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Press Release > A Golden Summer Glow the Safe, Easy (and Scent-Free) Way

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A Golden Summer Glow the Safe, Easy (and Scent-Free) Way with Sun 365 Self-Tanning Foam by Paula’s Choice

Everyone loves the long days of summer, but lounging by the pool for that perfect golden tan comes with the risks of sunburn and skin damage. Break out your bikini with confidence and start the summer beautifully bronzed – the right way - with help from Paula’s Choice NEW Sun 365 Self-Tanning Foam. The lightweight foam formula offers an easy way to maintain a head-to-toe faux glow without worrying about tan lines, brown spots, and wrinkles.

Concerned about the typical self-tanner smell? Not to worry - the experts at Paula’s Choice know how important it is to get a streak-free tan but without that signature chemical smell. Sun 365 Self-Tanning Foam is fragrance-free, goes on lightly so it won’t clog pores, and is naturally tinted so you’ll know exactly where you’re putting it - say goodbye to streaky coverage. For a natural looking golden color that builds over time, reapply the self-tanning foam daily.

Key Benefits:

  • Quick-drying, tinted foam ensures a flawless application
  • Provides a natural-looking, streak-free tan in as little as one hour
  • Long-lasting, odor-free formula
  • Natural caramel coloring agent
  • Formulated for use on the face and body
  • Water-light formula is ideal for breakout-prone skin
  • 100% fragrance-free


  • Gently exfoliate face and body in the shower with a soft washcloth.
  • Apply a light layer of moisturizer to face and body.
  • Apply the self-tanning foam evenly and smoothly, one area at a time.
  • Wait five minutes before dressing or getting into bed to avoid stains on fabric.
  • Reapply the following day to deepen the color of your tan. Once you get the color you want, reapply every few days to maintain.


  • Self-tanning products can collect in the creases of skin as well as over dry or rough skin, so apply less over those areas or use a paper towel to dab off the excess.
  • Use a nail brush to prevent getting color under your fingernails.
  • The color result from this product can be considered light to medium in intensity. A darker look may be obtained by reapplication.
  • If you opt not to wear plastic gloves to apply self-tanner it is a good idea to lightly go over your cuticles and any rough edges around fingers and toes with a Q-Tip dampened with nail polish remover.

Price: $15 for 5 fl. oz / Available beginning May 2014 at


Paula's Choice was founded in 1995 by internationally renowned beauty and skin care expert, Paula Begoun, author of Blue Eyeshadow Should Be Illegal, The Beauty Bible and Don't Go To The Cosmetics Counter Without Me, which have sold more than 2.5 million copies. Using her knowledge and expertise, Paula has developed state-of-the-art formulations for her own line based on reliable, published skin-care research. Products include skin care, makeup, body and hair care, beauty tools, and accessories. All products are fragrance-free, cruelty-free, environmentally-friendly and perform beautifully without false promises. For more information visit: Like us on Facebook, "Paula's Choice, Inc." and follow us on Twitter, @PaulasChoice.