Urban Outfitters they have a house brand called BDG and they have the best skinny jeans I think that you can find anywhere. And they're about $58.
00:36:16 And I think that they're better than anything that's two, three times as expensive.
Desiree Stordahl: I'm going to have to look them up.
Darcy Camden: BDG at Urban Outfitters is fantastic. I love them especially because they have a little bit higher waist so you can kind of crouch down. And a lot of my clients who are moms who spend a lot of time playing with their kids and they're crouching down and they're doing a lot of movement, they love these jeans because they're not having to pull at them to keep them in place.
Desiree Stordahl: They're butt crack proofed.
Darcy Camden: Exactly.
00:36:50 And then a great pair of boots. I think most women I meet are on the hunt for the perfect pair of boots. And then when they find them they think, "Oh, should I buy these, should I buy these?" And sometimes they end up walking away from them and then regretting it. So, I would say just based on my own anecdotal experience of working with clients, the things that they wished they had splurged on would be boots and a great leather jacket.
00:37:17 When you find a great pair of boots or a great leather jacket, go ahead and get it. I don't think that you'll regret it.
Desiree Stordahl: Okay. Well, those were awesome tips. We have some caller and Facebook questions. Bryan, do you want to get started with those?
Bryan Barron: Yeah, Darcy, a couple quick questions, hopefully quick, from our Facebook fans. The first is from Amy. And she says, "Darcy, I'll be going to Arizona for a week over Thanksgiving. The days are supposed to be hot but the nights cool. I'd really just like to carry a bag on the plane. I want to look nice and put together, however I have to pack for hot and cold in one small carry on for six days. The trip will be pretty relaxed but I want to look put together and cute. Can you give me some good pieces that are versatile for this kind of trip?"
Darcy Camden: What an awesome question!
00:38:10 So, I would say definitely a pair of dark jeans. And pick your favorite fit, whether it's a skinny jean or a boot cut. But you want to go with the darkest possible wash. And if you do that you can get away with packing only one pair of jeans for your entire trip. If they're dark then they won't show dirt or smudges. They'll keep looking crisp throughout your trip.
00:38:41 They're also – a dark jean is also the easiest thing to dress up, so the same jeans that you wear maybe with a tee shirt and flats for on the plane you could wear with a dressier top and heels for something a little bit dressier if you have that on your agenda. Another thing that would be great to take to Arizona because it's pretty – it's a lot warmer there than it is here in the Pacific Northwest would be a Maxi dress during the day, you'd have a little bit of leg coverage and in the daytime you could wear just kind of a bare arm.
00:39:17 And then as the weather cools down in the evening you could add a sweater and possibly a belt over that. So, I think a Maxi dress is a really great way to be covered up with your arms exposed during the day and then really easy to cover up with a sweater. Very packable. In general for packing you want to look for things that have some percentage of synthetic fabric, so that is like a polyester or a nylon. And that will prevent your items from wrinkling.
00:39:52 And so like a matte jersey would be awesome for travel because it would not wrinkle, it has mostly nylon and poly content, and you can ball that sucker up and just stuff it in your bag and then pull it out and it's completely wrinkle free which would be awesome for packing.
Bryan Barron: Now, for trip of this length is two pair of shoes, not counting the one that she'd wear on the plane, that should suffice for six days, right?
Darcy Camden: So, the rule with shoes is you should never bring more shoes than days you're going to be gone.
Bryan Barron: Desiree, are you laughing?
Darcy Camden: Which I always have to remind myself of my own rule when I'm going on a three day trip.
00:40:38 Like, why do I need four pairs of shoes if I'm only going to be gone for three days? So, another thing is you really should never take any uncomfortable shoes on a vacation, especially if you're traveling for pleasure. You're on vacation. You should be wearing – comfort is important. So, I guarantee if you bring a pair of shoes that are very uncomfortable the odds of you actually wearing them are very, very low.
00:41:04 So, stick to things that are comfortable. And I would say probably three, like plus or minus three pairs of shoes for her trip is all she needs.
Desiree Stordahl: Darcy, I just got an email question from Dalana, and she wanted to know how can a mom be comfy and stylish at the same time? What does she wear?
Darcy Camden: That's such a great question.
00:41:33 So, the key to this I think is looking for polished pieces in comfortable fabrics. And so I think one thing that I work with with moms on is kind of thinking outside the box in terms of what is comfortable. And so we kind of redefine comfort. And so I love a blazer like we talked about a little bit earlier in the show. I think a blazer is very slimming and very polished.
00:42:05 And you always just feel like you're in an outfit when you're wearing a blazer. But a blazer doesn't have to be businessy. A lot of women if they think, "Oh, I'm not going into an office so I don't need to look like I'm going to a job interview, why do I need a blazer," but you can find so many amazing blazers in what is essentially sweatshirt fabric.
00:42:29 It's called jersey, but really it's just a sweatshirt. So, think of your favorite sweatshirt but it looks like a blazer. My favorite one right now is at H&M. They have a great size range and they have about 8 different colors. And they're $30. So, a really, really easy thing that you can pair with jeans. So, instead of popping like a fleece or some sweatshirt over a tee shirt with your jeans, pop a blazer on and then throw on a patterned scarf and you'll feel so much more polished and put together.
00:43:05 And you'll really be just as comfortable as you would be in something that looks a lot more casual like a true sweatshirt.
Desiree Stordahl: I love that tip, because you're right, it takes more energy to throw on a comfy blazer than it does your frumpy old sweater, or like you said, a fleece. That's a great tip for moms out there.
Bryan Barron: Speaking from the male fashion perspective, which I do very rarely, but personally I love blazers.
00:43:35 My collection of them has expanded over the years, and it's so interesting to me that I could have on the exact same outfit one day at work, and then I'll put on something nearly identical the following day but I'll add a blazer – that's the only change – and all of a sudden I get compliments on my outfit.
Darcy Camden: I mean, it's awesome. I've had women tell me that just switching out their fleece for a blazer, they've gotten compliments. They've had people say, "Oh, you're so dressed up; you look so nice. Or, have you lost weight," or all of those things.
00:44:16 And really you're not putting on anything – you're not wearing a layer that you wouldn't otherwise be wearing. You just switched your fleece for something that looks a little bit more polished.
Bryan Barron: Darcy, real quick, where do you recommend men go to shop for blazers. I have a hard time finding them that they're either too deconstructed – they look like they should be on someone who's out riding a skateboard, or they're too close to high powered executive, what you'd wear in a boardroom. They look too much like a suit jacket.
Darcy Camden: Right. So, I love Banana Republic for blazers separates. A separate is something that you wear on its own. It's not part of a matching suit set. And one of my touchstones that here in Seattle most of my male clients never get dressed up unless they're giving a presentation or they're going on a job interview…
Bryan Barron: It's Seattle. We're wearing jeans to the opera.
Darcy Camden: Totally.
00:45:15 And most guys are like, "I could wear jeans to work every single day," so jeans are kind of my touchstone. A lot of the time when I'm styling I never pick any top that wouldn't style back to jeans. So, a blazer that works with jeans, a sweater that works with jeans. And sure, you can dress it up by pairing it with a different bottom. You can wear a dressier slack. But we never really want to get away from something that works with jean, and I have a really, really – I always have really great luck with blazers at Banana Republic.
Bryan Barron: Perfect. Okay.
Darcy Camden: They're simple. They don't have a lot of weird fashiony details, like, I don't know hardware, or fraying. They're pretty basic.
Bryan Barron: I was just in a Banana Republic when I was in Hawaii for a wedding.
00:46:03 We had some downtime and I found a cashmere blend camel-colored blazer that I just loved. And I haven't seen it here in Seattle yet. I hope that I will. But I didn't buy it in the moment because I didn't want to have to haul it back.
Desiree Stordahl: Did you check online?
Darcy Camden: I would be checking – always when you're finding something you should write down the SKU number, which is the number that's on the tag, because you can really search for items online from the SKU number, and a lot of sellers on eBay go and put all of the tag information, including the SKU number.
00:46:45 And so usually a Google search will even pull up finds on eBay if it was something that was maybe a rogue item that someone returned and it was on clearance or something like that. I have items, I have wish list items that I have their information and their SKU number and I search them. And I actually just found a belt that I've been looking for for years. Someone was selling it on eBay and I found it because I typed in the name of the belt, the brand, and the SKU number.
00:47:19 And it crawled out and I was able to find it from a seller on eBay.
Bryan Barron: Wow. Well, Darcy, we have a call from Janice from California. And Janice are you there.
Janice: Yes I am.
Bryan Barron: You're on the air with Darcy and you wanted to know about patterns and fits for winter wear?
Janice: Well, for plus sizing. Thanks for taking my call. This is a great show. I've been revamping my closet and I have a tendency to buy clothes that are way too big for me, you know, trying to cover up my plus size. So, I've been getting rid of a lot of that kind of stuff. So, I kind of wanted to find out from you, I'm in my late 40's but a youthful late 40's. I'm 5'3". And I'm kind of wondering what's the best silhouette and fabric patterns and colors that would like work best?
Darcy Camden: Well, generally, and first I want to applaud you for getting rid of things that don't fit.
00:48:16 Because it really is best for all women, no matter their size, shape, no matter what. Everyone should just wear clothes that fit them. You'll always look the best when you're wearing something that fits you that's not too tight and not too big. And you'll also be more comfortable as well. And it's especially important, did you say you're about 5'3", so you're like borderline petite.
Janice: Right. And I wear a size 20.
Darcy Camden: So, what I think is really important, you're going to see a lot of – there's a big trend with having printed and brightly colored bottoms. And I would steer you away from that.
00:48:56 So, I would say it's probably best to stick with a neutral on bottom but wear colors and prints on top. And it's important though to have the distinction between your top portion and your bottom portion. I think a lot of times we want to kind of cloak ourselves head to toe in a single color. And that actually will make you look shorter and wider. And so it's actually better to wear a different color on bottom than on top so that you kind of are bisected.
00:49:32 I hope I'm explaining that well. So, there is a differentiation between your top portion and you're bottom portion. Stick to dark colors on bottom, and that makes buying pants really, really easy, you know, dark jeans, black pants, possibly navy or just keep it darker on bottom. And then add your color on top. And…
Janice: And then in terms of prints are you thinking smaller prints, larger prints? Is there any flower that can be too big?
Darcy Camden: You want to go for smaller prints.
00:50:06 So you want to go for smaller prints and if possible you want to go for lower contrast prints, which is where the colors are more kind of similar in tone, so like black and white is high contrast, but like a dark blue and black is low contrast. You want to stick more with the lower contrast patterns.
Janice: Okay. Great.
Bryan Barron: Janice, along with the wardrobe advice, I have to ask are you a Paula's Choice customer?
Janice: I am. I love Paula's products. I have the Resist Line.
00:50:38 I have the Body Butter. I have the lip products. Yup. I have it all.
Bryan Barron: Oh my gosh. Okay, I'd like to make sure that we send you a couple items as a thank you for calling and for listening. Off the top of your head are there any items that you'd like to try that you haven't. Have you tried our new retinol serum?
00:51:06 Have you tried the Barely There Sheer Matte Tint at all?
Janice: Is the retinol serum the Resist Intensive Wrinkle Repair Retinol Serum.
Bryan Barron: That's it.
Janice: That's my favorite product.
Bryan Barron: Okay, good. Have you tried the Resist BHA9 yet?
Janice: I haven't.
Desiree Stordahl: Oh, you've got to try it.
Bryan Barron: We have to give you one of those. Because pretty much everybody has a need for that, either all the time, or sometimes. It's a spot treatment. You can go to and read all about. Let us know if you have any questions.
00:51:36 Very, very concentrated. Blackheads. Breakouts. Brown spots. You can use it with any of our other products including the retinol serum. So, let's get you one of those. And have you ever tried the Slip Into Silk Body Lotion?
Janice: No, I haven't tried that.
Bryan Barron: Let's send you one of those, too. That's a good one for this time of year. It's just an all-purpose body lotion. You can apply it before the Beautiful Body Butter. You know, the Beautiful Body Butter is very buttery and rich, and you can use that over the driest areas.
00:52:09 But let's get you the Slip Into Silk Body Lotion and the BHA9. And you can let us know what you think. All right, Janice? Thank you so much.
Janice: Great. Thanks a lot.
Desiree Stordahl: Okay. Looks like we have another Facebook question. This one comes from Paige for Darcy. And she says, "I'm a young professional that always has trouble finding work appropriate clothes that I like. I want to dress in a fun and fresh way, yet I also want to give off the illusion of being slightly older than I am because most of the people that I work with are much older than me. What are some good pieces to invest in?"
Darcy Camden: Ooh, what a great question!
00:52:47 So, I would say that suiting separates are worth an investment. A great black slack. A great dark slack. Great blazers. I mean, we've brought up blazers so much today, but I guess the one takeaway that everyone leaves with today, inspired to go out and get a blazer, then I guess my work here is done.
Bryan Barron: Let's not forget the bra fitting.
Darcy Camden: That and the bra fitting. And everyone will be so much better for that. But I do think that it's important to remember that youth is an asset in a lot of businesses.
00:53:37 And I can completely relate to wanting to seem mature, but I don't think that you want to age yourself too much. You want to be who you are. And so I think that having a wardrobe that is anchored in kind of timeless slacks and blazers and work separates is a good move, but you should infuse a little personality and a little bit of youth in with accessories. And maybe that's a colored belt. Maybe it's a colored show.
00:54:11 Maybe it's a cool necklace that you love. Maybe it's a printed top that you wear under a blazer. Having a little bit of personality will help you feel like you're dressing like yourself, even though you're trying to be the most professional version of yourself. So, that's what we're kind of going for. I do work with a lot of women who spent the first part of their career really kind of stifling who they were wardrobe wise and then they get into their 30's and 40's and they feel like they've completely their direction and they don't really know what they like, and what they don't like, or who they are, or what they should buy.
00:54:53 And so I encourage everyone, especially if you're just kind of starting out in your career, to always really take stock of who you are. Because you're an asset to your company. So, have a little fun with it within the guidelines of what's appropriate for your workplace.
Desiree Stordahl: Darcy, we just have a few minutes left to wrap up, but there's one thing that we haven't hit on too much, and I know you talked about buying a lot of classic, timeless pieces that can make your way through the years, but what are some trends that you are loving right now and ways that women can dress fashion forward?
00:55:33 And also, if there's a trend out there right now that you don't think is flattering to women, let us know. Let's hear it in the last few minutes.
Darcy Camden: Cool. Well, one trend that I really, really loved seeing on the runways is the trend of broaches. You know those gorgeous pins that a lot of us have kind of lingering in our jewelry boxes. Maybe we inherited them from our parents or grandparents. Those are very on-tend right now.
00:56:01 And I think that especially heading into the holiday season a great way to add sparkle and bling to a blazer, or a coat, or even a dress is to create a cluster of broaches kind of right up on your clavicle. It's really lovely. It's very, very on-trend. I was just at a Neiman Marcus fashion show a couple of weeks ago and they're selling broaches for lots, and lots of money. And I'm thinking, oh my gosh, I have a lot of those that are very special to me because they're from my grandmother or they're from my aunt, or someone in my family.
00:56:35 And so I have been having a lot of fun playing with putting broaches on almost everything right now. That's one thing that I'm really loving. I love animal print. And you'll see a lot of it out there right now. I think animal print is pretty timeless, but because it is trendy in the sense that there are a lot of different animal prints available you have a lot of variety and selection when you're going into the stores.
00:57:04 Just remember, one animal per outfit. If they wouldn't get along in the wild, you know, like a cheetah and a crocodile, and all – if they wouldn't get along in the wild they don't get along in your outfit. So, maybe one animal print per outfit. And also the color of burgundy. This year we're calling it oxblood which I think is kind of gross.
Bryan Barron: Oxblood yes. I saw that in Vogue and a couple other fashion magazines we get here.
00:57:30 And I thought, yeah, let's just call that burgundy.
Darcy Camden: Yeah, we'll go back to calling it burgundy or wine. One of those colors is a little bit less severe and gruesome. But, I think it's a great color. It's flattering on almost every single skin tone. And it really is like a neutral. And I've had a lot of success with showing this color to my clients who are afraid of color. They would never wear a bright – they hated the neon phase. They didn't like anything bright. They're kind of intimidated of lots of big patterns. They really are mostly comfortable in neutrals. And that's okay.
00:58:13 But burgundy functions kind of like a neutral. It goes with black. It goes with brown. It goes with cream. It goes with navy. And so it will really – if you have a wardrobe that is mostly neutral and you're looking to add to it but you want something that is a little bit different, anything in a burgundy, wine color, oxblood, the color of the season, you'll find a lot of that, and I think that it's really something that you should try.
Desiree Stordahl: Awesome.
00:58:39 Well, thank you so much for joining us tonight, Darcy. Tons of good tips. I know we're going to have people calling in and asking and writing us for your closet auditing tips, so maybe we could get those up on our Facebook page for them. And there will be a transcription of the show, so any tips you guys missed, check back in a week or so and we'll have that up on Thanks Darcy. We're going to have to have you back on sometime.
Darcy Camden: Oh, thank you so much.
00:59:05 This was fun, you guys. I really appreciate it. Thank you.
Desiree Stordahl: Thank you. So, coming up in the next few weeks are shows are on the 20th we have Hair Makeover Tips with hair pro Ashley [McKimm]. On December 4th we have Holiday Gift Guide, our favorite beauty products ever. And on the 18th it's Skincare and Makeup to look for in 2013. And we're going to be talking about new product launches and cosmetic technology to get excited about.
00:59:31 Thank you so much for tuning in with us tonight. We air every other Tuesday at 6pm Pacific Time, 9pm Eastern. And you can listen to archived episodes on iTunes,, or on BlogTalkRadio anytime, anywhere. Thanks again for tuning in and good night.
Bryan Barron: Good night everyone.
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