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Fighting Pollution with Antioxidants

Is there such a thing as an anti-pollution beauty routine?  You may be surprised to know the sun isn’t the only wrinkle-risk factor you need to guard against—find out more about the vital role antioxidants play in defending your skin from smog, climate, UV rays, and other factors.  

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Find the Best Products for Your Hair Type

Drop into a salon or walk down the aisles of your favorite drugstore and you're likely to be bombarded with a dizzying array of hair-care products with all sorts of wow-factor claims. But do different hair types really need different products, and does where you buy you hair care matter? We get to the root of the matter to find the best products for your hair type!

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Five Super Anti-Aging Antioxidants Your Skin Needs Now

With so many trendy antioxidants showing up in skin-care products each year, it's difficult to know which ones are worthy of your beauty bucks. When it comes to antioxidants, one "hero" ingredient won't save your skin—you need products that offer an abundance of the best. The Paula’s Choice Research Team scoured the research on five of the most notable antioxidants that can help skin look younger by reducing visible signs of aging.

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Get Rid of KP (Keratosis Pilaris)!

Keratosis Pilaris is a skin condition affecting nearly 50% of adults. The patches of little red or white bumps that are the hallmark of “chicken skin” aren’t considered harmful, but most people would rather be rid of them. Read on to learn how you can finally get rid of KP!

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Get the look: Retro-glam Holiday Makeup

Tired of the same reusing the smoky eye look every holiday season? Try this new fresh take on retro-glam with metallic accents. This look is long-wearing, and is the perfect go-to whether you're getting ready for a date night or an office party. Read on as the Paula's Choice Research Team shares all the tips you’ll need to get ready for your big night!

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Hair Rehab: 5 Ways to Repair Post-Summer Damage

From chlorine and saltwater to intense sun, summer can take its toll on your hair. Find out how to reverse the damage with our proven solutions for silky-soft hair!

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How Paula’s Choice Boosters Work

Paula’s Choice offers several innovative treatment “boosters” you can use to treat specific, stubborn skincare concerns. We reveal what each one does, how to add one (or more!) to your routine, and what results you can expect!

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How to Choose and Apply Bronzer

How can you bronze your way to a soft, golden glow? We reveal the secret to selecting the right kind of bronzer for your skin type and skin tone, as well as the best application tools so you can avoid a faux tan faux pas!

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How To Fade Dark Spots and Get Your Glow Back

Fading and potentially eliminating dark spots is a multi-pronged approach that must include daily sun protection. When you have the facts, you'll be prepared to tackle those aging spots and see the results you want.

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How to Get Clear Skin (From Head to Toe)

It’s safe to say that if you’re dealing with breakouts, you’ve probably tried everything you can to keep them under control—but there are more than a few sabotaging skincare habits that could be getting in your way. We’re sharing the top tips to get a clear, radiant complexion (above and below the neck).

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How to Heal Very Dry Skin

Whether you’re dealing with eczema, severe seasonal dryness or ultra-sensitive skin, here are the research-proven tips that will get your skin back to its healthy, radiant best.

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How to Look Great Without Makeup

Wouldn't it be great if applying makeup was just about enhancing your appearance and not about covering up what you don't like about your skin? With these tips, it can be! We reveal the best ways to keep your skin looking beautiful, with or without makeup—and it all starts with a great skin-care routine!

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How to Look Hot Now and 10 Years From Now

Most of us don't want to look older and are keenly interested in looking our youthful best as long as we can—but what can you do once you start seeing signs of aging? Surgery and cosmetic procedures are one approach, but there's a lot you can do NOW to begin looking younger (and hotter) TODAY.

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How to Prevent Sunburn

The more you know about the risk factors that contribute to sunburn and how to treat sunburned skin, the better you'll be able avoid the burn and keep your family sun-safe, too.

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Ingredient Scares That Aren't True

If websites and headlines about so-called dangerous cosmetic ingredients have you concerned, this article is a must-read! Find out why common ‘bad’ cosmetic ingredients aren’t scary at all!

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Look Party-Perfect (and Great the Morning After!)

Whether you're going to a big gala or small get-together, when parties are on the calendar you want to look your best. We'll tell you how to prep in a flash and how to make sure you look great the morning after (even if you overdo it)!

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Makeup with Benefits: Anti-Aging Color

Women use makeup to enhance their natural features or camouflage discolorations and wrinkles. There are lots of excellent products to address those beauty needs, but why stop with simply covering up the signs of aging? Learn about how anti-aging makeup can do more!

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Paula Celebrates 20 Years of Paula’s Choice

Many of you are probably aware that Paula’s Choice is truly a rare and iconic skincare company. I say that not to brag, but because I know how passionate we are about the products we create. My team and I are wholeheartedly dedicated to helping you achieve the best skin of your life. This has been my personal mission for more than three decades, and was the driving force behind the creation of the Paula’s Choice product line, which this year is celebrating its 20th anniversary—I can hardly believe it!

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Secrets to Looking Great in Photos & Videos

Don't like how you look in photos or videos? We've all been there, but that's about to change because we have tips and tricks you can use right now to make sure you always put your best face forward in front of the camera!

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Spring Skin Care & Makeup

Spring's new beginnings tend to focus on sprucing up the home, but with all the new products being launched, giving your makeup and skin-care routine a sprucing-up can produce beautiful results, too.

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Staying Beautiful When Traveling: Don't Leave Home Without Our Advice!

Got a trip coming up? You're probably wondering what to pack and how you're going to get it all into one carry-on bag. Let our experience help you solve these dilemmas so you can experience less stress en route to your destination!

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The 5 Must-Have Products for Treating Breakouts & Wrinkles

You want to treat wrinkles and sun damage, but you’re also batting breakouts and oily skin. What to do?  You CAN treat both without making either concern worse with 5 key products.

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The Best Fall 2014 Makeup Trends

From lipstick and eyeliner to creating radiant skin, The Beautypedia Research Team is here to talk about the best makeup for fall 2014.

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The Good Skin Diet

You probably already suspect this, but research has proven that the foods you eat can have a tremendous impact on how your skin looks, how it ages, and how it heals. Find out what to add to your diet and what to avoid!

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Treating Sun Spots Below the Neck + Other Body Concerns

Why let your face reap all the rewards of a wrinkle-fighting skin-care routine? We're sharing our favorite solutions that battle the signs of aging (especially brown sun spots and sagging) by targeting and repairing damaged skin.

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