Mixing & Matching Skincare Products

Do You Really Need to Use Products from Only One Brand?

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Sales pressure and misleading information have likely made you believe that you must use products from the same brand to see results. You may have been told that adding products from different brands will make the other products you are using ineffective, or not work as well as they could. None of this is true in the least. Not only is it perfectly OK to mix and match products from different brands, but sometimes doing so is essential if you want to get the best results possible!
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Focus on the Formula, Not the Hype

What really counts are the formulas, and whether or not those suit your skin type and your skin concerns. More often than not, the line you are using includes some good products, some badly formulated products, products that aren’t suited to your skin type, and products packaged in jar containers (which expose delicate ingredients to light and air, compromising their effectiveness). So, using products only from that line (both the good and bad products) will guarantee you don’t get the best possible results; you may get poor or even problematic results.

 Your skin doesn’t know and doesn’t care which brand you use—it just wants products that work!

Think of it this way: Asking whether or not you can use products from different brands in one skin-care routine is like asking if you can cook a nutritious meal with ingredients from different grocery stores or make a cake using a mix from one brand and frosting from another. The answer? Of course you can! Read on to discover the truth behind some common myths surrounding how to mix and match products from different brands into one routine.

Myth: Products from the same brand are designed to work together.

Fact: It is true that the order in which you use your products is important, but your skin cannot tell if you use a moisturizer from Brand X after a cleanser from Brand Y. A well-formulated product from any line will work with a product from any another line as long as they are appropriate for your skin type.

Myth: Most brands offer everything my skin really needs.

Fact: For the most part, cosmetics companies tend to overlook the essential elements of skincare, and many offer poorly formulated options alongside excellent ones. For example, a company may have a great moisturizer, but it also may sell harsh cleansers or toners that include types of alcohol that can damage skin.

Even more disturbing is that many cosmetics companies sell eye creams that don’t contain sunscreen, and if you use one of those during the day, it will leave your skin exposed to the sun, making wrinkles and dark circles worse. It is important to realize that few brands offer products for all skin types or concerns, especially if you have oily/combination skin, breakouts, acne, rosacea, sun damage, skin discolorations, or sensitive skin. Add in personal preference, and it's easy to see how no single product is going to meet every person's skin-care needs.

Tip: Consult our research-supported reviews on Beautypedia to find the best products for your skin.

Myth: It’s safer for my skin to use products all from one brand.

Fact: There is no research showing that skin suffers from using products from different brands. In fact, there is no problem with mixing products from different brands, as long as the products are well-formulated and contain no known irritants. Not only will your skin be safe, but also, if you choose the best products available, your skin will be far healthier, younger-looking, and less likely to breakout or get discolorations.

Myth: If I don’t use all of a brand’s products, I won’t see maximum results.

Fact: As long as you’re consistently using products that are well-formulated and suitable for your skin type and concern, you should see positive results. However, keep your expectations realistic: No product will work like Botox, and no spot treatment will completely erase a stubborn pimple overnight. If your goal is clear, radiant, healthy-looking skin, which is what most of us want, then you can absolutely achieve that with consistent use of brilliantly formulated products, no matter what line or brand. The key word there is "consistent". If you're not consistent with your routine, you cannot realistically expect stellar results.

Remember: To build an effective skin-care routine, you must focus on formulas that are right for your skin type and concerns, and not worry about much else. No matter what combination of brands or products you prefer, you can always rely on Beautypedia Reviews to help you find exceptional options no matter your beauty budget!

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