How To Put Together
A Skincare Routine.

It's easy to find the right products to suit your skin type and concerns. Here's a little primer to get you started.

Types of Skincare Products And
What They Can Do

Cleanser Cleanser
A gentle, water-soluble cleanser removes dirt, oil and makeup. When your face is clean, it allows the other products you use to work even better.
Toner Toner
Toners smooth, soften, and calm skin while removing the last traces of makeup. They also add vital skin-repairing ingredients after cleansing.
Exfoliant Exfoliant
Reveal younger-looking skin with a leave-on exfoliant that removes old skin cells. Use a weekly in place of your daily exfoliant for that extra glow.
Treatment Treatment
Mix serums, boosters and targeted treatments right into your moisturizer to lighten brown spots, firm and brighten skin, and smooth wrinkles.
Day Moisturizer + SPF Day Moisturizer + SPF
Protect your skin from sun damage, the number one cause of aging issues like brown spots and wrinkles.
Night Moisturizer Night Moisturizer
Repair the damage from the elements and keep your skin smooth and healthy.

Choose A Simple
or Super Routine

Keep it simple

Simple AM Routine 1. Cleanser
2. Exfoliant*
3. Moisturizer + SPF
Simple PM Routine 1. Cleanser
2. Exfoliant*
3. Moisturizer

Supercharge It

Supercharged AM Routine 1. Cleanser
2. Toner
3. Exfoliant*
4. Treatment*
5. Moisturizer + SPF
Supercharged PM Routine 1. Cleanser
2. Toner
3. Exfoliant*
4. Treatment*
5. Moisturizer

*Exfoliants and treatments can be used AM and/or PM.

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Find Your Skin Type

Dry/Very Dry Normal Combination Oily/Very Oily
Most areas appear dry,
flaky, matte, or feel tight.
No signs of oiliness or dryness. Some areas are oily and
some areas are dry.
4 hours after cleansing,
skin has excess oil.
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