Morus alba (white mulberry) root extract

Morus alba (white mulberry) root extract has antioxidant properties, but its main benefit for skin has to do with calming signs of irritation along with its potential to fade the look of discolorations and uneven skin tone.

White mulberry root contains compounds known as flavonoids, some of which have been shown to interrupt the process that keeps discolorations looking more apparent.

Interestingly, some research has shown that mulberry twigs work in a different manner to improve uneven skin color, as the twig contains a different mix of beneficial ingredients than the root. The same is true for the leaves of this plant, which are a rich source of the skin tone-improving antioxidant oxyresveratrol (although this compound is also present in the root, it’s more concentrated in the leaf).

Overall, topical application of this plant extract helps calm stressed skin, which in turn reduces signs of environmental damage and fosters a brighter, more radiant skin tone.

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