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Customer Testimonials - Makeup

I absolutely LOVE the products. The lipstick is heavenly, the blush and eye shadows...all of it is wonderful. And all of these wonderful things for less than $40. 
      --Sharon C., Pasadena, CA

I am a long time reader of Paula's books and a loyal customer of her skin care and cosmetic line. I am 46 years old and have tried foundation a few times but never liked the look or the feel of the products I had tried. After purchasing Paula's foundation I am hooked!!!!!! It is so natural, which is so important to me for my lifestyle and the look I want to display.

I just wanted to thank you for your dedication to wonderful products where I know the research has been done for me and the ingredients won't be harmful. And for offering these products to us at an affordable price—that is why I refer so many people to Paula's Choice.
      --Susan L., Forest Hill, MD

I recently placed an order (for the first time) and received it today. I have to tell you the colors (eyeshadow, blush, lipstick and lip liners) were 100% true to the color description in your online catalogue. The description of the colors couldn't have been more exact. I have always been one that thought the more you paid for cosmetics the better they were; you have proven me wrong. I will definitely be a repeat customer of Paula's products. Thank you so much. 
      --Jo Ann Navarrette, Great Falls, VA

I just wanted to tell you how pleased I am with your cosmetics. I have always loved your skin-care products and still use them religiously but I had never tried your cosmetics. I am delighted with the lip gloss, blush and several lipsticks that I ordered. The colors are just gorgeous and I love how they look and feel on me. Thanks so much! I can't wait to order new colors in the near future! 
      --Brenda B., Chatsworth, CA

Never in my wildest dreams would I have believed that I would find a pressed powder to use as a foundation. The Healthy Finish Pressed Powder is absolutely fabulous. It covers beautifully and does it last! Thanks Paula! 
      --Julie H., Medway, ME

I just had to write and tell you how much I love the Brow Tint product. I have been searching for a good brow product for so long. It makes my brows look beautifully groomed, the perfect color and shape, and is the easiest brow product I've ever tried. I'm a fan for life. Thank you! 
      --Allita R., Englewood, CO

Thank you for your new foundations! I am very self-conscious about old acne scars and blotchy spots, and the foundation gives me just enough coverage as well as a non-makeup look, and the shade is perfect! I am slowly but surely adding other products of yours into my "favorites" collection! 
      --Bev L., Clarksville, MD

I am grateful for the hard work you do—so I don't have to. Now I walk through the cosmetic aisles and laugh to myself. No more anxious decoding and testing! I especially like your exfoliating product 8% AHA. I am a sensitive skinned red head and haven't been successful in finding a product that does not irritate. Now my skin glows! I must also rave about the All Bases Covered Foundation. Beautiful coverage!
      --Catherine S., Toronto, Ontario, Canada

I love Paula's Select lipstick! I have two and they're lasting beautifully. It goes on so well and really helps preserve a nice, smooth, pretty lip. Thanks! 
      --Rebecca Y., Kansas City, MO

I received the new Best Face Forward foundation—what a unique finish! At first, I was skeptical of the liquidy nature, and it does take some getting used to. I had brief flashbacks about an old oil-free Clinique foundation when I first poured out your foundation. But the similarity to THAT horror ends there. The finish is truly amazing—soft and non-greasy for an SPF 15 foundation. Gorgeous. And the color Linen—described as "right between Nude and Sand All Bases Covered foundation"—is exactly what I was looking for and dead-on right! I have rarely found a foundation with as perfect a color match to my lightly freckled, light-but-not-superfair skin. Cheers to you! 
      --Kathleen C., Charlotte, NC

I can't believe how great Best Face Forward foundation in Bisque is. When I first put the product on my finger, I couldn't believe the color. I am so used to foundations that have a "day-glo" quality to even their quietest shades. Your color is so natural, so completely perfect, that it blends into my skin effortlessly and beautifully. The texture is amazing, the look is fantastic. I've even noticed less shine than usual, and I'm usually an oil slick by 10:00 a.m.

I also adore the 2% Beta Hydroxy Acid Lotion. It feels wonderful to the touch, not like BHAs I've used in the past that ripped up my skin and left me with dry patches that flaked off at the most inappropriate moments!!

If not for you, I would have gone on wasting money and time, and breaking out uncontrollably, for years. You are doing a great job for women by clearing up hype, as well as skin. I congratulate you, and wish you and your staff all the best.
      --Bonnie S., Toronto, Ontario, Canada

I really love this product—the creamy texture, the neutral colors and it’s long wearing. I am fair so Earthen is fabulous for daytime. I like this a lot more than trying to use powder eyeshadow as liner. It doesn't get in my eyes or dust my cheeks.

Get the Precision Liner brush—it works great with the cream.
      --Peggy C., Fort Mill, SC