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Don't Go To The Cosmetics Counter Without Me Press Releases

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Contact: Caroline O'Connell
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Paula Begoun's best-selling book
Don't Go To The Cosmetics Counter Without Me
Is Completely Revised and Updated for 2010!

Bestselling beauty author Paula Begoun returns with her most comprehensive book yet! The Cosmetics Cop is back with thousands of new product reviews, updated ingredient research, and an extensive compilation of myth-busting skin care facts. As women the world over have learned (Paula's books and website have been translated into eight languages), Paula is the most unique, respected, and unbiased source of skin care and makeup analysis and advice. In this 8th edition you will discover the truth about the makeup and skin care products you are currently using or are thinking of using. Line by line, Don't Go To The Cosmetics Counter Without Me details the benefits and/or failings of each product so women can easily understand what works and what doesn't and find the best of the best in any category. This new 1192-page version covers 119 product lines, and there is a Best Products Summary at the back of the book.

With over 2.5 million books sold, Paula Begoun is the "go to" authority on the beauty industry. Here are some of the topics she covers and can discuss in interviews:

  1. What are the worst beauty shopping mistakes women make?
  2. How did you research and compile this book?
  3. What are the best products for the least amount of money (cleansers, moisturizers, sunscreens,
  4. night creams, etc.)?
  5. What are your solutions for dry skin that really solve the problem?
  6. Of the thousands of anti-wrinkles products which ones really work and don't cost a fortune?
  7. What products are the biggest mistakes for your beauty dollars?
  8. Why do you say, "You need to fall in love with a cosmetic dermatologist or plastic surgeon"?
  9. What are the best makeup products?
  10. What is the best way to finally stop chapped lips?
  11. What lipsticks, lip liners, and lip glosses do you recommend for under $7?
  12. How should eye makeup be removed? What are the best mascaras? Why do mascara ads always use models in false eyelashes?
  13. What other ads are misleading? What is the big brouhaha in England about the Olay ads using the model Twiggy that are air-brushed, and would that new law ever get passed in the U.S.?

Shop smarter, look beautiful, and discover which products really work!

About Paula Begoun 

Paula Begoun has been reporting on the beauty industry for more than 25 years. Her unique coverage on the cosmetics industry has earned her the nickname the "Cosmetics Cop". Paula is an internationally-recognized authority as a consumer advocate covering the cosmetics and hair-care industries, and she is called on for her expertise regularly by reporters and producers from television, magazines, and radio – including Oprah, 20/20, Dateline NBC, The View, the Today Show, CBS This Morning, Good Morning America, and Dr. Oz. Paula Begoun is recognized by women all over the world as the most reliable source for answers to all of their beauty-related questions.

For more information about Paula Begoun and her books, visit For information about Beautypedia, the online version of Paula's book, visit Beautypedia.

Endorsement Quotes

"[Paula Begoun] is considered the country's leading watchdog over an ultra-competitive, billion-dollar cosmetics industry."
San Diego Union-Tribune

"They don't call author Paula Begoun the Cosmetics Cop for nothing. In Ms. Begoun's precinct, you have the right to remain informed."
The Dallas Morning News

"Begoun's mission is to give women objective information that can't be found anywhere else. She uncovers the [cosmetics industry's] half-truths and secrets in all her must-read books."
The Boston Herald

"Got the urge to splurge on makeup? Check with Paula first." — Chicago Tribune

"She's the woman the cosmetics industry loves to hate. That's because she's totally honest."
Toronto Sun

"Paula is nationally recognized as an authority of the subject of cosmetics for her objective product appraisals and her role as a consumer advocate."
Miami Herald