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Customer Testimonials - Books & Bulletins

You are my goddess. Your book is my bible. 
      --Marsha W., Chattanooga, TN

I absolutely love Paula's books. I have used them as a reference to counter so many people who claim to be authorities on natural remedies. In the deluge of hype, it is good to get a healthy dose of "evidence" which Paula provides. 
      --Heather Fewell, MD
        Dermatology Guide,

Don't Go to the Cosmetics Counter Without Me and The Beauty Bible have changed my life in so many ways I was compelled to write to both congratulate and thank you. The information I have learned from you has helped me better understand the products I sell and dispense and has made me a far better pharmacist. I am constantly walking my customers through the ingredients on the bottles of all the beauty and dermatological products we sell—explaining why this product may be helpful and why another may be irritating. If it were my pharmacy there would be no irritating products! My staff laughs at me for the amount of times I have written the name of your books on a piece of paper for patients.

I can't thank you enough—and I assure you that at least in one pharmacy the products with empty promises are left on the shelves collecting dust until the boss decides to stop stocking them while products like Cetaphil, Milk of Magnesia and Benzac sell like hotcakes.
      --Kiran W., Australia

Thank you for everything you've done. I bought your book about 6 years ago and I couldn't believe the lies that I had been fed over the years by cosmetics companies. I thought that all those 'ladies' at the expensive cosmetics counters had my best interests at heart. Wrong. They were concerned about their bottom line and their commission. I now have great skin that I maintain with inexpensive products. Keep up the good work and I recommend your advice to all my friends. Thanks again! 
      --Jacque M., Edgewater, FL

The lure of advertisements is hard to resist but your well-researched and well-written reviews have helped me to stop wasting so much money, and my skin is looking better than ever. You DO make a difference. I wear sunscreen every single day now. I do not use products that contain fragrance, I am gentler with my skin and I use a cooler temperature of water to wash my face. I do not buy as many skin-care products and I have cured my (rather expensive) addiction to moisturizer. I am so much better off now than when I used to walk into the drugstore with that wistful feeling of “what can I buy that will make me more beautiful?” The end result was usually disappointment and a more cluttered bathroom counter. Thank you, Paula, for your work.
      --Bobbie L., Jefferson, WI

I love your information so much! I am a makeup artist with a popular cosmetics line, but I write down your website for at least 4 customers a day!!! I carry your book around with me, and I quote you. Your products save my skin from breaking out even with heavy foundation on all day! Thank you so much. 
      --Mona F., Hayward, CA

I want to sincerely thank you for your continued effort to educate consumers like me on skin and hair care products. Your knowledge is remarkable and I love reading your responses to questions asked on your website. I have tried so many products on my sensitive skin and would cry because of the red, itchy, flaky skin on my face and body that seemed to never improve with the “sensitive skin” products I would buy. I have read all of your books and with your advice I have found products that finally work for me. You have educated me about what types of cleansers I should use, the negative effects of fragrances in cosmetics, the essentials of sunscreen (which I have never thought of as so important until now), and the positive effects of AHAs and BHAs, among many other things. I have such self-confidence, knowing my skin and hair are healthy and in great condition after years of battling skin reactions to various cosmetic products. I know you must receive more letters of gratitude than I can count, but I felt compelled to add one more to your pile.
      --Jenny K., WI

Thank you so much for revealing the truth about the war between synthetic and natural. To my skin, there seems to be no real difference between a natural product and dimethicone, and I'm glad I found someone who finally explained why. 
      --Joanna C., Rockville, MD

I'm in school to be an aesthetician and find Paula's books better than anything I've learned in school! Thank YOU Paula! 
      --Linda D., Lebanon, OH

I found your book Don't Go to the Cosmetic Counter Without Me by accident. I haven't had it a year yet but it has already saved me TONS of money! I honestly haven't bought a THING without checking your book. I'm a QVC fan, and I used to fall for their promos on various cosmetics, but you cured me! And tonight you saved me $$ on self-tanners by saying that they all have the same ingredient so go for price. Amen to that! Thanks for all you do. 
      --Mary Jo S.

I have spent so much money on cosmetics I don't even want to think about it. Now when I want to buy a product I always check your book. It is amazing how many products I have used that did not have required ingredients and yet claimed a SPF of 15. Thank you very, very much for the help you have given to all of us cosmetic addicts. 
      --Mireille, Toronto, Canada

It was a blessing for me when I came across your book and learned there was no miracle cure for wrinkles and lines, that the promise to do that is all a hype of the industry. Now I don't feel I have to try every new product that promises that and I can relax in the knowledge that I am doing everything possible for my skin at a very affordable price.
      --Carol, CO

You provide a priceless service. I'm trained as a scientist, and, as such, really appreciate your careful studies and unbiased reports. 
      --Catherine T., Alexandria, VA

I have been a faithful fan and reader of your books since I first saw you on a talk show ten or more years ago. My mother and I were both taken in by the impressive and persuasive marketing and sales pitches of the major cosmetics lines. Wanting to believe their "truth" we were uneducated purchasers of cosmetics and skin-care products. Your guidance has given me the reference tools I needed to find products that I like and want to use. Thank you for the work you do and for making it public knowledge. Continue to stand up to your critics. We consumers need your tenacity. 
      --Tracey B., Middletown, RI

I just wanted to let you know how much I thoroughly enjoy your website. It's so incredibly informative. The product reviews are great, the Learn section, everything's great. I rather stumbled across about your site (linked from Discovery channel) while I was doing some research on Dr. Perricone's products. My sister uses his products and while I was visiting her for a week recently I used them as well. I enjoyed them but was finding it hard to believe that they were truly worth the high price tag. I am so grateful for what your site has taught me. I purchased some Dove products based on your recommendations and have enjoyed using them thus far and my bank account has hardly felt an impact! Once again, thank you so very much for the service you're providing. I'll be visiting your site frequently! 
      --Cathy R., Elkton, MD

I am a 34-year-old African American woman with relaxed hair and combination skin. I would like to say thank you for focusing on products for all people. The relaxer PH info. in your hair book was extremely helpful. I have tweaked my hair- and skin-care routine to reflect your recommendations. When I don't follow your suggestions I usually regret it. My skin is as clear as it was when I was 21, and my hair looks like I’ve been to the salon even when I haven't had the money or time to go.

Keep up the good work. You have a faithful customer in me.
      --Kimberly G., Jackson, MS