How-To Guide
5 in five

Five Minutes, Man.

That's all it takes. Here's the plan.

  • 1. Wash | That's the clean part. Ah, fresh.
  • 2. Shave | That's the foaming part. Put it on and shave.
  • 3. Soothe & Smooth | That's the exfoliant. Don’t dare skip it.
  • 4. Daytime Protect | That's sunscreen. It blocks wrinkles.
  • 5. Nighttime Repair | That's moisturizer. It fixes wrinkles.
Shaving Tips
Whoa that was a close shave

Turn down the heat

Using hot water will irritate your skin, causing redness and inflammation.

Go with the flow

Shave in the direction of your hair growth with short, light strokes.

Cool that burn

Use a soothing aftershave or exfoliant, every time. Only you can prevent razor burn.