RESIST Travel Kit for Normal to Dry Skin
Based on 10 reviews
A essential skincare routine replenishes moisture to combat dryness while refining the appearance of wrinkles and skin tone for a younger, revitalized-looking appearance.

*This item is not eligible for additional discounts.

RESIST Travel Kit for Normal to Dry Skin

Based on 10 reviews
A essential skincare routine replenishes moisture to combat dryness while refining the appearance of wrinkles and skin tone for a younger, revitalized-looking appearance.
  • Targets multiple signs of aging
  • Boost skin’s environmental defenses
  • 2-week kit
  • Hydrating formulas

*This item is not eligible for additional discounts.

Wrinkles, Anti-Aging


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Why is it different?
This two-week kit for our RESIST Collection for Normal to Dry Skin is the perfect introduction to the anti-aging essentials that help improve the appearance of fine lines, dullness, and other signs of environmental attack. Convenient, smaller sizes allow you to experience each formula’s texture and performance.

This kit includes:
RESIST Optimal Results Hydrating Cleanser (10 ml/ .33 fl. oz.)
RESIST Daily Smoothing Treatment with 5% AHA (10 ml/ .33 fl. oz.)
RESIST Skin Restoring Moisturizer SPF 50 (15 ml/ .5 fl. oz.)
RESIST Barrier Repair Moisturizer (10 ml/ .33 fl. oz.)
What does it do?
Each formula works all day and/or night to restore moisture and refine the surface of normal to dry skin, for a more even-toned and youthful appearance.
How to use
Step 1 Cleanser: AM/PM

Step 2 Exfoliant: AM and/or PM

Step 3 Moisturizer with SPF: AM

Step 3 Moisturizer: PM

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Key Ingredients
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Ratings & Reviews

Very Handy!


It's great to have travel sizes of the Resist products I use everyday. I took this kit on a 30-day trip to Europe and it not only lasted, but there's enough left to use for a short trip.




Simple yet powerful collection of products


My skin is combo with an oily T-zone, however, this combination of products works very well for me. I've been a long-time user of the cleanser and decided to try this trial set. The AHA really smoothes and brightens my skin, without irritation, while the the moisturizer (which feels both light and rich) makes my skin absolutely silky. I thought the daytime SPF moisturizer would be too heavy, but after about 15 minutes, it seems to soak in. There's still a bit of shine, but Shine Stopper takes care of that and I'm left with smooth, slightly glow-y skin (which is pretty amazing at 61). (The only additional product I use now is the Resist Skin Firming Line Minimizer, which I used to target lines around the eyes and lips). This is an effective collection for a trial and I think it will work well for skin types other than normal to dry.


British Columbia


Found the perfect package


So glad a CSR recommended this perfect package. Though I will continue to buy sample packets for very short term needs, this package lets me be comfortable that I have enough for 3-5 days away, or for keeping in my gym bag. I'm new to the 5% smoothing treatment, but the other products are heaven-sent, and I can't go back to my old favorites. I do wish, though, there was an option to add the toner, but I'll be using the 5% in lieu of as recommended.


No. California


Great Products


Please make this available permanently, and make other products available in this trial size too. I'm a long time Paula's Choice user and travel quite often, therefore this set is great for me. Now if only I can take the RESIST toner in mini size too...






I bought this a little over a week ago and I can say that I noticed improvements on the 3rd day of using it. My mother even complimented that my skin looks noticeably brighter and smoother. I also noticed that the dry patches on my skin are not as dry and flaky. This kit is so generous in amount as well, I can say that I could probably stretch it to 3 weeks of use. All I can say is that I am looking forward to buying the whole line once it gets available!


Tennille, GA


Great For Travel!


I purchased this kit specifically because I was going to be away from home for over a month for the holidays and didn't want to take my full size PC products. These were perfect and lasted the whole trip! Thank you Paula for making such generous trial sizes!


Nova Scotia, Canada


Travel Sizes!


Finally travel sizes! I am so excited. I love my Paula's choice skin care and hate to travel without them. Putting products in travel containers is messy and we all know jars are bad, but those packets the samples are in are not easy either. Now there are trial sizes perfect for travel! Yeah! Hopefully all the products will come in trial sizes soon! Thanks Paula!




Falls just short of perfection ... needs a bottle of toner


This is an excellent kit. I have used it when I travel and am very pleased. It is very convenient. But the lack of toner keeps me from giving it five stars.


Ontario, Canada


This kit needs toner, period.


Great kit NEEDS toner.


Los Angeles


packets are not good for travel once opened


I like these products, use them daily, and I want to take them along when I travel. This set contains no toner. Several items are in little packets, like the sample sizes but containing slightly more product. They are not in small bottles. (Only bottles appear in picture, which is misleading.) It seems obvious that products for travel should close securely and be refillable. Buy your own containers and refill from your own supply- you'll save money over this poorly packaged "travel" set. Or just accumulate some samples of your favorites and carry those. Less waste. No mess, no waste.


San Jose, CA



4.4 10