7 Fast Fixes for Makeup Mishaps

You apply your makeup and everything looks perfect...until you take one final look int the mirror before running out the door and realize that you have way too much blush on or your lipstick didn't stay in place. We've been there and have quick fixes to the 7 most popular makeup blunders!

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All About BB Creams, CC Creams, & Blemish Balms

Curious about the BB Creams and CC Creams you've seen advertised? We'll explain what BB and CC Creams (and Blemish Balms) are and help you decide whether they're right for you—or are a beauty trend you can skip. Find out the real deal about these products and learn what they really can do to improve your skin!

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Bridal Beauty Essentials

Every bride wants to look absolutely beautiful on her wedding day, but many women fall into the trap of following misguided, outdated, or just plain bad skin-care and makeup advice. Using our simple, tried-and-proven beauty tips for your wedding, black tie affair, or any other special occasion, all you'll have to do is smile when the cameras start flashing!

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How to Choose and Use Concealer

There are so many different types and brands of concealer that it's difficult to know which one is best for your skin type and concerns. Which one is best for covering blemishes? Will it crease into the lines around my eyes? Do you have to use foundation along with a concealer? Read on to discover the secrets to choosing and using the concealer that’s best for you.

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How to Determine Your Skin Tone

Knowing your skin tone is crucial in choosing the right makeup, but you may be wondering just how to go about identifying your own individual tone. Use our quick and easy tips for determining your skin tone and achieving a flawless finish!

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How to Shop for Foundation and Apply It Perfectly

Foundation is the canvas for the rest of your makeup; it immediately improves your skin tone, covers minor imperfections, and can even offer sun protection, but finding the right one is no easy feat! The trick is learning which type of foundation works for your skin type and finding a shade that matches your skin color perfectly. Read on for our fail-proof tips!

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Making Foundation and Concealer Last

Foundation and concealer are makeup must-haves to even out skin tone and mask flaws. But what if yours doesn't hold up as long as you want? We have the tips and tricks to make your makeup work for you all day!

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Mineral Makeup

Mineral makeup is a hot topic but one that's also full of misinformation. After you've cut through the hype, mineral makeup is truly nothing more than loose or pressed powder. It isn't revolutionary, safer, or unique in any meaningful way. By any name, technically speaking, mineral makeup is simply a type of powder foundation but there are some that are better than others!

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Touching Up

A quick touch-up is all it takes to beautifully revive your makeup, but how do you go about doing it without messing up what you’ve already got on? Follow our guide to a flawless finish in mere minutes.

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Ultimate Makeup DOs and DON'Ts!

Makeup tips fill the pages of fashion magazines, beauty blogs, and YouTube videos galore. Rather than leaving you to sort through all of those tips on your own, we've compiled a list of the ultimate makeup DOs and DON'Ts.

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Which Foundation Type is Best for You?

Besides finding a foundation that matches your skin color exactly, it's also important to choose the type of foundation that is best for your skin type, and also matches your personal preferences. Let us help you select the perfect foundation!

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About the Experts

Paula Begoun is the best-selling author of 20 books on skin care and makeup. She is known worldwide as the Cosmetics Cop and creator of Paula's Choice. Paula's expertise has led to hundreds of appearances on national and international television including:

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The Paula's Choice Research Team is dedicated to helping you find the absolute best products for your skin, using research-based criteria to review beauty products from an honest, balanced perspective. Each member of the team was personally trained by Paula herself.

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