mineral oil


Clear, odorless oil derived from petroleum that is widely used in cosmetics because it rarely causes allergic reactions. It cannot become a solid and clog pores. Despite mineral oil’s association with petroleum and the hype that it’s bad for or ages skin, keep in mind that petroleum is a natural ingredient derived from the earth. Once it’s purified to become mineral oil USP (cosmetics- and pharmaceutical-grade mineral oil), it has no resemblance to the original petroleum and isn’t a source of contaminants or carcinogens. [1,2]

Cosmetics-grade mineral oil and petrolatum are considered the safest, most nonirritating moisturizing ingredients ever found. Mineral oil and petrolatum are known to be efficacious in wound healing, and are also among the most effective, established moisturizing ingredients available. [1,2]

Mineral oil is not an ingredient to avoid unless you have oily skin, in which case the somewhat greasy texture of mineral oil won’t feel good. But again, mineral oil doesn’t clog pores, cause acne, or suffocate skin.

The mineral oil in skincare products is certified as either USP (United States Pharmacopeia) or BP (British Pharmacopeia). It’s completely safe, soothing, non-irritating, and perfectly healthy for skin. [1,3,4,5,6]

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See petrolatum

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