Refreshing Moisture Mist
Based on 21 reviews


Refreshing Moisture Mist
Spritz it on anytime, anywhere to revive tired skin. Use it for instant hydration and a healthy-looking glow. Can even be applied over makeup.

Refreshing Moisture Mist

Based on 21 reviews


Spray it on day or night to revive tired skin and refresh your makeup. Skin-restoring peptides combine with plant-based antioxidants for a healthy-looking glow.
  • Comforting mist
  • Instantly refreshes makeup day or night
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Why is it different?
Skin loving Moisture Mist blends water-loving humectants with plant-based antioxidants and water-binding collagen amino acids to revive and revitalize your complexion. Works instantly on clean skin, can multi-task as your daytime toner, and during the day it can refresh makeup.
What does it do?
Wonderful light texture instantly refreshes and visibly hydrates clean skin. Its nutrient-rich, alcohol-free formula fortifies skin with replenishing glycerin, sodium hyaluronate, peptides, plus plant-derived antioxidants to reduce the visible effects of pollution and environmental stressors.
How to use
Hold at arm's length from face, close eyes, hold your breath for a second, and mist. Use this as the toner step in your daily skin care routine. During the day, you can also mist it over foundation to refresh and revitalize your appearance. Do not apply directly on top of sunscreen. At night, you can use the Moisture Mist over clean skin to enhance hydration and added anti-aging protection. You can also use it over your evening-out makeup to add a dewy radiant glow.
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Product Ingredients Water (Aqua), Butylene Glycol (hydration), Hydroxyethyl Urea (hydration), Glycerin (skin replenishing), Dipotassium Phosphate (pH adjuster), Punica Granatum Extract (antioxidant), Collagen Amino Acids (skin replenishing), Palmitoyl Tripeptide-8 (skin restoring), Sodium Hyaluronate (skin replenishing), Euterpe Oleracea Fruit Extract (antioxidant), Tripleurospermum Maritimum Extract (skin soothing), Adenosine (skin restoring), Panthenol (hydration), Ethylhexylglycerin (hydration), Disodium EDTA (chelating agent), Propylene Glycol (hydration), Phosphoric Acid (pH adjuster), Dextran (texture enhancer), Sodium Hydroxide (pH adjuster), Phenoxyethanol (preservative), Potassium Sorbate (preservative).

Ratings & Reviews

Like but not in love


So this product feels so refreshing its a great formula but as others have mentioned the spray is terrible. I don't even like it for spraying my face with no makeup as it is too big of droplets even for that. You have no control over the amount at all. I would love to see this repackaged. I usually end up using a cotton pad which I hate to do cause it is wasteful. You guys are on to something here in this product though.

Rosecea Lacey 2005


A surprising love...


I received this mist as a promotion from Paula's Choice -- not expecting to like it, much less love it. I would have never purchased this, especially as it's marketed as a make-up refresher. However, I started using it as a spay-on toner / moisturizer, and it surprisingly works exceedingly well in that regard. In fact, I like it better than every other toner I have tried from Paula's Choice (I have tried all of them, except for the Skin Recovery). I have oily facial skin, and I despise the feel of moisturizers; this feels really good, and what makes it great: it does not make my skin oilier (the other toners do!). In any case, I would most definitely purchase this, and would recommend to those looking for a super light-weight moisturizer that feels good on skin. If you've never found a toner that you've loved, like myself, this may be the one.


Asheville, NC

More like a spray; not a mist


I used this after washing my face to see how it would moisturize. It's a large-droplet spray, not a mist at all, so I would not use this over makeup for fear of streaking. Once it dried, my skin felt a little tacky, but that minimized the more it absorbed. It's a good general, light moisturizer if you don't need SPF. My skin doesn't feel dry at all after using it. I have oily/combination skin and usually use Paula's moisture gel or the Hydralight lotion with SPF if I'm going to be outside. I love both.


Los Angeles

Good product horrible packaging


I love the look and moisturizing feel of this spray but the "mist" is more of a garden hose spray. I would never use this over makeup because the huge stream would wash it off. If it actually lightly misted I think it would be wonderful as a makeup refreshing mist. I spray it on my hands and pat it on my face as a toner and it feels cooling and makes my face look dewy.


Sacramento CA

Product good but delivery terrible


I trust the research and ingredients in PC products, and have been a user since Paula's beauty bible and "don't go to the cosmetics counter..." books were first published! This is one product I can't stand behind due to the terribly cheap delivery. I kind of feel the same way as when I read a BP review that says, "great ingredients, but bad rating due to poor packaging". A quick scan of the moisture mist end cap at any Sephora, or a 10 minute stroll through any Ulta will show a variety of superior mist delivery systems (even a fine-mist pump sprayer) that must be comparable to the cost of manufacturing this bottle. I just purchased a bunch of setting/priming/moisture sprays from the recent cosmetics store "month of beauty"-type sales, and paid much less for a much better sprayer. I'm not interested in reusing other bottles with this decanted product because there's only so much a water-based spray can do, and I should not have to given how much I paid. However, I wish the PC product development team would take note of the variety of fine-mist aerosol delivery systems (as seen in many Korean Beauty products, or the Evian no-more-than-water-in-a-bottle spray) or the fine mist delivery systems (one superior one that comes to mind is the Cover Effects illuminating setting spray). That is the absolute BEST fine-mist, quasi-continuous spraying pump mechanism I have found. In the variety of products available at PC, this is the only product available that fits the current market craze of priming/setting/refreshing/illuminating sprays available. Seems like it would be well worth the cost to spend the $$ to fix the pump. I'd skip the other brands and come back to this PC spray in a heartbeat if I knew the sprayer was changed. It's awful as is and just unusable for most of its advertised purposes. How can one fix melted makeup with a stream spray? Yes, a beauty sponge might help, but a setting spray really needs to be misted on as the last step.



Multi purpose mist


This is a wonderful non-irritating mist. I use it as a final spritz at night before bed. However, I also spritz some on my Beautyblender in the morning to moisten the sponge before applying foundation. It is very gentle and soothing.




Refreshing mist but awful pump


I agree with the other reviews. The formula is refreshing, lightweight, and moisturizing. The pump however, is very ineffective in spraying a fine mist. It disperses droplets no matter how hard you push down or how far away you keep your arm. I have tried it all ways and I get the same result. I would not recommend spraying this over makeup as it would completely ruin in and make it streaky. I have been too afraid to try that so the way I use it is at night, after I'm done with my routine, I spray this all over and go to bed. I'm really surprised that PC would approve the pump. I still use it so I did not want my money back, but with any other brand, I would have returned it.

Alice in Beautyland

Dallas, TX


Great formula, horrible spray nozzle


The spring also on this is really poor. It should come out as a fine mist. Instead it comes out uneven. There's no way you could ever use this over make up. Even though I am really enjoy the formula and the way my skin feels after using it, I still want to return this simply because it is not a fine mist. And it is not cheap, the bottle feels very cheap




I would buy this again.


I absolutely LOVE PC products. This refreshing mist feels good on my skin, however, the sprayer leaves a lot to be desired. Need to work on a sprayer that has a FINE mist. I did put this into a different bottle with the fine mist sprayer & I really like it.


Merrillville, IN


My latest essential!


I LOVE this product! It's my newest "can't be without it" product. I mist after applying my mineral foundation powder and it gives me just a bit of a dewy glow. I think it "sets" my mineral foundation also---seems to last longer and keeps any settling into fine lines at bay. I bring this to my pilates studio and mist after teaching classes to refresh my skin and my makeup. I have dry, sensitive skin and I find this very soothing. Gives my skin a slight glow all day. Love it!


pleasant hill, CA



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