4 Anti-Aging Secrets (That Actually Work)

Fighting sun damage, a lackluster complexion and fine (or not so fine) lines? If you’re not ready to brave the Botox needle yet—or laser treatments are out of your beauty budget—these anti-aging secrets reveal how far skincare can turn back the clock.

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6 Retinol Myths Busted!

Confused by the misinformation surrounding retinol? Find out why you SHOULD combine retinol with ingredients like vitamin C, AHA or BHA for younger-looking, skin-smoothing results.

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Acne & Wrinkles at the Same Time

Many believe acne should be gone by the time wrinkles start showing, but that is often not the case. Having acne and wrinkles at the same time is an all-too-common problem. We can help you fight wrinkles and breakouts at the same time so you'll start seeing your skin looking radiant, clear, and smooth in just a few days—really!

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Anti-Aging Ingredients Your Skin Needs Now

In terms of your diet and health, it's what's on the inside that counts—and the same is 100% true when it comes to caring for your skin! But what you choose to put on top of your skin also can make a difference in terms of how your skin will appear to "age."

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Anti-Aging Superstars

With anti-aging skin care, ingredients are everything! The right mix of ingredients can take an anti-aging product from so-so to outstanding. We spotlight key ingredients anyone wishing ot look younger should be using, and all of them are supported by published research proving their worth!

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Whether you eat antioxidants or put them on your skin they are vital to your health. When applied topically or ingested, antioxidants do the job of reducing environmental damage and help your skin look younger. Find out why antioxidants are essential for skin, especially for fighting wrinkles!

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Dry Skin & Wrinkles

Abundant research has made it perfectly clear that wrinkles and dry skin are not related in terms of cause and effect. Think of it this way: Kids can experience dry skin and many suffer from conditions such as eczema, but kids don't have wrinkles. Learn what really causes wrinkles and what can you do to correct them!

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Eye Creams: Do You Need One?

All of the marketing hype you've heard about how eye creams are specially formulated for the sensitive, thin skin around the eyes, and getting rid of puffy eyes, dark circles, and sagging skin is simply not true. Surprised? We reveal why this is true.

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Five Super Anti-Aging Antioxidants Your Skin Needs Now

With so many trendy antioxidants showing up in skin-care products each year, it's difficult to know which ones are worthy of your beauty bucks. When it comes to antioxidants, one "hero" ingredient won't save your skin—you need products that offer an abundance of the best. The Paula’s Choice Research Team scoured the research on five of the most notable antioxidants that can help skin look younger by reducing visible signs of aging.

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How Does Vitamin C Help Skin?

Even the most diligent skincare devotees among us may count stubborn brown spots, fine lines or red marks among their complexion woes. Find out how this superstar ingredient works to restore your skin to its younger-looking, more radiant self.

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How to Exfoliate Skin

Even if you cleanse, tone, apply a sunscreen in the morning and a moisturizer at night, there's still one thing missing that could make all the difference in the world to get you the skin you want: an AHA or BHA exfoliant!

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How to Get Rid of Wrinkles

Wouldn't it be great if the headline of this article was possible? The truth is that there's no magic potion or combination of products in any price range that can truly make wrinkles disappear. Skin-care ingredients, no matter who is selling them or the claims they assert, cannot replace what plastic surgeons or cosmetic dermatologists can do—but it's not hopeless! Skin care can go a long way toward improving wrinkles and preventing new ones.

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How to Prevent Aging Skin

It takes surprisingly little time and only a handful of products to keep your skin from premature wrinkling, unsightly brown spots, and loss of firmness. We reveal our top four tips so you can keep your skin looking younger, longer.

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How to Reverse Skin Aging and Damage

If you’re battling dull skin, adult acne, wrinkles, and brown spots, don’t dismay, all is not lost—you can repair the damage, at least to some extent, especially if you follow all our anti-aging tips—all supported by research, not hype!

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How to Use Over-the-Counter & Prescription Retinol Products

Retinol (more commonly known as Vitamin A) is great for your skin, no question. But because there are several forms of retinol it is hard to know which one to use. Not to worry, The Paula's Choice Research Team can help you figure all this out based on the most up-to-date research!

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Is Mineral Oil Bad for Skin?

Is mineral oil the "Boo Radley" of the cosmetics industry? Find out why the spooky tales about cosmetic mineral oil aren't true (and what makes it such a fab skin-care ingredient)!

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Lasers Therapy Treatments

Lasers and light-emitting devices are popular and often effective treatments for those with signs of aging not ready for cosmetic surgery. These procedures can address numerous concerns, including wrinkles, brown spots, uneven skin tone, and redness from rosacea. Explore the differences between these devices so you can determine which one is best for you!

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Light Therapy for Acne and Wrinkles

The hunt for solutions to banish skin problems like acne and wrinkles is seemingly endless. Could light and laser therapy be the answer? Potentially, yes! Learn the pros and cons of these high-tech sounding treatments—and what should be your first line of defense!

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Paula's Choice Anti-Aging

Wondering whether you should be using products from the expanded Resist collection or from one of our other lines? You're not alone! We'll explain who Resist products are for, how you can incorporate them in to your routine, and why every Paula's Choice skin care collection is anti-aging. Wonder no more, all your Resist-related questions will be answered!

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Peptides for Skin

Lots of us are curious about or are looking for anti-aging products with peptides, but what are they? What do they do? Find out if peptides are a must for younger, firmer skin!

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Retinol (Vitamin A) for Anti-Aging

Retinol has gotten a good deal of attention in the world of skin care, and in fact, is one of the most well-researched skin-care ingredients. Why? Because research clearly shows that retinol has multiple benefits for skin.

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Reviews of Dermal Fillers

Considering dermal fillers for wrinkles but don't know where to begin? We explain the pros and cons of dermal fillers and why it isn't about which filler is best, but rather how it's used, what each filler is best for, and how experienced the doctor doing the procedure is.

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Skin Care Shouldn’t Stop at Your Face

Just like your hands can give away your age, your neck, chest, and décolleté can do the same. Learn what you can do to keep this part of your skin looking healthy and young.

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Supplements for Better Skin: Fact or Fad?

The Paula's Choice Research Team gets a lot of questions about taking supplements for their skin. Is there any truth to the idea that oral supplements can fight skin problems, or is this just another fad? Time to separate fact from fiction!

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The Good Skin Diet

You probably already suspect this, but research has proven that the foods you eat can have a tremendous impact on how your skin looks, how it ages, and how it heals. Find out what to add to your diet and what to avoid!

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