CLEAR Acne Body Spray
Based on 84 reviews
A body exfoliant that fights acne fast and prevents new breakouts while calming redness. The easy-to-use spray can be held at any angle to reach stubborn acne on hard-to-reach areas of the body.

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CLEAR Acne Body Spray

Based on 84 reviews
A body exfoliant that fights acne fast and prevents new breakouts while calming redness. The easy-to-use spray can be held at any angle to reach stubborn acne on hard-to-reach areas of the body.
  • Maximum strength to combat stubborn acne
  • Alcohol-free formula
  • Fluid formula produces rapid results
  • Use daily on clean skin, do not rinse

Skin Types:
All Skin Types
Acne, Bumpy Skin, Blackheads
Why is it different?
CLEAR Acne Body Spray 2% BHA offers a convenient way to treat acne on the body (like back acne). Just spray on and let the formula go to work to provide clearer, blemish-free skin. The easy-to-use spray packaging can be held at any angle, even upside down, so you can cover those hard-to-reach areas.

This exfoliant has a pH range of 3.2–3.8.

What does it do?
Salicylic acid penetrates to eliminate bumps, pimples, and blackheads while soothing and calming reddened skin. There are no harsh ingredients that can cause more problems for your skin. It dries quickly and is gentle, non-irritating, and alcohol-free, which means skin won’t feel dry or tight. It is even suitable for skin prone to cystic acne.
How to use
Spray evenly over affected areas. Spray on and rub in with hands or applicator for hard-to-reach areas. Allow to dry, then follow with moisturizer if desired. Do not spray directly onto face.

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Product Ingredients

Active Ingredient: 2% Salicylic Acid (beta hydroxy acid/exfoliant)
Inactive Ingredients: Water (Aqua), Dipropylene Glycol (hydration), Butylene Glycol (hydration), Polysorbate 20 (texture enhancer), Pentylene Glycol (hydration), Sodium Hyaluronate (skin replenishing), Dipotassium Glycyrrhizate, Glycyrrhiza Glabra Root Extract (licorice extract/skin-soothing), Berberis Vulgaris Root Extract (barberry extract/calming plant extract), Lauric Acid (texture enhancer), Allantoin (skin-soothing), Panthenol (skin replenishing), Glycerin (skin replenishing), PEG/PPG-17/6 Copolymer, Methyl Gluceth-20 (skin replenishing), Glycereth-26 (texture-enhancing), Potassium Sorbate, Sodium Metabisulfite (preservative), Sodium Hydroxide (pH adjuster), Disodium EDTA (stabilizer).

Ratings & Reviews

Effective for body acne


Despite having fairly clear skin on my face, I have had persistent acne on my chest and back since my mid-twenties (I am now nearing 50). A combination of salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide has worked well to control it, but applying products that come in small tubes and gel or cream formulas is difficult. The spray format of this product has been wonderful. It allows me to cover my entire back with a thin layer of BHA easily. I use it in the morning after my shower, allowing 5-10 minutes for it to dry before I dress. I also use benzoyl peroxide at night--much harder to apply!--and find that the combination is very effective against my stubborn bacne. This is a must-have product in my skincare arsenal.


San Francisco, CA


A Definite Favorite!


Ok so I have to say I luv luv luv this product! Definitely my favorite bha and I've tried just about all of them. If u like the clear 2% this is very similar. I've never had a hx of any major acne issues but recently started getting some hormonal outbreaks on face and chest since going off birth control. My only complaint is that because it's my fav bha I use it from head to toe daily and for being a full body product I think the size could be larger. The bottle only lasts about 2 weeks which can get rather pricey. Would be great to offer a larger maybe 8 oz. size?


Wichita, Ks


Drastically improved my bacne situation


I have had body acne since I was a teen (I'm 25 now). I decided I was finally sick of feeling embarrassed by it and invested in this product as well as the resist 2% bha body treatment. I use this spray on my back and chest after every shower and the lotion on my legs/butt every other shower. I've been using them for about a month and I've already seen a massive difference. I only have a couple zits on my back right now which is HUGE for me, and I'm hoping in another month or so of using this product I won't have any at all. I'm so excited to be able to wear whatever I want this summer without having to worry about my body acne. And the fact that this product comes in a spray bottle makes it so much easier to use on my back. Definitely recommend this as well as the resist body treatment to anyone suffering with body acne!


Greensboro, NC




I have been using this product for about 3 weeks. I cannot recommend this enough for people who have back acne! It doesn't leave any redness or dryness! I would buy this again!




Effective Product - Satisfied Customer


I have only been using this product for about three weeks but immeadiately and continue to see positive results. I have a thyroid condition and suffer from clogged pores and hormonal acne on my chest. No matter what I did my skin was always rough, red and bumpy , and because it is an area with sensitive, delicate skin other products were too harsh and usually caused more dryness and irritation, making my breakouts worse. This is the only product that I have used that absorbs quickly, calms my skin down, and makes my skin smooth and soft. I usually use it when I get out of the shower but have also put it on throughout the day or as needed. My pores are not clogged and my skin texture/tone looks more even, clear and calm. It effectively treats breakouts without drying out my skin. I only get very minor breakouts now that dissipate quickly after using this body spray. I will continue to buy and use this product and highly recommend it to anyone suffering from similar skin problems. Thank you!




I can't recommend this enough...


If you struggle with acne on your back, chest, or arms THIS IS GODSENT. I have never seen such results in such a short period of time. I'm impressed and repurchasing immediately.


Nashville TN


OMG the best spray for body acne


There's this part of acne on my chest that won't go away even though I've tried so many ways. I then used this product to see if it's working. After 4 days of using this, the acne started to fade and after a week, it's completely gone! I'm so happy and this is a wonderful product.




This stuff does everything except clean the house.


First of all, this stuff works like magic on breakouts. Follow the directions, and your skin will heal very quickly, as the countless reviews here attest. I am only writing another glowing review because this stuff has some miraculous "off label" uses, too. Many years ago, someone on Paula's Choice Facebook page posted about using BHA products as an alternative to deodorant. I was intrigued since I find 99% of commercial deodorants irritating. Lo and behold, it works and it works really well. Just a few sprays after showering and voila. I also use this as a facial BHA, and for this purpose it also works perfectly, and it has a great "feel" once it dries down. Plus, I love that there is no cap or lid to flip or unscrew. The new packaging is great. All of Paula's Choice exfoliants are excellent, but this is among the best and easiest to use -- and best of all, it's the most versatile.


Asheville, NC


This stuff seriously works.


My body acne started getting really bad again after I went off the pill about 4 months ago. I've been using this spray for 3 weeks now and after 1.5-2 weeks I could really start to notice results!! My acne is less red, I'm not breaking out nearly as often as I used to, and the marks I have from past breakouts are fading. Great product!!! I will definitely keep buying it.

Christine T

Tampa, FL


It works!


It took a while to notice results with this product, almost a month, but it actually works with time. I use it after applying the 'CLEAR Regular Strength Daily Skin Clearing Treatment with 2.5% Benzoyl Peroxide' cream, and for some, that might cause too much drying, but it works perfectly for me. Like others said, the smell is weird, but to me, it smells like 'CLEAN!' I feel clean, clear, and confident.


New York, NY



4.6 84