CLEAR Pore Normalizing Cleanser
Based on 324 reviews
This gentle, acne-fighting cleanser removes excess oil, dead skin and makeup without drying skin or causing redness.

CLEAR Pore Normalizing Cleanser

Based on 324 reviews
This gentle, acne-fighting cleanser removes excess oil, dead skin and makeup without drying skin or causing redness.
  • Dissolves pore-clogging impurities
  • Cleans without irritation
  • Gel texture refreshes & calms skin
  • Use as the first step in your AM/PM skincare routine
Skin Types:
All Skin Types
Blackheads, Acne


    6 oz
    Travel Size...
Why is it different?
CLEAR Pore Normalizing Cleanser isn’t like other acne cleansers; it is completely non-irritating and won’t cause dryness or flaking. This cleansing gel actually has a silky feel that works quickly to remove excess oil and debris that can clog pores and lead to breakouts.
What does it do?
Gently and quickly removes excess oil and surface debris that contribute to acne. Rinses without a residue, leaving skin refreshed, comfortably clean, and ready to receive maximum benefits from the CLEAR products to follow.
How to use

Wet face and apply a small amount of cleanser to your face and eye area with vigorous, yet gentle, circular motions. Rinse well. To remove heavy makeup, repeat or use with a clean, wet washcloth.

Show details

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Product Ingredients

Active Ingredient: Salicylic Acid 0.5%
Inactive Ingredients: Water (Aqua), Sodium Lauroyl Sarcosinate, Acrylates/Steareth-20 Methacrylate Copolymer, Glycerin, PEG-200 Hydrogenated Glyceryl Palmate, Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Arginine, Butylene Glycol, PEG-7 Glyceryl Cocoate, Panthenol, Disodium EDTA, Citric Acid, PEG-60 Hydrogenated Castor Oil, Sodium Citrate, Phenoxyethanol, Caprylyl Glycol, Chlorphenesin..

Ratings & Reviews



I have problem skin for sure- huge pores, oily, also dry, and acne has been a huge problem for me for 15 years now. A friend recommended this to me, I've been using it for about two weeks and I'm in love! It leaves my skin feeling squeaky clean, my pores are reducing in size and I can almost go without wearing any concealer at all already! My skin has become a tad bit more dry, but I haven't found a moisturizer to use yet, but this doesn't cause any extra redness or irritation whatsoever! I'd recommend this to anyone!




Want normal size pores? Look no further


This has helped my husband and I so much! We have both noticed reduced pore size after using this cleanser! Doesn't dry out skin and is soothing to use!




The ONLY thing that worked for my tween!


My 11 year old has been struggling with breakouts for the past few months, we've tried so many different face washes and treatments. She's still so young so it's a tricky balance of finding something that works but doesn't irritate too much. This cleanser along with the CLEAR Regular Strength Anti-Redness Exfoliating Solution With 2% Salicylic Acid that she applies in the evening has cleared up her skin finally. Her skin is 80-90% more clear. We're both very happy with the results!


Los Gatos, CA


Saved my 30s skin


Back in March I ordered the travel sizes of this cleanser, the 8% AHA gel, the Clear 2% anti-redness exfoliator, and the Clear 2.5% daily skin clearing treatment. I purchased these as part of a two year buying spree that was my attempt to get my skin back into shape. Shortly before I turned 30, my skin morphed into this teenage-like state of horrible, painful cystic acne along my jawline, chin, and cheeks. They left behind huge red marks even if they didn't pop because of how much they stretched my skin. My pores stayed clogged no matter how religiously I applied my AHAs/BHAs. I tried several product lines over the course of two years, in three month increments each. NOTHING WORKED. Not high end, not drugstore, NOTHING. I caved and scheduled an appt with a dermatologist, who couldn't see me for another four months. I was literally in tears of frustration at this point. Anyway, so the batch of PC products was next on my list of trial products. After three weeks...hmm, I noticed my cystic zits were smaller. Still there, but definitely smaller. After about 8 weeks, I noticed my pores were a lot cleaner and that the zits were becoming more infrequent and more like "normal" zits rather than huge, swollen cystic ones. I've been using them (face wash 2x daily, and the other products at night) for 4-5 months now and no joke, you would never know I had horrible skin for the past two years. I get maybe 2-3 zits a month and they're not cystic and they don't leave marks behind. The scarring I had from the cystic zits is totally gone now. My skin tone looks more even than it's looked since my early twenties. These products have been a self-esteem saver and I am so, so grateful for them!!!




Excellent product


I have awful face skin. I did find that benzoyl peroxide products had worked best for my acne, as well as actual rough exfollient cleansers. As I got a bit older, I noticed that the benzoyl peroxide products irritated and dried my skin out significantly, so I turned to the saliycic acid products; these worked when choosing the rough exfollient, non-soap, cleansers. I used these products for a few years and then started to notice that those products began to irritate my skin and dry my skin out. So then, I researched PC CLEAR and have been buying CLEAR (regular product, not extra strength as that dries my face out too much) for a couple years. I have very oily face skin, extremely oily, but PC CLEAR has worked the best that I have noticed with my acne overall. I am 30 years old.






I love this stuff! Made a huge difference with my acne and suprisingly didn't irritate my sensitive skin. I use it twice a day, and only need a little drop for my whole face.


Portland, OR


Finally clear after 10 years of adult acne!


I used all the drug store acne products and the expensive stuff from the doctor. Th only thing that worked was the antibiotics but you can't stay on those. I am quick to try things, but also quick to move on if I don't think it works. I started with the kit and then now just maintain on the cleanser, have been acne free for two years and if I get one its very small, and goes away quick, nothing like the nasty cyst types from before that were so painful.


Limington, ME


Seriously... the best cleanser for my oily skin!


I got this as a travel size, to see if I liked it... and I can honestly say that I will never buy anything else again. I have used Cetaphil Daily Cleanser for YEARS and this just blew it out of the water! My face was SO clean and NOT dry. When I used the Cetaphil, I would get residual make up on my cotton ball with Paula's toner, but there was NOTHING after I used this cleanser. Just TRY it!




Love this!


I use this facewash along with the other CLEAR products and love them all. Since using these products, I have definitely noticed a change in my skin- less cystic acne and noticeably reduced clogged pores! I also use the BHA 2% Skin Brightening Liquid and the CLEAR SPF 30+ moisturizer. I love them all.




Love it!


My first order from PC. Clean well without drying my skin. I have super sensitive skin, it's very gentle. I also got the CLEAR Regular Strength Anti-Redness Exfoliating Solution With 2% Salicylic Acid. I can tell my pores are getting a little smaller after 1 week. Love it!! I just placed my second order to try other good PC products that would work great on my skin.




CLEAR Pore Normalizing Cleanser

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