Based on 81 reviews
This advanced system replenishes and rejuvenates dehydrated skin while creating a smoother, more radiant complexion. Every product works in harmony to provide benefits that result in beautiful, supple skin.

*This item is not eligible for additional discounts.


Based on 81 reviews
This advanced system replenishes and rejuvenates dehydrated skin while creating a smoother, more radiant complexion. Every product works in harmony to provide benefits that result in beautiful, supple skin.
  • Restores vital moisture and suppleness
  • Helps fight multiple signs of aging and sun damage
  • Rich, hydrating formulas

*This item is not eligible for additional discounts.

Skin Types:
Dry Skin


Why is it different?

This complete routine helps to restore and renew vital moisture and suppleness to dry, flaky skin while addressing signs of aging, sun damage, and environmental assault. The synergy and restorative benefits of this routine will be visible from the very first day you use it.

This kit contains:
SKIN RECOVERY Softening Cream Cleanser (237 ml/ 8 fl. oz.)
SKIN RECOVERY Enriched Calming Toner (190 ml/ 6.4 fl. oz.)
SKIN PERFECTING 8% AHA Lotion Exfoliant (100 ml/ 3.3 fl. oz.)
SKIN RECOVERY Super Antioxidant Concentrate Serum (30 ml/ 1 fl. oz.)
SKIN RECOVERY Daily Moisturizing Lotion SPF 30 (60 ml/ 2 fl. oz.)
SKIN RECOVERY Replenishing Moisturizer (60 ml/ 2 fl. oz.)
SKIN RECOVERY Hydrating Treatment Mask (118 ml/ 4 fl. oz.)
What does it do?
Each product in this kit works in harmony with the others to amplify skin’s moisture levels like never before, smoothing skin, and providing a supple, dewy feel while visibly addressing signs of aging. You’ll experience softer, younger-looking skin that’s better able to stave off dryness and dehydration. These products are gentle enough for sensitive skin, even skin prone to eczema.
How to use
Step 1 Cleanser: AM/PM

Step 2 Toner: AM/PM

Step 3 Exfoliant: AM and/or PM

Step 4 Serum: AM/PM

Step 5 Moisturizer with SPF: AM

Step 5 Moisturizer: PM

Once a Week Mask

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Research Our products are well-researched and backed by our guarantee to deliver effective results. You can view research studies for each product in this set on its individual product page.
Key Ingredients
Product Ingredients Our products contain effective levels of ingredients guaranteed to be good for your skin. You can view ingredients for each product in this set on its individual product page.

Ratings & Reviews

Finally something that works!!!!


I typically don't write reviews but have been so impressed with the Skin Recovery line I wanted to provide my feedback. I have been looking for a new skincare line and been trying different products. I have dry skin and lately it has been getting worse and I was even getting bumps on my chin and checks. I order the Skin Recovery line and after one use I already saw improvement and my dry skin didn't hurt any more. Now about about a week and a half my skin has not looked better. I plan to switch over to the Resist line as I use up my Skin Recovery products. These are great products and I will be with Paula's Choice for a long time.


New Jersey


I have finally stopped looking!


I use the product day and night. I have very dry, sensitive skin with redness. I use the cleanser, exfoliant, and day moisturizer in the morning with very minimal redness. My makeup covers much better without caking it on. In the evening I use cleanser, treatment with retinal and nighttime moisturized. I receive a sample or essential oils that I have started using at night. I wake up with little redness, softer skin and noticeable less wrinkles. Now I have people asking me I dry my hair gray. Great product at such an affordable price. Good bye makeup counter's! Thanks Paula.


St Louis Missouri area


Works well for my skin


I bought this product 2 months back online after reading some reviews and cos I wanted non-scented, non-animal tested product. This worked well for me. I have somewhat dry to normal skin and can breakout if the product is too strong. I use the products as described in the bottles but use the serum just once a day at night. Since I started using I have got many positive comments. My skin is more even, hasn't been irritated and generally is in good condition. It has also become more soft as well. It's easy to use and the little stickers with time of use and step is very useful. The only negative is the day cream leaves a slight residue, but it's usually the case for SPF creams for me as I have tan skin.






I found out about Paula's Choice by searching online through many websites. I always had great skin until a year ago, when my face began breaking out and becoming extremely red and irritated. I can't even tell you how many brands of skin care products I tried, all promising to get rid of my "acne". Every time I walked in to Shoppers, someone new would give me new advice on which skin care product would definitely help me. It all made it worse. I'm not even sure how I stumbled across this website, but when I read the reviews on the Skin Recovery line, I wanted to try it. Since then I discovered it was rosacea, and not acne, and the skin recovery line has been the only line to help my face. It's no longer red, irritated, or dry. I would (and do) absolutely recommend this brand to everyone. Thank you for creating such a helpful line of products.


Edmonton, AB


Life Changing


I never gotten a whole lot of acne GOD BLESS, but I wear makeup everyday and get mini bumps from build up and possibly irritation from my past skin care routine.. I have been using this for 4 days now and my skin is completely clear fresh and I never felt more confident. If you are debating if you should buy this even though you spent 60$ on a moisturizer from Sephora, DO IT. Bye Felicia I am never looking back.

Lynne doesn't run

Buffalo New York




First of all I was very skeptical using pc products, never really trusted people who gave themselves good reviews haha. But I always use beautypedia before purchasing anything so I thought why not give paulas products a try. I have tried so many products but nothing worked so wonderfully as this. HG status for me. Although I have mild acne This completely took care of it. I hardly break out now. And it leaves my skin well nourished. I really hope its not one of those products that stops working over time. But everyone's skin is different. You never know what will be suited for you unless you try it. Im so glad i tried this.Thank you Paula. Please never stop making this!




This stuff is changing my skin type!


My skin is super sensitive, dehydrated, dry, flaky, somewhat acne-prone, blackhead-prone, and red. I probably have rosacea. I'd kind of just accepted that I had bad skin and gave up for years, but recently decided to put in more effort and I'm so glad I did and that it led me to Paula's Choice! I started out with the sample pack and my skin really liked it, though I didn't notice much of a difference in redness right away because the changes were so gradual. It took a week or so for my constantly-irritated skin to really settle down. I didn't realize how great it was until I ran out of the toner sample while I was waiting for the full advanced kit to arrive, and used my OLD toner, and my skin turned bright red! Poured the rest down the sink because that toner was worse than no toner (I now know that lavender is contained lavender). The Recovery toner, on the other hand, is amazing. I never knew toners could be so nice to me. It's been a few weeks now, and my skin has way more moisture, is less red (redness not entirely gone) and less blotchy, and is almost entirely clear of acne. I still have a bit of flaking and blackheads but this is still by far the best my skin has looked in my entire adult life. Instead of having seemingly every problem all over my face, I'm leaning toward pain old combination skin. I almost never use the treatment mask because my skin just doesn't feel like it wants it anymore (though sometimes I put it on the drier parts of my cheeks and around my eyes at night). And I'm very optimistic that some more experimenting with how often I exfoliate, and balancing/alternating AHA and BHA, and how much retinol I can tolerate, will help me solve the flaking issues. I'm also on the hunt to replace my foundation, which contains alcohol, so that might be all I need to change. In any case, the Recovery line has become my baseline, my safety products. No more shots in the dark: I now have a full routine that doesn't irritate my skin and as I continue to finesse it one product at a time, I'll know exactly what works and what doesn't. I'll probably be calling Paula's experts to get some advice for how to care for my new and improved T-zone ;) If you have crazy sensitive skin and have any doubts, seriously, try the sample kit of this or any other line you're considering. And check out the Paula's Choice YouTube channel. I feel so much more confident in my skincare decisions and plan of action because they thoroughly explain pretty much any skincare question you could possibly have, not just about their own products but skincare in general. By the way, I convinced my sister to try the sample kit and she also says this is the best her skin's ever looked.

H from Van

Vancouver, BC


No better products out there for dry and sensitive skin!


I use the skin recovery line morning and night.My skin feels and looks great. The products deliver what they promise! I couldn't live without Paula's Choice skin care

Lori the nurse

Ancaster, Ontario, Canada


great set, a nice way to try new products


I decided to try this set after using the essential moisture boost system, which I really loved. I didn't notice a huge difference in the way my skin looked, but the products did feel softer and more moisturizing. I would purchase these products again in the winter when the air is really dry. My only issue is with the daily moisturizing lotion which only has an SPF of 15. Why didn't Paula make this SPF 30 like moisture boost daily restoring complex? I have very fair skin and I don't think that SPF 15 is enough for me in the summertime, though it would probably be find during the winter. Anyways, my skin looks the best ever since using Paula's products. They are all great so I don't think it matters which ones you choose as long as they are right for your skin type.



Changed my life


I have super-sensitive, acne-prone skin (cystic, white heads and black heads). I've battled both, and increasingly dry skin as I age, for my entire adult life. I found Paula's Choice three years ago and have never looked back. My skin is happy, acne-free, calm and I look younger than when I started using it. Acne scars and discolorations, and several deep wrinkles, are gone. My skin just looks good every day. Thank you, thank you, thank you!




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