Natural Skin Care

Is Mineral Oil Bad for Skin?

Is mineral oil the "Boo Radley" of the cosmetics industry? Find out why the spooky tales about cosmetic mineral oil aren't true (and what makes it such a fab skin-care ingredient)!

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Mineral Makeup

Mineral makeup is a hot topic but one that's also full of misinformation. After you've cut through the hype, mineral makeup is truly nothing more than loose or pressed powder. It isn't revolutionary, safer, or unique in any meaningful way. By any name, technically speaking, mineral makeup is simply a type of powder foundation but there are some that are better than others!

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Natural Ingredients

Many people think nautral and organic ingredients are automatically better for skin, but research hasn't shown that to be the case. In fact, many common nautral ingredients cause irritation that makes skin worse, not better!

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Organic Cosmetics

Organic and natural ingredients abound in skin care but how can you separate the truth from the hype? We explored this issue in depth to bring you the facts so you can make the best decision about this controversial topic.

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Spa Products

Marketing finesse gives spa lines an authoritative aura and healthful image when it comes to skin care, particularly from the neck down. Unfortunatley, this misperception can waste money and also cause skin problems.

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The Oil-Cleansing Method

If you have oily skin, acne, or both, you may have heard of something called the "oil-cleansing method," either from a friend or from browsing the Internet. In that case, you're probably wondering whether the oil-cleansing method is finally the solution to your shiny face, or perhaps an end to constant breakouts.

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What’s the Deal with Facial Oils?

Eyeing that $40 bottle of argan oil, but not sure whether it’s a beauty product you really need in your routine?  We’re taking a closer look at the booming beauty trend know as Facial Oils so you can decide whether they’re right for you.

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About the Experts

Paula Begoun is the best-selling author of 20 books on skin care and makeup. She is known worldwide as the Cosmetics Cop and creator of Paula's Choice. Paula's expertise has led to hundreds of appearances on national and international television including:

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The Paula's Choice Research Team is dedicated to helping you find the absolute best products for your skin, using research-based criteria to review beauty products from an honest, balanced perspective. Each member of the team was personally trained by Paula herself.

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