CLEAR Extra Strength Kit
Based on 212 reviews
This 3-step routine quickly combats and controls stubborn acne and breakouts, unclogs pores and calms redness without causing dryness or flaking.

*This item is not eligible for additional discounts.

CLEAR Extra Strength Kit

Based on 212 reviews
This 3-step routine quickly combats and controls stubborn acne and breakouts, unclogs pores and calms redness without causing dryness or flaking.
  • For stubborn acne
  • Fast acting formulas fight acne-causing bacteria
  • Contain no harsh ingredients

*This item is not eligible for additional discounts.

Skin Types:
All Skin Types
Acne, Large Pores


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Why is it different?
Gentle yet effective go hand-in-hand with this 3-step skincare routine that quickly gets stubborn acne under control—without causing dryness, flaking, redness, or discomfort. The products work together to provide pore-clearing and hydrating benefits.

This kit includes:
CLEAR Pore Normalizing Cleanser (177ml/6 fl. oz.)
CLEAR Extra Strength Anti-Redness Exfoliating Solution with 2% Salicylic Acid (118ml/4 fl. oz.)
CLEAR Extra Strength Daily Skin Clearing Treatment with 5% Benzoyl Peroxide (67 ml/2.25 fl. oz.)

What does it do?
Works to lessen excess oil, unclog and shrink enlarged pores, and help you control stubborn acne breakouts. Unlike most anti-acne products, the CLEAR collection works without causing dryness or redness, or exposing skin to harsh ingredients like alcohol, menthol, and eucalyptus. It’s a customer favorite even for those with skin prone to cystic acne.

How to use

Step 1 Cleanser: AM/PM

Step 2 Exfoliant: AM and/or PM

Step 3 Treatment: AM and/or PM

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Ratings & Reviews

Last Ditch Effort Before Restarting Accutane


I've had terrible skin since I was in 3rd grade and had used almost every skin care product in the book and was on first name, christmas-card basis with my dermatologist. I took accutane in high school, and while it worked, I had some pretty bad side effects, not to mention the hassle of all of the testing. It worked for a while, but slowly my acne returned until I was sitting in front of a mirror on my 21st birthday knowing that I couldn't be happy like this. I was at the point where the first thing I thought about in the morning was my face and I didn't even want to wear makeup because my skin texture was so uneven. I was fully considering driving home 4 hours roundtrip twice a month in my busy college schedule to start accutane when I stumbled across this kit. I've spent HOURS researching skincare and committing to a product, only to have my excitement ruined by lackluster results. I tried the trial size of this kit, and not only was I NOT allergic like I am to most literally anything, but it works! After so much research and diligence, I've found a product that doesn't just keep my acne to a minimum, but actually makes my skin feel and look healthy and glowy and I haven't had a real, new zit since the purging period, which lasted about 2 weeks for me. I'm just so excited and the confidence that this product has helped me gain by not having to worry about my acne as much has already affected other areas of my life.


College Station, Texas




I've tried every product out there to help with my skin, I suffered from raised bumps on my forehead, clogged/congested pores around my cheekbones and chin, and I also had cystic acne around my jaw line the past few years (likely hormonal issues), and EXTREMELY OILY skin. I had tried every regiment out there. I started with the regular strength and it helped, but the EXTRA STRENGTH is what made the real difference. In only a few weeks my skin cleared up in all areas, and it no longer has the uncontrollable oily-ness and shine. *****Be aware my skin burned and stinged horribly when using this product in the first week that I almost returned it, but I continued with it and my skin adjusted to it and now I am so glad I didn't return it. This product is a must!!! Just stick with it and it will be worth it.




Best product I've found!


I am 19 y/o and I've struggled with acne and stubborn under-the-skin pimples for years, and I've tried EVERYTHING- even the cream from the Dr. I heard about this product line and decided to give this kit a try. WOW! I use the cleanser every morning followed by an Olehenriksen moisturizer, and then the whole kit every night. After consistent use of this for about 3 months I've noticed a significant difference in my skin, and all of my under-the-skin pimples are COMPLETELY gone! I'm so shocked with the results that I just had to write a review for those ladies struggling with acne and can't find the right product. The salicylic acid and benzoyl will cause a slight burning sensation, possible redness and often dry skin, but its so worth it. I barley get any breakouts and my skin looks great under makeup. Just make sure you lather your face in moisturizer every morning or whenever you feel its super dry! And be very consistent to see results.


Ontario, CA


Amazing Results!!!


I purchased the travel size extra strength kit to see if it would even work. I have tried EVERTHING to help control my acne. Nothing has worked for me. I came across Paula's Choice in an article online from a dermatologist and figured for $13...why not try it? OMG!! I noticed a difference 24 hours later, even my husband commented on how much better my skin looked. Im hooked and so thankful I tried this product out. I will say it is slightly drying because it's extra strength, so I just purchased the clear moisturizer to help with that. If you struggle with light to severe need this product!!




WOW something that actually works!


When I say I have tried everything I have literally tried everything.From drugstore brands to $180 products that did nothing I gave up and these breakouts I had were SO red and scarred horribly and would look caked and bumpy under foundation I tried to cover them up with. I bought the travel kit on amazon after a makeup artist recommended this to me and within two days my skin was clear, like literally clear. I currently am on my period so I have a few hormonal breakouts on my chin but they are not bad at all compared to when I wasn't using the extra strength! I use the cleanser once or twice a day depending on how dry my skin is, use the exfoliating solution which I love, and put the treatment over my scars and if I might feel a breakout coming. Ok now the cons. my skin has never been so dry, so I am trying to get used to that but I have been using bio-oil which helps both with dryness and scars.Hope this helps!

Lacey McIntyre

Greenville de




I purchased this kit for my 15 year old grandson after he asked me (his 64 year old grandmother) if I had any thing that would work on his skin. Since using this kit, the redness and inflammation have melted away, disappearing month by month. Six months and 3 kits later, his complexion has improved immensely. I asked my grandson what he thought. His reply - "It really works." There you have it! Thank you Paula's Choice, Love Nana and QP.

nana s

Rochester MN

A Life Saver!


This product SAVED my skin! I've always struggled when it came to my acne prone skin. Seems like I went through the ringer with all the products out there- Neutrogena, ProActiv, CeraVe, Olay, Dermalogica, Clean & Clear, you name it. A couple days before my 21st birthday acne wrecked havoc on my skin. I did some research on this skin care regimen and decided to take the plunge. I bought the travel size of this system first to see how I would like it and wow I'm so happy I did! Within a couple days my acne started to dry up, and my redness significantly got better. I still have the occasional breakout out here and there (I've only been using the product about a month, but it works wonders) but boy does this help keep it under wraps. I use this extra strength line along with the Skin Perfecting 2% BHA Liquid which has helped my skin so much when it comes to uneven skin tone and acne scars. The regimen itself can be intense and dry out your skin when first starting, so invest in a super hydrating moisturizer- first aid beauty ultra repair cream worked like a charm for me. If you are at your wits end with stubborn acne give this a try! So worth the money, I can't live without it.




The only thing that has ever worked for me


I never write reviews online, this is my very first one. The only reason I am writing it is because I hope that my review helps somebody else out. This product line has been the only one that has ever work to clear up my acne. I can't believe the results I've seen in the last month, for the first time since I can remember my acne is completely cleared and I have no signs of anything else coming along. I never expected it to work this well, it has been a miracle for me. I still can't believe it's true, I know I shouldn't touch my face but sometimes I have to because I've never felt my face feel so smooth and healthy.

Acne free me



Turned Me Into a Believer


I bought this product on a whim a month ago, and a month in, I'm certain I will continue to repurchase this product. My combination skin was a cocktail of dark spots, active acne, dry spots, and consistent redness. Frankly, I was fed up, having tried products people called their "holy grail" in the hopes that my skin would miraculously gain the supple, smooth texture I'd so often seen my friends sporting to no avail. I had previously been using a COSRX face wash, Thayer's toner, and my trusted Aveeno moisturizer. The redness was relentless and so were active acne spots despite switching to a healthier diet and consuming more cups of water. The acne was all over my cheeks, my chin. My skin's taken a turn for the better since incorporating these products. When I first used these, I was worried since it stung a bit--made my skin flush with a redness that was all too familiar and left small flakes, a dryness that had not been a problem before. But I wanted to fully test the product and so continued to consistently use all the products. Active acne began to appear less and less. The hot flush that accompanied redness would still appear after I applied the skin-clearing treatment, but it was less and less noticeable, disappearing quickly after. Two weeks in, I decided to pat down a moisturizer just before applying the skin-clearing treatment, which did wonders for the dryness. So the process now went: face wash, exfoliating solution with a cotton pad, patting down Aveeno moisturizer, then patting down (rather than rubbing in) the skin clearing treatment. Another two weeks go by--my active acne is gone. I still have dark spots, but they're fading. Hormonal acne appeared on my chin during my period, but in noticeably smaller bumps. I'm so happy with these products. Truly. Walked outside make-up free for the first time since high school. Thank-you!

Dani, Gaining Confidence Everyday

New York, New York


This has made an astronomical difference for my face


I cringe to think of the state of my face before I started using the extra strength acne products from Paula's skin care. I have suffered from severe acne and breakouts since I was a young teenager, and nothing - I mean no pills, no drug store products, no prescription stuff, proactive, nothing - seemed to help. I had almost given up when I randomly found paula's skin care through a last-ditch effort Google search, and now I have been using it for over a year and I just can't believe how much it has helped. It does sometimes dry me up a little, but compared to other products before that literally made my face crack and bleed, that's easily fixed with daily moisturizer. I do still get a few pimples here or there but this has made an astronomical difference in my face. I just can't believe it.


Chicago, IL



4.3 212