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Zanthoxylum piperitum

See Szechuan peppercorn

Categories: Irritants, Plant Extracts



Group of minerals used as an absorbent in cosmetics. Zeolites been shown to have anticancer... Read More »

Categories: Absorbent



There is growing evidence that zinc can be a significant anti-irritant and antioxidant. It also can... Read More »

Categories: Anti-Irritants, Antioxidants


zinc carbonate

See calamine

Categories: Miscellaneous, Irritants


zinc gluconate

Combination of zinc with a form of glucose (a sugar) that is commonly used in cold lozenges for its... Read More »

Categories: Miscellaneous


zinc oxide

Zinc oxide is an inert earth mineral used as a thickening, whitening, lubricating, and sunscreen ingredient in cosmetics. Read More »

Categories: Antioxidants, Thickeners/Emulsifiers, Anti-Irritants, Coloring Agents/Pigments


zinc PCA

A synthetic skin-conditioning ingredient derived from zinc, research has shown it to have anti-aging benefits due to... Read More »

Categories: Miscellaneous


zinc phenolsulfonate

Antimicrobial agent that can also be a skin irritant. Read More »

Categories: Irritants, Antibacterial/Anti-Acne


zinc stearate

The zinc salt of stearic acid. It has multiple functions in cosmetics, including serving as the... Read More »

Categories: Slip Agents, Thickeners/Emulsifiers, Coloring Agents/Pigments


zinc sulfate

Chemical compound resulting from the interaction of zinc with sulfuric acid. There is little... Read More »

Categories: Irritants, Preservatives


Zingiber officinale roscoe

See ginger extract

Categories: Irritants, Anti-Irritants, Plant Extracts


Zingiber zerumbet

See ginger extract

Categories: Plant Extracts, Irritants, Anti-Irritants



See ginger extract

Categories: Plant Extracts, Anti-Irritants, Irritants


Zizyphus jujuba fruit extract

See jujube fruit extract

Categories: Plant Extracts, Antibacterial/Anti-Acne, Anti-Irritants

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