Basic Skin Care Tips

Skin Care Results & Expectations

When it comes to your skin-care routine, it's easy to get frustrated or confused when you're surrounded by products that don't seem to work. You might feel that way because you can't tell if the product is really working, or maybe using it just made matters worse. Given the variables, it's easy to see why so many are often confused and frustrated. Let's get this sorted out!

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Skin Irritation: Your Worst Enemy

You can be irritating your skin and not even know it because irritation, more often than not, doesn't show up on the surface of skin. Even though you can't see it, irritation is taking place beneath the skin's surface, causing damage, mutating skin cells, destroying collagen, and making large pores and oily skin worse.

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Skincare Alternatives to Color Correcting

It’s no secret that color correcting can help treat redness or other skin discolorations in the short-term, but these tips will show you how to treat each major color correcting issue with skincare for lasting results.

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Staying Beautiful When Traveling: Don't Leave Home Without Our Advice!

Got a trip coming up? You're probably wondering what to pack and how you're going to get it all into one carry-on bag. Let our experience help you solve these dilemmas so you can experience less stress en route to your destination!

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The 15 Most Shocking Beauty Myths Busted

Can drinking more water really cure dry skin? Does a tingling sensation actually mean a product is working? Will you ever outgrow acne? Find out the truth behind the biggest myths of the beauty industry (and what you should do instead).

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The Alcohol & Skincare Question (with The Beauty Brains)

Recently, we’ve had questions about a podcast from our friends at The Beauty Brains where they concluded there wasn’t enough information showing high-amounts of alcohol could be irritating for skin.

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The Clear Skin Diet

Wondering what role the foods you eat play in keeping your skin clear? Claims abound about foods like chocolate or dairy (and others) and their acne-causing potential—find out what the research really says.

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The Good Skin Diet

You probably already suspect this, but research has proven that the foods you eat can have a tremendous impact on how your skin looks, how it ages, and how it heals. Find out what to add to your diet and what to avoid!

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The Korean Skincare Guide

What’s the deal with the Korean beauty routine? We take a closer look at the infamous 10-step skincare regimen + share the facts behind their benefits for skin.

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Treating (and Minimizing) Scars

Scars are a fact of life and an amazing example of our skin's ability to heal, but did you know you have a lot of control over how a scar looks? It's true! Find out what you can do to minimize scars and fade those you've had for years.

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Vacation Beauty: Minimum Products, Maximum Results!

With the summer travel season in full swing, we’re betting that you could use a few tips on how to streamline your beauty routine.  The Paula’s Choice Research Team is here to help, with time-tested advice to keep you looking radiant during your vacation (in as few steps as possible). 

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Waiting Between Product Applications

As at-home skin-care routines become more and more complex, we often are asked how long a person should wait between applying the various products in their daily skin-care routine. We have a simple answer you're sure to love: You don't have to wait!

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What is My Skin Type?

What you've been taught about skin type by cosmetics salespeople, aestheticians, fashion magazines, and even some dermatologists, is likely incorrect, confusing, or designed to simply keep you buying more and more products—it all ends here!

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What is Normal Skin?

Wondering if you have normal skin or another skin type entirely? It's not always easy to tell, yet knowing the answer is critical to choosing the best skin-care products. Find out what normal skin is, what it isn't, and how to determine if that really describes your skin!

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What the Heck is That? When You Should See a Dermatologist

Not every skin difficulty can be resolved without the help of a dermatologist—and there will be times when you spot something and exclaim: "What the heck is that?" Learn how to decide when to call and make an appointment—and when you can treat it yourself.

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What To Do When Climate Change Affects Your Skin

Whether you end up with dry, itchy skin in the winter or an overly oily appearance in the summer, there are ways to keep combat "seasonal" changes in your skin. Follow our guide to keep your skin beautiful and healthy when weather takes a toll.

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What To Do When Your Skincare Products Stop Working

Have the products you've used for years suddenly stopped working? Just when you thought you had your skincare routine figured out, your skin throws you a curveball that may require going back to the drawing board—or perhaps just a small tweak will make a big difference! Find out what's going on and how to fix it.

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When to Add Prescription Products to Your Skincare Routine

The most frustrating aspect of topical prescription medications is preventing negative reactions. The other major concern is determining which skincare products you can use and the order in which to use them. No matter which medication your doctor prescribed, you still need skin care as usual. We explain how you can combine the two for beautiful results!

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When to Toss Out Beauty Products

Have you ever wondered how long your skin-care and makeup products remain safe to use once they've been opened? Find out how to tell if a product has expired, because even good products can go bad!

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Why Products Cause Negative Reactions on Skin

You're using a new product and love the results—at first. Then, out of the blue, your skin reacts strongly, breaking out in red bumps, itching, and more. Is it the new product? Is it something you've used for years? Find out how to get to the bottom of negative skin reactions, fast!

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Will It Make Me Break Out?

How can you tell if a product will cause your skin to break out with pimples, white bumps, or blackheads? Unfortunately, most people find it difficult, if not impossible, to differentiate between the products or ingredients that increase blemishes and those that do not. That's where we can help you save your skin and your money!

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