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babassu oil

Plant oil that can have emollient properties for skin. There is no research showing it has special... Read More »

Categories: Emollients, Plant Extracts


Bacillus subtilis

Naturally occurring bacterium that is widespread and can be used to control plant diseases, fungal... Read More »

Categories: Miscellaneous



An antioxidant found in the seeds and leaves of the plant Psoralea corylifolia... Read More »

Categories: Plant Extracts, Antioxidants


balm mint extract

Extract derived from a fragrant plant; it poses some risk of skin irritation. It also has some... Read More »

Categories: Fragrance: Synthetic and Fragrant Plant Extracts, Irritants, Plant Extracts


balsam peru

Fatty resin that when applied topically can cause allergic skin reactions and contact dermatitis.... Read More »

Categories: Fragrance: Synthetic and Fragrant Plant Extracts, Plant Extracts


Bambusa vulgaris (bamboo) leaf/stem extract

Extract from the common bamboo plant. Like many plant extracts, research has shown... Read More »


banana extract

Extract from banana fruit that has some weak antioxidant properties (Source: Free Radical Research,... Read More »

Categories: Antioxidants, Plant Extracts



Plant whose primary component, berberine, is an alkaloid that can have antibacterial properties and... Read More »

Categories: Anti-Irritants, Antibacterial/Anti-Acne


barium sulfate

Mineral used as a whitening agent in cosmetics. It can be a skin irritant. Read More »

Categories: Coloring Agents/Pigments, Irritants


barley extract

Extract from barley plants. Can have antioxidant properties when ingested, but there is no research... Read More »

Categories: Plant Extracts


batyl alcohol

Derived from glycerin and used as a stabilizing ingredient and skin-conditioning agent. Read More »

Categories: Emollients


bay leaf oil

Can be a potent antioxidant (Source: Biological and Pharmaceutical Bulletin, January 2002, pages... Read More »

Categories: Plant Extracts, Fragrance: Synthetic and Fragrant Plant Extracts, Antioxidants


bearberry extract

Latin name Arctostaphylos uva ursi, there is research showing that this extract has antibacterial... Read More »

Categories: Antibacterial/Antioxidants


bee pollen

Can have antioxidant properties (Source: Journal of Agricultural Food Chemistry, April 2001, pages... Read More »

Categories: Miscellaneous



Substance made by bees to build the walls of their honeycomb. It is a thickening agent that has... Read More »

Categories: Thickeners/Emulsifiers, Emollients


beet root extract

Powdered base of the stem (root) of the Beta vulgaris plant. Used as a coloring agent. As with most... Read More »

Categories: Coloring Agents/Pigments, Plant Extracts, Antioxidants


behenic acid

Fatty acid used as a thickening agent and surfactant. Read More »

Categories: Thickeners/Emulsifiers, Surfactants/Detergent Cleansing Agents


behentrimonium chloride

Skin-conditioning agent and emulsifier. Read More »

Categories: Emollients, Thickeners/Emulsifiers


behenyl alcohol

Thickening agent used in cosmetics. It is not related to irritating forms of alcohol. Read More »

Categories: Thickeners/Emulsifiers


Bellis perennis

See daisy flower extract

Categories: Plant Extracts



Type of clay that is used as an absorbent in cosmetics. It can be drying for skin, though its... Read More »

Categories: Absorbent


benzalkonium chloride

Antimicrobial agent used as a preservative in skin-care products. There is no research showing it... Read More »

Categories: Antibacterial/Anti-Acne



Also called oxybenzone, a sunscreen agent that protects skin primarily from the sun’s UVB rays and... Read More »

Categories: Sunscreen Actives



Topical anesthetic (Sources: Dermatol Surgery, December 2001, pages 1010–1018; and Pediatric... Read More »

Categories: Miscellaneous


benzoic acid

Preservative used in skin-care products; it is considered less irritating than some other forms of... Read More »

Categories: Preservatives

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