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Skin Care

This could be a long e-mail that I have been meaning to write for years. I may be the original Paula Fan. Back in 1975 (maybe 1974), Paula wrote an article for the Seattle Times about a cleanser that was wonderful. She did not name the product brand, but just told the reader the ingredients that were in the product. Well of course, that very same day I went to the pharmacy with the ingredient list in hand and tried to find this cleanser. Of course the pharmacist thought I was crazy and was of no help. But, the clamor from the public was so strong to find this product that Paula had to name this product by brand and this was announced in the newspaper as Cetaphil. Remember, there was no internet, smart phones, etc back then. From that very day I was totally devoted to Paula. I then purchased her books, then her newsletter, then subscribed to Beautypedia, all the while saving money by the bucket full. I never bought the expensive creams that promised miracles but remained true to the ingredients that would give the same results as recommended by Paula. I must confess I did splurge on cosmetics like foundations, eyeshadows etc.that were pricey but great. Once Paula came out with her limited cosmetic line I became her number one consumer and continue to do so. Recently I bought the Resist Line Retinol duo, the brightener, antioxidant, and the BHA9. LOVE THEM. I am now 66 and get comments from many people asking me what products I use and compliments on the smoothness and luminosity of my skin. I have many times been told I look no older than my 40's. I always tell them that Paula's Choice has taken care of me for 30 plus years and I have no plans to change. Thanks Paula for helping me age gracefully and beautifully.
— Janet

Hi! My name is Kara and I am in my early thirties with hormonal acne and uneven skin tone. When I was younger, my acne was bad, but I was never taught how to take care of it so it left my skin pretty horrible. As I got older, the acne only comes once a month. I have tried many things out there to make my skin look better, with no results. One day I remembered looking at Paula's book and that she had a skin care line, so I thought, "I guess it couldn't hurt to give it a try." Best decision about my skin that I have ever made! I tried the skin balancing line, and for the first time ever, I did not get acne around that time of the month. Something was still missing, however, so I decided this time to give hydralight a try. After one application, my skin looks more even today than it ever has! It has brightened up a bit, too. I can't believe it! Paula really knows what she is doing, and I am so thankful for that! My hope is that soon I can go out without makeup for the first time since my acne started, something I never thought would happen. Thanks again!
— Kara

I love, love, love (!) the new Skin Balancing SPF 30. It is truly an extraordinary formulation. It's everything I ever dreamed of ( a sunscreen).

This is going to blasphemous, but I actually like it better than the Resist Oily SPF 30 (which I still have 2 bottles of) -- which is astounding. The aesthetics of Skin Balancing -- the fact that it's virtually invisible -- are a dream come true for someone who's obsessed, like myself, with not looking and/or feeling like I have anything extra on my skin (the natural, nasty oil slick is enough). I hope it sells like gangbusters and that you all sell it forever. Incidentally, when I was on the numerous trials for this product -- none of which were this version, so it must have taken forever to develop -- I actually wrote a long letter back to Paula's Choice saying how I thought every version was pretty much awful. They looked shiny, felt heavy and seemed to be worse than the original version. I remember writing the words, "moving in the wrong direction." But I am blown away. I was not, to say the least, even excited about this product -- at all. Whomever formulated this is genius.

Anyway, if you will pass my highest praises on to the Powers That Be.

Happy Friday and weekend
— Dustin

Hi Paula's Choice!! I've been using Paula's choice for almost 5 months now! I can't say how appreciative I am for Paula's products, philosophy, honesty, and reviews. I've always had a hate relationship with my skin. Always broken out and usually tight and dry. I've tried so many different products and wasted so much money on prodcuts that didn't work. When I found out about Paula's choice, I was sceptical. Is there really a company out there who has my best interest at heart? Well I can now say there is!! I've tried several different products from Paula. I think I've finally found my perfect routine. My skin has never looked better!! I love it!! I no longer look in the mirror and think I need botox or cry because of all my acne. I even go into public with just moisturizer and mascara on!! And still get compliments on my skin! I have the skin I used to envy!!! All because of Paula's products!! So very grateful!!! And I LOVE how I can send the products that didn't work for me back!! With no hassle! So very awesome! I can try anything without worrying about more wasted money! Please let Paula now how much I appreciate her! My life would not be the same had I not discovered her products and reviews. I've gained great skin and so much knowledge! If we lived in Seattle, I'd love to work for her company! Such a great company. Thanks so much for everything!!
— Betsie

I do use the Resist Skin Resurfacing & Smoothing System. I find that even my sensitive, rosacea skin can take the weekly lotion very well, and I use the daily smoothing treatment twice a day. I also swear by the Skin Recovery Super Antioxidant Concentrate Serum with Retinol. Again, although I can't handle your latest retinol product, this works great for me. I'm a fan of the Skin Recovery Cleanser, but I realize my first item has two things in it. Whenever I've strayed and tried another cleanser, I always come back. In fact, I gave up straying years ago on all these products - just not worth it!

This is so generous. Seriously, I'd love to do any kind of speaking out for Paula's Choice. You wouldn't believe the compliments I get. Even my dermatologist has said I have great skin. I'm truly not trying to toot my own horn, but daily care with the right products over the years has certainly paid off. My mother refuses to even wash her skin at night, and yes, it shows.

Might I add one comment about the "save for later" option? It'd be great if it didn't expire, like Amazon. I find the shopping carts that do, like Nordstrom, annoying. I know it's to urge us shoppers to buy sooner rather than later. But I personally find the former much more useful.

Thank you again, Bryan. You all do a great job, and I hope your success continues.

All my best,

   — Lynn 

I wanted you to know: I am extremely impressed by the new retinol serum. I have used it seven nights in a row---without any irritation whatsoever (for the average person, this may not sound impressive, but my history with retinoids--prescription and otherwise--is sordid, to say the least). Anyway, usually, I can use a potent retinol product for 3 days before terrible things happen. And usually I cannot find a balance between effectiveness and irritation, so I give up altogether. Weak retinol does nothing and a stronger dose wreaks havoc. I haven't found an in-between product --- until now.

I am impressed with the packaging, the texture and the results. Since I became allergic to benzoyl peroxide (the saddest thing to ever happen), I've been searching for other anti-acne options. The retinol serum looks like it might be a winner (my skin is 100% clear after a week!). And if it ends up diminishing the sun damage on my face, I'll be ECSTATIC.

I hope you'll pass along to Paula that someone who's very, very sensitive is actually having great success with this product. I am sure I won't be the only one. The company should be very proud of this product; I think it just raised the bar --- big time --- on non-prescription retinoids. This one might even give some of the prescription ones a run for the money (I have been prescribed, at one point or another, almost all of them).

   — Dustin 

I just want to say thank you for your wonderful products and cosmetics advice. I had always had problems with my skin. Several years ago, a friend told me to borrow her "Don't Go To The Cosmetics Counter Without Me" book, and gave me her bottle of Paula's Choice exfolient. I loved the product and learned so much from the up-front advice in the book. Gradually I began to order more and more Paula's products, and now all of my skin care products are Paula's Choice. I don't ever feel tempted to try any others. The skincare information provided free on your site is equally as important as the excellent fragrance-free products, as it helps me choose just the right product for my skin. It really isn't an exaggeration to say that I went from thinking I had problem skin, to loving my skin. Thank you!
   — Terri 

I just wanted to say how much I appreciate this website and Paula's Choice products. There are so many great resources on this site and I was easily able to find information here that I was unable to find elsewhere, like if/how to use an AHA product with a Rx skin cream. Beautypedia is also extremely helpful and visit there often. I am very impressed with Paula's products as well. As a consumer, it is so refreshing to be able to cut through all the hype and pretty packaging of most skincare products and have research showing what really works right at my fingertips. All of the products I have tried are wonderful, the return policy really shows a dedication to customer satisfaction and the customer service on this site is wonderful. Good customer service is so hard to find these days and I genuinely appreciate it when I get it! I am so thankful that I discovered Paula's products. It is so hard to find products for my sensitive skin that are effective, don't contain dyes or fragrance, contain correct sunscreen ingredients, and are within my budget. Paula's products fulfill all my skincare needs. I also greatly appreciate that her products are not tested on animals. I can't tell you how nice it is to know that I can now finally find quality products that won't irritate my skin from a company that demonstrates kindness towards animals, too. Thank you so much to Paula and your team, and please never stop making these wonderful products!,
   — Shalaine C. 

I love my clear skin!!!

I am 48 yrs. old and have had acne my whole life!!! My skin has never been this fabulous in all my life!!! I had resaults immediately.... I love this line and will continue it forever!!! thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!


   — Mary 

As a long-time Paula's Choice customer who has now "graduated" to using your Resist line of products, I wanted to write to let you know how deeply impressed I am with all of your products and with your company. Your commitment to truthful claims, research-based formulas, and reasonable prices is refreshing and admirable. I trust your company and have never been disappointed in that trust.
   — Jane K. 

I used Paula's Choice products off and on throughout the past 10 years. I was lured away by promises made by Department store cosmetics sales persons and slick magazine ads. This past year I spent over $1,300.00 on two high-end department store brands skin care lines for mature skin (I am 56). I saw very little difference in my skin after 6 months of religiously using each skin care line. The year before I tried am "As Seen on TV" skin care line promoted by a famous celebrity. The results were not noticeable. I should have known better but kept seeking the "holy grail" of skin care. So I bought the entire Resist line of skin care and every item delivered exactly as marketed. After 5 weeks I am seeing a visible difference in my skin tone, my skin's smoothness, decreased pore size, and it looks fresher and prettier. I can now say I have finally learned my lesson. I have not found any products, no matter the price, that truly deliver as promised and are as good a value for the money as Paula's.
   — Cathy 

I just received your e-mail asking if I am satisfied with my recent purchase.

I am always satisfied with my purchases from Paula's Choice and have told so many people about your wonderful products! I am 70 years old and have been using your skin care products for at least 5 years. I have very sensitive skin and my face doesn't break out the way it did prior to using your product.

Please don't every stop making your skin care products. I really don't know what I would do without them.

   — Sallie M. 

I have a 13yr old Daughter that has been emotionally & physically scarred with severe outbreaks from the skin disorder "Keratosis Pilaris" for last 2 years. She lost her confidence to participate in Extra curricular activities and was so ashamed of her upper arms that she would never wear short sleeve shirts. We have seen Dermatologists, and have tried several prescription and over the counter and medicines (including natural remedies) that have not provided much of any improvement. For the last few months she has been using Paula's Choice Beta hydroxy products and we have seen an amazing improvement in the condition of her skin. She is much more happy and confident about herself. She has even stopped wearing long sleeve shirts all the time. I have a different child... It's really amazing!!.

We are very satisfied with Paula's Choice products and extremely thankful & grateful that your products exist.

   — Charlotte M. 

I used the Resist Skin Resurfacing system. Within 3 days my husband asked me what I was doing because my skin looked so much better. I love this product! I find the price to be very reasonable especially for how well it works. Thank you!
   — Beverly S. 

Been a customer from the beginning. The RESIST line is THE MOST INCREDIBLE COSMETICS I HAVE EVER USED; repeat, EVER! I'm 62 and have used Retin-A micro for over 3 years. The Resist products have smoothed out my complexion and evened skin tone in just a few months. It's positively amazing, as if they were made exactly for me! I will not be renewing my prescription for Retin-A and instead will continue to faithfully use the Resist line. My complexion is "normal" with only an occasional breakout and enlarged pores on my nose. The moisturizer and hydrator have not caused any problems. Yesterday the Jane Iredale representative thought I was wearing foundation! Not!

Thank you so very much for creating your line of cosmetics. Now, if you would only bring back your BLUSHES, I would be a completely happy customer.

   — Monica F. 

I have never taken the time to give an opinion about a product before, but there's a first time for everything.

At 50 years old and dealing with daily breakouts, I have tried every over the counter product from high end to the low end. I've ordered every product I've seen on TV, every department store product, as well as Merle Norman and Mary Kay and everything in-between, but than once again I found myself searching for something to clear my skin.

I stumbled upon Paula's Choice. I purchased everything suggested for my issues, (with a money back guarantee what did I have to lose?)

After about 3 weeks I can honestly say my skin is clearer, pores smaller, blackheads disappearing and my face is not try and flakey. In fact I am now only using a light powder on my face. I'm still having a few issues on my forehead, it's definitely better and I'm hoping with time it will continue to improve.

I'm from Texas and for the past 45 days it has been over 100 degrees and my face did not break out....this has been a true test of your products value.

So, thanks.

I've found what works and will stick with this program.

   — Rebecca J. 

I just received an e-mail asking if I was happy with my recent purchase of Paula's Choice products. I am VERY happy. I have been a satisfied customer for many years. I am 56 years old, but don't look it and attribute my good skin to your products. I battled acne, including cystic acne, for many years. Paula's Choice products and the information received from the website and books helped me get the condition under control and give me the best looking skin I have ever had.

Thanks and keep up the good work.

   — Debbie W. 

A couple of weeks ago I was sitting with my sixteen year-old daughter and she just volunteered that the "facial lotion" she has is "magic." I asked: "You mean what I got you from Paula's Choice?" Yes.

It is the three-part acne treatment I learned of some time ago, use myself, and then got for her--rescuing her from some junk she was using to no good purpose, I might add. She looks great, and as she said, she used to use foundation all the time and now hardly ever. She had moderate acne but you would not know it now.

Thank you. You made another teenager very happy, and this Dad very proud of what he could do for his teenage daughter.

   — Jim V. 

Dear Paula,
RESIST is just the best thing I've ever had on my face. I used to (USED TO) use micronized Retin-A, but I've stopped as I feel that the results I've had from your RESIST is unlike anything else I've tried. Don't stop making these please!

   — Monica F. 

Dear Paula,
My name is Nadia, and I am a 29 year old graduate student who was just introduced to your products a few years ago, but I am now a huge fan. First of all, I have had skin problems my whole life-severe eczema and then breakouts, and also have struggled with periodic dermatitis on my face. These issues are now resolved, partly because of lifestyle changes but also because of your wonderful skincare. I use the Skin Balancing line and adore it, and have referred my best friend Vicki C. to your Skin Recovery line, and just recently, my mother to your Resist line! I grew up with a working mother who always put everyone else before herself, and I am so happy that she is finally able to focus on herself for a change and give her skin some TLC with your lovely products!

But also, I really admire the way you have stood up to these skincare corporations as a consumer advocate. It takes a lot of courage for one person to do that, especially as a woman (not that women are less capable, just that we aren't supposed to raise our voices!). I am a graduate student and teach Media Criticism at UNC-Chapel Hill, and I try to encourage my students to look at the world critically around them, whether it's the news they digest daily or analyzing the unattainable standards of beauty sold in fashion magazines (I love it when you talk about how models who advertise mascara are wearing fake eyelashes!) I am a huge critic of how corporate our society has become, and was a little taken aback when you discussed in your books how much of the beauty industry is owned by Estee Lauder and L'Oreal!

Finally, I just wanted to say how much I enjoy your radio show! I listen every week, and I called in a few months ago and love the products you sent me. My mother referred to you as the "white Oprah" after I told you about the giveaway :) And I have an embarrassing which I hope you will find endearing(or at least Laura assured me you would-she's the one who told me I should email you :). I've been housesitting for my parents, and they have a somewhat large, creepy house at the end of a long driveway surrounded by woods. I'm a little scared of the dark, and the house makes all these weird sounds at night. So while I'm in bed, to calm my nerves, I listen to your archived radio shows, and I've been falling asleep to them. I've been having crazy dreams about skin care too! But at least I'm sleeping and not staying up freaking out. This experience has taught me two things: I will have to live in an apartment for the rest of my life. And secondly, your authoritative voice is capable of silencing ANY type of BS-whether it is the CEOs of companies like La Mer who claim that it is reasonable to charge $150 for an eye cream, or the creepy noises that sound like they might be a burglar/ghost in my parent's house!

In short, thank you for all that you do.

   — Nadia D. 

Since purchasing the skin balancing cleanser and 2% bha liquid 3 weeks ago, my skin has honestly transformed. I had been dealing breakouts on my cheeks and jawline for the past few years (I could not believe what the stress of law school did to my skin!) and NOW my skin is as smooth as silk. It's glowing! I still have some scarring, as expected, but the marks are gradually fading due to the bha. Thankyou for delivering on your promises and not making outlandish claims -- all at an affordable price!

From my beautypedia subscription I learned that most of the crap I was using was horrible for my skin (I have very fair, sensitive, combination skin.) Everything that I have purchased since I purchased the subscription with beautpedia has been a wonderful addition/substitution to my skincare/makeup routine. I threw away all of the products that were problematic. Such a relief! I feel like Paula is my own personal beauty counselor with my beautypedia iphone app!

I was so impressed by Paula's Choice that I made another purchase today. I bought a bunch of things that I've been eyeing for about $80 due to the $20 off promo -PLUS no shipping or tax. Wow! I can't wait to try the products in my purchase!

Honestly, you guys are one of the few honest skincare/makeup companies out there. Keep up the good work!

   — Mary M. 

Paula has saved me many, many dollars. I'm one of those who believed everything sales people said and bought one expensive item after another with limited positive results. Finally, I found Paula and now am somewhat of an expert on skin care, at least for my self. Before buying any product, I check beautypedia and ingredients. When I expound on Paula's Choice ,some people look askance but some of my best friends listen avidly and now buy her products. Thank you, thank you,Paula for not only saving me money but for your products that have made my face look the best and I'm 63 Years old. One question ? Where were you when I was younger ?
   — Anonymous 

I am very happy with the Brighten Up teeth whitener. I read about it in a magazine ( I believe it was Redbook) where people test new products. The results were very convincing to me so I went right on line and ordered. I actually ordered two because the price was so reasonable and it often happens that when you find something you like, it disappears from the marketplace. I was very impressed with the results right away. Since I have some bonding on my teeth, even my own dentist said that whiteners would be a waste of time and money for me. Well this product actually worked wonders! I can't wait until he sees my teeth next time. I recently quit smoking and was going to splurge on some kind of expensive treatment and I am so happy I bought this instead! Hope you keep it around for a long, long time. Otherwise, please let me know so I can order like fifty!
   — Judy, via email 

I simply had to email you guys to tell you how unbelievably amazing your product is. I have a particularly bad case of keratosis pilaris. And when I say bad, I mean, bumps from the neck down that are red or purple. The backs of my arms are particularly terrible. My dermatologist said I have one of the worst cases of KP she has ever seen.

I'm 32 and have come to live somewhat at peace with my condition because nothing has ever worked, and I've tried EVERYTHING. I'm not joking. I've literally tried every single product I could find to treat my condition. If there ever was some improvement, it was only for reducing the bumps and took months to become apparent, requiring a significant amount of time every day for minimal improvement. The red dots never went anywhere. Ever.

But I read some reviews on your 2% BHA lotion and heard people saying that they saw immediate improvement, which excited me. For those of us living with KP, this is a miracle statement! So I tried the 2% BHA liquid because Paula's website said that it would penetrate faster and given my extreme case of KP, I needed as intensive of help as I could get.

And I have to say, I am amazed and shocked. My arms haven't looked this good since, well, ever. Within one week, the bumps have reduced to almost being flat. The redness is slowly disappearing. I'm not purple anymore.

I've been doing a scrub in the shower once every other day and then using the liquid twice a day, with incredible results. This is an amazing treatment. So amazing, that this is the first time I have ever provided positive feedback on a product.

Anyway, I just had to tell you guys. For those of us out there with a particularly stubborn case of KP, you are a ray of light from heaven!
 Erica, via email 

Thank you so much for your quality products. I have suffered from skin conditions since the age of 10. The specialists brought in specialists. I've never had such truly beneficial products as Paula's. At 45, I finally found the rainbows end. Thank you so very much.
   — Shawna Y., via email 

Just wanted to tell you that your products are unbelievable for any price. I have unfortunately payed as much as 250.00 per ounce with no better ingrediates than your products. It just makes me mad about how much money I've wasted and how much of your products I could have bought. As a former clinical Pharm. tech. I read each and every ingrediant in a product and I can say without a doubt you have the very best products dollar per ounce on the planet. You even beat many of the commonly distributed drug store products which is highly unlikely for any products like yours. Products like your super antioxidant conc. could easily be charged 100.00 dollars and up on most sites. Thanks for making great skin care products affordable to people like myself or are struggling financially.
I look forward to purchasing many more products when I can. Thanks Paula and your wonderful staff for making my life better.
   — Phillip S., via email 

I recently did research of my own, hoping to find that ‘miracle’ cure-all. I really loved the results from my first use of Paula’s Choice. The skeptic in me, like most people, still thought that somehow if I just paid a little more then maybe, just maybe, I would find that ‘miracle’ brand. I did some research online and thought that Skinceuticals would work better. Boy was I ever wrong. After about two months, I have had more than my fair share of what I consider chemical burns or at the very least, adverse side-effects from their treatments. All I evera got from Paula’s Choice was a beautiful complexion. I stopped using Paula’s Choice because the kits were not being sold anymore. I’m back now, because frankly, my skin hurts. I can’t wait to feel cleansed and refreshed from Paula’s Choice.
   — Misty , via email 

My skin feels smoother! Hi, Just wanted to let you know I love your skin care products! I was having trouble with the night and day creams I was using because my skin was not improving and if I put cream near my eyes my eyes burned. I am using all of your skin care line for normal to dry skin {skin recovery} and my skin feels smoother, more even to the touch, and my goes on well and looks better! Amazing! I am sold. Thanks so much. I will continue to try out new products from your line.
   — Ann G., via email 

ONLY one that’s ever worked! After having acne issues since I was around 11 and trying a hundred different products, Paula’s Choice is the ONLY one that’s ever worked. I noticed results right away and my face is completely clear. I love everything about it and I would reccomend it to anybody! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!
   — Rachael, via email 

Paula, your products and books saved me in high school. My mom has bought all your books and follows them religiously. So when she saw that I was starting to get acne she immediately ordered me everything I needed from your website. I printed out your step-by-step process and in no time at all my acne disappeared. I still follow all the steps and now I’m always complimented on how I have such great skin. I couldn’t have done this without you!
   — Marika L., via email 

I want to make an overall comment about your recommendations and products. I have had hormonal acne for the past 10 years (since age 35). Dermatologists have prescribed tetracycline, doxicycline, spironolactone, Metogel,and Retin-A. With each drug, I found an initial improvement but I quickly returned to getting one to two LARGE pustules twice monthly. Nothing changed the pattern, UNTIL NOW! Actually, I have held off writing this to be sure my cure was real. It has now been about 5 months and I do not have any large pustules EVER—every few months I have one pimple that is easily pressed out and gone! I started by keeping Retin-A (I am 45 so that is a no-brainer, and I think it helps acne some) and I began with recommended products for cleanser, benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid, foundation and sunscreen—- permanent improvement!I am now using all Paula’s products, except foundation, and I can count on my skin being clear. Thank you so much—it is nice to be 45 and only worry about wrinkles instead of wrinkle and acne!
   — Shareen L., via email 

As a 22 year old male with rosacea (and hopelessly uninformed about skincare, something my girlfriend should worry about) I spent a number of years seeking out the best products for my sensitive skin. Your website, reviews and products have changed my skin for the better and I feel compelled to thank you. Your BHA products, specifically, are the greatest products I have ever used on my skin, they have radically changed the texture and colour of my skin from it’s naturally angry looking appearance to smooth, calm and healthy.

What I respect so much about you is that you recommend other great products from a myriad of lines. Since I will be living abroad in the fall and won’t have the same ease of access to your line I am glad to know that I can use Cetaphil cleanser and moisturizer with my PC BHA and continue with the happy skin I’ve had for the last year.

The information you provide to your customers and the public at large is unbelievable. It is because of you that I sought out a dermatologist who took hold of my rosacea prone skin, invested in IPL treatments and finally got the relief I’d been seeking.

Your products and good work, I suspect, are a reflection of you: impeccable. Keep up the terrific work, it is truly appreciated.
   — Patrick M., via email

Thank you for not only having great products, but for packaging them in recycleable containers. I really appreciate that!
   — Lauran M., via email

After using a "high end" eye product, my eyes were puffy and peeling! I'm 36 and I looked like I had the eyes of a 90 year old woman! It was depressing! This continued, even though I discontinued the prouct (used it only once!), for 3 months! I was beginnning to give up hope and contact a dematologist when I stumbled upon Paula on You Tube. I went to her website and immediately ordered products after reading all her info. Within 2 days there was such a marked improvement! I have never gone back! My eyes were totally back to normal after 1 week! Thank-you so much!
   — Wende H., via email

Purchased the body butter and LOVE IT! I have sensitive skin and many lotions and creams make me break out or irritate my skin. This stuff was wonderful! for my very dry and cracked skin and I have been using it for about a month now and would not consider anything else. Finally found a product that works beautifully without irritation! Thanks Paula!
    — Elizabeth R., via email

Paula, I was initially skeptical of your BHA products. I've both oily skin and eczmea - a fun combination. I've tried other BHA products before and they've only irritated my skin. On a friend's recommendation, I decided to give it a try. It's amazing - 4 days and persistent eczema is under control, my pores are smaller and my skin looks great!! thanks Paula
    — Sylvia W., via email 

I just wanted to thank Paula for all her work and for her awesome products. I have been fighting with blackheads on my nose since I was a teenager and have never seen real results with any of the products that I tried. The combination of her 2% Beta Hydroxy Gel and the Balancing Mattifying Lotion has made the single biggest change in my skin that I have ever seen. Thank you so much.
    — Vanessa G., via email

Dear Paula
I want to let you know that I am extremely happy with your products. I started following your 5 step skincare routine and the results have been astonishing to say the least! I am of Indian origin and have a medium tan complexion and like many of my darker colouring, I have had bouts of melasma and patchy skin and have been prone to break outs from time to time. Your products helped absorb the treatments for melasma such as Triluma etc. much better and the flakiness has also gone and now I have even toned & glowing skin in a very short period of time. Thank You! 
    — Mandy D., via email

I just wanted to say a big thankyou for your website and products. I have been using paulas choice for 6 months with fantastic results! However over the last few days i have been looking at other skin care products(recommended by a friend) and almost found myself believing their claims to rid me of my acne scars! One reality check and a visit to your website made me realize how fantastic the info and products are from Paulas Choice. My acne is gone and i realize     that i have great healthy skin( thanks to you), and intend to keep my realistic skin goals and Paulas Choice products! Big Thanks!
    — Mark A., via email

I love your website ... so interactive, quick and smartly done.    Love all the great info and easy to order set up.  I have ordered a bunch of your sunscreens and face product and will let you know how I feel about those.   I'm glad to find a product with so much research behind it that is so well priced.   Very reasonable. My initial concern was needed a better sunscreen and now I can see I'll be buying all skin/cleanser from your line. I'm enjoying the video clips ...  Great to see this out there. Less confusion for the consumer. keep up the good work.
   — via email

My 10 yr old has a hormone problem, and is developing at the rate of a 14 yr old. Of all the health issues involved, the worst to HER is the acne. She is made fun of,didn't  want to go to school, and cried every night for a year. A few weeks ago, I bought her the 2%BHA and the 5%benzoil peroxide. After 2 weeks, her skin was completely clear and has remained so. You have no idea how this has changed her. She smiles again, and will actually go outside. And, she's looking foward to school! As a mother, I cannot thank you enough. I hope you know what a positive difference you make in peoples life.
   —Amanda E., via email

I am so impressed with your products. I never purchase anything without looking at the ingredient list first. Some companies don't reveal that on there website. You go above and beyond that by explaining what each item is and does. You even give other companies equal time.  You are like the angel of the cosmetics industry. You run your company the way I would.  Thanks so much
   —Janie W., via email 

Paula, thank you for your skin care products.   I have been using your moisture gel for over a year, as well as the 1% lotion and 2% liquid for exfoliation.  The toner is wonderful also.  I am early thirties and my skin is better now than in my twenties.  I especially notice the smoothness of skin around my nose that used to be oily and flaky.  I have tried several other creams and find them to be too strongly fragramnced, poor texture, or poor ingredients.  I keep coming back to your line. Thanks!
   —Leah, via email  

Stock me up! I am so impressed with your products.   I am 51 with good skin but dry and sensative.  It is difficult finding products for sensative skin.  All your products work so well together - they are super silky and make my skin feel like silk.  The antioxidant serums are super.  But, my greatest find is the All Bases Covered Foundation - I wish I had found this years ago.  I was using Clinique Supermoist Make up. Most matte s make my skin look so dry and every line shows.  But yours is heavenly - doesn't sink into fine lines, is matte but glowing. You have sold me!  Thanks
   —Martha J., via email  

Paula,you warned me! I started using your product after finding your site and reading your books,and I loved it. Then I let a friend talk me into a direct sales company line. In just 8 weeks my skin was a mess! Even though you get to try it before buying, you don't get the results until weeks later!   But, you warned me; I didn't listen, so now I am paying for it. I deserve to be punished! I am submitting my order for Paula's Choice products today for me and my husband and never again straying! I've learned my lesson. When you've got it right don't look any further! Thank You Paula.
   —Jane H., via email

I will be 51 next month, and for the first time, a stranger at a cosmetics counter asked me what I used on my skin even though I didn't have any on at all. I have been using your skin care solution for wrinkles for the past two months, and it is the first time I have actually seen a difference in my skin, and I have used everything out there over the years. Thank you for offering a no frills, no rip off skin care line. Its so refreshing for women that have been bulldozed at the high priced counters for so long. I gave the lady your web site, so here comes one more fan!
  —Sheri, via email

By my mid thirties, I felt it was too late to reverse the damage I'd done to my skin, but I finally stopped the broiling and started using sunscreen religiously. Then I heard about Paula's Choice about 8 years ago and have been a loyal customer ever since. Today I feel I owe you my sincere thanks for your wonderful products and sage advice. I was having a blood test when the young technician looked at my record, then at me, and said, "You can't be 54. I thought you were in your late twenties, seriously!" So thanks, Paula. You have my loyalty for life!
Ann, via email

I just want to say how much I love your skin care products. I have always suffered from acne since I was 12 yrs old. I was even given two rounds of accutane. My sister-in-law has been a long time user of your products. She believed in them so much she started selling them to friends and family. She set me up on a program and told me what to use when. After the first day of using your products I could tell a difference. My skin is now clearer then it has ever been. My husband even noticed! Thank you so much!
Debbie, via email

I just got the body revealing lotion {Skin Revealing Body Lotion} and wish I had been using it all winter. Overnight it has started to relieve my dry cracked heels that I get every winter. It is a potent skin treatment, more like a medicine than a cosmetic product. I don't know how Paula's Choice can do what the big cosmetic companies can't seem to get right, even with their multi-million dollar research budgets but I'm glad!
—Nikki, via email

I'm turning 34 on Saturday and for my birthday my present to myself was Paula's choice skin care for normal to dry.  I've been using it for only a week but I already love it! I can't stop touching my face, neither can my husband, and the tiny veins I was starting to get seem to be more faint!  Thanks Paula for a super product at great prices and I only waited a week for it to come to Canada after I ordered it!
—Janet, via email

Your products are truly the best! I just started two weeks ago and I am amazed. I have breakout-prone skin and all the other products I have used have irritated my skin to the point of new acne, or been so itchy I end up scratching at my face. My favorite so far is the antioxidant serum - my skin feels soft and looks like it's already beginning to heal. Also, your package came in a few days after ordering, to my surprise! I can't wait to share the news with my friends about your products and skin care advice. With all the scientific-sounding beauty advice floating around, it's wonderful to know I can rely on Paula's Choice without question. My money is no longer wasted. Thank you so much.
—Chloe, via email

I think I have been using PC for about 10 of the best decision I made. Quality, simplicity and priced right. What more can one ask. I am in my 70' lucky gals who are younger you get more years of great skin without blowing a lot of money on junk.
—Barbara, via email

I am 54 with normal to dry skin.  Have been using extremely expensive products with more dryness noted.  In one day using the serum and moisterizer I have noticed a huge positive dramatic improvement.  My skin looks supple, moisterized.  Lovely.  Thank you sincerely.
—Nancy F., via email

I just received my Paula's Choice shipment and tried the products for the first time, and i have to say i am just elated. I ordered the cleanser, toner, exfoliant, moisturizer, and sunscreen, plus some items, and after using the skin care regimen my skin looks and feels amazing--soft, smooth, supple, and radiant. It has never looked so good even after the application of far more expensive products. The product formulations are so elegant, non-greasy, and gentle. I  finally feel that, after all these years, i have found an affordable and efficacious skin care regime i can live with.
—Patricia G., via email

I am 40 years old with Rosacea and combination skin. Finding a good moisturizer has been a nightmare! I have finally found a wonderful combination with the Pure Mineral Sunscreen and HydraLight Moisture Infusing Lotion. I use the sunscreen in the morning and the moisturizer in the evening along with my medications. My skin is so much softer and less red. Thank you for two great products!
—Chris D., via email

I'm 52 years old and all my life I have suffered from acne and, more recently, melasma. It was so embarrassing, in fact, I wouldn't even go out of the house to get the mail without first putting on my (since nothing I ever tried resulted in clear skin my only "answer" was covering it up). Anyway, I've been following your advice and using your products for over a year now and am THRILLED to report my skin is now 95% clear. In the last couple of months three strangers have actually commented (unsolicited) on my NICE SKIN!! I thought I'd go to my grave before I ever heard someone say THAT! 
—Gayle, via email

WOW! I have used Mary Kay for 20 years, switched to NARS and face wasn't improving. My friend told me about Paula's Choice & I have been using the samples, I cannot believe the difference in my skin after 3 days of use! I am so impressed! Thank You!  
—Patty B., Round Lake Beach, IL

I have been using your products since Dec. 2006 when I was searching for answers to my aggravated and unhappy skin.  Since then, my entire routine - skincare, body care, and - is your products and I feel I can't hold it in any longer!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!  Your products saved my skin, my money, my time, and my self-confidence.  People think I have flawless skin, but what I really have is Paula in my corner.  My husband prods me about buying beauty products all the time, but if it's Paula's Choice, he just smiles and doesn't say a word.  That itself is a miracle!   
—Jen R., Champaign, IL

I finally got my adult acne under control! On my face and back, I use your Skin Balancing Facewash and alternate between the Clearly Remarkable Skin Lightening Gel and the 2% Beta Hydroxy Acid Liquid.  The other nights I will wear jojoba Oil or Vitamin E oil to keep from drying out. It took some time, but the routine worked and I am never too dry or too oily and have gotten so many compliments on my new skin.  I also enjoy the Super Antioxidant Mattifying Concentrate during the day-- less oil blotting now! 
—Janice H., Los Angeles, CA

I have been using your products since Dec. 2006 when I was searching for answers to my aggravated and unhappy skin.  Since then, my entire routine - skincare, body care, and - is your products and I feel I can't hold it in any longer!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!  Your products saved my skin, my money, my time, and my self-confidence.  People think I have flawless skin, but what I really have is Paula in my corner.  My husband prods me about buying beauty products all the time, but if it's Paula's Choice, he just smiles and doesn't say a word.  That itself is a miracle!   
—Jen R., Champaign, IL

I've suffered with extremely sensitive skin and mild rosacea for many years.  I'd been reduced to using only plain water and aloe vera gel on my face because everything else made me break out.  Seven months ago a friend introduced me to your products, and I will never again use any other line of skin care.  My skin has gone from red and irritated to beautiful and glowing.  Inconsiderate people used to ask what was wrong with my skin or comment on my "sunburn."  Now, I actually get compliments on my "beautiful skin!"  Thank you so much for skin care products that are actually good for skin! 
—Christy R., via email

Just wanted to let you know that your skincare is the best, bar none at any price.  I am not even tempted.  When I go to cosmetic counters, I feel confident about my skin and that must communicate to the sales people because they leave me alone until I'm ready to purchase, no pushy hard sells. My winter skin is very dry living in mile high Colorado but by layering your Skin Recovery Moisturizer and the Mask every night, I wake up with dewy skin every morning. Thank you! 
—Nikki T., via email

I feel compelled to add my raves to your long list.  Your products have been wonderful- I use many skin care and products.  With so many products on the mass market to choose from (overwhelmingly so) it is a relief to trust the information and products that you offer.  Thank you.
—Amanda H., Eagan, MN

I want to thank Paula for saving my face! You are an answered prayer. I have very problematic skin with cystic breakouts, dryness to extreme oiliness, discoloration, large pores, you name it. My sister told me about Paula a long time ago but I shooed her away because I was a Mary Kay Consultant. In desperation, after long avoiding my own products, I turned to Paula and my skin cleared within a matter of days!! I am using everything that applies to my skin type and about to start my 14 yr old as well. NO ONE and I mean NO ONE will be disappointed with her products. Thank You Again! 
—Kelly, Cincinnati, OH

I want to share with you how happy I am with your blemish fighting skin care products.  In my mid-twenties I was finally able to stop using prescribed acne medicines when I started using your products.  Over the years I slowly started trying drug store skin care products (always using the product reviews from your web site or books) and over time I started having occasional blemishes again, so I switched to back to all the blemish control products and my skin is sooo clear again, I love it.  I have recommended Paula's products to so many friends and relatives.
—Melanie H., Milford, OH

I follow Paula's skin care advice religiously. I'm lucky to start with awesome genes, but I wondered if the work was worth it! Ask and ye shall receive! I'm out one day with a girlfriend (she's 25). I was asked for ID. The server called the manager, who also questioned the ID. I am 36. There was a big kafuffle, but I was begrudgingly allowed to stay since I was not drinking. The really funny part is, my 25-year old girlfriend, never gets ID'd. So, thank-you Paula for arming me with the knowledge to make my girlfriends hate me!  :)
—Suzanna, via email

I love, love, love your products.  I've known about you for years, but stuck with something that I knew worked.  My skin changed, so I started experimenting with drug store brands that were recommended on various websites and was sorely disappointed.  I ordered some of your samples and saw a difference in just a few days.  I ordered a few products and am now hooked.  Thanks for your great products and honest advice.  What a refreshing experience!  I will recommend your products to anybody who asks "what I did" to make me look (skin and ) so fantastic.
—Sharla, via email

I am a 62 year old woman who began a skin regimen from Paula's line about 2 months ago because my pores had enlarged with aging & were causing skin breakouts. I am so pleased with the results. My skin looks so much healthier and I'm amazed at how my pores have become smaller with no more breakouts. I use her Skin Balancing Toner, 1% BHA Gel, Hydralight Moisture Infusing Lotion, Ultra Light Weightless SPF30 Sunscreen Spray and Skin Balancing Super Antioxidant Mattifying Concentrate daily. Thanks, Paula, for your wonderful products and all the helpful information on your site.
—Jane, via email

I have been buying your products for a year now, and asked for the anti-oxidant serum for Christmas.  While I was waiting on it, I decided to buy the new serum that L'Oreal produced, just for back-up and you know what?  It's horrible!  Nothing like yours.  I can't wait for Christmas, just so I can have my skin looking beautiful again!  Thanks so much for all you do.     
     —Victoria, via email

Paula's Choice products are specifically designed to benefit the different skin types.  What makes these products unique is that they have state-of-the art ingredients, yet do not make false claims that are not supported by published scientific studies, and they are actually formulated for the skin type that is designated.  So, you will not find the ubiquitous "miracle wrinkle-eliminating creams" that never eliminate any actual deep wrinkles.  You will not find products that have bogus hype ingredients claiming magical rejuvenation properties for the skin.
What you will find are elegant products that do exactly what Paula's Choice claims.  They allow your skin to look the best it can, short of cosmetic surgery or similar treatments.  The products for normal to dry skin are actually formulated for normal to dry skin -- they are more emollient.  The products for normal to oily skin are actually for that type of skin, and do not have heavy emollients which tend to cause problems for oily or combination skin.
Paula's Choice products use state of the art anti-oxidants, cell-communicating ingredients, and water-binding agents.  Their texture is elegant and luxuriant.
All Paula's Choice products that provide sunscreen include protection again both UVA and UVB rays, which is essential for complete sun protection.
—Reb M., Masury, OH

I just wanted to tell you how amazing your products are. I used to have problem skin and everything i tried made it worse or irritated it and didn't seem to make it better. Ever since I started using your line I have supple, smooth, and healthy looking skin that I've never had before.  Thank you for that and I will be using your knowledge and line for as long as it's available.    
     —Melinda, via email

As an aesthetician of 20 years with considerable knowledge in cosmetics chemistry and specializing in treating problem skin, I have not come across a more effective, versatile and honest product line than Paula's Choice!  Paula's Choice makes my work so much easier thanks to extremely intelligent and no-nonsense formulations without unnecessary hype and potentially sensitizing and pore clogging ingredients.

In my experience, about 70% of skin problems can be solved just by being careful about choosing the right kind of preservative systems, avoiding fragrances and dyes and cutting out alcohol, pore clogging waxes and any other potentially aggressive substances.  Paula Begoun has done just that!  Through her many years of experience and honest research, she has been able to develop a program which really delivers!  There are no "risky" ingredients found and the very generous inclusion of special ingredients such as a variety of antioxidants and a long list of high-tech humectants etc. really sets these formulations apart from most other lines which I have used in the past.  Anyone who has ever been frustrated with spending too much money on useless or disappointing products with lofty, exaggerated claims and empty promises should give this line a try.  

On behalf of my family, friends clients and myself a heartfelt Thank you to Paula and her team for the wonderful things they have accomplished!!
     —Christina C., Calgary AB, CANADA

I'm so glad I found your site!  I thought I was a freak because I have oily skin that's flaky on the surface.  Now I see an entire section devoted to my problem!  I feel normal again!  I have to try these products!  Thank you so much! 
     —Natalie, via email

Your book reformed this cosmetic junkie.  Thank you for taking the "fun" (re:  disappointment, regret, and anxiety) out of Sephora and the like.  I have done my time and you have set me free. 
Now I use your products exclusively and my skin, hair, and bank account are better for it.  I look forward to my Paula deliveries and feel more pampered than ever.  One note - please design some hair styling products with your strict standards.  I need a great pomade with no fragrance.  Thank you again. 
     —Emily K., Glen Ellyn, IL

I have been painfully struggling with acne and severely oily skin since I was 11. I went on accutane but it returned a year later. I started using Paula's products when I was 18 through a recommendation from my aunt. It is the ONLY thing that has kept my skin clear and help erase my red acne scars! I am so glad I found your products and can go through my 20's with my best face forward. I am also obsessed with your ; it doesn't make me break out! I am definitely going to be a long time customer!!!
     —Ashley, Chicago, IL

As a young woman with acne-prone skin that got even worse after I stopped taking birth control pills, I am so thrilled with the moderate-severe Anti-Blemish kit. The results are even better than I dared to dream. The products are top-notch, fragrance-free, non-irritating, and I finally have clear and beautiful skin!! A bonus is that it's a much better value than anything else I've tried to date - the product sizes are much bigger and last longer than any other system I've tried. Thank you, Paula, for a great and honest skin care lineup that truly understands acne-prone skin.
     —Rosie G., Aurora, CO

Whenever I get compliments on my skin, I refer my friends to this website.  I'm allergic to benzoyl peroxide, but you offer alternate solutions to combat my hormone driven cystic acne that I USED to battle.  I'm especially fond of your 2% BHA Liquid and Healthy Defense Powder.  I love that many of your products are versatile and can be used on different parts of my body.  Did I mention your shipping times have vastly improved as well being packaged with great care?  Worth every penny, not that I'm spending much cause your prices are more than reasonable for the quality.  Thanks!!  
     —Tina W., via email

I love your products!!!!!! They are so good, they are the only products that really work. I'm so lucky to have heard about you, within a month my skin has cleared up and become really soft.   
     —Moriah, via email

I struggled for several months with mysterious acne, and with one month to go before my wedding, stumbled onto your web site where I discovered that I actually have perioral dermatitis.  After reading the information on your web page I changed my corticosteroid asthma inhaler and began using your Skin Balancing Cleanser on my face - and nothing else.  By the time of my wedding most of the bumps were gone and cosmetics easily concealed the red marks.  Now, after two months, I'd say my skin is 75% better and the itching is gone.  Thank you so much.  I can't wait to try your other products.  
     —Nicole H., via email

Thank you Paula!  Every PC product I have purchased has been 100% wonderful. The PC skincare products are exceptional and the make-up products are beautiful. I love knowing the ingredients in the PC products I've purchased and the real science of how they work. I no longer purchase make-up/skin care products based on advertised promises or pretty packaging. Now I am saving money and using the best products available. Paula's integrity, as well as her continued efforts to educate consumers makes her a true consumer advocate. And, Paula's product reviews are essential reading before shopping.   
     —Kris K., Edmond, OK

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No Smudges or Smears! - I love, love, LOVE the Great Big Lashes Mascara! Easy to put on and no smudges or smears all day. And at the end of the day, it easily comes off. No tugging or pulling on my delicate 45-yr-old lashes. LOL. Thanks!!!
—Janine B., via email

Was a fan – now a zealot! Tried Great Big Lashes Mascara. Have draw of failed mascaras (smudging was a HUGE prob, used waterproof which was a drag for every day and constant battle with remover!) Great Big Lashes is AWESOME! Super densely pigment…ed, NO SMUDGING (finally), comes off when I want it to (with Paula’s daily cleanser), and looks really really really good. Never crowed about a product before, but so happy with result after tubes of frustration. Threw out SIX half used mascaras from the "heartbreak" section of my drawer.
—Valerie B.

Recently, I order a few different samples of Paul's Choice All Base's Covered Foundation & pressed powder. Wow, what a great product! Where have I been? Coverage was awesome, color was perfect and I simply fell in love with the feel of it on my face. The following day, I put my order in for the foundation and the pressed powder. The order arrived in just days. Compliments? Oh, I'm getting plenty of them! Thanks, Paula! I'll be back. Sincerely, Catherine
—Catherine, via email

I have used your skincare products for years and love them! At 57 people compliment my skin! But I hadn't tried any of your make-up until last week when I received your All Bases Covered in Sand. It's wonderful! I have used Stila's Illuminating Foundation for ages but love yours better! Also, I'm now using your Healthy Finish Pressed Powder in Neutral and I love it better than any powder I've ever used! Next on my list to try are your mascaras. I expect to rave about those as well! Well done! Your products are amazing! Thank you!
—Lorna-Dee J., via email

I just tried the Barely There Sheer Matte Tint sample this morning and love it! I've been using Revlon Colorstay Makeup, but have found with my Rosacea, it was difficult to blend. I was concerned the Barely There would not cover the redness, but it exceeded my expectations. Plus, my skin is so soft and it doesn't feel like I'm wearing foundation. I'm converted! Thank you for such wonderful products.
—Christine, via email

Paula's Choice is truly my choice. Over the years I've used many different skin care lines from drug store to department store to those that could only be purchased through a licensed aesthetician. Six months ago, I purchased samples of Paula's Choice and could see a noticeable difference within ten days of use. The simplicity of the regimen, the texture and feel of the products on my skin are perfect. My skin looks better than ever! After I began using the skin care line, I decided to sample the makeup. Again, I've used a wide variety of brands. Like the guide to determine the best skin care products, the makeup guide pointed me to the best items for my coloring, and of course, there is the convenience of having samples available just to make absolutely sure. The products go on smoothly, the colors are quite lovely and they wear and stay on beautifully through the day (with lipstick being the only item requiring the normal touchup). I'm totally satisfied with Paula's Choice and will continue recommending these products to others. Delivery is quick and customer service is excellent. Paula makes reasonable claims and completely over-delivers. It is evident that painstaking research that has gone into product development and I surely appreciate it. Thanks for provide such an outstanding line!

PS: If I were to want anything at all more from Paula's Choice it would be cream blush (my color is Translucent Rose).
— Jane W., via email

I started wearing makeup around age 14 and am now 66 years old after all these years and countless products I finally found a make-up that truly supersedes all others, Paula's Choice All Bases Covered Foundation. It is without question the best covering, lightest foundation and true to color there is.
—Valerie S., Toms River, NJ

Several weeks ago I purchased a complete suite of make-up. I can not tell you what an overwhelming response I got from people the next time they saw me with my newly acquired "face". Comments such as "you look fabulous, what did you do?", "You look younger, what are you doing different?" One person even had the nerve to ask me if I had a face lift! The products are easy to use and they go on and stay on – I never feel greasy or over powdered and at the end of the day my make-up and lipstick still looks fresh. You have wonderful products (I am also gaga over your skin care line) and I wanted you to know. I also told each one of the individuals who have complemented me that it was your make-up and skin care routine that was "new" in my life.
—Tass, via email

My mom really does know best! I am obsessed with lipstick and the lip paint really stays all day and looks amazing with the matching lipliner and a little gloss for shine! I also use the one step face cleanser, beta, and blemish fighting cream and my sensitive oil tempted skin looks beautiful even without face makeup! Lastly, your charcoal brown eyeshadow applied with the eyeliner brush brings my dark eyes to full attention in a very classy way! I have never commented on a product before, so this is truly how impressed I am.
—Ashley K., Bloomington, IN

I went on a trip this weekend for a wedding and walked right out of the house without my makeup bag! I usually buy Paula's Choice products, so I had no idea what to buy at the drugstore. I didn't panic at all, however--just looked up your website as soon as I arrived and jotted a few notes from the Paula's Picks section. The local drugstore carried everything I wanted and I had an inexpensive alternate makeup set in no time flat. Thanks for saving the day!
—Heidi C., New Haven, CT

It's so wonderful to order these samples before buying the full-sized product! I ordered Pink Daiquiri, thinking it would be too light to flatter my dark hair, green eyes, light/medium skin - wrong! What a wonderful shade: Natural, spring-friendly, and complimentary to my skin, I love it! Long lasting, too! Thanks, Paula!
—Paula, via email

I just received my 2nd order and it was so carefully packaged, arriving exactly on time! Red Carpet Red is the most beautiful pinkish red sheer lipstick I have ever seen; I'll have fun with this lipstick! The cleanser is wonderful. My skin feels softer already. I will look forward to ordering again soon. Thank you!
—Paula M., Winston-Salem, NC

It's always such a moment of pleasure and excitement when one of your boxes comes in the mail. I've been buying your products for almost a year and they are wonderful. Eyeshadows an amateur can apply, advice on matching colours, and beautiful and easy to use brushes I'd never even imagined. Your skin care products are equally wonderful. I so appreciate being able to share moisturizer, etc. with my husband because there are no sickly perfumes. I love your products, and every time I buy a new one, I want to buy more!
—Caireen L., Calgary, Alberta, Canada

I absolutely LOVE the products. The lipstick is heavenly, the blush and eye shadows...all of it is wonderful. And all of these wonderful things for less than $40.
—Sharon C., Pasadena, CA

I am a long time reader of Paula's books and a loyal customer of her skin care and cosmetic line. I am 46 years old and have tried foundation a few times but never liked the look or the feel of the products I had tried. After purchasing Paula's foundation I am hooked!!!!!! It is so natural, which is so important to me for my lifestyle and the look I want to display.

I just wanted to thank you for your dedication to wonderful products where I know the research has been done for me and the ingredients won't be harmful. And for offering these products to us at an affordable price—that is why I refer so many people to Paula's Choice.

—Susan L., Forest Hill, MD

I recently placed an order (for the first time) and received it today. I have to tell you the colors (eyeshadow, blush, lipstick and lip liners) were 100% true to the color description in your online catalogue. The description of the colors couldn't have been more exact. I have always been one that thought the more you paid for cosmetics the better they were; you have proven me wrong. I will definitely be a repeat customer of Paula's products. Thank you so much.
—Jo Ann Navarrette, Great Falls, VA

I just wanted to tell you how pleased I am with your cosmetics. I have always loved your skin-care products and still use them religiously but I had never tried your cosmetics. I am delighted with the lip gloss, blush and several lipsticks that I ordered. The colors are just gorgeous and I love how they look and feel on me. Thanks so much! I can't wait to order new colors in the near future!
—Brenda B., Chatsworth, CA

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I have to rave about my latest experience using I have been a customer for years now, but hadn't placed an order for a while. I placed my order Friday afternoon and to my delight this morning I received my order in the mail. I can't believe how fast I got it & living on the East coast. Thank you for your wonderful service and products. You are a company who really knows the meaning of great customer service. It is even seen in the packaging details right down to the card of the person who packaged my order, thank you Birtha. Keep up the great work!!!!

—M, via email

Amazingly fast shipping! I placed my order Saturday morning and it arrive Monday afternoon. Thanks!!
—Jamie, via email

I received my package waaaaay in advance. I was expecting it within 10 business days I got it in 2 days. You guys are fast. Thank you!
—Leyla, via email

I am a regular customer and was pleased when my recent order arrived to see that the company has improved its shipping methods. The packing used was paper (easily recyclable), and the package was delivered without a need for signature.
—Carolyn, via email

As a new customer to Paula's Choice products, I thought I would take a moment to place a compliment on your quick shipping. I received my order within 1-2 days! Thank you.
—Barbara, via email

Let me add to the raves on your new shipping service; standard shipping from one coast to the other in three days is impressive and appreciated. I put an order in on Friday and had it on Monday! Outstanding.
—Laura W., Villa Rica, GA

Thanks so much for improving your shipping! My order arrived in half the time it used to take to receive. Good Job!!!
—Cathy, via email

I'm writing to compliment you on your new and improved shipping to Canada. I was pleasantly surprised when my last order made it to my doorstep in exactly one week. Your new process of collecting the GST and a brokerage fee upon ordering seems to have helped speed up the package's travel over the Canadian border, as well. So, in addition to recommending your superior products to others in my community, I can also say with confidence that your shipping is excellent! Thank you!
—Kristene, Amherstview, Ontario

I had stopped ordering for awhile because the shipping time, costs, etc. were just a pain to deal with. However, I was not happy with the products I had picked to use. Then I saw the "new & improved" shipping and ordered again. WHAT a difference! I just received my package, along with generous numbers of the requested samples. My order was packed by Birtha, and she did a wonderful job. I will once again be a regular customer! Thanks.
—Helen G., Manassas, VA

I would like to thank you and your staff for great improvements in the delivery of the Canadian parcels. In the past I had to wait 3 weeks, then go to post office, paid lots of extra money (taxes and some handling charges), and then only I was able to enjoy Paula's products. This time the parcel arrived in a weak at my door (delivered by UPS), no extra charges required. I know that some charges and one tax was included in my bill, but it was much less than before. Thank you again.
—Bozena K., Mississauga, Canada

I have previously complained about how it took too long to receive my Paula's Choice orders and oh my goodness...I placed an order on Monday and here it is just Wednesday and it arrived at my doorstep. I am soooooooooooooo glad that the shipping is faster now. Yay PC....YEAH USPS!!! Thank you for the upgrade.
—Kim B., Oro Valley, AZ

I just wanted you to know that I ordered all this make-up on Saturday and I got it in the mail on Monday!! It was awesome!! I don't know how you did it--but it was wonderful!! Thank you SOO much for the FAST shipment!! I can't wait to use my new make-up!
—Alyssa W., Mentor, OH

I just wanted to thank you all for the new shipping service! I placed an order on Tuesday this week and received it on Thursday! This is a wonderful improvement, it used to take 7 to 8 days to receive my orders. I love all your products (particularly the 2% BHA gel and the Extra Strength Blemish Fighting Solution, could not get by without them) and now I am thrilled with the new, improved service! Thank you so much!
—Alyssa D., via email

I just wanted to rave about the delivery of latest order. I have been a loyal Paula's Choice customer for over two years now. The thing that has always bugged me has been how long it takes to receive my products but then I do live in Georgia so we are on opposite corners of the country. Slow delivery is to be expected. However, my most recent order was placed on Tuesday evening (7/31) and was in my mail box on Friday (8/3)! I was amazed at how quickly it arrived and I just wanted to thank you for the awesome shipping time. Paula's Choice is simply the best all around company and I will never stray!
—Sonya B., Cochran, GA

I just placed an order while you were having your free shipping offer and I generally expect several weeks to go by before I receive the order and usually don't order in the summer for fear that the product is exposed to too much heat. Was I surprised when the order arrived in a few days! I'm very happy with whatever your doing with the mail and will now not hesitate to order anytime now. Thanks!
—Patricia, via email

WOW-WOW!! On August 7th I received a 1-day only email offer for free shipping on any purchase, which I took advantage of. On August 10th, my order ARRIVED!! I do remember the email saying something about the fact your shipping was now going to be faster but, my goodness, you weren't kidding around, were you?!! What FABULOUS service!!
—Gayle P., via email

Customer Service

Thanks so much Bryan! Wow that was fast! The mystery of Natural Aqua Gel has been solved. I was suspicious it wasn't really my skin that was coming off in little balls...

I found Paulas Choice after a particularly low moment of buying the horrible mushroom cream from Origins that the lady said would help with irritation. It actually caused me tons of irritation!

So I searched for reviews of it to find out what went wrong and found your site. The very next day I returned that 76 dollar cream and ordered some Paula's choice!!! Just thought you might like my story. Thanks again!!

I can't tell you how happy I am with your products and your very, very helpful customer service dept. You had been out of the Skin Balancing Daily Mattifying Lotion for a while. When I called about almost being out of my home supply...your customer service rep interrupted my "whine" to tell me she would be more than happy to send me several travel sized packets of the product so that I would have enough to last until restocked. She wouldn't even let me pay for the packets! This is just amazing service and its what builds my customer loyalty to your brand. Went to the mall on this beautiful fall day and felt absolutely NO DESIRE to visit the cosmetic counters to see what's new. I have everything I need for skin care right here with your always well-formulated and trusted products. Really....thank you.
— Darla S.

I love the Live Chat feature! In the summer months, my skin needs different products to combat oiliness. The live chat representative gave some great tips and product suggestions. Best of all, I know if I try a product and it doesn't work out, I can easily exchange it and keep trying. I am a devoted customer and fan of Paula and her products. Customer service, shipping, the web site, and most of all the products are fantastic. I've had trouble with my skin for years and PC has really simplified my routine and helped me deal with high maintenance, combination skin. Thank you so much!
— Shannon H., via email

I recently tried the 2% BHA Gel, but found it left my face sticky and uncomfortably tight. I exchanged it for the 2% lotion and love the lotion. Thank you for allowing exchanges to be so easy and hassle free -- also thank you for great products. I am a new customer, but look forward to future purchases!
— Donna H., via email

I am a first time customer that just received her order. I was extremely excited to get the products and as I opened the box, I noticed that one of the bottles had exploded during the shipment process. I called the customer service line at 7:30 CST on a Friday night expecting to leave a voice mail, when a very friendly voice answered on the other line. I explained my situation and she promptly apologized and let me know that a replacement product was on its way. Thank you to this very understanding and caring customer service representative!
— Rebeca K., via email

First off, every major company (phone, internet providers, insurance, etc.) should copy Paula's Customer Service Dept. It is SO refreshing to call and have a live person, who is intelligent, articulate, and actually NICE answer w/o delay. And, every one of my numerous orders arrives timely and well packed. My favorite product (a tough call b/c there are so many) Skin Relief Treatment. I gave my sister and mom samples and they love it so much I'm giving them each one for Xmas, per their request! Say goodbye to itchy, sore legs after shaving. Paula, staff, and products (books too) are the best.
— Victoria, via email

I just wanted to say what superb customer service you have! When my package didn't arrive, the woman who helped me over live chat was so helpful and I received my re-ordered package the very next day!!! A+ Amazing.
— Dana T., West Palm Beach, FL

I've said it before, and I'll say it again....YOU HAVE A GREAT WEBSITE!!! Easy, organized - it's so easy to navigate. Also, great customer service!!
— Cindy S., Pomona, NY

I just wanted to let you know that I received the samples a few weeks ago, tried them, and LOVED the results! In fact, I loved them so much, that this past Monday morning, I ordered some of your products online. I was very impressed to find that they arrived this morning (Wednesday). I am so pleased with everything from the excellent customer service to the prompt delivery to the elegant look of the makeup products (not to mention the quality) I ordered. I can't wait to continue my routine with all of my new supplies! Thank you so much!! PS- I am planning on purchasing some more items tonight!
— Chanae, via email

I have nothing but high praise for Paula's Choice. Not only do you provide outstanding products, the customer service rendered by your colleagues are nothing short of excellent. While I may be ordering from outside US, I always received great service from Paula's Choice. It is always an enjoyable experience shopping at Paula's Choice. Please keep up the good work.
— Jacen, via email

I'd like to let you guys how much I appreciate your excellence and professionalism. All your products are of the utmost quality, and your customer service is fantastic. I can't help but smile every time I open a package from you, seeing how thoughtfully and conscientiously you put them together. Thank you for continued superior service.
— Robert, via email

Hi Paula - You have a wonderful customer service department. They are very knowledgeable and sweet. I enjoy getting such great products that are affordable and really work!
— Erika, via email

Your products are wonderful and you have the best customer service department anywhere. Thank you for responding so quickly to my request for a catalogue and self-tanning samples.
— Sandy M., via email

Thank you so much. Your attention to customer service matches the high quality of your products. Keep up the great work.
— Jennifer, via email

I was so pleasantly surprised when the other day I called your 800 number regarding an order that came with the wrong product though the invoice came correct, and I was told that I was going to receive the correct product (moisturizer) in a fast delivery at no cost, but I could keep the mistaken product (alpha hydroxy). Yesterday I received my moisturizer. I wanted to let you know how very pleased I am with the performance of your products, and how grateful I am for all I have learned about skin care and the ingredients through your books, by-monthly reports, and newsletters.
— Maria M., Miami, FL

Paula's Choice is truly exquisite in every way! Thanks for years of great service, products and Paula's constant commitment to excellence.
— Amanda, via email

I am one of your biggest fans and I tell all of my friends about your products and customer service. What a class act!
— Alice C., Nashville, TN

Just wanted to thank you for my most recent order. I am thrilled with the Gentle Touch Makeup Remover. I used it this evening on my stubborn eyeliner and it whisked it right off and did not bother my eyes at all. I must tell you, as I have before, how pleased I am with all the products I receive. It is the best facial cleanser and toner I have used. I also am impressed with the sample lipsticks I have received and subsequently purchased the full-sized one. I appreciate so much being able to try them before making a purchase and I thank your sales associates for their kind assistance with colors, etc. Thank you again, a loyal customer.
— Rose L., Sun City West, AZ

You are the best! One item was left out of my order. I called on Sunday and left a message for customer service. Not only was my call promptly returned, but the missing item was shipped quickly and arrived a day early! I am so impressed with Paula's Choice - people and products!
— Joy H., via email

When it comes to customer service you gals set the bar pretty high. I have always been impressed by Paula, her info, and the way her business is operated.
—Heather M., San Clemente, CA

I have to share how impressed I am with your products and customer service. I work in customer service, and I know how tough it can be to keep a smile in your voice all day, but everyone I have spoken to has been so wonderful! Thank you, and keep it up!
—Farrah F., Lake Elmo, MN

You're a great team from top to bottom, from R and D to customer service. So thanks to all of the phone representatives, for your friendly, consistent good advice on products and colors; and thanks to you, Paula, for rescuing me from Erno Laszlo in the first place!
—Patricia B., Iowa City, IA

I love you gals. Your customer service is flawless, your products are the absolute best and I was thrilled to actually hear Paula's voice when I left a message yesterday. Thank you—you are, without a doubt, No. 1 in my book!! Keep up the fantastic work.
—Lisa K., Hayward, CA

I have to say that yours is one of the best customer service departments that I have ever dealt with.
—Alena S.

I want to compliment you on your customer service! Not only is it awesome, it stands in direct opposition to the direction most companies (unfortunately) seem to be headed. Thank you for endowing your employees with the ability to make spontaneous decisions regarding how to resolve whatever situation arises, and valuing customer loyalty over short-term profit. You have a customer for life!
—Ann R.,

Redlands, CA

This has to be the best customer service ever!!! So many companies could care less about their customers—it's nice to know Paula's is not like that. —Anna S., via email

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Books & Bulletins

Thanks for the myth-busting, complete with citations from the literature. One has to remind people constantly that deadly nightshade is perfectly natural, but that doesn't mean it's good for you! Hope the message gets through.

—E D M Landman MD, via email

Paula, I absolutely love you!!! You have saved me thousands of dollars in the past 8 years since I read your book for the first time. Thanks for everything and many blessings to you!
—Maria Teresa L., via email

I have been a fan of yours since you started out with your first book and try to get my naive friends informed thru your work. You products are wonderful and the prices amazing. Having worked in the cosmetic industry for years I actually cringe going to the cosmetic counter now and hearing their "speils"...keep up the great work and thank you.
—Amy, via email

I just saw the notice about the up-coming Beautypedia website. I was so excited to see that! For years I've been wishing you'd do something like that: an online, searchable resource that is updated to keep up with the many, many new products always coming out. It only makes sense to leverage the immediacy of the web to deliver your product review. I'm thrilled it's finally here and will be subscribing for sure!
—Susan, via email

Women are bombarded 24/7 with messages compelling us to spare no expense and suspend disbelief to what ever extent necessary to buy into the cosmetic industry's promised fountain of youth. And, given the astronomical amounts of money spent on cosmetics and skin care products annually, this bombardment appears successful. However, women who have become savvy by reading Paula Begoun's Don't Go To the Cosmetics Counter Without Me books recognize these promises for what they are - advertising hype. Fortunately, Paula has taken her mission one step further by offering a line of skin care and cosmetics products that do deliver on their claims. The entire product line is researched thoroughly from every ingredient right down to the packaging chosen to preserve the stability of the product. Paula is passionate and unyielding in her desire to stick to what years of experience and research have taught her are the optimum methods for turning out skin care products that address skin problems, protect and promote healthy skin, and they do just that. As a long time user of Paula's products, my experience is best summed up by observations by an aesthetician on a cruise ship. After completing my facial and arriving at the point of sale where she was trained to sell each client at least one product, she said, "There is nothing I can recommend for you, even though I'm supposed to. Keep doing what you're doing and keep using those wonderful products."
—Carol, via email

I have used many department store brands over the years. I have found some quality products, but felt that I was paying too much or not mixing and matching the brands to meet my individual needs. I read the last edition of Paula's book this past summer. It was a significant time in my life as I was turning 50 in June. I ordered the full skin care line and basic make up and brushes. I have been absolutely pleased with the products and the results. I actually have been told I look like my 23 year old son's sister. Admittedly, I do have good genetic skin from my 90 year old grandmother.
—Vicki V., Tampa, FL

Dear Paula, thank you SO much for writing the 7th Edition of "Don't Go to the Cosmetics Counter Without Me"! I read your Beauty Bulletin religiously, but there are so many "new" things that come our way, and I always need your opinion! WE need you out here! I have decided that the best idea is to stay with Paula's Choice! No questions about quality, claims or ingredients!
—Genie S., via email

A few years ago I was complaining to a co-worker about my skin. I was telling her that whatever I used on my skin was either too greasy or too drying. She immediately told me about Cetaphil and loaned me a copy of her "Don't Go To The Cosmetics Counter Without me". I was very impressed and bought a copy for myself. I also learned that my dry skin was also oily (combination skin). I first began using Cetaphil, which helped immeasurably and then graduated to your products, which I love. Using your combination skin products has made such a difference in my skin.
—Josie, via email

You made my day...logged on to re-order my products and just happen to click on "books" and saw the NEW cosmetics book coming out in January 08! Don't think I have ever been so excited! You should see my old is falling apart! Thank you so much!
—Iris T., Herndon, VI

Dear Paula and associates. . . When I bought the first edition of "Don't Go To The Cosmetics Counter Without Me" way back in the pre-Paula's Choice days, my "beauty" world was riff with expensive department store skin care products and cosmetics lines. I felt so-o-o-o guilty because my skin was always problematic no matter how much I spent on the latest miracle this and wonder that. Your books, newletters, and then your marvelous products educated me. I'm 60 and finally have beautiful skin! Thanks so much.
—Carolyn P., San Diego, CA

Going to the drugstore to shop for and skin care has changed....I don't buy anything without checking what your books or web site recommends. Love your products. Knowledge IS power. Thanks for liberating me from expensive and cheap products that don't work.
—Gina, via email

I recently read your report about mineral - what perfect timing as I have been thinking about trying out the mineral foundations. I had a gift certificate for a spa pedicure and had some money left over; the spa carried nothing I wanted to spend the extra $$ on, except they did carry the bareMinerals foundation. I'd been thinking about trying some, but when I brushed it on my hand, it was way too shiny for my tastes to wear as an everyday . I ended up giving the over $20 I had left as a tip to the spa personnel, and now I'm glad I did. Thank you for all you do so we don't waste our money and time.
—Kim U., Las Vegas, NV

I just read your report about mineral . I bought some L'Oreal last summer thinking "what a great idea...brush on make up with titanium dioxide sunscreen." I've never been happy with it for all the reasons you listed. I've been a loyal fan for quite some time now. I love that you inform me. I've saved a lot of money because of your work.
—Susan, via email

I live in Bellingham, and I'm a huge fan of Paula. I get the Puget Sound Business Journal and I love to read about her successes as a female entrepreneur.
—Annie Marie, via email

I'm so happy to find someone I can ask questions to, who will tell me the truth and doesn't try to sell me bogus products just to make a buck. I'm happy to subscribe. Thanks.
—Suzanne D., Chico, CA

You are my goddess. Your book is my bible.
—Marsha W., Chattanooga, TN

I truly love your website, it has so much useful information, I love your book too. Thanks for all your hard work and giving us, the beauty consumer, an option to not spend alot of money on products!!
—an adoring follower via email

I absolutely love Paula's books. I have used them as a reference to counter so many people who claim to be authorities on natural remedies. In the deluge of hype, it is good to get a healthy dose of "evidence" which Paula provides.
—Heather Fewell, MD
Dermatology Guide,

Don't Go to the Cosmetics Counter Without Me and The Beauty Bible have changed my life in so many ways I was compelled to write to both congratulate and thank you. The information I have learned from you has helped me better understand the products I sell and dispense and has made me a far better pharmacist. I am constantly walking my customers through the ingredients on the bottles of all the beauty and dermatological products we sell—explaining why this product may be helpful and why another may be irritating. If it were my pharmacy there would be no irritating products! My staff laughs at me for the amount of times I have written the name of your books on a piece of paper for patients with skin complaints and begged them to read it or give it to their teenagers with acne.

I can't thank you enough—and I assure you that at least in one pharmacy the products with empty promises are left on the shelves collecting dust until the boss decides to stop stocking them whilst products like Cetaphil, Milk of Magnesia and Benzac sell like hotcakes.

—Kiran W., Australia

I just wanted to say thank you for everything you've done. I bought your book about 6 years ago and I couldn't believe the lies that I had been fed over the years by cosmetics companies. I thought that all those 'ladies' at the expensive cosmetics counters had my best interests at heart. Wrong. They were concerned about their bottom line and their commission. I now have great skin that I maintain with inexpensive products that clean and enhance. Keep up the good work and I recommend your advice to all my friends. Thanks again!
—Jacque M., Edgewater, FL

The lure of advertisements is hard to resist but your well-researched and well-written reviews have helped me to stop wasting so much money, and my skin is looking better than ever. You DO make a difference. I wear sunscreen every single day now. I do not use products that contain fragrance, I am gentler with my skin and I use a cooler temperature of water to wash my face. I do not buy as many skin care products and I have cured my (rather expensive) addiction to moisturizer. I have tried many of your recommendations and many of your products: some have been perfect, some just OK. But I am so much better off now than when I used to walk into the drugstore with that wistful feeling of "what can I buy that will make me more beautiful?" The end result was usually disappointment and a more cluttered bathroom counter. Thank you, Paula, for your work.
—Bobbie L., Jefferson, WI

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