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Green Policy

Paula's Choice Green Policy

Paula's Choice is dedicated to using the safest and most effective ingredients available to provide superior skin-care products. We are also dedicated to doing everything we can to be a leader in environmental safety and responsibility. This mission is the very fabric of our desire to take the absolute best care of the people we serve and our world for generations to come.

Paula's Choice embraces with enthusiasm and pride the numerous ongoing and evolving programs we have implemented that significantly reduces our carbon footprint. Here are a few of those efforts:

Recyclable Packaging

85% of our products are packaged in recyclable materials; Read More Details »

Recyclable Printed Materials

All Paula's Choice catalog and Step-by-Step guides are made with recycled materials, printed with soy ink, and bear the Forest Stewardship Council Seal. They can be recycled in any program that accepts paper.

Energy Efficient, Environmentally Sustainable Working Environment

Our office is continually taking steps to be energy efficient and reduce waste in every way we can: We use special energy efficient lighting; we avoid using paper plates and plastic utensils; we reduce our heating and air conditioning temperatures; everyone has recycle and trash containers at their desk; and we are evaluating the possibility of composting, along with other environmentally sustainable efforts.