Brown Spots & Discolorations

How Does Vitamin C Help Skin?

Even the most diligent skincare devotees among us may count stubborn brown spots, fine lines or red marks among their complexion woes. Find out how this superstar ingredient works to restore your skin to its younger-looking, more radiant self.

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How to Exfoliate Skin

Even if you cleanse, tone, apply a sunscreen in the morning and a moisturizer at night, there's still one thing missing that could make all the difference in the world to get you the skin you want: an AHA or BHA exfoliant!

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How to Reverse Skin Aging and Damage

If you’re battling dull skin, adult acne, wrinkles, and brown spots, don’t dismay, all is not lost—you can repair the damage, at least to some extent, especially if you follow all our anti-aging tips—all supported by research, not hype!

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How to Use Over-the-Counter & Prescription Retinol Products

Retinol (more commonly known as Vitamin A) is great for your skin, no question. But because there are several forms of retinol it is hard to know which one to use. Not to worry, The Paula's Choice Research Team can help you figure all this out based on the most up-to-date research!

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How to Use Your Skin-Lightening Products

Treating brown spots from sun damage requires special products. But which ones, and in what order do you apply them? Find out how to use a skin lightener (or lighteners—you may need more than one!) for best results.

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Over the past several years, hydroquinone has become a controversial skin-care ingredient for topical use. Despite the controversy, it's abundantly clear is that hydroquinone is a well-researched ingredient, incredibly effective for its intended purpose, and that no other skin lightening ingredient compares to its effectiveness.

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Lightening Brown Spots

Regardless of your ethnic background or skin color, eventually most of us will struggle with some kind of brown or ashen pigmentation problem. Before you look at any other option for brown or ashen skin discolorations, find out what stands the best chance of working—and learn of the crucial role daily sun protection plays.

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Red Marks & Acne Scars

Acne breakouts are one of the most frustrating skin-care problems. What’s worse is that acne can make its presence known long after the breakout has healed. Once a breakout goes away, you're left with a red or brown mark that seems to last forever. Learn the difference between a red mark and true acne scar, and how to get rid of them!

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Treating Sun Spots Below the Neck + Other Body Concerns

Why let your face reap all the rewards of a wrinkle-fighting skin-care routine? We're sharing our favorite solutions that battle the signs of aging (especially brown sun spots and sagging) by targeting and repairing damaged skin.

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What Does a Chemical Peel Do?

Chemical peels are an excellent option to consider in tandem with an anti-aging skin-care routine that includes daily sun protection. Find out which one is best and how they can help you have younger-looking, more radiant skin!

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White Spots

You may be famliar with what brown spots are and what causes them, but perhaps you're wondering what those white spots you're seeing among the brown spots are. We'll explain what those spots are, what causes them, and how you can treat them (and prevent more)!

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About the Experts

Paula Begoun is the best-selling author of 20 books on skin care and makeup. She is known worldwide as the Cosmetics Cop and creator of Paula's Choice. Paula's expertise has led to hundreds of appearances on national and international television including:

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The Paula's Choice Research Team is dedicated to helping you find the absolute best products for your skin, using research-based criteria to review beauty products from an honest, balanced perspective. Each member of the team was personally trained by Paula herself.

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