Perfect Cleansing Oil
Based on 116 reviews
This skin-replenishing blend of plant oils rapidly dissolves makeup and whisks away impurities, while leaving skin soft and smooth—with no greasy residue.

Perfect Cleansing Oil

Based on 116 reviews
This skin-replenishing blend of plant oils rapidly dissolves makeup and whisks away impurities, while leaving skin soft and smooth—with no greasy residue.
  • Effortlessly removes makeup (even waterproof)
  • Sunflower & coconut oils hydrate & nourish skin
  • Creates a milky emulsion when mixed with water
  • Use as the first step in your AM/PM skincare routine
Skin Types:
All Skin Types


    4 oz
Why is it different?
Infused with five plant oils specifically chosen for their ability to break down makeup and facial debris, this luxe-feeling cleansing oil nurtures skin’s moisture balance. The fragrance-free formula is gentle, yet works incredibly fast, leaving nothing but silky, clean skin.
What does it do?
Sunflower, coconut, meadowfoam, jojoba and grape seed oils come together to simultaneously cleanse and replenish skin’s barrier. This innovative mix forms a milky emulsion when mixed with water, to remove stubborn impurities and even the most tenacious makeup.
How to use
Apply a small amount of cleanser (1-2 pumps) to wet or dry skin with gentle circular motions. Rinse well. To remove heavy makeup, repeat or use with a clean, wet washcloth.
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Product Ingredients Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride (emollient/texture enhancer), Helianthus Annuus (Sunflower) Seed Oil (hydration/non-fragrant plant oil), MIPA-Laureth Sulfate (cleansing agent), Laureth-3 (emulsifier), Laureth-7 Citrate (cleansing agent), Triethylhexanoin (hydration), Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Oil, Limnanthes Alba (Meadowfoam) Seed Oil, Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba) Seed Oil, Vitis Vinifera (Grape) Seed Oil (non-fragrant plant oils), Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea) Butter (emollient), Tocopherol (vitamin E/antioxidant), Phenoxyethanol (preservative), Ethylhexylglycerin (hydration).

Ratings & Reviews

I love this cleanser!


I gave this cleanser a try as I am trying to really watch what goes on/in my body. My first order didn't last me that long (recommendations for use further down in my comments) and while I liked it, the price was too much for the time it lasted me. I decided to try something "similar" from a grocery/drugstore. I was surprised by its price. It was cheaper than PC cleanser but only by $2. I used it and hated it. I definitely could tell a huge difference between the two cleansers. I quickly ordered more from PC. PC's Oil Cleanser is thicker than the off-brand, which makes a difference in how much needed for each use. Also, the off-brand made my skin feel much more dry and not healthy at all. I figured out that I was using way too much of PC's product so my recommendations on usage are a little goes a long way and apply to dry skin (it seems to work better for me when I don't splash water on my face first). I do believe that is how PC recommends using it as well. Also, I thought I would add that I wear liquid and powder foundation plus liquid eyeliner and mascara that are both waterproof. PC removes all my makeup while making my skin feel soft and smooth.


Jackson, MS


Finally a cleanser that removes waterproof eyeliner!!


I love this product. So much. It really does a great job of removing everything from my skin, including waterproof eyeliner!! In fact, I no longer need to use a makeup remover to take off my mascara and waterproof eyeliner, therefore saving me time every single day! My tip is to use it on dry skin, which I've found helps it to remove everything. Sometimes it slightly stings my super-sensitive eyes, but I don't care...I'm just so delighted that after 15 years of searching, I've found a cleanser that actually removes eye makeup!!


Scarborough, Canada


Love this product!


This is absolutely the best face cleansing product l I've ever used. Not only does it thoroughly clean my skin, but also removes cosmetics including all traces of mascara leaving my very mature skin looking and feeling wonderful. This oil has become a part of my daily skin cleansing routine. I highly recommend it especially for women with aging, dry skin.




Wonderful cleanser!


Oil-based cleansing is very effective for my skin. This has to be my favorite oil cleanser. It is silky smooth and gentle on my acne-probe skin. It quickly removes makeup and rinses clean, leaving soft, clean, glowing skin. I love that it gets slightly milky when used with water. It is also July st as effective on dry skin. When used this way, I wipe it off with a warm washcloth.


New York


Great to setup face for shaving!


This product is a terrific addition for those who shave. It cleanses very well, and if left on the beard area it facilitates a close, non-irritating shave. Simply message into your wet face-don't rinse-and apply your favorite shave product on top (I use PC 4 Men shave cream); then shave as usual. You'll find your razor glides effortlessly over the stubble. When done, rinse your face as normal. You will find your skin is clean, smooth, and irritation free. This method is especially useful if your face somewhat irritated due to over-use of exfoliates, treatments, or weather, yet you still need to shave. For those who have a light beard this may be the only shave product you need.

Scott in the middle of Ohio

Worthington, Ohio


A lovely & surprising addition to my collection...


I'm 39 & unlike many of the women that I know (who are around my age) I haven't had much trouble (as yet) with wrinkles or dry skin. Up till a few years ago I still had the skin of my adolescence (breakouts, oiliness, etc). I'm terribly fair and have watched for sun exposure so I guess my skin is in pretty good shape. In the last few years I began to see some dryness. So, on a whim, I decided to try Paula's Oil Cleanser out, thinking if I didn't like it I'd pass it on to my mother. Well, I should not have worried. It's amazingly gentle, removes makeup like a dream, and washes away fairly cleanly leaving your skin softly moisturized. I love it! I'm so glad I took a chance!


Cleveland, OH


Special use for after waxing!


I've already written a review and gave this 5 Stars as a morning cleanser. But I wanted to add a new discovery that might help,other women. I had my arms waxed and as usual, asked the cerologist not to apply oil or alcohol afterwards since I usually have a bad reaction. My arms were therefore 100% tacky from the waxing and in places had small bits of wax. I used Paula's toner when I came home which didn't do the trick on the tackiness ... and then it occurred to me to use the Cleasing Oil. Bingo!! All tackiness gone, smoother soft arms, and no reaction.

Colorado Sue



Better than all other oils


I was a diehard Dermalogica precleanse balm fan - this is so much better for your skin. I love it and use it before my cleanser. Makes my skin feel so amazing!


San Jose, Ca


Game changer for me


Cleans my old oily open pores like nothing I have ever used. My skin likes this cleanser.




Great makeup remover!


This oil cleanser is the best product I have used to remove makeup! After using this product at the end of the day, I never wake up to makeup smudges under my eyes anymore. Since I have oily skin, I double cleanse by using the oil cleanser first to remove makeup, and then use Paula's Choice Clear cleanser to make sure all oil has been removed. If you're using the oil cleanser to remove your eye makeup, you will probably feel stinging after. Just make sure to wash your eyes thoroughly and you will have no problem with eye stinging.


Raleigh, NC



3.7 116