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Boost Your Way to Better Skin this Winter

Boost Your Way to Better Skin this Winter

Winter Skin Concerns

The weather outside might be frightening with frigid temperatures and icy winds, but often the real winter weather advisory is how cold outdoor air and moisture-depleting, heated indoor air conspire to create uncomfortably dry, flaky, reddened skin.

Regardless of your skin type, the result of these seasonal changes isn’t pretty for your skin, especially on your face because it’s constantly exposed to the elements far more than any other part of your body. There’s every likelihood your face will need extra help to prevent moisture loss, calm redness, and eliminate weather-beaten dullness. How to do that easily without changing everything is the secret to staying ahead of the havoc winter weather can inflict!

Do You Need to Change Your Skincare Routine?

Often the recommendations you run into for winter skin distress is to change your entire skincare routine or to change up your moisturizer or serum to more emollient formulas. While that works for some people, the problem for many is that richer products can feel heavy and greasy if you have oily or combination skin. Some can feel occlusive even if you already have dry skin. But there are far better options to consider.

To protect your skin from outdoor cold and indoor dry heat you really don’t need to stop using the products you love; in fact, that could be a mistake. If you’re already using the best assortment of core products for your skin type and concerns, the solution is to seasonally customize your existing skincare routine. Paula’s Choice Skincare has two innovative Boosters that provide skin-saving instant benefits to get you through the winter (and beyond).

Why You Need to Use Boosters

By adding two of our Boosters to your current skincare routine, you can outsmart winter: RESIST Moisture Renewal Oil Booster and RESIST Hyaluronic Acid Booster have remarkable properties that provide extra replenishing moisture and skin-nourishing non-fragrant plant oils that are gentle enough for sensitive, redness-prone skin. In fact, it's even suitable for those with rosacea. This combination smooths away dryness, calms redness, and enhances a plumper, youthful appearance while imparting a dewy, supple radiance to skin. Both boosters are also customer favorites to reduce the appearance of rough-looking, extra-dry skin, and are gentle enough even for those with eczema-prone skin.

Hyaluronic acid is a fascinating ingredient for skin. It has the remarkable ability to hold 1,000 times its weight in moisture and hold it in skin for long-lasting, desperately needed hydration. It works brilliantly in any skincare routine no matter your skin type, even if you’re prone to breakouts.

The proprietary mix of non-fragrant plant oils we use in our RESIST Moisture Renewal Oil Booster are bursting with skin-restoring antioxidants and essential skin-boosting components including gamma-linolenic acid, oleic acid, palmitic acid, and eicosenoic acid. Your skin is always hungry for these indispensable ingredients but even more so in winter, as cold, dry air seeks to sap moisture reserves from your skin faster than you can say "Wow, it’s cold out there!".

How to Use Them

You can utilize and adapt our RESIST Hyaluronic Acid Booster and RESIST Moisture Renewal Oil Booster in many ways, regardless of your skin type. They are easily applied after your cleanser, toner, and exfoliant. You would apply the RESIST Hyaluronic Acid Booster first and then the RESIST Moisture Renewal Oil over that. You would then follow with the other products in your skincare routine, as usual.

If you have dry, dehydrated skin, you can apply both these Boosters twice per day, morning and evening. If you have normal to oily skin or combination skin, you can apply them just at night and spot-apply them over dry, dull areas. For some with oily or combination skin the RESIST Hyaluronic Acid Booster can be used on its own.

One more way to use these boosters is to dispense a few drops of each into the palm of your hand, mix together, and massage over your face, including the eye area, and onto your neck. As stated above, you’d then follow with the rest of your skincare routine.

There you have it, two multi-benefit products that will let you get through the cold, dry winter months with your skin looking unbelievably smooth, energized, and radiant.

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