About Paula Begoun, The Cosmetics Cop

About Paula Begoun

Paula Begoun is the founder and innovative force behind Paula's Choice skin care and cosmetics. She is the author of 20 best-selling books on skin care, makeup, and hair care including:

Don't Go to the Cosmetics Counter Without Me
The Original Beauty Bible
Blue Eyeshadow Should Be Illegal
(out of print)
Don't Go Shopping for Hair-Care Products Without Me (out of print)

Paula's books have sold more than 2.5 million copies worldwide. Her work as a nationally-recognized consumer expert for the cosmetics industry has led to repeat appearances on CNN, as well as programs such as Oprah, The Today Show, 20/20, Dateline NBC, The View,and Dr. Oz. Each member of The Research Team is personally trained by Paula to honestly and scientifically analyze thousands of product formulations. The team is dedicated to helping you find the absolute best products for your skin.

Paula's Story: In Her Own Words

At the age of 11 I began a tormented struggle with acne and eczema. I tried numerous skin-care products and medical treatments yet my skin didn't get better.

Then at the age of 25 (and I'll never forget this moment), I read the ingredient label on a skin-care product I was using and the fourth ingredient was acetone. That's nail polish remover! From that moment on I began reading all of the research I could find on skin care and eventually I was able to put together a skin-care routine that completely transformed my skin.

After suffering for all of those years, I wanted to do everything possible to prevent others from going through the same pain. So I started writing books and doing TV appearances to tell the world which skin-care products really work. Every one of the 20 books I've written on cosmetics including the current edition of my book Don't Go to the Cosmetics Counter Without Me fulfills my commitment to help women understand when product claims are lying or telling the truth.

In 1995, at the request of thousands of my readers, I decided to use my years of research on skin-care ingredients to create my own skin-care line, Paula's Choice. I use only proven ingredients that can truly make your skin look younger and radiant as well as reduce wrinkles, lessen or eliminate acne, and work perfectly for those with sensitive skin. All my products are 100% guaranteed.

The Research Team

Our research team is dedicated to helping you find the absolute best products for your skin, using research-based criteria to review beauty products and write beauty advice articles from an honest, balanced perspective.

Bryan Barron

Bryan Barron has been working with Paula for over 13 years. Together, he and Paula have written several editions of Don't Go to the Cosmetics Counter Without Me, The Beauty Bible, and thousands of research-based product reviews for CosmeticsCop.com. Bryan's experience in the cosmetics industry includes many years as a salesperson, educator, and makeup artist. This real-world experience coupled with a passion for research and flair for writing creates a perfect combination for his role as Research and Content Director at Paula's Choice. Always at work behind the scenes (and, increasingly, on camera), Bryan and his team strive to bring you the most accurate information on skin care and makeup so you can look and feel great—and save money, too!

research team

The Paula's Choice Research Team is led by Bryan Barron. Paula and Bryan personally trained each team member, and with their collective industry, product development knowledge and backgrounds in science use research-based criteria to help you find the best products for your skin. The Research Team reviews a wide range of beauty products from an honest, balanced perspective. All of us are passionate about great skin care and makeup; we get just as excited about new product launches as you do—and just as disappointed when products fail to work as claimed. With our information, you can be sure you'll save time and money—and get the skin you've always wanted!

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