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Customer Testimonials - Skin Care

Dear Paula & Team, I can’t begin to thank you enough for creating the RESIST product line. I’ve been using it for about six weeks (switched from Lancôme, which I used for nearly 25 years). The results are amazing! My pores are smaller, fine lines have nearly vanished and my skin absolutely glows – can’t beat the daily exfoliation and the weekly treatment. I’m 45 yet no one ever guesses more than 34… now folks think I look better than ever. I’m out there evangelizing the product line… I’ll use it faithfully until you come up with the next advancement for aging skin.
     —Brannen, Elizabeth, via email

Hi Paula's team! I just wanted to tell you that your Resist line really works! It's not just a wish that it would or empty words because I want to say something nice. Nope, these products work so well that my 60 year old skin looks healthy, smooth and radiant. That's not possible! It's so good that I have convinced my adorable handsome husband to use it too and guess what?! His skin is responding beautifullly too and he is looking better than ever! I use your weekly and daily system, the hydrator (which you sent us a sample of and my husband tried it and asked for more!) the toner and the antioxidant serium. Naturally, I'd been waiting for the hand cream and so now that I''m using it (and like it very much) all my friends at Pilates will be getting a tube from me at Christmas! So keep up the good work! I've been a customer for years, love the radio show and Beautypedia too. We'll be moving from California to Wyoming next year for retirement but I'll never miss a beat because it is so easy to keep my connection with you and your products! Thanks for everything!
     —Johnson, Lorna-Dee, via email

I have been using my recent purchase of the Resist Skin Care for just on week. I just love it!! I can see a lot of improvement in my skin already. I think I have found my skin care regime from now on. Thank you!!
     —Cox, Susie, via email

On an email I received from Paula's Choice I was asked "Was I 100% satisfied with Paula's choice." Well I am very very satisfied with Paula's Choice. I used to watch ads on TV to see if I could improve my skin care routine, now I don't even bother to watch them. I have found the best skin care routine I could have. I only wish the I could have taken a before and after picture because I see that much of a difference in my skin. Keep up the good work Paula. Your products are GREAT.
     —Reid , Gladys, via email

Found another use for Hydralight moisturizer. My hair seemed dry the other day even though it is very humid where i live. My hair is straight and thick but i color it to cover the gray. On a whim I was putting Hydralight on my face at night and i decided to try some in my hair. WOW! it made it soft and shiny and bouncy and I loved it. It did not feel greasy at all. I use your hair and body shampoo but i was wowed by how great the Hydralight gave my hair that little extra moisture that i needed to give it shine and bounce without weighing it down like a lot of hair conditioners do. Please let others know. 
     —Henderson, Cheryl, FL

I just wanted to thank you for offering all of your products in sample sizes.  The samples came in very handy for me as I prepared to be a bridesmaid in a wedding.  Since I rarely wear make-up, I was nervous about choosing the right colors for me (especially in foundation and concealer).  But because I have two small children, I didn't really have the time to get away to a department store for a "makeover" where I could have received help in selecting colors.  Ordering your samples was an easy and inexpensive way for me to settle on exactly what I needed, and I felt beautiful at the wedding.  Thank you!   
     —Rebecca, Folsom, CA

I have never been so excited about a skin care line, ever.  After receiving my samples and using them to death, I placed my first real order, and I'm in love.  The pure mineral sunscreen spf 15 is my new favorite thing in the world.  I've got very dry skin, so usually sunscreens that aren't avobenzene are too chalky, but this went on so smoothly.  And I didn't look like an oil slick either, which was something I was willing to deal with to protect my skin from the sun, my now I realize that I can have my cake and eat it too.  I will use this product forever. Thank you.   
     —Jennifer P., Groton, CT

"Thank you! Thank you!" from my teenage daughter.  She has been battling blemishes (and teasing) for some time now.  I ordered some samples of your skin care products and her skin is clearing, the teasing has stopped and she is feeling more confident! (A friend of mine is an esthetician and she commented on how great my daughter's skin looked! We told her about your products and she will be ordering for HER son!)  Thanks again for a TRULY EFFECTIVE skin care line!!!    
     —Emma, via email

Once again, I am happily placing an order for my PC products.  Thank you so much for your continued insistence on only manufacturing the highest quality products for any type of skin.  It is such a relief to know that anything I order is going to be free of the hype and high price tag of so many of the products I have ashamedly purchased in the past.  I love the new design of your web site.  It continues to become easier to use.  I can always find the products and information that I need.    
     —Barbara E., Bellevue, WA

I've been using Paula B.'s skin care products for almost two years now and got my daughter to use them, too. I talk to my friends and co-workers about them and I get a lot of compliments on my skin.  The products are fantastic, I trust them and trust her reviews and criteria and I base my selections of other make-up and skin care lines based on her.  I've learned to value the ingredients. The prices are very good, the service and customer service is excellent and I enjoy and await impatiently for all her reports.  Please continue the good work!   
     —Maria M., Miami, FL

Thanks for offering Paula's products in the convenient trial sizes. I'm having a blast trying out new colors and the variety of textures that you offer, and can't wait to try Paula's other products too.     
     —Kristy C., Warminster, PA

Rave for sure!! I just got my first products and I couldn't be happier. I appreciate the reasonable prices. I'm happy to NOT be paying for magazine advertising and will do my share of word-of-mouth. My 50 year old skin looks and feels great. Thanks.      
     —Mary, via email

I recently ordered the cleanser for combination skin and it does exactly what a cleanser should do. It cleans my skin without drying it out. I also ordered the mattifying lotion and it feels great. It really dries to a matte finish while still moisturizing my skin. Thank you Paula!      
     —Renee, Detroit, MI

Every time I receive an order from Paula I am so impressed with the product I immediately order something else.  Before too long I will have the whole line.  I have used many different beauty products in the past, expensive and drug store but Paula's products are reasonably priced and I am very pleased with the result I am getting so far.     
      — Alida J., Birmingham, AL

I wanted to pass along a quick thank-you. The Skin Recovery mask made my persistently dry skin so soft and silky I barely recognized myself. The eye serum floated on, and works beautifully under makeup - as does the Extra Care sunscreen. I'll let you know how the AHA gel works out - I'm sure it isn't supposed to have any effects after just one day…still, I think it might have.  Thank you, my skin is glowing, and I feel ten years younger. I will be recommending your products to anyone within shouting distance.      
      — Joan K., Dundas, Ontario (Canada)
I want to say "thanks" Paula for offering such great skin care products that actually do what you state they do.  I have been using your skin care line now for over three years.  Although I did not have skin problems I wanted to keep my skin healthy and young looking.  I am 48 years old and honestly there is not a day that goes by that I am not asked what products I use and am told that I look like I am 30 years old.  What a compliment!  Thanks Paula for making that possible.  And of course, I refer all those that ask to your website.      
      — Debra W., Jessup, MD

I ordered Paula's products online and love them.  I now want to share the catalog and samples with family and friends.  My quest for the best is now over, thanks to Paula!     
      — Christy, via mail

I just wanted to thank you sooo much for all your helpful advice on skincare! I am 19 year old male who's been suffering with acne since I was 12....I've tried everything, and nothing worked until I tried your BHA products! I've used BHA before but they never worked, I am amazed! Thank you so much, you have helped my confidence more than you will ever know...keep up the great work!     
      — Jake, via email

I just wanted to let you know that I am so impressed and happy with the performance and quality of your products.  So much so that I have thrown out all of my skincare and makeup products from other companies and am converting to your products exclusively (how affordable it is to do so, too).  I am thrilled with how my dry, sensitive skin looks and feels, and, in turn, how I feel about myself.  It's been such a long time.  Thank you so much for your devotion to and love for your products and customers.     
      — Sally O., via email

Dear Paula, I just want to say a big Thank You!  I am a long time customer (since '97) and I still love your brand.  My skin has changed since I started with your skin care line, and your products have evolved and changed with me.  If I have any problems with a product (very rare) your customer service pros take care of it for me.  I like that your products do exactly what they say they will do, they are reasonably priced and not fussily packaged.  For all of these reasons, I am and will remain a faithful user.     
      — Mary B., via email

From 12 yrs old until now at 39 years old, I have had cysts, acne, large pores, combo/oily skin, rosacea, and discoloration. All mild, but what a minefield to treat and to tolerate. I have tried Retin A, countless over-the-counter products, Dusa acne treatment ($300/treatment), expensive products endorsed by "Dr. Blah blah", IPL treatments, etc etc. My symptoms waxed and waned, but never ended. I came across Paula's Choice while researching a product on-line. I spent hours reading your reviews, and then ordered your line for normal/combo/oily skin. Two weeks and my acne cleared, my redness lessened noticeably, cysts never returned, and for the first time I could use a moisturizer without turning into an oil pit. Many people use the word "miracle" to describe the results from using your products, but what you are providing should be common. The difference is, you care, you are well researched, you put helping people above profit, and you are patient (research and publishing of your great ingredient review books). I have learned a great deal from your research, and I can't thank you enough for creating a smart line that works together. My skin looks great. And for the first time in my life, my boyfriend, family, and friends all noticed the improvement without my mentioning anything. Bravo. One last thing.... Reading your FAQs, in particular the responses to companies contesting your research without proofs or references, is a joy. You are firm, without being condescending; you are informative without being sales-y; your choice of words, presentation and thoroughness all reflect a great business person and human being. Thanks so much Paula.     
      — Merritt G., San Francisco, CA

I love your products! I bought them for myself and both my daughters; we couldn't be happier. I'm 45 and have great skin, although I do experience occasional breakouts; since using your products, I haven't had more than one or two mild blemishes and my skin is incredible! My oldest uses your line for dry skin and it's worked wonders for her. My youngest had terrible acne and now her skin is almost always clear. I bought your skin lightener and even her acne scars are gone. You've converted us for life!     
      — Mary D., Owasso, OK

I have been using your products you recommend for oily and flaky skin for a week and love them! It was very frustrating to deal with that strange combo skin type. My face is soft, smooth, no dry patches anywhere and best of all less oily. The wait to receive the products was well worth it. Thank you so much for exceptional products and your dedication to your consumers. You have a customer for life!        
      — Amanda H., Tampa, FL

What you've done with Paula's Choice (from your newsletters, reviews and frank talk to the high-quality, low-hype products) has put women in control of their skin, instead of Madison Avenue. Thank you for the revolution! 
      — Kathy W., Charlotte, NC

I wanted to let new customers know that they should order your products in the bundles you offer (skin care lines, especially).  I started off trying the "Healthy Tan" pressed powder. Next was the Skin Balancing Toner. After that was the 1% BHA Gel, and my last order was for another bronzer as well as the Skin Balancing Cleanser. I also sampled the shaving gel for my husband.  You products do what they say. They don't irritate my skin just like you say they won't. Everything lasts and lasts.  THANKL YOU for no-nonsense skin care I can TRUST!  You've got me as a customer forever!       
      — Lisa C., Parma, OH

Finally products that really work!  I had acne come back in my early 30s and have tried several products.  Some would work for awhile but then become disappointing.  I heard about Paula's products on a website but was afraid to try and be disappointed again.  I am so glad I did try and thank you for having samples of your products.  I use the products for acne prone skin and my skin looks amazing.  I can now go out with just powder on my skin.  My skin has not felt this good since high school.  Your products WORK and the price was less than expected.  I have even got my Mom hooked. THANK YOU!      
      — Kelly L., Coopersville, MI

I was impressed to find ALL of the items I ordered scent free: Cleanser, toner, lipstick, blush, etc.  This has been the biggest problem I have found with other lines, even if they say unscented, many of the natural ingredients in the products (like Menthol in toners) are very fragrant.  I always thought my face was naturally ruddy and red toned.  After TWO days of using Paula's products my skin is calm with no trace of redness.  Thanks a million!      
      — Leslie V., via email

I love your products!  I first heard about Paula's Choice while listening to her on a local radio station and have become a loyal customer. I was skeptical, over 40 and had skin problems for the first time in my life. A Dermatologist put me on prescription meds that upset my stomach & didn't help. I decided to try your skin care and makeup. I couldn't believe within a few days there was dramatic difference. I had been a loyal customer to expensive department store products, which I will never purchase again. You can't beat the quality and value of Paula's Choice. I am a customer for life. Thank you!      
      — Ellie G., via email

I love your products. I started using them because I would get flaky dry patches in the winter and I hated that. I also had a hard time finding foundation that didn't make me flake. But thanks to your products I am flakey skin free.  It helped me so I got my 15yr old sister to try your products for acne and there has been a HUGE improvement in her skin. You can see her cute smiling face and not just all those pimples. Thanks for the great products.      
      — Sarah H., Viola, AR

Hi Paula, I love your new look - it's beautiful! I have been reading your books since the 1st edition of Don't Go to the Cosmetics Counter without Me.  I used to buy Proactive for 6+ years until I started buying your products a few months ago. Paula's choice products are very reasonably priced, and the shipping is fast to Canada. I receive my order in about 1 week from the order date. The products work great! I am trying to get my family on Paula's choice too! (I'll keep you posted.) Thank you for all of your hard work, and perseverance!
      — Kiran M., Calgary, Canada

I am writing because I wanted to praise this skincare line. My skin was clogged and my rosacea was flaring up like crazy and I bought some of these products and it balanced everything out. I am so happy now. Thank you for offering great skincare at affordable prices.
      — Madison, via email

Paula, I have to respond to your reply to Jennifer in the 5/17/07 Beauty Bulletin - rather testify on your behalf - regarding taking the pill and acne formation when not taking it. I had the same problem as Jennifer - it looked like I hit puberty at age 32. I wouldn't leave home for about a year without sunglasses and a hat.  Silly, but I was embarrassed.  I tried many lines and it was a mud mask that initially broke the cycle, but it wasn't until I started using your products (starting with skin balancing cleanser and 2% BHA gel) that I regained my sanity. I never travel without that bottle of BHA!  Love the mascara too!
      — Elana R., Laguna Beach, CA

I just had to write and tell you that I have suffered with blackheads, discoloration and scarring my entire teenage and adult life (I'm 33).  I have tried everything - Paula's Choice is the product that has worked consistently, clearing my blackheads and smoothing my skin.  I can't believe sometimes when I look in the mirror: Is that pretty girl really me?  Thanks Paula...please keep up the good work.  I'd be lost without you!
      — Chris K., Corona, CA

Paula has truly done it again.  I have extremely oily skin, and only her products seem to work for me.  No one else has created any product for someone with my skin type.  She truly has come through....again.  Every time I stray from her products, all I get is I am a customer for life!
      — Michelle, via email

My day was made today. I went for my 6 month check-up at the dermatologist and the doctor said I had beautiful skin for my age (62). I attribute my pretty skin to Paula's Choice Products. Thank you for the wonderful, affordable products.
      — Mary P., Tarpon Springs, FL

I'm 20 years old and my acne has gotten worse as I've gotten older. I was very self-conscious and would not go out without makeup. My aunt introduced me to Paula's Choice Beta Hydroxy Acid lotion and after only a month my forehead completely cleared up! I'm so pleased with the results that I've recently started using the One Step Cleanser and Benzoyl Peroxide Solution - also with great results. I can proudly say that I no longer wear foundation because my skin has cleared up so much....all due to Paula's products. Thank you so much and keep up the good work!
      — Andrea C., San Jose, CA

I just had to let you know that after years and years (some of them as a cosmetic consultant for various high-end companies), I have finally found a product line that works incredibly well, does not irritate and is affordable. And it is Paula's Choice! Your products have made a huge difference in the texture and tone of my skin. And your makeup is gorgeous - matte shadows and blushes that enhance and non-irritating foundations! Just wanted to say THANK YOU!
      — Leisa B., Celina, OH

I am 65 and have been using Paula's Choice products for over a year. I noticed that my skin is looking clearer and brighter. I recently went for my first facial in three years. My skin was pronounced "immaculate" and in very good condition. I am sure it is due to your products. Thank you.
      — Nancy S., Newburyport, MA

I have suffered from imperfect skin my entire life (I am 31 years old). After a mere 30 days, thanks to your products I have near perfect skin. My friends, co-workers & family are amazed! Thanks so much for changing my life. I am no longer ashamed to show my face!
      — Kimberly M., Seattle, WA

I just wanted to let you know how very pleased I am with your products. I have sensitive skin prone to eczema and yours are the only products I will trust my skin to. I achieve great results every time. I also love your make-up; it is second to none. Thank you for offering excellent products at very reasonable prices. I refuse to use anything else!
      — Cynthia B., Toronto, Ontario, Canada

For years I have used your website to look up your opinions on OTHER brand products. Last month I decided it was silly not to be trying YOUR products since I valued your opinion so much. I just placed my second order of your excellent skin care products. I'm sold. Your website made it so easy to select the right products. My only regret is not trying this line sooner! Thank you.
      — Paulette B., Calgary, Alberta

I tried your products for the first time. After the trouble I had with UPS I was worried that it might not be worth the effort. Wrong!! I love your products. My skin hasn't looked this good in years. I was always complimented on my flawless skin until I hit 32 and started having breakouts. Most products are too harsh or useless. I am so happy, my skin looks great and I have my confidence back. I ditched my glasses and started wearing contacts to show off my skin.
      — Lisa B.

I am 29 years old & have combination skin with an oily t-zone. I have had milia for this past 15 years (I even went onto a course of Roaccutane when I was 23). My Mum and Dad bought me Paula's book for Christmas & I immediately made an order. In 3 days, the milia on my forehead and temples had completely gone. I have been using Paula's skincare for 3 months & still love it. I started with the balancing cleanser, toner, skin balancing moisture gel & 2% BHA liquid!
      — Shelley K., C'Derg, Northern Ireland

I have tried everything out there for blemish-prone skin but nothing helped. After reading Paula's book and trying her products, I've never been more pleased! My oily skin is behaving for the first time in years! And the prices are fantastic, too, for what you are getting! Keep up the good work!
      — Olivia G.

I just wanted to thank you for offering samples of your products. That is an immense help to those of us who have sensitive/allergic skin and have wasted thousands of dollars over the years on products that were only used once and then had to be thrown out due to ingredient sensitivities. Thanks again!
      — Suzanne W., Granite Bay, CA

I have been very skeptical of using skin-care products because everything I used just didn't work. My friend suggested using this line but it took me years to try it. But after a month or two of using this line, I have seen amazing results. People have noticed that my pores are smaller, my skin is clearer and that I look great. Thanks so much!!!
      — Christina N., Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

I had considered purchasing some products from another line to help with my extremely dry during this time of year. I hesitated and then ordered Paula's choice samples and I was pleasantly surprised! After a week of using the samples, I was, in a word, 'amazed'! I don't think my skin has behaved this well since BEFORE adolesence!! Seriously! I have never really had bad acne, but I get the usual monthly breakouts and my skin acts differently depending on the season. My samples ran out and I hope my order gets here quickly! I don't know if I can live without them now! Thank you!
      — Lisa W., Orange City, FL

Well, I haven't even received my first order yet but I just wanted to say that I think it's great that you are willing to sell samples! I never know how my skin is going to react to a product and it makes it so much easier to test them before buying an entire bottle. Thanks so much.
      — Lauren, via email

I'm 60 and only started skin care 20 years ago, starting with Clinique. Then I used a variety of drug store products. Then through a dermatologist I used Kinerase, then through my primary care physician I used Obagi. All of these improved my skin, but I still had breakouts and irritations, plus they are very expensive. I've been using Paula's Choice for a couple of months now and have had NO breakouts and my skin is the clearest and calmest it's ever been. I can't believe it took me so long to find these products. I'll never switch to anything else!
      — Carol W., Sebastian, FL

I had been using the same skin care regimen for more than 20 years and suddenly developed flaky, red, irritated skin. Since switching to your One Step Cleanser, Moisture Boost Hydrating Toner and Hydralight Moisture Infusing Lotion 5 days ago, I can't believe the dramatic improvement! I am so impressed and can't wait to tell my friends and family!
      — Jacqueline A., Layton, UT

I recently started using your products again and I really believe you might have the best on the market. The Skin Balancing Cleanser, Toner and the gel moisturizers and super antioxidants were made for me. Now my skin feels like silk to the touch and my foundation and eye makeup go on smoothly. I am 56 and have some

wrinkles, big pores,lines and old acne scars and I'm getting compliments on my "glow". Now I just have to replace my Paula's Choice eyeshadows and I'll be set. And your drugstore doubles recommendations are right on the mark.
      — Barbara, via email

What a great non-greasy sunscreen for those of us with combination/oily skin!! The Essential Non-Greasy Sunscreen is in a league all its own. No disgusting smell either. I use it daily on my face, neck, and decollete. I have now switched from using Pro-Active for more than 7 years to using your products. I use the skin balancing toner, blemish fighting solution, 1% BHA gel, and the new HydraLight Lotion (which is also excellent). Thank you, Paula for superior products at affordable prices. Thank you also for your no animal testing policy. That means a lot to me as well.
      — Kendra, Newport News, VA

I've been using your skin care products for over a year and I have to say they have really made a difference in the look and feel of my skin. I'm a big fan of the BHA 2% lotion and the new mattifying antioxidant formula. The BHA lotion has really helped my combination skin. Thanks for providing such high quality products at an affordable price.
      — Elizabeth M., Houston, TX

Just returned from a trip to Costa Rica. Your products were great! Sunscreen protected our skin, sample sized cleanser, toner, BHA, and Hydra-light improved my skin and your Barely There Sheer Matte Tint never ran off my face and evened out my skin tone. What a great combination of products. I am a customer for life. Even my husband who had a bout with melanoma 18 months ago was impressed by how well your suncreen worked! Thank you, thank you, thank you.
      — Wendy J., Pewaukee, WI

AMAZING! A few years ago my acne flared up again after laying dormant for 10 years—very upsetting! Suddenly my old drugstore stuff didn't work anymore. I tried ProActiv but it left my skin dry and wrinkly, even when I used it sparingly. Six weeks ago, I started using your skin balancing cleanser, skin balancing toner, skin balancing moisture gel, 1% beta hydroxy gel, and non-greasy sunscreen. Like MAGIC, my skin is now clear, smooth as it was when I was 10, soft, and comfortable. And all of this in winter, which is usually flaky-blemishy time for me! Thank you!!!
      — Monica, Chicago, IL

I just wanted to write to thank you for your products. I am 35 years old and have always taken care of my skin. I have never had any major problems with acne and I even felt like I was "aging" fairly well. I was attracted to your products because of the simplicity of your approach. I love that you don't waste money on fancy packaging and I appreciate even more that there is a purpose for every ingredient that you use. I couldn't believe the change in the appearance of my skin...I never imagined that I would be able to see this big of a difference. Thank you!
      — Jacqueline B., St. Louis, MO

A friend recommended your products to me, so I ordered a few sample sizes, and I'm very impressed. After trying your All Bases Covered foundation, I will never go back to Clinique. I also liked your One Step Face Cleanser even better than my old standby, Cetaphil.

As a medical librarian, I also appreciate the way you incorporate medical evidence into both your reviews and the development of your own products. I've recommended your site to several friends as a great source for evidence-based skin care.
      —Heather G., Calgary, Alberta, Canada

I ordered the products you recommend for flaky skin/oil underneath (a combination that I've never been able to deal with using any product line). Imagine my surprise when I saw flake-free, soft and soothed skin emerge within a week of receiving my products! I am truly astounded that my skin is glowing—not from redness or shine, but from really being healthy. If this keeps up, I'll be able to leave the house in nothing but powder, mascara and lip balm, something I haven't done since my 30th birthday!
      — Sarah L., Minneapolis, MN

I'm 31 years old and mainly thanks to your books, advice and products, my skin has never looked better. I have combination skin which at times becomes quite dry. The following are the products that I use from your line and have worked wonders for me: Skin Balancing Toner, Skin Recovery Toner, 2% Beta Hydroxy Acid Gel & 2% Beta Hydroxy Acid Liquid, 8% Alpha Hydroxy Acid Gel, Skin Balancing Super Antioxidant Mattifying Concentrate, Skin Recovery Super Antioxidant Concentrate, Skin Recovery Moisturizer With Antioxidants, and Skin Relief Treatment. Thank you!
      — Philip, London, UK

I've used your skincare and makeup products since reading your book about 3-4 years ago.It was such a relief to know that it was not my skin that was the problem, but the irritating products.I have fair, very oily skin t-zone with blemishes since I was 10 yrs old. I have used antibiotics and Accutane, to little effect. I could never tolerate benzoyl peroxide because of the irritating cleansers and toners I was using.Now with your products the benzoyl peroxide is effective.All your products and reviews have really changed my life.Thank you so much for your work—don't stop!
      — Samantha H., Shrewsbury, MA

Since using your products, my skin is "cooperating" better, and your foundation and pressed powder makes me look better at 52, than I did at 25!!! Your products are EXCELLENT.
      — Peggy L., Stockbridge, MI

I am one of those sad victims of poor skin care (professional and non) in the 60's. When the break outs finally slowed (sometime in my mid 20's) I thought it was over. Then I noticed HUGE pores full of dirt that just didn't come out. The real battle began. I have tried EVERY product and procedure short of a full dermapeel. With Paula's skin care, the pores slowly cleared, lessened and some even dissappeared!

wrinkles softened and color evened. Did I mention that I have roseaca, too? Paula's products do not irritate my skin problems at all. I can now wear make up again.
      —Gwenn L., Spring, TX

From one of the Look Good Capitals of the World, filled with false claims, questionable 'science', and a 'sell anything to anyone' game in the name of profits, the knowledge you have made available to us has been utterly invaluable. While I continue to appreciate your evaluation of retail cosmetics and skin care products, I have to say, Paula's Choice products ROCK!!! I need go no further. Period. At almost 50, I've never looked better! 
      —Kim, Los Angeles, CA

WOW! I am a 25 year old medical student, and I have tried absolutely everything to get rid of my acne. Not only did this skin care do exactly that, but I am constantly told how beautiful my skin is! I have never been told that in my life! All my friends have now made the switch to Paula's Choice! Thank you, thank you!
      —Kelli P., Little Rock, AR

I am 57 years old and have suffered from acne since I was a teenager. I've been to several dermatologists over the years and have been prescribed a multitude of oral and topical medications, but nothing worked consistently until I came across your skincare line. Since I began using your products, the acne is gone and my skin is the best it's ever been. Thank you for your products, your "no animal" testing policy, and your excellent customer service!
      —Patricia H., Chatsworth, CA

I recently recommended your products to a friend who has struggled for years with adult acne. I just saw her the other day for the first time since referring her, not knowing whether she'd given Paula's Choice products a try or not. I was stunned to see her beautiful, clear skin on her smiling face! She confirmed she gave PC a try and was thrilled. I mean, she didn't just look good, her skin was gorgeous! Even the pores on her nose had shrunk! I was so happy for her I almost cried. Thanks for the great advice, reviews, and PC products.
      —Jennifer G., Redwood Falls, MN

Being a man, I know it isn't so common-place to be ordering beauty products, but I am not ashamed. I recently ordered the daily cleanser and BHA Gel and I am thoroughly impressed. My skin has improved dramatically; applying the gel after shaving has reduced my ingrown hairs and left my skin much smoother. The customer service at Paula's Choice is also superb! Thanks for a great product and great service.
      —Michael L., Orlando, FL

I hated my skin before, was plagued by cystic acne, eczema, rosacea, and starting to get

wrinkles. Found your books and products at age 28, and now it is such that people ask me to share how it happened and I refer them to your site, books and products. Thank you so much for getting things right, being scientific, and standing up for the consumer. Thank you! 
      —L.C., Hillsborough, NC

I am so happy that I decided to try Paula's Choice skin-care products. After reading her books, I realized that I was harming my skin with the products I was using. I was shocked that the high-dollar department store brand I was buying contained harsh and irritating ingredients that aggravated my rosacea. Paula's Choice products improved my skin OVERNIGHT. Smoother and softer texture, finer pores, no flaking and less redness. Finally, I have discovered the products that are good for my skin! Thank you, Paula! You are my skin's savior!
      —Amy J., Lino Lakes, MN

After turning 35, my skin changed and I started having bad acne, especially around the time I was menstruating. A friend recommended your products. Your comments helped me pick the right products and I've been using them for 2 months now. I haven't had a single breakout since! My skin looks and feels great. Thanks!!
      —Stephanie V., Long Beach, CA

Great website! Having a graduate degree in organic chemistry, it is often difficult to find accurate information from many websites, which approach cosmetics in an utterly un-scientific manner and are often very inaccurate. It is good to find a reliable and knowledgeable website that provides meaningful and useful information. Thanks!  
      —Katherine D., via email

I simply wished to thank you and your dedicated team for helping me feel I am making intelligent and informed decisions about how I look after my hair and skin. Smart is a whole different kind of beauty and you give that to anyone who has read your books. It is not always easy to banish the nonsense and marketing that women are bombarded by; but you offer a clever, common-sense approach which is invaluable and much appreciated. Thank you again and best of luck in future endeavors.
      —Rachel, via email

I really hope this gets to you! I have been using your products and heeding your advice for over a year now. My skin looks and feels great! I love every single product you've designed and your prices are so affordable. I just wish everyone knew about you!!! Just wanted you to know that you are doing a great job, keep up the good work! I'm addicted to ordering stuff from you, but I'm sure you love to hear that!!!
      —Jenny K., Independence, MO

Paula's Choice products are unbelievable. My skin is finally clear of blemishes. And it keeps looking better all the time. This is after years of using useless and harmful department store products.
      —Debra P., Aberdeen, Scotland

On a trip to Vegas last month a dessert chef stopped my mother-in-law at the hotel we were dining at to ask if she was related to "that blond with the flawless skin." I entered the conversation as this woman told me she used to work for a dermatologist and that my skin is absolutely beautiful and I need to stay out of the sun to keep it that way. This was possibly the best compliment ever given to me. I use Paula's skin care line for blemishes as well as her foundation, blush and Powder. From a girl who went from acne to beautiful I thank you!!
      —Rachel  A., Westerville, OH

Thank you, thank you! I was spending thousands of dollars a year just to look acceptable at 30. My blemished, flaky and ravaged skin was driving me mad. After 4 years of being acne-free, one day it just went crazy. I've never heard about your work, but I bless the day I took a chance. Two weeks later (it's been only 2 months), when I was supposed to suffer another bout of swollen pimples...I just didn't! I was able to actually enjoy going to the esthetician to get my monthly peeling. No new lesions afterwards! Just smoother, almost clear skin, and a happy pocket. THANKS!
      —Sharon, San Juan, PR

I've been using Paula's products for over a year now. Out of curiosity, I went to Nordstrom's website and picked cosmetics and skincare products comparable to Paula's. My checkout price was over $350! Needless to say, I did not proceed. Thanks again!
      —Jocelyn G., Everett, WA

I cannot thank you enough for making products salicylate free. My mother and I suffer from fibromyalgia (her much much more) and it broke my heart to find out most of the cosmetic and personal care products she uses contains these ingredients. After showing her your line and the salicylate free products, she almost cried with happiness. Thank you so much.
      —Sarah W., Ontario, Canada

I would like to say THANK YOU, your products are the best. I am an area manager for a department store and I get gratis from all the cosmetic lines but I purchase all my skin care from you because it really works for me. Thanks again for making incredible skin care that's affordable.
      —Lisa S., via email

Just wanted you to know how much your products have changed my skin. I get so many compliments and am wearing less makeup than ever! Your BHA products are the best. Thanks from one very happy customer!
      —Laura P., London, United Kingdom

I just wanted to send a quick note to say thank you for such wonderful skin care products. I had debated trying your line for awhile but am so glad I finally did. My skin is very acne prone mostly with whiteheads and blackheads. Now, my blackheads are almost completely gone. I cannot tell you when I last had a whitehead. For the first time in a long time, I can leave the house without makeup and not be embarrassed about how my skin looks. My skin is clear and much softer than before. Thanks for such wonderful products. 
      —Alicia M., Copperas Cove, TX

I have gone back and forth between your products and department store lines only because I couldn't bring myself to believe (or accept) that your reasonably priced, well formulated products could possibly do better for my skin than those high end product lines. I finally admitted defeat and decided to stick with your products and wait for results rather than expect them overnight and WOW I have to say your products are AMAZING! My skin has never looked or felt so good. I can't help but stare at myself in the mirror (with no makeup on) and finally be able to admire my skin. THANK YOU!
      —Claudia S., Woodstock, GA

As a licensed cosmetologist, I've been extremely disappointed that it's almost impossible to find good, healthy, intelligently-made skin care products. I was taught in school exactly what to look for, and yet I found that even the expensive department store brands come up lacking. It's as if many companies simply choose to ignore what is known about good skin care. Paula's Choice has been a godsend. Not only do these products do exactly what they're intended to do, but the price is so reasonable that I don't feel like half my paycheck is going to beauty products. I was on antibiotics for years to treat my adult acne, and, obviously, this made me very nervous about the side effects. Since using Paula's acne treatment routine, I've gone off the antibiotics, and my skin is clearer than ever. The lightening gel has eliminated the sun spots around my eyes. I love the beautiful, matte make up shades, which are perfect for me since I've entered my 30s and started shying away from lots of shimmer and shine. I'm considering opening a facial/aesthetics practice, and I would absolutely choose to use and retail Paula's products, even over such high-end brands as Aveda and Dermalogica. I am a happy customer AND a disciple.
      —Audrey, Ocala, FL

My skin has never looked so good before! All my blemishes and blackheads cleared within a week and my skin tone and texture looks brighter and smoother everyday. So many people have commented on how amazing my skin looks, which for me is incredible. I can't thank you enough and will be using your products for a long time.
      —Cat, via email

Paula's Choice products are the BEST on the market for acne-prone skin. You couldn't pay me to try anything else! I think I have tried it all and for the past year, using Paula's Choice recommended products, my skin is as different as night and day. There is no reason to ever risk using another beauty product that may irritate. No one would ever guess that I used to deal with acne breakouts now. Unless you deal with it yourself, you'd never understand how it feels to get ready in the morning, look in the mirror and have to spend extra time hiding and fixing your face with make-up and numerous products...and having skin that feels bad. I didn't realize how badly my skin felt until I used your products and it felt like soft, cool skin...not tight, oily, and stinging. I don't even think about it anymore. I just use your products in the morning and evening faithfully and I rarely have an issue. My concealer is basically used for under-eye takes a long time to actually go through it now!!!! My daughter is only 9 but I plan to get her into a skincare routine with Paula's products as her skin changes into preteen/teenage skin. I'm excited for her....she won't have to go through all the agony of despairing over empty promises of other skin care lines and the insecurities of skin with Please don't ever stop what you are doing. I don't know what I would do if I had to change product lines. Thank you soooooooooo much!
      —Beth, Lancaster, PA

I'm 51 and had worse skin than when I was 20. Now I can say I'm finished with acne!! Your products have changed my face. I can even go without makeup-just my sunscreen lotion. Thank you Paula.
      —Elizabeth A., Cadiz, KY

Even though you already have heard it, let me stress that you are the best company I have come across on the market: prices are not extremely high, no lavish packaging that adds to cost, products that are unfragranced and have the latest state-of-the-art technology-plus a website that offers much information and easy purchase as an option. Great customer service. Plus your newsletter that is unique-it's objective and up-to-date. I use your products and they rock! My dermatologist wants to know what I use! You are a role model and I salute you.
      —Smita B., Brossard, Quebec, Canada

I have battled my skin for about 12 years spending 100s of dollars on any name brands that said they would work. When I picked up Paula's book, Don't Go to the Cosmetics Counter Without Me, I realized that the claims did not match the ingredients. I now trust Paula's advice, and since using her products and picks, I have had so many compliments on how great my skin looks! Thanks, Paula, for the research and the trustworthy advice.
      —Kristal P., Garfield, GA

I am so thrilled that your company has finally been included on PETA's "Companies That Don't Test on Animals" List. I will continue to be a loyal customer-and now I can do it guilt-free!
      —Kelley M., Tucson, AZ

I'm from Germany, but I live in the States and I used a lot of different brands over the years. Paula's Choice is the best cosmetic brand I ever used. My skin complexion has amazingly improved. It's more clear and soft, just younger looking. I hope, you will stay forever on the market, because it's just impossible to find a cosmetic line which is as good as yours and at the same time affordable. I saw that you also deliever your products in Europe. I will advertise for you when I visit friends in Germany. Thank you so much for your great products!!
      —Beate R., Newport News, VA

I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with Paula's Choice products. I think I'm most excited about how well my eye makeup comes off. I don't have to use an eye makeup remover anymore. Paula's cleanser does the job and leaves no residue whatsoever. Also, after I have washed my face and I use the toner, my cotton ball is clean. There is no trace of the makeup on my skin. My face feels clean not tight. Thank you.
      —Jamie M., Elkin, NC

I would like to compliment your staff on their GREAT customer service, they are definitely there to assist the customer the best way possible. Keep up the good work-it is greatly appreciated.
      —Annette K., Assiniboia, Saskatchewan, Canada

I would just like to say that I am so happy that I don't have to search for the best skin care because I have already found it. I'm probably the only 19 year-old male customer who has been using Paula's Choice for more than a year. I am so looking forward to my future with flawless skin. Thanks to you.
      —Pranil P., Newcastle, New South Wales

THANK YOU. There is no one like you and I am so glad to have found you! Your products, written articles, and books have saved me hundreds of dollars and made me a smarter (and prettier) consumer.
      —Jackie H., Tucson, AZ

Your products are amazing! I've suffered with severe acne for the past 13 years. Two rounds of Accutance and every other prescription and topical product have produced no results. I've been a fan of your books for years and recently purchased your products for the first time.The difference in my skin has been amazing!! Within a week I saw a noticeable difference. A month later, I am now breakout-free, and even the hyperpigmentation marks are almost completely faded!! Thank you SO much for creating products that work, I respect your experience and opinion. I'll be a lifelong customer!
      —Carrie T., via email

I've been using Men's Science products for quite some time, until I discovered Paula's Choice. Better ingredients, better price and better results.
      —James, via email

I have been using Paula's Choice skin care products for approximately five months. Since it had been several years since I had gotten a facial, I decided to treat myself.  My appointment was yesterday, and for the first time, the aesthetician told me I had the most beautiful skin she had seen in a long time. She is 21 and I am 51. What a tribute to Paula for making a great product!!!!!
      —Elaine C., Brentwood, TN

Having only recently found the Cosmetics Cop, I'm so happy to have found real help in sorting through the myriad of product lines out there. With a background in cosmetology & having studied cosmetic ingredients myself, I knew enough to recognize that Paula knows her stuff! That said, for me, trying Paula's Choice skincare & makeup was a no-brainer. I've been not just pleased but ecstatic with the results I've seen in such a short period of time--results I've been trying to achieve for over 20 years! Thanks, Paula, for formulating such an awesome product line!
      —Carol L., San Diego, CA

I would like to rave about Paula in general. She has been my idol for about 6 years now (since I was 14) and I would love to thank her for all that she has done. My skin has never looked better, and I have never felt so empowered to tell those makeup counter ladies what they are really pitching to sell (a bunch of lies). I might be young and look naive, but I have made countless saleswoman speechless when I prove them wrong or flat out call them out on their lies. It feels wonderful to be equipped with actual facts, instead of "facts" that came off of a bottle or from a sales person.  
      —Jenna M., Greenwood Village, CO

I began using your products when I turned 30 and I'm now nearing 40. I can't tell you how freeing it has been to not worry about the latest and greatest beauty product shown in magazine ads, infomercials, etc. I watch my friends struggle (and pay a fortune!) to find something, anything, that works. All the while, I am confident that I have the best-of-the-best products at a fair price. Thanks for liberating me from the endless pursuit of the "perfect" product and allowing me to find the best products for me.
      —Joey M., Oklahoma City, OK

Thank you, Paula, for constructing such an informative website. I am a 36-year-old African-American woman, who has been struggling with very oily, sensitive and acne-prone skin for 20 years. I've tried everything! With the last trip to the dermatologist-who specialized in ethnic skincare-I had an allergic reaction to the three medications she put me on. After reading your site, I realized it was too much, too often, and began again. I now incorporate your products with much less medication and am seeing results. Wish me continued success. Thanks again. 
      —Michelle B., Lake Worth, FL

I love your products. My skin has never looked better and while watching a TV channel selling another "Big Name" product line, I was thinking, "$65 for THAT? It doesn't even contain a sunscreen!" I'm a more educated user now and I have you to thank! You've done the research, there's no "will this product really work??" Thank you SO much for giving us these wonderful products that are unscented and good for us. And thanks for publishing customer comments. We learn from each other. Before buying a new product, I'll check to see what others have to say.
      —Jean F., via email

Many congratulations on providing us with sample sizes of your products. Not only is it a boon to those of us who travel a lot and are restricted now in what we can carry onboard, not to mention helping us to save space and weight; but as one who seems to be allergic to the air (figuratively speaking), I am glad that I can now try out a product without wasting money and having to return something.

THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH for being soooooooo out-of-this-world customer oriented!
      —Marsha T., Albuquerque, NM

I just wanted to rave about the products in your skin-care line. As I aged and hit perimenopause, my skin changed and now everything I tried made my skin red. I also had acne, fine pustules that resembled rosacea. Nothing I tried helped and most things made it worse. I tried your BHA in combo with the blemish fighting solution while I was waiting on my dermatology appointment (around here it takes several months to get in to see anyone). My skin looks beautiful again! My husband even noticed. Thanks for the great work you do.
      —Rhonda, via email

My search for the perfect skin care is over. I only wish I had stumbled upon your products years ago. 
      —Shannon P., Rochester, NY

Just wanted to thank you for letting me order samples. With the samples , I not only get to try new products but also I use them to take my favorite products with me when I travel without having to pack the large bottles. 
      —Laura D., Dyersburg, TN

Thank you for your work, for products that are exactly what they say they are, and for helping me look at the beauty product industry in a whole new light. I am making smarter choices now, and I look better for it. 
      —Bettina C., Dorchester, MA

I've read all of your books, but somehow even though I knew you were right, I was drawn to cosmetic counters and stores such as Sephora. I couldn't help myself. I was sure the next bottle or jar was going to be my miracle. I even got hooked on HSN and QVC beauty lines. I must have spent a small fortune just on postage returning the products because they never did what they said they would do.

After being so frustrated and practically ruining my skin, I thought, okay, maybe Paula's right and simple IS better. After using your products, my skin looks and feels better than it ever did (and so does my bank account). I only wish every woman would try your products and save their money and skin. I'm no longer tempted when I pass any cosmetic counter and I "surf" right past the shows on HSN and QVC. 
      —Susan C., Coral Springs, FL

I have used your skincare products for the last three years or more, and have received many compliments from strangers/friends about how wonderful my skin looks. I always tell them that your products keep my acne under control and my skin looking good! 
      —Nena L., Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Thank you for such wonderful products that really work and are so reasonably priced. It's so nice to be able to pass by any cosmetic counter knowing that what I'm using is better than anything they are selling. It's like being free from an addiction! 
Rebecca G., Encinitas, CA

My search for the perfect skincare is over. I only wish I had stumbled upon your products years ago. 
      —Shannon P., Rochester, New York

Thank you for your work, for products that are exactly what they say they are, and for helping me look at the beauty product industry in a whole new light. I am making smarter choices now, and I look better for it. 
      —Bettina C., Dorchester, MA

I've read all of your books, but somehow even though I knew you were right, I was drawn to cosmetic counters and stores such as Sephora. I couldn't help myself. I was sure the next bottle or jar was going to be my miracle. I even got hooked on HSN and QVC beauty lines. I must have spent a small fortune just on postage returning the products because they never did what they said they would do.

After being so frustrated and practically ruining my skin, I thought, okay, maybe Paula's right and simple IS better. After using your products, my skin looks and feels better than it ever did (and so does my bank account). I only wish every woman would try your products and save their money and skin. I'm no longer tempted when I pass any cosmetic counter and I "surf" right past the shows on HSN and QVC.
      —Susan C., Coral Springs, FL

I have used your skincare products for the last three years or more, and have received many compliments from strangers/friends about how wonderful my skin looks. I always tell them that your products keep my acne under control and my skin looking good! 
      —Nena L., Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Thank you for such wonderful products that really work and are so reasonably priced. It's so nice to be able to pass by any cosmetic counter knowing that what I'm using is better than anything they are selling. It's like being free from an addiction! 
      —Rebecca G., Encinitas, CA

I received the travel size Skin Balancing Anti-Blemish Kit last week and started my two teen age sons and myself on the regimen right away. I could honestly see a difference in all of our skin within a couple of days. In fact, this is the first treatment they WANT to stick with because they can see and feel the difference. I am sold on your skin care products and only wish I had found them before I did a few years ago. We have all three been under doctor's care for years and were about to lose hope of ever having clear skin. Thank you so much! 
      —Sheryl K., Midlothian, TX

You guys totally rule!!! I swear, where would I be without Paula's awesome products (and books)? My favorites are the SPF 15 lotion for normal to oily/combination skin and the 2% BHA lotion. I don't know what I would do without the SPF 15 lotion. No other daily-wear lotion with sunscreen can top Paula's, and I've tried a LOT of them. No other sunscreen for the beach/outdoor activities can top her SPF 30+ lotion for normal to oily/combination skin, either, and believe me, I've tried all of those, too. Thank you so much!! 
      —Erin C., Cos Cob, CT

I absolutely LOVE the Skin Balancing Cleanser! It really works well and there is no irritation! A superb product indeed! Great products, great service, great prices—who could ask for anything more in a company? 
      —Theresa R., Milwaukee, WI

I am 36 years old and have suffered with acne since I was 15 years old. I use the 2% Beta Hydroxy Acid Lotion, the benzoyl peroxide lotion and the Oil-Absorbing Facial Mask. My face has been acne free for the first time in my adult life. I wish I had discovered your products sooner! Thanks for making such great products at such honest prices! 
      —Donna, Vancouver, B.C.

I am a market researcher with over 25 years of experience in testing consumer products and services. Having used several of your skin care products, I can wholeheartedly confirm their outstanding performance and extraordinary value for the money. Importantly, each of the products delivers on its promise and combines state-of-the art ingredients in elegant formulations. The Skin Balancing Moisture Gel is truly an exceptionally exquisite product that goes on smoothly and non-greasy, while drying in seconds. The Completely Non-Greasy Moisturizer is exactly what the title indicates: a perfect lightweight moisturizer. Unfortunately, I'll probably never see your products sold in department stores or mass drug outlets—as your mission and its message are antithetical to the cosmetics industry's promotional high jinks.

As you have tirelessly communicated to the cosmetics-buying population for years, advertising and marketing strategies are typically focused on hype and unsubstantiated product claims that target a gullible consumer base that is emotionally pre-disposed to embrace fantastic and incredible efficacy claims. I hope that attitudes are shifting though (albeit slowly), and a little bit of cynicism on the part of the consumer would go a long way toward combating the culture of lies. Lastly, I admire and applaud your commitment, integrity, and courage in confronting a formidable industry. I don't know how you've been able to engage in this battle for so long…but then again, the combination of honesty, dedication to research, and a well-developed moral backbone has served you well!
      —Brian E., New York City, NY

I LOVE your products. My skin has never looked so good! 
      —Susan D., Lilburn, GA

You have wonderful products—particularly your kit for blemish and acne-prone skin. I was a teenager when I first started getting acne and everyone said that it would go away with time. Not true! At 26 I am more in need of dermatological treatments than ever! Even with prescription medications, I have had trouble taming the acne beast. A year ago I happened upon your website, and consequently your Beauty Bible—and, at last, discovered there was an end in sight. Your kit has helped my skin to look better than ever. 
      —Erica E., Philadelphia, PA

I am very pleased with the products that I have ordered, the quality is outstanding, price-wise they are real value. I have a background in the beauty industry and find your prices honest and on target. 
      —Frieda O.

I have been a devotee of yours for several years now. I often get tempted to stray outside your helpful guidelines and try new products which you don't recommend. I always end up having to come back to your skin-care line to clear up the damage I've done from the alluring temptation to experiment.

I have battled acne since I was 14 years old; I am now 44. I have been on Accutane TWICE, and still deal with breakouts. I finally got good results with Differin gel during the day & Persa Gel 5 at night but suddenly my insurance company decided they wouldn't cover my Differin anymore, stating it is "cosmetic"!! I don't have the money to shell out $100 a tube.

I have been very happy with your cleanser so I decided to give your 2% Beta Hydroxy Acid Liquid Solution a try. I put the BHA on first, followed by Persa Gel. The first couple weeks, I had terrible breakouts, but I told myself to stay with it. Now my skin looks as good (or better) than it did with the expensive Differin! I use the products religiously in the morning and at bedtime.

I just wanted to thank you for making this your crusade, to help women like ourselves who truly battle acne. It is not just an adolescent problem and it is not a "cosmetic" problem! Too many cosmetics companies focus on dry skin for women our age and there is not much out there that truly helps adult acne.
      —Inge A., Dunellen, NJ

Your products are THE BEST I have ever used because they do EXACTLY what they're supposed to at the most reasonable prices. 
      —Jane N., Rockledge, FL

I have been on HRT for several years now and my physician warned me that if I had oily skin and breakouts as an adolescent, I may experience them again because of the hormones. At 54 years old, my nose and forehead still shine. I purchased your 2% Beta Hydroxy Acid Liquid Solution and the Super Antioxidant Concentrate and my skin has never looked better. The pores on my nose are even cleaner. I moisturize only when I need to (usually in the evening-Skin Balancing Moisture Gel) and I make sure I wear a

foundation that's SPF 15. After reading your yearly warnings about sun damage, my days of lying out in the sun have long since been over. 
      —Yvonne C., Modesto, CA

I cannot tell you how I have floundered from one product to another looking for a clean/blemish-controlled face. Your products have made the difference. I just wanted to let you know what a happy face you have given me. 
      —Michelle W., Arlington, VA

Thank you for giving my daughter one less adolescent worry. She began having problems with her skin when she was just nine years old. She has been using your products (One Step Face Cleanser, Beta Hydroxy Acid Solution, Blemish Fighting Solution, Essential Non-Greasy Sunscreen) for several months and not only did her blemishes disappear, but her skin has remained clear and lovely. I find it amazing that your products are gentle enough for a ten-year-old's delicate skin. I now use your products as well, and was amazed to see a difference in my skin literally in just days. By the way, if you ever need to know what any specific page says in "Don't Go to the Cosmetics Counter Without Me", just ask my daughter—she knows it by heart. 
      —Jane R., Santa Rosa, CA

I am so impressed with your books, your products, and your website. I'm very impressed by the amount of research that has clearly gone into all of your reviews, and your apparent ability to remain objective, even when referring to your own product line. My hairdresser (an ardent fan) convinced me to sample your products and I'm hooked. You're not only saving me money, but saving my skin. Keep up the good work! 
      —Tanya C., Toronto, ON

Thank you for your consistent outstanding customer service and fabulous products. The improvement in my skin since I started using your products is almost unbelievable. You've done what spas and dermatologists couldn't—all without the high prices and prescription drugs! I'm sold forever! 
      —Maria B., Akron, Ohio

I am currently a wholesale client and have been using Paula's Choice and Paula's Select for over a year now. Your products are truly excellent, effective and reasonably priced. I would love to share with you my story about how I came to use and sell your products.

My college dorm room was makeover central until I decided to take time off to pursue a career as a makeup artist. I began working at Sephora, selling, as you know, some of the most expensive products on the market. Preferring a more hands-on environment, I decided to work for another cosmetics company.

My experience behind the counter was positive for several months. I was earning a considerable amount of money from commission. I was not, however, using any of the skincare I was selling. I never stopped to think about the possibility I was doing my clients a disservice by selling them skincare I myself was unable to use. That is, until one fateful day when a good client of mine approached the counter with an armful of products, dumped them in front of me and asked for a refund.

My first response was scripted. As you know, we cosmetic salespeople follow directions from the company we work for. We extol the virtues of each cream, lotion, and serum as if we ourselves were scientists. When someone comes to return a product our commission suffers and the company takes a hit, so we are told to turn the transaction into an "exchange" for different products. She was hearing none of it. And I thought we had built rapport!

She told me she had read a book called Don't Go to the Cosmetics Counter Without Me, and said she would no longer be using our products. I was dismayed. Grudgingly, I went to the bookstore and found a copy of the book. Sure enough, I read some less-than-glowing reviews of several of our key products (for which we had sales quotas to meet). I gave my two weeks' notice a day later.

My skin would have continued to suffer from the effects of irritation and inadequate sun protection were it not for another great book of yours, The Beauty Bible. My perspective was permanently altered as a result of your tireless research and myth-busting., and I am not exaggerating when I say my life changed after reading it. I became a licensed cosmetologist knowing my focus would be skin care. The same misinformation was in my cosmetology textbook, but luckily we didn't spend many of the 1600 hours of cosmetology school discussing skin.

When I started using your products my skin improved dramatically. I am now lucky enough to rent space in a salon whose owner gives me the freedom to sell whatever product line I choose (yours, of course). According to your wonderful, patient, kind and helpful wholesale representative Deborah, we are the only salon in North Carolina selling your line. I assume this is because most salons choose to sell more expensive, trendier lines.

I do give facials (using your products), but I never subject my clients to heat, steam, or excessive manipulations. I give makeovers using your makeup. I sell out of products constantly. You deserve to know how thrilled I am to be making money without compromising my ethics. My boss claims I've memorized your books, but that would be impossible! Thanks are not enough, but thank you for everything.
      —Julie H., Raleigh, NC

Your products, from skin care to makeup to accessories, are fantastic. I bought your book and was shocked to see the reviews for my then favorite line Clinique. But the more I read the more it made sense. I started to realize that my skin wasn't great and that sometimes it did feel irritated which I blamed on having "sensitive skin." After much looking and testing, I finally decided to try Paula's Choice/Select. Your prices are unbelievable. I had just purchased a Bobbi Brown brush set for $200.00. When I saw your prices I was shocked. So in faith I auctioned off my brush set on ebay (I was able to get all my money back!) and used that money to purchase a brush set for myself and my sister and various other products. I am hooked (I'm 23), my sister (she's 15) is hooked and my mom (she is 50) is hooked as well. I will never go back to a department store. I wasted a lot of money at cosmetics counters with so-so results. Your products made all the difference. I recommend your products to anyone who will listen, including doing my best to promote your products to magazines; I want other women to know what great products you have. Thank you so much for making products that actually do as you say they will! Your Beta Hydroxy Acid products rock!!! I love them. 
      —Elizabeth C., Berwyn, IL

Nothing has ever really worked for me, not even dermatologists, facialists or expensive products like Erno Laszlo, Janet Sarno, etc. I finally bought your products and you know what? My skin looks great. I don't get the cysts I used to get, the texture is softer and in general, less blotchy. Do I never break out? No, I still have hormones, and I don't think breakouts will stop until they're no longer in my body, but your products have greatly, GREATLY reduced my skin eruptions. Keep up the good work!!! 
      —Lorraine D., Miami, FL

Kudos to your efforts to provide great products at reasonable prices. Thanks for the research and integrity that goes into your products. 
      —Nancy S., Brooklyn, NY

I love all your products, but I especially love the new Best Face Forward Foundation and your Skin Balancing Cleanser. Both products have amazing textures. I put on the foundation in the morning and went through the whole day without having to powder or blot my face. The rest of my makeup stayed on beautifully without having to reapply any of it, except for my lipstick. The cleanser removed all my makeup, even eye makeup (without having to remove it with eye makeup remover like I usually do).

I had to tell you how great your products are. I am sure you hear it all the time from clients. Keep up the great work and I want to thank you, Paula, for keeping us informed and saving us lots of money and disappointment. 
      —Helen T., Laval, Quebec, Canada

A little less than a year ago, my girlfriend (who is a licensed esthetician), recommended your products after I complained about my skin changing during menopause. I worked with your consultants (customer service) and I ordered your skin-care products.

Paula, I absolutely love your products and my skin has never looked better. I love your products, your newsletters and just about everything. This is a big THANK YOU, for offering non-animal testing and affordable products.
      —Cindy S., Pearl River, NY

Dear Paula and Crew:
Your products are wonderful! I have oily sensitive skin and your items are non-irritating, soothing, and they work. I now use only your concealer, eyeshadows, lipsticks, and glosses. They are the best I've ever found.

Your customer service is fast, responsive, and a delight. Your pricing is fair and reasonable. Thank you for the educational materials in your books and articles. I can make better choices for personal care items now. Information is power. Power used wisely helps us all. BRAVO!!
       —Gail Hoofnagle, Marlton, NJ

I was about to take Accutane for the second time as I thought that is was the only way to deal with my acne problem when Paula's Choice became available in Europe. I immediately noticed the difference in my skin. Now, my blemishes are completely gone, my skin is healthy and radiant and people actually comment my clear complexion. Thank you. 
      —Ioanna K., via email

What an amazing product line!! I am a 47-year-old female and I have suffered with moderate to severe acne breakouts for over 15 years. I have very oily/combination skin and I've tried everything under the sun. Even twice-a-year visits to my dermatologist for over 10 years never promised anything positive. I accidentally came across your Web site one day and decided to give your skin care line a try. It's been over 6 weeks since I've been using your products, and I am absolutely thrilled with the outcome of my skin. Bless you for a miracle—you have changed my life!! 
      —Brenda F., Niskayuna, NY