RESIST Body Oil Spray
Based on 51 reviews


RESIST Body Oil Spray
An emollient-rich blend of non-fragrant, antioxidant-rich plants impart a radiant, hydrating shine that instantly soothes dry skin. The unique spray bottle can be held at any angle for easy application.

RESIST Body Oil Spray

Based on 51 reviews


An emollient-rich blend of non-fragrant, antioxidant-rich plants impart a radiant, hydrating shine that instantly soothes dry skin. The unique spray bottle can be held at any angle for easy application.
  • Contains fast-absorbing, antioxidant-rich plant oils
  • Mitigates rough, flaky skin on contact
  • Imparts a radiant, hydrated glow to skin
  • Silky-smooth texture applies easily and beautifully
Skin Types:
All Skin Types

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Additional Information

Why is it different?

This gentle, moisturizing body spray is enriched with antioxidant-packed plant oils and emollients that instantly improve the appearance of dry skin. The easy-to-use spray bottle applies product from any angle, leaving a silky veil of lasting moisture without a slick, oily feel. Spray on luscious hydration and you will instantly see skin that looks beautifully healthy and smooth.

What does it do?

A mix of coconut-derived triglycerides and plant oils leaves even the driest skin feeling luxuriously smooth and soft—never slick or greasy. Loaded with replenishing fatty acids and natural antioxidants to help fight visible signs of aging, this body spray leaves a silky veil of lasting moisture. Gentle enough for sensitive skin including skin prone to eczema.

How to use

Spray a thin layer directly onto skin immediately after showering and lightly massage in. Repeat as desired.

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Product Ingredients

Isopropyl Palmitate (emollient/texture-enhancing), Ethylhexyl Palmitate (emollient/texture-enhancing), Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride (emollient/skin replenishing), Simmondsia Chinensis Seed Oil (jojoba oil/non-fragrant plant oil/emollient), Prunus Domestica Seed Oil (plum oil/non-fragrant oil/emollient), Oenothera Biennis Oil (evening primrose oil/non-fragrant oil/skin replenishing/emollient), Borago Officinalis Seed Oil (borage oil/non-fragrant oil/skin replenishing/emollient), Rosa Canina Fruit Oil (rose hip oil/non-fragrant oil/antioxidant/skin replenishing/emollient), Sclerocarya Birrea Seed Oil (non-fragrant oil/antioxidant/skin replenishing/emollient), Carthamus Tinctorius Seed Oil (safflower oil/non-fragrant oil/skin replenishing/emollient), Echium Plantagineum Seed Oil (non-fragrant oil/antioxidant/emollient/skin replenishing).

Ratings & Reviews



Thank you Paula for this wonderful product that is simple to apply and has very much improved the appearance and condition of my skin, especially my formerly dry legs and feet! I use this product daily year round exclusively. Occasionally I will layered with my perfumed body lotion that matches my perfume. I hope you'll continue to offer this Body Oil Spray forever!



Skin so soft!


I have used it by itself and on top of a moisturizer when the winter made my skin very dry. It does not feel heavy on the skin, it gives a beautiful subtle glow and, after several hours, the skin still feels so soft :-)



Please don't discontinue!


Can I join the chorus of people begging for this product to stay around? It can be a stand alone body moisturizer or mixed into lotion for super smooth skin (the latter is my favorite method as it helps it absorb more quickly). The spray pump is awesome, especially for me right now while I'm pregnant and putting on regular lotion is a chore. Don't discontinue!


Savannah, GA

How did I miss this?


I received this product as a free gift - I would have never thought to buy it on my own. WOW, I love it! It is not greasy at all - it sinks right in and makes your skin feel soft and soothed. The only drawback is a strange smell. At first I thought the product was rancid. It sure does make your skin feel amazing though. Such a shame I discovered it just as it is going away!


Seattle, WA


Soft skin


I love this oil. I've never used a body oil so light and fast absorbing. Leaves my skin very soft.




Hits the right notes


The RESIST body oil spray works beautifully after a shower, and even on my fine-stranded hair. Yet for the longest time I couldn't quite place the scent, it smelled so, so familiar. Then one day I figured it out! My sister used to play clarinet, and when she would open the case, the smell would waft up to my nose. I cannot explain why this amazing spray smells like...a wooden clarinet reed? But that's exactly it! I have purchased it again because it makes my skin feel so soft, and leaves a pretty glow. Perhaps you will attract some new musician friends.




Very Lightweight


I Like using after the shower, I even spray once in palms of hands and then rub on my ends of hair.


Naples, FL


First time I've been compelled to write a review


I bought this to help with dry winter skin, but also as something that applies fast and easy. I have normal skin, maybe slightly dry, especially during the winter. I've been using this the past week or so after my shower and I love how it makes my skin feel. The product isn't greasy by any means, it's actually, "soft" for lack of a better word. It absorbs quickly, locks in moisture, and keeps my skin hydrated all day. It is much more convenient than a traditional lotion. I definitely plan on repurchasing in the future. Thanks PC team!




Best Body oil on the market, I am picky


Hands down best Body Oil on the market - and I've tried them all. Best ingredients, no irritants, very very good product. My only cons is that it's very expensive and you don't get a of of product - used up very quickly. I will be looking for a similar body oil on the market because it's quite spendy.


Toronto, Canada


Dried my skin instead of moisturized


I tried this product on wet skin and dry skin with the same results - dry, flaky legs. This did not perform at all as described. This is the first Paula's Choice product that failed me. I'm very disappointed in the return policy. Returns are accepted but I have to pay postage. Doesn't seem quite right considering that the product did not perform as described. Sort of like if you order a red sweater and a blue one is shipped - who should pay for the return postage?




RESIST Body Oil Spray

4.5 51