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Formaldehyde-releasing preservative used in cosmetics. It can be a skin sensitizer, as can all...

Categories: Preservatives

quaternium-18 hectorite

Used as a suspending agent and also has emulsifying properties.

Categories: Texture Enhancer

quaternium ammonium compounds

A wide range of ingredients, called “quats” for short, that share a unique molecular structure that...

Categories: Uncategorized


A bioflavonoid ingredient from plants. Quercetin occurs naturally in red wine, tea, onions, kale, tomatoes, berries, and many other fruits and vegetables...



Categories: Plant Extracts

Quercus infectoria extract

Categories: Plant Extracts

quillaja extract

Extract of the Chilean soap bark tree. It contains a good amount of saponins, which have cleansing,...

Categories: Plant Extracts

quince seed

Used as a thickening agent in cosmetics, but also has skin-constricting properties...


quinoa oil

Derived from quinoa grain, it may have disinfectant properties (Source: Journal of Agricultural Food...

Categories: Plant Extracts, Emollients

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