Interviews and Appearances

Best-selling beauty authors Paula Begoun, Bryan Barron, and Desiree Stordahl are shaking up the cosmetics industry! Their work as internationally-recognized beauty experts helping consumers cut through the hype has led to repeat appearances on CNN, as well as programs such as Oprah, The Today Show, The Doctors, Dateline NBC, The View, and The Dr. Oz Show.

Interested in interviewing Paula, Bryan, or Desiree? Please contact Casey Ward at or 212.221.1713.

"5 tricks that can help save your skin this winter"

Cityline -July 10, 2015
"How to Steal the Hottest Celeb Beauty Tricks" -March 2013
"BB Bombshells"

Radar TV (The Netherlands) -March 2013
"Anti-Aging Beauty Myths Busted"

Get it Beauty TV (Korea) -June 2012
"Get it Beauty with Paula Begoun"

Naver HappyBean (Korea) -May 2012
"What is your happy energy?" -April 9, 2012
"Do you know the new beauty rules?"

Canadian Health & Lifestyle -September 2010
"14 Skintastic Tips - Splurge VS. Save" -May 10, 2010
"Cosmetics Cop: The Business of Beauty Laid Bare"

Fashion411 -March 22, 2010
"Get rid of acne - Paula Begoun tells you how"

Fashion411 -March 18, 2010
"The truth about beauty products"

Fashion411 -March 17, 2010
"Cheap vs. Expensive products: Paula Begoun's tips"

Toronto Star (Canada) -January 21, 2010
"Do anti-wrinkle creams work?"


The Tai Life -February 2016
"Face Health + Care 101" -February 1, 2016
"9 Mascara Mistakes You're Making-And Simple Fixes You Need"

Good Morning Arizona -January 8, 2016
"Beauty Products the Stars Use"

Good Things Utah -January 6, 2016
"How to Get the Best Skin of Your Life" -December 31, 2015
"10 Skin Care Trends That Will Be HUGE in 2016"

Teen Vogue -December 28, 2015
"Why This Underrated Face Wash Is Seriously Great for Clearing Up Acne" -September 28, 2015
"Why It's Senseless to Detoxify Your Skin (and 4 Other Beauty Myths Explained)" -May 9, 2015
"5 Summer Beauty Killers (& How to Fix Them)" -April 11, 2015
"6 Ways To Get More Out of Your Beauty Products" -February 25, 2015
"Is The Water In Your Beauty Products Making Your Skin Look Older?"

Tampa Bay Times -August 22, 2013
"Anti-aging products, treatments help you put best face forward"

Chicago Tribune -April 21, 2013
"The eyes have it"

LA Times -December 23, 2012
"Beauty metals: The 24-karat spin"

WREG Memphis -September 27, 2012
"Drugstore Doubles"

NextAvenue -May 7,2012
"How to Read Anti-Aging Cosmetics Labels"

Chicago Tribune -February 24, 2012
"Beauty potion breakdown: No hocus-pocus" -January 2012
"5 Ways to Save Money on Beauty Products"

FabFitFun -December 15, 2011
"Save Your Skin: Don't Let Winter Chap Your Hide"

The Look on Today - November 28, 2011
"Luxe for Less: 7 cheap swaps for skin care products"

The Dr. Oz Show -October 5, 2011
"Revolutionary Ways to Look Yonger"

CNN -August 1, 2011
"Beauty hype: Why we buy anyway"

MoneyTalksNews -July 28, 2011
"How to Read Beauty Product Labels"

USA Today -May 18, 2011
"Five Ways: To get the perfect fake tan"

The Dr. Oz Show -February 25, 2011
"Look Younger By Morning"

Talk of the Town -January 11, 2011
"Winter Beauty Bargains for Under $15"

The Dr. Oz Show -October 15, 2010
"Turn Back Time: Remove Years From Your Face"

The Dr. Oz Show -September 8, 2010
"Did that? Try this! For Your Aging Skin"

LA Times -June 13, 2010
"Brush up at the counter"

The New York Times -June 2, 2010
"'Jersey Shore', Without the Sun"

Showcase Minnesota -February 24, 2010
"Spring Beauty Secrets"

My Fox Phoenix -February 14, 2010
"Recession-Proof Beauty"

Eye on the Bay -February 12, 2010
"Beauty Trends"

Salon -January 18, 2010
"Hype in a Jar"

Star Tribune -January 15, 2010
"Yes, you can bargain for Botox"

Denver Post -December 29, 2009
"Fashion's look-back decade"

Seattle Business Magazine -June 2009
"The Truth in Beauty"

WPTV -May 12, 2009
"Cosmetics Cop: Recession Beauty Bargains"

Dallas Morning News -April 13, 2009
"Find the best inexpensive sunscreens and moisturizers"

KMSP Fox 9 News -April 13, 2009
"Cosmetics Cop Works Walgreens"

The Dallas Morning News -March 14, 2009
"Busting beauty myths, claims"

KOMO News -March 3, 2009
"Going Broke for Beauty Just Wouldn't be Pretty"

Dallas Morning News -March 2, 2009
"Cosmetics veteran gives tips on best inexpensive makeup"

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