CLEAR Extra Strength Kit
Based on 192 reviews


CLEAR Extra Strength Kit
This 3-step routine quickly combats and controls stubborn acne and breakouts, unclogs pores and calms redness without causing dryness or flaking.

*This item is not eligible for additional discounts.

CLEAR Extra Strength Kit

Based on 192 reviews


This 3-step routine quickly combats and controls stubborn acne and breakouts, unclogs pores and calms redness without causing dryness or flaking.
  • For stubborn acne
  • Fast acting formulas fight acne-causing bacteria
  • Contain no harsh ingredients

*This item is not eligible for additional discounts.

Skin Types:
All Skin Types
Acne Breakouts, Enlarged Pores

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Why is it different?
Gentle yet effective go hand-in-hand with this 3-step skincare routine that quickly gets stubborn acne under control—without causing dryness, flaking, redness, or discomfort. The products work together to provide pore-clearing and hydrating benefits.

This kit includes:
CLEAR Pore Normalizing Cleanser (177ml/6 fl. oz.)
CLEAR Extra Strength Anti-Redness Exfoliating Solution with 2% Salicylic Acid (118ml/4 fl. oz.)
CLEAR Extra Strength Daily Skin Clearing Treatment with 5% Benzoyl Peroxide (67 ml/2.25 fl. oz.)

What does it do?
Works to lessen excess oil, unclog and shrink enlarged pores, and help you control stubborn acne breakouts. Unlike most anti-acne products, the CLEAR collection works without causing dryness or redness, or exposing skin to harsh ingredients like alcohol, menthol, and eucalyptus. It’s a customer favorite even for those with skin prone to cystic acne.

How to use

Step 1 Cleanser: AM/PM

Step 2 Exfoliant: AM and/or PM

Step 3 Treatment: AM and/or PM

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Ratings & Reviews

Horrible burn and rashes on face


I have pretty tough skin that has never had any reactions to extra strength product. However, this line caused horrible reactions. I started breaking out after a week, and figured I was purging and needed more time. I used the products for a total of about 2 months, with only using the toner about 3 times a week because of how drying it was. After 2 months, and what seemed like permanent breakouts and scaly spots on my face, I went to a dermatologist who told me the strong chemicals in the product have caused an initial flare up of seborrheic dermatitis on certain spots of my face. Im 27 so it is unlikely this dermatitis suddenly appeared without any underlying cause. I am now on facial steroids to clear this up (3 months later, still working on it). Stop using this product ASAP if you notice any sort of breakout



I would buy this product again and again


I've always had bad cystic acne breakouts and nothing ever worked for me! One of my friends told me about this product and I tried it for almost a month now and the result are insane. I am so very happy, highly recommend!!


New York

Paula's Choice changed my life..and my skin!


I never write reviews, but this product is different and worthy of a review. I am 17 years old and live in the very humid state of Louisiana. I have suffered with cystic acne since sixth grade and have tried EVERYTHING. I was on Accutane for 7 months and all of my facial, back, and chest acne returned. I tried things ranging from ProActive, Murad, Neutrogena, free and clear, and dermotologist topicals. NOTHING worked. I decided to give Paula's Choice a try and my face is 98% completely clear. Using the extra strength dries out my face, which is exactly what i needed. My scars have faded, my pores are unclogged, and my acne is very minimal (usually only 3-4 pimples around my cycle). To everyone out there struggling to find something, do not give up. If you're on the fence about Paulas Choice, THIS is your sign. Thank you Paula's Choice for giving me clear skin and my confidence back.




First impression was a BIG NO


So I just received this kit and it was my first time try this website and creams, a lot of my friends, as well as my doctor recommended this website for my acne, and the first time I tried it i was so exicited to use it and hoping it will make my face clear, but once I applied the acne treatment, it totally started to burn my face to where I couldn't leave it in for a sec. so I took it off and couple hours later I felt my face feel so itchy and irritated so when I looked at myself in the mirror I saw how my face was all red and swollen. I was honestly so disappointed, and I really had high hopes for this.


Houston, TX


The pictures say it all.


Before discovering Paula's, I was caught in the dehydrate/rehydrate cycle with my forever blemish prone skin, and as I aged this began to enhance wrinkles. I was using the Clinique system for acne, which was keeping it under control (a pimple or two here and there) but I didn't like the way my skin felt...and the wrinkles. Sooo... I decided to quit all the products I was using wondering, "Do I really even have acne anymore?" Well, as you can see in my before picture my acne roared back, the worst it had ever been. After trying numerous products I went back to Clinique and my face burned terribly. During some online reading I was fortunate enough to come across one of Paula's articles here on the website about aging skin and acne. She helped me realize the alcohol in the toner and topical acne solutions were over-drying and burning my skin. I was thinking it was the BHA componets, I mean the word "acid" is pretty scary when you think about putting it on your skin. But she explained everything so well, and it made so much sense, I ordered a trial kit that day. When my trial arrived I used it that night and ordered the full kit the next day, which was also when I took my before photo. I'm including pictures because I always wonder in reviews if anyone's acne was as bad as mine. Well, here it is, about as bad as it gets. Also, I was left with a mess of scars, which I tried Resist anti-aging clear skin hydrator to help fade. To my surprise, the color faded in about 6 weeks of using it twice a day. Normally they would fade on their own in 6 months. If you are on the fence - don't be!


Columbus, Ohio


Say goodbye to adult acne


I ordered this and I am so glad I did. For the first time I can go without makeup. My adult acne is gone it took 2 weeks and yes there is some burning with the last step. But I just can't believe that all I need is some sunscreen and I'm good. My face has never looked better. I will say that if I miss a day or two I also notice a difference. Having a good regimen is a must and consistently is key. Thank you so much Paula, I never thought I could have such clear skin, dealing with acne most of my life. This is the best my skin has ever looked! I too tried proactive and Rodan fields unblemish line. Nothing has worked quite like this line.




only thing that worked


I love this product. I was struggling with acne for two years and this is the only thing that worked. it's a miracle worker!!!




Great results!


Writing this review on behalf of my husband. He was diagnosed with cystic acne at a young age, has done 2 rounds of acutane and had countless pills, creams and washes prescribed from dermatologists. He has also had laser treatments done on the hair on his face to prevent the folliculitis. He still suffered from moderate acne even after all the treatments prescribed in addition to some mild rosacea and very sensitive skin which has been really frustrating. When the doctor suggested a 3rd round of acutane, I managed to convince him to try this line first because I've had great results with my products from Paula's choice. This regimen has almost completely cleared his face. We're both so thankful and amazed that this has worked so well. Even though its the extra strength formula he has found it nonirritating and mild. He still gets a very occasional break out especially if he accidentally skips a night of treatment here and there. But overall this line has made such a dramatic improvement in his skin! Thank you!

Nagging Wife :)

Charleston, SC


I love this product!


I LOVE this product. I've had acne since I was 12. I've used everything from Proactive, Clinique, Rodan & Feilds to even resorting to antibiotics. Then I stumbled upon Paula's Choice and it worked within the first week. I'm so happy with this product and I will continue to purchase it. My only complaint is that it dries out your skin for the first week, although after you get past that it works like a charm.


Oklahoma City, OK


Great product, less than ideal packaging


I have relatively severe acne and this product has helped a lot. Hasn't gotten rid of my blemishes 100%, but it is manageable. I workout a lot in the mornings and need to bring these products with me, however I have probably lost 10% of it due to leakage. Two out of the three bottles consistently leak, which is a slight annoyance.


Boston, MA



4.3 192