LIP & BODY Treatment Balm
Based on 319 reviews


LIP & BODY Treatment Balm
This astoundingly long-lasting, decadently emollient lip balm offers on-the-spot relief for dry, rough lips or for skin anywhere on the body, such as on the elbows, or even for the nails.

LIP & BODY Treatment Balm

Based on 319 reviews


This astoundingly long-lasting, decadently emollient lip balm offers on-the-spot relief for dry, rough lips or for skin anywhere on the body, such as on the elbows, or even for the nails.
  • Targeted relief for dry lips, cuticles, heels, and elbows
  • Transforms dry skin with first application
  • Concentrated formula has a rich texture that lasts
Skin Types:
All Skin Types
Dry/Very Dry Skin

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Additional Information

Why is it different?
LIP & BODY Treatment Balm blends classic well-researched emollients with nourishing non-fragrant plant oils, resulting in a unique formula that visibly transforms lips with the first application. Unlike other lip-balms and similar products, LIP & BODY Treatment Balm doesn’t feel thick or waxy and omits ingredients like menthol and fragrant oils that can cause problems for lips.

What does it do?
Offers immediate relief for dry, flaky lips, cuticles, heels, and elbows. From first use, its long-lasting, soothing application visibly leaves lips feeling softer than ever before. It is gentle enough for sensitive skin including skin prone to eczema.
How to use

Massage onto cuticles, elbows, knees, heels, lips—anywhere there is extremely dry or chapped skin. May be used as often as needed.

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Product Ingredients

Ricinus Communis Seed Oil (castor oil/non-fragrant oil/emollient), Petrolatum (emollient), Euphorbia Cerifera Wax (candelilla wax/emollient/texture-enhancing), Lanolin (emollient), C10-30 Cholesterol/Lanosterol Esters (emollient/skin replenishing), Cera Alba, (beeswax/texture-enhancing), Ozokerite (texture-enhancing), Ethylhexyl Palmitate (emollient), Copernicia Cerifera Wax (carnauba wax/emollient/texture-enhancing), Butyrospermum Parkii Butter (shea butter/emollient/antioxidant), Jojoba Esters (emollient), Triticum Vulgare Germ Oil (wheat germ oil/non-fragrant oil/emollient), Bisabolol (skin-soothing), Tetrahexyldecyl Ascorbate (vitamin C/antioxidant), Tocopheryl Acetate (vitamin E/antioxidant), Trihydroxystearin (emollient), Hydrogenated Polyisobutene (emollient/texture-enhancing).

Ratings & Reviews

Best lip balm out there


After ordering my first lip balm over a year ago and using it a ton, I had moved on for some reason, leaving a little bit remaining. I recently rediscovered this balm and couldn't figure out why I had neglected it the first time. It is magical. It makes my lips feel plump, in addition to being superbly moisturized without tackiness. I can use a heavier layer on winter nights or if I want a glossy look. Also, it should not be overlooked that this is also a BODY balm. It worked wonders on my dry sandal-wearing heels with just one night's use! The balm isn't scented, as in no scents are added to it, but I love the natural scent of this balm. It smells like a good, unscented lipstick.


Minneapolis, MN


Best Lip Balm


This product makes my lips dewy, refreshed, and moisturized. It's perfect for long-lasting coverage as it barely goes away with food and drinks. The only improvement would be to put the same formula in a tube so you don't have to dip your fingers in it.


Tampa, FL


My Favorite!


I have struggled with chronic dry/peeling lips for a couple of years now. This is THE ONLY lip balm that makes it go away completely! I have been using this a couple times per day and my lips are now feeling and looking great!




Is there anywhere I don't have this?


On my nightstand, on my husband's nightstand, on the mantel in the living room, in the junk drawer in the kitchen, in my desk at work, and a backup because... you never know. It heals and prevents dry lips better than anything else we've ever used.


South Dakota


Great Stuff!


I originally received this as a free gift and have now repurchased twice. I have one by my bed, at work, and have just bought a backup just in case it is ever discontinued! I put it on at night and when I wake up in the morning it still feels like there is product on (in a good way!) I have never experienced this with any other lip balm. I even used this on my dog when he had a dry spot on his nose! Before Christmas last year there was a duo of two small pots - one clear and one tinted. Would love to see that as a permanent option!


Ontario, Canada




I was hesitant to buy this lip balm because of the price but really needed something heavy-duty for my lips. It works amazing! It is thick but feels smooth rather than sticky. It heals dry cracked skin as well. Highly recommend.


Albany, OR


Top PC product


Our whole family uses this product daily and we would be devastated if it is ever discontinued. I use this on my cuticles, dry lips, cracked heels, dry elbows and knees. I have never found a product that even compares. My kids won't use anything but this lip balm on their lips too. It is a one of my all time favourite PC products, for sure!






I'm an evangelist this lip product is so good. Since it won't clog your pores nor cause break outs, I slather on a thick layer at night, all over my mouth, even a little outside the lip line. It will not cause break outs or blackheads like other lip products so smear it on until your lips feel great. In the morning your lips feel fantastic. Apply another generous amount right after you wash your face / brush your teeth - while your lips are still damp so you lock in the moisture for the day. Let it soak in while you do your hair... and your lips will be awesome for the rest of the day (most days. Super duper dry days may require a touch up or two so I carry some in my purse but 98% of the time, the night time and morning ritual do it.) No more tiny lip lines...!!!!! No more annoying chapped lips. No more dry nasty lipstick flakes hanging from your lip.


Newport Beach CA


Not Sure if I would buy again


After about one week, I am pleased so far with the results of this balm for my lips and cuticles. However, I am surprised by the poor packaging. After many, many years of comments from, and complaints by, their customers, Paula's Choice has still not seen fit to package this product in a form which makes it is easier to access. As it is, it is quite difficult to pick up by the fingers in order to apply. It is also not hygienic. Notwithstanding various replies from Paula's Choice in the comments section, nothing changes. Good product, but if this is the best they can do, I'm not sure if I would purchase again. Too much work.

A friend

Montreal, Quebec, Canada

One for the nightstand, one in my desk, one in my purse ...


My cuticles are super dry and rough, especially in the winter. If I'm not careful, I wind up with raggedy edges that catch on everything. PC Lip & Body Balm is the best cuticle cure! Rub some in at bedtime and I wake up with smooth nails. I'm ordering more to have tins to keep in my desk and in my purse so I can moisturize wherever I am! Nice for chapped lips, too. Don't be put off by price — a little bit goes a long way!

Hard-Working Hands

Athens, Ohio


LIP & BODY Treatment Balm

4.7 319