Infographic: Exfoliants 101

Get all the facts about this game-changing product in your skincare routine. From fine lines to breakouts, a well-formulated exfoliant can take your skin to the next level, removing buildup of skin and revealing your natural glow.

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5 Anti-Aging Secrets (That Actually Work)

Want your skin to look younger? We have the research-supported tips proven to work for seeing firmer, more even skin with fewer wrinkles.

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5 Retinol Myths Busted!

Confused by the misinformation surrounding retinol? Find out why you SHOULD combine retinol with ingredients like vitamin C, AHA or BHA for younger-looking, skin-smoothing results.

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5 Ways to Use the Resist 1% Retinol Booster That Will Transform Your Skin

Find out how our ingenious 1% Retinol Booster can noticeably diminish the signs of aging you worry about most! Better skin days are ahead...

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A Letter From Paula: The Resist Anti-Aging Eye Cream

For those of you who know me and have read my books or use my products, you’re probably going to be very surprised when I tell you that Paula’s Choice is launching our first-ever eye cream!

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Acne & Aging Skin

Many believe acne should be gone by the time wrinkles start showing, but that is often not the case. Having acne and wrinkles at the same time is an all-too-common problem. We can help you fight wrinkles and breakouts at the same time so you'll start seeing your skin looking radiant, clear, and smooth in just a few days—really!

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Anti-Aging Ingredients Your Skin Needs Now

In terms of your diet and health, it's what's on the inside that counts—and the same is 100% true when it comes to caring for your skin! But what you choose to put on top of your skin can make a difference, so be sure you're giving it the five types of ingredients it needs to look and feel younger, longer!

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Anti-Aging Makeup

If you want more from your makeup, you’re in luck! We’ll take a look at options that are beautiful and have anti-aging benefits, too.

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Anti-Aging Primers

Primers can create a beautiful canvas for foundation - but the very best do much, much more than that! Find out what sets these anti-aging primers apart!

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Anti-Aging Starts With Sunscreen

If you only apply sunscreen on sunny days or at the beach, you’re not giving your skin the best chance at looking younger, longer! Find out why sunscreen—not wrinkle cream—is the most important step in your daily skincare routine.

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Anti-Aging Superstars

Is there a single best anti-aging ingredient? The answer is no, there isn’t. But, don’t be disappointed! The good news is that there are dozens of brilliant ingredients for skin. To make the best decisions for your skin, you need to know what research has proven is essential for truly combating signs of aging and taking the best care of your skin.

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Anti-Pollution Antioxidants

Want to learn how to shield skin against the potential effects of pollutions? We’ll explain how antioxidants can be the ultimate defense, and how easy it is to incorporate them into your beauty routine!

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Boost Your Way to Better Skin this Winter

Cold winter weather doesn’t mean you need to change your regular skincare routine—not if you’re already using the best products for your skin type! Instead, you can just tweak your routine with two of our Boosters for instant benefits. Find out how you can stay ahead of the weather and maintain radiant skin!

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Does Dry Skin Cause Wrinkles?

Dry skin can look more wrinkled and older than someone who doesn’t have dry skin, but it’s not the cause of those bothersome lines. In fact, of the thousands of studies on skin aging, dry skin as a causative factor is never mentioned! Find out what you can do to help your skin look better!

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Five Super Anti-Aging Antioxidants Your Skin Needs

When it comes to antioxidants, one "hero" ingredient won't save your skin—you need products that offer an abundance of the best. We scoured the research on five of the most notable antioxidants that can help skin look younger and feel firmer plus soften the look of other signs of aging.

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How Does Vitamin C Help Skin?

Uneven skin tone, fine lines or red marks among your complexion woes? Find out how the superstar skincare ingredient Vitamin C can help!

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How Hyaluronic Acid Benefits Skin

Ingredient fads come and go, but hyaluronic acid remains a cornerstone of great skincare. Find out how it can benefit any skin type, while helping minimize the signs of aging and improving hydration like no other ingredient can!

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How Niacinamide Helps Skin

Learn all about this extraordinary B vitamin that brings multiple benefits when applied to skin. Smoother, brighter, more even and, yes, younger-looking skin is in store!

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How Paula’s Choice Serums Work

Wondering what serums really do for skin? We’ll explain how they work, what makes them special, and how to find the perfect serum for your skincare concerns!

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How Paula’s Choice Skincare Boosters, Serums, & Essence Work

Targeted skincare products allow you to customize your routine to meet individual concerns. That’s why we’ve created specialized products whose focused ingredients provide stunning, long-lasting results. It’s the edge you need to obtain younger-looking, flawless skin! Find out how our boosters, serums, and essence can help you have the best skin of your life.

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How RESIST Anti-Aging Works

Wondering whether you should be using products from the expanded Resist collection or from one of our other lines? You're not alone! We'll explain who Resist products are for, how you can incorporate them in to your routine, and why every Paula's Choice skin care collection is anti-aging. Wonder no more, all your Resist-related questions will be answered!

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How Retinol Works and Can Benefit All Skin Types

Retinol stands out as one of the best anti-aging ingredients, but how does this powerhouse ingredient actually work on skin's surface? Find out here…

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How the RESIST 1% Retinol Booster Works

If signs of sun damage, dull skin, wrinkles or enlarged pores are daily frustrations for you, find out how this retinol-spiked booster can improve those concerns and more!

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How to Diminish Uneven Skin Tone & Get Your Glow Back

The appearance of uneven skin tone on the face, chest, and hands are a clear sign of aging skin, but we'll point you in the direction of the most effective skin-brightening formulas to get your glow back!

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How to Exfoliate Skin (and Why It's So Important)

Even if you cleanse, tone, apply a sunscreen in the morning and a moisturizer at night, there's still one very important product missing that could make all the difference in the world to get you the skin you want: an AHA or BHA exfoliant!

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